+++ PRAYER TO THE FULL GODHEAD OF JESUS CHRIST == Col 2:9 For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

○●○●○●○●○ ●○●○●○● ○■□■□○●○● ○●○●○●○●○ ●○●○■□■□○ ●○●○●○●○●○●○ ●○●○■□■□○●○●○ ●○●○●○●○●○●○ ■□■□○●○●○ ●○●○●○●○● ○●○■□■□○● ○●○●○●○● ○●○●○●○■□ ■□○●○ ●○●○●○ ●○● ○●○ ●○■□■□ ○●○ ●○■□■□○●○ ●○■□■□ A "THOUGHT PRAYER" TO THE HOLY TRINITY, FATHER, SON & HOLY GHOST: & IN HIS NAMES: JEHOVAH, JESUS & TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE BRIDE OF JESUS. BAPTIZING US IN THE BLOOD OF THE CROSS, COL-1:20, THE FOUNTAIN SET OPEN FOR SIN & UNCLEANNESS. ZECH 13:1.

_35___ ::::: TO THE ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH:::::
☆☆☆☆☆KEY VERSES regarding this prayer::::::::::::::::
Psa 147:11 The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.
Job 13:3 Surely I would speak to the Almighty, and I desire to reason with God.
PSALM 66::: 19But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer 20Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.
••••• MATT-7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
▪︎▪︎▪︎Heb 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 
☆☆☆ EZEKIEL28:14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.
●●●●Psa 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.


0_____let your vows be upon me, which have finalized all my vows & established them as yours. Receive all my lusts, desires, hungers & thirsts as the primary fulfillment of them all, & processing all my sins into becoming the marks of the Lord Jesus, while teaching me how to fully repent for everything I need to repent for, whether weights, sins or errors.

______________ The laser beam of my soul must be focused on you like a beacon, in order to avoid all satanic attacks which ridicules me because of my human nature. Make the smoke of your shekinah glory fully pacify all my most longing pharmaceutical needs, even ones associated with the terrific urge to quench the most bitter & evil pangs of guilts & hauntings of past sins with distracting remedies. How many pangs of guilt or distress I feel at times have the proper memory associated with them, it's impossible to say: seeing how it's a strategy of satan to sidetrack me by accusing me & then to give me the wrong signal with it.____^^^_<><><> We are like ants marching endlessly on the rim of a glass; as much as we're deluded to think we're making progress, so is all our transformation in our way of life & philosophy, saying "I hope I'm going somewhere good." Isn't our souls precious enough to us to NEED to know where we're going? You cursed the earth "for our sake," (because of our sin, continuing to this day,) that is, "to teach & show us our sins," as if nature is the trumpet that ISAIAH says must declare our sins to us. The log in our eye is the cross we must carry, which if we conquer, in the same sign, we can also carry the church in prayer to God. But we have successfully detached ourselves from nature, unless it is in order to puff ourselves up with greater & ever increasing, more satanic like, pride in the self rather than in God.____<<_>>>> Circumcise my heart even from need of a human spouse, to need nothing in this world but you & your WORD; & then fully believing & trusting that all is well with my soul. Forgive me for letting anyone stand between me & the full use & glorification of your images upon all my walls & area of personal life, & forgive my discouragement in making full use of all your Covenant recitals. Forgive me for having had a trespass level of missing of fellowship: which made me hope upon the world & it's advertisements for the answer to finding fulfillment in it, rather than to wait only upon you, & to start my own (by necessity) one man church. Forgive me for resting more upon the signature of my own works & writings than upon the anointing which you have appointed as the brand upon me which you have chosen as appointed to my soul & ministry. Forgive me for not putting my whole "house in order," which has allowed material scraps of perishing information trip up time in serving you & saving others: which would have had an eternal benefit. Forgive me for failing to fast for that anointing which your WORD has promised is irrevocable once it is gotten, but instead chased after what amounts to shallow hugs & kisses & useless pharmaceutical remedies. Then when I saw that all my selling or leasing of my soul was all for naught, I responded with faithless horror seeing I had done nothing but entrapped myself as satan's hostage. All this time I was delinquent of seeking your face in fasting & prayer with no end to how much longer this self appointed wandering in the wilderness would go. In the meantime I didn't even make sure all my subsequent words & works & actions would be fully seasoned & saturated with your love, but I acted like, (through my testimony,) that getting mercy was a sign of my superiority over others & wholly gotten by my own determinations & intelligence of how to do it: which supposed knowledge made me gloat over others, even my own mother._________ <><><>< When did I ever have one real moment of sober enlightenment, I cannot truthfully tell! For if I did, surely I would have at least not have agrivated my lost condition, but would have waited upon you for the way out. My delighting in the Lord has been in what I have greatest control over & which can produce a tangible product: rather than to resign all my worth & worldly mark to you in real Christian prayer on my knees with words & travails which cannot be recorded: & which relies upon you for the full reward of it in the sight of all. Yet seeing satan will make this catalogue of confession against me, if I don't overcome him by my own testimony, (& therefore I am commanded to "write what I see in a book,") i faithfully seek to write these words, trusting & relying upon you for their anointing & preservation._______^<><>< While my non entangled sin can always be wiped clean as if it were yesterday: which would be perfectly sufficient if my degree of any narcissism were truly not delusional & I was truly the only one that matters. But all sin is unfortunately entangled in the lives & souls of others: so that I cannot have one failure in serving you God, without tripping up another soul, or even outright failing them altogether to lead them to you. If my sins did not come with the blood of all the world upon them, I could without the slightest worry just accept your forgiveness without wondering how to jump onto the road of evangelism. But seeing how all things have their form of atrophy & therefore need for development, (which satan makes all backsliders & procrastinators forget,) exactly how much mitigation will my late efforts have & to what avail for winning souls & healing the nations, I just don't know until afterwards. If I were a surgeon & I operated on others as I, by my reckless application of my "measure of faith" has done to me, I would have been a butcher! Yet how more tender & delicate are the issues of souls than the flesh which these souls gives life to? Yet I had no fear of being my own guinnea pig & victim of my own hacking! Didn't I know tomorrow is not promised & that each way I live each moment will be preserved as if in an eternal pillar of salt? Yet I lived in the presumption that if I curse the angel, there will be a soon other angel coming. But if I truly believed your blessings were so cheap & easy for you to give, what terrible ingratitude have a shown by my massive deforestation of your blessings?________<><>< You have promised that if I seek to slay others by your conviction that you will do the same to me, (he that kills with the sword = whether of the word or steel,) & take away all my deception regarding my own soul's condition & status with you. That taking out this log from my eye is through the process of obedience to you, & wanting it to result in it's removal. For everytime I try to look at & see this log in order to discern what it is & how to remove it, it eludes me as to any real discernment of what it could be or it's effect upon me. Diagnosing my own self spiritually is like trying to focus on a floater in the eye, which evades every move of my eye. Yet everyday I'm more convinced it's there, & that any & all preaching must be for the purpose of cleansing & enlightening souls: seeing how hard & long it took for me to come to any rock solid & foundation level conclusions regarding my soul's condition. That if this difficulty to know my status with God were unique only to my particular depravity with sin, then I would have already found a preacher who would have been delivering sinners from their darkness & deceptions. But if I am not alone with my difficulties, then it can only mean that others are not honest about their interactions with God, & that it isn't all as final & easy as they present it all to be: but that they do so out of a sinful presumption & wanting it to be so easy & simple. But then to base all salvation on a stunted understanding makes any growth in God, if begun at all, to be very deficient of that faith which comes only by hearing God, which only comes by first hearing the word. What is the result of such lack of perfect faith & lack of any conviction in it? We are sitting ducks for any doctrine or manipulation by the devil: which usually occurs too slowly & unobserved to manage to resist it._____^__<><<< Let this pacifying smoke from your glorious presence free me up to do all manner of fasting coupled with all manner of prayers & with the greatest of constant Holy joy & praising you. Make me truly love you Holy Spirit, never grieving or quenching you, by the proof of my sacrificial deeds, even to the laying down of my whole life to not only prove I love you Father, but my fellow humans also. For no person can say that they love you, unless they also love humanity.________<><>< We never think that a firefighter should just float to our window without his ladder to rescue us, yet how often do we think that you shouldn't need your son to rescue us from sin? Isn't the means we create to do something an extension of ourselves?_______^_<><>> For where did we see you, Father, Son & Holy Spirit: the holy family of heaven, who is both triumphant & militant in need of any anything to overcome any form of hunger, thirst, misery, poverty or nakedness? When we see this suffering world around us. Yet how fervently & forcefully have we sought your face to make us empowered to work all the great & vast number of miracles this world needs, along with miracles of generous hearts? When have we ever saw the need to decrease so you may increase in us? When has your WORD ONLY been enough to carry the day to open all the closed doors of our lives?_________ <><><><< All our circuits are still rusted even after all this time of playing church or whatever we profess. Have we thought about the great day of reckoning when ONLY what's done FOR YOU will be rewarded & give us satisfaction? Take away our scolding theatrical & clown insincere like preachers & give us ministers after your own heart, whose greatest quest in life is to know you HOLY TRINITY, & be vessels of your mercy, running over to fill the whole universe._______<>>>> It's not enough to merely not destroy the earth, now we must heal the land if we are the temple of he who does so. You are worthy of our worship, God, because you did not get pleasure from making ugly creatures like satan did._<><><><●●●●●●●●●●●●0_ To wax cold in love because of the aggravations of ingratitude & pangs of griping which the multiplied iniquities around us cause, is the lynchpin in our final damnation. To think heaven is entitled to us & not a most rare occurrence of all most fortunate rarities is the very most likely cause of damnation. Help our need & desire for worldly & bodily pleasures not also be our greatest downfall & final great millstone around our necks! You have wanted us to have pleasure in our vessels as much as you want honour from us, but not for us to seek after it for our sakes. Our desire to please you must overcome all other desires to calculate what we are willing to do for you. Our works should be merely expressions of our love for you Father, & our praises to you should be in proportion to the great things you've done for us. But oh Lord! Your greatest kindness has done nothing for me, but made me to suffer conviction of greater & sorer levels of sin: seeing how weak my love is for you by my feeble works, & how little I've esteemed your responses & rescues & favours for me, by my almost complete lack as well as belligerent refusal to praise you. Peter weighed in himself which is worse: your being with me, so that I can trample you underfoot & try to make you my servant, or to just say outright, "Lord, depart from me for I am a sinful man!" Your bellows have been burned & the lead consumed by your Holy Ghost fire, but I'm still as if inseparable from sin, as much as reprobate silver! I have so little gratitude to you, & yet I dare to make religion my job. Every life situation I'm in is stagnant because there is so little force of your power working in me! I continue making my sinful nature my excuse for having so little progress in you: when the whole point of knowing Jesus was to save me from my sins. What will become of me? It is manifest even for the best of us, our finest works are of filthy rags, & must therefore need your imputation of perfection upon it. But my works have come no where near those comparatively glorious filthy rags wrought by your most worthy saints! How have dared think I have hope of eternal life to defend & any degree of urgency to preserve my thoughts in text? If you made anything of me, it would be like reversing the decay of the most horrible compost, which only your power knows how to do. Lord Jesus lift up your voice like a trumpet & show me my sins, shaking me to the foundation thereof._________《●><●><■><☆》Satan's temporal salvation has been my only salvation most of my life: which relied more on having an anointing than knowing Jesus & being convicted of my great sins of being loveless towards my own parents & fellow citizens. All the more did I fail to love my fellow professors of Jesus Christ! I was so unholy & unworthy of Jesus Christ for my husband, it was scarcely possible to perceive me as any kind of a real bride for him!Expunge my past Lord Jesus of all it's great failures, especially of failing to connect with those who might have helped me in some way in my purpose of God, to share & preach the true gospel. I have fallen more times than even a truly righteous person should be allowed by you to get up from! They say there is some equivalent of 365 times which amounts to "fear not" in the entire Holy Bible, yet how timid I have remained, while I did not know it meant I was headed for the lake of fire. Your holy word Lord, is sharper than any samari sword, yet I have let my unclean flesh tell me it was not mine to train with & pursue to be expert in it.Take out what doesn't belong in me after applying all your promises to me. Make the broken bones of my violated faith healed, stronger than before, when I was chosen in Christ. Rededicate me to you Father & may you inhabit our praises. Cleansing our communion with Jesus & each other. Cleanse our blood & let not Jesus's blood serve only to give us greater grace to sin more greatly with.


_{}{}{}{}[][][][][ Let your train of grace fill our temple as one body in Jesus as your church, & let it not be weighted down by our great unworthiness & many great sins. AMOS2:13. Bless the flags of all nations with very powerfully able grace, as the anointed cloths, ACTS19:11-12, taken from the very body of the Messiah: Yeshua who is our salvation. PSALM 91:16. Make us to "live together with his dead (though risen) body," knowing the power of his resurrection & fellowship of his sufferings. As we're buried with Jesus in baptism, make us, though dead in trespasses & sins, spring to life; --- as the dead man who touched Elisha's bones, 2KINGS13:21, as we BY OUR FAITH touch Jesus's faith by touching the hem of his flag which covered him in the tomb, which is our national flags of all nations, let the hemorrhage of our wasted life that you pour into us be instead used to do your work. Make our dealings as both nations & individuals with other countries or peoples be fraught with great merciful tenderness & kindnesses, which your presence multiplies in us. Let it not be said we ever said an unkind or harshly said word, though good otherwise, or did the slightest move to anyone not fully filled with an overabundance of all your fullest spectrum of attributes, gifts & mercies. Let us know our Godhead the Holy Spirit & seek his deep things as you Father seek your deep things. Let us cleave to our husband Jesus, owning his body: as his body is given to the church & we must in turn give him our bodies. 1COR7:4. But we won't fully own his bodily & soul sacrifice, (in all functionality to heal & bless the world,) until we fully give him our “living sacrifice.”_37______ ¶¶¶ Make Jesus, Father Jehovah, stretch out upon me as I lay dead in sin, putting his mouth on mine, hands on mine, feet on his feet, nailing himself to me in marriage, as I am the cross which he the carpenter fashioned in his prayers; making me sneeze 7 times to expel all sin; 2KINGS4:35, & thereby obtain your ALMIGHTY BLESSINGS, JEHOVAH. Though it were possible to be utterly sinless in all areas & ways with a perfection ONLY YOUR PURE & METICULOUS EYES JEHOVAH can certify as complete & accurate, but without the RECONCILING BLOOD Jesus shed for us, which is your most merciful & one & only presence, I would be eternally lost, which not only cleanses but gives me life. You Father are the life in my blood, which gives value to my life, & supplies me with a quality of life through the respect your guardian angels have afforded to my life, though I am unworthy of it. Make me & all your people ambassadors of your loving intent only & not of satan's meddling with our holy doctrines. Just as you give gifts to all men, make me a vessel through which you dispense those gifts._38______ ¶¶¶¶¶ Your son Jesus, Father, which I pray you draw me unto, is that "coats of skin" which you made for Adam & Eve with your own hands, denoting the sacrifice of your son for their sins which satan deceived them into. With your son's body & shed blood, which no longer remained in him after he rose, (telling Thomas to take no thought for his wound for fear of breaking it, but to thrust in his hand) was, along with his humanity, entirely given unto us for not only the remission, (reversing) of our sins, but the reuniting of our souls unto you: which souls, while still in word form, you chose in Christ from before the foundation of the world. Also therefore restore unto us our joy, & all you saw us to be, when we, though not yet sentient, were known by you as though we existed already in flesh & blood. To pray “restore to me the joy of your salvation” would be an impossible & fruitless request, if we did not already have these things, while we were yet only in word form.39————— Then upon becoming a living soul in this world whose prince of the power of the air, is the devil, I was under necessity of being "elect," i.e. rescued from satan's clutches who opens not any prison door, especially to your own heaven itself: & unlike Jesus, who “in no wise casts out,” would refuse any coming to him to let them into heaven! But before satan sinned, we were all elect & destined in your mind, “not willing that any should perish,” 2PETER3:9, for eternal glory. Now satan decides, except for your interception, Father, what is considered "inspired" & so writes the canon standard for all Christian authors, & blasphemes your breath Father, by himself having a counterfeit divine-like breath: even as the sorcerers of Egypt also had rods that turned to serpents, but Moses's rod swallowed up theirs._40______<><><><><>So now Jesus your only genetic son, while upon the cross, & nailed, i.e. married to us his church, declared, "I'm a maggot & no man," & so swallowed up all death for us, by his victorious death: which prunes us in every area & form of our gardens in order to bring forth more fruit thereby. JOHN15:2. Instigate your relationship with me Father, walking with me as with Enoch so you may "take me" & extrude yourself unto me, being with me where I am. Do not let us get caught in satan's baggage trap, which digs deep into our ankle as with long spikes & will not let us go. But graciously help us to prepare every area of possessions, for either keeping, giving away or deleting. Give us wisdom to know how short our time is, & how cunning our enemy is.__41_____<><><><><>Make your immutable blessings rain & shine & sound down upon us continually making rivers in all our veins, vents, gutters & troughs; relaying all the occurrences & beauties in your heavenly arena, as you promised that the whole earth is filled with your glory. By this same authority give gifts to all men, & an ample portion in you God our Father as that kingdom & righteousness we must first seek, then add to us a generous worldly inheritance in this planet we call earth: upon which you reserved in this wilderness like universe, for your stage of where your son Jesus was crucified, & which is, according to your word, the only humanly inhabited planet in the universe: though there's no doubt that there's evidence for life in general that is below that of "human" meaning "in God's image."

__42_____<><><><><>The method of knowing this may be overly simplistic, (after the blessed style of Holy scriptures,) however it is sufficient to deduce from it the following facts. That after you created Adam & Eve simultaneously, GEN1:26, along with filling the whole universe with "hosts," GEN2:1, there was not yet a man to till the ground, (showing GEN1 to be entirely a word creation, or "blueprint,") upon which you then proceeded to create mankind, starting only with Adam, solely upon this planet, not only in WORD but deed & actuality. Paul says that "you call those things which be not as though they are," which has also confounded our enemy satan who chose not to believe your words, as the God who CANNOT LIE.

—43————- This could explain why all the other planets we see seem so horrifying & desolate & downright inhospitable, & the "aliens" & UFOS we see seem so inhuman & godless, because they're demons transforming themselves to appear to be from this universe, along with their technology, & appear unlike us: whose single thread of characteristics is that we're made in your image, & so display a distinct beauty & power of attraction which can be even overwhelming also. Gird up the loins of our mind with your truth, training us in the way we should go, so that satan & his many helpers can have no dictation or control over us, neither influence us or distract us by any means.

__44_____<><><><><>Let us be precious in your sight, & in the esteem of your son Jesus & very beloved & fiercely fought for every moment by your Holy angels: delivering us from the teeth of that most merciless lion satan who tries to appear to be the lion of the tribe of Judah. Let us, whose bodies consist of the nutrients of this earth, have access in abundance to all this earth has to offer us, & to take & use with the exchange of that service & benefit you have given us to contribute, & done so in love to you & all creation & with perfect clearness of conscience.

__45_______ ¶¶¶¶¶¶ Make your tenderness rule the day in us, knowing that if we have any idea how much we're forgiven, we would "love much" in accordance to the ratio to which we are forgiven by you Father. But give us the "supplies" with our heart capacity that you worked in us; so that if we now have a giant OVERWHELMING heart tendency to LOVE MUCH, we will have the power, insight & angelic backing (of more with us than those in the world) in order to also EXPRESS our love. Don't let us throw the baby out with the bathwater by failing to love your image in our humanity by our insensitive pharisaical zeal, as our method to supposedly rid ourselves of all filthiness of flesh & to express condemnation for all moral birth defects; because faith in order to please you requires precision, not casting out your image in our process of restraining our human appetites.

—46———— But seeing how we're all shaped in iniquity, but in various aspects, give us just & righteous balances in all our judgments & a gentle & sound love for your image, Father Jehovah, as the governing guideline on how we interact with all thoughts, desires, actions, & affections to all humanity in general. Since all interaction with either humans or creation in general is mediated through our own private souls, minds, senses & understandings, there is no "direct" mingling with anyone or anything as if we were but stones or sands on a seashore, except in our actual assigned dealings with those to whom we contribute.

__47_____<><><><><>But Father Jehovah, though you say we will be owners of the sins with those whom we choose to associate with in the Lord's Supper, Jesus said that the wheat & tares must grow together; since oftentimes there is no way to see the "invisible church," or separate oneself from a deeply entwined relationship. However Jesus did say that he would send a sword of separation which discerns (& reveals) the thoughts & intents of the hearts of each other, (even himself fighting against them by the sword of his mouth,) potentially even to the discernment of ourselves.

__48____ ¶¶¶¶¶ Once we're in your church & going no more out, let your light be so definitive in showing us the heart level intents & thoughts of each other, with such a force of final judgment by you, Father, as to the direction our lives are & should be headed, that only appropriate & proper relationships of any kind can continue onwards. Forgive our past contracts with unadvised marriage if there's no way you can make it mutually beneficial for your purposes. Though divorce be a sin you especially despise & loathe, let it be the only way if the situation is beyond your means of sanctification of it. Our wounds stink are corrupt because of our foolishness, & Jesus said that sometimes it's better to lose a bodily member & to even outright cut it off, than to lose eternal life which would be a worse divorce: of Jesus our husband. Let us do everything as lead by you, making all our prophesies & inclinations correct; since it was for lack of waiting upon you, & lack of self affliction through fasting & direct prayer to you face to face, that we went astray.

—49 ———- Cancel all of satan's false prophecies & curses I got stuck with, when I lived in his briar patch, many of which I have already fulfilled due to my drunken lack of sobriety of mind, but do not let me fulfill his last one that 'I'm going to hell regardless of what I do & end up thrown into the lake of fire with him!' Many "self- righteous" people seem to think if they can successfully condemn & confound me, it will assure them their place in your eternal kingdom. But Father, I know that no form of unrighteousness will ever have anything but eternal fire for it's reward. But let the prophesies made upon me at the time I was ministered to with tongues & laying on of the right hand by a minister you originally called & anointed to set up the continuation of the church of ACTS be fulfilled, telling me how I would help so many people. Make only your righteousness in us MANIFESTLY SO the only source of reward in the life to come; by sending your Holy Spirit to convict the world of any & all sin.

__50 ______ ¶¶¶ Knowing it's not for lack of power from you & lack of your son's body & blood in his Supper that we lack ability to work miracles & manifest your consuming fire of divine love through us, but lack of being that kind of angelic being which can take & utilize your powers & benefits; we pray to become made more perfectly like your son who is so adapted to your presence, he alone can stand in your presence "by his own blood," i.e. without a mediator. We need to be that right kind of appliance, which though might even have "a little strength," can nevertheless do great deeds & perform many feats of a divine nature, because we "kept the word of Jesus's patience." Then as we gather inevitably even more power in a steady marathon type receiving, we will no doubt have works done through us "greater than our first works.”

—51—— ¶¶¶¶ Perhaps our new creature self can be fitted with the equivalent of a solar panel over us to capture all the light from your face, & prayer turbines moving in our souls to help charge our spirit's batteries, while we are about doing our daily tasks you give us to do, with your "mercies new every morning;" so that while we're waiting to find time & place for private personal seeking of your face & plugging into your HOLY BIBLE, we will not get low on the virtue which constantly flows out of us with every person on earth accessing our anointing, as the woman with the issue of blood who touched the hem of Jesus's garment, accessed his anointing by her faith, (though Jesus had no carnal knowledge of it,) & so caused virtue (DUNAMIS) to flow out of him. LUKE6:19, & 8:46, How many access my particular ministry by FAITH ONLY before they have any knowledge of me or I of them, only you know Father God, but it necessitates that I remain filled with your Holy Spirit, Father as much as possible!

__52______ ¶¶¶¶ There’s a fine line between love of money & love of the evangelical & humanitarian benefits of money. How can we have the "plenti-cost" of Pentecost, without the necessity of money coming as simultaneously as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Please Father, deliver me from the greatest curse of all: that of suffering the limitation of proving what my heart intention is, by having the money to put where my mouth is! Though money has proven a curse to many, (because the user of that money had no desire to bless God's people he created with it,) it has come with the benefit of warning all people observing that person's curse, what kind of heart they have, to use their money so willfully in wicked selfishness.

—53————- ¶¶¶¶ But for me, if my intention is true, to use it only for the good, it could even be the cause of separation from any wicked hearted persons presently using me for monetary gain, because my present income is too small to merely move out, & if they're legally entitled to any monetary compensation, to then get their money sent to them instead. What limitations I've suffered, Father, due to lack of money: which has, in this board game of life, where only the "cards of money" can move you along, has forced me to securely remain! It has no doubt been the reasons for introversion as well as all manner of crippling effects comparable to, as if, I were suffering things such as foot binding or hunchback due to being locked in a small box my whole life. Lord, what would it be like if I could but have the money to let my true intentions breathe & prove themselves to all the world?

__54_______ ○●○● But who can know or calculate the effects we have on others or the perceptions othere have of us individually? However it's interesting to note how you Father make up for any deficits in the performance of our duties towards you: for Jesus even told us that unless we praise you Father, the INANIMATE STONES WILL DO IT, or any void created by our negligence in it will be filled up by them: i.e. meaning the unfeeling self coddling, narcissist righteousness of pharisical religious persons, who perform "forms of godliness" & have a power thereof but see their lack of reasoning & gentleness as a sign of sheer holiness. How Father can this written prayer ever be completed with so many endless major ways sinners deceive themselves? But that's IF you see fit to anoint all these writings in a manner that captivates persons who have no drive or motivation or find any reason to diligently study such text as the HOLY BIBLE or dissertation regarding it.

55•••••••••¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ We admire Jesus Christ with infinite adoration for being the reason for any true life in our blood, which alone is you OUR FATHER who only are holy. LEV17:11. Let not his anointing be dormant according to our senses & observations, but make your faith mingle with our dead & dry faith to resurrect these "dry bones," EZ37:4, & make them come together with flesh & sinews of your love upon them, by which they may "work," GAL5:6, as making each of us (combined with your son) "one new man" EPH2:15, as saved by the sacrifice of your only genetic son. JOHN3:16. Let your son's shroud as the flag of your one holy nation the church, be lifted high up as representing your risen son Jesus to draw all men unto him. Make him to be for us the serpent lifted up in the wilderness, JOHN3:14, whose feet are now like fine brass, that all who look upon him may be healed of the blood sucking bites of satan. NUMBERS 21: 8-9. May Jesus's wounds, i.e. his "STRIPES" be upon each flag, ISAIAH 53:5, flowing with the blood & water from his side after it was lanced: JOHN 19:34, to heal us from all sin, & to make us as his churches to bear in our body his marks as his name & identity. GAL6:17. ISAIAH 4:1.

56••••••••○●¶¶¶¶¶¶ Let Christ, THE BRIGHT MORNING STAR, be in us as our hope of glory: that though Jesus is risen, making the sky blue, we will now be morning stars whose brightness & glory, as his bride, will not suffer to appear dim in any degree or manner, as overpowered by the "sun of righteousness with healing in his wings." Let his blood be as fuller's soap, as his now glorified feet, powered by your Almighty blood, stamp out every impurity in us, as in his wine press, "cleansing our blood which you have not cleansed," for you dwell in Zion, meaning "parched ground," i.e. our souls. Let Jesus, as the hyssop plant arise out of us, to make us to be as a medicine to all people: making your house a house of prayer for all people of all nations.

57 ¤¤¤¤¤ ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ Rebuke, bind & cast out satan with other multitude of devouring, sifting & processing demons & willing servants, who steal our faith, hope, love, all 9 fruits of the Spirit, leading us astray, posing as all manner of pandering decoys. Transition us into that soon time of our 1000 year sabbath of rest from the devil & all his influences, preparing us to beat our swords into plowshares, & seeing a blessed & welcome change in the temperament of all creatures to lay down together & live in perfect peace as the lion with the Lamb. Let it be that where your Holy Spirit is, there is also liberty, & a protection upon our children from satan, who as in the case of our Lord, (at the time of his birth) desires to devour them as soon as they are born; & if not physically, then in all manner of morals by degenerating us spiritually at a rapid pace, where nothing is ever made new. Let none of us be barren either of children, our proper gifts or talents, or in having time to repent & place in which to develop in it: where we may most beneficially focus upon you, JEHOVAH. Let not one drop of your precious latter rain be filtered through the devil, because we lacked diligence to stay in your word & to vigilantly be transformed by the renewal of our minds, but make us to love the engrafted word which is able to save our souls, & therefore deliver us from all strong or weak delusions of any kind.

58 __<<<<>>>> Save us from the subtlety of the devil's wiles, which are often more dangerous than the delusions which provoke & prompt our immediate fighting & struggling & resisting. Let us be jealous for our own souls, not enduring any manner of debris from sin that you can possibly remove & cleanse us from. Be with us in our many times of sharp & overbearing guilt, & selfishly minded regrets: because I didn't love myself smartly enough, because my mind was so cluttered with non essential images, thoughts, memories & imaginations, & as a sign to teach me of my condition (which I missed entirely) my life was littered & weighted down with too much useless baggage & luggage which I didn't even use or organize!

59______¶¶_You alone Father in your Son Jesus can mitigate the condemnation we have contracted, & in so doing prepare for us true innocence for that final day in these bodies contaminated with sin, when satan will surely try, if he's allowed, to attack us for our past sins one last time to try & "cash in" on his "investment" in us. Satan's rage against your grace, Father, for saving us by grace & threatening his pharisical righteousness is very great, but he doesn't usually outright show it unless he's in some desperation to "reach & win" us, but rather lurks about like a cunning lion studying how he might devour us. Deliver us from this greatest evil of falling victim & prey to the devil's subtly!

60_______< Let me obtain a good report regarding my life, as one who goes out of his way to help as many as possible, with no sacrifice too big to offer up to you Father in the name of Jesus. That if I can even theoretically get a bigger anointing wherewith to heal people by some means, I will certainly try it though it be enormously sacrificial & difficult. Let it not be said, by accusers or watchers & holy ones, that people died or went on diseased & suffering because I would not fast extensively & purely enough or have a selfless diligence, seeking God with all my might & opportunity: ever living like my risen savior to make intercession for all the world. Surely if I will be like him if I see him as he is, I will pray & speak like him if I hear his voice of many waters as it truly sounds.

61____________¶¶¶¶¶& if understand his message I will likewise be able to persuade sinners of their need to turn to you JEHOVAH THE ONE TRUE GOD. If I have Jesus's compassion in me I too will be moved to heal them by his divine power flowing out of me like virtue, which I need to replenish everyday in prayer. Though I can never come close to the greatness of my Lord & master Jesus, who is the standard by which I'm judged in this life to escape eternal judgment, let my heart be compatible with Jesus & compliment his exclusive qualities as your only genetic son. Let it be said that I was begotten again unto a lively hope by Jesus's prayer, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

■62□■□■□¶¶¶¶¶ Keep me strong in reciting such Covenant prayers as "prayer for Christian graces" found in the book "admonition to unconverted sinners by Joseph Alleine, so that you Father God Jehovah will always fight my battles, & I can therefore have the luxury to show Christian charity to all people. When I feel the hatred & rage of satan through sinners, in places where it's most obvious, such as while driving on the road, let me advertise my website without making myself look like just a common & unclean sinner. It's interesting to note that when sinners are anonymous behind the wheel covered in armor, the thoughts & intents of their hearts are most easily felt: because our hypocrisy usually keeps us from revealing our true hearts.

63______¶¶¶¶ But armor doesn't allow the customization we need in order to cover up what blares out from within. Our flesh muffles anything within, including guilt & hatred & our unconverted nature; therefore to stay practiced in fasting & freeform prayer on our knees is highly crucial to our final eternal state of being with you Father in heaven! Save us from that most treacherous deceit of omitting anything that we need to "grow thereby" as desiring your pure milk of holy scriptures. Let me not cower in the bunkers of my prayer closet, but be prepared to be awarded openly as having been ordained from on high with the manifest credentials that bind satan, casts out devils, heals the sick, raises the dead & convicts unrepentant sinners with true enlightenment from above.

_64__–––¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ Let me not be so dainty in spreading your HOLY WORD of what you're saying to the churches, that I become susceptible to a false outpouring of your presence, which is from the mouth of satan, blending like a chameleon with your real presence. Let the real toes I don't want to step on be the "apocalypse of the sons of God," & let our "playing nice" be that of your general love feast agape Almighty love is you show yourself in us & guide our words & actions very spontaneously. Let us not be subservient to the false pastoral spirit of the devil; who never watches over souls or labors in the word, yet threatens us we still submit to them & esteem them highly in love, & requires a strict adherence to their doctrinal impositions upon our preaching which we challenge in our hearts for not lining up with scriptures.

65_______ ¶¶¶¶ Don’t let the bitterness of my belly in prophesying before all kings, etc, overshadow the sweetness of your word in my mouth. Surely Jesus, when they knew he would stone him, (which is satan's merciless form of judgment from his own accusations,) Jesus's love for the word (which is his own substance) made it to him like sweet hidden manna, which he called meat, made him encouraged to preach in the temples, that "these scriptures are now fulfilled in your ears." But when satan loses your presence Father, his eternal stoning will be with fire & brimstone. Thank you Father God that satan cannot shut up the singing birds who rejoice in the light of Jesus's face.

66¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ∆∆∆∆Make me to be a flame of that refining fire Jesus is for us & a pupil of his eye which is as a flame of fire. Make your word shut up in my heart, so I'm weary with holding back your love from the world, & shut up in my faith so I'm weary with forbearing to preach your truth to all nations. Make your power like a vortex of endless energy which is empowered from the grid of heaven, & capable of exactly what you are Father as your image walking on this earth during this endtime Exodus from Babylon. Make all the inventions which have been made, all be accounted for & fully implemented to wipe out all national debt many times over, & no longer let us borrow our money from anyone especially illuminati magnates but let all our money as a nation actually belong to us fully, & lend but not borrow, making us the head but not the tail.

67_______¶¶¶¶ Bind satan the strongman of all nations so we may plunder hell itself with the true gospel of your kingdom Father with your heart & soul. Make your healing energy in the hands of your people change the world paradigm from the kingdom of darkness to light. Make our vision truly a saving sight of all the major points necessary to be in place in order to save souls: not suffering it to be enough to lead them to the altar only but to go the extra mile out of our way to also lead them to a change of life & quickening of their mortal bodies.

68○∆●∆○∆●∆○∆● ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ Grant that being enlisted in your "army of the Lord" may carry with it the same or even more honor, (seeing our general JESUS is so much greater,) as being a soldier in any government army of the world. Though you promise to fight our battles, (with a vast array of great & precious promises) none of your promises, though done by you as promised, are predictable enough to afford us a full ability to predict EXACTLY what you will do & if you will also require us (in a great way) to suffer & die for your glory & namesake "as in the line of our duty as your soldiers." Let us have the same or greater surrender to our own needs, (with great discipline "enduring hardness") as any worldly soldier must have, so that there will be no manner of surrender to our enemy the devil.

69○∆●∆○∆●∆○∆● ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ Also because we carry the Holy Spirit from on high in us, who has convinced us of all sin, let our weapons of warfare be not carnal, but in pulling down the strongholds of all spiritual wickedness in high places, let this same Holy Spirit in us be therefore the standard authority over all people, including worldly soldiers who were (in so many spoken or unspoken implications) falsely promised eternal life by their superiors if they but die for their country. Religion is a human need, but Father God, we need to have it in a way that channels all our lusts, desires, attention & thoughts upwards to you, for you to have first & perpetually foremost intercourse with us. It is proper to honor your image even when we no longer have life in our bodies.

70_________ ¶¶¶¶¶¶ It was the devil’s most final “signature” of his wickedness to wish to not give Jesus, (or any of us) a proper or wealthy burial, & to send demons to inhabit cemeteries to desecrate them with evil & sin from below, now that the souls which were in those bodies can no longer sin here on earth. It is a sign of the greatest evil to not allow a carcass proper burial garments, as satan did regarding the BURIAL CLOTHES of Jesus, & apparently had sway over the apostles on some high level as “spiritual wickedness in high places,” as Paul the final & most insightful of the 12 apostles noticed as occurring in the ranks of the church. This satanic influence satan had, in his ability to blend in if he was not duly & diligently weeded out before he could take deep root, & multiply with his other weeds the fallen angels, was shown in the tendency of John to worship angels, & what seemed to also be a heart in him that was yet not sanctified enough to no longer “delight in iniquity.”

71________¶¶ So when John saw the great whore, (the devil in sheep’s clothing,) drunken with the blood of the saints & martyrs of Jesus, he could be surmised that he “delighted in that iniquity,” as he wondered with great admiration. This was shown to be what it sounded like, because the angel then rebuked him saying, “wherefore did you marvel?” John worships an angel twice in plain terms in REVELATION. Once while calling an elder “Sir” which means “Lord,” (while this is best to be respectable,) it can be wondered WHY he used “Lord,” which is not common for us to call everyone Lord, while we do often with the word Sir, we don’t traditionally understand it to mean Lord. This is like taking a “blood sample” of the church, because the church is fed through the heads God appointed over it, so it’s no wonder that the church devolved so quickly in making Mother Mary equivalent to Jesus, & Jesus equivalent to YOURSELF THE ONE TRUE GOD.

