Jesus said it takes the same degree or source of power to be forgiven as to be healed. It's actually easier for God to heal physically because it's only superficial & even devils can do it. But forgiving sin is actually complicated & only God can do it. It’s easy for God to something even the devil can do, like giving out money or pharisaical righteousness which doesn’t penetrate the inward parts. But to preach the round earth gospel which is 3D, the Holy Trinity as he is as Elohim, with 1 God at the center like a nucleus, & Jesus as the mediator & Holy Spirit the church as chosen in the logos from before the foundation of the world; that is something satan cannot do & is not willing to do. Because to preach the coequal gospel is like claiming the earth is flat, & it is a formula satan’s right hand main fallen angel “the beast” invented when founding the “catholic church” in REV17:5. It is not “universal” for all truth but for all lies. It is not the universal Holy Trinity which exposes the devil & presents Jesus according to scriptures. There is a “sameness & equality” the Bible expresses about Jesus however there is also a development & a begetting in which Jesus says my father is greater than I. John says it is the nature of the father to beget & it is the nature of the son to be begotten by the father. Paul says the head of Christ is God. Jesus calls himself the beginning (Greek ktisis) of the creation of God. The only son =“only creation” of God, through him all other sons & things are created. Satan can hide in a coequal trinity, & be as an angel of light, because there is no depth of field so it all looks flat, & satan uses his anointing as the smoke screen to make us think we know the Lord. The coequal trinity is anti-logos: which JOHN1:1 says had a beginning. Jesus says he is written about in the law of Moses, because the law was God’s way to symbolically make the logos become stone before he became flesh. This is as EZEKIEL says “I will take out the heart of stone & give an heart of flesh.” The glorified body of Jesus is now the heart of the human Jesus. This is shown on his burial cloth called “shroud of Turin,” & because it is obvious something is portrayed there, they often portray Jesus with what is shown as a flaming heart with a crown of thorns. There is stages to the manifestation of the logos & of his development, because God has never stopped speaking the logos from the time he was first conceived as proceeding from the mind of God, as his origins are from everlasting. MICAH 5:2. LUKE24:44. And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me. === WE KNOW THE PART OF THE PROPHETS & PSALMS, but where in the law of Moses was Jesus written about? Jesus was saying that the law of Moses IS THE SUMMARY OF WHAT IS THE LOGOS! He alone has no other God before him. We all must call Jesus our Lord & God, but Jesus was able to call God his Father. Throughout the law ONLY JESUS FIT THAT DESCRIPTION of all that it is saying. Jesus fulfilled “you shall not kill” by healing the sick, raising the dead & by loving us with a perfect love whose dimensions were compatible with the new Jerusalem. The law is written as a commandment to God himself as what he will do in us. It says “you shall not,” not “do not do or do.” It is written as what GOD WILL WORK IN US! 

____ But because physical healing is not essential to our eternal well-being, sometimes God chooses not to heal us. God says the earth was cursed for our sake, which seems like it say for our punishment, but strongs number h5668 which means for the sake of, in order to, etc. What this means is if God did not curse the earth, but let it retain it's strength, no man could be saved. The word man means both male and female. It would be helpful if just with "womb man" there was also a summarizing prefix to describe our differences, but it would sound probably too sexual & so we decided to only give females the word womb to prefix their anthropomorphic nature, while all our sexual purpose is more to supply the seed for the womb, so that would sound a little revealing, like referring the woman's genitalia rather than her womb. We like to be purpose driven, but sex wasn't all for reproduction or else God went through a lot of trouble making us also able to be fruitful & not only multiply.

To get onto my other points to move along, my personal belief & I have many reasons to believe Jesus though being God was created..how could he be both? He was first existing as the logos which is God because it means "God speaking." Why is this important to know in these last days? Because the beast is going to be granted the power to turn a mark into a sacramental mark which is not the wounds of Jesus but the actual body of the gospel which is JEHOVAH'S body. I only have a few minutes to explain this, so one might ask "how is that a bad thing?" Satan is always trying to drive people to church in order to take the Lord's Supper unworthily. How one might ask does the mark of the beast & the Lord's Supper relate? The evil of anything lays in how we have rubbed elbows with God in ways that are sinful or else we are not authorized to stand in or use to begin with. Job said, "they run upon God even upon his neck & the thick bosses of his bucklers." This refers to people to come upon holy ground but don't take off their shoes, which is symbolic language for putting on the armor or wedding garment. We must take off our filthy garments & put on other. The 2nd part of take off your shoes is put on the shoes of the gospel of peace.

