THE IDEA OF JESUS BEING PREEMINENT means first born of every creature. Jesus being “begotten” means that he was first begotten as the word=logos, conceived from the foundation of the world: & that world is the “world without end,” which existed from everlasting as God’s kingdom. But until Jesus died on the cross, only Jesus was in the kingdom, i.e. “the bosom of the Father.” There was no one BUT JESUS in the inner heart of God or with God indwelling their innermost soul until Jesus made this “new & living way.” HEB10:19-20. Only Jesus could call God “his Father,” & we can only be sons of God by adoption, but by being born again Jesus is made into our everlasting Father. But no one is made into a full fledged son of God until at the marriage supper of the Lamb. The gospel is a promise of heaven reserved for us, but not a sacramental presence as the body & blood of Jesus is: who had to be “broken for us, & spilled for us,” or else no one could come to him & expect to be anything but cast out & crushed into powder. But sinners choose to accept Jesus in name only while being dead to him in knowing him: so that all their “seeking of God,” is as Job says, Job 15:26 He runneth upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers. Pro 4:19 The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble. Though they come to God who is light, they must do so in the presumption of arrogance & do not humble themselves under his mighty hand: which moved the prophets to write the word.

_______ Jesus is the only son that could proceed directly from the father without a mediator: being made so much better than the angels, & proceeding from everlasting as the word before it was spoken by the tongue of God which is the pen of a ready writer. All other sons proceed from Jesus, as the angels are called “sons of God,” who is also the word who is God, & therefore God calls himself “beginning & ending” even Jesus calls himself the beginning of the creation of God. The word was created as God’s intellectual property, as an author creates a book, yet the book itself especially if it’s electronic, has no substance in itself except as circuits on a computer mind. So though the word is created & has a beginning, it is God, since God is the sole father & sustainer & author of it. God also calls himself by the word, saying that he is the beginning, though he himself had no beginning: God’s soul is bound up in his son, as Jacob’s soul was all bound up in Benjamin. GEN44:30. Only God knows the son & alone can draw us unto the son, & no man can know the Father JEHOVAH but to whom the son will reveal him.

_____God needed a creature in whom he would take great delight & find all manner of pleasure in, in a manner that satisfies his most exacting holiness & scope of his power & majesty: which he cannot find in himself as he has existed from everlasting. IF IT WERE NOT JESUS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SATAN, AS WICKED HAMAN THOUGHT THAT THE KING TOOK DELIGHT IN HIM, BUT INSTEAD IT WAS MORDECAI. Then God provoked satan to strike at Jesus in his most certain death, because God made satan honor & bow before Jesus as he rode upon the donkey through the streets of Jerusalem, saying “thus shall it be done to the man God delights to honor.” God needed a son fit for a King as great as himself. Paul tells us that God is external to Jesus, 1COR15:27, & in putting all things under Jesus, DID NOT PUT HIMSELF UNDER JESUS, OR ON AN EQUAL FOOTING WITH JESUS, BUT REMAINS GREATER THAN JESUS: even as Jesus said, “my Father is greater than I.” To Jesus that was the greatest of joys to say that, & not a “put down” or feeling like he wanted to challenge God for power of office, as satan did. When God was no longer over Jesus as his light which is his blood for his very soul, that makes his face to shine, that is when “darkness was upon the face of the deep,” & his Father was eclipsed & it made him to cry out, “my God why have you forsaken me?”

______ Making Jesus God turns him into a perpetual sacrifice they call an unbloody sacrifice, as every mass is a separation of Jesus from his Father, as they instead make him the most high God. Then they often give only the bread to the people in the wafer saying that the blood residue is still in it, & it takes but a drop to the job anyways. Then the priests on a lesser scale give the cup of Jesus’s blood to the people, but take it themselves thinking that it justifies themselves separating themselves from the people in they call “clergy & laymen.” But God says that every born again Christian is a priest after the order of Melchisedek: whose office was in the very Lord’s supper. Jesus said it takes only 2 or more believers to officiate his supper. The cup & wafer are separate in the Lord’s supper, because that “shows forth the Lord’s death,” which is separation from his Father who is the blood. But that does not mean that the body of the Father is in the cup, which is the gospel image, but his blood, which is the life of all flesh is in it: whom only Jesus can mediate for us. We know we pass from death to life when we love our primary brother Jesus, & he is the husband & head of the church also. God gave us his son to be our first love, so that we would be handed over to the Father, our final love, as “kings & priests” when Jesus hands over the kingdom to the Father. 1COR15:24.