72________ ∆∆∆∆¶∆∆∆¶∆ Jesus wouldn’t even allow himself to be called “good” when he perceived a deeper & more sinister reason for it, saying to the man who asked what he must do to inherit eternal life, “WHY do you call me good? There is only ONE GOOD, that is God.” Later it was proven, like any canonical hypocrite who wants to imagine Jesus never had a beginning (& therefore can’t be begotten in any sense,) that he was extremely shallow & worldly in his standards of holiness, because when Jesus told him to sell all he owned & give to the poor in exchange for eternal life, he rather than doing so, went away sad. Then no doubt “laid down in sorrow.” Adherers to canon law which is the pillar that holds up the Roman Catholic church, are usually very carnal in their standards of what is considered by them as “holiness,” & their supposed salvation was gotten very easily & their transformation was very quick, & their gifts were most probably through the devil, because satan is always there whenever we do good, “evil is present with us.”

_73_______¶¶¶ But hypocrites are not wary of the devil, lest they will need to feel pricked & prodded by Jesus riding them with his spurs, to cast out & bind that strong man, so they can pillage the house of God for the true riches of eternal life. This is why Jehovah that You need to deliver us from evil: not because you lead us into it, but that unless you become our escort to your throne, satan is the gatekeeper to heaven for all sinners, & whose pharisaical anointing you rebuked in Peter saying by Jesus, “get behind me satan,” is more believable to sinners than the true glory from on high! And the anointing satan gives usually requires little to no maintenance in prayer, or seeking YOUR FACE JEHOVAH, as if instead of needing to go to the gym in order to avoid contracture of our bodies & all manner of sick tiredness, we were given artificial muscles & a drug high for energy: & it says in the end of REV18 satan deceives the world through pharmaceutical means, translated as the word “sorcery.”

_74_________ ¶¶ But we know, of course, Jehovah, that if it were so easy to equalize or substitute the need for you sending Jesus to the cross, when all you would have had to do is keep wars going perpetually, (or abort babies who are all claimed to be saved) & keeping soldiers dying for their own particular side, in order to be saved, then that would mean your only genetic son is hardly more than an ordinary person & not "worth more than the world," (as the soul of all common sinners are, Jesus said,) but not even as valuable as expensive merchandise: not even equaling our land, property or people! How have we in our governments devalued Jesus; but it was the job of the CHURCHES to teach us the true BIBLICAL explanation of all pertaining to Jesus.

_75____¶¶¶¶¶ But we have taken OUR HOPE for getting salvation as the standard of if we are "OK" or not, but if that were ever taken away, without satan blurring our true vision of it's fullest implications, then no one could ever answer again "I'm OK," & we would need super added demonic delusions (& drug like delights) allowing us to deny that truth of our lost state of being, just to have the courage to do anything. Who would be willing to die for anyone or a whole country if they knew the moment they did, it would land them in the midst of unquenchable fire & fear of what is coming soon to worsen it? What a terrible thing it is to lose one's hope of eternal salvation! This the third of the Holy angels lost the moment satan cast them out of heaven, (though they remained there to pull strings to control our life on earth,) & they suffer the constant torment of most acutely perceiving the full meaning of their lost condition.

76∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_ This makes their jealousy against us humans, who you seem to hardly EVER place in a hopeless category, enormously fierce & out of control with malice & desperation to drag us to hell with them! Satan even has enough power apparently to allow people to experience his strong delusion even after death, if satan knows they are coming back, as in “near death experiences,” & can even give his false prophets & prophetesses false tours of heaven & hell, & all manner of erroneous information, from all appearances, what seems to be coming straight from you Father! This anointing satan has that “covers,” has corrupted the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, forcing you, since you didn’t desire sin to enter the world or universe, to create a new universe & planets. The deceptions of the devil are never taken away, even if a person enters hell, (if they were saved they would have ALREADY BEEN ENLIGHTENED,) unless he is sure that person has NO MORE HOPE NO MATTER HOW ASTRONOMICAL THOSE ARE OF COMING TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH!

77___________ Then as soon as satan sees there’s no more hope, he pulls the plug on their connection to his “fatherly anointing,” (as he is the father of sinners,) & then enjoys their terrible unimaginable sufferings in hell after that. This enemy we have is so insidious & shameless & will stop at NOTHING he's allowed by you Father to do, if your leash on him can somehow allow him to reach that far into our lives, to like a crazed serial killer, attack us viciously. It is therefore the greatest foolishness not to stay close to you in prayer JEHOVAH, when we have this lunatic devil desperate for his next “meal” in dragging one more sinner to hellfire. The hallmark of all angelic manifestations coming from Babylon, whether in seeing an angel unawares, or when experiencing a move of God in one of their churches, is that there is no true manifestation of the doctrine of Holy scriptures in explaining the true identity of Jesus as begotten, unless in rhetoric only, (because it’s hard to deny since those words are in the Bible,) & there is no divine inspiration in their “thoughts & intents” as it would be; because all true prophets & apostles never agreed divine inspiration would end.

78_______<><><><><>Paul warned us that grievous wolves would come to end that method of God’s communication as soon as he “departed,” & Moses said, “Numbers 11:29 And Moses said unto him, Enviest thou for my sake? would God that all the LORD'S people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them!” There is no “exclusiveness” in the hearts of any of God’s true people to be the “only ones” of that power & enlightenment, (as in cults) & God swears & will not repent you are all, who are saved, priests after the order of Melchisedec. Divine letter writing though obviously in varying levels of importance, should have been the order of the day in every true believer’s life from Paul until now! Paul would have said the same as Moses: “I would all God’s people had my same propensity to write inspired letters.”

79 <>0■□■□■□ ________ But what good would our prayers do if though you received them, you did so in the same way you are affected by our sins against you? But it is by grace we're saved, & therefore by which you recieve our prayers & our "reasoning together with you." ISAIAH 1:18. But do not let us cheapen your saving grace by thinking we need to make it abound by sin, & explore our options by disobeying your gospel image. If you but count our sins as willful, as done without your laying them to the charge of your son, & wholly originating in ourselves, we will be as with no mediator between us & you Father, who ever lives to make intercession for us. You have most mercifully called our sins as that which is done in ignorance & unbelief, & found a ransom for us, & afforded us a kind report to make in order to excuse us.

_80______<><><><><>You have delighted in mercy, as being all love & no hate: who had nothing to do with the sin of satan, (for iniquity was found in him, not you,) but you were blamed for it, because your great almighty intelligence found a way to know all sin before it ever happened, as seeing the end from the beginning. We think how can you possibly know what anyone will do unless you were the one causing it? But you didn't cause Halal to sin, but SIMPLY KNEW HE WOULD; & knew exactly what the remedy would have to be, i.e. crucifying the LOGOS even before he was made flesh.

_81______<><><><><>This was therefore the ingredients in the last Supper by which Jesus could say, this IS my body broken for you, & this IS my blood, (my Father) shed for you. As soon as he partook of it, the DNA of the WORD that became crucified then began taking effect & gripping him to his most inner soul, he said, "my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death." He then in a feeling of unimaginable desperation asked his disciples to watch & but one hour with him. But then all felt the sorrow too, but did not bear up under it as well as Jesus but slept for sorrow.

__82_____<><><><><>Though you choose OUR delusions, (after the fact Halal sinned,) it's not for the reason satan seeks to delude us: as with "anything that sticks," to bring us under him, as cult leaders do. But it is more like telling the stormy waves, "come here but no further:" because we would destroy ourselves otherwise. If you did not plan our lives & supply the grace we need, & know all our goings & doings, we would pine away as those in hell for lack of your presence. You haven't allowed satan to cast us to hell as you allowed him to do to a third of the original holy angels. If those angels were already fallen when satan cast them out, why did satan NEED to cast them out, since they were busy messing things up? But this casting out was to "condition" of being "earthly," not to the place of earth except as having access to us here. Later satan & his angels were cast out of heaven, I presume at the death of Jesus, seeing in LUKE 22:43 the ministerial angels were very busy behind the scenes pulling strings for Jesus to banish satan forever from any kind or degree of salvation.

_83______<><><><><>Your choosing how you will let us sin, because we're so desperately wicked we MUST VENT OUR EVIL NATURE SOMEHOW, is a mercy not a curse. You Father have encompassed our whole life as with a shield, & used our sins to drive us to repentance; or they would instead be our cause of eternal suffering. But satan has no shame when it comes to deceiving us, but we have passively asked for it by our omission of seeking or caring about truth, & even want the great supernatural hypocrite to put on a stage play for us with his cast of demons to play all manner of characters. What a terrible torment it will be on judgment day, for those who UTTERLY WASTED their lives watching satan's mesmerizing theatre called "TV," being whittled away into a soul atrophy, because there was neither benefit nor application in anything they watched!!

_84______<><><><><>We couldn't possibly believe satan could cast out his own devils, as Jesus said, "or his kingdom would be divided;" but to pretend to do all manner of such things boosts & strengthens his kingdom in the world, if our relationship with you is so superficial & works righteous, that we prefer satan's delusions though we consider it to be genuinely at face value whatever it presents itself as. Satan needs our ratings or his song & dance as the great whore earns him nothing: but he doesn't need us to know it's him, just as long as the outcome of our damnation remains the same. Satan even prefers our honest deception, because he feels more like he stole us from YOU FATHER: who would have otherwise come unto you for salvation. However he knows those who willingly "worship the naked dragon," as wearing no manner of religious garb, deserve whatever is coming to them more than those who think satan's presence is a very move of God.

_85______<><><><><>But I wonder how many think that hypocrisy could be on a demonic level, & not merely a man made shallow work of self conceit? Who could imagine that demons could put on a stage play in the world, in & around us, & pass for REAL HOLY ANGELS, all because we lost our "touchstone" by which we could measure & determine whether something spiritual is what it really presents itself to be? And perhaps we lost that touchstone BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT IT! I know that touchy subjects must be handled, even with all our might in this life, since when it's night, no man can work, & there is no more opportunity in the grave. ECC. 9:10-11. Once we see our punishment for having slighted you Father, as he who must be first in every facet of our being, we will see the annoyance of handling forbidden topics, because they convict us of sin & stir us up, as a very pleasant thing by comparison.

__86_____<><><><><> If we are document destroyers such as all forgetters of past sins (for which reason God remembers our sins) we will have no offering of confession in the sight of God, or true light shining in us lighting our path. It is only through diligent documentation of all past sins that we can "forget what's behind" in a manner that's divinely condoned, --- whereby our sinful nature & all it's degeneracies may be healed in the wounds of your son: whose body & blood in his Supper is our new material by which we are made new creatures. Father, we can only grow in his grace & knowledge of your son by which we're justified, if confess our sins one to another, so that we can also pray one for another to be healed. Who ever heard of an outstanding sickness being healed which had no outward acknowledgment of it's existence? Jesus would often interchange sickness with sin, telling the sick man he is forgiven, & then telling those who were healed to sin no more lest a worst thing befall them.

__87_____<><><><><> Was there sickness before Halal manufactured iniquity in his heart? How many diseases lurk in the midst of hellfire: which no remedy on earth can therefore quench, ready with the locusts of REV9 to arise out of the bottomless pit, yet we gave you no thanks for keeping them from us? The greatest city on earth is just miles below our feet: which compared to where they're headed in the lake of fire, is like a picnic or party! Father, you have not yet expressed your true wrath or ability to hate upon anyone yet; even the devil still enjoys a relatively small opposition to his heart's intent in this present evil world!

__88_____<><><><><>We have cast aside your WORD THE HOLY BIBLE, & therefore taken your loving kindness & mercy as a very light, meaningless thing! Our prayers have produced very little fruit in us, when the slightest failure to love should have been glaring to any degree of self examination, & exceedingly despicable to us. We should have handled all the resources you gave us without the euphoria by which the devil steers us as the rudder of a ship, but instead we should have had great & steady sobriety of mind in all things. Now we have a trail of wasted resources of time, money & all manner of gifts & opportunities: so we smugly say, "let the Lord make up for it by his abundance of mercy.”

__89_____<><><><><>But can we accuse you of sin, because your intelligence knows no bounds or slowness? You declared Halal to be originally sinless, i.e. "perfect in all his ways, until iniquity was found in him" & your intention is that all men be saved & also come to the knowledge of the truth: can we then say that it's not true but that, no, you really do wish the majority of all sinners damned, when you have said you want all saved? Are you 2 faced or double minded? Are you love & hate? Or did hatred arise according to scriptures because you "exist" as all that can exist, & do all that Almighty power can do, & had to do; & therefore conceive through your only genetic son, (who is the word,) a being whom though you knew he would both invent & propagate sin, that you had to do what you were able to do which was not initially evil, though it would become evil by it's own cognition?

_90______<><><><><>Just the fact Father, that you exist & have all power is beyond amazing, however what things would look like if there were some power gap in your capabilities, that seems even more unlikely to be possible. What would exist if space did not exist? And though the universe were many trillions of times larger, even if we could know it's current size, what is beyond? It must be what Paul calls in 1COR15:27 "EXTERNAL," which is Greek "ektos." Someday if we end up eternally one of yours, we will seek your "deep things" with your Holy Spirit as our mothership.

__91_____<><><><><>But you are the pattern of Jesus's sacrifice who is a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief. You were crucified in your heart long before the word was ever spoken. Your gospel heart, whom David is a man after, is the prototype broken & contrite heart. You must have been in Jesus on the cross & in us your church who IS the cross, (the dry tree & ground) crucified with him, even when he thought you had forsaken him! He is the "apple," pupil of your eye satan touched when he crucified the Lord of glory, & Jesus is the prototype prophet whom you warned that we must not touch (with malice) or to do any harm unto! When Moses but smote the rock, instead of speaking to it, which rock represented Jesus Christ, because he was provoked by the nagging people, for a punishment he couldn't go into the promised land.

__92_____<><><><><>What will happen to us if instead of making the world say, "see how they love one another," we instead make all pharisee type religions exceed our most basic righteousness as we bite & devour one another: & at last miss the real promised land of eternal life!? Make me to love my neighbor as myself even my own flesh; turning my prayers for self upon the world with even greater urgency that they fulfilled. Let me never do or pray for anything I wouldn't want to boldly testify about to the whole world with joy to evangelize them with the true ways of a child of God. Help me have a constant heartbeat to your own heart Father, & steady in all my good habits & to always take my nourishment in faithfulness & my fasting fervently in ceaseless prayer: for you have said to not kill, & I need ink to print the contents of my heart to the world so I'm not found rotten.

___93____<><><><><>Father, your will must be paramount to us, not what we will! ——- For if we're not willing to do the simplest things you ask of us such as eating & drinking the most wholesome sustenance we can find & get, & to recite a simple Holy text you have afforded us through the sacrifice of your son, it is a sign our hearts are very bad indeed. If the Holy Spirit you pour into us by the washing of water by the word through the reciting of your scriptures & covenant prayers based upon it, is not our ultimate food source, then we will be laid in the balance & found wanting; because we took your holy utensils for our own sordid use. The writing on the wall by your own hand will be our final blow against us! DANIEL 5::::25 And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. 26 This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 27 TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. 28 PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

___94____<><><><><>▪︎▪︎••¤¤ If nature teaches us to be so urgent in retrieving family members of our own flesh & blood from hostage situations, how much by comparison should we see the blood of Jesus shed for the sins of the world as the common bond of all people who are of (all nations) one sinful blood: though they know not Jesus who bought them? That though they are presently for this time free from hellfire & enjoying all things by God's grace, need us to do the work of evangelism, using the sacrifice of Jesus as their ransom, in order to save them from the hydraulic like clutches of satan, who is the prince of the power of air. Satan's pneumatic hammer by which he conquers the world by the sign of the same cross which defeated him, seems more really like God's genuine word than the Holy Bible itself, because we always gravitate towards that which we have known since birth.

_95______<><><><><>All we have ever known since conception is our sinful nature, & it is only JESUS who has given us an alternative to that condition. But the dull sword which has been used needed too much self thrusting upon one's self in order for it to be effective, when the WORD states that IT IS BY PREACHING ONLY that God chooses to save us. If the words from the pulpit are not as sharp & God breathed as the very living word itself, how shall the people hear it all the way down to their darkest & most shrouded innermost souls? They will hear it only with their vainly critical fleshly ears, & decide to choose that pastor based only upon his or her ability to display charismatic & celebrity like status to wow & entertain the flesh. The greatest preachers of the Bible, like Moses & Paul were admittedly very poor in their outward appearance & Moses even asked God to choose someone else because he couldn't speak good. Paul describes himself as very weak to look upon & often trembling, yet both their documents were always very powerful & even preserved from all satanic attacks to this day.

_96______<><><><><>Paul tells us how you Father gave him a thorn in the flesh in order to highlight your grace in his life, & so he would not be exalted above any measure. How many regrets in my life are because I took paths & made decisions which seemed right at the time, but later gave me a cross to carry, & a thorn in my side as if it were a birthmark? But now this irritation in me has been the reason that Jesus the pearl of great price has been growing & developing in me, which will be revealed when this outward man of corruptible flesh, which perishes, is transformed into an eternal angelic body made like the glorified body of our blessed redeemer Jesus Christ. But if your good work of actual forgiveness, (not merely imputed forgiveness) has begun in me, then I already have an angelic body through which Jesus is able to both "know" me & manifest himself to the world through. When Jesus was asked to "show them the Father," he was able to show them you Father through his own body, which though was not yet glorified, was declared to be in heaven even as he walked upon this earth! JOHN 3:13. Lord God, heaven is omnipresent, & everywhere for us, where your son is.

_97__<><><><><>~~~~ Let me be very proud of Jesus my savior & very happy to associate myself with him in all my ways publicly & privately. Make everything I do & pray be done with all my might, including all my bodily exercises: as if I were going to fight a physical battle in a very short time with the world relying on me. Make it be my delight to lay down my life for all people as for my friends as Jesus who called his tormentors friends, & to easily travail in birth for your people who have not bowed to ba'al or any final selling out to the devil. Help me diligently apply myself to these prayers as if I weren't expecting an easy fulfillment to them. Make me a magnet for wealth & good occurrence & fortune & make it be that no good thing can be withheld from me seeing you've given me Jesus who being worth more than the universe innumerable times over, in me has all wealth orbiting him; as caught in his gravitational field.

__98_____<><><><><>Let me never have need of spoil, but to have spouse & friends who hold all things common with me, & who delight to help me in all my projects: with a spouse like prov 31. Make us oversee all things obvious to ready observation as ensamples to those who read us, & to be always ready to give answers to why we have hope within us. May this sanctify all unbelievers as children with believing parents who are being raised by our fellow servants the holy angels. But let us not grieve them for your name is in them, & will not forgive us if you do not override them to do so. Make us test every Spirit & have power to discern false & true prophets & angels without ungrounded rashness.

_99______<><><><><>When Jesus said he who sees me see you, he must have meant that you are the faith, the bones by which he was crucified: which bones were never broken neither failed, as he prayed for Peter. This love in Jesus should be the model not which we by our power to imitate pattern ourselves by, but to be so destitute in our own self esteem compared to the worthiness of our Lord, that nothing short of Jesus doing all our works in us should be good enough, even as it was for him, that nothing but you Father doing all his works in him was good enough for him! Lord help us seek you diligently so you may reward us in the most positive way!

100__<><><><><>•••¤¤¤ You were ready to forgive as well as to be accused by us who thought (because of sin sickness) that we are wiser & better than you. Let us not be like our original father the devil, or be as hopeless as he is, who thought there was no LOGOS/WORD to conform to as the standard of purity for the Holy Spirit's power.17 ¤¤¤¤¤¤ That though there is only ONE POWER (ROM13:1) namely THE HOLY SPIRIT WHICH IS WITHOUT SPOT OR BLEMISH, OR ANY SUCH THING, your power IN THE SON OF THE MORNING (STAR) ISAIAH 14:12, WHICH "HALAL" THE ANOINTED ANGEL INHERITED was then retained in him though now fallen from heaven.

__101_____<><><><><>This made him able to tell Eve she will not surely die & emboldened him as the father of sin & who then called you, our Father in heaven a liar by not believing your own words from your gospel mouth. This however, which satan apparently did not know, (for he did not have the spirit of prophecy,) was not the final state of habitation for your Holy Spirit, & that all satan or anyone had was an external view of your immediate appearance. And that only the "logos/word" who is your mouth "speaking" was in the kingdom, being alone in your bosom as your only genetic son, still yet not made flesh, (or soul or anything belonging to the flesh,) though being the beginning of your creation & brought forth in the fulness of time.

__102_____<><><><><>So until the day of pentecost came, when your son was finally glorified as the mediator of your Holy Spirit, no one had the Holy Spirit as their identity or living inside their innermost hearts. This self made ignorance in the devil, thinking himself to be wise though making himself a fool, is the throne of all deception in the whole universe: weakening every atom with deadly radiation, & slowing light down to a mere fraction of it's previous glory.

_103______<><><><><>You Father God have become the creator of evil for this short time in the process of fully destroying the works of the devil, though the initial cause of evil was not your fault or any subsequent result of it, (seeing nothing would happen after satan's sin, had you not then brought it to pass,) though the eternal suffering bound to occur in the lake of fire is also because of his works. But all you do is for the purpose that all things work together for the good of those who love you. Make your Covenant therefore be ultra precious to us: as that which you're bound as by your own blood to perform.

__104_____<><><><><>Seeing therefore this anointing satan yet has, as remaining from his original inheritance as the son of the morning star, is now yet intermingled with his universal jurisdiction, (recreating every area of the universe according to his spirit of abomination & desolation) by your not immediately removing it from him, the moment he sinned, it then subsequently got distributed to all mankind by satan casting it out of his mouth to carry us all away from your presence in it's flood.

__105_____<><><><><>This is what distracted Adam & Eve from your presence OVERWHELMING them in it's mighty torrential flood! But this necessitates that we now make a special point to get our power "from ON HIGH" through use of reciting your HOLY BIBLE as our everlasting covenant. Seeing there is the spirit of deception in the world; armed with no less than your OWN SPIRIT, (though satan's power is even now being returned back to you making him "weak as we,") we must not "believe every spirit," but try the spirits to see if they are of you or not.

_106 ______<><><><><>If our results when we pray serve only to do the work of a placebo, never doing any heavy lifting or anything worthy of your great name JEHOVAH, yet we go on & on never changing, it is a symptom of not fearing you & of having the plague of a false outpouring imitating your Spirit in us. Satan is the god of strip mining & processing everything, leaving no stone unturned or prison door unlocked, sifting us all as wheat, if Jesus does not pray for our faith to not fail us. We have the tendency to be satisfied with shallow affection which is in gesture & formality only & shows no resolution springing forth from a heart that counts others better than themselves & which restores even the worst sinners in the Spirit of meekness.

__107_____<><><><><> Our tenderness of heart is like the strength of a beginning gymnist: which is ready to quit or even break after the smallest exercise! Where is our broken & contrite heart, that is the only kind of heart you will not despise? Your Almighty love, you have told us, is what we must feast upon continually, & if we are not digesting & assimilating you in all your many untold facets of being love, we are "NOTHING!" Yet this starkest of all truths, we have conveniently passed over fully able to ignore what we even KNOW we must be in order to be saved, while vile & violent pharisical righteousness wins the day for us.

_108_<><><><><>•••••• The greatness of sin is that we use your resources to do something so evil and vile, even making you a liar and creator of evil. We instigate your power to contract with satan all while being allowed to believe him to be you & your son: because satan transformed himself into THE ANGEL OF LIGHT. We've used you for our workhorse taking advantage of your generosity, while justifying all our actions and doings because after all, it really happened when you could have stopped it. Instead of looking inwardly to examine what is happening within us, we are judging all things according to if it's ok for us, & if we made any points on the world's monetary scoreboard. If it wasn't for your grace easing our grinding & gnashing bones & teeth, we would feel only like we were in a cold outer darkness with nothing but our many regrets to keep us company.

__109_____<><><><><>We have forgotten how precious your grace is to us, because we've been spoiled by unchecked sin in us, by taking advantage for our lust's sake your many gifts you have given to us. We have not realized we are only afforded such comforts in satan's world, because we're the host part of satan's parasitic body, while others are being harvested as dispensable & serving with great pain to feed the dragon, who when he was first made without sin, was made to feed only upon your own blood, Father.

_110______<><><><><>Yet he chose to feed upon us to the cost of all our pleasure, prosperity & salvation: all while accusing us, (making a catalogue of our sins before you) which he himself is the unconfessed founder of! Help us Father, who is the ultimate controller of satan the beast of all evil beasts, to use the space & opportunity allowed us by the leash you have put upon satan, to serve you in the wilderness of our prayer closets & in studying that forbidden book the Bible: which satan has succeeded in destroying through his false canon doctrines, or else in his outright forbidding of it through satanic dictatorships.

_111______<><><><><>Satan, (originally called by the generic title, “Halal,” which means to show forth God’s light & praise,) is the anointed angel which covers, & is the son of the morning star, (ISAIAH 14:12,) though at the time of satan's creation Jesus was only the LOGOS, is therefore the next in the original hierarchy to Jesus himself! He can therefore imitate christianity & appear, by his anointing to be the presence of your only genetic son! Satan's authority cast a third of the angels out of heaven & has classified the vast majority of the world as non elect, although you have promised us an abundant entrance into your kingdom with a great multitude which no man can number saved!

_112______<><><><><>You have assured us that you take no delight in the death of sinners, & that it's therefore your will that all men (& women) be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth. Yet because of false so called "canon" doctrine, the righteous are scarcely saved, i.e. "saved with great difficulty," as if we are in a briar patch of landmines designed at any time to abort any further hope of coming unto you. You gave us PSALM 91 not merely as an easy way out for all spoiled believers who can't handle trouble & adversity, but as the only way to be victorious.

_113_<><><><><>●●□ We justify all our lack of love to do unto others as we'd have them & whom the king delights to honor would do unto us, because we thought you didn't need us to do it seeing you have all power anyways: not admitting it also means you have no need of us forever. You had need of the donkey Jesus sat upon, yet we have proven we're not even of that high of a rank by refusing your kind use of us: not realizing we're refusing employment in the most prestigious company that will ever exist.

_114______<><><><><>But when our power which we so hideously abuse is taken away, then we will have some idea of what it was like for your only genetic son to be forsaken for our sins. When Jesus suffered to be forsaken by you Father, though he prayed his whole life with strong crying & tears to have that cup of his shed blood removed. This prayer you answered by sending a ministering angel to strengthen him, & therefore gave the ministry of angels also as part of our inheritance as members of Jesus's body, flesh & bones.

_115______<><><><><>When satan is made weak as we, then the Holy Spirit will be eased of his adversary & return to you who gave him to us. You have told us that without conformity to your divine image of love & being filled with your divine loving nature we're nothing & any work not motivated & ordered from above in such love is nothing but straw & stubble to at best be burned up so we may be saved so as by fire. Yet we did not fear to waste our lives though we knew what was not done for you is against you & fit for eternal wrath as dead works whose wages are death. Jesus proved he loved you in the most tried & true way, by dying on the cross: but what have I done to prove I love you? What am I willing to do, who gravitates to the self rather than to the Almighty God!

__116_____<><><><><>Any parent of such a son as Jesus would be very careful who he thought was a fit wife for him, yet I have thought I could be unequally yoked with Jesus who bore the heat & burden of his day from the time he was born until his death. I however have fainted in every small adversity & caved into the smallest temptation. Each grief & sorrow required the sorcery of some pharmaceutical remedy, & my times of selfless seeking of your face Father, has been so few in number & so belabored as if it were a chore to praise & love you, that I have given you very little reason to reward me openly except for my shame & contempt of your heavenly court. You promised I would do greater works in healing & saving others, yet I chose to feed & glory in my belly & waste my time in sinful self entertainment, though I had the opportunity to do exploits powered by your Spirit, if I hadn't quenched him instead by purest thoughtless laziness & outright rebellion to you!

_117______<><><><><>I have spent precious little time "kneeling before the Lord my maker, & with hands reached out to you, dedicating all my lusts unto before anything else, & praying for you to be glorified in me, while quickening my mortal body with the Holy Spirit attributes you pour out upon all flesh in great abundance. Let the latter rain be greater than the former, putting to rest any idea that the end is presently upon us until these things be fulfilled. Also seeing so many unexplained prophecies such as those in REV9, must needs be done before or after the rapture or mark of the beast. But we need humility to put ourselves under your mighty hand: that hand which wrote the scriptures through your prophets.

118_<><>/<>/<>]<>¤¤¤ How has that seed in me born of you, father, which cannot sin, been grieved, pressed & strained as an ox cart under the load of so many sins I have refused for so long to put to death! Your greatest mercy is that you did not let me see & interact with the forces I was turned to but reserved me in your blessed jealousy for yourself. Yet knowing this, I have often confidently ran into danger for my soul, believing fully in my beloved status with you, as Esau saying "I will just repent," failing to realize that it's not within my power to repent or serve you in any capacity or means. You have however commanded me to test you by obeying the conditions for your great, precious promises: (for who knows if you will turn to us & repent of the great judgment you have against us?) but to test you how far your undeserved forgiveness would stretch by doing the evil, you have forbidden me to ever do it.

_119______<><><><><>Since most all sin lays in "thoughts & intentions of the heart," (because of your grace limiting the making/doing of our wicked heart intentions,) wrongful prayers carry the greatest amount of wrongful intentions & thoughts: since it's from doorway of our heart, in whatsoever state of condition we're in. Prayers without any penitence undergirding them, which is the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ, lays us open for being a "person of no understanding," ISAIAH 27:11, & to always (try to) pray in the spirit while despising instructions & divine knowledge, puts one under devils who are pretending to be angels.

_120______<><><><><>Our being not rooted & grounded in love, is therefore also capable of being used by satan to make us inadvertently appoint demons (though appearing as Holy angels) to carry out our designs as the fellow servants of a common sinner! The true pharisee, a child of satan, in all his "righteousness" is a very intimidating presence who thinks his anointing is knowing the Lord Jesus, & who is boastful of his "many wonderful works." But Jesus will tell him that he never knew him! Help us Father find a place of repentance in your heart by being sorry for our sins not for what they do to us but for what they do to you!

_121__<><><><><>▪︎▪︎▪︎But all those in hell can do is seethe in their wicked thoughts & intentions while suffering, getting punished for what they "would do" had they lived; since there's no change of mind or transformation in hell! Because you are the ONLY POWER, ROMANS 13:1, we need your grace in order to ACTIVELY SIN: for to whom much is given much is required, & no one can do anything if the power was not given them from you Almighty God: i.e. your deep things which your Spirit searches for.

_122_<><><><><>¤¤¤ Deliver us from that evil of Cain who killing a son of God whose blood speaks in a lesser way as Jesus's blood does, we despise the LOGOS = WORD OF TRUTH! In "killing" the Holy Bible from letting it's most Holy blood speak, being "written in Jesus's blood" we have killed untold numbers of souls, & let multitudes die without divine healing Jesus called "the children's bread." The word is like wood, as Jesus the word is the green tree cut down from the foundation of the Bible: GENESIS 1:1, as "created" means to cut down a tree, & we're his cross chosen in him, as from his rib as the new Eve.

_123______<><><><><>Creation is primarily "raw materials & concepts," & Elohim means all angels & persons: because you JEHOVAH have appointed us all to be co-creators empowered by you Father as the "God of all gods." Help us not fail in this most serious & important business, but help us prepare our hearts in a thorough searching examination of ourselves. Deliver & heal me from the deceitful backsliding of using small sins to help stomach doing my Holy duties. Your name is in my DNA, so let me not destroy this holy temple of my body, so you will not destroy me. Help me supply the "sincere milk of the word so your babes in Christ may grow thereby." How well I feed the sheep is how well I love Jesus, so help me know best how to do this.

124__<><><><><>●●● But holy prayers carry the greatest amount of holy intentions & thoughts. Prayer is the purest form of the stream of whatever is in our hearts & according to the strength & condition of our hearts. Every intention & thought thrives in our hearts, & your word which is sharper than any two edged sword is designed by you to bleed our sins out of us through confession in prayers & supplication to change & renew us. But how many prayers apparently are counted as "works of iniquity" according to how you said many wonders come unto your son, boasting (instead of Jesus) of their great works, presumably which include their prayers: if our works stem from our prayers! Though they knew his power enabled them, they owned it as if their own works: thinking that would impress the ANOINTED ONE. But why would what Jesus gave us impress him? It came from him, without any doing, or worthiness on our part!

125_______<><><><><>Rather, Jesus is a physician, so only his HEALING OUR DISEASE OF SIN IMPRESSES HIM! & though we have a great anointing, which empowers our prayers, even to do "many wonderful works," it's highly possible to have it only from the devil imitating Jesus & the Holy Spirit. If we, (though by lack of discernment & diligent seeking of God) receive a false move of God, (i.e. satan casting out water from his mouth, REV12:15) then our prayers would have served only to increase the wrath we (who are such) will eternally suffer!! But Father, cleanse & transform all our prayers to also "teach us how to pray" as well as how to live pleasingly unto you, as to our God Jehovah, & to have satan's flood of false blessings be swallowed up into the "earth," i.e. Jesus christ! But you have ALSO not turned away your mercy, by covering us in a mantel of excusing love for not knowing best how to pray to & serve you.

_126______<><><><><> Give us this day our daily bread in all it’s innumerable forms, but primarily in that form which is most essential to being on the best possible terms with you, when we meet you face to face after this life is over, & there is no more going back to fix anything through the undeserved grace which you have afforded us in this life. But our whole life’s salvation is through grace, & so to view it upon any other grounds is missing the mark of your heart. But has your goodness (your grace) SUCCEEDED in leading me to repentance which is your GRACE’S INTENTION?== i.e. can inner transformation of mind, & way of life be also my intention? ROM-2:4. I wish to leave my true & thorough judgment in your hands, Father, but I can see already a glimpse how I have spent my life WASTING your grace, (the lifeblood Jesus shed,) & proving I’m not fit for eternal life.

__127_____<><><><><>This has made all my righteousness nothing but "filthy rags," ISAIAH 64:6, stained with your most precious blood Jesus shed, counting Jesus's blood an unclean thing and treading the son of God underfoot! HEB10:29. I need the effects of Jesus coming as “FULLER’S SOAP,” MAL3:2, stamping out all my sins with his now glorified feet: even sins so desperately wicked & deceitful, I cannot know them until many years after the fact sometimes IF AT ALL EVER!! And I have esteemed your Almighty omnipresent love as light bread, by my hardness of heart, saying as of this hidden manna "what is it?" In reality all my works & power of belief in your son, 1PET1:8, are at best light bread if any bread at all! NUM21:5. If your bread is but a weak remedy for me, how much less shall your blood be able to manifest through me: i.e. through this broken cistern of my soul? JER2:13.

__128_____<><><><><>Nothing is more precious than the cleansing blood which Jesus the hyssop, the plant who grew from the dry ground of my soul, ISA53:2, sheds upon me! Anything that makes this even the slightest bit less effective & fervent in my soul is the greatest evil! But nothing makes the blood of Jesus more of none effect at saving me, than my own failure to bathe in the “washing of water by the word,” & to fast & pray & turn the branches & leaves of my soul up unto your face Father, & to sway in the mighty rushing wind of you pouring your Holy Spirit endlessly evermore into me, in response to my reciting of your word & covenant prayers, ISA55:3, THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID.

__129_____<><><><><>This is your “contract” i.e. “covenant” of Your Holy Bible, & terms of your fulfilling your great & precious promises: that if I but dip in the Jordan 7 times, you will heal me of my leprosy. 2KINGS5:10-14. Who am I to question your reasons & whether or not it makes sense to me? If it had been some hard thing to puff up my pride in doing it, I would more readily do it; but to humble me under your mighty hand, repenting in dust & ashes after praying for my friends, is like the water of life to the devil! Let me have the personality of the Holy Spirit by speaking his language & praying without ceasing, & to bear the resemblance of angelic wings upon my soul like 2 wings of a great eagle.

130_<><><><><>•••••• How much is my present repentance worth, (if it has any power or resemblance of realness,) if it's based on your threatening me with outward proofs of impending doom, rather than your tender faith in me bidding me to come unto you? I have lacked role models to guide me, & it has taken me this extra time laying down the roadwork: but you have preserved me with great mercy & kindness to not have taken me away until I was ready to meet you my maker. The thorns protruding from my heart has defined all my actions, so that nothing I ought to have done has been done. I am covered by an insurmountable layer of the blood of all manner of sinners, for not warning them because my fearful & self preserving silence held me back! EZ33:8.

__131_____<><><><><> The sword of my mouth has rusted & become dull, because satan has successfully discouraged me from using it because of the chess game I play in my head: (with self preservation as my goal) not knowing I’m at the losing end. You have said only FAITH pleases you, & Jesus would not suffer a man from hell to come & warn us, because it would not produce real faith, but only more selfish self preservation, except on a higher more deceitful level with the “forces of spiritual wickedness in high places.”

_132______<><><><><>Isn’t there also a “salvation” taught by the devil in order to keep us from fearing you & your wrath? Doesn’t satan make all the churches & religions of the world bomb shelters against your attempts at saving them? If my evil conscience isn’t sprinkled in your blood, HEB10:22, satan can make me think salvation is something I can lose, rather than knowing it’s something I never yet had. Salvation is a receiving & a growing, not a keeping & a stagnation!