___ the gospel 2COR4:4 says the gospel is God's image & the preach any other gospel makes one accursed. To preach the death of Jesus is only the way the gospel was made available to us. The gospel is called everlasting which is the Greek word g166 which means WITHOUT BEGINNING OR WITHOUT END. One might think Jesus is without beginning or end. They say Melchisedek was or is another form of describing Jesus. But there is figurative descriptions in the Bible. When we are said to be without beginning or end it means when God is in us it SEEMS like we always existed & are invincible. God's grace usually does nothing but embolden sinners to commit more & greater sins. It's not until we are humbled under God's mighty hand which wrote his word that grace can begin saving us.

___ The worst thing which can happen is for God to remove himself from anyone. The father Jehovah is the life in all blood & his blood is the blood of Jesus, since Jesus said all the father has is mine, & he is his father & we are sons of God by adoption only. Jesus & the holy angels & saints have only been made full fledged sons of God since the time of Jesus's death and Resurrection. We are however made full fledged sons of Jesus upon being born again, because Jesus was broken for us: making us able to come unto him "just as we are." Only Jesus however can make us presentable to God & his image which was not broken for us. Only Jesus could fulfil the law, because the law is the summary of the logos. The reason God was so jealous of anyone so much as looking at the 2 tables (which are now the front & back sides of the shroud of Turin) is because God perceived in his mind that THESE TABLES ARE HIS VERY SON. EZEKIEL describes 2 hearts one of stone & the other of flesh. No one in the old testament could be converted & given a new heart. They were as unconverted & sinful by nature as running rampant in it. ACTS says God winked at sin in the old testament but now commands all men to repent. The forms of severity for sin were all symbolic & designed to please the devil who is the tempter & trier of all people & God also. God would have never crucified his son had not satan sinned. The entire old testament was written from before the foundation of the world, long before God had materially created anything, God wrote the old testament in his mind in anticipation for satan sinning: who was called Haylale in the old testament ISAIAH14:12 which is not a name but simply means to shine, & so it is where morning star comes from which is the title of all angels including Jesus but with Jesus the word BRIGHT is added because he is made so much better than the angels & is the pattern son. The word Haylale-uia comes from the word Haylale with the short name of God added, Jah, so Haylale-ujia is a prayer for God to shine forth. When we are vessels in which God can live & move & have his being we are in essence praising God. ___ The first chapter of the Bible is not a material creation. It says in GEN2:5 ",this was before any plant grew & before any man existing" yet GEN1:26 says God had made male and female simultaneously yet later he made Adam first then Eve from the rib of Adam, which represents faith, & that faith closest to his heart. This also is a picture of how God begot Jesus, who was the only one in the bosom of the Father. Only Jesus could say he has no other God before God, while we must call Jesus our Lord & God, but Jesus could call God his Father. This made the pharisees very angry at Jesus, since they said WHO CAN CALL GOD HIS FATHER? John 5;18 shows they knew there was a difference between saying God is our father & calling him FATHER as in proceeding directly from him. Paul says Jesus is equal with God however Jesus did not use that equality as if he had his own will but Jesus knew that always doing those things which pleases God is the most desirable & only sane way. Jesus said he did not expect God to remain with him if he did not please God. Jesus said "The father has not left me for I do always those things which pleases him." We as sinners have the audacity to think God can be displeased & yet not leave us because his grace encourages sinners unto sin if we do not have a broken & contrite heart. ISA66:1  says that God is not interested so much in observing his high things as to dwell with a person with a heart like PSALM 51 describes. That PSALM was not fulfilled until Jesus could say " i have the key of David."

____ Hebrews 5:7 tells us that Jesus spent the days of his flesh praying with strong crying and tears for God to save him from death. Gethsemane was only the last time he prayed in that manner. The problem with movies like the passion of Christ is that it doesn't show his death as being separation from the father which is in essence what the lake of fire is. One might ask how & why does the lake of fire exist? It is the removal of God just as the removal of the oxygen molecule from water creates hydrogen which is extremely flammable. Jesus said that when God had removed himself from his heart it melted like WAX in the fierceness of God's wrath. The Greek word thoomos meaning his wrath is the English word thermal nuclear. Jesus upon the cross was suffering separation from God which no one will experience until they are cast into the lake of fire. Of of now no one not even the beast is in the lake of fire.