______ As Pharaoh made Joseph equal except in the very throne itself, GEN41:40, that is how God made his son: & commands that all the angels of God worship him, as Joseph had the dream that his brothers worshipped him. God’s creation is time itself: which is events which God alone is the power of. Time was first created in a virtual manner to represent days, which is the general time of a planet to rotate. However God made all planets to be inhabited, & yet only earth is inhabited because the universe is about to be rolled up like a scroll, when God terminates the old script of it. Then God also withdraws his breath & turns it into space dust in order to recreate a new universe. Psa 104:29 _ Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust. Psa 104:30 Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth. For something that is unlimited to create something limited, it is to God always the same size & requires the same amount of effort, whether it is the size of an atom or universe. God is equally everywhere; =& so if God found it a strain to create the whole universe all at one instant of time, then it would also be a strain to change or effect or create one atom or particle ANYWHERE in the universe, including here!

_______ The WORLDWIDE CHRISTIAN OPINION denies the true nature of Jesus being the son, & makes him the PANTOCRATOR: which name is reserved only for the Father. The LOGOS IS GOD because it means “God speaking:” & the logos does not sustain or consist himself, but ONLY GOD: because the logos itself is inanimate & not sentient. This very same logos before he was made flesh as the son of God, was manifested in DAN10 as the man more precious than fine gold, & whom God called “God,” saying, “your throne oh God is forever & ever,” etc. God would often speak to his mental creations as if they are real, “calling those things which be not as though they are.” The logos in DAN10 had no power of himself, but what God had, & so was equal to God in that regard, & so had to send MICHAEL THE ANGEL to do his bidding, which is simply the normal procedure for God to things according to. Yet one might say, why did that “apparition” seem so helpless to do anything? Because he wasn’t helpless but acting as the “word creation” of God, who speaks as one who has no power in himself, but is now since rising from the dead “declared to be the son of God with power.” He was hungry for our words, & he says “I came for your words,” & calls our preaching “feeding the sheep.” Hos 14:2 Take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.

_____ The Bible makes clear THE LOGOS had a beginning: “IN THE BEGINNING IS THE WORD, THE WORD IS WITH GOD & IS GOD.” There is a beginning of what is purely VIRTUAL CREATION: which consists purely of God because it is the tongue of God writing the book of life: meaning “choosing us in Christ from the foundation of the world.” This original choosing in Christ was ALL PEOPLE & ALL ANGELS: but the difference between elect & non elect took place, because the FALL OF HAYLALE (Lucifer) in ISA14:12 “UNELECTED” a great majority of all peoples & a third of the angels. How could God allow that? Why did God even create Haylale at all, since it was God’s will “all men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth?” It’s an infinitely harder question to ask, how did God exist as all power called Elohim, & be “all in all,” be all he is as being ALMIGHTY, etc? There is something about conceiving new souls that seems unavoidable so that once the process is set in motion, it cannot be reversed, anymore than the laws of the Medes & Persians! One could ask why was satan allowed to set up camp on earth as Babylon in REV17-18, aka the Catholic religion, since Jesus had already conquered him? The same reason that the King in Esther could not reverse the decree of wicked Haman to destroy the Jews, but instead gave us Purim, meaning broken pieces, along with our testimony, which Paul calls “weapons of our warfare which are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds, etc.” Satan is therefore “spiritual wickedness in high places,” along with his devils, & so whenever we would do good, evil is present with us, Paul said. This is the mystery of iniquity, but we see there is a time limit imposed on the devil in the book of Revelation.