__133_____<><><><><>How many who thought they knew your Son, Father, will be told by Jesus that HE NEVER KNEW THEM? They thought that saying to Jesus "Lord Lord" was proof it was none other than by the Holy Spirit. 1COR12:3. They thought speaking by the Holy Spirit meant forming words with their tongue not receiving it from the Holy Spirit. But they mistook the inverted love of satan for the love of God, & the water from satan's mouth as power from on high! But am I making myself available to Your Son Father by upholding the word of truth? But doesn’t satan have an anointing by which he deceives the whole world, even pretending to be the "anointed one?" EZ28:14.

__134_____<><><><><>Satan has stood in the way of my clearest sight of You my whole life, usurping you father, as my gate keeper to heaven, blurring my realization of whether or not I’m saved. This was for satan to create in me his most wicked masterpiece, (if it were possible, MATT24:24,) to make me so much so an almost Christian, that tho I be so virtuous as to work all manner of marvelous miracle, your son Jesus must tell me in the end "depart for I never knew you."

_135______<><><><><>Rather than my eye being full of darkness, the angel of light has indeed filled me with light, but no way to distinctly see or discern anything! But now with satan’s exposing revelation, 2THESS2:8, that inner death to self repentance must come, & a falling away from my previous false sense of righteousness, so that Jesus may now come in all his power as “the Lord my righteousness.” Jesus who is Yeshua is the salvation you must show me in PSALM-91:16.

_136______<><><><><> You are the great storehouse containing all the soul nutrients we need, in the form of 1COR13 agape love, along with all your unsearchable attributes in your omnipotent heart. We must make, by your guidance, our prayers hit the target of your faith to unlock all the many benefits you have in store for us in your great & precious promises. Only when we begin to exhibit those characteristics which manifest your divine agape in us, are we able to advance forward in a constant, uninterrupted stream of growth towards your kingdom. But this most sublime of all love is the most overlooked part of your entire Holy Bible, because it is the least like we who are sinful by nature.

_137 ______<><><><><>We do not understand a nature as it is described in 1COR13, because satan is constantly attacking us with so many things to disrupt our peace & focus on you, & we are already utterly unable to do one of those qualities, without which we are “nothing” as far as being like anyone who is in heaven. You only can enable us to be vessels of all your divine love: to make us super lovers of all mankind in a manner that draws all men unto your son. We are designed as born again angels of light to show forth your shining blood in our faces, & to spread your genetic material from heaven throughout the world in the form of all manner of wonderful works & expressions & messages of your intentions that we all be saved.

__138_____<><><><><>Train us in your army to be of the uttermost disciplined in nature, whose only desire is to draw closer to you, so that we surely overcome all sin, & that you might know us, along with your son Jesus. Help us “take & read” that which you have for us, & have commanded us to do so as part of our daily regiment of serving you: without using denominational traditions & doctrines as an excuse not to, when it is more our laziness & coddling of our depression which makes us want to be sluggish & despondent.

_139______<><><><><>But you have told us to pick up the feet which drag & the hands which hang down, & to make straight paths before we become useless altogether! Help us receive the power in your commandments which make them your promises to be surely also accomplished. Help us also not ride upon the back of our carnal nature which though contains many necessary abilities to have a worldly joy, can nevertheless draw us away from you if we do not instead make it part of our living sacrifice.

_140______<><><><><>You created our health as a means of manifesting your image & giving us a means to do your work in this world, even promising that through fasting & prayer, our health will spring forth speedily. You have made all our lusts & forms of desire for you in the first place, commanding us to flee unto you by making you the object of all our attention. Receive therefore all our lusts as that “worm that cannot die, neither the fire of it quenched,” as being the only one worthy to make a true & full use of all our eternal soul powers & materials.

__141_____<><><><><>May we find that surrendering of our souls in your image, by which our own human bodily image is abundantly healed & justified in all our ways. Let the controversy of the sins of our corrupt carnal nature be settled by your receiving of our whole person through your image which is the gospel of the kingdom & of Christ. 2COR4:4.

__142_____<><><><><>You alone can appreciate any of us in a manner that fulfills our deepest longing & needs. You alone can show us our soul's condition by showing us how we interact with your son, & the words & works that flow from our hearts. Only you can grant us an unbiased opinion about our own selves, by which we will not be condemned if we judge ourselves. 1COR11:31. Only your son has given us freedom from the wiles of the devil, or else we were only attacked & sucked upon for our soul’s life blood as by SATAN the parasitic vampire, & abused as by the worst & most criminal of all bullies.

__143_____<><><><><>This strong bull of Bashan in PSALM 22 attacked your son with such a violence upon the cross, that it made his heart melt like wax in the midst of his broken soul, & things too far beyond our best comprehension. Make our hearts beat in unison with your son’s broken & contrite heart, being the only acceptable kind of heart, by which we’re given new hearts.

_144______<><><><><>Give us a strong & constant sense of a holy self examination, & so prepare us for receiving a true revelation of the manner of your son’s existence. There is a simplicity in Jesus from which satan seeks to beguile us, but at the same time by seeking to make us unable to have a true understanding of his vast complexities. Jesus’s glorification is the source through which you pour forth your Holy Spirit: who being the word chosen in Christ the logos before the foundation of the world, was “made flesh” as the person of the bride of Jesus on the day of Pentecost by inhabiting we your church, as his temple. 1COR6:19. This should be our identity as the many membered person, that we have a specific Godhead, the Holy Spirit, & we are therefore a part of the full Godhead, the TRINITY, as dwelling in Jesus Christ. COL-3:3.

_145______<><><><><> Give us the “Spirit & power of Elijah,” which name means “my God is Jehovah.” This being the power by which John the Baptist did his baptisms, turns us unto you by converting our souls, & baptizes us in your illumination & love with all the facets of your divine affection. Make it be for your pleasure & for the good of all persons that we your church "are & were created." Let us have a clean fear (PSA19:9) of you & hope in your mercy. Heal our waters 2KINGS2:21-22, & land & renew the face of the earth with your glory. PSA 104:30 THOU SENDEST FORTH THY SPIRIT, THEY ARE CREATED: AND THOU RENEWEST THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

__146_____<><><><><>Restore to the earth with our bodies the strength it had before sin entered the world. GENESIS 4:12, KJV: "WHEN THOU TILLEST THE GROUND, IT SHALL NOT HENCEFORTH YIELD UNTO THEE HER STRENGTH; A FUGITIVE AND A VAGABOND SHALT THOU BE IN THE EARTH.” But now that Jesus wears the crown of thorns, as it is now made into the most glorious crown, being the ram caught in the thicket, your image is found upon his mind, over those crown of thorns, as “you will keep him perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you!” Indeed there was never a more peaceful look than that upon Jesus’s face as it is portrayed upon the burial cloth!

__147_____<><><><><> This was his reward for a lifetime of pouring forth his soul unto you with strong crying & tears, that his death upon the cross would not result in an eternal separation from you. This was what he feared, & yet still obeyed you unto death. He didn’t see any moment too small & too early to pray as if he were already in the garden of Gethsemane, though he is the most elect of all persons! But we who are expendable often think a few moments of apathetic & lifeless prayer a few times a week as even over & above any call of duty!

__148_____<><><><><>What kind of unprofitable servants are we, who think any small scrap of time is enough to please & satisfy you, when your only genetic son never thought you loved him unless he always did those things which pleased you, & never gave you anything but his best of all loves? How can we be good enough for your son, when we never think about how we don’t represent his honor in this world, because we never broke away from our natural father the devil & so never do scarcely anything that pleases him or you!

__149_____<><><><><>Jesus has told us that if we honor him, you will love us for it, but how little do we think about doing for Jesus what we would do if we delighted to love & obey him? How little if any, do we agonize over what might benefit the message Jesus has for this world, as we would do if we were TRULY HIS HELP MEET, & fit to bear his children? We should be travailing in birth for Christ to be formed in all your peoples of the world, & “saved in childbearing,” if the care of all the churches were coming upon us as it did for Paul.

__150_____<><><><><>We would be bound with them that are bound, & bear the burdens of the world through our faith which overcomes the world, with Jesus in us the hope of glory, being the one greater than satan who is in the world. Only Jesus was able by his divine strength to defeat the devil, & as the divine Samson, catch satan in the Rabbinic haircut of his hair over his back, "getting behind Jesus:" where he's never able to be loosed again! Your blood barrier against the devil has bound him under your word, condemning him to the lake of fire forever.

_151______<><><><><>Though many fulfillments to our prayers cannot be realized until your Son Jesus reigns on earth as the BRIGHT MORNING STAR, let us to know that what is not sin in heaven, is neither sin on earth, if it wasn’t for the still needed restraints that must exist upon us as the chains satan deserves as the “mastermind” of all sin. The moment you take us out of this world, when we will leave our bodies as bound for heaven, our minds will expand in knowledge at a rate of your “God-speed” light, but here many of us despise knowledge, & therefore you say, “you are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being my priest.” HOS4:6.

__152_____<><><><><>We have no change in our heart, mind, soul or habits of our life, because we do not fear you: & therefore neither have wisdom or knowledge either. We have often acted as if we can live perfectly OK without you, but if you ever truly looked as though you would forsake us, THEN WE WOULD FIND THAT DESPERATION WE NEED! But why isn’t simply YOU wanting us to cry out to you, to open our mouth wide so you can fill it, & sending us your word to heal us ENOUGH TO MAKE US CLEAVE TO YOU? How is our desire anyway GREATER OR MORE WORTHY OR HAVE MORE GRAVITY THAN YOURS?

__153_____<><><><><>We should be pulled into you Father, as we would into a massive black hole if we got too close, but instead we have a wicked even satanic strength that allows us peace when there is no peace, & to heal the hurt of your people slightly as with bandaids. Please heal the breaches of our desperately wicked hearts! Without a vision we perish, & no one has that saving vision but You, the Almighty Jehovah, & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Come into us therefore to guide us, leading us to your great crystal city: the star of David & Bethlehem.

__154_____<><><><><> Give us that ministry of Melchisedek: which you have sworn all true believers in your son have. This I understand to be the ministry which prophesied of the last supper, which was so called as it installed eternally what would thereafter be known as the Lord’s supper. Which at the time this crucified logos, “made without form & void,” GEN-1:2, ISA52:14, was being made flesh as “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” This made you forsake him, shedding his blood, which is YOU his father: making him to cry out “my God why have you forsaken me?”

__155_____<><><><><>This shedding of this omnipotent blood, which is the heavens itself, is my only hope of being fully made like you with a full reconciliation unto you. As Jesus ate this body & drank this blood, (the fulfillment of being made sin for us yet without sin,) he began to be made “broken for us,” & began therefore to shed you his blood for the cleansing of our sins. As Luke 22:44 saw this blood, it was being clotted as giant drops hitting the ground: clotting the gates of hell which is the wounds our sins have caused! And who can tell the error of his ways & how big that “gate” is left behind?

___156____<><><><><>Jesus was also physically made to shed his blood in innumerable ways, which is to prepare us to meet you & heal us from all sin, sickness & disease: which he classified all as the same thing. His dying upon the cross, Father, is his eternal marriage covenant with us his church & the nails are our “rings:” as he is the carpenter & origin of our being. He is the green tree & we are the dry tree chosen from his very rib itself: to bud & develop life from his life! We deserve a far greater wrath than Jesus experienced! But since that is impossible seeing no man could suffer what Jesus suffered, (because of who he is) our “greater wrath” will be in how easily we will shrivel & die, as Jacob’s thigh by the smallest touch of an angel, if you but put the smallest smell of your infernal wrath upon us.

__157_____<><><><><>While knowledge can be encumber-some & like carrying the precious & delicate cargo of a baby, & cannot save us, it is like the body half of our existence as creatures also of the blood of Your’s which Jesus shed: which alone can reconcile us unto you. Faith without works is dead, but this implies that FAITH ITSELF must do the work, (working by your LOVE in us,) with our physical works only as an obedience to your gospel image, so that we might learn the humility by which we can “decrease so Jesus may increase.” No one can know the DEEP CHASM OF OUR SHEAR DEFICIT TO HOLINESS we have within us, until we step out in faith to do those holy works whose only option to not doing them is either in committing sins of omission or commission: which are also works though “dead works.”

__158_____<><><><><>Until that time, satan flatters us with a false sense of holiness, which allows him to “tear down our house with our own hands,” PROV-14:1, causing us to put off our fasting, & praying, & doing all manner of good deeds, by diligently distracting us as if we are in the ring with him wrestling, & he is always going after our “weakest points,” & keeping us just an inch from “tagging” the fellowship of the church’s help, if it’s even available to be tagged for our aid in any way, i.e. if so be Your divine love reigns in any of us.

___159____<><><><><>We are told perfect holiness, (insofar as we are able,) is not required for salvation, & if it is, our short time of prayer & fasting we are able to do “will be” more than enough to push us over the top, & make us to be far superior to most others: not knowing that JESUS ALONE IS THE STANDARD BY WHICH YOU JUDGE US! But who has ever thought that even a minute wasted at any point in our lives, in which we could have lived as in YOUR DIVINE SHADOW, PSA91, will be felt & suffered throughout our whole lives? Seeing Jesus as he is, is the only way to be made like him, & therefore to be given any sense of your standards of holiness.

__160_____<><><><><>Though sin be forgiven, it must bear a scar, & which only acceptable scar in your eyes must be the “marks of the Lord Jesus!” That is the only remnant of sin which can remain, for which no man can trouble us: which is even a virtuous wound “by which we are healed.” And so there must a “replacing” of all our materials & strengths, with that of the LORD JESUS ONLY: being made members of his body, flesh & bones! But being a worthy bride for your Son, Father, is a very daunting task indeed, (to be compatible with him) seeing Jesus never failed in any degree of living up to full worthiness of being your son, & to own this marriage contract with such a perfect husband has usually been put on the sidelines as just a “nice addition” to our pride & vain fancies & all the other attractions which take our attention away from you, Father.

__161_____<><><><><>But you Father promised to draw us unto your Son, so there would be no “grey areas” in the clarity of our understanding regarding just how we must “know” him in order to be saved. This knowing is of a mutual nature, & not merely of name or allegiance, but it is “spiritual” in the sense that human marriage is “physical.” It is by becoming a “spiritual person,” where our soul, mind, & spirit takes as far greater precedence over our physical world around us with our bodies also, as the heavens are above the earth. And as we become this spiritual person, we begin to know Jesus in an “explicit” manner in all his parts, powers, performances & attributes.

__162_____<><><><><>We need this spiritual world of the “power of the world to come,” be so real to us, that it makes every place & thought this world has to offer seem dull & dark by comparison. We need your “judgments to be made manifest:” for “judgment to come to the house of God,” to “save us by judgment,” ISAIAH-1:27, so that we can “have assurance that we have eternal life,” & to “know your thoughts to us are thoughts of peace, & to give us an expected end.”

_163______<><><><><>We need to know that our seeking of you is not really just part of an eternal punishment: to increase our suffering for having sought your face in vain. That after you saw us commit a sin you chose not to forgive, you let us go onward esteeming ourselves as yours, only to “run upon your neck & thick bosses of your bucklers,” until you say, “ah, I will ease me of my adversaries.” Let us believe your WORD & so be called your friends.

_164______<><><><><>We must trust YOUR BLOOD is the most powerful thing in existence, & once your blood cleanses us from sin, it is as if we had never sinned; & does so by transforming us into truly holy angels of light: as being incorporated into the resurrection with Jesus, & waiting for our final glorification in heaven, as it was for Jesus.

__165_____<><><><><>But this also makes falling away again, after you have given us not only imputed but (a degree of) actual forgiveness, i.e. “CLEANSING” from sin, an eternally inoperable case of the worst damnation. HEB6:6. No one will suffer more than those who fall away after Jesus has even KNOWN them, so that while he is telling many wonder workers I NEVER KNEW YOU, he will tell us, “depart from me though I DID KNOW YOU!”

_166______<><><><><>Further, you have told us that because you know us, that therefore you will punish us for all our iniquities, AMOS 3:2, & give us double for all our sins. You have promised to chasten those whom you love, & let the scars made by your rebukes of us be the marks of your love for us. But we would rather suffer “terrors of conscience & sensations of death & despair,” than to do so as being without any hope. We would rather feel the warning of being Esau, & all the worries & fears it entails, than to be actually hated by you, & sell our souls for some “morsel of sin,” because we did not maintain a daily prayer time in our closets whereby you could reward us openly to the world in our ministry.

_167______<><><><><>We need you Father Jehovah to give us your “JEHOVAH CARE” as the “gospel preached to the poor” in body & spirit, as the TRUE HOSPITALITY (hospital) to our bodies & souls: as only you our “Daddy” can appreciate us as BEING MADE IN YOUR IMAGE. We need your church to be a HOSPITAL FOR SINS, (as much as any physical hospital is for our bodies,) & let our prayers be the 911 call to you, (ACTS-9:11) as the dispatcher of your paramedic angels, to minster to us & to not let us fall into sin or suffer any deception! We need you to seek your lost sheep who do not forget your commandments: desiring such to worship you.

__168_____<><><><><>We need your PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH OF DOING YOUR BUSINESS be an even thread in our all works. We need the continued, but GREATER (JOHN14:12) ministry of your Son as he is now glorified & doing greater works through us: sending the Spirit of PENTECOST as his AMBASSADOR which must now live & reign supremely in us all. Jesus had that love for you Father that passed all knowledge or understanding, but let us also, (who are in him as new creatures,) have that same love for you reign in our works, which made him PROVE HIS LOVE FOR YOU BY DYING ON THE CROSS. Shall not the God of all the earth do that "rightness" that only you are capable of? GEN18:25.

__169_____<><><><><>Your love exceeds all other loves, even eating it up, because you are the supplier of all our talents, attributes & desires. No one can outthink you, or in any smallest jot or tittle of a work! Though for the fact we do evil without conviction & therefore imagine it is ABOVE your own doing, because it has to run on your power, we'd all be apathetic robots if you pulled the plug on our power source.

_170______<><><><><>You are said to “create the good & evil,” not because evil originated in you, but because you are the “only power that is.” In fact no one can cease to exist in one smallest iota, because your memory of us cannot be erased. Your forgetting of our sins is the shifting of our identity of being that of your son: so that when you “see our way in the valley & know what we have done,” you see your son’s crucifixion along with all his works he does in us now as his bride.

_171______<><><><><>Shall the redeemed have their whole past forgotten? Then what can it be said they were redeemed from, & how can that be of any glory to God? If the sin of Peter, for example, were forgotten, as many think our sins are after forgiveness, then what does God see in the Bible when it mentions that sin? But sin is so exact, the smallest traces of it, i.e. a wandering memory, or occasional pinch of guilt, & even the questioning of what God has done, though we are not to blame for our ignorance, it is all sin!

__172_____<><><><><>What does God see in us, which he’s looking for to be covered by some umbrella of a prayer according to his word? We must “take with us words” & go unto you Father! HOS-14:2. If forgiven sin were forgotten, then what about our “ongoing sins:” which will follow us to heaven, when we will be made perfectly without sin? It is obvious that “forgetting sins,” must mean a “shift of responsibility for our sins,” as being now laid entirely on & even nailed to the cross as literally JESUS BEING MADE SIN FOR US.

__173_____<><><><><>When a sinner repents, if his sins were then forgotten, does God then think that that person just suddenly mysteriously appeared, since even one sin effects the WHOLE OF OUR BEING? Jude-23 says to hate the WHOLE GARMENT, the whole hope of eternal life, on account of one SMALL SPOT from our carnal works! When we feel guilt for past sins, & seek more cleansing & transformation, at what point is the whole root & fullest effect of all our sins wiped away & fully healed by a glorification? If any of us could be said to be fully forgiven, (not merely imputed so,) we would also be fully perfect & free eternally from all sin. And what would THAT LOOK LIKE?

__174_____<><><><><>When Jesus for a brief moment showed himself “not in the likeness of sin,” ROM-8:3, he became shining as no fuller on earth could brighten him. But John says, (so long as we are in this world,) if any man say he has not sinned, the truth is not in him. God’s truth in us hinges on our ability & propensity to repent, as Luther rightly says that the whole life of a Christian is repentance. All our sins must be seen as bad for what they do to you, Father, not for what they do to us: making us to say “against thee, thee only have I sinned.” Our care must be what pleases you, not ourselves.

_175______<><><><><>Therefore, I wish now as my ultimate prosperity, 3JOHN 1:2, to address your whole person with all your many facets which encompass your boundless Almighty, ultimate soul, & your bodily image sitting upon your great white throne, REV4:3, which is called the gospel of Christ, 2COR4:4, from your "omnipresent anointing." This body which I seek to see & experience face to face even while on earth ASAP is the source of our humanity & all the talents, thoughts & pleasures of our soul & body & all according to your word.

_176______<><><><><>It is from this gospel image that your Spirit is to be poured out upon all flesh. I wish to hear from heaven as the main definition of what prayer is, to know from God's own words proceeding from his mouth, both what to say & to know his judgments of me & sentiments towards me, & not in any shallow or temporal manner.

__177_____<><><><><>We all have a sense of God's grace, mercy & love, for the simple reason no one yet living on earth is in hell, & we could not fancy any idea of favor or peace in you, if it were not given us from above. But is it the final verdict? What will be the final result after we have used & to some extent abused your grace? When we all eventually stand before your throne at the great judgment (for those who do not pass straight from death to life) what will be the result then?

__178_____<><><><><> Life is so short, it's the ultimate folly to assume anything without clearing it by you father. Yet how is that done? If all prayer isn't for that one purpose of hearing from you FATHER JEHOVAH, it's but vanity & as if a form entertainment & meaningless self approval. But we all love to be approved by one another while going to heaven on assumption that you will be on the side of our opinion!

_179______<><><><><>This body in REV4:3 which is like a jasper & sardius stone, I take to show it's solely yours i.e. not your son's body, as he said "we had not yet seen your form." But if it was him, we were looking right at him. He said we see you when we see him, however it is your "deep self" not your actual shape: though we're all made according to your form. One time he was speaking of your presence as seeing you when we see him, but said we do not see directly your actual bodily shape when we see him.

_180______<><><><><>This status of seeing you when we see Jesus should be, in the same way, that when people see us, your church, they should see Jesus your only son. As Jesus is "GOD WITH US," we should be "JESUS WITH US." It's the duty of the church to, upon overcoming evil, sit on the throne of Jesus EVEN AS HE ALSO OVERCAME & NOW SITS ON YOUR THRONE.

_181______<><><><><>What this throne is, is also your heart, as he alone is said to be in your very bosom closest to your heart, as begotten from your very rib. He is the only one to inherit your genetic material & therefore called in JOHN 3:16, your only genetic son. He is now the new GENESIS::: "genetics" of creation through & for whom all things are made. He is in his glorification, no doubt expanding at an explosive rate many times bigger than the old or new universe. He is both the sun & earth, as well as space itself.

__182_____<><><><><>You are said, by Paul in 1COR15:27 to be external even to Jesus himself: being the only one who is holy, & the Father of even Jesus himself. He is made so "MUCH" better than the angels, & this superiority of Jesus is so extreme, that you have commanded that all the angels, including us, worship him. He is however described as the bright morning star, which is almost the identical title as any angel has, however with "BRIGHT" added to it, suggesting that Jesus in his glorified condition is more bright than how, from our view on earth, the sun seems so much bigger & brighter than the stars seem to be.

__183_____<><><><><>Jesus therefore alone is titled sun, or day star while the angels are called stars. While stars are glorious indeed, Jesus far exceeds them all to an incalculable extent: so much so that it is only proper that he be worshipped as if he is you yourself. He is God insomuch as he alone can stand in your presence without a mediator, "being sanctified by his own blood" & whose intercession brings us unto you.

__184_____<><><><><>& because he has a Godhead who is the WORD WHO IS YOU, GOD, (as we the temple of the Holy Spirit have the third person for our Godhead since Pentecost) & for which cause you are, by yourself, a TRIUNE GOD, though but one God. Before he was made flesh, he existed as purely you, though he was not yet, as the second Adam a living soul, but could manifest at rare times as a semi glorified being, (who as in Daniel 10,) had a modified appearance designed to facilitate the children of Israel.

_185______<><><><><>He as the LOGOS WHO IS GOD could pray to You the Father, as if sentient already acknowledging the body known as Jesus whom he the WORD said you "prepared" for him. But now he is glorified as the SON OF GOD WITH POWER, able to do his own deeds having use his angel Michael through his own power; to intercede eternally with his voice of many waters, for a truly innumerable company of angels.

__186_____<><><><><>There will be a people born in the new universe who will know the Lord has done this, PSALM22, & who will be born without sin but take delight in being clothed in your righteousness. While we who are born in sin often have too high opinion of ourselves & who do not crave your righteousness.

_187______<><><><><>You Father, therefore though you were not "broken for us," but suffered nevertheless in inexplicable ways until the death of your son was accomplished. The manner of your “crucifixion” could not be in death or brokenness, but your suffering, though beyond our ability to relate to, has made your image acquire the marks of your son’s crucifixion. But the joy you experienced through your prodigal son being received safe & sound, has been overshadowed by the satanic clouds of “Babylon the great” setting up camp on earth, intercepting your contact with the souls of this planet.

_188______<><><><><>The death of your son required actual separation from you on the cross, in order to shed you who is the blood of Jesus's soul, along with his physical human blood, by which wounds we're healed of both sin & sickness, given us in his Supper. This separation, (as how I see it, =as Jesus asked "who do you say I am?") also HIGHLIGHTED & CONTRASTED his begotten status as being "created" though of a ultimate quality of creation called begetting, which Jesus calls "the beginning." Lord JEHOVAH, as you're the ONE TRUE GOD, whom Jesus calls the ONLY HOLY ONE, please perfect this thing which concerns me. PSA138:8.

__189_____<><><><><>The sacrifice he suffered highlighted separation from you, showing himself as your "son," & thus making his Supper in 2 parts: his body & your blood, which is HIS BLOOD, AS YOU ARE HIS FATHER. You are the true Abraham, seeing the end from the beginning. HEB11:13. But the true doctrine of the Lord’s supper does not allow or make provision for us to eat your gospel body, which is “without beginning or end,” but only that of the mediator, & in fellowshipping with one another in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

___190____<><><><><>This is reserved for only the triumphant in heaven who are “made perfect,” so that if we who are sometimes scarcely worthy to receive the body of Jesus, presume to take the “body of God,” who is JEHOVAH, we are guilty of even a worse punishment than those who take the body & blood of Jesus unworthily. Though erroneous faith does not “make it so,” it takes us down the wrong path that leads to the deceptions of the final antichrist & beast himself.

__191_____<><><><><>- Preparing for this reason of coming into the world as the "word made flesh & slain from the foundation of the world," took Jesus a lifetime of being a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief. He was born as a humble & lowly lamb, outside near a stable, & whose bed was a feeding trough, prompting the whole world to make him their food source. Jesus prayed his whole life until his baptism in the Holy Spirit, "with strong crying & tears to be saved from death:" which death was the separation from his only life, you God, he feared the loss of. HEB5:7.

__192_____<><><><><>He prayed this also unto you in the garden of Gethsemane, stating that though he drink of this cup, (your shed blood in the last Supper, & eat the bread which is his body broken & made sin for us,) his deliverance would be his resurrection. He would tell us the great suspense he was in, until this "baptism" were accomplished. Forgive us, your church, of our great insensitivity to your only son, & grant us repentance! Forgive us for not knowing you the one true God & Jesus Christ whom you have sent. JOHN17:3. Let us be careful to adhere to only what you laid down in the skeleton of our faith in the holy scriptures. Give the faith which you mix with our reading of the Holy Bible also the flesh & sinews of your love so it may work mightily in us.

_193______<><><><><>Whatsoever we do may it be "of faith," but let not our faith itself be corrupt, but gotten from the heart-rib of God: as proceeding directly from your own heart. Let us be determined to know nothing but Jesus & his mind with his own memory. Let us be mindful of not only crassly corrupt communication proceeding out of our mouths, but that which is depleted of the potency of the message of scriptures. Let us yield your strength as members of the new universal many planets of “earth.”

_194______<><><><><>Though no one can know your mind, we have the nature of Jesus whereby we can find the submissive power we need to find the fullest of cleansing. In his broken body is the most prevalent radiation to effect every area of our lives. Let us trust you to have the quality to renovate us & mark us as yours for all to see: even your seal in our foreheads. We know your mark is not of the beast, but that he & satan are the great imitators & thieves of your ways to promote their own agenda. We have not yet seen your seal as stated in REV7:2-3, & 9:4; & why is that, please reveal it to us. Will the beast pretend his mark is your seal?

__195_____<><><><><>Now Jesus is our great Baptist who overwhelms us in your glory & presence, being our only mediator by which we may know you. As he alone inherited the kingdom, which is your inner heart, "being in your bosom," JOHN1:18, he alone as taken from your rib, (your spoken faith closest to your heart) the logos, can teach us to "love one another" & defeat the devil who was still in office “serving” alongside your presence in the old testament: which made you appear to be a God of hatred for sinners. HEB12:20.

_196______<><><><><>For before satan could be judged & defeated, JOHN16:11, he had to be treated as still having his original authority as the son of the morning star! But let us not be as satan who thought there was none over him but God, & has gone directly to God without a mediator, storing up wrath until this very day, but make Jesus the only foundation we can lay. Make us to know we are not as Esau who sold his birthright to salvation by a morsel of meat, by giving us true & infallible discernment to know, before setting out to build our tower of salvation, that we have counted the cost & seen we are able to finish: that we have strong assurance to "know that we have eternal life."

__197_____<><><><><>Give us ears to hear you speak, & not be as those who "did not like to retain you in their knowledge.” Do not hide our true condition from us, or give us a false hope of being eternally in heaven with you. Be with us in the time of our leaving this “present evil world, in giving us deliverance from all guilt. Make your angels be with us “in all our ways,” as fellow servants, deputised to represent us: as we are weak, & need as Moses one to speak for us, but they are mighty & excelling in strength.

___198____<><><><><>Now through this "new & living way," it is proclaimed that YOU ARE LOVE, & described in 1COR13 as what we all must become in order to be "something." Jesus alone entered your presence by his own blood, as he is your only, first & last genetic son. Help us discern our Lord's body so we will not contract the same guilt which defeated the devil by “crucifying the Lord of glory.” Let us learn of you to love your son even as you love him, as he commanded us to be perfect & merciful as you are. I receive the fulfilment of this by faith though you must "call those things which be not as though they are.” As Jesus has declared that “you only are holy,” REV15, you are the only source of agape divine love or natural affection. Let this be the very source by which we find your son to be “altogether lovely & chiefest of ten thousand.”

__199_____<><><><><>It is a shame our sinful nature is so corrupt & like the devil, that we “hid, as it were, our faces from Jesus,” ISAIAH53, not even finding it in ourselves to behold his beautiful face! We even believed our aversion to do so, to be because his face is not available to us, though it was because we did not desperately desire him as his spouse must do in order to be worthy of him! How satan has used our self love, which when functioning properly loves Jesus first, to instead be our greatest of all millstones hung about our necks, by which we will be cast into the lake of fire, if we do not turn to you in the fullest of conversion!

__200_____<><><><><> All your commandments are promises saying to us, "you shall,” yet we thought it said “you must of your own strength do or not do.” If we had taken your word at face value we would have seen that your commandments were written in love, & designed to be fulfilled by your provision of sending Jesus to be the propitiation for our sinful nature. Jesus who is the fulfilment of the law is our example who fulfilled "you shall not kill" by raising the dead & healing all manner of sickness!

__201_____<><><><><>Yet we have still thought mere civil obedience, as valuable as that is, is sufficient to fulfil YOUR DIVINE LAW! If Jesus healed the sick & did all his many miracles, WHICH THE WORLD ITSELF WOULD SINK UNDER THE WEIGHT OF BOOKS IF ALL WERE WRITTEN, this shows us that doing miracles is PART OF YOUR LAW! Yet how ungrateful was all satan’s sinful children, to not so much as venture to write down a SINGLE WORD of any of his works or preachings, (who is our example,) except when the Holy Spirit forced but a few of the 12 disciples to write a short account before their own death?

___202____<><><><><>Your son Jesus raised the bar on all your law since it is now your Pentecostal power which must do the works in us! The Spirit of Pentecost should have been proof that your law cannot be fulfilled by us, except through the uttermost infusing in & with the Holy Spirit. Did you give us the Holy Spirit just so we can see HOW LITTLE OF HIM WE CAN HAVE? Or did you not say that we should seek the most of all we can get from you?

__203_____<><><><><> Now to merely hate our brother or sister is described as murder, which has no eternal life in it. It should not be the law of the world to be under the laws which the redeemed are placed under, since they did not enter into that same “everlasting contract of the sure mercies of David.” ISAIAH55:3. To enforce by civil penalty any of your new sublime laws, would in itself be against those same laws. You yourself Father alone are judge over us, & it would be a crushing burden that would destroy us, if that same job were given to us, until you bring us to that superior state of being, (we cannot begin to fathom in this life) in which we will sit on thrones & judge even angels.

_204______<><><><><>But here we are all under your mercy, & our judgments are for lesser things which determine how we can better come to know you & your only genetic son. Sometimes you direct us to pray for very selfish things, like how we must also eat very pleasant food along with that for purely nutritional purposes; but we should not let satan then put his pseudo guilt upon us, but rather know for who’s sake we must do all things.

_205______<><><><><> To place any god before you enflames your jealousy, which is crueler than the grave, as Jesus describes himself as our first love to bring us all unto you to be our final love. He has described you father as "greater than him," which must mean infinitely greater, though Jesus is infinitely greater than us, HEB1:3, for which cause we all must worship him as our Lord & God: as he alone can bring us to you, without our incurring wrath so great it must be "poured out without mixture;" i.e. without any degree of mercy.

_206______<><><><><> Those who come to you in the presumption of you being identical to your son, "run upon you, even upon your neck, & the thick bosses of your bucklers,” JOB15:26, not knowing at what they stumble. PROV4:19. Until Jesus at last tells them that their anointing did nothing but work iniquity, & caused all people to fall into the same ditch with them, & that he "never knew them!" Bind & drive out all demons wherever they lurk & have gained a foothold, as having found a nest: even as the government of all nations is on Jesus's shoulders. Help us to beat upon our flesh to bring it into subjection to you, entering the kingdom by Holy Ghost powered violence to give us sober minds awakened by the seriousness of the task at hand.

_207______<><><><><> You walked the earth in the garden, & in the days of Exodus, & are now bowing the heavens & coming down, calling us out of Babylon the great. Your image, the true gospel of the kingdom, is the wrench in the gears of satan's kingdom: satan is the original non-believer, who teaches us all to have a false belief to cover the fact that we haven’t been poor in spirit, & inherited the gospel of the kingdom being preached to us.

_208______<><><><><>What hope would satan have to damn anyone if he did not set up his pander & decoy churches? Your whole being along with your image, which was, & is, & is to come, is that which satan has made the whole world content not knowing, & made us content saying prayers to only impress & entertain ourselves. But now let our prayers engage, with not a word of them failing. You said let our words be few, (as to what is necessary,) as you are the great detective, who can judge hearts according to our works, & so can add all the rest of the words.

__209_____<><><><><> God, you have said that you, (out of your highest grace) choose our sins, i.e. our delusions, ISAIAH66:4, to make them clean by your immediate judgment. You as the greatest physician have decided which bones (faith) to break by which sins, or we would have haphazardly broken all our bones, made faith impossible in total darkness so dark it seems to us like the brightest light.

__210_____<><><><><>If you hadn't come with your "saving angel of your presence," arresting us in your uplifted hand, we would have spiritually hung ourselves long ago, & been quickly beyond the hope of any recovery. Your saving grace knows what had to be done to save us from our own pride & false sense of righteousness; as grace, your water of life, is the means by which we are saved, as that which now reigns supreme upon your throne. But to sin against grace by causing it to fail in finally saving us, is infinitely worse than any sin can be against your law.

__211_____<><><><><>You have said you take not care or pleasure in oxen or flesh because you add ALL the pleasure & beauty to us, putting your comeliness upon us, as we are that part of Jesus’s body which lacks, 1COR12:24, & pouring out your Spirit IN ABUNDANCE OF LIFE, which also quickens our mortal bodies upon all flesh: i.e. every creature to whom your gospel is preached. You see & sense & endure our bodies from a whole different perspective than we, because your eyes are everywhere & sees all from every angle at one time.

__212_____<><><><><>We are enamoured by forms of godliness, but you God is a God who is against the empty forms (if they are done to remain as such) & only wants the performance of your true works (done & added by you in us) as the real thing, & a people crying out to be covered in your swaddling arms. We have strained at gnats, but swallowed camels; while we have been careful to follow our pathetic man-made rituals as "holier than even thou," GOD, (often not even letting you in to attend our services,) we have let the new testament ark of the covenant get stolen, the burial cloth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

__213_____<><><><><>We have been declared Ichabod (i.e. “the glory has departed”) by you, yet without a clue we are naked of your glory, even for many centuries of setting the stage for the final antichrist. How arrogantly must we be infected with satan's own pride, to not obey the smallest commandment of "take & read," REV1:3, because we have so permanently & hopelessly ruined our appetite for you with our own pharmaceutical imagination! Did we think your ALMIGHTY COMMANDMENT of “BE BLESSED (DEUT28:13) THROUGH RECITING REVELATION” was a suggestion or a mistake? We must pray for the GREATEST DESPERATION in order to find SOLACE ONLY IN YOU! AS A HOMING PIGEON IN A WAR WOULD THINK THE SMALLEST COMFORT VERY SOOTHING, your graces must be our refuge even when our flesh has no reason to comfort itself.

