•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_ WHAT IS SALVATION? It is “THE LORD OUR SALVATION.” JER3:23. PSALM35:3::: Psa 35:3 Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I AM THY SALVATION. It is a manifestation of the sons of God. ROM8:19. It is a marriage by which we are known of God & we also know God & his son. But because there is not a single human on earth who will say that doesn’t apply to them, I must endeavor by God’s help & blessing to show the finer details of this eternal contract. To do this, I must somehow make my message “quick & powerful & sharper than any two edged sword, piercing asunder the souls of those who read it to manifest the thoughts the intents of their hearts:” meaning of their inner souls. HEB4:12. One could say, that sounds like what the BIBLE ALREADY IS. Yes, but the Bible has authorized the foolishness of preaching to save those who will believe, & the Bible is what is called strong meat, but new born babes need milk.

_____ Salvation is a coming clean of all sin, which entails confession, & understanding that God forgetting our sins does not mean he has no eternal record of them. Though God forgot Peter’s sins, if God forgot the record of them, then God would have no way to say that what is written in the gospel accounts is true. Also, sin is so vast & cannot be fully done away in this life, but our forgiveness is a “good work begun in us, but which will need to be completed.” PHILIPPIANS 1:6. If God ever erased the record of our sinfulness or sins out of his mind, we too would be erased with it, yet even the damned themselves cannot be forgotten which is why God will forever torment them. When the redeemed in heaven tell of how they were washed in the blood of the lamb, the Lord gets all the glory for everything he washed them from. It will be known what great sins the Lord has cleansed the redeemed from. Peter, for example is redeemed, yet everyone knows that the Lord washed him from the great sin of denial of Jesus! The redeemed will have minds far greater than anything we can dream of, & their understanding of sin & memory of what the Lord saved them from will be so perfectly sharp, as spur in them such great love for God as would not have ever existed otherwise. LUKE7:47. = TO LOVE GOD MORE FOR HIS GREAT FORGIVENESS REQUIRES MORE REALIZATION OF THE FULL VAST EXTENT OF ALL HIS GREAT MERCY TOWARDS US. God forgets the sorrow of our sins, (if we be in Christ,) for joy that a new soul is born out of them, as a tree which is growing out of the compost: which is a symbolic comparison of how a woman forgets her labor pains. God is not a simpleton, & so his mind is more vast than even the universe if it were all the size of one super computer, & so to deal with God, the first thing is to know that he is not limited in his brain capacity to think with.

_____ Nothing is hid from the “heat” of God’s knowledge. PSAL.19:6. Our greatest sin has always been the hardness of our hearts & rebellion to God’s will. If our hearts had been pliable from the beginning, to know all the things needful to preach to sinners, would not take a lifetime of being humbled by sin, but just coming into God’s presence to see our own wretched condition in comparison to God’s perfect glory, would be more than enough to break us of all resistance to God. And why was the simple act of coming into God’s presence so difficult? Because it required humbling ourselves before him with prayer & fasting: which sin would not allow. Then sin had to justify itself which prolonged it’s expulsion from us. We loved our sins more than God, though it was but a “little” sin, & we were clean otherwise: that one sin was enough to be a spot on our garments. JUDE-23. But satan has established a pharisaical form of righteousness in the world, which makes identifying sin more difficult, because it is in the “thoughts & intents of the heart.” HEB4:12. Sin is always what is “against God, & God only. PSALM51:4.

______ The salvation of the old testament was all symbolic only, & no one was redeemed until Jesus descended into hell, & preached to the spirits in prison, as Peter said. Salvation in the new testament is more difficult than it was for the saints of the old testament, because now we must be living sacrifices but in the old testament everything was monetary based, & you could just “buy” your pardon by purchasing an animal then paying the priest to sacrifice it for “X” sins. The great saint David who wrote the greatest penitential Psalm of all time was a “bloody man,” which was a great understatement, & would have probably towered far above the worst tyrants in history as far as sheer numbers of persons he murdered in the most bloody & horrific ways, all under the old testament “administration of death:” which gave him superhuman strength to do it, & have immunity to being killed in any revenge for it. David’s heart was so far from being convicted of any of his sins, the one time that God “convicted” him of murder, God had to trick David into feeling any kind of remorse for it, by having Nathan use a parable on him. Then when David saw he just condemned himself by being drunk with “kingly” power, it embarrassed him & made him to use his prophetic skills to write PSALM51, which was entirely prophetic until Jesus could fulfill it by his death on the cross. What it felt like for David to only receive conviction of his evil heart once full eternal salvation was handed to him on a silver platter as Jesus preached to him in hell, it was an experience of unspeakable gratitude & spurring of love for God in David beyond all imagination.

______ Hell was not a place of torment until Jesus rose from it. Jesus’s death on the cross was the first time anyone experienced a true death, which “death” means separation from God. Jesus prayed his whole life with strong crying & tears to be delivered from death, HEB5:7, which meant his separation from God. Jesus then concluded that if this cup (of my shed blood = separation from God on the cross,) pass not from him unless he drink (undergo) it, then let God’s will be done. MATTHEW-26:42. The garden of Gethsemane prayer was just the final nail in the coffin of Jesus agreeing with God to put an end to his life as the word made flesh, to then become the bright morning star: which is the next & highest step Jesus can ever be on: which is perfect holiness & absolute equality with God. The Bible tells us that Jesus had to grow in wisdom & stature & was sanctified, (made holy) by his own blood, because his blood is God his father. It is “his blood” because God is “his Father.” This is why the elements of the Lord’s supper are separate: because it shows forth the Lord’s death which was separation from God.