______ Jesus spoke of God his Father as being above him & greater than him, & the one who did all the miracles through him. God calls those things which be not as though they are, ROM.4:17: which is how also God creates, & is how God begot his only genetic son. (G3439 (Strong) μονογενής monogenēs, mon-og-en-ace,) God saw the engraving of the 10 commandments AS IF it were his son, (though an extreme summary of what the word is, = #1: placing the Father first, etc.,) which is why God was so jealous of those stone tablets, sometimes killing people just for touching them in even a good intention of steadying them on an oxcart! 2SAM6:6-7. God therefore called his initial begetting of Jesus as actual completion of him, though he was “brought forth” (i.e. made sentient as the word made flesh) in the fulness of time. John refers to God the Father as the one who begot & Jesus as the one begotten of him. 1JOHN5:1. The devil wants to make the begetting of Jesus the identical same manner in which God the Father exists, so that to say Jesus was begotten is semantics only, & if there is any “true beginning, or true begetting” to it, to make it exist solely in his being made flesh in the time which we call “Christmas.” But that if he had previously existed, whether from everlasting or as sentiently aware as a living being from the beginning, to be “made flesh” does not carry with it the true Biblical sense of being also “made soul” as well: since a soul must be included with whatever kind of outward creature form it is. If God creates the form of a human, there must be a human soul included within that body: & it cannot be a preexisting soul who has already had time to grow in wisdom & stature & formulate it’s antidotes to life’s problems. This means also that that human soul must be qualified to be called human, & therefore with a beginning & with the vulnerabilities of being human. God cannot lie, & Jesus cannot be a lie. To be God refers back to his preeminence: as the beginning of the creation of God as the LOGOS of God. This same LOGOS has written in it how Jesus had to first be made a human soul with a fitting body, though made in quality so much better than the angels, which is a tremendous thing, considering that we are only made a little lower than the angels if we are born again, & functioning in that capacity as fellow servants for the holy angels. James suggests that rank sinners are made lower than the devils, because he says “the devils believe & tremble,” yet sinners often are immoveable.

______ However Jesus was only made a little lower than the angels in his appearance: which means he came in the likeness of sinful flesh, in order to suffer death for every man. No one would have spoken anything but honor & fear to Jesus, (& not attempted to crucify him,) if he had come showing his true nature of being without sin: for then he would have been greater than a glorified angel, HEB1:4, [BY A FACTOR WHICH IS INCALCULABLE IN MATHEMATICS] in his outward show of strength & demand for our respect. His lamblike lowly meek gentle nature rather than his lion excelling in strength nature is what people saw, because he was broken for us, which is what allows us to eat & drink him as our nourishment for soul & body. He counted it not robbery to be equal with his Father, as taking upon himself all of his inheritance of power & glory & majesty: meaning that Jesus could have simply left us all & went to heaven, escorted by more than 12 legions of angels. But he was far superior in reasoning than his first son Haylale who became the devil, because instead of questioning & disbelieving God’s word, Jesus took everything God said at face value believing the words of God’s mouth in purest righteousness & even delighted to do God’s will, even unto death. By death it means both spiritual & physical: as Jesus’s blood is God his Father, who is the life of all blood, especially of his son, LEV17:11, & so when Jesus prayed to be delivered from death, he meant SEPARATION FROM HIS FATHER. This death is so terrible it is described as the very LAKE OF FIRE ITSELF: i.e. the 2nd death! How God “forsakes” anyone when he is OMNIPRESENT is a great mystery, but God being also “omniscient,” = all intelligent, understands how to do all these things. God is so exact in everything & cannot forget anything, & so forgives & “forgets” sins by making us members of Jesus’s body, flesh & bones; with our death in sin being swallowed up in the victory of Jesus’s death, who was made to be sin for us, who knew no sin. 2COR5:21. Now all who are in Christ Jesus are new creatures, because their wicked sin has been swallowed up into his sinless & holy sin which knew no sin: even as our sins which are thrown into the sea. MICAH 7:19::: He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

___ In satan’s false Christian theology, (which I find is the case in every church I see,== & yet I know it is not so but only what I see so far,) God the Father is usually not accounted for; but instead JESUS is the one taking that highest position, as the Catholics claim in every mass, that Jesus “alone is holy, & the most high God.” The Catholic mass is really a theological misalignment of the PRAYER OF THE LAMB & MOSES in REV.15:3-4, which states that GOD ONLY IS HOLY. Wouldn’t Jesus rather say, “for you & I only are holy?” Instead Jesus makes no mention of himself in that prayer. Satan simply promotes Jesus to the uppermost position of the Trinity, but does not remove the landmark of God’s name & title as Father, but does this by making the trinity 3 equal persons so that they are all “most high.” But in doing so this is how antichrist denies the father & the son (& our place as temples of the Holy Spirit) all in one simple stroke of the pen of satan’s tongue. Then WHO is the power in the churches if God cannot be because he was eclipsed by the son’s perpetual crucifixion in the catholic’s un-bloody masses, & Jesus cannot be, because he is being falsely worshipped as God rather than the mediator of God? It is satan coming in the form of his replacement mascot, Mary: who must now be the mediator of her son, since her son is God, & no one can come to God without a mediator! The churches are anointing centric rather than “persons of the trinity” centric, because they cannot explain how their creeds of the trinity make sense, & so make up for their impossibility for having understanding, by majoring on the anointing. Jesus kept on warning us, beware of the “leaven” of the scribes & pharisees. By leaven Jesus meant doctrine, or “rule,” meaning in Greek “canon.” This was the real design behind their power, as the software program which ran the hardware of their anointing, which Jesus said was from their father the devil.