__214_____<><><><><>Yet we don't sense the attacks of satan's fiery darts, because we are numbed to feel the pricks of our sins through an overfeeding of our flesh. We often cannot hear you, because our lack of fasting with many forms of gluttony has blocked out your voice, as lights from a city block out the stars & galaxies at night. We ACT as if you are “a man who can also lie,” because we give you our "song & dance" of nibbling on the doings of your will, expecting your appetite for our obedience to be as small as our sense of urgency to do it.

_215______<><><><><> We have not made ourselves vessels wherein is your highest pleasure: the pure undiluted power from on high, which cleanses us from all sin & heals us of every disease morally or physically. Because we have compared our spiritual progress with our own belly, & that of those around us, delighting to obey the limitations insisted upon us to limit your growth in us. Instead the mind of Jesus should be the standard by which we seek your sword of judgment upon ourselves, so that we might be delivered from eternal judgement.

__216_____<><><><><>Just as your greatest torments you suffered with your son upon the cross are now transformed into your greatest of all joys, though the marks of the Lord Jesus remain in us all, so also let your sword of judgment transform into our greatest source of beauty & pleasure, rather than to ever remove it out of our innermost hearts & souls. We want to feel our saviour with the fullest nerve functions of our eternal indestructible souls: as that temple in which we are new creatures forevermore.

__217_____<><><><><> Because it's both invasive to our comfortable deceptive sinful nature & easier for our flesh, we have not yet had your now glorified son Jesus "suddenly come to our temple" to dwell with us personally as being a holy nation, & as our only standard of what is true holiness. As a result, we have delighted in the Covenant for the sake of justifying self interpretation, & fortifying denominational separations! The Holy Spirit has not been living among us as a person taking up residence on earth camping with us, but as an almost imperceivable force, which blends & bleeds into all the other anointing on earth: because satan came as an angel of light.

_218______<><><><><>We have used your most Holy things as if given us for our sake, (not being ashamed for our own ways) & rejected the parts we didn't like, to give as gifts to the enemy! Then instead of looking to see what satan has misappropriated & abused, we act as if we think it was proof it belonged to the devil from the very beginning! We do not see how halal, (who became satan,) fell like lightning from heaven which made him forget his former convictions not to sin, but think if light in the universe travels this fast now, it must have always done so: making us “date” the universe.

_219______<><><><><> Then when we do not believe in the atheistic falsely so called science of our heathen world, we just as falsely judge creation to have been made in 6 present earth days! Not realising that time itself had to be created, & that an “earth” to God meant ANY & ALL PLANETS, as well as being written as a metaphorical parable describing also ages of God’s progress working with mankind. Your name ELOHIM, which means all people & all gods, shows that the power we have to create comes from you: not that you are 3 Gods in 1, except in the unity of the TRINITY, which is really the manner in which you have brought your son & his bride unto yourself for all of eternity. & that the KJV stating “let us make man in our image after our likeness,” is but added words without the admittance of using italics.

_220______<><><><><>That the HEBREW makes no mention of “us” but merely is when you spoke to your deep things in the first time, stating, “let there be.” That your image which is SPIRITUAL prays to & seeks your “deep things,” & speaks to your “word creations - as if they are,” which in your ALMIGHTY PANTOCRATOR MIND are as if already existing, as being like the most realistic of all holograms! Even your son Jesus who came to DANIEL chapter 10, appeared as if already made sentient, but needed Michael to fight for him, as it is your own nature to use your angels to do your bidding.

__221_____<><><><><>The logos is called “God,” because it is you speaking, & who existed solely as you before he was made flesh. That the Holy Spirit proceeded from you solely through the mediation of your son, & therefore was “not yet given” until Jesus was glorified: & as the bride, the many membered body, that is our identity to be the temple of the Holy Spirit.

___222____<><><><><> At the time of your creating, you were as a child playing with his toys, but in an infinitely more serious & superior manner, or else children, whose nature is to play, (as well as for adults) could not be said to be made in & according to your image. When you told the first male & female to “be fruitful & multiply,” they existed as mere holograms upon your mind, but the command can still be heard to this very day. Later, shortly after making the “stars also,” the fall of halal weakened the whole universe to lose it’s habitable & hospitable presence of God, making all the stars & galaxies but fixtures of satanic pride, doing hardly anything but scorching & sucking all other matter into them!

__223_____<><><><><> Now no flesh can be saved unless it exists in what we call the goldilocks zone. You saw this happen before halal ACTUALLY EXISTED IN A SENTIENT MANNER, though did not CAUSE him to do so, but even SENT YOUR CONVICTION & WARNING INTO HIS HEART to believe your words as his fundamental righteousness. You therefore, FATHER GOD, crafted the Hebrew “FROM BEYOND” language as your most holy method of communication, showing us clearly in your word creation, which means to cut down a tree, that you crucified your son from the very foundation of the world, & that the cross, the church, upon which Jesus died, was “chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world.”

_224______<><><><><> That Jesus is called both the sun & earth, & that his blood is your Spirit in which there is no darkness at all. That this blood called “the heavens,” Jesus alone inherited, & later this “connection” to Jesus which was part of your begetting him, was cut in GEN1:2, making him become without form & void, i.e. “more marred than any man.” This separation from you was that death he feared, praying his whole life with strong crying & tears to be delivered from, & was “heard in that he feared.”

_225______<><><><><>This was all done in the WORD=LOGOS ONLY, until this word was “made flesh.” Then later at the last supper, when you had told him his “time had come,” he prayed for bread to become GEN1:2, “broken for us,” & his silver cord to the heavens was cut, ECC12:6, as Jesus suffered all death & misfortune for everyman. The fact that it took place all in the space of approx 6 hours shows what a superior soul Jesus has to have all this take place in him so rapidly. ISAIAH52:14 & PSA22:17 says that they “stared at him with astonishment.”

_226______<><><><><>We have thought outer space, “the deep to be grey headed,” JOB41:32, because we do not see how the fall of satan has corrupted the entire universe, making every atom in it to contain deadly radiation! We do not see how that God has withheld creating other species of humans to fill this old universe, (with only the fallen angels masquerading as space aliens,) because it is now as a condemned house, (which was satan’s- PRO6:31) & that after you, FATHER GOD, created male & female & filled the universe with “all the host thereof,” you were but “calling those things which be not as though they are,” since there was at that time not even “a man to till the ground.”

_227______<><><><><> We have been tricked by the devil to not see how precious our souls & their redemption is, taking consolation in the idea that we must surely be of VAST NUMBERS, seeing how many galaxies God originally made! We have not seen how you have seen the end from the beginning, & called your son Jesus “the beginning of the creation of God,” the “earth” in GEN.1:1 according to your manner of “parables & dark sayings.” Then later after declaring him to be the “bright morning star,” you separated this light from the darkness, removing satan, the darkness, from having any more place in your kingdom.

__228_____<><><><><>We have not seen any particular benefit or relish in eating & drinking your son's body & blood, as if we saw no form or comeliness in him, or nutritional benefit, though he was laid in the feeding trough bidding us “beasts” to eat & drink to satiate our deepest most longing needs. What kind of spouses are we for Jesus, who do not see him in whom is no spot or blemish & the very ultimate child of God, the ultimate fulfilment of all our desires?

__229_____<><><><><>Even Joseph of Aramathaea, a man we don't know was even your saved person, had in him a heart to fulfil your will that could feel your craving in him for your son's body. If we had gone with the opinion our "mother of all living," Jesus has of you, we would have exalted you OUR FATHER in the greatest possible way. But we have trusted in man & the arm of flesh, preferring to rot inwardly like a whitened sepulchre, by having our profession serve as the heart's confession, as if we're working smoke & mirrors.

__230_____<><><><><>We have often done this for the temporal delight of getting your tithes or offerings which belong solely to your house for the purpose of having that meat to eat only Jesus knew of, taking away the blessing you promised to those who "prove you now wherewith.” Regardless of what we got from you, or through you using the hearts of others to help us, we used your resources as those who have no wisdom or understanding. Our hedge that should have kept out the enemy was therefore broken down & our garden overrun with weeds.

___231____<><><><><> We as Jesus’s cubs should eat the same as our lion, everlasting father Jesus. Yet we must listen to learned sermons based on hearsay rather than WHAT THAT PREACHER TRULY BELIEVES JESUS TO BE, according to his or her best understanding of the scriptures!! Jesus asked us not WHO MEN SAY HE IS, BUT WHO DO WE SAY HE IS! Do we therefore have the courage to share with the world our best belief on exactly who & what Jesus is?

__232_____<><><><><>If we don’t, we will not be able to give Jesus an answer as HE ASKED HIS APOSTLES, & when he is healing our sight of the truth, if we say “WHOM MEN SAY MEN LOOK LIKE,” Jesus will stop healing us. It will be even worse if we pretend to make hearsay our true confession of what the Holy Spirit is shining into us & showing us! To lie to YOU LORD is worse than to lie to mere men, as it was the case for Ananias & Sapphira.

__233_____<><><><><>It takes away from the peace & power of preaching to not divulge the true “thoughts & intents of the heart.” Part of the doings of the Lord’s sword to reveal these things is to make us turn the sword upon ourselves to confess what it is revealing to us about ourselves, & the thoughts that go on within us. Reasoning together with the Lord is a work that must occur after reciting the sword of the word to generate in us what we need from the Lord, & what kind of person we see ourselves to be under his light.

__234_____<><><><><>Every church service should lead to the Lord's Supper, rather than to our own self serving purposes, though satan can also make the Lord’s supper serve his purpose, if we all take it unworthily & in accordance to false doctrine. Falsely describing the Lord’s supper calling it the re-crucifixion or un-bloody sacrifice doesn’t make it NOT the Lord’s supper or any less so, but it makes us partake of the sins of the Roman Catholic church, & that of all their branch religions they secretly established, which God said to “come out of.” REV18. Father God, we thank you that you are there to officiate the Lord’s supper each time 2 or more gather in the name of your son, but we wish to have more of your spiritual enzymes by which we can digest & make use of him, i.e., “discern his body.”

____235___<><><><><> Why we're not hungry for your son's body & blood, & sermons which teach a true Holy Ghost filled perspective of the ENTIRE WORD OF TRUTH, is our most damning mark against us: EVEN BECAUSE WE ARE NOT DOING HIS WILL, PROVING WE DON'T LOVE HIM! To think Jesus preached all those sermons, filled with words of PUREST NEW JERUSALEM GOLD, & so necessary to strengthen us for eternal life, should just absolutely stab us to the very heart like a twisted dagger of fire, making our hearts burn with the severest of desperation to make up for this terrible tragedy of losing record of his fullest most accurately transcribed words!

__236_____<><><><><>Yet as sinners it is MORE THAN ENOUGH ALREADY to just hang upon a verse of the gospels, which though written thankfully by the HOLY SPIRIT’S INSPIRATION & DIRECTION, were written many years after Jesus had already ascended. This lack of soul activity, which makes us so apathetic towards your son, WHICH ACTIVITY OF DOING YOUR WILL alone could work up an appetite & need for the divine nutrition supplied in the Lord's Supper, is the reason we are content never taking him, & do it only as a required ritual which all Christians do eventually.

__237_____<><><><><>If we ate & drank the bread & water that perishes with such deadness & lack of need, a physician would certify us DEAD!! Furthermore we have but rarely if ever even cared to wonder what Jesus looked like, & though we have no problem filling our phones with selfies, to have one photo of Jesus from his burial cloth is considered to be unimportant or even idolatrous. What wife, if we are the wife of your son, would consider the photo of her husband as so immaterial as to even consider it breaking one of your commandments to have it with us?

_238______<><><><><> OUR FATHER, WE HAVE YOUR CERTAINTY THAT YOU WILL LICK UP THE WATER, WHICH IS THE CARNAL EXCESSES, WEIGHTS, SINS, ERRORS OF OUR PRAYERS: AS IT IS OUR SACRIFICE. But to not make our prayers known makes us unclean beasts, & there can be no improvement where there is no beginning. You have told us to not despise the day of small things, but our immaturity has made us want to grow up immediately which is the cause of arrogance. Satan's mask of his hideous strength & pride will be taken away, & all those who have put it on with him. Help us take honey from the carcass of the slain lion, by knowing you have done this for us.

__239_____<><><><><> Jesus knew you always heard him, & if you hear us, we know we have those petitions we ask of you. Since you see & hear all, what can "not hearing" mean, but perceiving our hearts are not yet dead to sin, & crying after you for mercy? There are many prayers you have not done, because we have not honoured your will, & any prayer granted not according to your will, will need to be done as a lesson to us, if you intend to save us.

_240______<><><><><>We have not respected you as "the Lord God who made heaven & earth," & by whose power, Jesus your son did all his works who admitted without you he could do nothing, & that you are greater than all combined, & him from whom he proceeded. Now to this day he is proceeding “new” from you moment by moment in your kingdom heart.

_241______<><><><><> Just your glory that fills the earth, in the wonders of creation would be enough to make us fear & worship you, if we were steadfast in reciting your word, which is a "fire & hammer which breaks the rock in pieces." It is a marathon Paul said, that we must "run well," & no man finishes the race who fights against his own members.

_242______<><><><><>You have done all things well, & you have taken charge of all things, creating both the good & evil, light & darkness, so that as no sparrow can fall to the ground without your perfect control, no man is delivered & healed but by your power either. You have let mankind think we are masters of our own destiny, all while regulating all our supplies & talents & aspirations: even giving our own atoms & molecules the "breathe," which if taken back to you, everything turns to dust in the blink of an eye. PSA104:29

__243_____<><><><><> Your body which is called the "everlasting gospel," means without beginning or end, as you are "Jehovah the living one." All you do, it is forever, & no one can add or take from it. ECC3:14. Your "Gospel" means "good news," because it refers to yourself whom Jesus said "alone is good," & "news" describes your works done & existing in heaven as part of your own person; & which relates to & effects our own self's experiences.

__244_____<><><><><>Whatever you do in heaven is done in earth, & have framed all worlds by the logos of your power, even the origin of faith without which no man can please you. Share what you do with us by calling us your friends, & giving us ample amounts of perfected faith in which you take pleasure. We pray for a solar maximum in the face of the "sun of righteousness," & for him to visit us, "suddenly coming to our temples with healing in his wings!”

_245______<><><><><> As we are reborn & continue growing, we are made like him if we see him as he is, & so develop "2 wings like a great eagle," as our first signs of transformation by the changing of our minds. If we have no changes it's because we don't have your fear which is "clean & enduring forever." We must give an answer to you for the deeds we have done, while in our bodies, 2COR5:10, most of which we have forgotten, but satan doesn't fail to “categorise" (accuse) them to you! REV12:10.

_246______<><><><><>Though you command us to make a fullest confession to you, which should be in writing if it's worth remembering at all, we're loathe to do it. We are often so slothful to you in our souls, we are like a door turning on it's hinges. PROV26:14. We must have more than judgment day for our guidepost to know if you approve of us & any of our ways or not, but you must tell us now while we can still repent.

_247______<><><><><>If the day star ceases to shine on us, then no man can work in that outer darkness which makes those in it gnaw their tongues for pain, & gnash their teeth with weeping & wailing. We the church should be a mother who is “saved by the bearing & raising up of her children,” but we have let your sheep be scattered, after we claimed to save them at the altar; & did not seek out any, having the same standards of righteousness of common sinners.

__248_____<><><><><> Our covenant, THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID IN PSALM 51, THE KEY JESUS BORE UPON HIS SHOULDERS, ISAIAH 22:22 is the body & blood of your son, & has given us access to your own most superior of all blood, as the life in all our blood, LEV17:11, along with dynamic belief in your image: that in which, we as humans were made.

__249_____<><><><><>Therefore we're "begotten again unto a lively hope" that we will partake in your divine nature as being also our nature as well: as having great strength & fortitude to live a most holy & sanctified life unto your glory. Give us strong hearts through which the Spirit of the Lord Jesus thrives in which there is liberty & justice for all nations. Not the weak hearted & domineering spirit of satan: which is the spirit of the great whore, Babylon the great. EZ16:30. ••••••

_250__<><><><><>••• As you said unto me "LIVE," EZ16:6, you also gave me grace to demonstrate your ultimate life for your glory's sake, in uttermost praise & thanks. Let my allegiance be unto you as to the one true, most high God who alone is good & holy, & not allow any unbiblical doctrine through which satan's corrupted & inferior anointing can comfort & satisfy my self righteous, self serving tendencies: as the anointing never comes without the message of the messengers. Jesus said we can know them by their fruits: which includes their doctrines. MATT16:12.

_251______<><><><><>Without unity between the saints, consisting of sameness of mind, source of faith, love for the Lord & perpetual baptism in the river of life, your love cannot have "her perfect work." & what is your perfect work? All your works are perfect! So what can this mean but it signifies your crowning achievement: to gather your people together not in some ecumenical external sense, but in heart, soul, mind, deed & the fullest of all enlightened consents!

_252______<><><><><> What light is powerful enough to shine into our very souls, & what lens can focus on the health & quality of the engine which pumps our soul's blood, & of what kind & source of what river of blood courses through our beings? And who has that sword which is "sharper than any other blade," & durable enough to dig it's way into the depths of hell & "world of iniquity" dwelling in our "desperately wicked & deceitful hearts" which "no man can know?" Only your light & sword is both powerful enough & skilled enough to do this!!! Only you are able who also will do it.

_253______<><><><><>You only, the Almighty, can visit your people with judgment in this lifetime, so we do not need to suffer eternal judgment. ITS ONLY IN YOUR HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE that we can find complete cleansing from all sin & a full revelation of your present thoughts towards us. Only from this place of holy ground where judgment must come first, by which we're redeemed, ISAIAH 1:27, can the Holy Spirit be sent into all the world to "convince all nations of sin."

_254______<><><><><>There is no salvation, no coming of Jesus, where the antichrist of sin in us is not first revealed. Satan's children are all allowed to go naked: REV16:15, having no covering for their sin & shame. Only your son's sacrifice can atone for our sins, making for us coats of skin. GEN3:21. ROM13:14.

__255_____<><><><><> Restrain me from sticking in the birth: either in the new birth of conversion, 2KINGS19:3 & ISAIAH 37:3, - i.e. turning unto you, or in anything my hands of my soul or body find to do, but to do it with all my might. ECC9:10-11. You are the "dreadful God," DAN9:4, & we are swimming, thrashing & sinking in a sea of satanic deception, REV12:9, struggling to rise up to breathe your air of truth from your throne room of grace; to get a genuine glimpse & taste of what truth really is.

__256_____<><><><><>Help us be worthy of your son who is our husband: seeing he is the holy one who saw no corruption. His discipline & powers of reason were so perfect, that we have often called him “an hard man,” but we have rather been the “wicked & unprofitable servant,” choosing rather to bury our talents in the ground, than to think to stain & corrupt them by seeking to improve them. We have tested your grace to see how much & far it will “abound,” not fearing your many warnings that even the smallest of wilful sins could be that morsel of meat which sells our whole birthright.

_257______<><><><><> Even if Jesus stood before us explaining in clearest terms point by point, "line upon line, here a little & there a little," unless you OPEN OUR UNDERSTANDING, he can reveal himself with all proofs it's him, yet we will see & speak to him thinking him to be the gardener or a stranger. Only you can DRAW ME TO JESUS, & make me strong enough to expel all darkness from me, & to be steadfast in my walk towards eternal life. Take me up where the world & all earthly parents & friends have failed me. PSALM 27:10.

_258______<><><><><>My relationships with brothers, sisters, spouse, pastors, & sinners are not under the blood & conformed to your will & directing current as it ought, & even far from it when compared to my standard of righteousness, your son Jesus. Have you not commanded "all holiness unto you?” ZEC14:20. Yet where is your voice in my many daily moments? When am I not "dull of hearing?" Where is your voice in the WORD == MY HOLY BIBLE, as when you spoke through the ark? NUMBERS 7:89.

_259______<><><><><>Our glory has departed because we've despised & trampled upon your son's holy word, counting it an unholy thing. Not admittedly but in how well we study, stay in it & zealously practice it. We deserve to die a much more sore death than to "die without mercy," as those who merely despised the law of Moses! Yet because we compare our righteousness with that of the WORLD, we think we are therefore blameless; though your have told us that BECAUSE YOU HAVE KNOWN US, YOU WILL PUNISH US! AMOS3:2.

_260______<><><><><> Once we presume to take the name of your son on our lips, we enter your house which is all under your laws: but is abusing your name so important that we must add guilt to our souls in the worst way also, by taking refuge in a denomination? Where is there denominations in the BIBLE? They are called schisms. Is this in favour of unity in the Holy Spirit & of one mind? But now that prophet & brother Jesus has come where if we do not fear & hear, we will not escape. DEUT 18:18-19.

_261______<><><><><>Sure we ought not phobia, i.e. fear anyone but God & his son: we need to be so rooted & grounded in You Jehovah, "the living one who is love," that just as we all live forever in some condition because you live, we should all who are yours, love because you are love, & with the same passion wherewith you do. What drives satan to "accuse the brethren day & night?" What could give him such a passion to do something so loathsome & tiring?

_262______<><><><><>The void that happened in his soul when he lost your love, & which then in turn, became like the insides of a corpse: as the opposite of what he was like as a holy angel! This happened on the very moment he sinned unto death, covering him in maggots & spread under him as a carpet. ISAIAH 14:11. Yet satan like we, do not experience the pain & agony & terror nor sight or comprehension of our lost condition, because your original anointing we all inherit in some "measure of faith" & power & talents, is not immediately taken away, which made satan think, "see? I'm not dead. God is a liar… we will not surely die if we sin!”

__263_____<><><><><>One could think your grace is damning the world, allowing sinners such comfort, yet its because "your goodness intends our repentance," because its impossible to repent being "distracted by your terrors." And it does not build filial love for you to be under servile fear of you. Yet if you never draw back the curtains of your grace to show our true condition of being fodder for hell & feel some touch of destitution, along with true terrors of conscience, & sensations of eternal death & despair, though it be like the angel touching Jacob's thigh, making only a memorable scar, as a benchmark for our need of you, what will we say we need salvation for? We will eat & drink & forget you, & make our dead memory on our brains the actual knowledge which justifies us! ISAIAH53:11.

_264______<><><><><>But fasting gives us access to get a sense of the miseries that lurk beneath our soul's surface, "hiding not our flesh from us." ISAIAH 58:7. Yet it is your COVENANT by which fasting is effective, or else we could starve & yet not move you one smallest degree to come closer to us. The Bible is called a CONTRACT, which “if we thus & so, you will do thus & so.” It is not by our works, but by your promise of grace in our works, that if we obey you, the gospel, we will inherit all your promises as our all in all.

__265_____<><><><><>But what a terrible thing it is for love to wax cold, but how much worse to decay & rot, yet not lose the anointing which drove our love to perform those Holy miracles which Jesus did in such great abundance: (which if all written the world would have not been able to contain the books,) but now that anointing is driving our hatred instead! The anointing is a dangerous thing, because once you get it, it cannot be revoked our diminished except buried under the works of flesh, unless or until any one of us is finally damned. It can even be used for “works of iniquity,” as Jesus warned the “wonder workers.” MATT7:22-23.

__266_____<><><><><>Our anointing is only as good as the vessel (the appliance) it operates, though the power itself be that pure anointing which belongs to the Messiah himself. There is only ONE POWER, WHICH IS GOD, ROM13:1, & so when satan is thrown into the lake of fire, the Spirit will return to you who gave it. ECC12:7. Satan has never yet known what losing your divine presence is like, though he has corrupted it so hideously with such great ingratitude. Your son, Father, experienced the loss of this presence, though he remained anointed as your eternal son, yet needed to experience the destitution of hell itself in order to become broken for us.

__267_____<><><><><> No one had the love & esteem for Jesus to do more documentations of his words & life, than the tiny bit supplied in the new testament. But Joseph of Aramathaea craved the body of Jesus, as if it were a giant pen & laid it in a giant linen paper so that upon his resurrection God himself would write in pictures what we can't say in words. This was the seal of the highest court of heaven telling us Jesus's mission was a success. Then Jesus said "greater works shall you do." What imprint of our soul's blood does your Holy Spirit use to imprint your story upon wheresoever we go? Even telling us, "upon whatever ground you tread it is yours!" DEUT. 11:24.

_268______<><><><><> Sitting in front of a common frail preacher we often copiously & for no good reason take notes, as if his words are more important than Jesus's. But who jotted one word, that we know of, as to what Jesus said, except long after the fact, when the Holy Spirit finally managed to move some of the disciples to make some short account? Isn't these things in themselves confessions of our guilt of lightly esteeming our Lord, the rock of our salvation? DEUT32:15.

_269______<><><><><> We have counted his words as even useless seeing we wouldn't consider it worth our efforts to write them down & pray for the anointing in order to preserve them from loss, ruin as well as plain old infamy? The Bible is the most famous book, yet it's also the least studied & least loved book, unless taught erroneously to claim it upholds some denominational doctrines.

_270______<><><><><> Even Bible translators are prone to adhere to so called “canon,” as their guidepost: tweaking their compositions carefully to not step on the toes of any professing Christian, though while at the same time looking directly at the original Hebrew & Greek, along with Aramaic to make it look like it’s in line with the spirit of scriptures. Why is satan so careful not to offend/confront us, if he is so mean & terrible? Because it’s part of his very plan to damn us if God so allows him to!

_271______<><><><><>Preaching is called foolishness; it is not supposed to be perfect, but mandated by the scriptures as that “jawbone of the ass” which is appointed to save sinners. It is the “sincere milk of the word,” not the infallible milk of the word. If we wait till we say & do everything right before we take it to the world, our lives will be over by then! There must be some divine insurance afforded by the wealth & power of God, that justifies his true preachers. If there is no trust in God, there is only sin & damnation.

_272______<><><><><> Who cares enough about what's important to you, God, to say it like "it is written," when satan the dragon is breathing his fiery breath down their necks, pretending to be the fearful presence of God? Churches love to make the Bible their workhorse, AMOS2:13, to make it say & reveal only what they want, & only shop for bumper sticker verses to support their unrealistic, inoperable faith. Then where is the "meat in your house God," MAL3:10, whereby we as yours can reap the promise of blessings for giving tithes?

__273_____<><><><><>If God looked for a "man," (or "womb-man") & found none, then how can the conditions of the promise be fulfilled? If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do, or receive for that matter? What other merchandise does God consider worthy of his prosperity than the Holy Bible? But it needs to be digested by his ministers & fed to babes in the form of preaching, & the 5-fold ministry.

__274_____<><><><><> What is a "man" but a human who listens every moment to the Holy Spirit's call with submission? Is it enough to do so only in your guiding our actions, as lead by you, but what about thoughts? How can the mind go dormant or else incoherent, & yet not be such a thorn festering in the flesh, that it needs immediate attention by the great physician & the logic of his "logos?" Is not the word a soothing bath called "washing of water by the word?" Yet many are odious wives to Jesus, who don't love your word whereby they might be saved. You have threatened to send us strong delusion if we love not the truth. 2THESS2:11.

__275_____<><><><><> We as sinners love to preserve sinfulness under the disguise of holiness clever enough to fool the world, to make them fall into the same ditch with us. As craftsmen, we love to think we are on your level, because our "technology" has reached to the "clouds," i.e. to the realm of the fallen angels. The highest "brass" of the world must rely on you that "no weapon formed against them can prosper," or they can only end up clashing with your supreme technology at armageddon.

__276_____<><><><><> Give me strong & rapidly developing faith that mixes richly with your whole word in all its forms, to believe in your image & the good news of sending Jesus to make you "OUR FATHER," by marrying us unto himself as his own flesh & blood. Cleanse me from the smallest traces of unbelief in your gospel, so none of your wrath may abide upon me. JOHN3:18.

__277_____<><><><><>Let your word of faith in me be "fire shut up in my bones," by making me cease from sin because of that form of suffering in the flesh by which I deny myself, taking up my cross & following your son Jesus. Give me the overpowering force of your omnipotent Spirit which is external, (KJV "excepted") 1COR.15:27, which is far beyond the universe, which causes me that utterance which needs your interpretation with it. Make me pray with the spirit but with the understanding also. Though I cannot understand as I ought, except in words & groaning which cannot be uttered, make your mercy & favour super-abound unto me as a "vessel of mercy.”

__278_____<><><><><> Your own Holy Spirit is "fearful in praises" unto the farthest reaches of your "deep things," & Jesus said if I don't praise you, there will be such a void created that the stones will do it. What manner of existence are you FATHER GOD, that even your own Holy Spirit with the fullest of his almighty capacity is said to be “FEARFUL IN PRAISES?”

__279_____<><><><><>The mystery of who you are consumes all my thoughts & attention, as an absolute & extreme obsession! If even a hard stony heart can praise you, mine must be worse, i.e. a black hole, as my whole life has been one big lapse on this most essential evidence of loving you! It has shown how little your Holy Spirit dwells in me, if I'm so unlike him, by evidence of my dull & lifeless word-only lip service of praise to you.

__280_____<><><><><> I have done no wonders, & yet many who have done many wonderful works will come to your son saying, "Lord, Lord," yet be told by Jesus he NEVER KNEW THEM. Yet what wonderful work have I done to help anyone? Or proof that my sense of being filled with your Holy Spirit is not my own flesh & mind playing tricks on me? My righteousness has not exceeded that of those whom you will damn! MATT5:20.

__281_____<><><><><>How much have I tested my anointing, which is irrevocable, by applying it on a needy or sick person or some other immediate problem we need solved? I’m too timid, (fearful) to even try, which is also listed as one of the categories in REV.21:8! I'm not even on the level of those whom Jesus sends into "outer darkness!!" Yet I have no shortage of eternal hope that I'm sure for heaven, but it's not all baseless to "hope on your word." PSA119:49.

_282___<><><><><>¶¶¶¶ You alone have power to draw me unto your son, by which I can find the fullest acceptance by you. Help me exercise discipline whereby Jesus may find access to knowing me: & truly earnest, fervent & effective prayer to be known by Jesus. What greater curse is there, than that my very ANOINTING could blind me from conviction of having not made myself accessible to Jesus: as my Lord & Saviour? To rejoice that demons are under my authority rather than that my name is written in heaven? LUKE10:20.

_283______<><><><><>But like the church of Sardis, I have a name that I live though am dead. Yet could not see my death because my anointing has made me seem to live instead. Did satan lose his anointing after he died in sin? Yet his anointing made him confidently tell Eve, "you will not surely die." What good is being filled with the Holy Spirit if it serves to only puff me up? -& not take warning that you "spared not the angels who sinned," though they were cast down by the tail, (Greek- "oorah") of satan. How many are cast down from the TRUE DESCRIPTION OF YOUR LOVE, 1COR13, because of the “aura” of our anointing?

_284______<><><><><>It is easy to call ourselves “Christian” & yet have the HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF BACK IT UP AS TRUTH! Because after all Christian (Christ) means “anointed,” & even the devil himself is the anointed (Christian) angel, & there is NO OTHER POWER BUT GOD WHICH HIS ANOINTING! ROM13:1. If there is any power in the world it is Christian! But what makes us saved is if we are JESUS CHRISTIANS! It is if we are in affiliation with his CRUCIFIXION & members of his body! God was a God of his WORD=LOGOS before he was a God of anyone of us, & it is by his words that we must come unto him, in agreement with his covenant. HOS14:2.

__285_____<><><><><> If I but love you, would not praising you be both easy & the most enjoyable thing to me? Yet I have mixed evil with my most holy things, leaving it to Jesus the priest to be "crucified afresh," & branded as my "HOLINESS TO GOD," EXODUS 28:36-38, as if I were not sworn by You God, to be a "priest after the order of Melchisedek." I have played the child of hell risking irreconcilable damnation with my many vast arrays of sins, & yet I have trusted your grace will not fail to save me.

_286______<><><><><>Then when I saw what I had done, I could scarcely trust you could or would ever save me! You have told me when I was in the valley of my sins, like Nathan coming to David, "see your way in the valley, & know what you have done." I have lived as a drunkard not on alcohol, but junk sugars & refined foods, sloth, pharmaceutical drugs & all manner of sinful allowances. Because my sins were not against most churches or else not criminal, or not judged as such, I offered you my "strange fire" which quenched all growth in you, before salvation could take root.

_287______<><><><><>Churches were even the cause of my stunted development in you, when I should have followed Paul, "consulting not with flesh & blood." GAL1:16. Satan loves to dish out his anointing only if he sees it will carry you away in it; as he loves to give money if he knows you will waste it, so it becomes both a snare to you & offence to others. But for an enlightened child of yours to get power to get wealth, it must come from the carcass of the slain lion only! You must give us power to lean on the pillar of satan's kingdom, going up with us to your house, or all the mockery & laughter at it will be justifiable.

_288______<><><><><>Satan has been the friend of my sinful nature, & he's used my evil conscience as a barbed wire fence to keep me from crossing over from my brain washing religion to becoming a true Christian. Sprinkle my evil, erring conscience, in your everlasting blood which has no beginning or end; for many have become "almost Christians" only to be told by Jesus "I never knew you." Let me turn the WORD which is "sharper than any two-edged sword," deep into my own heart till it becomes my greatest of pleasures.

_289______<><><><><>Let knowing Jesus make me have complete abandon of all my reputation of self preservation. Make knowing Jesus more & better be such an obsession with me, that it consumes me like a fire that is as big as you are, Father, as our consuming fire of that ultimate unerring MOST FERVENT love. Let knowing Jesus as my 1st love be my chief concern so I may be driven deeper into your gospel image arms as my final love: then "perfect that which concerns me." PSALM 138:8. Make me wise in my prayers, since life is so short, it might as well be my last REQUESTS!!

_290______<><><><><>What's worse than my lack lustre praise & Thanksgiving to you? I have acted as a soldier in a war where every hardship, no matter how small, I blame the general, as if I should be in a paradise already. If you God are to blame for any misfortune in my life, the worst thing I could do is rile you further, by giving you a reason to execute your intentions against me! But you have already not suffered me to be tempted above what I'm able, but I have denied any ability you give me, by complaining about the smallest temptations instead of resisting it by "enduring hardness as a good soldier.”

__291_____<><><><><> I have let satan carry me away in the flood of his mouth, i.e. in his anointing which powers all worldwide religions, WITH A COVERING ANOINTING, EZ28:14, making it appear as "moves of God.” My mind has been so void of the spirit of prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus, I could not take warning of the many tell tale signs of going down the wrong path. Now I need you to seek me out like a divine ambulance with paramedic angels, PSALM119:176, since I do not forget your commandments, since you seek such to worship you in spirit & in truth. Let my prayers be like the 911 call to heaven, ACTS9:11, to deliver me from eternal death, & raise me to the level of DEUT28 BLESSINGS! Make this “thus done to that person whom you delight to honour.” ESTH6:6. You have bidden me to ask, seek & knock, & promised to open.

__292_____<><><><><> Since there is no power but what belongs to God, ROM13:1, this makes satan's power seem to come "from on high," prompting me to agree with his doctrines which produces a yeast like "uplifting" effect. We as natural conceived sinners, (because "we know not, i.e. discern not, what we do,") even tend to think that satan's imitation of Christianity or else incomplete logic or whatever religion he has a "head" for, looks more genuine than the only true Christianity of Jesus! This is because knowing our sinfulness is the most alien concept, thinking it is something we must do to ourselves or else we think we're pure & blameless.

_293______<><><><><> And oftentimes if once able to discern spirits, instead of prompting me to repent & change course, I instead resist your spurs & choose rather to "kick against the pricks," to go with a multitude to holy day, rather than with the few true believers who know the one & only Biblical Jesus. The wine of their wrath for not staying with them, by their self exalting fellowship, which to you is fornication since they have forsaken their true husband & “loved the creature more than the creator,” appeals more to my sheep nature than being accountable only to you: God. So I'm naturally terrified of excommunication from those who arrogantly claim to be the only true church. But you alone can ordain me as your minister, & this is true for all your true church.

_294______<><><><><> I am, by nature, on the wrong side of the war altogether, & if it wasn't for your illuminating light that "suddenly came to my temple," knocking me off my high horse," & decidedly making all satan's world & anointing very inferior, "swallowing up all his serpents with your one rod," & essentially blinding my sight for this world with your dazzling light, hiding all satanic pride from me, because it is truly intolerable, I wouldn't even have any good sense to seek you whatsoever.

_295______<><><><><> Despite all of my great corruptions, as subtle as most of them are designed by satan to be, lest I should discover them, I desire your body, craving you as Joseph of Arimathaea, MARK-15:43, craved the body of Jesus, to wrap him in his shroud, (a rich man's article) "burying him with the rich." ISAIAH 53:9.