___ The movie passion of Christ does a good job in artistic expression showing what Jesus suffered in his fleshly lamb like nature, but doesn't show what his soul suffered. ISAIAH53:10 says we must make his soul our offering for sin, & then we will see our seed meaning we will see souls saved unto him. The doctrine of the coequal trinity makes Jesus into what is called transubstantiation, meaning his sacrifice was essentially easy for him & all his appearing to suffer couldn't be real because it had to be only the flesh he took upon himself as almighty God which suffered. Only a suitable soul in our bodies can allow us to have true experiences & feeling in our bodies. When we feel pain it is the soul in our bodies which feels the pain, so that when the pain wastes our bodies & we die if a person then goes to hell they continue feeling that pain without limit forever.

_____ The flesh God took upon himself was his very son himself in his fullness of soul, mind & body. The words flesh & soul are interchangeable because one cannot exist without the other. So God suffered death on the cross but not because it was God hanging on the cross but because Paul says "God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself." So when the word was made flesh it means soul as well. Jesus is called the second Adam because just as Adam was made first in word he later became a living soul when God breathed into him.


___ Ok. So what's your situation?

My ebook is about the book of revelation. I could use some help promoting it. It describes the trinity in that it isn't coequal as the catholic church claims, but hierarchical,  which means God is JEHOVAH & greater than Jesus as Jesus said. The catholic church will be the one to issue the mark of the beast in revelation 13:14, & promote it as a blessing. Every mass they say Jesus is the most high God. If Jesus's body turned into the body of Jehovah as they try to do in every mass, it would be basically the mark of the beast,  BECAUSE the curse is in the fact we are not able to receive God's image in this life except as a promise of eternal life. However the body of Jesus is for all believers because he was broken for us. But if we take him unworthily we get the flip side of it which is bad health & outright damnation too. But we are basically authorized to take the Lord's Supper. But the body of Jehovah we're not authorized to take in this life, so if they turned the Lord's Supper into the marriage Supper before we were called & ready in heaven to take it, that is why the mark of the beast is so damning. The pope will be granted a one time event to turn a mark into the mark of JEHOVAH as a sacramental "blessing" for a broken world & to unite all our brethren in the universe with us. However God doesn't have other aliens except the fallen angels right now, & so it is all deception.

It also describes many other things but you might already find that overwhelming to think of.

Let me know what you think. I also study the burial cloth called SHROUD OF TURIN, & there is images on there like God's image over the crown of thorns & Michael the archangel on the neck which is the priest collar. His face is somewhat square so that middle white part represents his face.


Since I have only a few minutes to share a message, it will be very summarized.

🚨🚨🚰 Jesus said beware of the leaven of the scribes & pharisees. Leaven of course means what causes one to rise up like leavened bread unto God. However it wasn't so much the rising up to God Jesus was against, because there are places that tell us to rise up in prayer & to not be cast down, & God's joy is our strength. So when the disciples figured out Jesus meant the doctrine of the pharisees, what particular doctrine was it & why was it wrong to use it as a means to anoint the church service & become uplifted by it?

☣___ God told Israel to get rid of all leaven & to become unleavened bread like jesus, so that our rising up would be in spirit, & truth for Jesus said God seeks such to worship him. We must rely on the Lord for all our blessings, even our joy, & to have a full transformation by the renewal of the mind. Any adherence to wrongful doctrines in order to pacify the pharisees which today are the leaders of the Vatican, bring in the anointing that seems purely holy but comes through fallen angels. Jesus said there will be many Christ like leaders who make claims under great anointing, but which anointing is from the anointed angel himself, satan. Paul tells us all power or anointing comes from only one which is God, so the anointing satan has is only borrow since his fall, but because it is his original power he inherited from God, it is indistinguishable in many aspects of it  from the power that comes directly from God. So to discern spirits or leaven, one has to have enough faith in the word of God to beware of the doctrine whether it be from God or not, & to know the fruits whether it is something the Holy Spirit would allow or else generate to happen.

__ The primary false doctrine that satan uses is anything which paints a false picture of who exactly Jesus is. So if satan can make us leave our first love by sterilizing our profession of him by adhering to Pharisaical catholic doctrine, then satan is able to do a broad range of evil in the world. Though satan is always on a leash or this world would have long ago been incalculable worse than a terrible concentration camp, Rev18 says nothing bad happens except through Babylon which is the doctrine of the Vatican. It says "through her all blood shed happens," because satan hides in the catholic religion. What doctrine in particular? That doctrine which doesn't rightly explain according to scripture who exactly Jesus is. This doctrine denies that at one point Jesus was begotten as the word in John1:1 & is God because logos means something spoken. This is the point at which God begot the soul of Jesus. All souls were chosen in the logos from the beginning. The logos is the soul of Jesus which became a living soul at his conception in Mary. All souls were elect until satan whom we dont know the name of unelected himself. God withheld  in contempt for satan not wishing to honor him by telling us what his name was as a holy angel so Isa 14,:12 only calls him Haylale which is a generic title of all holy angels, & even Jesus is called bright Haylale, not because he is on the level of the angels but because he is the standard & pattern design of all angels. Just as Jehovah is not on the level of humans but he is image & pattern out of which our human bodies are made. Heb1:4 tells us Jesus is made so much better than the angels it is incalculable! What God sacrificed was & is so precious to God, God sees no fit punishment except the lake of fire for those who do not love his son. God condemned satan after the resurrection took place as a bear bereaved of her whelps! God warns those who do us harm "he who touches you touches the apple of mine eye," apple means pupil so God is saying that when satan was tormenting Jesus on the cross, it was as if satan was putting his finger in God's very eye! Paul says God was in Christ while he was hanging on the cross reconciling the world unto himself. It took only approximately 6 hours because God was doing it in Jesus. Jesus said he didn't fear what man could do to him but his father only, & that he wanted to prove his love for God by obeying him in crucifixion itself!

___ In my view of scripture, & Jesus did ask at one point WHO DO YOU SAY I AM, because testimony is not so much about material blessing as it is what makes our faith tick, & Rev 12:11 says that's what overcomes the devil when we honestly say what we believe or who do we say Jesus is. So when Peter said it it was true but it didn't offer much clarity so satan used it to make another doctrine from it that denies the sonship of Jesus.

___  If Jesus were not the first soul begotten by God, then someone would need to be which would be the devil, since the devil is the son of the morning ISA14:12, & morning is what Jesus was called when he was only the logos & not yet resurrected as bright morning star. Do we seriously want to believe satan was is God's first & therefore best creation? God is not like us, but he does his first work the best because his mind has already conceived it, then when he SPEAKS IT which is what the logos is, that is how he creates. The Bible says there was a beginning. It was the logos, & the first verses of the Bible are parabolic, as Jesus is the heavens & the earth. & 2nd verse Jesus is crucified MADE TO BECOME WITHOUT FORM AND VOID, MEANING MADE SIN FOR US & VOID OF HIS FATHER.

--- So God had to have someone be his mediator & the words "mediator of God" shows that God cannot be his own mediator. The catholic church has Mary for the mediator of Jesus because they know if Jesus is precisely God in the same way Jehovah is  there has to be a creature mediator or else God is mediating himself, which really is against the idea of God having an only begotten son, by whom God creates all other souls. The idea of the coequal trinity is to leave us out, by not letting be the temple of the third person.

__ The word is called God for many reasons, because it proceeded directly from God & elohim is the identity of the son, ,,,& from the son are begotten all others. The soul of the devil who was called Haylale meaning morning star, was the first and greatest son to come from the son. Satan therefore doesn't want another son greater than him as that king over Cesar & so how does satan do this but by blurring the nature of the son & the description of his true identity. It would take a long time to go into more convincing depth into this, which is also why Paul said be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified. There is a simplicity in Jesus which Paul said that satan wants to corrupt. Satan is designed by God to primarily a theologian & the sharpest one besides Jesus himself! So how satan uses that skill to instead deceive us, no one can assume all is safe if satan is primarily using his skills in the arena of writing doctrine as spiritual wickedness in high places.  These high places are none other than in very church of God. If we are not striving to know Jesus exactly then satan is busy telling us who Jesus is so he will not be bound by Jesus through us.

___ This represents the broken & contrite heart of PSALM 51 which words broken & contrite in Hebrew mean collapsed & crushed in other words unleavened & broken like the bread of the Lord's Supper. This means we must become compatible with Jesus as a bride to her husband & take the only acceptable kind of broken & contrite heart into our imperfect & condemned broken & contrite heart.