________ God said that the glory of the latter house, the new testament, would be greater than the former which is the old testament Paul called the administration of death. Satan was in a superficial sense the first pentecostal, though it was not an inner indwelling but one that merely made satan “excel in strength,” like the ultimate superman. There was no inner change of heart or indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the old testament, & no “power from on high,” but it all came through the devil: who was not put out of office as the “son of the morning” until Jesus (the morning) died at the hands of his son the devil. This is why the prophets were able to do terrible sins with their powers: call down fire from heaven to burn up people all in the spirit of personal amusement & arrogance, & superhuman strength to “go into all the world to preach,” i.e. the gospel of death to every unbeliever by the edge of the sword of steel. David & the other prophets & the Jews in general were commanded by God, (as per the will of the devil to edit God’s laws, as wicked Haman went to the King to destroy the Jews,) to go into all the world and UTTERLY SLAUGHTER WITH FURY & JUDGMENT EVERY MAN, WOMAN & CHILD & TO LEAVE NOTHING ALIVE THAT BREATHES, which is a monumental impossible task for anyone not endued with superhuman powers & with immunity to any revenge taken by their victims. —- The very apostles of Jesus wanted to do the same to those who would not follow Jesus, but Jesus said that THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT SPIRIT THEY ARE OF: meaning Jesus was then instituting the SPIRIT OF LOVE NOT HATE. John said God is light & love & in him is no darkness or hatred at all. — Because the spirit of the old testament, while being from God, “because all power is of God who is the ONLY POWER,” ROMANS13:1, it was filtered through the devil, who is called the “ANOINTED ANGEL.”

_____ Jesus later gave us the great commission to preach with words of mercy & not by acts of death: to conquer our sins, rather than to conquer our very hope of salvation. Those who do not accept the Biblical description of Jesus in his being begotten as the word, accept rather an old testament, lesser form of anointing power, which is not from on high but filtered through the devil, who “sifts it like wheat,” to remove all the love, mercy, kindness, the 9 fruits of the spirit, ETC., from it, so that all is left is a highly refined form of God’s spirit which can anoint the worst terrorist or most Christ denying professor of Christianity to look pure as the driven snow, & glowing like a light bulb with great glory & power. Many who are “spirit filled” do not have anything resembling love, not even NATURAL AFFECTION, but live by forms of godliness which deny the true power of God from heaven. Many who claim to be saved do not even show signs of being saved, except an anointing which they claim is proof that they are not backslidden, & yet Jesus will say to them that he “NEVER” knew them. A person with the anointing can also cast out devils, without so much as threatening the devil himself, if they are not convicted by the highest truths of the Bible, such as to be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified. Satan will take delight in seeing us kick around the devils under him, so that he can continue pretending to be the presence of Jesus for us.

_______ God the Father’s image is the one true alien life form of the whole universe in whom all humanity is made in the image of: & from whom will come an innumerable number of human species to fill the new universe. But presently humanity on this planet is the only "real aliens" in the universe. The UFOS we see are angelic technology made by the fallen angels in inter-dimensional factories hidden to us. This is why all the "alien" life seems so detached from true reality & any actual account for the person of Jesus Christ. It is the findings so far that all intelligent life in the universe is the unqualified type, being the fallen angels masquerading as life originating in this universe. They appear as inter-dimensional & as not knowing God who is love: but when they do make their utmost attempts to be as deceiving as possible,; EVEN APPEARING TO BE LOVING GOD & KNOWING GOD, it will be according to the canon law of the catholic church: which denies the father & son & Holy Spirit by denying the hierarchical rank of the trinity: making each part a 6 rather than a 600, 60 & 6: which is symbolic for the ranking of the 3 persons in it.

_____ What is the mark of the beast in simplest terms? It is officiated by one man, who is called the 2nd beast, & right now to me it looks like the pope of that time. The mark 666 is in the 600 which symbolizes God's image, & it will be successfully given when God gives this world over to their egotistical arrogance in believing that the body of Jesus is the image of God, when Jesus spoke over & over too many times to count, how that he is NOT HIS FATHER, & that we only see the Father in & through him. Joh 5:37 And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.