_296______<><><><><>To always behold your face, MATT18:10, Yaweh, which is the face of the everlasting gospel of your almighty anointing, REV14:6, 2COR4:4 -EX24:10, is my job as your messenger here on earth & perfectly hereafter. You protect us from evil because our angels do always behold your face. MATT18:10. You are my greatest & best friend: my 2nd & final love. Jesus is my 1st love, by which love for Jesus, my candlestick shall not be moved: & who calls me "friend," JAM2:23, by making all his yours. JOHN17:10. JOHN 10:28-29. ■■

_297____<><><><><>■■ The superior iron of your face sharpens the inferior, deteriorating iron of my face, PROV27:17, to make it like a flint against the devil & his Angels! ISA50:7. You are the health of my face, PSALM42:11, making a table in the wilderness bearing the fruit of 2 or more gathering in the name of your son, hungering & thirsting in his righteousness for his body & blood to establish our prayers. Refresh our lives each time we take the Lord’s supper, & pray for the most possible benefits from it, that we are able to pray for, seeing the benefits are as enormous as heaven itself.

__298_____<><><><><>You God, are so worthy of all our service, even the smallest infraction against your holiness is due the worst of your just punishment. However it was your will from everlasting that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. But being "I AM THAT I AM," you needed to create what you were able & slated to, though you foresaw in it evil & so needed a strategy in your testimony: "the Spirit of prophecy." Without your son, nothing was made that was made, JOHN1:3, meaning you could not make anything, or give life & fulfilment to any heart intention if you didn't find the pattern of it first in your son, from before the foundation of the world.

__299_____<><><><><>Though it was “made” in heart, it couldn’t be made in actuality if the design was not in Jesus: but let not this design be put upon us by “default,” as after Halal had sinned & become the devil, but by partaking with Jesus in the fulfilment of his own testimony. Satan himself, though iniquity were found in him, could do nothing with it, but internally putrefy forever, if you chose not to make your son "sin for us." The trouble all your plan of redemption caused proves but one thing: how valuable a pure heart is to you, & outward proofs of what kinds of persons we are within. Is it any wonder that Jesus attacked the pharisees with the word "hypocrite" so vehemently?

__300_____<><><><><> But what if the “iniquity found in satan’s heart” would have not remained ISOLATED THERE ONLY, but by some law of science, (seeing how mysterious you are God,) would have been spread, as sin has done already throughout the whole universe, into every other heart as well? Then where would you have supplied yourself with a covenant to make viewing the hearts of your people tolerable?

__301_____<><><><><><><><> You overcame the devil by the blood of your son, & word of your testimony & by laying down your life (setting aside your robes of self love) in sacrificing your "only son whom you loved.” This is therefore the pattern you give us in REV12:11. So you brought forth the son of your son (ISAIAH 14:12) from before the WORD was made flesh, & with this first sentient son came the power to sin & generate the necessity of divine wrath.

__303_____<><><><><>Sin was something impossible until it began in satan, & required great authority but great presumption of never being stopped, (as is for the worst criminals must first suppose,) before being committed to doing his ultimate crime. Satan never met his own husband until he saw him come in the flesh, but denied him until his resurrection, & saw his face on the lower back of the burial cloth burning in the lake of fire.

_304______<><><><><>Then he was "wroth with the woman," & went to make war against the church, by sending his wolves, "creeping in unawares" with false doctrine which makes him have the place of son of God, NOT SON OF MORNING, ISAIAH 14:12, by making Jesus the actual most high God. Luther said the “WORD IS KING, but music is Queen,” so though we think it is all song & dance to set up doctrines, they are like building water channels which direct whole rivers of traffic in the realm of the spirit. This is why there is such a thing as “spiritual wickedness in high places,” because doctrines of the church allow it to be so.

__305_____<><><><><>You designed this 1st angel under Jesus "perfect in all his ways," which showed you intended that he use that perfection not to start sin with. If it were your desire to inflict evil on your creatures & damn lost sinners, you condemned your best friend for it in destroying the devil's works. Surely your desire for what you desire is insatiable, yet the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM after satan is thrown into the lake of fire, ends anymore possibility of anymore additions to damnation.

_306______<><><><><>If you wanted sin to give vent to your hatred, you would have CAUSED Halal (& us all) to sin, not merely knew in advance that he would do so. You would not have written the book of Revelation in which there is a GREAT FINAL JUDGMENT & therefore an end forever of any more possibility, beyond that, of pain & suffering, yet a promise of creating a people “who shall be born who will know you have done this,” who is the host that will fill the new universe. Shall we blame you for needing to do what you had to do, as a woman has to give birth, though she is not responsible for what that child will do?

307_______<><><><><>& did you not make BOTH MALE & FEMALE IN YOUR IMAGE? == so to compare you to a woman cannot be out of line with scriptures! We do not even know what manner of being you are: one who has always existed, who is without bounds & no lack of ability in soul, yet has an image limited in size like us? Can we think you at fault because your intelligence is unlimited & therefore knew in advance what Halal would do? You have said “woe to him that strives with his maker!” ISAIAH45:9. & Paul says, “nay but oh man, who are you that replies against God?” God is the giver of our intelligence, yet we are as an appliance that despises the power source into which we are plugged into!!!

__308_____<><><><><> Had you somehow prompted Halal to sin, he would not have been made "perfect in all his ways," & you cannot lie. It was satan himself that thought, after he corrupted & darkened his power to reason, that you are "such an one as him," PSALM 50:21, because in order to do the works he did, HE HAD TO USE THE SAME ANOINTING HE GOT FROM THE TIME OF HIS CREATION! This made himself to think of himself to be "like God" for the sins he did in taking the forbidden fruit of sin, which he laced with the fruit of a tree in the midst of the garden.

_309______<><><><><>All the things he said he would do & be, “be like God, sit among the sons of God, ascend to the sides of the north,” etc, THESE ARE ALL THINGS HE ALREADY HAD BUT SIN MADE HIM FORGET HE HAD THEM. Now his “added benefit” was doing it all in his own corrupted hideous strength! How often after we sin, & fall away from you, think to “exceed our former righteousness” by exerting our own carnal strength & so called will power, thinking it is superior to what we have had already! Only until we repent in dust & ashes can we begin to be rebuilt by you!

_310______<><><><><> Satan in his undefeated office, before he crucified the Lord of glory, in the old testament, i.e. the "administration of death," 2COR3:7, even had authority to edit the law, having you command the children of Israel, (among many other atrocities,) to "slaughter all unbelievers with the edge of the sword & leave nothing alive that breathes!" Now since Jesus owns all power in heaven & earth, & so upholds the unadulterated law of love, satan is still having severe withdrawal pains from the slaughtering which took place.

___311____<><><><><>Satan’s righteousness has therefore contained with it many allowances for Christians not to always be “gentle to all men,” & show all the fruits of the spirit, by even allowing the church to consider “sin as against themselves,” & calling what they do not agree with heresy, though it is a term reserved for what is “against God & God only.” PSALM51:4.

__312_____<><><><><> These were Acts which you abhorred, but which increased satan's bloodlust to such a fever pitch he could not resist crucifying the Lord though it enraged him to think it could be his defeat! Now that satan has shed the blood of the man Christ Jesus, now by the same man must his blood (anointing) be shed, GEN9:6, through his help-meet the church. GEN3:15.

__313_____<><><><><> Now your will is our only command, as Jesus has supplanted the will of the devil, telling us to love our neighbour as ourselves. To call you “OUR FATHER” was impossible until Jesus made the way for us, among many other like commandments which Jesus said are all "new," & "making all things new" by his word's fulfilment.

__314_____<><><><><>Jesus encapsulated the whole law in telling us to love you with all our faculties & effort, & then turn that same love onto our neighbours after lifting our soul's weights in our prayer gym. The miracles Jesus did were all out of his great love for you his Father, & we were merely recipients of what he did in praise & worship of you his God: like fallout from a divine explosion.

__315_____<><><><><>The initial punishment of sin is the dulling of our conscience: that makes us forget the horror of the wilfulness of our sins, & which paves the way to continue in that sin. Many have been plunged into a very heavy & gross darkness which they thought was light "it was so great," MATT6:23, for having committed some vile sin, & often never waking up till they are in HELL ITSELF!!!!

__316_____<><><><><>We need you to break down all walls against you that our sins have put up: which remain as scars long after we have repented. We need the marks of the Lord Jesus upon our souls to replaces our own marks which sins have caused. All our sins are later proven to be that which "profited not," since those benefits we thought we got were ALREADY FREELY GRANTED, though needing us to submit to holiness & seek first the kingdom & your own righteousness.

__317_____<><><><><>Satan taught us we would be "like God," but how can we not be like you God, if we are your children? Jesus said we are gods, i.e. your babies, unto whom your word comes! --- What a worthless thing sin is, when all the benefits of sin are only in the hook, & the hook is but the smallest, fleeting speck of what is eternal & free for all! But because satan offers us a quick & unregulated benefit, we think it's worth any price. The thief offers free money, but with it comes a terrible price to pay later forever.

__318_____<><><><><> Let my work in this world be as the swordsman bride of Jesus, though knowing he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. But let me be killed with the sword of Jesus, whose smiting me is a kindness, not the cunning sword of the devil! Let me never defraud my husband Jesus of his coming to me & entering me, knowing that he is the head, & it is not my proper place to “take or choose him” but for him to take & choose me.

_319______<><><><><> "When the fulness of time had come," your own son was manifested to destroy satan's works: though for many who are already lost & in hell, those works will remain eternal. Until Satan is banished to the lake of fire, help us, who still struggle on earth to put on your full armour, & be successful in being militant against the devil & his attacks. Most all of which attacks consist of flattery & buying off with favours, which assures satan a sinful spoiled rotten" weakness he can then access in us later like an implanted tracking or control device.

_320______<><><><><> Then when & if satan is allowed by you to use harsh physical means, he can try to harvest our souls for hell as well by prompting & quickening us to sin in some damning way. Only Jesus could say the devil has nothing in him. But what enormous array of sin does satan have in me? What little way must my life circumstances be disrupted to offset my whole faith & service to you!

_321______<><><><><>What must it be like for you, God, to have such frail objects of your grace: whom you know can hardly refrain from sin or keep the smallest of vows? What then must my end be if your thoughts of peace to me are counted as such "light bread?" PSALM 39:4. Can your precious abundant thoughts be enough to uphold me in my hour of death when satan comes to throw all manner of guilts upon me for past sins?

__322_____<><><><><>If all your forgiveness is but imputed & not actual, (as they must be to “not lay again the foundation of repentance” HEB6:1) what fine thread of worldly contentment & pharmaceutical thoughts must anaesthetise me from feeling what I cannot by those same means refrain from feeling in my last hours? Help me God NOW to fortify my life against the devil & his works, & receive that actual forgiveness that contains with it "tasting the power of the world to come," & to stop believing his lies which disbelieve all that you declare to us in your great & precious promises!

__323_____<><><><><> You are a God to be feared both for fear of losing your forgiveness & for fear of your ways which makes you do what you must do. Your divine wrath, brimstone, (thion) is called "incense," as that which eternally cleanses & contains evil from having any further effect on "those people who shall be born who will know you have done this." Only Jesus can cleanse once & for all time: judge us now so we'll not suffer eternal judgment.

__324_____<><><><><>When Jesus is your only genetic son, what benefit can we be worthy of, if not found in him? But those who do not fear you, "have no changes.” PSA55:19. It is not so strange knowing you exist, but it's the only logical possibility since nothingness of any kind cannot exist, & you are filling up the creation side of existence with endless diversity. It's indeed strange anything exists until we can go to those heavenly classes in the new universe, where it isn't restricted by satan & his regret for what he's done.

__325_____<><><><><>Now as a result of satan's self made evil, I suffered total depravity from conception, PROV22:15, so you have ordained, if you love me, rebukes & chastening to separate me from the darkness & make my soul to cry after the blast of the breath of your nostrils which parts the red sea of all satanic attacks. Yet you knew my heart as chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, & all my members were fearfully & wonderfully made & written upon the book of your heart, PSA139:14-16, though you also knew what sins I would do as if engraved upon your mind with the point of a diamond.

__326_____<><><><><>There is nothing hid from the heat of your omniscient consuming fire! To be surprised at anything you can do is the sin of unbelief: the mother of all sin, by which we cannot enter the kingdom! Since prayer is a voice, or "phone" in Greek, let it also be a conversation, with you MY ALL KNOWING GOD with the most to say. Make all prayer adjusted by the workmanship of your faith in me, to delight in hearing your voice, far more than offering my own input; though at times I receive your voice like the sound of much thundering with dunamis =miracle power, all the way to that of a still small voice guiding my most wise & harmless ways. MATT10:16.

__327_____<><><><><>And so, though pressed upon by the devil with only your grace to protect & relieve me, I also plead the blood of your grace to perceive me as a child of your son, & to not let his intercession be aborted. Meet satan as a bear bereaved of her whelps, HOSEA13:8, & bruise satan under the feet of all your militant universal church shortly! ROM16:20.

328_______<><><><><>So all I want is fine tuned faith, like the Psalmist's harp & a heart capacity to receive what's boundless: because all you lack as my salvation is a fit vessel to dwell in! PROV.26:6. A household owned by Jesus Christ & consisting of his faith, is the perfect conducting lightning rod to contain & transmit to a lost world all the dunamis, i.e. "miracle working power," & soul-saving preaching you have for us now.

__329_____<><><><><>Let us walk the tightrope of "being crucified to the world, & the world to me," with the balancing rod of rightly dividing your word of truth, as workmen who need not be ashamed: if we study your word in the same spirit that wrote it to begin with. The world is "crucified to me," because like as with the 2 prophets, your word of truth torments them. REV11:10.

_330______<><><><><>You father, are the good & direct, fresh news from heaven Jesus (Yeshua "our salvation" PSALM91:16) commissioned us to preach, as thus says the Lord. Though bearing the gospel image, GEN1:26, I have been "shapen in iniquity." PSALM51:5. But I consent to your will, 1TIM2:4 to awaken, change & renew my whole mind, body, heart & soul to be turned from sin unto you forever.

__331_____<><><><><> Let your New Jerusalem come near me; to begin your good work in me: PHIL1:6;= letting me eat the butter and honey of that mother land, so I may have my senses therapeutically exercised by the ministry of angels to know & discern to refuse the evil & choose the good, with all willingness & determination to carry out what you send me to do, like your word, to accomplish it. ISA55:11.

__332_____<><><><><>Let me be fully united to my Godhead the Holy Spirit, as Jesus was fully united to his Godhead the Son: so as he was “God with us,” I may be “Jesus with us,” & sit in his throne, even as he also overcame & is now sitting with you in your throne, Father Jehovah. Let me understand the true nature of the TRINITY, & have solid faith built upon the rock of ages. There as for Moses, show me your image, as you pass by, but giving me a greater glimpse of you, than seeing only your backsides reflected upon the rock. Yet it being enough to make his face to shine, so that no one could see it & needed a veil, so much more will the ministry of life be glorious. 2COR3:8.

__333_____<><><><><>& in your great love, EPH2:4 draw me to Jesus: who is your only genetic son: & heir to your throne,- given to save us. JOHN 3:16; Begotten & crucified REV13:8 in the beginning first as the WORD then made a living human soul with a body you prepared for him. JOHN1:1&14. Then broken in his body & poured out for our sins releasing energy to create the new universe IN THE ACTUAL GENESIS WRITTEN FIRST IN THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY. MATT26:26-28.

_334______<><><><><>GOD, I will praise (Halal) your name JAH, Psalm 68:4, with a song & magnify you with my thanksgiving! PSA. 69:30; Make me receive your illumination! ☆HEB10:32 Overwhelm me in your glory, & give me your 9 spiritual fruits. GAL.5:22. Give me the language of glossolalia: which is based upon the known written word itself.

__335_____<><><><><> Joy itself should be joyful enough (or any knowledge of your gifts) just knowing you have included it as one of these 9 fruits. In anyway I yet need regeneration to put my Leviathan nature, (as born by flesh & blood as a child of the king of pride) under your blood which is the blood of Jesus, let the whole course of my life now turn the corner to go straight to the SOURCE of all which I enjoyed as an unconverted sinner.

__336_____<><><><><>Sorrow itself was turned into joy before me, (but which dominion over depression I stole from you for not praying for it,) as I calculated the "deep" of outer space to be "grey headed," (very old,) because I highly esteemed the fall of my natural father, as "normal," but which i didn't know slowed light to a snail's crawl, as if "it's what has always been." ECC3:15. The old universe has already begun to be rolled up like a scroll & a new one being made in it's place just behind the light barrier. If we could travel in space to that point to outrace light, we would see something that would shock us to our very core.

__337_____<><><><><>What our telescopes pick up, is only the image made by the light, like the exposure upon a photograph, which are to “fall like figs shaken by a mighty wind.” One of the terrors of the tribulation will be the blankness of the night sky. But the light of the new universe is not seen because we are under quarantine due to the plague of sin, & being in the zone of satan’s crime scene, as where his fall from heaven took place. Help us to prepare Father for this “time of Jacob’s trouble” coming upon us, so it will not be like a thief in the night. Help us to escape all these things to be counted worthy, in our diligence of seeking you, to stand “not before mean men, but kings,” == even the King of kings. PRO22:29. LUKE21:36.

__338_____<><><><><> Your hands, though having a limited image have unlimited attributes belonging to your gospel image: & so because your hands like your eyes are everywhere & even omnipresent, you can create the WHOLE UNIVERSE AS FAST AS YOU CAN CREATE THE SMALLEST PARTICLE! What is the largest possible universe itself compared to you: who is UNLIMITED & BOUNDLESS? You have said the nations, (even if we filled the universe shoulder to shoulder) are but a drop in the bucket & not sufficient to burn!!

__339_____<><><><><>How great is your love, to look upon us, & make us feel by your presence walking with us, that we as priests of Melchisedek are "without father or mother, beginning of life or end of days." But if you forsake us unto the pits of hell, we will know just how frail & dependent we are, & we will wish that your own existence: WHO IS ”THE EXISTING ONE" stops existing, just so we can stop existing to put us out of our misery. There is nothing hid from the heat of your authority, but to keep us from turning to you, satan has made us think your power in us is intrinsically our own.

_340______<><><><><>Because you have not utterly taken away from me those crumbs which fall from the master's table, & because I thought your "word of power" was only for me, I have been easily satisfied with little, (supplementing it with the pharmaceutical effects of sin,) never thinking of any other mouth to feed through the sincere milk of the word. If I got full, it didn’t matter if the whole world was empty of your presence, I wouldn’t care. But PSALM23 says our CUPS MUST RUN OVER, IF WE ARE TO BE ALSO RIGHTEOUS.

_341______<><><><><>If we do not get in order to give to those in need, how can we know the LORD GOD GOES WITH US? NUMBERS14:42. So how little have I had of the pure fruits "from on high" because I have been so tainted by the fake "hook based" fruit of the world's addiction to sin: whose benefits are only as long lived as it takes for me to receive the unholy penalty of my sins, & which only produces greater need to keep paying off the devil to endure the pain of being a sinner in satan's world.

__342_____<><><><><>But you father are the God of the "windows of heaven," which you have promised to OPEN, if I but comply in the most reasonable of terms. Yet how have I failed with the most damning track record, to do sometimes even the least of what you my true head have asked, by carelessly falling into "biting & devouring one another?" Your exquisitely sublime, & superb love has been the last thing the radar of my soul has found interest in keeping & retaining in my knowledge.

__343_____<><><><><>Yet I found no slackness in taking advantage of your love for sustaining my committing of sin: which abhorrent abuse of your grace has been foremost in my wicked practice. I have lived by presumption of your continued coddling me in sin, & as a result i spoiled my soul to be a sponge for sin, & a sieve for holiness: as a broken vessel unable to hold anything of a divine nature. Is it any wonder I've shown so little of your love to the world, and even when you empowered me to do it, I would rather believe I'm still not able; --- "denying the one true God" as being antichrist: against my own anointing & mercies.

__344_____<><><><><> How long has it taken for you to begin to place your agape at the foremost in my sight as the crowning capstone of my whole being, due to the total depravity of my whole person, which I kept alive & even cherished as if refusing to give up my ways as a new born baby! 1COR.13:11. Though love is greatest; even greater than faith or hope, how have I failed to be captivated by this most precious way of Jesus!!

___345____<><><><><>This helmet of salvation by which we love the brother & sisterhood & pass from death to life thereby, should have been my most earnestly coveted "way," which is even more excellent than the "best gifts." Jesus the "way" embodied & blazed the road which John the baptist prepared, to obtain this for us, which we have trampled on as an unclean thing! HEBREWS 10:29.

__346_____<><><><><> My soul, as with all God's servants, should be the most advanced form of prism, designed to be able to show off the full spectrum of your loving nature: compassion, tenderness, kindness, meekness, gentleness, usefulness, helpfulness & myriad of other like qualities! And all this their most potent & pristine condition: not weakened at all by any sin. My faith should be on that level which attracts & transitively conducts the outpouring of this power of love "from on high" as branch like circuits unto all in the spirit of supplication & intercession, & is "worked by God who is love." So that as Jesus could say, "it is the Father who does the works in me," I can say the same of my now glorified savior Jesus Christ.

__347_____<><><><><>The latter rain should begin on a faith level before there is one drop to show for it, & to not despise the day of small things. My declarations made in faith should not be confused with wishful thinking or sensationalism or boasting, but to be seen as agreeing with & believing my God JEHOVAH!! We should see prophecy in 2 categories: 1 "default" which describe what must occur because of evil, & the good promises which must occur with the cooperation of God's people. The prophecies made with the laying on of hands & which are all positive thoughts of peace in the mind of God, should not be expected to be carried without our own obedience to the gospel image of God.

_348______<><><><><>Let my greatest prayer be for the book of revelation to be fulfilled. That it's a fully positive prophecy & not as horrible only as people think it is: as it's even the new testament written in the blood of your heart. Reciting the Holy Bible, (as it's ALL now the NEW TESTAMENT since you made all things continually new,) consists of the blood of your very heart, Father; as if you took that very lance that pierced the heart of Jesus & did it to your very heart. But since you are the PANTOCRATOR CREATOR, this blood flowed in the form of words in the Bible through your oracles, & pictures upon the burial cloth.

__349_____<><><><><>The fact it takes my cooperation for your positive non default prophesies to be fulfilled, shows you wanted to EMPLOY me as PART of this most holy work of yours! But I do not comply, satan will take our rejection & superficial reading of it to make a heyday for himself & run amok in the world as he has mostly done except for your ongoing mercy keeping us from ALTOGETHER jumping off the cliff into the sea.

__350_____<><><><><> If we are not "IN" the WORD OF THE HOLY BIBLE, there will come a time we'll know & see we're NOT IN THE KINGDOM EITHER, AND NEITHER BE ABLE TO ENTER IN. If we didn't get in through the doorway of your CONTRACT i.e. MAKING USE OF THE HOLY BIBLE, we certainly won't when all faith has turned into "the substance [your holy ones] hope for & the evidence we didn't see."

__351_____<><><><><>Soon people of all branches of the 7 heads of the beast: the kings who are the religions of the world, will be in a very uncomfortable situation needing to receive or reject satan's most blatant ways including his mark. That it's obvious God, that both you & satan consider the "rulers" of the world to be the religious class of people.

___352____<><><><><>Satan went to the Jews in order to crucify Jesus, not to the government, although he would have liked their cooperation. I thank you God I'm a fool, so I tell everyone that's what I am: as a fool confesses to the world his true status & sins. But I pray I won't be wise in my own conceit or I'm far below a fool: who's not even capable of self examination or confession of sins or realization of needing your forgiveness. AMEN.

__353_____<><><><><>Lord, this is an endless cycle of thought on this one subject: that of knowing your son. Jesus said MANY would come to him saying Lord Lord, thinking to call him Lord could only be by the Holy Spirit. But though they were of the upper crust of the church; i.e. the wonder workers, the big time preachers, etc, Jesus will tell them "I never knew you.”

__354_____<><><><><>This would seem to be sheer blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to think that such could have such an anointing, yet NEVER to have known the Lord! If I were to tell any supposed wonder worker that it were possible for him to be such, I would be harshly accused of blasphemy! Yet Jesus warns us in his word that if the blind leaders of the blind fall in the ditch so will all their followers. Help me God to understand this.

_355______<><><><><>But if I should "come out of her (Babylon)" while she's a habitation of angels, all the more i should when I see her falling & becoming a habitation of devils. Make me to love my "voice" of prayer, (which word voice in Greek is phone,) infinitely more than my physical worldly phone.

__356_____<><><><><>With your ALMIGHTY BODY, lean upon the pillar which holds up Babylon (as Samson did upon the pillar holding up that temple;) even their claim that you Father is also your son: making him the most high & identical to you! Only you Father are able to reveal your own self, & expose the fallacies satan has most cunningly devised: so let us not be ignorant of satan's devices: but to be jealous of our own souls to not be lost. But let us care about the souls of others, as we care about ourselves. ○●□♤♡ ◇♧☆○●□♤♡◇♧☆○●□♤♡ ◇♧☆○●□♤♡◇♧☆ ○●□♤ ♡◇♧ ☆○●□♤♡ ◇♧☆○● □♤♡ ◇♧ ☆○● □ ♤♡◇♧ ☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧ ☆○●□ ♤♡◇ ♧☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧☆○ ●□♤♡ ◇○●□ ♤♡◇♧☆ ○●□♤♡◇♧ ☆○● □♤♡ ◇ ♧ ☆○● □ ♤♡◇ ♧☆○●□ ♤♡◇♧ ☆○● □♤♡◇♧ ☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧☆○● □♤♡ ◇♧ ☆○●□♤ ♡◇ ♧☆○● □♤♡◇♧ ☆○●□ ♤♡ ◇ ♧☆○ ●□♤♡◇♧ ☆

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ SECOND PERSON OF THE TRINITY: “GOD THE SON:” our salvation come into us. ■■■■ 2: LORD JESUS come for our words Dan10:12.

_358______<><><><><>You JESUS are the only way to be separated from sin, satan & this present evil world, unto the Father: whose obedience to God your Father resulted in your being now glorified. You even claimed the reason the Father loves you is because you always do his will & that which pleases him! How can the greatest of persons be also the most lowly & lamb like?

_359____<><><><><>This makes us want to know you to the fullest degree & extent in both your crucifixion & glorification! You have a lion nature but "holy, harmless & separate from sinners;" & attacking satan "like a bear bereaved of her whelps," but which also lays down with your lamb nature & leads us in prayer & worship of your Father, though you are included as God says "let all my angels worship my son.”

__360_____<><><><><> You are God to us though begotten in the beginning, first as the WORD, JOHN1:1, which consisted solely of GOD SPEAKING, because you are the only way to God, so when the angels say "worship only God," they see you are God with us; & therefore qualify as God, being it not robbery with God to judge yourself equivalent to God.

__361_____<><><><><>But Jesus, if I were to examine all scriptures, the conclusion by "rightly dividing" shows you to be submissive to your Father in the eternal, permanent divine hierarchy: so this equivalence to God can't mean you ARE GOD, but our only connection to God.

__362_____<><><><><>You are made so much better, however, than the angels, that even if all angels & saved humans were innumerable times more & all combined into one super person, we would comprise a great inferiority to You beyond what we could calculate! It is no wonder that actual WORSHIP of you is in order & even commanded by God your Father!

__363_____<><><><><>Let us know you Jesus as you are, so as to not allow one iota of satan being able to mimic or pose as you by any means, or to replace your personal presence with your general "Christ" anointing & identity only: which is the "only power that be," ROM13:1, to the extent satan himself is called the "anointed cherub."

__364_____<><><><><>There is no other power in the world but that which is yours, & the Almighty Christian blood in you from your Father, & so when we claim you or come unto you, let us be sure to include your JESUS SELF WHO DIED FOR US, or we are essentially claiming there is no son, & no need to come unto God by you only!

__365_____<><><><><>Let it not be said we worked only for the temp agency which is you Jesus preparing us to meet your Father, but that we didn't even know it was only temporary but instead called it our eternal corporation! Let us know you are our training for living with your Father: but that it begins with preparing our heart now & learning now. Let us not be those who have NO UNDERSTANDING, who therefore will have no mercy or favour!

__366_____<><><><><>Your Father who is in heaven named JEHOVAH is the life of all flesh who therefore pours out his Spirit on all flesh, (giving us athletic & sexual strength, with all the attributes of soul, mind, body & spirit,) & that is the reason people seem to have an undeniable desire or even need to see some human nudity & have a general attraction & filial affection for each other.

__367_____<><><><><>If God's image which is the gospel of your anointing, 2COR4:4 wasn't in each person, they would be suffering identical to being in hell, & no one would desire to look upon them but they would be even the source of all loathsome diseases! Yet how little do people desire to see God's image!

_368______<><><><><>If you hadn't destroyed the works of the devil, Jesus, satan would reign supreme just below the realm of that heaven which is now fractured from us, (from satan weakening the whole cosmos,) & he would never allow one word of anyone to have free course, let alone the gospel, especially since it wouldn't be available to us; & yet how little do we esteem & love you Jesus for what you did for us?

__369_____<><><><><>You Jesus, being the A & Z even the WORD, LOGOS & LOGIC OF GOD, whose voice is the sound of many waters, pour forth knowledge far beyond the edge of the universe, & saturating all in between!

__370_____<><><><><>You are the saviour for an innumerable company angels & human species in a never ending multiplication of universal life! You will apply the same love to "the people who shall be born who will know you done this," who are "called as though they are but be not," as you have to us who are so sinful & unclean as to make salvation difficult.

_371______<><><><><>More than has having a true fear of hell & damnation as if I had both witnessed & felt the torment personally, & desire for heaven as if I had already experienced not only a full taste but eating of the tree of life, give me to eat the butter & honey of that motherland above so I may know to choose the good & refuse the evil. This knowing is by having my senses exercised by the ministry of angels, which can differentiate between the most subtle of sins: but which fracture us from God Your Father, Jesus, just as surely as if, as Job said, "perhaps they have cursed God in their hearts."

__372_____<><><><><>Does being Pentecostal therefore, (as if getting freedom from sin is a hostage crisis,) & I must be traded by you Jesus, my negotiator, for one sin so I may give up another? Isn't your blood able to cleanse from all sin & without ANY COMPROMISE? Why do workers of iniquity gnash their teeth? Because they've been sucking their pacifier of sin their WHOLE LIFE! They had their convenient sins they labeled "kosher," as if God's will can be bought by the vote of the people. But what can ever rid me of my childish nature?

__373_____<><><><><>That part in myself planted by the enemy, which is like a speedometer to heaven, in which I must always progress along the way to heaven fast enough to look zealous & hot but slow enough to cherish favorite remnants of my past sins? But Lord, if heaven to me is not YOU, but instead a PLACE, I won't even be allowed in anyways!

__374_____<><><><><>If all I want to do is live eternally in a life of ease to "enjoy myself," & feel comfortable with myself, as the pharisee who prayed "thus with himself," if that is what you wanted, you would have prepared a place for me on a deserted planet full of android life which looked real but just had that omnipresent anointing, which is all "wonder workers" anyways!

__375_____<><><><><>Who preaches about you Jesus, as if knowing & understanding you were not only a necessity but their preoccupation? Why, when we must speak personally about you, must we always "watch our backs," & make sure what we say lines up with extra biblical canon doctrine, instead of just comparing our inspirations with what the HOLY BIBLE says?

___376____<><><><><>Why is most of the power of any sermon heard anywhere in this world, in the CHARISMA of the preacher? & why do we need to speak words which can be easily consciously received & digested? If the power of God is present to save souls, it should be just as possible for God to speak DIRECTLY to our minds without the need for our faculties of sense & reason or any thought, as it is to speak to a deaf man to hear or even one altogether dead to come to life.

___377____<><><><><>Is hearing a preacher if in YOUR TRUE MESSIANIC ANOINTING, not even an INVASION? Do demons sit & listen & wait for their order to come out, & be henceforth bound, or are they imposed upon, EVEN INVADED? Though they cover their ears & resist, it is to NO AVAIL! & didn't you tell us you would give us a mouth & wisdom which no man can gain-say or resist?

__378_____<><><><><>Are we more powerful than demons, or more powerful than the virtue which was activated by the woman's faith, which flowed from you, though you could not have known otherwise: seeing you were being crushed by the pressing of the huge crowds? But you are not beholden to our faith: in fact you are the giver of it.

__379_____<><><><><> Though all men have a measure of faith, it is a faith in this temporary world's power, NOT IN YOUR POWER JESUS! Satan wants us all to believe we're somehow born saved, but just need that added "activation" of WHATSOEVER RELIGION OR MINDSET WE CHOOSE TO IDENTIFY OURSELVES BY!

__380_____<><><><><>How many Christians have the real anointing that comes straight from you Jesus, or ELSE that common universal anointing of this PRESENT EVIL WORLD: which is from satan who has a buy-off gift for every man to make him agree NEVER TO SEEK THE REAL TRUTH? But doesn't give us enough enlightenment to make us able to know the "terms" of our anointing or that indeed it came from satan, but at the same time can't avoid those pesky questions from arising in our heads once in a while! As if we're living in a digital computer generated program, & once in a great while we see a glitch in the fabric of our universe that makes us wonder, "is that a screen with something else happening behind it?"

_381______<><><><><>But satan quickly gives us a kick to make us pain, then says "go stick your head in your favourite pharmaceutical drug, that will make you feel better!" Satan runs a worldwide insane asylum, whose sacrament is his sorcery called pharmaceutical drugs. That is how the magnates, the unknown multi trillionaires, "the great men of the earth," are able to rule the world, & who are the merchants of Babylon the great, the Vatican.

__382_____<><><><><>But what "merchandise" is produced in Rome, (as if Santa's workshop) that can supply the whole world ALL OUR MERCHANDISE? ANSWER: THE DUNAMIS!!! (note: REV18:3 is not abundance but dunamis. That is Rome's product!) BUT NOT FROM ANYONE BUT THE DEVIL! It is mind blowing to think REV18 in the last verse says in essence, that all who are slain on earth by any means, that it comes from that same power.

__383_____<><><><><>And THEREFORE, if the TRUTH were told in a powerful OVERWHELMING CAPACITY, the only enemy would be the followers of satan. There would be only 2 nations in the world, & "nation would rise up against nation & kingdom against kingdom." Their wrath would all be on us the genuine Christians, for having taken away their false security of their souls.

__384_____<><><><><> Satan is so seared in his conscience as with the hot iron of the eternal infernal flames of the lake of fire, that when he saw he was condemned at the resurrection, (after seeing his image on the lower back of your burial cloth,) all he could do is bellow out in brutish rage like a dumb beast! Who then tried to mimic what repentance is in subtle lies, rewriting the theology of holy scriptures as the foundation of Catholicism.

__385_____<><><><><>He had no remnant of his original highly & finely tuned nerve endings of angelic feeling or wisdom left in order to show any normal mourning or grief or regret of any kind! His first sins of casting out a third of the angels qualified him to become the "evil one:" a super criminal of such magnitude it is impossible for anyone to have the tiniest morsel of any estimation of just how wicked & vile & utterly hopelessly damned satan is!

___386____<><><><><>That will be the cause of his greatest torment to be restored to his FULL FEELING FOR HIS SINS; to feel the fullest of grief & pain in the lake of fire, like wetting down the head before applying the voltage in an electric chair. Once satan the covering angel of all sinner's sins is taken from sinners in hell, their seared consciences will immediately heal, & all their destroyed soul capacities restored in order to feel perfectly all the wrath & misery God has for their treasured up. Satan is the twister of our imaginations & thoughts, being the author of confusion & all perversions!

___387____<><><><><> But once he is taken away the soul springs back to life, & it's first words are "where is my true Daddy in heaven?" But too late, sinners should have thought about that before it was too late, & resisted the devil here. So called ministers love to be guilty of the blood of the wicked by never warning them. How many times could I have said even a peep of something to speak my true opinion, as if I were a catatonic invalid, on the immoral wickedness of a pastor or who ever, but didn't because satan wanted them protected so told me that if I do, see, they are illuminati & will just use your rebuke or candid opinion to further their wicked cause!

___388____<><><><><>How many times Jesus, as soon as I'm done fasting or done some good work, instead of saying "I'm an unprofitable servant," I get all cocky & feel like judging everyone like the world is an idiot? How the devil is so busy manipulating us all into all our beliefs, then when he sees we can't warn the wicked by our horror in death, & there's no more hope, he leaves us to make us think Jesus forsook us, since even great wonders workers often NEVER KNEW OR WERE KNOWN BY JESUS, but had name to live only.

___389____<><><><><> We as a nation prefer the pharmaceutical sorcery whose side effects are worse than the disease: while instead we could just get accident insurance for breaking a leg or needing stitches, or for any "non self indulgent related" illness, which we could avoid using discipline. If we but had morality to eat right & have daily swimming & used common skills to respect our reflection of God's image, most medical practices would be obsolete. How many businesses thrive on our unhealthy lifestyles? Hospitals, restaurants, stores, even clothing must become custom made to fit someone out of shape!

___390____<><><><><> How deep would your sword, Jesus, go if it could reveal all the errors in my soul? Would it show I'm really not sincere & my only motive is fear of hell? Did you need sin for grace to abound? Did sin ever do you a favor? Was the sins of satan all really an elaborate plot for you to REALLY SHINE MUCH BRIGHTER & BE MUCH BETTER? No, sin never did you any favors. Job says it all profited nothing! Paul says he counts it all but dung. The only favour sin does is be so obviously garbage, yet that didn't stop me from testing your grace my whole life that if I sin I won't die. Is jumping off a cliff but not dying PROOF it's not fatal, just because I was caught by a net?