_____ God forsook Jesus on the cross as the fulfillment of ISAIAH 54:7-8. It is a “little wrath” because Jesus suffering it in perfect sinless holiness & in the capacity of being the son of the living God, is what carried the whole weight of all our sins. To say “little wrath” is not to say it was not difficult beyond all our understanding for Jesus: who prepared for the crucifixion like an athlete preparing for an olympic event his whole life. Jesus knew from the day he was laid in the feeding trough (manger) that he was born to be a sacrifice for the sins of all the “beasts” of the world to be our food supply for heaven. That we would come to him “as we are,” & those who come to him, he would in no wise cast out due to their lowly sinful nature as if mere beasts.

_____ A person suffering in holiness & well intention towards God, though but a little, is worth more than all the suffering the damned can ever do in eternal hellfire or in any other way on earth; while they curse & wish evil upon God & those who persecute them. God is our righteousness, & we cannot have any of our own that is acceptable to God, though it be with great pains & struggles. Our mountains we must climb must be the moral mountains of conquering the sin in our hearts & the struggle to be willing to find full enlightenment with God.

_____- The Lord Jesus has been made into our sins in such a way which replaces our sins, & yet is a sin which is without sin. 2Co 5:21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

___ When we bear in our body the marks of Jesus, it means that our sins which are offenses to God have been replaced by the sin Jesus was made to be for us. Gal 6:17 From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. This makes us members of Jesus’s body, flesh & bones. Eph 5:30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

___ There is many scriptures which especially when linked together give us many clues as to what is TRUE SALVATION. John writes about how if we love the brethren, we’ve successfully passed from (eternal) death unto (eternal) life. But there is a “folding” aspect to scriptures meaning that it is very compacted, & requires us to “unpack” it. What exactly each scripture means, requires there to be a sincerity to know it & a desire also with a seeking of it with fasting & prayer, & waiting upon the Lord. Satan who is spiritual wickedness in high places, seems to be omnipotent when it comes to all our thoughts & studies, (always being with us when we would do good or are actually doing good intending to do more,) making us to gloss over very important areas of scriptures if we are not diligent to quickly take notes on what the Lord is teaching us. Jesus is the brother who sticks closer than any brother, ==Pro 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Jesus is a TRUE BROTHER because he called us his brothers & sisters & mothers, & what the Lord says must by the King’s decree exist though if possible, it were a mistake when he said it. Yet Jesus cannot make a mistake & so what he calls us we must be that very thing! If Jesus says that the wounds we gave him were done by his friends then we must be his friends though there doesn’t seem to be any possible way it is so. Zec 13:6 And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

____ == & so when it says “to love the brethren,” it is saying when we primarily love Jesus. Then we need to examine ourselves daily to know how we walked with Jesus that day to see if we truly loved him or not. If we did not love Jesus, 1COR13:2 tells us that all we are & did that day was a BIG ZERO in the estimation of God. Love must be the fulfilling of the law, so in other words it must be that love from on high which wrote the law to begin with, which law is the logos who is the beginning of the creation of God & also the end which means the death of Jesus, which resulted in his becoming the bright morning star. This occurrence John tells us is something that did not exist until his death on the cross took place & until after his resurrection & Ascension. The word was “made flesh” in stages. The term “flesh” is interchangeable with “soul” because God sees them as not existing without the other: & the flesh has no feeling without the soul in it.

______ To eat & drink Jesus in his supper means to fellowship with him, & though we might feel like a person who has no senses in knowing Jesus, he is really with us by faith though we have not yet been granted access to seeing & hearing him “as he is.” Faith is the very logos himself & is the building blocks of very worlds, HEB11:3, & so to think of faith as a whimsical nothing is a trick of the devil. One particle of true faith Jesus says is enough to move mountains: which is generated by hearing the word of God. — 1COR13:12 nevertheless tells us that we are known without any obstruction by God, though we cannot see or know him in an unobstructed way BECAUSE SATAN THE COVERING CHERUB HIDES HIM FROM US. Even when we think, (because of the lies of satan,) that God is as dull in hearing us as we are of him, God hears & remembers our smallest thoughts & most forgotten words spoken or merely thought in our deepest secrecy. Nothing is hid from God, & though it says God hears not a sinner’s prayer, what does “not hear or not remember” mean? Not what satan tells us it means, but it means that God will not “regard” it for our own good. EZEKIEL18:22 tells us (IF WE ARE REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS) that our sins will not be “MENTIONED” to us, which means yes God remembers all our shameful moments, but his lovingkindness will cover us & not embarrass us when we see him face to face, if we are covered now by his great grace & saving mercy. Eze 18:22 All his transgressions that he hath committed, they shall not be mentioned unto him: in his righteousness that he hath done he shall live. H2142 (Strong) זָכַר zâkar - zaw-kar’ A primitive root; properly to mark (so as to be recognized), that is, to remember; by implication to mention;