___ So that when the pope requires we all profess Jesus to be God, & to take his mark, it is not the mark of Jesus but a sacramental mark of God himself: which no one is qualified or authorized by God to take in this life without contracting all the sin of the devil with it. It becomes “full of the abominations & filthiness of her fornication” when we take the Lord’s supper or for those who take the mark of the beast, in association with satan & his whole kingdom. The “fornication” God mentions is a symbolic form only, & which is so called in that it commits adultery against God & his son by instead being married to the church & the devil who assumes to the position of God in the temple. I wonder if the beast is going to come appearing to be the person of Jesus, while claiming to be God’s very image, because that is what chick tracts & others show when depicting God sitting upon his throne.

___ We are allowed only the Lord's body which is 60 & the church fellowship as we take the Lord's Supper which is 6. No one in this life can go higher than 66, & if Jesus’s body wasn't broken for us & made to be sin for us, then no one could take that either without being guilty in the worst way, (even worse than taking it unworthily now,) of murdering the Lord Jesus, which is what "being guilty of his body & blood" means. The gospel-image which is 600 is only for those called to the marriage supper of the Lamb: who will then be given glorified bodies & made compatible to not only be ACTUALLY WORTHY of Jesus as our husband but of his father, the creator, as our husband also! No one is really even NEAR FULLY FORGIVEN in this life, except IMPUTED to be fully forgiven. Only tasting the power of the world to come is what experiencing ACTUAL REAL TIME FORGIVENESS is! Then HEB6:6 warns us that if we fall away from that, there is no more hope of salvation. Most people only experience the relief of imputation level forgiveness, & take it to mean actual real time forgiveness, which is why they are so arrogant & have such a spirit of entitlement with God, & act like they are too good to pray a penitential prayer or even act like it would be blasphemy or unbelief against the work of the Holy Spirit to do so!

____ But the Bible makes it clear that Salvation is an ongoing process & even Jesus had to grow in wisdom & stature though not having personal sin or the devil having anything in him. Those who are imputed to be forgiven or don't know it’s only imputed, THINK they are more holy than they really are, & so they often backslide & fall into certain very deceitful sins which are very hard to detect or believe can exist like lack of meekness to restore others, GAL6:1, & can even result in one become reprobate silver. The most hardened persons in sin are ones who were preached the false gospel that they have become already fully new & that God has declared them sinless & extremely saved so that losing Salvation almost takes a wickedness like that of a murderous tyrant. When Jesus said few there be that find it, & many would come to him with great anointing believing they are extremely saved & even saved millions. How many big time evangelists will have performed huge miracles & made a great many altar calls on massive scales, only to be told by Jesus he never knew them? It would seem that many fit this description because the "many" that Jesus made examples of were all of a great anointing & of a great surety that they knew the Lord Jesus, (calling him LORD, LORD,) & SO IT'S NO DOUBT THAT THEY REPRESENT MILLIONS OF THEIR OWN DISCIPLES WHO WERE NOT ABOVE THEIR TEACHING ABILITIES & INSIGHT! --- If Jesus is not taught properly, it would be better if the masses of people were as ignorant about the name of Jesus any native people could ever be: rather than for satan to be the evangelist, who knows how to play their sins as gasoline upon a fire, & doll their sinful nature up to be his precious darlings! How many anointed Christians are really nothing more than glorified sinners, who thought the knowledge of good & evil & the embracing of an anointing made them fit candidates for eternal life?

____ When Jesus said our righteousness must exceed the scribes & pharisees, he meant our anointing must be able to cast out & bind their anointing like Aaron's rod eating up the other rods. Jesus said their father is the anointed angel, & they were like the old testament pentecostals, & are the standard of all false pentecostalism which believes that nothing changed from the death of Jesus but just a new style of religion. Satan is the master & genius of fraudulence & is like a polar bear in a snow storm, & will cover his nose to hide the errors in his counterfeit. Satan can make no perfect imitation of God's ways, but it's usually just enough to be way over people's heads to keep them seeing above their own love for their sinful nature, to prevent a successful & ongoing steady repentance from all their perversions. One has to see their sins as arising from a crookedness in the soul before there can be any detestation for one's inherited & ingrained sinful nature & selfish & wasteful indulgence in pleasuring sins. One cannot know they are saved if their whole nature has not successfully been changed from self service to the service of all others with God in the first place. JESUS SAID WE MUST BE SERVANTS OF ALL PEOPLE & SHOW MEEKNESS TO ALL, AS ESTHER 7:4 SAID AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT ENTAIL LOSING OUR SALVATION. This entails a proper understanding & a right acceptance of who Jesus is, which is big enough to require one's whole mind, heart, soul & strength being determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified: because Jesus alone can lead us to the Father. Worship of Jesus under the guise of him being the "most high" & therefore end of the road in hierarchy of God’s kingdom is a fraudulent & idolatrous worship. There is no rightful conviction of our sinful nature & the sins it produced, if there is first no rightful conviction of the need to know Jesus personally & in all accuracy, & then a revelation from God of his son, in the process of God the father drawing us unto Jesus. JOHN6:44:::: No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