___ The reason that Jesus used the word leaven also describes the Spirit of God. Paul tells us in Rom13:1 that there is NO OTHER POWER BUT GOD. The disciples then figured out that Jesus meant doctrine not leaven, though the 2 tie in together. The reason they are speaking of the same thing is because no one can discern spirits simply by their power, because Paul says its all the same power, namely God. If God took his power from the devil, satan would be weak as we as ISAIAH 14:10 says. God is the blood of the soul, & Luke 22:44 describes Jesus as suffering soul bleeding which is an agony far greater than flesh bleeding. The blood of Jesus refers mainly not to his physical blood though that also, but mainly his spiritual blood which is God his father. God is our father only by adoption but Jesus is our father & the true Abraham, whom we can call everlasting father as soon as we are born again, which word born implies not merely adopted but actual members of his body flesh & bones. But Jesus had to be broken for us to be able to take him as our Lord & Saviour. JEHOVAH'S image was not broken or sacrificed for us as Jesus his only begotten son was. If Jesus were not broken & we took him as a sacrament of bread or a mark, it would cause a severe eternal erreversable damnation greater than we can imagine. Anytime we take God's grace & sin instead of improving ourselves with it, that grace creates a greater rent upon our souls than if we were just common grsceless sinners. Jesus said do not put new wine in old bottles or it will cause a great tear in them & ruin the bottles. To have greater power we need to become more greatly new creatures. There's imputed newness & imputed forgiveness & imputed perfection but all so that we can seek God to experience the actual real time forgiveness & real-time gifts from God.

___  So Eve thought the serpent had to be of God because of the anointing he had. Satan is called the anointed cherub, & is second only to the morning himself in design & so can even imitate the Holy Spirit. When we suffer conviction for sin it's possible it could also be the devil though we must be careful to know for sure.

____ The second death or lake of fire primarily consists of God removing his power from those who will be in it. We don't know how much of our lives consist of God because we have no reference point to compare the 2. We are told by scientists that atoms are very far from each other & everything should actually mesh together as a giant clump yet everything has an order & particular substance. And when oxygen is removed from water & set on fire it creates what can be turned into a hydrogen bomb. God's wrath for sin is thoomos in Greek which where we get the word thermal which means very vast & powerful heat like from a thermal nuclear bomb. When Jesus was broken upon the cross Jesus released the inner presence of God which was never before manifested. Paul says in Rom16:25 these things were kept secret. No one in the old testament was in the kingdom or bosom of God John 1:18, until Jesus died on the cross & split God like an atom & released what was just beyond the vail. Jesus said he that is least in the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist. At the time Jesus said matt1111, only he & the father were in the kingdom, & Jesus was least because he said the father is greater than I.

So when God removed himself from Jesus upon the cross Jesus said my heart is melted like WAX in the midst of my Soul. Only Jesus so far has tasted what the second death is like, because he is the first one to taste death for every man. Jesus knew this experience would be so horrific that it could even swallow him up into it never to be resurrected if he wasn't given enough strength to emerge victoriously. Jesus knew this even from very early perhaps even from birth. Jesus may have asked God why he was born where sacrificial animals are born & laid in a feeding trough as if being the food for all the beast like sinners of the world & God was no doubt filling him in on all the details. Also Jesus could read inbetween the lines of all the old testament scriptures as if he himself wrote it, & when he read his face & form became more disfigured than any man, Jesus knew this was not primarily from an external beating as seen in catholic movies like passion of the Christ but it was from a far more terrible reason: that the father would make him become the serpent lifted up in the wilderness & be made sin for all mankind though he didn't know sin, as sinners who partake of it. That he would suffer that separation sinners deserve called the lake of fire, though not with all the additional penalties such as the physical place etc, but in the primary pain of it which is separation from God. This is what is meant when he it is said "he tasted death for every man." It is not primarily talking about his physical death, that was only one major aspect of his sacrifice. But he most crucial aspect of his sacrifice was having SOUL being made our offering for sin, AS ISAIAH 53:10 says if we make his soul not just his body like a lamb suffering a brutal agonizing death but his soul our offering for sin, we will see our seed. This words see his or our seed could mean eternal additions to heaven, as the seed of God as what proceeds from his bride the church who is the new eve and mother of all living. No one lives unto God but who loves the church called the new Jerusalem, & they shall prosper who love the church. God told Abraham I will bless them that bless you but curse them that curse you. We are also told that we pass from death unto life when we love the brethren meaning all members of the church in heaven & earth but primarily Jesus as he also calls us his brethren. Proverbs says Jesus sticks closer than any brother so to love Jesus is the main brother we must love. We can't love anyone rightly until we love Jesus or manifest his love which is the fulfillment of the law. His love is so complete & all powerful that when his love has access by our full death to self repentance, he can even work miracles & fulfill all righteousness & peace & prayer requests. Jesus fulfilled you shall not kill by loving us perfectly & healing & raising the dead.. God never sees having a gift or simply not hurting anyone with it as fulfilling the gift, but it must do it's full potential as "faith that is worked by God who is love."

Jesus alone could fulfill the law because the law is a description of Jesus. The 2 tables of stone are the old testament version of the front & back of Jesus's burial cloth, as Eze says I will take out the heart of stone & give a heart of flesh. So the burial cloth is the stone of law made flesh, the word made flesh. Jesus alone could say God is my father so he alone could fulfil you shall have no other God before you. God saw the 2 tables of stone as his very son. The Law is written also as a promise of what you shall do because Jesus's love fulfills it.


____ my message is about how Jesus became flesh then became crucified then became resurrected & now glorified.

____ It's based on several scriptures like ones in which Jesus said this is my body & blood, & yet he did not eat himself or cut off a piece of himself etc. This shows his God identity the logos & his made soul & human identity are able to be distinguished as separable, which is why he was able to be made into a sacrifice. The definition of sacrifice is to give up something, so it was God his Father making this sacrifice as God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son, it was infinitely harder for God Jehovah to give up Jesus for the short time he had to forsake him, because it was possible to have lost him forever. That might sound impossible, but why did Jesus spend what seems like his whole life praying with strong crying and tears for God to save him from death? Didn't Jesus say "fear not what man can do to you but only fear what God is able to do to you?" Unless by "death" (which Jesus had to taste for everyman) it means separation from God, for Jesus to spend his whole life including in Gethsemane praying to be delivered from it, (but rebuking Peter as if being satan for suggesting he should not die) it would seem not only hypocritical but cowardly to be so afraid of death especially if you know you're not only saved but the most elect one of all the very savior himself! Hebrews 5:7 says "he was heard in that he feared." Jesus feared something which took his whole lifetime training for in prayer & seeking his father in order to finally succeed in doing. PSALM 22:14 says that Jesus's heart melted like WAX when he was hanging upon the cross & he said "I am a maggot & no man." Jesus being made sin for us but not by him knowing sin, caused him to become that serpent which Moses lifted up in the wilderness. This is also the medical symbol we see which is symbolic of Jesus taking all sin & sickness upon himself upon the cross. So that whosoever looks upon him lifted up on the cross by faith is healed of the bites of the devil. So when Jesus hung on the cross PSALM22 also says that satan who is the strong bull of Bashan & his demons gaped upon him like a lion eating his prey. The soul of Jesus suffered most of the wounds which were internal in his psyche & heart & soul & spirit. ISAIAH 53:10 says we must make his soul our offering for sin but movies like passion of the Christ really only show his lamb like external nature being tormented.

____So when Jesus said this IS my body & blood he was referring to something that had already taken place from before the foundation of the world, as what John 6 calls the bread which came down from heaven, which is the logos. But the logos had different stages of becoming flesh. The logos which is God because it means God speaking, first was made flesh as Jesus in his lamb stage of development. Then into his crucified stage, & now in his glorified stage. First of all you might wonder how can he be the same yesterday today & forever if he changes so much? We can't deny what's in the Bible so his sameness has to be in some manner that refers to character & how much he loves us, etc. If the Bible says Jesus underwent changes, then it's possible to change & yet remain the same.

_____The beginning of the Bible in my opinion correlates to John 1 because it is a parabolic description of God begetting his son whom he calls the heaven and the earth. This earth who is Jesus then becomes without form & void, or thst is crucified & the beginning of these stages is shown in LUKE2244 that as soon as Jesus took the last supper he said my soul is exceedingly sinful even unto death, then began shedding his father which Luke because he was a physician noticed were clotting blood as a doctor is able to detect. But they did not act like human but supernatural blood being very large and falling immediately to the very ground. Perhaps no one but Luke was able to see this. Then Jesus had an angel come to strengthen him or carry his inner cross like simion helped carry his wooden cross. This shows that the preciousness or value of the crucifixion was in the identity of Jesus being the only begotten Son, not in that he did not need help in the stage of existence he was in. Jesus did not know how he would have the strength to be crucified (as he knew it meant separation from God or death which is a symbolic term for the lake of fire or second death) until that angel came to him. No one can remain without sin if their source of holiness leaves them, & REV15:3 says Jesus calls his father the only holy one. Once when someone called Jesus good, Jesus said why call me good, there is only one good. Jesus knew however he has a God identity as the logos & is therefore before even Abraham as the great I am but he knew that as a sentient creature he had a beginning in the womb of Mary where he has the second Adam became a living soul. God Jehovah calls himself the beginning & end referring to the lamb stage of the logos being made flesh since Jesus said the things concerning me have an end. So upon death Jesus's whole humanity was given up & he became what is called the morning star which is the highest form being second only to God the father, & so Jesus entered heaven by his own blood to ever live to intercede for us.

____ The reason for deception & hardness of heart in the world is the devil. It takes great power to deceive people as well as to convince people of the truth. Whatever our message is, if it effects people & moves us in any way good or bad it takes great power. The best or worst of things can come within an inch of us & not effect us at all if there is a smokescreen & whitenoise blocking it from our perception. So though the rightful understanding of who Jesus is is so insurmountable & important if satan blind our minds as 2COR4:4 says, lest the light glorious gospel of Christ should shine unto us, which is the image of God, then we will have as much determination to know Jesus as he is, as a dustmite or any other thing. It takes prayer & supplication to move us to want to know Jesus & understand the high things of God & walk upon God's high places. Or else the beast will mold our doctrines because we did not own & keep God's word by preaching the full counsel of God as Paul said. If the beast can get us to replace the body of Jesus with the body of Jehovah then we have no saviour & no broken body by which we grow & digest his holiness.

JESUS's BODY & BLOOD is "broken FOR US" meaning so that we as sinners can UTTILIZE & "grow thereby" as PETER SAYS. There is no conviction of one's sinful nature without a rightful & worthy acceptance of Jesus "as he is." And without a true sense of one's sinful nature nature & a proper sense of the serious nature of sin & understanding what we did to offend God, there is no salvation. 

____ Even after Jesus did so many signs wonders & miracles, it didn't take much for him to drive people away from him: sometimes hardly more than saying "YOU MUST EAT MY BODY & DRINK MY BLOOD OR YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOU." John 6:66 tells us that they all except the disciples left him after that. Apparently no one even gave Jesus enough respect & dignity for his majestic words to at least ask him "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" Too often when we read scripture or hear God, not only don't we recognize it from either source (the page or God's mouth) as the word of God, or if we do, we quickly agree with ourselves & come up with our own conclusions. They said, "HOW CAN THIS MAN GIVE US HIS FLESH TO EAT & BLOOD TO DRINK?"

___ The body & blood Jesus ate at the last supper was "from heaven" in the form of the logos, in the on-going description of it. Jesus until the last supper was in his "made flesh only" stage of being the logos materialized into what it is. Now he was becoming the SECOND VERSE of the Bible, "becoming broken & spilled out, i.e. void." This was already done from before the foundation of the world in God's mind,,& so Jesus said "this IS my body broken for you & this IS my blood spilled for you." Then as soon as Jesus partook of it, he began to become what it is. It wasn't long after & Jesus was saying things like, "my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death," & in LUKE22:44 he was already being in the process of being forsaken by the father which is his SUPERNATURAL blood coming out in giant clots that heal the wounds our sins have caused & reconcile us unto God. This wasn't his physical blood or it only had underlying physical blood breaking forth because of his great agony caused by needing to taste death for every man. This "death" Jesus prayed his whole life with strong crying and tears to be delivered from, WAS NOT PHYSICAL DEATH, ,(Jesus taught "fear not what man can do to you,") but this death was WHAT GOD COULD DO TO JESUS, i.e. even to forsake him "though it be but for a moment" as ISAIAH says. Jesus knew he could only remain sinless as long as the Father was in him doing the work, & so Jesus's faith had to be strong enough like very superhuman bones of a giant of faith, not to be broken. But this "death" or separation from God is what damnation is, even the very "thion" itself which is Greek meaning brimstone or divine insence. Jesus feared this temporary death to "taste damnation for everyman" could somehow be eternal. Hebrews 5:7 tells us it made him to fear though he were the very son himself, & fear enough to cry to God with "strong crying and tears" apparently until Gethsemane itself!! Jesus wasn't praying to get out of dying physically for us, he was praying for strength to endure the TRUE DEATH of losing his FATHER WHO IS THE BLOOD HE SHED FOR US (EVEN OUR LIFE LEVITICUS 17:11 "FOR THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD." This prayer for strength was answered in LUKE22:43 when God sent a ministering angel to strengthen him to carry the invisible cross, even the KEY OF DAVID, ISAIAH 22:22 WHICH IS PSALM 51. Not one word of that prayer was fulfilled until Jesus took it upon himself in death for our sins. Jesus lived his life in the old testament, & only the END of his physical life could bring an end to the old testament, & to be the last victim of satan while he was still undefeated. Satan was not condemned to lake of fire until he "touched the apple/pupil of God's eye by touching God's anointed one on the cross & doing God's main & only true prophet harm. Most of Jesus's sufferings were from "the strong bull/y of Bashan (Psalm 22) gaping upon him, tearing into Jesus's soul like a lion eating his prey!! The external wounds of the whip & the suffocation of the cross & all the lamb sacrifice type sufferings he endured were all for our healing of our bodies & to heal us morally & restore our humanity. But it Jesus's SOUL ISAIAH 53:10 says is the REAL OFFERING TO GOD that saves us. That is what made Jesus beg God so fervently his whole life to save him from having to suffer that TRUE DEATH of being our sacrifice: which meant "tasting death" i.e. damnation for us. And if it was such a fear to Jesus & made it his MAIN TOPIC OF PRAYER why isn't it for us when we are even by nature bound for hell already, while Jesus never had a moment he was unsaved or something God could bear to lose by any means?

____ The death Jesus suffered was SEPARATION FROM GOD MEANING THE SECOND DEATH. This is why the bread & wine are separate in the Lord's Supper & to take it therefore "proclaims his death." You can only get the physical & spiritual body & blood of Jesus's body & soul in the bread which is for the healing of our bodies & saving from sin, but the blood of the Father is what reconciles us to God is only found in the cup. The Lord's Supper entails the ENTIRE TRINITY IN ALL THE TEMPLES OF THIS WHO IS GOD "ELOHIM." We (if the born again saved invisible church) are the temples for the Holy Spirit & so comprise part of the Lord's Supper being "members of his body flesh & bones," and so Paul mentioned that we can fellowship with devils insofar as we don't know what every member we unite with in the Lord's Supper is guilty of.☆☆☆☆1COR10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. 

___ The Lord's Supper doesn't require right doctrine or right beliefs or even to be right with God or counted worthy by God to take it, or else "taking it unworthily" would be impossible. It would rather say "he who presumes to take it while unworthy." Also, the Lord's Supper is not so until we take it within our flesh. You cannot "consecrate" the elements & turn them into the Lord’s supper and THEN STORE THEM IN A SPECIAL CLOSET TO WORSHIP THEM! Jesus said "as often as you eat & drink" not as often as you bless the elements.

__ Saving from sin doesn't in itself save us from separation from God. God must then take us up into his everlasting arms.

_____ The end time falling away is hidden under the facade of the opposite of it. Satan comes out to be obvious but hides  nowhere but in the appearance of holiness. Those who reject Jesus accept a false form of him which is the body of Jehovah, by calling him the most high God. Satan can't get us to reject the name & allegiance to Jesus but he can get us to accept a false presentation of Jesus. My advice is to carefully examine my description & explanation of Jesus in this website, then pray for the fortitude & honesty needed to see if it be true or not.

We're all made in God's image. God put his image over the crown of thorns on the brain area of Jesus, showing Jesus was thinking about God's image during crucifixion. Jesus said "you have not yet seen his shape." Godsimage1.com

What was the purpose of waiting until satan cast out a third of the angels & did all he did until Jesus decided to end the old testament? If that was the true way all along, there had to be a reason for the old testament way. I have some ideas on ////////... it would seem mysterious why if all God had to do was "take on the appearance" of a man, ,& for that flesh to die while he raised it back to life in what amounted to Friday evening to Sunday morning, you would think God would have done it FROM THE BEGINNING, not wait until the world was all slaughtered by the Jews as infidels. And then for Jesus to say that 'FEW THERE BE THAT FIND SALVATION," & "MANY  WONDER WORKERS WILL COME TO HIM BOASTING OF ALL THEIR WONDERFUL WORKS," only to be called " workers of iniquity I never knew you depart from me."

__Is the SOUL of Jesus ever seen as the real sacrifice? As ISAIAH 53:10 says? Or is he only like a lamb going to the slaughter as the catholic movies like passion of the Christ depict?