___391____<><><><><>Do sinners ever look at the REASON they didn't die from sin? Satanic pride keeps us from seeing what is more plain than the nose on our face! It's a shame that all my gifts & talents I couldn't have the love in me backing them up to be diligent & disciplined to use them without sinning. How weak has my heart been to always need to be DOMINEERING & in control of my own life, as if all I could do is gravitate to the beat of my heart. Instead we need to gravitate towards you Jesus, as the one thing NEEDFUL which I need you Christ to strengthen me in, which IS IN & OF ITSELF "ALL THINGS!"

__392_____<><><><><>But your strength in me is all so heavenly economical, because none of it is wasted but it letting you live in & through me & my praises. But what if I find praising you dull, useless & even boring? What a piece of work I must be Lord Jesus, which PSALM 51:5 seems to make it sound so mild in comparison to the full meaning! Satan made me so narcissistic & self absorbed I was of no use (kindness) to anyone. And because I could not trust God hardly in any way but in the most sinful presumption, I thought all my thoughts were more valuable than genuine holiness, but thought I had power to protect my own life & works.

_393______<><><><><>How slow to examine & study the whole word I've been, & usually for no better reason than sheer laziness & slackness, with a mind drunken on sweet wine: my own blood enibriated on sugar, caffeine & all unknown junk. It's amazing I'm even alive after all the senseless & tragic mistakes I've made! All the times I thought trying to "strive with my maker" was the right way, & to move him with insults should have been enough to ruin me.

__394_____<><><><><>All the times I helped an unknown girlfriend instead of helping my mother or people I knew: not knowing for what my money was used for, just because my personality disorder had driven me to insane desperation. All the ways I essentially knocked my head against the wall just because this godless world could do nothing but live by the code of apathetic hypocrisy! If the devil were bound everywhere, (the strongman of the world's house) who would still be functioning? Who would be shown to live by God's power? Who would have any "faith on earth" as Jesus asked?

___395____<><><><><>But you Jesus are so far from even the opposite of satan, being so good & worthy of praise, full of holiness & grace for our sins, that it's beyond all calculation EVEN BY GOD'S OWN MIND WHICH NO MAN OR ANGEL CAN KNOW; so you described as having the anointing "without measure," titled THE MESSIAH, & he whom God has sealed, & the source of our seals, being the bishop (distributor) of all our needs with the greatest abundance, even giving is back 7 fold all satan stole, along with all the substances of his house, the universe.

___396____<><><><><>But I seem to have an idea that there is coming a world civil war between the followers of Jesus & those of the devil, much the same way the Jews defended themselves against those wicked Haman caused under irrevocable law to attack them. But if we're not warned, we will be taken as much by surprise as they would have been with Esther. If there was a great enlightenment which produced the fulfillment of your Father's will that "all men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth," the majority who must needs remain lost would be so hardened as to be at sore & violent odds with those who warn them of their impending doom.

__397_____<><><><><>This would be a true "holy war" in which Jesus in us must only fight in righteousness to defend his beloved from physical death & molestation, as much so as any soldier ever justly fought for the freedom of our nation. Is martyrdom ever an obedience to the enemy to lay down & be killed when told to? Or is only, when by God's good providence, we must under inoperable circumstances be forced to undergo a death for God's glory, when to not do so would required denial of you Jesus?

___398____<><><><><> The deficit of truth in the world must counteract all deceptions against it, & this whole amount of plus balance of truth must consist in the simplicity of who you are as our savior; since satan doesn't attack anything else but who you are Jesus! Even satan knows, unlike us, that you Jesus are the only thing worth knowing at all: as you are the only way to the Father. How does satan get revenge on God for condemning him for "crucifying the Lord of glory?" By getting us to serve you in vain without ever knowing you, so that we come to you all ready to enter heaven but getting sent away with an "I NEVER KNEW YOU!"

___399____<><><><><>These are those "fallen into the ditch of Catholic theology," who do not enter into the kingdom: but causes all who either follow them or take them for real teachers of God, to scoff at religion & condemn You, Jesus, as if a fraud! This is the whole design of why the Vatican, etc, exists: to be a stumbling block which prevents the WHOLE WORLD from finding the truth, even as you said Jesus, "few there be that find it.”

_400______<><><><><> What hidden truths are "dammed up" in the records of the Vatican: allowing but what will put us under their control to trickle out! Indeed most of which we're better off not knowing, but what is good for us to know, can be had only by your intervention! What great love it took to create the whole of creation: for God to need such objects of affection, his love must be great indeed not to be so self absorbed & feeding on his own glory!

__401_____<><><><><>Only those are wasteful & delight in causing suffering make things to merely be thrown away or else to own them with indifference! I'm sure God has a symbiotic relationship with you Jesus & all of creation, even to desire the salvation & enlightenment of all people with the TRUTH!

__402_____<><><><><>To have explosive love which is never satisfied helping & loving others but must need greater venting of itself to demonstrate the intentions of it, is the kind of love you Jesus "received of your Father." Even to the extent of "taking away the sins of the whole world!”

__403_____<><><><><> But I solemnly wonder sometimes exactly how many great wonder workers & saints, (even those we thought were most sure for heaven,) has it already happened to; to come to you upon death only to be told you never them? Which I don't gain pleasure to muse on, but want to be sure it doesn't happen to me; as the only option is burning in the lake of fire if we're wrong!

__404_____<><><><><> It's nothing short of satan's finest wickedness being fulfilled to prevent the greatest of saints from ever KNOWING JESUS --- EVEN MAKING IT SEEM COMMON & VERY EASY TO KNOW JESUS! MAKING A PROFESSION TO CANON LAW & AN AGREEMENT WITH A CATECHISM SERVE AS EQUIVALENT TO KNOWING JESUS!!!

__405_____<><><><><>No other greater torment is possible than for a person to rise painstakingly to the level of wonder worker, & to preach what they understood to be the gospel, only to be told that they WORKED INIQUITY & NEVER KNEW THE JESUS THEY PREACHED TO THE WORLD.

__406_____<><><><><>Jesus, You said they will go away weeping & wailing & gnashing their teeth! It would be the worst hardness of heart for me not to try & "warn the wicked," even those who are with those "principalities & powers & spiritual wickedness in high places.

__407_____<><><><><>By the same token as you Jesus being GOD WITH US, I must be (as an ambassador,) You Jesus "with us," as you command by overcoming all my stumbling blocks of sin, I must sit with you in your throne as you also by yourself overcame, (alone on the cross) purging our sins, as an eternal glorified fountain of God's blood which is light, as you now show that blood in your face being the 2nd Adam & now sit with the Father in his throne.

__408_____<><><><><>As you Jesus are the temple of God the Son, I'm "part" (but a cell) of the many membered temple of God the Holy Spirit: with Michael my prince as my pastor under you. For this cause I by faith & understanding wear his angelic body on my neck with his square face as my priest collar: being my voice of Aaron as my brother to speak for me & publisher of my writings as my imprimatur, saying "let it be printed.”

__409_____<><><><><>We have abandoned one another & made ourselves therefore so vile & so unlike you as our great shepherd, we are ashamed we don't show true brotherly love & respect: as it's impossible to show too much love against which there is no law. Where was I when the lost were dying & brothers and sisters needed ministry? Off complaining about not getting it myself, and accusing you Jesus of not having a functional church!

___410____<><><><><>But you let me still encumber the ground in hopes you would eventually find fruit upon my branches. Not fake Christmas tree fruit put upon me by getting ministered to & receiving fresh anointings from prayer lines & prayers with no understanding, but the fruit that grows from within which also carries with it an ability to teach, preach and engraft your saving faith. Make the power of your Christ identity be that by which we're saved & which I'm empowered to preach.

__411_____<><><><><>The devil is the great false savior of the world, who gives everyone a false sense of salvation. Even though he knows tyrants & very committed sinners are without hope, he will not suffer them to know they're lost, on order for them to keep courageously serving satan as they store up wrath unto the day of wrath, & so that others will not take warning. Or it would be like journeying to hell in order to take warning, except it would be here on earth in front of everyone's face.

___412____<><><><><> Because if satan calculates there's even a tiniest chance it could make him lose his grip on the world or that particular sinner to come not as an angel of light but king of terrors he's wickedly wise enough not to do or allow it. True salvation & blasphemy against the devil cannot come until satan is bound & that entails revealing his true presence. Your book Jesus therefore is not only the revelation of you but all things including satan, for the simple reason that you have all power in heaven & earth.

____413___<><><><><>Satan became your most major wound on the cross: which scourged your innermost soul with even the vast majority of all your sufferings. Under the blood he is now our healing since it is by your wounds that we're healed. You were made the serpent lifted up on the pole in the wilderness, & by this in that sense became sin for us, even the perpetrator of it namely the devil.

____414___<><><><><>Now the wealth of this prototype sinner has been laid up for the just & he must restore 7 fold all he stole from us along with all the substance of his house: the power of all the third of the angels he cast out, with all their wealth as well as his own inheritance with his 7 crowns by which authority he cast out a third of the angels. Satan's wealth was so great God gave him, along with all his vast adornment & inner implants such as the drums & pipe organ, ACTUALLY ONE THIRD OF THE ANGELS OR ELSE HOW DID HE CAST THEM OUT?

___415____<><><><><> Is it meant by the word "deceive" to cast down? Or did they sin first? But why did he apparently need to then cast them down? It seems by sheer logic to cast down implies great strength, authority & ownership. Or else he convinced EXACTLY a third of these vastly INTELLIGENT REASONING SUPER BEINGS that it was a great idea to sin & follow him out of heaven! Give me a break Babylon, since your teaching is missing a few MAJOR PARTS!!

__416_____<><><><><>When Adam & Eve were created satan had already weakened this old universe, but had to plant the so called tree of knowledge to get at us & own earth too. Everything satan owns gets strip mined of all it's beauty & worth, (as seen in this barren shell of a universe,) but you have given us satan as part of our legacy. Satan inherited the mark known as "of the beast," which represents the 3 major temples known as the TRINITY.

___417____<><><><><>These 3 temples are the gospel who is Jehovah, you Jesus & the Temple of the Holy Spirit the church. It became an evil number while in his possession of it, & because we are sinful & not able to take it worthily, neither has it been bequeathed to us in the form of any sacrament.

__418_____<><><><><>It cannot be given by placing it's symbolic meaning on something & received through intention only, but Satan can sear our consciences to make us more ready to take the 666 through our agreement & compliance with false canon doctrines: such as taking the Lord's Supper while proclaiming Jesus to be essentially JEHOVAH THE MOST HIGH, WHO APPARENTLY (by the same insane logic) DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US.

__419_____<><><><><>But Jesus you were broken for us not your Father, though broken in his great distress in making you our offering for sin. We are hardly able to take you in your Supper worthily, & contracting the sin of being guilty of your body & blood is second only to the penalty they will suffer for taking the mark of the beast itself!

___420____<><><><><> Lord Jesus make us holy & able to serve your desires for us to do. LG'S a asYou are our husband if we are the church: let us know you in a manner worthy of you & befitting us as your wife: to be make compatible as remade after your image as being our everlasting father: for we shall be like the angels & be made like your new glorified image the more we see you as you really genuinely appear.

__421_____<><><><><>Even now give us 2 wings like an eagle & your healing from the leaves of the tree of life in our new angelic wings. Do not allow us to disquiet your body the earth by being an odious woman when she is married, but help us accommodate your Holy, divine efforts to transform us into that which has no spot, wrinkle or any such thing.

__422_____<><><><><>Make us to take delight in washing in the water of life which flows from the fullest use of your word, as Samson who drank from that jawbone by which he slayed a thousand people. By the same token make the refreshment we get from reciting & praying according to your word convict a growing multitude: to even bring down saving judgment, ISAIAH1:27, upon all the churches.

___423____<><><><><>If your conviction doesn't begin in us, how can it come to those who don't usurp or own your name in any way? It should be known however, if we aren't fit in the smallest way to be called by your name, Jesus, as we who need our reproach taken away, when judgment comes, it might not be to correct us & drive us into a saving repentance, but to eternally reject us as the foolish virgins who were not careful to accumulate heavenly oil from the markets of prayer & fasting.

_424______<><><><><>Give us a heart like that of our brother Paul, upon which came the care of all the churches: as a mighty tree in which all the birds of the air sit. And do so in the most extreme of ways; to make us super lovers of you & humanity, burning with all manner of consumption in the flame of your own zealous love as raptured up into you & kept from every hour of temptation!

__425_____<><><><><>Your sacred heart is indeed that most beautiful & worthy of all objects of our affection: & which is now glorified to manifest to us in the form of the Holy Spirit! But let us check to see what fruits the anointing we get gives us, to make sure it's from you: as power from on high, not power from our natural father the devil. It should have every attribute in the Spirit of Pentecost which is in you, Jesus.

___426____<><><><><>Getting the Holy Spirit from the continuation of that first day of Pentecost should have in it the very potency of dunamis to work miracles you now have Jesus, & it should inspire to do & write what the first disciples did, which is to start churches modelled after the church of Acts, & to raise up children unto the Lord our God as a mother who is being saved in child bearing.

__427_____<><><><><>But what children have I borne for you Jesus? What fruit has your seed in me produced? Is it all out of fear of losing all coherent thoughts, or do I have something more real growing in me that was planted distinctly by You? Can I prove not only to myself but others that You are the REAL LORD JESUS, & not satan coming as an angel of God's presence?

__428_____<><><><><>If I have any true power from on high in me, at what point will it have critical mass & explode forth in the form of signs, wonders & miracles & in giving gifts unto men: which no antichrist can deny & which no tongue can gain say or resist?

__429_____<><><><><> If we're "just not getting it," we will know one day after satan is no longer able to have at us, all the ways we've been deceived & given access for it, & it will be an eternal realization which can never be altered or erased.

__430_____<><><><><>It would be better to try to see things as they are now, without sugarcoating them with vain professions of faith, to have any hopes to repent before it's too late: or satan will succeed in destroying us! It would be better to be in any situation whatsoever than to fellowship in vain with a deceptive person who may even be genuinely believing their own lies: which makes them seem real.

__431_____<><><><><>It is the biggest time, talent & opportunity waster to spend any time with a person who is just simply not seriously convicted of their sins. If you love me at all Jesus, indeed fight against them with the sword of your mouth, those whom I've entangled myself in a manner which is dangerous to my soul.

__432_____<><><><><>Why do you allow fake churches to masquerade & deceive people, and make satanic prophecies: by being the mother of all sin? Send your sword of separation & don't let the wheat & chaff grow together! You are the WORD HIMSELF & God says his word is like a fire & hammer that breaks the rock in pieces.

___433____<><><><><>It takes one who intelligent enough to identify what here God is considering to be "rocks" & which only You Jesus is both able & qualified to do this special job. You are the great shepherd of the sheep, & so only you can call me out of sin & show me your highway of salvation. Give me a love for the best: You & Your Father, though by nature I desire the junk by which I can be numbed to live willfully in satan's strong delusions of grandeur.

__434_____<><><><><>Jesus be that holy sin for me which is without sin, so I may have all my sins replaced with what you are made to be for me now in your glorification of your crucifixion. In your testimony the spirit of prophecy, let all you are testify only of an expected end for me designed by God's thoughts of peace.

___435____<><><><><>As all sin prophecies of utter doom, let your holy sin upon the cross prophecy only of resurrection & glory & a full coming into the world with the latter rain so black with clouds, we are compelled to pick up the "skirts" of all which drags, casting out both sins & weights, & fleeing unto the cross.

_436______<><><><><> There let us find our identity as the cross you died upon, as if we are made by you as by a carpenter, but is now made into a living bride unto you: which no longer torments you but is even beyond the opposite of that in the joy & satisfaction it brings you! Let your crucifixion be eternally in a perpetual state of glorification as if still nailed upon that very same true cross: as those nails are your marriage bond unto us your church which we pray & beg will never be dissolved as rusted away in sin & neglect.

__437_____<><><><><>Let us always feel your blood covering us, & putting your green living sap as the green tree into us, who is the dry tree,- even forfeiting it all over to us root, trunk & all in your death, so that upon your resurrection you needed to become the bright morning star in order to then have any life at all: but which an infinitely superior form of life.

__438_____<><><><><>Your death upon the cross Jesus was in that sense absolute & eternal; since you never got your blood back or original condition of humanity restored, but then needed a full refueling with new blood called the "heavens," & a new body so vast it comprises all earths & suns & space!

_439______<><><><><>Let us use your humanity bestowed upon us with such pain & fear & hard obedience to your Father, in a manner worthy of such a great gift, & loving one another for your sake, & as we would do unto you DIRECTLY: if we could see it is all unto you anyways. Make your attribute of love in us Jesus be glorified: & first in the form or trusting God your Father for our salvation, so no sin of unbelief may stain us.

_440______<><><><><> Our marriage to you Jesus is based purely on your testimony the Spirit of prophecy; since how could you otherwise have married us under such dismal conditions? You were even made, (by your Father slain from the very foundation of that very world without end,) for that marital occasion upon the cross, to have no form (we could identify, ISA52:14) & so void of the presence of your Father who is your blood, that all darkness was upon the face of your deep, unsearchable & Kingly heart.

__441_____<><><><><> This was primarily accomplished in you on a soul level, unlike Babylon who wishes, like the great whore she is, to portray your "passion" as primarily physical: as if your being man could only consist in the "taking upon yourself human flesh," not being made in & as "very soul" as well.

__442_____<><><><><>They try to portray your death therefore as purely physical & your fear of it like that of a spoiled king who, because you (allegedly) experienced such pampering from everlasting in heaven, the thought of your momentary death of your "flesh you took upon your Almighty omnipotent soul," (though a death so terrible, you according to them are entirely GOD, & so could watch it unfold as if in a moment,) made you beg for deliverance from it all the days of your flesh, even with strong crying and tears, Hebrews states!

__443_____<><><><><> Is this the behavior of the ALMIGHTY GOD who has all power & knows he can never be lost? But wait! -- if our perfect Saviour thus prayed with such fear & desperation his whole life even to the very garden of Gethsemane, who are we to think our salvation is so sure & a guaranteed thing which can be nothing but handed over to us on a silver platter like the head of John the Baptist?

___444____<><><><><>Who are we to take seeking God & thoughts of you Jesus so nonchalantly when your whole life was in nothing but preparation for your final moments on the cross? We who are the dry tree in whom you said we will suffer a worse fate (as eternal separation from God being but a speck of it,) if we don't come to truly know you & be known by you. Yet you said many wonder workers who used your name & preached unto the world & took your Supper will be sent away into outer darkness!

__445_____<><><><><> If you felt, Jesus, you were expendable by God, & so begged the Father for deliverance from eternal death, even your WHOLE LIFE WITH STRONG CRYING & TEARS, & needed the "hard training" of being a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief, shouldn't we reason that all the more we could not be spared if we don't spend every moment PREPARING FOR OUR END; FOR ANY CHALLENGE BY THE DEVIL?

___446____<><><><><>Should we just say "he's the devil, so why should we care what he says, since he's only trying to deceive us anyways?" But you Jesus gave answer to the devil, & it was surely more of an exchange than the few salutary phrases given us in the gospels! You said Jesus, sufficient to the day is the evil thereof, not to just endure to get through it, but to prepare us for what is ahead.

__447_____<><><><><>The tribulation, Jacob's trouble, is coming & are we ready for what will be put upon us? You said you will keep us from that hour, but to be fair, the REVELATION was written for all ages not just ours, so whether it means we won't be around here for the mark of the beast, & so can smugly sit idly by, or what exactly it means, we were not given such precise, comprehensive of an explanation simply in the KJV 12000 WORD BOOK OF REVELATION.

___448____<><><><><> But this death was that of your very soul suffering total separation from your Father, & that alone is something we cannot begin to understand: especially since you alone are sanctified by your own blood who is your Father, but we as wholly dependent on you, are sanctified by you as the giver of that same blood. What you suffered on the cross & the suspense leading up to it, is something which is such a gigantic topic, Paul thinks he can have no room left in his mind for any other thoughts, but says he chooses this as the only knowledge he keeps.

__449_____<><><><><> There is no justification for sin though your grace abounds through it, it doesn't mean you intended or needed sin to exist. Satan didn't do you any favors by his sin. It's commonly thought your Father planned sin, in order to glorify free grace. But that would give an excuse to the devil had you created him, though while the LOGOS, & all along for the purpose of your needing to be crucified!

__450_____<><><><><>Sin is sin, not a tool to make you brighter & more holy. Election didn't exist until satan made it so through sin, since all were elect & didn't need to be identified as such. But you Jesus in your passion & death sanctified what "had to come to pass." The cut throat of all religions of the world is that when the word begotten is used to describe your being, it can't mean you had a beginning as begotten means for us.

__451_____<><><><><> It has to mean anything but begotten, & the only reason the word is not thrown out, is because it can't be denied it's part of scriptures. If the Trinity could mean the son is a personality of the Father as the true only image of God, then no need for such descriptive words as son & begotten! We would say no son did God beget, & say no need for a special mediator to commune with God.

__452_____<><><><><>The only reason churches don't utterly deny (in words) the true nature of the son & enjoy your anointing without acknowledging your name is because of the semantics necessitated by scriptures. Those of us who TRULY DESIRE TO KNOW YOU JESUS, should be very busy about the "ONE THING NEEDFUL:" which is to "come to the knowledge of the truth" about you, which God desires all men should come unto.

__453_____<><><><><>To not have a "bumper sticker faith," which consists of pet scriptures we are certain to make mean what we want them to say to the world: but to "rightly divide the word of truth," which is the only way to be a workman that needs not be ashamed. Though the world's churches try to make me ashamed anyways, "I NEED NOT BE," so long as You, the true Jesus, is defending me!

__454_____<><><><><>Let us do the will of your Father in heaven, Lord Jesus, so that we will be indeed your brother, sister & mother! Obedience is the hinge of all things; & therefore better than sacrifice. We like things we are in charge of, & which puff us up like a religion that we must "do." But our obedience is not to do our religion but so you alone may be the doer of our religion: making us have disinterested benevolence as those who do all things as though we did them not.

__455_____<><><><><>We must be unprofitable servants who are immune to any gloating & rising up of pride in us for the effort of our good works, having but this simple candid response to our deeds: it was our duty to do it. We couldn't avoid it anymore than our bodies could fail to be healthy or we'd be broken vessels in whom no mercy could abide as finding rest for the sole of her foot.

__456_____<><><><><>You are the very Jesus we, your church, accepted by faith, though knowing you & recognising your photo, as one who has a personal relationship with you, might be alien to us. But give us discernment in the highest of quality control standards, to appreciate & most highly value your truths which flood forth from your presence in what is described as many waters, “set open for sin & uncleanness.”

__457_____<><><><><>You are “Emmanuel = God with us,” as he who has seen you has seen the Father, because you are God’s only genetic son, JOHN3:16, who alone is in the bosom of the Father. All things were made through you & for you, as nothing being made without you according to the logos: which is God using you as if you're the TRUE EVE: the mother of all living & the source of all materials & creation inventions.

__458_____<><><><><>The logos, represented by the 10 commandments is, in my estimation, Your first form of existence. This law is loved by all who are Holy as if it's YOU YOURSELF: & THEREFORE "THE COPY I WILL KEEP IN MY EYE & STUDY TO WRITE AFTER.”

__459_____<><><><><>You JESUS are beautiful beyond all belief or comparison to anything that can ever exist besides you: even beyond us though we're combined into an innumerable company. God gave you the greater comeliness in sight of him, since compared to him you are the part which lacks: & fetched your beauty from his absolute omnipresence to make you the IMAGE OF GOD'S FULNESS, WHO ENGRAVES GOD'S IMAGE UPON OUR DEEPEST SOULS!

_460______<><><><><>In fact our comeliness comes from you, so it's the greatest of folly to be lifted up by our own beauty! Help us to comprehend the manner of your existence according to the study of scriptures so that we may be a workman who needs not be ashamed of our conclusions & the results we gather. I can't rightly go through the rest of my life in a spiritual twilight, lacking full discernment & quick understanding of all I need to know to go to heaven.

__461_____<><><><><>And we don't even deserve repentance seeing how we despise the work of it & choose to slyly reject it. If it's immoral & even damning to eat physical bread if we but doubt, how much more to eat of the communal bread of fellowship if we doubt the legitimacy of our company?

__462_____<><><><><> Yet the threat contained in the forsaking of our assembling together & failure to give tithes, etc seems to overshadow any threat contained in if we doubt our actions. And if take it upon ourselves to attempt to work a miracle, we are essentially walking upon water to do so if we succeed: but if we sink like Peter before you took his hand, that is the very reason so few miracles are done & far less which rise to the level of quality & quantity that you performed as a human on earth! YET YOU SAID GREATER WE WOULD DO, JOHN14:12; BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW GREATER IN US THAN BEFORE PENTECOST!

_463______<><><><><> If we doubted to eat bread or take nutrition of any kind after the true hunger of coming to the end of all our physical reserves sets in, to the threatening of our lives, then we would be disparaging your mercy. Let that most evil soul disease never come upon us! Be "ready to forgive," as well as manifest it to us as soon as we set ourselves to seek your face. Help us discern the manner of your crucifixion & appearance upon the cross, as well as now that you are risen & glorified: as a bride desires to see her husband. Make yourself bare to us, as the apocalypse of yourself: that we may show you off to the world through our bodies.

_464______<><><><><>But should not therefore our belief in the WORD & our direction in life be according to something beyond our mere understanding or even reasoning: seeing our lives happen & completely play out infinitely faster than we can lay hold upon any functional degree of understanding? Is it any wonder that the fear of you & the fear of transgressing your holiness is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge & all understanding?

__465_____<><><><><>If it were not for this, by the time we know WHY we should live holy & what it means to do so, we will have completely broken down our foundations, & like satan left behind a trainwreck of missed opportunities & all manner of violations against You & one another! Satan didn't exist long enough at his time of first sinning, to know the full impact of why GOD should be his master, & that he was indeed the son of the WORD, who was meant to essentially be his husband.

_466______<><><><><>But this didn't exonerate him in any way from the wrongful nature of his actions to commit sin; & therefore neither does our ignorance exonerate us, except to give some form of allowance to pardon us if we sin "ignorantly in unbelief." But this is only because we were shaped in sin. PSALM 51:5. But we are warned that if after we have started redemption & tasted the powers of the world to come, we will be like the angels who sinned, if we then fall away. HEB-6:6.

_467______<><><><><>That if you would not spare so great & glorious a being who excels in all manner of strength, we should take heed lest you spare not us! We should think & consider the desperate jealousy such beings as fallen angels have against us who are given chance after chance beyond number, & sometimes even after tasting the powers of the world to come & sinning in true willfulness!

_468______<><><><><> According to scriptures, you were from the beginning of your conception as first the WORD/LOGOS/LOGIC OF GOD, TRULY GOD, for it was only God himself speaking you into being whom you also call "the beginning of the creation of God." You are the sole heir of all God is & has, & therefore did not see it robbery to be equal to God & decide to just leave us even as a baby, & let this old universe rot in the devil's hands.

_469______<><><><><>Nevertheless because your nature was to love God & delight to do his will, you found yourself in the form of a servant & therefore became obedient even unto the death of the cross. Let us also not take advantage of our inheritance with you, & serve our own will nor having our pleasure, or speaking our own words, ISAIAH 58:13, but let your same mind flourish in us, by which you were crucified.

_470______<><><><><> Help me not be discouraged at my loveless nature that seems to never die, but know that being a true Christian of yours Jesus, yet not being able to work miracles is the ultimate unkindness: seeing you designed my new soul to do them. So if I'm going to be discouraged at my times of being provoked to anger, I might as well do it right, & be discouraged all the time, if I'm so committed to always responding that way to my failures to love as a real follower of you Jesus.

_471______<><><><><>You alone could give us the NEW COMMANDMENT to love one another, whereas the god of this world who pretends to be God, never taught us this. You are the heal catcher who though was “brought forth in the fullness of time,” supplanted the devil’s reign forever, folding up the old universe like a scroll, & making all things in the covenant new.

__472_____<><><><><>Your death on the cross has been the ultimate class action lawsuit against the devil, taking honey out of the carcass of the lion, as our Samson of salvation & giving it back to all that it's been stolen from or can make use of it like Robin Hood takes from the rich to give to the poor.

_473______<><><><><>Like Samson you don't always, without our inquires, tell us where our new found power came from, JUDGES14:9, (though it is only our token "children's bread" power & it's nothing compared to our true source directly from God,) but there is no power but God, & there is but one universal anointing called Christ, & in giving it to us, it puts satan that much more irreversibly under the blood, & closer to becoming "weak as we."

__474_____<><><><><>You are even now in the serious process of swallowing up all the deceptions of satan into the mouth of your eternal though now glorified crucifixion Jesus, as if satan's works, which proceeded from him like an endless flood of lies from his mouth, are all getting sucked down into a most all powerful whirlwind of torrential downpours of Holy Ghost blessings: to be resurrected as the most glorious truths. You recycle for us all things, being made even "sin for us," in order to create & birth in us your ultimate righteousness.

_475______<><><><><>Give me the understanding of how to work those miracles you promised but essentially commanded we do, in JOHN 14:12, which are supposed to be GREATER than you did as a human on earth. It is obvious, for starters, that the reason we're able to, (if we can so utilize the promise,) is because it's your glorified self in us doing the works. But how to come to terms with the release of such power, wealth & energy it is still but illusive to me!

__476_____<><><><><> Your goings forth have been from the very beginning, & rooted in the timeless existence of God. JOHN1:1. You are called “God” because you were begotten in the beginning as the LOGOS, which means GOD SPEAKING. The law of the 10 commandments was written as the summary of your whole logos Godhead, the first copy of which was broken in anger by Moses, EX32:19, to represent how you needed to be crucified, & first broken & cast down for our sins, in order to be resurrected.

__477_____<><><><><>You Jesus are so pure, & holy as that which you have gotten from your Father, whom you have said “only is holy.” REV.15:4. Just you have told us that “without me you can do nothing,” JOHN15:5, you said it is the Father who does your works in you. JOHN14:10. You were careful never to steal glory for yourself, but pointed us back to your Father, even telling us not to call you good since “only God is good.” LUKE18:19.

_478______<><><><><>The second copy, as we see in REV11:19, (which God wrote on 2 tables, front & back, EX32:15&34:28) are now in heaven as no longer existing upon this earth. We can see how there is a museum of holy artefacts in heaven, which you are keeping forever, as well as “bringing the glory & honour of the nations into it.” Our greatest glory & honour, & living artefact, (esteemed as such by the “nations which are saved,”) is your own flesh & blood with which you were ascended to heaven with, & which is now glorified & transformed into the ultimate new creature.

__479_____<><><><><>Even as you walked the earth you said that you “are the son of man in heaven.” And we are said to be seated together with you in heavenly places. EPH2:6. The very manna by which we whose appetite is adjusted for strong meat, which to a seared conscience is but light bread, comes down from heaven, prompting us to ask “what is it?” We should “inquire in your temple” for everything, talking to you our husband, just as we should being now married.

_480______<><><><><>Now you are the fulfilment of the law, as not even the most sinless angel could possibly fulfil: as you alone are the “WORD,” who is clothed with that vesture dipped in the blood of your very Father whom you shed on the cross: & which is the inexhaustible material for our wedding garment “made white in your blood.” You alone are the angel of God’s presence which saves us from our sins, & by your strength we can do all things.

_481______<><><><><>Now just as you came as the word made flesh, you are again coming into us -in our souls & bodies, making us new creatures. Though the antichrist world deny this is true, 1JOHN4:3, we by spiritual warfare, are made mighty & enabled to pull & cast down the strongholds of all uninspired imaginations which are against the knowledge of God, so we might be brought into subjection to you, Jesus, our head.

_482______<><><><><>We thank you for being our saviour, in all you are, as more precious than fine gold, ISAIAH 13:12, even much more than the "bride's transparent gold," & made so much better than ALL the angels & saints combined into one entity! HEB.1:4. You have said, “together with my dead body shall you arise,” ISA-26:19: since you are the resurrection & the life. You as the sun of righteousness with healing in your wings, come also to heal our land, if we turn from our wicked ways, humbling ourselves with prayer & fasting.

__483_____<><><><><>But what a compliment to say we're able to humble ourselves, when that is reserved for the greatest of persons such as you JESUS: who ACTUALLY HAD TO STEP DOWN TO CONDESCEND TO US!! But we, our humbling must be an EXALTATION: since we have slithered with devils, eating the dust of pharmaceutical like deceptions & corrupted powers, as our meat & drink! The humbling you speak of is to our own delusions of grandeur. Deliver us from the evil of strong delusions which believe lies & from satan being able to use us to do anything no matter what it is!

__484_____<><><><><>As he thought he was the true Caesar, the only King under God, & so knowing you were “no friend of Caesar” had to destroy you in the manner of his most wicked form of “self honour.” Then when he saw he couldn’t destroy you, after the resurrection, to keep his “assumed title” as son of God, he had to exalt you to the place of THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF: knowing Christians would not accept a lesser Jesus who was a mere holy man, or prophet, so he had to rather “promote” you to a higher position than scriptures would allow.

_485______<><><><><>Satan who is “spiritual wickedness in high places,” is busy with his favourite “job,” which is to create false doctrine to make sure that all who would come unto you, are “scarcely saved,” i.e. “with great difficulty,” (even while they think it is easy,) & must agree to you having never having been begotten, though “said to be so,” but in another form of begetting which never really had a beginning.

_486______<><><><><>As he is the “prince of the power of the air,” i.e. “media,” he is therefore also a marketing expert of all his works of false doctrines & books based on it. So now be the “prince of the kings of the earth,” & rule in every area of every government on earth, as it is all “upon your shoulders,” though a weight heavier than the whole universe combined.

_487______<><><><><>We have taken upon ourselves your name, & love to think we are "born again Christians” which we are if we also fulfil the conditions of this most precious promise. But hide our own pride from us, JOB33:17, PSALM31:20, as we repent of it, as a good sign of your tender mercies wiring yourself to us: losing the string of our tongue to speak your prayers freely, as the Holy Spirit gives utterance, MARK7:35, allowing us to hear you “ever live to make intercession for us.”

_488______<><><><><>As we see you as you are, in order to be made like you, 1JOHN3:2, let us also hear you as you sound, but while giving us interpretation of what you’re saying also. Your voice of many waters is the source of our Holy Ghost prayer language, which can pour in & through us as freely as the most mighty water fall, making a river of living waters to flow out of our bellies as you have promised.

_489______<><><><><>All your promises are commandments to yourself of what you are bound to fulfil, if we but make good on our vows. Your Father tells us that “concerning the works of his hands to command him,” & this is by making ourselves eligible for our heritage.

__490_____<><><><><> Those who despise you, they have taken being associated with you as a sign of shame. But who doesn't by nature despise you Jesus? ISAIAH53:6. Because we were all shaped in iniquity, PSALM51:5, & so try to use our profession of you in a self exalting way!

_491______<><><><><>You have told us that you are sent only to the sin-sick who are in need of your physician-like saving grace & covering love. The more we see our corruption & confess our failure to see it, the more you are prone to come to our aid.

__492_____<><><><><>Help us Lord to be humbled knowing how helpless we are, & how we have abused & overloaded your grace! What can be a worse sin, than to abuse your grace: which is the only way you have ordained to save us! Convert us from the errors of all our ways to save our souls from eternal death, & to hide our great vast multitude of sins.

_493______<><><><><>Make us to have that “death of the saints which is precious in your eyes,” PSA116:15, as dying to all our self righteousness, & false religious reasoning, which causes so many irrational judgments in us towards everything. Make everything we pray for automatically be done by you trillions of times more abundantly than we can ask or pray for, knowing already that if you command us to do all we do with all our might, then it is a SURE THING YOU DO SO ALSO.

_494______<><><><><>Make us to not trust in satan’s pseudo church, which makes us to think there is no need of any “special service” from us, but make us to know that every member is different because we have a contribution to make to the church body, which “no other organ or part” can fulfil or achieve.

__495_____<><><><><>Make not mutilating circumcision of the universal church body be our manner of practice, (by devaluing & even throwing out unique members who are not “like the others,”) but to pray rather for you solely to do such surgeries upon us: which focuses on circumcising the excess trespass lusts & sinful nature from the heart, & weights & sins from our lives.

__496_____<><><><><>Prune & weed our garden as we pray, so that what is most important can have room to grow. Let us always be ready for our “flight” even if that winter comes not. MATT24:20. Make us ready to be even hasty to go or do anything as needs be. EX12:11. If you must cut down encumbering trees of imposters, who seek to “creep in unawares” to distract & mislead us, because they are committed to being unconvertible, then it is better for the willing church body, who is busy about your Father’s business, seeking your face & that of your Father who is in heaven.

__497_____<><><><><> So because you became the serpent lifted up in the wilderness, so whosoever looks upon you may be healed of satan's vampire bites, most faithfully give me a desire to see you as you are without ceasing. Make your angel Michael be our main pastor on earth to prepare & enable us to see you as you are, & to do so with that understanding which no source on earth can give. You are the transforming and renewing agent of PSA 51, the key of David: which is the cross you bore on your shoulders. ISAIAH 22:22.

__498_____<><><><><>We, who are your cross, have by your love implanted in us a burning & consuming desire to look into the presence of your kingdom through praying the Covenant prayers based on PSALM 51, ISAIAH 55:3, which become our own personal prayers as you mix your faith in with it, & as we cleave to you for your Spirit to be poured into us, even without measure if that is possible for the likes of us.

__499_____<><><><><>You are the hyssop, the plant which grew up from the parched ground of Zion, Mary's womb, to in like manner, indwell us also. You were touched with the feelings of our infirmities, having been conceived as the “root & offspring of David,” whom Mary was a part of. This no doubt made you have in you, though in a dormant way not submitted to, a sinful nature lurking beneath your holy & pure soul.

_500______<><><><><>Your conquering of this affiliation with being born into this fallen human race has now given us all a chance at partaking with you in your being “first begotten of the dead.” You are the holy nation whose voice was that of a multitude, to cover the children of Israel, before you were made flesh, DAN10:6, but now that you're glorified, - having gone to your father, JOHN14:12, your voice is the sound of "many waters," to cover an innumerable company of angels.

_501______<><><><><> Your faith is so great & glorious, you were able without being mistaken, to call us friends even when we were wounding & crucifying you, & committing blasphemy against you, allowing satan to take your place in the world because we exalted you to the place of the most high God Jehovah: which allowed satan to claim by default that son of the morning means son of God!

__502_____<><><><><>Your mother we promoted to your position, as intercesser, whether we mean the church or actually believe it's really Mary, as well as that superior & high in position. This then allowed satan to possess statues depicting the most holy of persons such as you & Mary, & come as an angel of light wheresoever the doctrine of the "mass," saying you are the most high God, is agreed with as the chief credentials of all ministers.

_503______<><><><><>But let my faith be fully organic & born from above in the mustard seed fields of heaven, & grown steadfastly into the mightiest of all trees, in which all the angels can sit in the branches thereof. But relieve me of the vines, that like on mighty Brazil nut tree, want to choke me of my growth in you! If it wasn't your own words Jesus, I would fear to ask for such things, & wouldn't expect anything but rebukes for my great arrogance.

_504______<><><><><>But you have even made it a COMMAND that I MUST ask for these things! Let not the thief satan come to steal my crown, by reshaping & hacking my faith into pieces, & fitting me with his counterfeit salvation & anointing in exchange for his "blessing" in this world. You Jesus have bought for me even the devil himself, so there is no need that I must get his approval for anything.——

__505_____<><><><><>You were always careful to give your father full credit for all you did, & authority for your mission on earth, saying you have come in his name, & it is by his power & greatness by which you do the many miracles you did! You have said he is greater than you, & you have prayed your whole life to be saved from the death of separation from God & for us also.

_506______<><><><><>In you God commended his love to us, that even when we were yet sinners, you died for us. Even in your most trying hour of darkness, you had time for raising your children, telling them "watch & pray lest you enter into temptations!" The reason the summer has passed & the harvest is gone, yet we're not saved, is because we have not raised children unto you. The woman, the church, is saved in child bearing, travailing in birth until Christ be formed in them, & is pained to be delivered.

_507______<><><><><>Saving souls comes by agape life in me, which is instant in season & out, because it doesn't need to be first "processed" through the head. A stylus can be as quick as a high speed printer, because we are letters read by all men: as nothing can hold back our fame once you begin working in us. Jesus let your angels be my fellow-servants, as the "more" who are with me than with those of the world.

_508______<><><><><> Maybe satan would like to be in a position to spare me, if i would accept his common mainstream Christianity, but if I'm not "in heaven, seated together with you in heavenly places," & taking your Supper, not "discerning your body" from that satanic imitation of your body, which the "anointed cherub" is able to project to us, then I will "miss my day of visitation." Surely all Lord's Suppers are same in substance, (since it not our works but by your grace alone it is made your body & blood,) so satan cannot usurp what he has no jurisdiction in. But we can take it with no greater sensibility than if we took common substance, & see it with no more anointed vision than seeing carnal food & drink.

_509______<><><><><>But as to the presence of the devil pretending to be you, if we are not wounded with that repentance that needs no repentance, how will we know it is the Lord? You are shown to us through our sickness of needing the great physician. How does satan fight to keep his people happy in their own righteousness, though he made them unhappy in all other regards! The moment we suffer terrors of conscience & a true despair, his fear is that he will no longer be able to console us & we must have you Jesus in your genuine expertise to save lost sinners!

<510><><><><>☆☆☆ How double minded & unstable has my heart been, not able to say "yes, yes or no, no" to everything I encounter or plan to do, but always say "maybe," as I would not knowing if my spoiled child self will be willing or not! I have acted on "feeling-only" for most all things, being held up by a "pressure faith," for not being willing, (though by your grace,) to be fully knowing that I'm both lost & hopeless. What great resolution I will need Jesus, to reform this rotten foundation & core of my being, but I need you to do a quick work in my earth!

__511_____<><><><><>Jesus, put a healthy rebellion against the devil in me, so as he pretends to be the Holy Spirit, he will also find no rest for the sole of his foot in me. Know me Jesus in your planting the earnest "care of all the churches" in me, to partake with you in your most holy agape love for your own bride the church. How can I expect to save anyone when I have replaced the necessity of your seed in me to preach the gospel to impregnating myself in an adulterous self love, which believes there is merit in getting people to come to an altar to recite the sinner's prayer, then like the great whore, I let them get aborted. Because only with a true church to go to can the recital of a prayer lead to deeper & more meaningful experiences in you.

_512______<><><><><>But how can there be a church which is not a hospital for sin? Is any house of prayer which must be "without ceasing," be such if the church ever closes it's doors? The lack of such demand for it is a sign few are getting saved, & the lack of any ministers starting such a church is a sign of the destitution of the times. The lack is not due to it being impossible & beyond our technology, but for simple callousness & seering of the heart, as with a hot iron. Not bearing children for you Jesus is the most sure sign that my soul is damaged with the scars of willful sin, & repeated slothfulness in prayer, fasting & your other commandments.

__513_____<><><><><>There is no way to describe the vast power in your blood which is that "fuller's soap," cleansing us from sin "such as no fuller on earth can whiten" & makes us shining like the sun in his strength. All these things come directly from your glorified body: which is the mediator of the Holy Spirit making us, if we are given the necessity for it through conviction for our sinfulness, to partake in the SAME POWER you, Jesus now have by which you are glorified.

__514_____<><><><><> What a fool must I be, if I yet choose to comprise with sin, or the "weights which beset me," when such great joy is set before me, & I'm bidden "take & eat." What a selfish loser must I be if when both given the chance & commanded to do so, to have the power to dispense to lost sinners & those standing in most terrible, desperate need for the blessings they lack, I instead choose to indulge in fleeting pleasures that cut me off, little by little, from being made fit & equipped to help anyone else with the "true riches" that they really need.

__515_____<><><><><>Satan is very careful not to outright require full & immediate handing over of my soul to him, so he anaesthetise his axe at the roots of my soul, so when he takes a chop, it feels good so I beg & look for more. What mercy I abuse Jesus, when it takes so long to make me hopeless, when the first failure to serve you with all my might could justly be counted as "wilful sin," allowing me "no more sacrifice for sin!"

__516_____<><><><><>I'm not worthy Jesus to receive you: your very being is so incomprehensibly beyond what I could EVER DESERVE or even in any way search or know! You suffered all your sorrows & inflictions so flawlessly, & yet were "touched with the fullest feelings of all our infirmities." How did you complete such an impossible charge to be the spotless lamb, yet when compared to you who is my standard by which God judges me, I'm not able to resist the smallest sin without your love holding & guiding me!

__517<><><><><>••••• ...Deliver me from familiar spirits, which makes all things worn out & old, & needing to be materialistic in order to feel that all things are new. The smallest things would be full of wonder & satisfaction to us, if we treasured that power of your Father that “makes all things new.” Even our worst case scenarios would become times & places of greatest delight, if everything had that fresh anointing of heavenly newness upon it! If nothing became stagnant & stifled but everything flowed like the waters of life!

_518______<><><><><>We have said if you are a physician, that you should come down from cross heal yourself of being made sin for us, not realizing it would be the end of all our hope. Keep us hidden under God's wings, & make evangelism urgent & even desperate by God's love. As you Jesus are the hyssop which grew from a dry ground, & became that broken heart God will not despise, make us members of all your body parts, containing your story, powers of your loving flesh & most holy bones of your faith.

__519_____<><><><><> Let the weight of your love, Jesus, upon me be so crushing & overwhelming & the tongues of the ektos spirit, (1COR15:27) which is from the deepest omnipresent heart of God, be spoken with all the potency of the almighty abilities & when I'm not even aware or in control of it: because I trust in you to keep me.

_520______<><><><><>Deliver me from all fear of death & any bondage from it, that satan cannot hinder me from bringing forth the word in free course. Give me a love especially for those persons & holy objects of yours that I do not yet understand, due to my limited understanding, & which are destined to reside eternally in heaven: "bringing the glory & honour of the nations into it.”

__521_____<><><><><> Help me Jesus through your means, such as my help meet, to reach that high "saint level standard" of excellence you provide for us through the "engrafted word which is able to save our souls," though it be so far from that most perfect & excellent standard of righteousness which you are for us, Jesus. But when we are changed into that purest form of holy perfection in the twinkling of an eye, then we may also eat of the very body of the gospel's flesh, through the tree of life, as "milking out" & being delighted with the abundance of his glory. ISAIAH 66:11.

_522______<><><><><>Then the father himself will be to us as a mother of consolation, & "rejoice over us even with singing." What hymns the father will sing without ceasing forever, which will be heard in his omnipresent soul will be more beautiful & pleasant than what any soul can bear! His own mind, a small portion of which was seen in your most loving acts, Jesus, will then be revealed little by little, (but MUCH to our perceptive) "as the flock is able to bear:" all of which is so amazing, we, even in our perfected condition, can scarcely feel we are worthy to know.

__523_____<><><><><>Give me gravity to bring the world drawn to your truth. In not caring about others I have not cared about myself. My selfishness has been self cruelty. In not loving others I have failed to love myself. Only by loving others do I truly love myself. Knowing how little have I done since I came into the world of the great work you called me to do, made me see how little a man I am, & that all my sinful misdeeds stand over me like mighty behemoths & cedars boasting of what they have done! Had you not in meekness been made sin for me, I would have had no friend in this world.

_524______<><><><><>You have allowed me to eat meat, going so far as to call any forbidding of it "doctrines of devils," because you know what is in man; that we need to have vent for our sinful nature, - but according to your covenant. Marriage & its relations is also eating of meat, which you have given us power through forgiveness to partake of.

__525_____<><><><><>But mediate the latter rain from your father's deepest external existence, so that it will not be like a rogue tsunami wave of compressed molecules coming at his light speed to mow us down like grass, as "meat for our lusts" like he sent the Quails! We have too often prayed for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit as merely for the purpose of fulfilling our selfish pride & getting a status symbol in the world, like a badge of superiority.

__526_____<><><><><>The whole world is so imbued with sin, that you must command us to also abstain from appearances of evil, that is, according to the self righteousness of the world. Yet your Covenant has not been enough for us: we have esteemed it light bread & all your commandments as mere suggestions, though you have said doing them is the only way to prove that we love you! Is loving you also a mere formality to enter heaven as if wearing the wedding garment is optional?

__527_____<><><><><>I know a storm is coming of both the latter rain, & of the coming of the devil's undiluted deceptions. We as your church have used our bridal charms against you: while you needed to live a whole life of perfect holy obedience to your father, we have used hypocrisy & stolen beauty to carry the day for us. As "Lucy-lucifer" was corrupted by his great beauty, so have we your bride.

_528______<><><><><>Your comliness you put upon us, has given us the privilege to bask in great renown throughout the world, EZEKIEL16:14, yet Paul tells us this "greater comliness" is given to us because we lack the true qualifications to eternal life, if we do not decrease so you can increase in us. You have told us that what we do not pray for we but steal from God, in taking it often without so much as acknowledging God's grace. The great whore says "stolen waters are sweet," having a domineering heart, which is the weakest of all hearts! EZ16:30.

_529______<><><><><>Where would we be now Jesus, if you suddenly demanded all we owe you, & if we do not pay up, we crumble to dust & fall into hellfire? You have even said you have the right to reap where you have not sown! Yet because you are "lowly in heart," we live: just as this fragile atmosphere thrives because it is cradled in the arm like rays of a mighty sun: which could as well choose to fry us all in a mere instant!

__530_____<><><><><>But we're not ready to see or admit our failures: & we lack so much discernment of spirits, we would call the Holy Spirit the "lying devil," if you even tried to convince any of us of our particular sins! Then when we pray to no avail, unable to bind the strongman satan, the same devil keeps us spinning our prayer wheels by flattering us in "how great a job we're doing" (doing nothing,) then we thank God for his great love, meaning "for what a pushover God is.”

_531______<><><><><>We always want you Jesus to go faster, faster, faster, not realizing you're taking us as fast as we can go already. We like to think all we need is "transformation by the renewing of the mind," not realizing how unholy we are yet needing to "suffer in the flesh to cease from sin." What good is the upgraded software if the hardware is unusable? Our selfishness, the devil, has BLINDED US, 2COR4:4 from seeing you Jesus who is worthy of all our affection!

__532_____<><><><><>If only we could see what miserable, hopeless, Godless objects we are to deal with, EPH2:12, we couldn't even have the faith to even begin praying for anything: but we need a true, holy DESPERATION which lays all your feet, whose dust is your clouds of glory. And, indeed, "we love you because you first loved us." We have worth because of your great faith & love you impart to us on the saving level. Though all men have a measure of faith, it's not saving but reasoning only. ISAIAH 1:18.

__533_____<><><><><>We become so self absorbed in the little pathetic life you give us, that the other part of the world who are not the "host" part of satan's kingdom, who is the world's parasite, get no help from us. But we are wanderers, as a bug in the corner of the eye of the viewer of a computer screen annoying, so we beg you will not swat us for our incredibly ignorant idea of anything you are doing in heaven in your omniscient mind's eye.

___534____<><><><><>We thank you Jesus it's not our job to judge the world, but the father's by you as the standard. But I beg for ongoing fear of both you as my husband & of what I'm able to do without your restraining grace. Satan & his demons & my own foolish imagination are often putting suggestions into my head of possible things to say & do, many of which would be horrifying & utterly ruin me & others.

__535_____<><><><><> Too often Jesus we justify our claim we're hot for you, when actually we're making merchandise of you, because our hotness is in tending to material possessions, like Martha, or giving ourselves another exciting episode of expert tongue talker, like the Pharisee who "prayed thus with himself."

_536______<><><><><>What you REALLY consider being hot is loving YOU, & defending your true ordeal on earth. As Martha we can "busy ourselves" or preach about "many things," like doing a careful dance around the REAL ISSUE: you Jesus & the actual things you suffered in your crucifixion. YOU JESUS ARE THE ONE "TOO HOT FOR US TO HANDLE," & ALL RELIGIONS ARE FOR, ARE TO BRING YOU DOWN TO OUR LEVEL OF LUKEWARMNESS: NOT WANTING TO DENY YOUR NAME, BUT NOT WANTING TO EMBRACE YOU ON THE HEART LEVEL EITHER!! Now to the "crooked you show yourself twisted." PSALM 18:26. How important is it to get our hearts right!

_537______<><><><><>Lord Jesus, it’s not enough that I only lay down my life in deed, but if the heart does not become reborn to function as altruistically as YOU YOURSELF ALWAYS DID, & ALL THE MORE NOW THAT YOU ARE GLORIFIED, then it’s all for self-serving reasons, which condition is as vile as all sin, & the very wellspring of sin itself!

_538______<><><><><>Not only help me to take actions, such as fasting & prayer, that enable you to make me repent for the sake of those I hurt, but to place my entire life in every breathe & movement into your hands, to guide & surely direct my every smallest thought & action. Make me to go to heaven for God's sake not to go to heaven out of fear of hell or love of heaven, but out of love for the person who is the chief occupant: namely your Father “who is in heaven.”

_539______<><><><><>Any work of discipline or attempted obedience to you is as much in vain as swallowing a rock & expecting it to digest & be as helpful as a multivitamin, if you do not take the works of my stony heart & digest them in your loving crucifixion, & make them hit the mark, as David’s pebble hit the exact mark & in the very moment in which the giant was vulnerable.

__540_____<><><><><>Though we are not saved by our works, you have bidden us “kill & eat,” (preach conviction then fellowship,) & if your tide of grace is not out, then all our works are as meaningless as the ravings of those in hell.

__541_____<><><><><>Your crucifixion was an Olympic feat only you were qualified to achieve, but which took your whole life, every nano second of it, to prepare for. God taught you to submit to the final command to go to the cross, through the great & grueling things you suffered from time you were born.

__542_____<><><><><>Perhaps in the womb you already felt satan's fiery breath waiting to devour you as soon as you were born! Had there been found one spot on you before or during your crucifixion, the whole sacrifice would have been scrapped, yet how freely have we allowed ourselves the forbidden luxury of sin.

_543______<><><><><>We need you to give us not only divine agape but natural affections for you as well, so we'll be "ashamed for our own ways," looking upon you whom our whole lives in all parts of it have pierced you to the heart. It wasn't for our sake God crucified you, but for your father's sake you submitted.

_544______<><><><><>What you went through was so super hyper gigantic, in it's difficulty, for us to imagine you did it primarily for us, is impossible. It but shows how little esteem we have for you, that we do not count it worth any trouble to fully know you. It is our fault if you don't know us, or "NEVER" have known us!

>545<><><><>¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ Mercifully come now into me & live in all I am, especially my innermost soul’s mind &engine by your fervent love & zeal; ZECH13:6 - Reverse & cast out all my sins, LUKE23:34 by giving me a new heart that will not make shipwreck of my faith, & which heart you can inhabit & renovate forevermore.

__546_____<><><><><>Receive me, even ASSIMILATING ME into your crucified body risen to be like you, the Bright Morning Star; ☆ REV22:16: "seeing you as you are," 1JOHN3:2 & made members of your body, flesh & bones, to also receive the same BLOOD, that of the GOSPEL IMAGE, 2COR.4:4, you received to replace your human blood upon your resurrection.

_547______<><><><><>Enflame me by your heart's oil, burning in the fire of your love, which now consists of your heart collapsed & melted like wax, PSALM22:14, & 51:17; to make my new materials melted down in your only pure & holy radiation by the detonation of your resurrection, WHICH IS TRULY "HEAVEN OPENED," to mould me, by your present glorification, JOHN14:12, into a new creature shaped by your Almighty unchangeable Blood.

_548______<><><><><> The life in all our blood is GOD THE FATHER WHO FORSOOK YOU ON THE CROSS, LEV17:11:: giving me a reason to need & be transplanted with & within me a new, strong victorious engine. My only fuel now is your same angelic anointing which strengthened you in crucifixion LUKE22:43, & breaks my yoke of bondage to every weight & sin & WHICH REBUILDS MY WHOLE PERSON!

_549______<><><><><>Baptize me with the Pentecostal Hurricane & tongues of fire, (convincing me of all sin;) eternally OVERWHELMING ME IN THE RIVER OF THE WATER OF LIFE: healing me by its tree's leaves: enabling me to receive your wounds, which allows you Jesus to KNOW ME, MATT7:23, & gives me power to get wealth, DEUT 8:18, to serve you with.

_550______<><><><><>Give me inward conviction for my sinful nature & the sins it has produced, as part of my new birth; needing to "die daily" to my sinful nature, which "death to self" is precious in your eyes; - though your chastening has also needed basic stick and carrot upon my old nature. JOHN16:8. Let my discipline grow from agape within, as the muscle of the soul, in which is the issues of life flowing like a river of living waters from my heart, whose rudder is my tongue governing my whole being and lead by God as a son of God.

_551______<><><><><> I'm always failing yet your love never fails: please let it reign in me also! Let me be motivated by what your will is, & hate sin not because of what it does to me but what it does to you. Has sin been used by your glorious grace to no purpose though it has separated me from you? Has my great satanic type pride been chiseled away by the hammer of shame for my great sins? Only you, Jesus, the author & finisher of my salvation knows that most intimately.

_552______<><><><><>Let my sorrow for sin be in knowing that I have pierced you Jesus, as if still alive on the cross, not after thoughts of losing money or worldly esteem & reward, or a blessing and then having some embarrassing or serious sin to confess; because my wicked heart had it's way due to my failure to watch and pray to keep it under the blood.

__553_____<><><><><>My heart will always like a desperate criminal forget the divine wrath which threatens it, & say in itself there is no God. It will forget there is the Lion of the tribe of Judah in the streets of the New Jerusalem!

__554_____<><><><><> Let the love of & for those made in your image & born again from your heart consume me like fiery zeal. Make my heart so enlarged that it can house and facilitate all that you are able to do through me in your glorified body, JOHN14:12 enabling me to be content waiting upon you in all I do for your will & God sized response to me to be revealed.

__555_____<><><><><>Make my heart so purified by your faith in me Jesus, that I can see God's face as if this world were purified by your blood which cleanses our blood JOEL3:21, & pours out your spirit upon all flesh which is the life & quickening fuel of all mortal bodies, containing the image of God to which all flesh must conform in photosynthesis to the light of God's face.

___556____<><><><><> Loving your heavenly father, who is made mine also because of adoption, with all fullest MOST FERVENT exertion from all my mind, heart, soul & strength as my final love who sent you as my 1st love: is my most exquisitely joyful thought. Without God’s will being done by you Jesus, you never could have had the motive or power or authority to do anything you did for me!!

__557_____<><><><><>Jesus, help me to never relapse into the slightest loveless manner for my spouse or for anyone on earth, (if my love for God is genuine) including our worst enemies, provoking one another to love & good works, abstaining from evil as well as appearances of evil. Also knowing perfect love casts out fear along with all sin: as satan himself, the father of sin, is repulsed by our holy love, of how we love one another, reminding him what he lost in his treacherous sins.

_558______<><><><><>All of the destruction which occurred due to satan is now reversed & remade more glorious than before, as you made the whole Bible & all things new! As you Jesus is "the beginning of the creation of God," your death & resurrection is the recreation of GENESIS!

__559_____<><><><><> Let all pleasures in my vessel of soul & flesh experience only that which is a taste of the power & pleasure of the world to come, (but without causing me to “live in pleasure” as that which trespasses against the test of holiness,) so I can know it's something holy, & which will pass over death to be perfected in that world without end: if I can but trust God my father with his own creation.

__560_____<><><><><>Our flesh has no life, but our food & water receives animation because of our souls within whose lusts & life force can never die: so make all the lusts & fires of my basic soul be focused on God "before all other gods," to receive & satisfy all I consist of & make me be in a perpetual exchange of strengths & materials with God: ISA40:31, & with my soul as branching out beyond the confines of my own person, with "Christ who strengthens me.”

_561______<><><><><>Defend my prayers as that which is spoken with God, & not with myself: making me fit for the holy city not a satan run asylum. Send your sword of separation "unto yourself" into the world to call your people out of Babylon the great, as the new testament Exodus, so we may stand on holy ground & be living sacrifices unto you in the wilderness, offering you up all manner of prayer & fasting: not "finding pleasure" by which our fast becomes unacceptable.

_562______<><><><><>Be my new food & drink, to replace all other sustenance, even as you were laid in the feeding trough as a baby to cover the supply of all nourishment I could ever want or need: even mentally to know nothing but Jesus as mine in eternal marital love, 1COR2:2, as the “one thing needful.”

_563______<><><><><>Anoint me with God's whole armour, MATT25:4:, especially the SHEILD OF FAITH, ISAIAH 21:5; -&Pentecostal-power fuel found as proceeds from seeking & drawing nigh to JEHOVAH!

__564_____<><><><><>Redeem me by your undiluted Father’s superabundant GOSPEL-IMAGE'S GRACE which is the lifeblood you shed beginning in LUKE22:44, even the heavens, GEN1:1, & into completion upon death on the cross:= & this is the fountain now open for sin & uncleanness. ZECH13:1.

_565______<><><><><>Your divine blood Jesus, clots & heals the gates of hell, which is the gaping, festering wounds our sins have caused, which has been such an endless banquet of our soul's blood & forfeited blessings for the devil's gaping open fanged mouth.

_566______<><><><><>Our sins are against only God: since he alone gave us the power we abused so wickedly: as absolute power in the hands of unworthy, unfit sinners corrupts absolutely, making all our finest works like wasted blood.

_567______<><><><><>We could have no connection or unity of any kind with anyone, not even to examine our own self, Jesus, had you not broken down the middle wall of partition which sin like iron bars has put up like a garrison against you ever helping me. Sin is the invention of satan & he alone owns the patent, so that once I commit sin, it is accompanied with infernal strength never to release me from captivity!

_568______<><><><><> JESUS, pray for me, JOHN17:20, to make me be born-again & receive transformation by the RENEWAL (repentance) of my mind, & let me not be reprobate silver; as rejected by the Lord. JER.6:30.

_569______<><><><><> Make your sword of your obedience to God, & waiting your whole life until the resurrection to put the devil behind you, as you entered into the joy of your father, be now the "sword of the Spirit," whereby you separate from me all persons not good for my fellowship level association: & make this be a "quick work upon the earth." But let my only decision be for you to decide the verdict on all my associations with anybody, & even especially my own spouse!

_570______<><><><><>Make your ever living intercession make all things molded towards the good for me, but especially my love for your father. Make my righteousness spring forth speedily from the endless well of your righteousness, & exceed all other forms of righteousness, which though deny where they get their powers from, is designed to make us think as sinners, that it is both noble & rooted in Jehovah.

_571______<><><><><>Let this idea Jesus, that you are the most high God, (which is the main pillar of Babylon the great,) be proven wrong according to the scriptures, or else satan can "play" you Jesus instead. You have stated that where the house is swept but not garnished, but left empty, it is open for devils each of which are worse than the next.

___572____<><><><><>So if your rightful place of "SON OF GOD" is not properly taught & accepted, this makes satan fill in the void, taking the place of "son of God!" Is satan the only genetic son, who is the "firstborn of many brethren?" Or is he the "SON OF THE MORNING STAR" as stated in ISAIAH 14:12? & is LUCIFER his name? ——- No it is a name that means "morning star," which is the title of all angels. It is even the name given to you Jesus, except with the title BRIGHT added to it. As much brighter as the SUN appears from earth in c ok comparison to the STARS, you are EVEN BRIGHTER than that Jesus. Your divinity in God your Father is "without measure.”

___573____<><><><><>Paul states we must "rightly divide" all written therein, & if we do so we "need not be ashamed." You didn't spend your whole life praying with strong crying & tears to be delivered from death, because you are entirely merely "taking upon yourself flesh" because your soul is same & inseparable & as much without a beginning as God's is!

__574_____<><><><><>Did only a husk or shell of a human die on the cross? Or is your soul as stated "made so much better than the angels" but made subject to death, which death had to be separation from the Father? What death was possible for you, so long as the FATHER JEHOVAH was your LIFE?

__575_____<><><><><>God has said he is ONE GOD, & though also Son & Holy Spirit these are called GODHEADS, & not "PERSONS" until they were given a body. Jesus & church are the "male & female" you created in the beginning, saying "be fruitful & multiply:" i.e. into an innumerable company of angels!!

__576_____<><><><><>JEHOVAH is a person who is without a beginning: whose body is called the gospel of your anointing, Jesus. 2COR4:4. He is the one you prayed to so earnestly in the garden. You "tasted death (hell) for every man," & hell did not become a place of desolation until you rose from the dead, but the saints rose upon your descending into it. Your "preaching to the spirits in prison" was instantaneous.

_577______<><><><><> Without you Jesus we can do nothing, just as without the Father you could do nothing! Just as you are seated with your Father in HIS THRONE, we are seated together with you in YOUR THRONE! You as our only mediator occupy both thrones to span the entire expanse of God's omnipresent heart. Just as you are GOD WITH US, make us JESUS WITH US. So to whatever extent that the church does not have Jesus the hope of glory in them, that is the extent to which the glory of the whole earth has departed!!

__578_____<><><><><> & in describing you rightly as "the beginning of the creation of God," let it be shown SATAN IS NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD, neither the son of God, but "the son of the morning star" as stated in ISAIAH 14:12. And that to describe you, Jesus, as "from everlasting," & the very deity who ONLY THE ONE TRUE GOD IS, & not begotten as the Logos "in the beginning," & "God" because the "word" means "God speaking," displaces all the vertebrae of the WHOLE HIERARCHY OF GOD'S KINGDOM!

_579______<><><><><>So according to Babylon's doctrine Mary is Jesus, Jesus is Jehovah, SO WHERE THEN IS JEHOVAH? This makes your own body, Jesus, which is "broken for us," & the husband of the church, INSTEAD that "image of Jehovah," which the Bible does not give us in the Lord's Supper, except in his Almighty reconciling blood only! These erroneous doctrines of the trinity is satan's most deceptive of all "spiritual wickedness in high places.”

_580______<><><><><>Paul describes you as "subject (eternally) to the father," 1COR15:28. But if you're not described as the SON OF GOD, this puts satan in the position of son of God; in order to come not only as "an angel of light," but the "angel of God's presence." It's blasphemy of your accomplishments Jesus, to let satan pretend to be you in this world, encouraging Christians to profess your name only to have a "name that they live."

_581______<><><><><>But Jesus, many will come to you with a great anointing saying "Lord we did many wonderful works," only to hear you say "I NEVER KNEW YOU!!!!" Let your true holy doctrine cast out & bind the "strong man," so the house of mankind can recieve true cleansing from all hindrances to hearing & growing in the gospel.

__582_____<><><><><> Help me take inventory of all my loveless ways & break off these sins by the righteousness of repentance before it becomes a maggot burrowing into the root of my soul. You have promised to send a sword of separation of the wheat from the chaff & to reject the lukewarm as one who could not stomach their food. Let not our unity therefore be lukewarmness as the power of togetherness.

__583_____<><><><><>Let us fetch the wisdom of unity from afar off in your very heart, make our hotness towards you be not primarily in the zealousness of good works but in the determination to know you, & nothing but you: without which we cannot know your father or one another.

_584______<><><><><>You alone break down the middle wall of partition, & give us saving love one for another. Give us power to lead the world unto you, & harden committed sinners in their sin, by letting them further aggravate their lost condition by rejecting my message of salvation to them: "letting them who are unjust be unjust still, and those who are filthy be filthy still."

--585---- But let we who are classified by your grace to be righteous & holy, continue to progress in this, by the faith declaration you have made regarding us, calling us friends: even though in WHOSE HOUSE YOU WERE WOUNDED!! ZECHARIAH 13:6. As if our wounding of you is equivalent to being faithful to you! PROVERBS 27:6. But though the kiss of Judas was deceitful, you also called him friend, even your comrade, & you call us your brothers & sisters.

_586______<><><><><>You felt the sword that pierced Mary's heart infinitely more accurately & without anesthesia than any physical sword could be felt by us. Your only comfort food was the Shekinah smoke of God's glory, & that should be enough to replace any of our sins.

_587______<><><><><>Yet you have commanded us to be perfect as God is perfect: while we by faith receive the divine miracle it takes for this to be possible, it's SO FAR BEYOND the realm of any of our desires to have any obsession with such an insatiable passion to draw near to you & your father without limit & to be "fearful in praises."

__588_____<><><><><>You have promised with your Father & Holy Spirit to indwell our praises: though our praises seem to come forth as from the capacity of a maggot, (being that "maggot Jacob," ISA41:14) as the word for praise, "tehillâh" PSALM 51:15, is similar to the word for maggot, "tôlâ."

_589_____<><><><><>You described yourself in "being made sin for us," as a "maggot & no man," & so let our praises become welded as one in the furnace of affliction with your praises! Let our "worm that dies not," have identical & compatible "unquenchable fire" of zeal towards God with you, Jesus!

__590____<><><><><>But alas, we are happy if civil authorities approve of us, & love to make police (& those on that level) our ministers! ROMANS 13:4. How shall we make you Jesus, the chief of all police who arrested & condemned the father of sin itself to be our one true standard of holiness lifted up against the flood of all evil? ISA59:19. ○●□ ♤♡ ◇♧ ☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧ ☆○ ●□♤♡ ◇♧☆○●□ ♤♡◇♧☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧☆ ○●□ ♤♡ ◇♧☆○ ●□♤♡◇♧ ☆ ○● □♤ ♡◇♧ ☆ ○●□♤ ♡◇♧ ☆○●□ ♤♡◇ ♧☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧ ☆○ ●□ ♤♡ ◇○●□ ♤♡◇ ♧☆ ○● □♤♡ ◇♧☆○● □♤♡◇ ♧☆○● □♤♡ ◇ ♧☆○●□ ♤♡◇ ♧ ☆○● □♤ ♡◇♧ ☆○●□♤ ♡◇♧☆○● □♤ ♡ ◇ ♧☆○●□♤ ♡◇ ♧☆○● □♤ ♡ ◇♧☆○●□ ♤♡ ◇♧ ☆○ ●□♤♡ ◇♧ ☆

>591<><><><>■■■■■■■■3RD PERSON HOLY SPIRIT:::: upon praying to you, I'm formally & personally addressing the entire church universal militant and triumphant, which includes the successor of the devil: who is the head of all the angels directly under Jesus, the main gatekeeper to our heavenly physician, Michael the archangel. Give me the "little book," i.e. "Revelation," which is in Michael's hand as my daily recital in obedience to REV1:3.

__592_____<><><><><>Let anything that mentions a blessing, though we start with selfish motives, be taken as a commandment. Harvest us as a fruit unto yourself, transforming us into true "fully baked" lovers of you. Let not the demonic fears of satan's kingdom, which is already ruined, as it "shudders in fear" around us, make us to think it is our fear. But as we begin "firing on all cylinders," help us "throw our weight around," as one who would wisely spend a very precious commodity.

__593_____<><><><><> We need your leading if we're sons of God, even as a ship cannot sale without a compass & a set of destinations listed clearly in our own human language. Though this prayer be too mundane in the manner its preserved, in the physical "letter which kills," let your spirit give life to it.

_594______<><><><><>Though your kingdom comes not in WORD, but in power, it cannot come without the WORD: which is the very beginning of creation, & the only creation proceeding directly from God. We were all "chosen in Christ the word," from before the foundation of the world," before there was one sentient atom existing anywhere!

_595______<><><><><>God did all this in his omniscient mind before he made one move, though he knew you, Holy Spirit would be given to us upon the glorification of his only son. The day of pentecost is the moment upon which the Holy Spirit, the bride of Jesus, (the entity representing the female made from the rib of the second Adam) became a person.

__596_____<><><><><> We like to think that our fall from grace did not effect our status in our being made a little lower than the angels. But that's only if we're Holy like Jesus. But upon our final level of salvation Jesus said we will be made like the angels.

__597_____<><><><><>Even now let us taste the power of the world to come, though you warn us in advance that you spared not the angels that sinned. If we become like unto the angels, who excel in strength, to do all manner of wonderful works, & with them as our fellow servants, we also cannot ever fall away without losing all "sacrifice for sin."

_598______<><><><><>Let us not crucify Jesus "afresh," as the Catholic mass turns each Lord's Supper into an unbloody sacrifice, because Jesus died for sins once for all. For this cause their chalice is full of the "abominations & filthiness of her fornication." Not because Jesus's Holy body & blood can be in any way associated or stained with sin, but because as long as you do not suffer us as sinners to be thrown immediately in hell, it takes your grace in order to sin.

_599______<><><><><>What power would any of us have to do good or evil, since the ONLY POWER there is, is YOU::: HOLY SPIRIT!!! ROMANS13:1 Can there be sin where it is not "against God only?" PSALM51:4. Will God suffer our sins forevermore? The tortures of hellfire arise from having lost your presence, Holy Spirit, so let us treasure your anointing as the most precious commodity we have.

_600______<><><><><>You are the starship & ark in which I will travel deeper into God's omnipotence forever: 1COR2:10, with Jesus the 2nd Noah at the helm. The new universe is called "heavens," since it's no longer fractured in the fall of the son of the morning which weakened the universe, where the "hosts" GEN.2:1, ROM4:17, the "nations" would have resided. ISA14:12.

_601______<><><><><>I'm the cross the carpenter died on & transferred his green life to; to produce in me spiritual fruit. Yet how little have I complied with you: Holy Spirit! Jesus was made into all my sin, then nailed unto me in marriage bonds- so as he is now transformed, I will be made like him, & made members of his body, flesh & bones, BEARING IN MY SOUL’S BODY HIS MARKS: the stigma my sins deserve which were inflicted upon Jesus, but made now as the greater comeliness, since I am that part which lacks, but given to me forevermore as indelible: but which makes me now HIS!!!

__602_____<><><><><>In Jesus, as a NEW CREATURE, who has confessed & forsaken all my sins, it is promised as decreed by the ALMIGHTY that upon entering the presence of God's gospel image sitting upon his royal throne in heaven, none of my sins shall be mentioned: as all his promises are fetched from "afar" as God searches his deep things.

__603_____<><><><><>Your love has blotted out my sins as a thick cloud, and covered them though they are a multitude!! I will never know the extent of all you have forgiven me for & still need to perfect in me, until that day when my soul is no longer chained to this body.

_604______<><><><><> Help me to continue increasing with fasting & prayer, as well as being careful to maintain good works, in order to grow in grace & knowledge of my Lord Jesus: being fed with his body & blood that reverses & replaces all my sins. Let me experience your shekinah glory, & the smoke that fills your temple, & also fill this temple of my own body as that righteousness I hunger & thirst after.

_605______<><><><><>Sensitize us, helping us to find those who are meant to be our fellow church brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. Make us discern feelings for the needs of others, especially where eternal life is at stake.

__606_____<><><><><>Make us forgive one another for them being used by the devil, to bully or disturb us, or we too will be tempted to waste our life with bad, satanically influenced decisions where we did not restore one another in the spirit of meekness.

_607______<><><><><> Let us not become a vessel of erroneous drunken faith, tossed about upon the waves of every wind and doctrine and spend our lives wandering in the wilderness of satan's desolate presence, perhaps even upon falling into hell: where we can no longer hope to find it was by grace, & working out for our good.

_608______<><><><><>-- Though made in God's image, my flesh is now corrupted with original & inherited sin & made so vile with my own atrocious deeds, to the extent I will NEED to be given a new body of the angelic species which excel in strength.

_609______<><><><><> Therefore now make me your Glorious temple as a befitting part of the many membered body, 1COR6:19, to manifest the beauty of the crystal city: crucified with Christ &alive by his LIFE in me. GAL2:20.

_610______<><><><><>Make me a “clean beast” not only chewing the cud of your WORD, but “dividing the hoof,” i.e. sharing what I have freely received, freely with the WHOLE WORLD as well. Give me grace to show forth your most explosive, miracle working, dynamic Gift in my inner soul: Jehovah’s divine nature growing up like a mighty tree of faith from the core of my soul, which faith works by God: ”who IS Love:”

_611______<><><><><> To do this in & with me, who is by nature shaped after the iniquity found in satan's heart, EZEKIEL 28:15, is God’s demonstration of his most difficult & complicated achievement he has wrought from his Almighty power, that expresses & manifests his most heartfelt intentions & will: making me, from his very throne of Grace, a vessel of his Mercy. 1JOHN4:16. ☆☆《†1stCOR.13:4-7†》☆☆!

_612______<><><><><>Reveal to me that your thoughts to me are thoughts of peace, & giving me an expected end. JER29:11. Let me stay in the WORD that makes me a disciple of Jesus indeed: giving me strong consolation.

_613______<><><><><> Pour out yourself, Holy Spirit on all flesh, in the fullest spectrum of all the colours of that rainbow which is upon Michael the angel’s head: & all that is shining in the face of Jesus. Let your latter rain come from a sky black with clouds, & make me to pick up off the ground anything that creates drag, & run to your Holy City, the New Jerusalem, which spiritually is called the “Kingdom” & “Mount Zion.”

_614______<><><><><>Though it be parched ground, make springs of flowing water in the desert, & give me the same thirst Jesus had upon the cross: so I also may be able to say “I thirst” with the only thirst worthy of being given this water of life freely.

__615_____<><><><><>Make all your presence & power come to me directly from on high: as Jesus our new earth swallows up the floods of deception pouring from the mouth of Satan. Stop the mouth of this false lion, upon whom we will narrowly look, saying, “are you become weak as we?”

_616______<><><><><>The thief Satan has been caught, & must pay back 7 fold & all the substance of his house: because now all power belongs to Jesus in heaven & on earth! The wicked one who is "your sword," has been beaten into a plowshare!

__617_____<><><><><> Satan’s "crucifying the Lord of glory" has made himself a wound on Jesus's soul, by which wounds we are restored to the day we "were chosen in Christ." Through Jesus's "stripes by which we're healed," comes all creation to ever yet exist.

__618_____<><><><><>Come to me through the mediator, as you could not be given, until the day of pentecost had FULLY COME, which was when after Jesus had gone to the Father, to be the first to receive you as the divine power BY WHICH HE WAS GLORIFIED “new in the Father’s kingdom.” Let this glorifying power & authority you possess be freely poured out upon us, & upon all flesh. JOEL2:28.

__619_____<><><><><>Make us who are yours, be also converted by your very power: to receive, retain & minister forth all that you as freely fill us with. Like a mighty rushing river of life, as the sun tirelessly & without any lack shines its rays upon us. Except in that new, holy mountain, where nothing will hurt or harm, & the lion & lamb have laid down together, the sun will shine 7 times brighter, yet without causing any scorching.

__620_____<><><><><>Let us not be among those who you have abhorred: whose souls are carcasses that cannot die, nor the worm & fire of lusts ever be satisfied, will be looked upon from one new moon to the other. ISAIAH 66:23-24. I do not know what I would be guilty of today, have I had more ideal opportunity or a different, more extroverted or bold personality type. It is only by your grace that I am counted as a somewhat worthy & valuable member of our society here on earth!

__621_____<><><><><>And though I be far from the shore of perfection, perhaps even coming to Jesus upon my very death, even as the thief on the cross, as soon as I step into this ark of "being in Jesus Christ, as a NEW CREATURE," may I find myself on the shore of heaven the moment my time as an earthling is over.

__622_____<><><><><>Pay me with the same wages those have who have borne the burden & heat of the day, but do not let me, after being filled with the precious new wine, to burst asunder by still being an old wine skin, making my "rent" (sins) worse.

__623_____<><><><><>Peter warns us if we return to our old ways or fail the Lord through lack of being a heaven worthy vessel, it would be better to have never known the Lord. Jesus said it would be good for us to have never been born, if we will later forsake & betray him.

__624_____<><><><><>But that is still a much higher level than apparently most will be on; as Jesus further tells us many will seek to enter into the kingdom & not be able, & even fewer yet even FIND the approximate place where heaven may be sought.

__625_____<><><><><>Many more will think that they both were able to enter in & also found heaven! They will come saying boasting not of the cross & the doings of their master Jesus, but will come saying Lord Lord, we've done many wonderful works! Jesus will not even look pitifully on them, but send them eternally away saying DEPART FROM ME YOU WHO WORK INIQUITY I NEVER KNEW YOU!!

_626______<><><><><>Jesus will not think the works they did which taught people to follow a false representation of himself as anything else but SHEER INIQUITY. Holy Spirit, seeing the way is so full of land mines of deception, & yet there is also promised an ABUNDANT ENTRANCE INTO THE EVERLASTING KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST, guide us safe to that place of strong consolation which is promised & offered to us.

_627______<><><><><> Salvation is mainly Jesus knowing us, so make us accessible to Jesus "according to thy word," which phrase is mentioned 12 times in PSALM 119, & ends with, "I have gone astray like a lost sheep, seek me."

__628_____<><><><><>Some of us are so elect, like Moses, God needed to "seek to kill him," if he found a reason to do so. EX4:24. But the vast majority of us drop constantly into hell, like new citizens to damnation.

__629_____<><><><><>There is no divine air for our souls in hell, (as we enjoyed unthankfully on earth,_) & it will be presumably more painful than the pain one feels at the moment of final suffocation. Our true flesh which gives our flesh feeling & sees through our eyes & uses our brains, etc, is our souls.

_630_____<><><><><>Therefore there’s an afterlife, our souls are no longer bound to function only in the confines of our mortal bodies. There we are like new pioneers, but eternally suffocating without God, & finding everything painful even before the fallen angels begin their sophisticated tortures upon us: (whose air source is the anointing reserve in their leader the devil,) who can handle a soul as normally as humans handle one another.

_631______<><><><><>It was the fall of Satan which created selective election, but now "whosoever will may come." Let us know, Holy Spirit that our coming has saved our souls from hell. Let us have a very powerful discernment & understanding of all counterfeits which satan sends to lead us astray with, including false “holy” angels.

__632_____<><><><><> Deliver us from the evil one satan, & send us not his strong delusions of grandeur. He is Esau who ate the morsel of meat Jesus, & the Catholic church is his version of repentance which drags the whole world down to his level of depravity which began with his casting a third of the angels out of heaven: a sin not exceeded until he crucified the Lord of glory.

__633_____<><><><><>The fallen angels needed to breathe God's air, but could only get it through satan who required them to sin in order to earn their air. Jesus deserves the highest love & adoration forever for defeating this most cruel taskmaster. What Jesus has delivered us from, is incalculable & more vast than what would take an eternity to begin to scratch the surface of!

__634_____<><><><><> Satan would have ruled the old universe forever as it slowly died off, remaining with only demonic technology, & the worst eternal fate for an innumerable number of souls that would have begun to be born throughout the old universe: all of whom conceived in worse & worse sin with each succeeding generation forever.

_635______<><><><><> It is only the grace of God by which we are loved, saved & brought down the right path. It is not of ourselves, but our status of "saints" means being "sacred to God," because we're his projects. Sometimes God must build the safe before he puts in the precious cargo of his power & propensity to love.

__636_____<><><><><>Just as a building can look unbecoming & inhospitable when only the foundation is being laid, & workers are leaving their mess everywhere, a Christian can seem of the devil while he is still under early construction. But help us dwell within your camp, where the angels encamp with us if we fear God. PSALM 34:7.

__637_____<><><><><>Holy Spirit, make this prayer under the main spotlight of your laser focused mind & attention. Though we can't understand how a Catholic-like written prayer of vain contemplation can be of any fame or value, anymore than Naaman could see why he should dip in the Jordan 7 times, make this prayer be quickly & hastily performed by your decisiveness & majesty.

__638_____<><><><><>Whatever direction you see my life is supposed to take, even regarding the relationships I have with any associate, break satan's sleeper hold, & move in for the kill shot on the monotony & predictability of my life, though it be done at God's light speed & Dangerous for my carnally secure, sluggish & presumptuous outlook.

__639_____<><><><><>Make my whole life be your presence with the potency of an angel sent unawares, & with the exact offer of answer to my prayers as if you are a wealthy reliable close friend, though doing things not with the sting of a satanic curse, (because of his selfishness) but "making rich & adding no sorrow with it."

_640______<><><><><>But let your bounden duty to obey Jesus & "give to those who ask & those who would borrow that you turn not away," also make me afraid to abuse or fail your grace. The more needy I am, may I be the more cautious of my own sinful weakness that will easily spoil me upon the first sign of relief from my distress.

__641_____<><><><><>Heal me of the gangrene of my sinful wounds & bad choices in life, though you must cut off people, places, things & do & command many drastic changes, if I truly fear God above all pain, disgrace or any personal loss.

_642______<><><><><>Do what you have to do quickly, telling the same to all my life & persons in it, catching me up into the gears of REVELATION: in which all things are speeded up, & must be done with speed swiftly & excelling in strength, being fulfilled by the angel Jesus sent.

__643_____<><><><><>Shall not the great judge of all the earth give a quick & righteous judgment, sending me a swift verdict as to whether or not I'm approved by the Holy one or not, & manifesting it to all the world?

__644_____<><><><><> Stop all gain saying mouths, & make all tongues confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord & God! Make my life REAL & no longer contaminated by satan's phoniness, but let your anointing swallow up all false & inferior anointing, which rule over & manipulate me & my life in any way!

_645______<><><><><>As you called Lot out of Sodom & Gomorrah, spiritually call me out of the imposters that have enchanted me like cursed panders & decoys. Send me only important mail & direct me to only your miracles intervening in my life. Tip the tables in my favor that I no longer be the tail but the head.

_646______<><><><><>Encase me in the Holy water of life that I "go no more out," & no one can get in to inflict or frustrate any of the blessings you intend to put upon me from this day forth, forevermore.

_647______<><><><><>Direct all the riches, wealth & power of the whole universe to pour into my life as into a funnel; through the divine tornado of your whirlwind through which you speak to me.

_648______<><><><><>Just as for us to always need to hide, or restrain our true feelings or thoughts or need to move & stretch, it takes more power for God to remain hiding behind the curtains, never defending his honor or the lives of his persecuted children.

_649______<><><><><>We often in our frustrations for this as it were make our prayers as a poking stick to see what we can manage to make God do, as we suffer the devices of satan's bullying. But Lord, you gave the power to Samson to break the rope as if it were but a thread in a flame, shall not the possessor himself of this power be even more able to break the restraints satan has desired to sift your presence in the world with?

__650_____<><><><><>Holy Spirit come in your most full capacity & show the WHOLE TRINITY "AS IT IS." Make your WORD be a catalyst for swift & permanent change for me in all areas of my life. Make nothing but true petitioners of your mercy & transformation be able to stand in the loving heat of your presence.

___651____<><><><><>To not make a separation of the wheat & chaff would show love to no one. Making those who are willing to endure continue to do so, would be against true Holy justice. Make the coming of Jesus come first as the new Moses, being that prophet the Lord raised up & is now glorified.

__652_____<><><><><>Make him come as the new John the Baptist also to prepare the way for the coming of whole kingdom & to reveal the manner of how all your divine prophecy must be fulfilled. We as the bride of Jesus need & crave him to show himself, making himself bare to the world in what is called the “apocalypse.”

__653_____<><><><><> Let it not be important what we do, but that what we do is obedient to your leading & guiding; so we be not caught up in the most subtle spirit of pride in doing religious works. All religious works including belongs to you God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, & not unto us, & we're unprofitable servants doing only our duty, as grievous as that is, tempting us to be puffed up with pride for it.

_654______<><><><><>Though our flesh has been so corrupted & weakened through the fall of Halal who became satan, so that through him we have all been shaped in sin, it is only our flesh which is, (if we have not yet received salvation,) the only reason we're not yet in hell.

___655____<><><><><>Just as satan cast out a third of the angels with his tail, & stood before Mary ready to devour Jesus as soon as he was born, satan cast us all out of heaven before we were even conceived: so that it takes your electing grace in order to save any of us from our dire condition!

__656_____<><><><><>How has satan made our flesh which is so important, & carries so MUCH GRACE, something so influenced & guided by the forces of hell, so that mankind would have made shipwreck of the human race long ago if it had not been for your constant intervention!

_657______<><><><><>And would Satan have then lost humanity? No, but he would see us all, who are not saved, in hell, where he would use us for play toys, & share us with his devils, to be used according to their greatest pleasures. Satan was only condemned to the lake of fire because of Jesus fulfilling the law upon the cross, by which satan’s blood was in turn shed by the man Christ Jesus. GENESIS9:6.

__658_____<><><><><> But it was part of your 7 seals that mankind's ability to destroy itself would be in control by you Holy Spirit & your angels. And though satan & devils roam hell, allowed by you to a very specific degree to torment souls, which limits they must obey, they too will soon no longer take delight in their domain, but be stripped of their original powers, to suffocate forever without God's breath & burn eternally in the lake of fire.

__659_____<><><><><> This whole world was only continued after satan's infiltration of it, for the purpose of sending the WORD to be made flesh & dwell among us, to be the destruction of satan & his works.

_660______<><><><><> Jesus has told us that if we do not know him, we have no place in him, & so how has satan strived to make a doctrine where Jesus is identical in every way to the Father, so that his humanity is but as it were a soulless vapour, (as James calls the flesh, which soon will be replaced with all new indestructible materials) which has no real created human soul in it?

__661_____<><><><><>Then how can we offer his soul as an offering for sin, ISA53, if all we're doing is offering God not his Son? Since how can Jesus be truly God, & not only "God manifest in the flesh," but truly GOD HIMSELF, & yet have no real created human soul?

___662____<><><><><>What makes us human: our bodies or souls? All agree Jesus is a man, though God also, yet what makes us human: our body or our soul? And what makes us human: that we are all vulnerable, have a soul presently designed to be housed in a human body, or else we could do things according to our souls not what humans are limited to.

___663____<><><><><>& can Jesus be that very IMAGE OF GOD in which we are made? Then who is his Father & why did Jesus say, "you have never yet seen his shape?" Surely Jesus would have said, "he who sees me sees the image of God!" JOHN5:37.

_664______<><><><><> Was there ever a human who was not truly human, but some A.I. which did not have a soul which belonged to a human? Unless Jesus was not made flesh but was always existing in that form, & came down from heaven not as the WORD but already made flesh.

___665____<><><><><> But all this shows satan thought he was the only begotten son, & wants with all his might for no one to know or tell the truth of how JESUS IS THE CHRIST: THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD.

__666_____<><><><><>Help us not be selfish with your word though our preaching be as the meat that perishes. If I treasure the WORD above all other treasures, as if it were REALLY & TRULY the Lord Jesus who IS the word of God, who is more precious than all the gold in the universe, including that of the HOLY JERUSALEM, then as with God, "how shall I not freely give all things," - if I spare not the words that I believe are in line with the very WORD ITSELF? ROM8:32.

_667______<><><><><> If I give that which is hardest to give, seeing how there is such an active enemy against real truth in the world, then how shall not my heart be so circumcised from all baggage of the world, to perceive the carnal riches of this world, (though so necessary for the ministry & for the needs of humanity,) as but superficial tokens of God's love, if indeed I truly love God?

__668_____<><><><><>And those who support those who "live of the gospel," (do it as their job,) are bound to be blessed for their righteous purchases. 1COR9:14. Let us be careful our observations don't become causes to feel exalted over others, but to rather restore all people with your Holy Spirit of meekness, and lowliness of heart, or we will be unknowingly plagued with the same or worse sins, & not have enlightenment to perceive it until it be too late to change.

_669______<><><><><>We all have undiscovered roots of bitterness in us which we pray your cleansing blood will discover & root out, & hopefully not by letting us sin thereby. How shall I know I can hold up, even in all that you allow me to be tempted in? It is not all easy & fun games, which seems to be the only kind of situation I can tolerate.

__670_____<><><><><>Even then I loathe it too much to avoid filling my stomach with dainty treats & many forms of pacifiers that quell my aching guilts & past regrets, as I muse upon how I might have loved myself better & smarter! I have despised God’s grace by which I have been saved, which is why I am selfishly grieving over my drunken paths I took, many of which got me stuck in traps, like a hunted animal!

__671_____<><><><><> Unite me to my husband Jesus who when overwhelmed with you Holy Spirit was driven into the wilderness to fast 40 days & nights. But in uniting me to Jesus make me one & same with his great & perfect discipline which means so far beyond what anyone can imagine.

__672_____<><><><><> Let my compassion for others not be based on what sex or race or preferences they have, but on how you direct me to spend the power to love which you freely give me like an endless fountain of all manner of wealth.

_673______<><><><><> You are the Spirit of God, as mediated through the now glorified Jesus, JOHN 14:12, & made a "person" of the TRINITY through the indwelling of your church so you might have a "body."

674_______<><><><><> Your birthday, as being made flesh, was on the day of Pentecost, though we have quenched you & even buried you since! For no one can be a person without a body.

_675______<><><><><>Your capacity to bless me has only just begun. Let me not hinder your progress in me. Soon reveal to all the world that you accept & cleanse & correct all my works: which are giving Jesus what he asked, "who do YOU say that I am?"

_676______<><><><><> But it is evident Jesus didn't want hearsay or insincerity. Whenever Jesus asks what do we see or think or what our opinion is, which means "glory" in Greek, it is evident Jesus wants us to say WHATEVER WE SEE, though it be that we "SEE MEN AS TREES WALKING!" Preaching is the "sincere milk of the word," not the infallible inspired meat of the word.

__677_____<><><><><> Help me Holy Spirit, to spread the "blessed contagion" of the holy faith of "sinless sin Jesus was made to be for us," to replace our sinful sin, & grow us up out of the vaccine of all the plagues, diseases & deaths Jesus took upon his body on the tree, making us both immune to & the healers of all wrongs & ills in the world.

__678_____<><><><><> As Jesus is the plague for sin & destruction of death, HOS13:14, let his perfect works spread to all people, though for some it's death unto death, but others life unto life.

__679_____<><><><><> Because Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God, what he did on the cross supplanted the entire universe which once belonged to Halal, but now along with the keys of hell & death, a new better universe belongs to Jesus along with all power in heaven & all planets.

__680_____<><><><><> Help us Holy Spirit, make use of all the "means of grace" you've given us as "helps" to our Christian walk. For it is just as wrong as a soldier to go into war thinking it's the best advice (which is from satan) to throw himself at the enemy both naked & empty handed, as it is to think its the best way to go to God without "taking words," & doing & using all the armour, & words of the Holy Bible, & anything God made for our use to supplement our prayer & fasting.

_681______<><><><><> Only by this can we amplify & fortify our prayers & detonate ammunition against the devil & his angels. But if we are not fit to use such means of grace, we will be self conceited & have the hideous strength of a domineering heart to call God's means of grace as idolatrous & for low life Christians. We must be new bottles or the new wine will make us burst, & we become even MORE SINFUL!

__682_____<><><><><>Just as a soldier must pass a physical examination before being enlisted, we as Christians are not "fit & meet for the master's use" until we have "proved ourselves," or we will think God's armour is but the armor of Goliath our enemy & condemn it as such in favour of a pebble & a sling which talent to use we developed since childhood.

__683_____<><><><><>And though God can use any means he wishes & take down the enemy if we but sling it with all our might & skill with God mixing his faith in it, we must see the big picture of WHO OUR ENEMY IS: as to why God commanded us to "take & read." REV 1:3.

__684_____<><><><><> Jesus said we must exceed the righteousness of all religions, by seeing what is in it that they do do right; though it be an empty shell of a "form of righteousness" & with "habitations of devils" instead of angels.

_685______<><><><><> We must not say something is evil because satan has been allowed to steal it & make it prejudicial to a particular denomination, but "make righteous judgments." JOHN 7:24. God looks for the heart, but man looks for the husks.

__686_____<><><><><> Let us cast away our hair & put on the hair of the Nazarite & true Samson, through the beatific vision without which we perish; to be called by his name & nationality.

_687______<><><><><> Let his hair like a helmet of salvation grow into our minds like roots of superhuman strength to renew & therefore transform our whole person. One locket (EZ8:3) of the hair of Jesus is enough to carry us away into heaven, as you have chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty.

_688______<><><><><> Holy Spirit proceeding from the throne of grace, let your mercy be over all our works, as it is for your works: because you contracted your power to us, giving gifts unto men.

__689_____<><><><><> If your power were not doing all we set out to do, we could no more do anything because we would crumble to dust. Only let our hearts be acceptable & pleasing to you, & make our prayers your very glory, as the bride, the church, is the glory of our husband Jesus. 1COR11:7.

_690______<><><><><> Send the word of your faith Holy Spirit & heal us: dividing asunder our souls & spirits, shaking all that can be shaken, revealing openly in the light of all men the seemly or unseemly condition of our joints & marrow with the thoughts & intentions of our hearts plainly for all to see, so the wheat be not always overburdened with chaff.

__691_____<><><><><> Make the invisible church visible, revealing the sons of God in the apocalypse of Jesus. That which is thought in secret let it be proclaimed, & let even that which has wings tell the matter.

__692_____<><><><><> Let freedom of press be paramount. Let our moderation of friendship be known to all, to have hospitality one for another & to carry within ourselves the manifest abilities to meet the needs of one another with cheerful giving with reciprocated benefits: which is most comfortable for all persons involved.

_693______<><><><><> Let it be more pleasant to give than receive, but to also know receiving is giving the benefit of such pleasure: without which no one could give.

_694______<><><><><> Let us be loveable as well as loving, so the more tender of hearts can find refuge in a welcome environment. The light from a star may shine very powerfully, but it takes a receiving eye & soul to make use of it.

_695______<><><><><> If there is no receiving or need for any of our services in that star, then how shall we be able to say we had pleasure giving unto it?

_696______<><><><><> Let not our righteousness be so conceited with outward service we become barren coffins of a tree that only gives it's own toxic products. Let not the pleasure of giving be unequal.

_697______<><><><><> But especially unto ourselves reveal & lay bare all our sins, letting the full stink of them ascend even to the smell of our own nostrils, JOEL 2:20, so we be no longer deceived with flattery from satan to think our cases good, till there be no more hope of salvation.

__698_____<><><><><> Time to repent is useless if we do not see our need for a change, & cannot find neither faith nor words to repent with.

__699_____<><><><><> Prepare a "place of repentance" in heaven for us so we can find the beacon's glare thereof by you directing our sins as "against God & God only;" so that God will have a personal reason to ease himself of our terrible follies by cleansing us from all sin, & it's marks, scars, open festering putrid wounds, stains as well as tendencies to continue committing them & harboring the potential of relapses. Let it not be for our sake but for God & his son for which God does all this & let us be ashamed for our own ways. AMEN. EZEKIEL 36:32.

_700_____<><><><><> Let me not commit vain repetition though I think it's to build my faith. Let me not be as the prophets of Baal who cut & wounded themselves to be heard, & even that wasn't sufficient. 1KINGS 18:28.

_701______<><><><><> Let me TRUST it's all being recorded & therefore not pray anything privately I wouldn't pray publicly. If I wouldn't badger a human, having enough knowledge & respect for a fellow human to have a simple understanding & ability to hear, then all the more shouldn't I know that the smallest insinuation or even future prayer is already heard by you? & not only anticipated by the Father, but guaranteed by you to be put forth with all the proper cosmic garnishment of faith & necessary worthiness & qualifications!

__702_____<><><><><> Holy Spirit, who proceeds first from everlasting from the Father but now mediated through Jesus's glorification, mend & heal all relationships: so that if it's not unpardonable to you, it shouldn't be for us either, who are your temple.

_703______<><><><><> Make us take great delight until Jesus returns, in reciting, hearing the reasoning we have with God as testimonies & praying & fasting together.

_704______<><><><><> Let satan be our sole enemy as he is the "evil one." Let him not pluck down our souls with our own hands, since we cannot lose any battle if we do not let ourselves defeat ourselves!

_705______<><><><><> We are by nature our worst enemy, as satan knows he needs our consent in whatsoever evil he wishes of us to do. Make us bear the beauties of holiness & the greatest comeliness as that part which lacks the most holiness, being the greatest of sinners!

_706______<><><><><> Make us a many membered but single bride in which Jesus, (who is made so much BETTER than all of us combined though we with all the angels were combined into one super being -HEB1:4) may take great delight & eternal pleasure.

_707______<><><><><> Though we're by nature the cruel cross he died upon, make us now rather bud with the rod of Aaron in the holiest place of God's presence, & bloom blossoms & yield almonds.

_708______<><><><><> Since the green tree died upon us the dry tree, who was cut down from the foundation of the world, forever forfeiting his most precious sap, which shedding of lifeblood in turn cut down the "abominable branch." GEN9:6 & ISA14:19.

__709_____<><><><><> Let us not lose or be ungrateful for one broken atom of Jesus's life, but exhibit his undiminished teller-light in our faces & bodies as the "showing of his blood."

710______<><><><><> Make our hearts be the lamps designed to burn brightly from his own

brightness in us, being the "hope of glory."


711_____<><><><><> Make his own heart which was & is melted like wax, mold in us new hearts which are in themselves fuel for heavenly love, & which supply the fuel which makes us the light of the world: like the angel of REV18 who lightened the earth with his glory.

712____<><><><><>The devil’s sin is his own fault, own fault, his own most grievous fault,

so he wants to checkmate us all to suffer that same pain of committing his sin of Esau, & be hated by God too.

____713______><<<>There is no amount of time that can erase sin or good deeds, & since even our finest works are all like menstrual rags, ALL OUR WORKS ARE DESERVING OF ETERNAL DEATH, & can only be replaced by the wounds Jesus received for our transgressions. Be it ever so small, (even to a cup of cold water,) all our works will have some form of reward, because it is upon the very person of God who cannot forget or be destroyed or even fade.


<_714_<<<<<<<><> Either an action is sin or holiness, & all is on record upon the fabric of the very Almighty God, but only Jesus in us doing the works as the Father did in him, can makes our works holy.

We're either implanted with the lusts of the devil to do his bidding & pleasure, or else God’s glorious love like a consuming universe sized fireball: which is our soul's right fuel & driving force that cannot die or be quenched.


__715____<><><< Let our souls not be built like a house of cards but tempered like highest heavenly quality sword-steel to be letters of God's sword who is THE HOLY WORD: to be movers of God & all men to be read & studied by all existence & those in it. Help us include everything in our lives, like Hannah with young Samuel, for ministry purposes ONLY.


____716_____<>>>each us the value of a mind stayed on you FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT. You've promised to put a value on the works of our hands, though it be but that of an unconverted sinner, so you may glorify your free grace. PSA90:17. You have promised not to count our prayers sin, PSA109:7, & to dwell with them that are of a broken heart & contrite Spirit. ISAIAH 66:2.


_717_____<>>>>Everything is effected by the "dunamis," i.e. "abundance of Babylon," REV18:1-3, which also comes in the form of material possessions & jobs, etc, which is ADDED ANOINTING what gives it the appearance of value. So in 3rd world the dunamis is more non materialistic & in 1st world the dunamis of satan hides under the guise of possessions, money & jobs & political power, etc.


__718______<><>>> HOLY SPIRIT you have come to help me perform my jungle gym of feats, which you gave me as obstacles to incite me to exercise & stir up your gifts in me, but my soul is sore vexed by what the wicked have done to me & like Moses hitting the rock, (which made him banished from the promised land,) provoked me "BY MY FAULT, MY FAULT, MY OWN MOST GRIEVOUS FAULT" to do: so that satan may prompt you to thereby charge me in a manner by which the attaching curse is bound eternally to me as MINE ALSO!!! There's so many things "we know but we don't know:" heal the double vision of our minds.


__719_________<><>e the force of love in our hearts. But so far you've been mainly the mask covering the wickedness in us which you've commanded like waves to "come hither but no further, " so that you might cover & cleanse the multitude of sins in our hearts. You've kept our sins from destroying us, now do what it is that you've preserved us for: & also reveal it to us.

____720_____<><><<<> We confess we're damaged goods. We feel wrinkles & spots, & are troubled but not hopeless. Your church is going to be filled with your true presence when we take the horns of your altar by our own hands in diligently taking the kingdom by violence, wrestling not to let you go till you bless us, though you touch our thigh & shrink our ligaments to make us limp.

___722_____<><><><< In my time of being greatly & sorely humbled by my GREAT SIN, I was reduced to simply not being willing to admit or accept true hopelessness & needing therefore to be content with the consolation effect of the sweetness in the anointing of the words of REVELATION. Though many Naamans inquisitively looked at me with tilted ears asking "what good does it do?" I was willing to settle with, for my best answer, "I recite it because of why they climbed the mountain, because it's there." I have made my efforts of non effect through many unconvinced sins, yet I made REVELATION the "hail Mary" of my personal religion.

__723______<>>><<><>- But this did not mean my heart was right before you, & fit for or even convicted in the need to receive your floodgates of divine agape, so I did not think clearly on the cost of souls missing heaven, & my mandate to have your love, Holy Spirit, reign supreme in me.

It's only your power of the world to come in me, that has allowed me to see above the false holy powers of the devil presenting himself as an angel of light.

___725___^^^<><> If your good work in me had not progressed to the point of having an actual degree of forgiveness & perfection functioning in me, (as apposed to imputed only) I could have never seen those most basic truths we need to know & accept in order for Jesus know us, & by his loving us for us to love him.

___726________<><><<<<><><<>< The blood of Shroud shows Jesus crucified as our sacrament not the image of God over the crown of thorns: & this crucifixion could save no one, no matter how perfectly sinless & holy we became because of it's power transforming us, if it wasn't for the BLOOD OF JESUS'S FATHER WHO IS HIS LIFE BEING ALSO "OUR LIFE" == "OUR FATHER!" Jesus did not wish to draw all men unto himself except to make his Father their eternal resting place.


_728___<><><> 6 is the number of man because he's made on the 6th day, but refers to only the "temple aspect" of man as being THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. But without the added number 1 to make it 7, it as if makes merchandise of mankind because 6 refers only to his bodily outward appearance, not heart etc. So 6 can be considered evil because it makes us rely on works to see ourselves as righteous not by grace alone which would entail 7.

729_______^^^^_<><><< So the 666 is a number that describes all the persons of the TRINITY but only refers to the temple aspects of them: the image of God is 600, the body of Jesus is 60 the whole of all angels & humans to ever exist is but 6 only. Satan inherited this number but with all the numbers included, but after sinning the "666" aspect of it only remained, just as bones only remain after a person dies & the flesh is dissolved through various reasons. _

730_______<><><><< Further, this "bones" or that is faith of the devil is distorted & has believed the grandest lie of all: that God is a liar. When it can be said that lying is one of those things God CANNOT do! So the skeletal 666 that remains upon the devil has been not only stripped of it's loving flesh, but is distorted & mangled in satan's twisted wreck of deception & deceit.

__731__<<<<<<>>>>>> This 666 is not only forbidden in it's pure form to be given as a sacrament, but all the more, (if more is possible,) to be given as mediated through the devil & his right hand fallen angel the beast. The 2nd beast is who ever the pope will be then, & will give that mark as a worldwide sacramental televised service, in order (in the ultimate lie) to unite us to all our alien brothers & sisters of the whole universe.

___732_____<<<><<<<<<<><< So although in those numbers is also the numbers 666, it's not to be experienced & partook of in this life except in faith tasting the powers of the world to come. If we didn't love taking the LORD'S SUPPER which we ARE COMMANDED & ALLOWED to have, we certainly will be considered forever unworthy to recieve God's image in heaven, (along with all his fruits of his tree,) because if we didn't love Jesus in how he was made sin for us, then God will pronounce us eternally sinful, & hammer down his gavel which is the WORD as coming from his own mouth upon his judgment throne!

--_735____<[><>>>> The 666 is a popish number therefore, (as knowledge for the "holy elite," or illuminati,) & which is taken doctrinally making Jesus the most high God & image of God, each time there is "mass;" though the Lord's supper remains only the body of Jesus & blood of Jesus & of his Father which was "shed" in being forsaken on the cross. The Lord's Supper is produced by God's faithfulness & not by our worthiness or by putting other designs & claims on it: as though God can be changed by false doctrines. But in reality the only thing agreeing to false doctrines can do is sear & perjure our consciences! -- God remains faithful & unbelief has no effect on God.

736 _____<___<<><><>< So called "canon" doctrines are the highest level satanic conspiracies, designed to be adhered to by satan's false righteousness, & accepted by the masses as common knowledge, though they admit none of it can be understood, i.e. because it is fabrication. The TRINITY according to Babylon's teachings makes each member of the TRINITY something by implication of it's qualities something completely identical, & that cannot be associated with in a personal manner.

737 ________<><><><>< Mankind has therefore always, even when grace has been explained best, only turned God's means of salvation into man's own righteousness of allowing or disallowing all things according to what is acceptable to or else offensive to the residing church. Civil obedience, while necessary, if apart from God is albeit a deranged fulfillment of the ten horns (strengths) of the beast which represent the 10 commandments. Many errors in judgment have been made in our attempts to fulfill the law, many of which because we left out grace & mercy which are the WEIGHTIER MATTERS OF THE LAW!

_738_________<>>>>< This attitude of not needing Jesus (either admittedly or clandestinely in canon doctrine,) will be the prevailing spirit in which the mark will finally be taken & therefore it will warrant the greatest of all unmerciful damnation, i.e. "poured out without mixture," that is, of any mercy. But even the most Holy & understanding of all persons would get the same punishment for reasons already previously explained here.

739 ________<[<><><>>[ Deliver me from satan's "flattery salvation" but let me redeem my times knowing how evil the days are; which evil is with nicety & embracing us warmly (sending gifts one to another) to help us forget you by our remembering each other: which is the wine of the wrath of Babylon's non sexual deceitful fornication. In our loving each other we have often left you Holy Spirit OUT OF IT ENTIRELY. FORGIVE US OUR GREAT SIN BORDER-LINING ON BEING UNPARDONABLE!!

__740_____<><>< When satan shows his true colors, (because he's angered by my rejecting his bait) & grapples with me for not taking his easy medicine, help me to be ruled by the Spirit of power, love & sound mind: which wins in the arena of my sins, which classifies me in heaven as having overcome.

__741_____<>>><<><<><_How I've lurked in the darkness like I was some infestation & excused it as a personality disorder or unavoidable defect when it was bred through sin & failure to obey the gospel!!!!

We're all partaking of your grace without knowing at what we stumble, counting our sins as against ourselves only.

742_______<><><<<<< ●●●● Help me be a gatekeeper upon the full radius of my heart as upon the issues of life itself, as dwelling in omnipresence, partaking of God's Almighty nature as a possessor of his pantocrator (pas =all, kratos =vigorous,) abilities. The false convictions of the devil offer no support or comfort as your comfortable conviction which also upholds, sanctifys & gives a taste of heaven. In your fear is strong consolation & many benefits. But in our enemy is only brokenness & unsound contrived love.

743 _________ Yet, since his dethroning condemnation at the resurrection, satan, compared to us, has an ocean of knowledge & we have but a thimble full or else far less. Satan knows the King’s highway (NUM20:17, & 21:22) & the way to it better than anyone: but with the price of having put the Lord of glory to the ultimate test. Now the Lord is “tried & true” to his word, THAT HE LOVES THE FATHER EVEN UNTO DEATH. JOHN 14:31.744 _______<><><<<<< ●●●● Though satan’s knowledge is experiential only & without the spirit of prophecy, (the testimony of Jesus which is the saving/justifying knowledge, of the mind of Christ,) he could tell each of us, if he were willing & honest, what chance any of us have of eternal life; though he is the one which is causing the difficulty to begin with. We were all elect, until satan blotted himself from the book of life.745: )________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ But let us not forget that we are saved by grace, & not fret for not having loved ourselves in the most smart manner; i.e. getting the best toys to entertain ourselves & puff ourselves up with in this short season of sin which the Bible calls the vale of tears. PSA84:6. AMEN♤♡◇♧☆ ○●□♤♡◇ ♧☆○● □♤♡ ♧☆○● □♤♡ ♧☆○● □♤♡ ♧☆○● □♤♡ ♧☆○● ♧☆○●