___ There is no true SALVATION without a real & palatable sense of REMORSE for sin, which means ANYTHING JESUS COULD NOT DO AS FAR AS "LENIENCY" IN THE FATHER FOR THAT LEVEL OF ALLOWANCE FOR "MODERATION." Sure the Lord Jesus had a different calling & so if he became our pattern for his literal way of life, we could not follow, because mankind would die off from celibacy & no one would be able to be pure in God's eyes enough to follow such a stringent path that allowed him even to walk on water. Our doing of his same miracles would have to be his hand reaching out to grab us from sinking in unbelief & our sense of unworthiness, even as his power is healing others through us. But to think we have a husband we cannot possibly be compatible with & worthy of should make us beat our chests in grief that we are so UTTERLY SHORT of such a holy standard! This would make us turn towards GOD'S LOVING NATURE & seek to make up for our shortage in fulfilling the law by having that love supernaturally & abundantly working in our faith which fulfills the law. The increase of faith cleanses the heart ACTS15:9 & gives God who is love more to work with & write his law & ways upon. The more we grow in faith, the more God can "work our faith by his love working mightily in us.” GAL5:6.

_____ The false conviction & veneer of the devil on things he wishes for us to like & become addicted to, is so great, that in many cases people have been known to express terrible & ungodly hatred to one another, yet they esteem themselves as but loving God & loving their "true" brothers & sisters by hating those they condemn; & this is despite Jesus telling us to love our worst enemies & even do good to them & pray for them! Laodicea means "justice of the people," showing that they weren't so lukewarm in opinion & self righteous works or anointings which survived many terrible persecutions of those who disagreed with them. Jesus was speaking to those who had no clue that they had anything they were lukewarm in! Because what they were lukewarm in was their failure of wanting to be obsessed with knowing their first-love. Jesus is a very easy & convenient thing to sidestep by simply labeling him & like a contract they write, saying, "from henceforth Jesus is to be referred to as God," & that takes away any further need to get to know him, since no man can know God without a mediator. So then when they needed to address the "little issue" of Jesus needing to be our Saviour, that is when they established Mary as conceived special like Jesus, without sin, & made her out to be the mediator of Jesus. The lukewarm church therefore quickly metamorphosed into the catholic church, & that is why they have had "justice" done against anyone disagreeing with them as if they were Jesus himself! Because Mary represents the church, so now if she is mediator of Jesus, then it equates that the church is the mediator of Jesus, but in the capacity of Jesus's office as mediator: because we are then mediating one whom we make out to be GOD! This makes sin not against God only but the church only. The definition of a heretic is not what is against the church, but it means failure to be guided solely by the Lord, & failure to seek & wait upon the Lord, but to instead act upon one's own personal judgment of what to do. [G139 (Strong) αἵρεσις hairesis hah’ee-res-is From G138; properly a choice, that is, (specifically) a party or (abstractly) disunion.] But this makes the whole church heretical in God's eyes, when the church defines heresy as people not following their every order & failure to conform to their every instruction. The wife of Jesus is supposed to raise up children unto God not unto herself. Jesus said blind leaders create blind followers, & they all fall into the same ditch in the same HELLFIRE too! There are other sins of the church which God says we should “lift up our voices like trumpets to show God’s people their sins.” One of these is failure to pay taxes, since Jesus never gave tax exempt status to the church, & tithes are for meat in God’s house, meaning food sufficient for saving souls. This means unless the messages at the pulpits rise to the level of saving souls, all tithes are given in vain, & can’t expect the blessings of Mal 3:9 Ye are cursed with a curse (i.e. satan): for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

Mal 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Mal 3:11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.

Mal 3:12 And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts.