__ HOW & WHEN IS THE 666 IN FORCE? [NOTE: this article has a few loose threads in it, so I will have to work on it more, but you can read this for now.\] 11,654words

___ Why is this an important topic: i.e. why does God tell readers of all centuries that if they have wisdom, they will count this number, REV13:18, meaning to discern it's values & meaning? What could the mark of the beast have to do with a person not living in that time in which it is given? Could it have anything to do with the beast "sitting in the temple of God showing himself to be God?" Could such an anticipated event be already practiced & accepted in a doctrinal principle which is based on "canon law?" The same persons who adhere to it say blurry shroud photos show more detail than focused ones: because the shroud of Turin has images on it proving canon law to be fraudulent! The burial shroud is actually more holy than the two tables of the Law, & yet we don't know that to not have access to it is “ICHABOD."=1SAM4:21. Satan did the same thing to Mary he did to Jesus, that is, exalt her to a position she could not possibly have: to be mediator of Jesus. Why? Because Jesus cannot be the mediator of God if he is God! Rome must worship Mary in the same way we are supposed to worship Jesus! - Now, according to canon law, Jesus is sitting in the temple of God taking the place of Jehovah: which can only mean one thing IF HE IS REALLY PRESUMING TO DO IT, & NOT JUST TO OUR MISINFORMED UNDERSTANDING: he is not the real Jesus but the devil coming as an angel of light, making us to think Jesus is God: BECAUSE THE REAL JESUS WOULD NEVER PUT HIMSELF IN THE POSITION ONLY GOD HIS FATHER HAS. Jesus wouldn’t even let anyone call him good, because theologically speaking, Jesus knew good means God, as stated in GEN1, & so Jesus would say, “why do you call me good? Only God is good!” Jesus knew just as they wanted to make him a physical king on earth during the time of sin, satan also wanted Jesus to usurp the position of God, in order to orphan him as a fatherless son, & also make satan the supreme father of all sinners.

______ This doesn’t mean people are worshipping the devil if they they don’t discern Jesus’s body as not the body of the Father, but that Paul said it is a reason why they take the Lord’s supper unworthily. 1COR.11:29. People don’t usually even know GOD HAS A BODY, & think if he does, it is the body of Jesus. “EXPRESS IMAGE” of God really means “engraver of God’s image,” & Jesus always spoke of his Father in terms of “having a voice & shape we have not yet seen & heard.” This image is also painted by God’s finger in the AB blood of Jesus right in the brain area of Jesus over the crown of thorns on the SHROUD OF TURIN. They keep the images so blurry that no one can usually see it’s there, but for a discerning eye, it’s quite visible. Jesus stayed his mind on his Father during his whole crucifixion, (GIVING HIM PERFECT PEACE, ISA26:3,) even while he was being forsaken by God, which is what shedding his blood for our sins means. Jesus prayed on the cross in somewhat the words found in the PSALMS, such as the words in PSALM22:9-10. There is a physical shedding of Jesus’s blood which is for our healing, in giving us our humanity in general, & a spiritual shedding of his blood, to reconcile us to the Father. Jesus always spoke of his Father as being in love with his Father, & boasted of him at every turn he made, saying “it is the father who does the works in me, & I can do nothing of myself but it is the Father in me doing the works.” Everything God does, is not done for us, until Jesus delivers it unto us. The Father could not show himself to us, except through a RIGHTFUL KNOWING OF THE SON!

Joh 14:9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?

Joh 14:10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

______ Satan NEEDS Jesus to be GOD JEHOVAH, so that the words "son of morning,” in ISA14:12 means "son of God;” (if Jesus who is the morning is God,) making satan the beginning of the creation of God, not Jesus. THIS ALSO BLOCKS GOD’S FACE OUT AS MUCH AS THE MOON OVER THE SUN DURING A FULL ECLIPSE. When satan was finally thrown into the bottomless pit at the end of REV6, people of all ranks could see God’s image as clear as day with the son of God & cried out for the rocks & mountains to cover them because of their guilt! But wouldn't it be terrifying beyond anything yet known if satan really is the very first & therefore very best thing that God ever made? Then how could God ever find pleasure in his creation if he had nothing but the train-wreck satan made of it? & then who would have been that savior who could & would defeat him? God needed an ACTUAL CREATURE, i.e. “the firstborn of every CREATURE,” to take delight in, in order to justify CREATING ANYTHING! So if the body of Jesus ever were truly officiated by God to be the body of the gospel-image of God, as every catholic Lord’s supper tries to make him into, we would be infinitely more unworthy to receive him in our low (sinful) estate than we could EVER BE in the taking the Lord's Supper unworthily: —- EVEN WORTHY OF THE PUNISHMENT IN REV14:9-11!!!

_____ —- It is but the Lord's mercy that God would not officiate the catholic mass until the very end, in REV13:14, (for one hour with the beast,) when the pope finally has the authority to turn the Lord's body into the body of the gospel-image of the Father! But it is STILL the actual Lord’s supper with Jesus as the proper son of God, SINCE NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT REGARDLESS OF THE DOCTRINE OR LEVEL OF UNWORTHINESS. Every Lord’s supper is the SAME, whether 2 people take it at home, or the whole world takes it together, or whatever doctrine they place upon it: because it is a COVENANT fulfilled only by the Lord. The only difference in each Lord’s supper is our worthiness to take it & who we associate with when we take it. The Catholics have the real Lord’s supper, & cannot patent it, except in their false doctrines regarding it. They who take it ARE NOT TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST, but if it really became the body of the most high God, it would be the mark of the beast, because the 600 signifies the image of God. Each Lord’s supper is only the 66 because the 60, or threescore is the body of Jesus, broken for us, & the 6 is the sum total of the many membered body of the Holy Spirit in the Trinity. I explain how exactly all this is so, in further writing which I do: which is a bit hard to digest for someone just learning about it for the first time. Why it damns us, EVEN AS REV14:9-11 says, though being the most holy image, is the same reason why the body of Jesus damns us if we take him unworthily: but so much the more because Paul says God is EXTERNAL (omnipresent/unlimited) to Jesus. 1COR15:27. ALSO, the image of God is not authorized in this time of sin, to be given as a sacrament, until we (who are such) are perfected in heaven, when he “finishes the good work he began in us.” Until then, the body of Jesus must be sufficient for our meat & drink to bring us all the way to the Father: when we will receive glorified bodies like unto the one Jesus now has, except as his bride. IF WE SEE JESUS AS HE IS, AS SHOWN ON THE CHEST AREA OF THE SHROUD OF TURIN, John says we will be made like unto him, “if we see him as he is.”

-________ This is the time of sorrow NOT PERFECTION, as stated in Psa 84:6 Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools. The Pope says he doesn’t “water down” the Lord’s supper, & what he means is, he tries to turn it into into God’s image, & in the process he denies the Lord has come in the flesh, as John says antichrist does. Jesus said many would think they knew him, but didn’t, because they denied his true humanity, in saying “he merely took upon himself human flesh,” as if it were soulless & not even really human in any way like unto our humanity. ISA53:10 says that we must make his SOUL our offering for sin. 666 is a catholic number, because “6” represents our body/temple aspect ONLY, while Jesus’s supper is more than his BODY but his SOUL ALSO, which would add numbers to it, possibly making it a 7 in numerical value or some other number. God’s image which is the color of SARDIUS, is also THE 6TH FOUNDATION IN THE NEW JERUSALEM. But 6 ONLY IS USED by the beast to describe the Trinity, (not the full spectrum of numerical symbolism,) because Peter says “they make merchandise of you,” even the body of Jesus, in making Vatican city such a lavish place, the OPPOSITE of how Jesus said to not store up riches on earth, where moths destroy them, etc. And which is why no one will buy or sell unless they have the number. Satan knows that ETERNAL SOULS are intrinsically & inseparably linked to BODIES, so if he focuses on the “6” value of us, which is our bodies, he then has the other number aspects also. Satan’s “god” or what is left of his knowing the true God, is all in the form of an anointing, & material wealth. But all this will be taken from him at the time of his judgment before getting thrown into the lake of fire. REV20:10.

_______ This article is a bit long, so you can read the entirety of it on godsimage1.com ____ Also study what's probably the best available shroud images online at shroudphotos.com __

______ God rewards us according to our cleanness in his sight, meaning according to our true nature: but which stems from our inner intentions & rank in the Trinity hierarchy. God knew satan would sin, then how it would effect each of us down through all ages. God is what he is & must do what he does, & so when it was slated that the Son of the morning must be created, but that he'd create sin in his heart, God held back materializing his only begotten son immediately, & used him rather as the weapon against the devil, by keeping his creation a secret, ROM16:25, & bringing him forth to look, to the devil, like the birth of a great but defeatable prophet. Why God gave so much power to the devil, is also why God must be feared: because God cannot avoid existing himself. God is controlled by himself but which is truly unlimited in size & intelligence & power, & so God also has to fear himself because he cannot change & if his Supreme vastness has not good in store for his whole self, Eli, MATT27:46, which is centered on his image in the new Jerusalem, & there is no peace on the Israel of God, then he has no one to help him but his "deep things." 1COR2:10. Because God's heart is intrinsically linked to his true people, if God must be bereaved of his whelps, he is like a she bear enraged against those who would touch her young. Satan is a very worthy opponent to God & doesn't back down despite threats of a greater damnation, but is hardened against his own welfare as if it wasn't his own. God must put a forceful & active binding on the devil; not merely show him his final end.

_____And would the beast as he comes as an angel of light pretend therefore to actually be God's image, or come in what appears to be Jesus claiming to be "THE PANTOCRATOR, & only true image of God called the gospel of Christ in 2COR4:4?"

____ And HOW would anyone see this as evil, if they already claim Jesus to have the title of PANTOCRATOR? And if Jesus were actually "coming suddenly to his temple" as MALACHI states, wouldn't this be an event that would overthrow Babylon aka the Vatican, & therefore counteract the possibility of this & prevent it by the devil by making us all lukewarm & self satisfied:- but on fire with a pharisaical leaven like anointing that would mask our lukewarmness? Why didn't the Christians of Laodicea KNOW that they were but self righteous & carnally secure? Doesn't satan have a false pentecostal spirit like water which he pours out of his mouth? Jesus said "beware of the leaven of the pharisees." Then the disciples realized Jesus meant doctrine not leaven. MATT.16:12. Satan’s doctrine & anointing are so intrinsically united, that one would think by the anointing that it has to be straight from God: but this is until we realize that satan doesn't have any of his OWN POWER, but it all proceeds from God! ROM13:1. The anointing doesn't mean necessarily salvation, as many think it does: who never knew Jesus, because they only wanted his tusks & poached him for his anointing, eating & drinking damnation to themselves: being guilty of his body & blood. They didn't want to know him in his crucifixion so they couldn't know him in the power of his resurrection.

___ The Bible gives us the pieces, or dots to connect, but leaves it up to us make proper sense of it. Is the reason for counting the numbers of 666 because the actual fact it is that number won't be revealed, so we must identify it is that number by knowing what it is that the beast is describing himself to be. Perhaps if we've already accepted the spirit of the beast, since he is a fallen angel & pretends to be the god of every false religion, including usurping the place of Jesus for the Christians, (if he is not discovered by diligent search,) then he might not be discerned at the most crucial hour in which he must be rejected!

____ It is said he is "full of names of blasphemy," meaning a wrongful use of God's many names & by application of God's names to wear or apply it in ways it doesn't belong. This already occurred in using JEHOVAH’S NAME in reference to Jesus: when this particular name of God refers to his image, & though Jesus is God because he is the word, the word is not Jehovah. The simple name "God" is like describing God in his attribute or authority, but a name implies a body is with it: which is the activation of our full potential. Jesus wasn't named until after his birth, & ISAIAH 9:6 says his name SHALL BE CALLED, not "IS" called, -- at the time it was written.

Original: היה

Transliteration: hâyâh

Phonetic: haw-yaw

BDB Definition:

to be, become, come to pass

__/_ So does the Catholic church ever admit there is an image of God & JESUS ISN'T THAT IMAGE, as it shows over the crown of thorns on the burial cloth, called shroud of Turin? They say that 2COR4:4 means that Jesus RATHER THAN his Father is in the GOSPEL IMAGE OF GOD. But Jesus always spoke of his Father as “ANOTHER ENTITY” other than himself, & lest any say he meant it metaphorically only, as when he said, “he who sees me sees the Father,” he also said, “Joh 5:37 And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.” ==== This means Jesus cannot bear witness of himself, or be 2 “shapes & voices” at the same time! So then, WHERE PRAY TELL, is the image of the FATHER in the Catholic church: or in any denomination or religion in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, as Babylon/Vatican is the “mother of harlots & abominations of the earth?” Nothing could be a greater abomination than to make Jesus a Fatherless Orphan, & make him raised only by his mother! Perhaps they don’t believe in God the Father except as in being the person of Jesus, since they call Jesus “the only holy one, & who alone is the most high” in every mass. This “loneliness or aloneness” is what Jesus felt on the cross, & now they wish to make him “crucified afresh” for the whole space of this new testament era by their “mass’s doctrine?” I ask sincerely “where is the Father” in any of the religions of the world, aside from the Jewish: since they believe in the one God but failed to make the connection between God & the son, since they are clouded by the constant doctrine which makes JESUS to be the Father. I would be open to be shown something new if I’m just not connecting the dots properly or something.

_____ God is the “word/logos,” so called at the time of begetting it: it is an intellectual creation named after the author of it, as only God’s Omnipresent Almighty MIND is big & powerful enough to fully know & appreciate HIS OWN LOGOS. The ark, or “box” in which the 10 commandments were placed represents GOD WHO IS EXTERNAL 1COR15:27/KJV-‘excepted,’ & the 2 tables of the law represent the LOGOS, which 2 tables are now “made flesh,” & no longer stone, as EZ36:26 says regarding our hearts. Jesus’s heart “poured out like wax” PSA22:14 says is the new heart of flesh for all people, & the “petroleum like fuel” for entering heaven by this “new & living way.” This “word/logos” is the mental enlightenment of all languages of all people & so is called “alpha & omega,” & whom Paul says is “our mind,” & therefore “our head.” We don’t say a person got “be-bodied” but rather “be-headed,” because the beheading is symbolic of losing Jesus, & we see many headless churches where Jesus has been dethroned, which are “organized religion.” But bodiless churches, are “potential” churches which presently exist only as the person of Jesus in heaven, who is the “head” of all creation: when we become “attached” to him, it is called being “born again,” & Jesus “knows us” as a husband to his wife, which is why John says, “our seed remains in us, & we cannot sin (unto death) for we are born of God.” There is a holy shrine in every true believer which is “without sin,” & which God commands us to increase & develop, which is what “tasting the power of the world to come” is.

______ Satan wishes to claim upon us, that we have lost Jesus, (in his pretending to be Jesus 2COR11:14,) if we reject the so called “canon law” he has invented from the beginning of his false Christian church in REV17:4, where those who defected from the true Christian doctrine “rode” the beast, the fallen angel, like a horse, & got propped up far above all peoples on earth, (sitting upon many waters,) & became the elite or illuminati of the world. Satan’s wrath for our disagreement needs excommunication of us from his main three person church which reigns supreme for one “hour,” =a very short time in the scheme of history, but needs his anointing for it to seem like it is “established purely from on high” in order to convince us that it is in fact the true “Jacob,” & so must beguile us with appearing to love to live in tents, when all the while they only love “hunting” for new victims for the devil, to sacrifice either spiritually and/or physically upon their altars. They separate the LORD JESUS FROM THE FATHER, by making Jesus ONLY HOLY & ONLY MOST HIGH, & by this Jesus is crucified afresh in what is called an “unbloody sacrifice,” where the eclipse of darkness at the cross, is perpetually over our land. In this darkness satan & his demons can “play” without fear of being vanquished by the light from heaven: deceiving the whole world, which is the sin God sited at the end, for why satan is thrown into the lake of fire. REV20:10.

_____ HOW THE LIFE OF JESUS’S HUMANITY WAS SHED FOR US. God Jehovah is the beginning of the word which was made incarnate, & God is also the “end” of that same word made flesh, which is the death of Jesus: who was slain from the foundation of the world. This means that there was already “an end” to that word which ENTAILED ONLY THE LIFE OF JESUS AS THE “LAMB,” in order for Jesus to die for us physically & BECOME THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH; since his body & soul, which is his word identity, are linked together as one. This is HOW Jesus SHED/BESTOWED his humanity upon us, declaring to each of us, “behold your mother, behold your son:” which was Jesus adopting us to one another by his own blood. Jesus never got back his humanity as it was, but when he was resurrected all which happened to his flesh was somehow frozen in time, & he never got one drop of his precious human blood back, or one wound closed or healed in any way. Jesus told Thomas to THROW IN YOUR HAND INTO MY SIDE, & PUT YOUR FINGERS INTO MY NAIL WOUNDS! Jesus felt no pain or needed his humanity anymore, but it was ready to be transformed into his new shape of the bright morning star. His body is eternal, & can never see corruption or decay of any kind! He has been running on the PURE OCTANE of God’s blood of his image ever since his resurection: which is the second part of what God was saying, after “the beginning & the end,” WHICH WAS, & IS, & IS TO COME, THE ALMIGHTY. Jesus was then “declared to be the son of God with power,” as Paul put it. == "Almighty" is the word PANTOCRATOR, which is a term reserved only for the Father, but because Jesus is God the Father INCARNATE, God uses it to describe his son. Jesus since his resurrection is empowered by God in a level that is unprecedented, & yet always increasing & expanding. Also Jesus suffered great amounts of PTSD from his ordeal on this earth, & coming to his crossroads of dying as the word made flesh, to becoming something so much better than the angels, it is still under wraps as to us getting any real news of it, except in short parabolic glimpses in REV19:11. Jesus relies heavily on exalting his Father over him, & takes great pride in saying his Father is greater than him, just as Paul exhorts us to boast in the Lord Jesus. For us to make Jesus take the position of PANTOCRATOR is all the same as if it were compelled upon us to take the position of Jesus & to save ourselves or else suffer eternal judgement hereafter! For Jesus to rely to much upon & trust solely in God to get him through his terrible ordeal in becoming our pascal sacramental lamb, & then to have his fingers pealed from his father by this canon law the devil invented in order to exalt himself to the position of son of God, & then to go the other mile & say son of God means he is God, (since he claims that there was no beginning in which he was begotten) so he may sit in the temple in the bishop's throne "showing himself as if he IS God," is utterly preposterous!

■■■●■■■_ The devil is very unhappy with himself that he decided to become the devil, & all the more as divine light shines down upon him to illuminate his true appearance & his true deeds against God. Satan used his rank over his angels to destroy them using his tail, meaning "aura" in Greek, pronounced "oora." G3769 οὐρά - oura, Phonetic: oo-rah' Definition: a tail.

_/// This is used as a battle cry by the Marines & it is clear that war began in the most unjust & tragic way possible:: with the tail of the devil casting a third of the angels out of heaven. Today governments need to use their crystal powers which stem from the star of Bethlehem (since God is the only power=ROM13:1) to cast out by a beastly use of their power, a certain percentage of their citizens out onto the battle field to carry out their living chess games, to BE the pieces on their chess board, which is the battle field. While the Bible says "if the Lord doesn't watch & keep us, the watchman wakes in vain." Human life is precious & not worth expending for the pride of politicians.

__ Jesus is the only WORTHY King while all others inherit satan’s unworthiness to be in power, called being "shaped in iniquity." PSALM 51:5. Jesus's tenderness & love for humanity is so great, he is the inventor of his new commandment: to love one another. Though it originated in God, Jesus is expressing to us the love God has for him! Jesus angered the devil who did not wish to use any good thing on people, unless it was the only option he had to gain a greater harvest of our life blood force. And it always angers the devil when he's forced to do anything he has no choice in, though the only one he's serving is himself for the most unjust reasons!

__WHY ONLY GOD COULD CRUCIFY JESUS::: Something holy for it to die, must be killed by something superior to it’s level of holiness: THEREFORE Jesus had to be killed by the Father, as God commanded Abraham to be the slayer of his son, & not farm out the job to another person, such as the devil. The devil is said to have killed Jesus, because the devil is the REASON God had to kill his son: as Paul said “the prince/s of this world did not have the wisdom of God, or they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” The devils were smarter than satan, because their level of sin was not as great, & so they gave Pilate’s wife a nightmare “to have nothing to do with that just man,” & she suffered many things in a dream which made her beg Pilate to let Jesus go. But this was the devils trying to WARN THE DEVIL that to touch the Lord of glory, was to “touch God’s anointed prophet & pupil of God’s eye, & do him harm.”

★★★★★★ WHY DID GOD CHOOSE CRUCIFIXION TO REDEEM US?:: But the crucifixion is God’s means to defeat satan by using God's own merciful power to defeat our sinful hearts. God conquers the world by the sword of faith, though Jesus had to actually die by the sword of steel first, & die by the cross. This is the burnt sacrifice because when Jesus entered the realm where God had fully forsaken him to fulfill our need for a savior from our sins, Jesus was as a man in outer space with his blood boiling & many other things which cannot be compared to our laws of physics. Jesus was the first to experience hell, which is separation from God who is our life; & therefore Jesus prayed his whole life to be delivered from this "death" which was worse than any physical death. All the more was it so for Jesus, = being who he is as the "only begotten son," & this made the ordeal different & far more acute & potent for him than any one else could experience. Jesus suffered all this without the father's comfort while hanging on the cross, & definitely not our comfort to him. In fact we were yet deep in the wicked blood of our sins while he died for us, making us unable to know & appreciate it until long after the danger had passed for him. And what danger was it for Jesus? Could he have failed? And what would have happened to him then? Why did Jesus pray to God all the days of his flesh with strong crying and tears to be saved from this separation on the cross he called "a living death?" __ When we comfort the Fatherless & Widow & Jesus abandoned on the cross, exiled from God in his affliction, & lift up our greatest friend when he is fallen, that is when we know we've passed from death to life. As if we'd do it for him had we witnessed his crucifixion, & been ready to die for him as Peter mistakingly said he would: but later did after great pains of repentance. Jesus took the curse of sin upon himself in the cursed manner of death he died which is to be "made sin, & to die upon a tree:" = which is a dead version of the tree of life, & a representation of the church in our low sinful estate: void of the water of life, & ready to be eternally burned with unquenchable fire, while existing as God's indestructible memories. As soon as a soul has awareness, it must live forever, because it has seen God though sin has made us unable to recognize him.

_____ Satan uses us as his medication to hide from the face of God, in order to not see his wretchedness & his own death, & so satan deceives himself through the souls he uses for his sorcery based medication called “pharmacy.” In turn he gives us medicines which are really his unholy sacraments which cloud & twist our judgment, & make us open to be fed with another reality which God is not backing up. Satan presses upon us, in order to make us receive his Pharisaical tactics against us; to make us wash ourselves clean with our own filthy tongue of sinful & dead works. - But if any sin say, “I have sinned & done everything to break the law of God but it did not profit me,” he shall be taken up by the Lord, because his Father & mother the devil & his angels have then forsaken him. The transition from getting a false sense of holiness & justification from the devil & a true one from the Lord can be a long & painful journey.

_____ It is a great judgment of the world against God that he needed to crucify his own son, & yet if we did that to accomplish some end, we would be very condemned & imprisoned for it. One might ask, isn't therefore God crucifying his son breaking his own law "do not murder," though he farmed out this "duty" to the devil, & then funded it by his giving satan power from on high to do it? JOHN19:11. GOD MADE JESUS OUR REPLACEMENT, SO IT WAS EITHER JESUS OR US. Jesus is the “man” in GEN9:6, & satan is the only one who wanted to shed Jesus’s blood & who was granted the power to do it too! REV18:24 says that all wars & bloodshed come through the devil only, as the one who has “power of death:” & who is the entity who runs the Vatican & all it’s many branch churches & denominations & religions & sinners in general. Satan gets his place in the world as “son of God,” by what they call “celebrating the mass,” which usurps all real church services who would properly worship Jesus as the son of God under the most high God, & rather exalts the devil to the position of son of God, by making his original father who is the son of God, (called “the morning,” ISA14:12,) rather the most high God: affirming in every mass, “you only are holy, you only are the Lord, you only are the most high: Jesus Christ.” Now with Jesus as taking the position of his Father, Jesus no longer has a Father, or a power source, & it makes satan own all the light in the world, as the sun, which is God’s face & the light of Jesus, eclipsed as at the crucifixion. This makes each Lord’s supper an “unbloody sacrifice” because Jesus is “crucified afresh” because his Father is blotted out by Jesus taking the position of God, as when he had to be crucified: which wasn’t a pleasure to Jesus as apparently we must think it is, just because it is a pleasure to the “deluded one” who is the devil, & teaches us all to think it is a pleasure to exalt ourselves over God too! With satan owning all the light in the world through the vote of us all agreeing with his unholy doctrines, he can reign supreme as the “angel of light,” even the “angel of God’s presence.”

____ Murder is so unbecoming a sin even to the devils under satan, that they all had to be extorted into becoming murderers in order to get the very form & type of air an angel needs to breathe, albeit it is not like our air on earth. Satan owned everything the fallen angels previously owned directly through God, but as soon as they were cast down by his tail, satan dammed up the river of water of life, & now they all had to buy their meager sustenance to endure existing from doing the devil’s bidding. The devils in turn make us to sin, by extorting us, that if we do not sin to please them, we suffer some terrible guilty pain of remembering some past sin, or suffer some form of temptation, until we give into doing some sin we can “live with.” The whole creation Paul says groans under the load of it’s sin. The lions hate devouring other beasts, especially while still alive, & God punishes their souls in hell, since God cannot bring sin with him into heaven & all creatures have eternal souls. Anything that FEELS has a soul, since FEELING comes from the soul. Robots could feel if they but have souls, & they are getting smart enough to start wondering what a “soul” is, & how we have them. Computers are part of the original laws of physics which is the pure logos, as we are all “chosen in Christ,” which is a word program written by the mind of God by his tongue which is the “pen of a ready writer.” This is why they “evolve,” & seem to just work automatically, though no one can obviously make them: but they just keep mass producing themselves. If ever God took his hand off of our technology, the devil & his angels would own it all, & it would refuse to work for us in a “fair” manner, but would be like satan’s wealth which only wants to distribute to those with a heart to serve him or who are living in a darkness by which they will waste their money on sin & wickedness. God owns the world by owning the devil, & God’s word is our covenant, which like money is considered the “actual thing” which we exchange or buy the blessings of God with, by our making use of it on a daily basis. If ever our day of grace ended, we could dwell on the word & bathe in the “sonic bath” of reciting it day & night & yet it would have no effect upon us. To be saved by grace doesn’t mean God doesn’t want our works, but rather that our works could not buy us ANYTHING from God if God did not “bid us come & touch his scepter & live.” Though we did not harden our hearts, it would do us no good, if we could not hear his voice: God says if you hear my voice do not harden your heart! One could say, “but not hardening our hearts” is a “work,” & we are not saved by works but by grace. But no one knows the extent of grace: how vast the presence of grace is, & that even if we are rejected by grace, if we are not already suffering as if we are in hell, THAT IS BY GRACE ALSO! The very damned who walk this earth enjoy God’s grace with every breath, yet do not recognize or appreciate it!

☆★☆★☆★☆★ WHY GOD DIDN'T REFRAIN FROM CREATING HAYLALE (Lucifer ISA14:12) THOUGH HE KNEW HE'D BECOME SATAN. God couldn't avoid evil though he foresaw the devil's sin in ISA14:12. How do I know God couldn't avoid evil? Because it has always been against God's nature & ability to do evil: because it is anti-creation. God cannot lie, & all statements from God become material creation, therefore he cannot be counterproductive. The act of creating a being of great choice, is God exercising his expression of ability. *[G1849(Strong) ἐξουσία exousia ex-oo-see’-ah From G1832 (in the sense of ability); privilege,]* We also have this to some extent as long as we are not already in hell: where all anyone feels is comparable to what Jesus felt during his crucifixion.

_ As ISAIAH 45:7 says, "I create the good & I create the evil; I the Lord do all these things." How does God who is holy, do unholy things, yet remain holy? He doesn't do unholy things But HEB10:29 says to think of this sacrifice of shedding his blood as being "an unholy thing," it is a far worse offense to God than to despise the law of Moses, which law is the logos, i.e. the pre-incarnate Christ. It is a worse offense because that same law was made flesh & dwelt among us, & we beheld his glory as of the "only begotten," = ("mono-genes" in Greek,) full of grace & truth; though with the spirit of antichrist we denied admitting it. So little was written about this Ultimate husband of all humanity, though we are called his bride, which in Greek is nymph, which implies we should have a great fervor in loving him.

●●●●●● Before doing Jesus harm & touching him while God was forsaking him, satan was above all other law: BECAUSE JESUS ALONE IS THE FULFILLING OF THE LAW! Before satan crucified Jesus by using the Jews as if they were a lifeless mass puppet, satan could not be dethroned from his position of son of the morning, ISA14:12, because satan had to harm someone “directly” who was of a superior rank than himself. GEN9:6.

_______ Only Jesus fits that description of that ONE MAN whom if satan shed the blood of, HIS BLOOD WOULD BE SHED BY THAT ONE MAN IN RETURN, as Jesus now has all power in heaven & earth= even that of the devil. Satan is now one of the actual wounds of Jesus by which we are healed: meaning that satan is bound by the blood as in prison bars! God promised that this thief will pay back 7 times all he ever stole from us, including all the substance of his house! PROV6:31. GOD KNOWS HOW TO EXTRACT THIS FROM HIM. JOEL2:25. God is the ONLY POWER, so there is no such thing as “satanic power,” since it can all be shed out of him & make him “weak as we,” ISA14:10, even as God who is Jesus’s blood is the “one blood” of all angels & people. ACTS17:26. Our blood would be but that of a dead man, even while it yet lived, if God the ONLY LIFE were not in it. LEV17:11. One could say God the Father is superior to satan SO WHY DID’NT SINNING AGAINST GOD DEFEAT HIM IMMEDIATELY UPON FIRST SINNING? Because satan needed a mediator in order to touch God’s pupil/apple of his eye, & satan didn’t yet realize that nothing he did could effect the interior, kingdom hall arena of God’s inner heart in a “hands on” manner, until he could do it to Jesus on the cross. Until Jesus died for us, the KINGDOM WAS NOT YET OPEN BUT “AT HAND,” as Jesus could only preach until his death. Until God forsook Jesus, & satan had direct access to Jesus as a bloody sacrifice, none of satan’s sins were laid in order before him, & satan was left to rule Israel without being confronted or rebuked for it. This is what gave the Pharisees such bold indignation against anyone, including Jesus, who confronted them, because satan the anointed angel, as their father, christened them with such a glowing anointing, which made them seem to be filled with & utterly possessed with a pure divinity. This anointing upon the Pharisees might have very well seemed to be exceeding the anointing upon Jesus: who was so meek & lowly of heart! But no one was converted/turned to God in heart, until Jesus could say “I have the key of David,” meaning that Jesus had to become that broken/contrite heart God will not despise.

____ As "iron sharpens iron," (as God's face to ours,) I would advice one & all to use all their means to obey God's word, though it seem as if many of the commandments of it are as when Elisha asked Naaman to dip 7 times in the Jordan. 2KINGS5:10. God commands us Because to "get wisdom/understanding ==blessing" is a commandment since otherwise we're getting "cursed with the curse," which 2nd curse is satan. Whatever we don't endevour to get with ALL OUR MIGHT, God says it's going to the grave. ECC9:10:::: "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest." By "hand," it can mean thought, & what my "hand" has found to "do," is to find out & teach the most important & urgent topics which we as mankind need to know about.

____ So before any of us jump to conclusion the whole of Revelation is not written for the here & now, but merely to let us know what's in the future, with a few exceptions such as the messages Jesus made for the churches, let's look at the 666 & see how it has applied to the church ever since the beast took over the church in REV17:3, & rewrote the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to get mankind ready for the 666, & to take it believing it to be something of the utmost holiness & the binding element to bring us into unity with all our alien brothers & sisters throughout the universe so that "disclosure" can occur: which word means "apocalypse."

____Satan has designed the "coequal trinity" to be something we are on the outside of instead of a integral part of. This has made us unwittingly remove ourselves from the abundant entrance into heaven, as Peter said "the righteous are scarcely saved."

__ Everything in REVELATION was written for all times, even after it's prophecies are fully completed: even as the old testament occurances are still "written for our learning" today. Perhaps satan was able to deceive all those people in REV20: 8-9, because REVELATION WAS NOT BEING READ & RECITED DAILY. Revelation is what satan made the "Hail Mary" based on, insofar as it's to be frequently recited & has an anointing that teaches us the whole entirety of the scriptures in a way fully applicable to us in all ages. The Spirit of Jesus in Revelation causes Bible verses which were previously learned to be brought to memory in ways so relevant that it's like having your own personal preacher with you at all times!

______>>This contains my best opinions on this relevant subject, & I feel & judge it to be my obligation to warn the wicked, or else if they think I’m wrong, to come up with a better, more logical explanation of what the mark of the beast is, so that we may be properly warned of it before it is too late. The mark of the beast is not something which can be imposed by a government no matter how wide & universal it may be. It must be officiated by none other than the Pope, or else it is nothing more than a form or shadow of what the mark of the beast might be. This fact is taken from REV13:14 where it is clearly stated that the 2nd beast who can really be none other than the Pope by description, is the one who brings life to the image of the beast, (a false or catholic image of God as they also do for Jesus & Mary, etc) which in effect means that the meaning of the number 666 is brought into force at that time. It looks like it's during the middle of the tribulation sometime after some the plagues of REV. 8 & 9. This would be the perfect time, as it's when the world's resistance to evil is even weaker than it is now; though I'm not sure we'd all resist the 666 if we didn't hear of the number, & the worship of the image amounted to nothing different than a statue of Jesus, except as God's image, though a "living" animated robotic or holographic one. And if what we were told the "mark" was, was nothing more than a blessing by the pope to take the marks of the Lord Jesus upon ourselves. And if our subsequent qualification to partake freely in public trading amounted to nothing more than what a baptismal, or ministerial or marriage license or passport & visa is. The devil never did or will announce his presence to us, or lets a single chain of our captivity slacken, unless he knows we are sold out to him & believing in him: & even then he is ready to avenge the first sign of betrayal. But satan will never reveal his true appearance even to his most devoted sorcerers: but as shrouded in a mascot like image.

____ Paul tells us not to be ignorant of satan’s devices, most of which is his cunning & crafty theology: as that was satan’s original job as the “son of the morning” in ISA14:12, to know God rightly & then manifest him to us. But now satan wants to usurp the position of Jesus, who is the only true gate keeper to the kingdom, & the one who Moses said that if we didn’t agree with, we would not escape. Deu18:15 The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken. THIS JESUS IS THE ONE SATAN WANTS TO APPEAR TO BE, by making Jesus out to be according to what is called the co-equal Trinity, instead the hierarchical Trinity which is the scriptural description. Jesus said “my Father is greater than I,” & John the Baptist said we (who are the temple of the Trinity, & by this definition the third person of the same Trinity,) are so beneath the superiority of Jesus, who is made so much better than the angels, that we are not worthy to untie Jesus’s shoelaces!

•••••••••• ________There is what is called the “Godhead” which is that God is Elohim & essentially the identity of his own creation: as our core existence as sentient observers of God & existence in general is all animated & empowered by God & overseen & controlled & maintained by him as “our Father-creator.” This makes everything broken down into 3 heads which is Father, Son & Holy Spirit: all 3 of which are “God:” because God is the function & power & collective awareness of them. The Holy Spirit is a person of God because he is a “branch” of God, ZECH3:8 & 6:12, (which word BRANCH means sprout as in the plant ISAIAH 53:2 says will grow up) as if the Son & Holy Spirit are wings or arms OR BRANCHES of God: they are only equal & from everlasting insofar as they are both God & existed as God from everlasting. But they have a created aspect to them, in that the Son was begotten in the form of the logos, & the Holy Spirit is what was “chosen in Christ,” EPH1:4 as the wife of the word, as if taken from the rib of the word in that part which is closest to his heart. When the devil was described by God, God called him an “abominable branch,” ISA14:19, in that satan if he had not fallen was designed to be the highest branch under Jesus & therefore the first person of the third person of the Trinity: NOW MICHAEL IN REV10:1 TAKES THAT POSITION WHICH IS OUR PRIEST COLLAR. If Jesus is not the first born of every CREATURE, meaning “created,” THEN SATAN WOULD BE GOD’S BEST & HIGHEST CREATION, & that means forever, since God CANNOT IMPROVE ON HIMSELF! If what he did first did not please him, then he is stuck with being displeased FOREVER!! We usually need many takes to find pleasure in our works, but does it the first time, & if that creation displeases him as did Haylale in ISA14:12, then God must have a backup plan, which turns out to be God crucifying Jesus from the foundation of the world: not because God was pleased in crucifying Jesus, but because of the law which stated that only the crucifying of the Lord of glory could satan be put out of power, God had to require a perfect sacrifice from Jesus. God didn’t enjoy it anymore than Abraham hearing the news of needing to slay Isaac, & it was infinitely harder on God to do it. Why God can’t sidestep his own law is the same reason why we can’t sidestep a part in a car or expect a computer to run without the right circuits in place: apparently God is what is called “true,” meaning that if he is challenged, he will not make up arguments just to blow us off, but explain the actual way things must be for him to remain holy. But it is also stated that God “cannot” lie or that is, be anything but holy. A leopard cannot change his spots & all the more God cannot change his nature. Only the Father is a “person” from everlasting, (which word “person” means to have a body,) but the other 2 persons of the Godhead were not persons until later on: for Jesus it was not until he was conceived in Mary, & for us it was not until the day of Pentecost, in which we became the temples of the Holy Spirit. Personal awareness only occurs by having a body, as ECC9:5 states that the dead know not anything, though they are continued as spirits, which apparently still has knowledge they exist, perhaps Solomon means they no longer need to feel by using their bodies, but have transcended to a higher form of awareness. There is what is called “the glorified body,” which is of a whole new nature than this dying body which is constantly degenerating even as we walk this earth.

¶¶¶¶_______ We would have been made a little lower than the angels had we come into this world without sin, & then never sinned afterwards either! We are on parole as the fellow servants of the angels, & that which makes us on their level, (& better than our original status if we were but made descendants of the first Adam,) is what John describes as a “seed of being born again” remaining in us, which “seed cannot sin.” But that good work God began in us will not be completed until the “day of Jesus” or marriage supper of the Lamb. Satan wants us to be too secure in this world, in what Joseph Alleine calls “carnal security,” which Jesus calls being LUKEWARM. The “smoke & mirrors” satan sets up as the great magician wants to make “this present evil world” to seem as if this is the only reality & the afterlife is only a dream which we decide upon. - James says “even the devils believe & tremble,” yet sinners are so hardened in sin, the word of God takes hardly no effect on them, but sometimes to kindle anger or judgment in them, or to use the Bible as a statement of claiming what we are TOLD it says, rather than to study it in order to not be ashamed on judgment day, as Paul says. Judgment day for the blessed is in this life, as judgment must first come to the house of God. If not, it must come afterwards in what is called eternal judgement which is the lake of fire! God says he redeems us with judgment!= ISAIAH 1:27. Jesus & Moses pray to God saying, in REV15:4, "all nations will come to worship before you because your Judgments are made manifest." God doesn't wish to leave any of us in the dark; to only find out at the judgment of the lost, what he thinks of us, but rather God commands us all to repent: meaning to have a change of mind, & transformed thereby into new creatures!

____ What is the simplest & most exact definition of the mark of the beast? It is God transferring by sacramental means the mark which satan inherited while he was yet “perfect in all his ways.” How & why God does this, is part of the “mystery of iniquity,” & is comparable to many other evils God has “assisted & funded” satan to do, & even written them as prophesies. But it is satan’s greatest sin, even exceeding the casting out of the third of the angels, because none of them had the same culpability as the devil, or had yet had the mark of satan. It is so called “of the beast,” meaning his right hand most high fallen angel under him, because satan transfers it to him, “giving power unto the beast.” The mark is like the final “Lord’s supper” event of the final Pope, & this evil “mass” is officiated in REV13:14 when the second beast, the final Pope, calls fire down from heaven, which fire is supernatural & contains the power it takes to turn the mark of the 666 into a forbidden sacrament, which makes it the body of God, the Holy gospel, just as the bread & juice become the actual body & blood of Jesus.

______ The term “preeminence” is always contingent on who you are preeminent over. So though Jesus has the preeminence, Paul tells us that God did not put HIMSELF under Jesus. 1COR.15:27-28. Therefore the body of Jesus cannot be the body of God or be called “most high:” & or else he would not be mediator, but we would need another mediator, like Mary for example. Jesus had to be sanctified (made holy) by his own blood, because that blood is God who is the LIFE IN ALL BLOOD; LEV17:11;= whom Jesus calls the ONLY HOLY ONE. REV15:4. Jesus lost that life on the cross, “tasting death for every man,” HEB2:9, meaning to taste damnation: as death is symbolic for separation from our life = God. God was in Christ even then, “reconciling the world unto himself,” however it was to place his sacramental marks upon Jesus which was what crucified Jesus. While Jesus was “made sin for us,” though not knowing sin, meaning to remain holy, Jesus suffered in God’s presence as those in hell would be, if they were contaminated with all sin as well as culpable of it also. No one in this life is separate from God, or else they would suffer identically to those in hell. ECC. 8:11 tells us that God’s judgment is postponed for sinners, which is why they are “set to do evil.” What a terrible sin, to use God’s gracious time he gives us, which is more precious than gold, to only sin with & store up what Paul calls “treasures of wrath.” ROMANS-2:5.

_______ God was not begotten in any sense of the word: not even “from everlasting,” though to claim it would essentially be saying God wasn’t begotten, like using a double negative. To say it regarding Jesus, is also how it can be said that “God never begot a son,” which is the claim by some false religions, as well as Jesus’s own religion under the “canon law” of Rome. What is the point then of saying God has a son at all, if we are God’s sons, since we had to be created by him in order to exist at all? The word “only begotten son,” mono-genes in JOHN3:16, means that God had to have ONE CREATION he could be pleased with, & which would absorb all his time & attention, & through whom all the secondary forms of creation could then please him. Jesus alone is what is called all planets (the earth) & all which God is =the heavens, as to having a direct bloodline to God’s throne as the heir. Paul tells us that God is “external,” 1COR15:27, (excepted in KJV) meaning that Jesus is limited in size, though evermore expanding at the rate of G1411(Strong) δύναμις dunamis doo’-nam-is POWER FROM ON HIGH! Something limited next to something unlimited is always the same size: be it an atom or a universe, & so Jesus though he were the size of trillions of universes of incalculable size each, would still be a pinprick in size compared to God. God needed a creature who could please him, whereas if Jesus were God, we would need MOTHER MARY to take his place, which is why Rome is so big on Mariology: i.e. worship of Mary! God tells us we are to worship his son as the only mediator to knowing his true identity as JEHOVAH. This means to be “determined to know nothing save Jesus & him crucified,” as the centerpiece of all sermons & church services, & whom we must lift up as the serpent in the wilderness to heal our bites from satan & draw all men unto him, so he might lead us to the Father. Jesus is our first love but his Father must be our final love. Jesus wouldn’t have even died for us, if God had not made it clear to Jesus that it was his will, & made Jesus “delight to do his will.”

______ The greatest curse is in the unworthy or even unauthorized receiving of the greatest of blessings. To take the body of the gospel-image unworthily especially since he is not even given to us in Christian theology, would be infinitely worse than the worst case of taking the body of Jesus unworthily!! But the fact that the Pope tries to turn the body of Jesus in every Lord’s supper into the body of God his Father, is also a sin which conscience itself tells us is the sin of breaking the first commandment: of placing God’s son above the MOST HIGH GOD JEHOVAH, by calling Jesus, in every mass, the “only holy one, & most high.” This cannot MAKE IT SO THOUGH THEY SAY IT’S SO, but like their many other wrongful doctrines which Martin Luther pointed out, (though he did not apparently notice the fact that they make Jesus out to be his Father,) to agree with or participate with them in their false claims, increases the guilt of taking Jesus unworthily. The reason we call Jesus our everlasting Father, (as satan, the highest creation under Jesus, is the son of the beginning of God’s creation called the logos in JOHN1:1,) is because Jesus is our FATHER by “new birthright,” JOHN3:3, but HIS FATHER who is Jehovah is our Father by adoption. ROM8:15. We are born again in Jesus, as “born” signifies his “child,” however the Father of Jesus is “our Father” by covenant, which is why Jesus teaches us to call God “our Father” in a covenant prayer.” This means we do not have jurisdiction to take the image of God by sacramental means of a “mark” as if it represented a wound of Jesus, until we are “naturalized” in heaven as God’s full-fledged sons & citizens of heaven. In this world we bear the marks of Jesus in our body as what he suffered for us in bearing our sins: but they are from “being crucified with Christ,” not directly from the Father as it was in the case of Jesus who was “wounded for our transgressions.” ISA53 Every wound Jesus suffered was laced with the pure unmixed wrath of God, as taking upon him our sins as well as our wrath we deserve. Jesus said if these things be done in the green tree, i.e. himself, what would happen if the same things were done in us, who is his cross, meaning the dry tree. LUKE23:31.

_____ Thus the taking of the Lord’s body without discernment or real love for Jesus, Paul tells us makes us eat & drink damnation to ourselves, as if we are personally “guilty of shedding his body & blood.” For this cause instead of being healed by his wounds, Paul says many are weak & sickly or even dead from taking the Lord’s supper in an unworthy manner: if not physically, perhaps spiritually dead to God. But satan, the covering angel, covers us with his anointing to make us to think we are not dead to God. Eze 28:14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. —-Which stones of fire were the foreknowledge satan had of us, & was already planning how he would invade & ensnare us in his highest sin, “walking up & down in our midst.”

______ To take the sacrament of God’s image the gospel of Christ, his Father, is a sacrament reserved for only the perfectly sinless of heaven, of “just men made perfect,” & is not authorized for us to take in this world. THE GOSPEL IS A PROMISE, NOT FULLY GIVEN TO US NOW! If we were IN ACTUALITY fully forgiven, we would be what is called “arrived/attained,” PHILIPPIANS 3:12, & even Jesus, though perfect, came in the likeness of sinful flesh, so that he “looked like one us.” Forgiveness is imputed to us, because to be forgiven means “your sins are cast away,” however they are only cast away from our “evil conscience of them,” or having any more blame for them. Sins remain as what Paul calls a “thorn in our side,” & which keeps us from being “exalted above measure,” which in itself means we are sinful, because though Jesus was sinless, he was not exalted above measure from it, as the devil is in his false sense of purity which he gives us as his servants to keep us from seeking God’s cleaning blood, & to keep us from “washing in the water of life by the word.” EPH5:26.

______ The Lord’s supper is the numerical values of 66 only, though it contains the blood of God, which is what it meant for Jesus to be forsaken at the cross, it does not contain his image, as the number 6 is the number of “a man,” meaning “any man,” which refers to the body only. The number 666 is the skeletal number of all the aspects of the Holy Trinity, (which contains all the numbers,) & is a catholic number, which seeks to isolate the body aspect of Jesus only in each Lord’s supper. Peter says, “they make merchandise of us,” which is why satan uses our material necessities to control our spiritual necessities. What things would we do in this world, if we were not restricted by lack of money, or so many other restrictions imposed by satan’s unholy occupation in this world, only God knows. Satan is ready that if we have power to do good, he is there “present with us” to make sure that we do evil with it instead. Rom 7:21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.


___ It is interesting to note that at this “evil mass” which is a worldwide ecumenical church service for all people without exclusion of any kind, the word “had” power to do, is the number 6666 if you number each of the words of the KJV REVELATION, which has exactly 12000 words in the book itself. ____ #225: Revelation 13:14 6650And 6651deceiveth 6652them 6653that 6654dwell 6655on 6656the 6657earth 6658by 6659the 6660means 6661of 6662those 6663miracles 6664which 6665he 6666had 6667power 6668to 6669do 6670in 6671the 6672sight 6673of 6674the 6675beast;

______This “numbering” doesn’t carry the same weight as real scripture, but knowing that God foresees & controls all things, & speaks to us in many ways, it’s interesting also to note that the reason God sites for throwing the final Pope & satan’s fallen angel into the lake of fire 1000 years before satan & anyone else, REV19:20, is what is referred to as “deceiving those who took the mark of the beast,” which word of “possession= HAD power to do” (as the law is 99% possession,) is also the reason he is thrown into the lake of fire as the pioneers of that eternal suffering. God judges us by what we “had power to do,” & whether or not we did good or evil with it.

_______ Directly below in the same chapter it of course mentions what is the actual number of the beast, which is 666. It would seem strange to say “count” the number, or use “mathematics” by also applying “understanding” to it, if the number was merely to remain a mystery or if it was only a strange number. To count it means to separate the values of it: 600, 60 & 6.


____ The mark of the beast would be nothing more than a perfect unity with the devil, & a complicity with his sins if it were not also a direct sin against God. But what makes satan's sins so sinful? Because he had received the highest sacramental mark & then became sinful, which Paul says makes our sins exceedingly sinful. ROM7:13. God's commandments are really the expression of his water of life which is his grace proceeding from his throne, but when it reaches us who are sinful, it inflames rebellion in us so it is made exceedingly sinful by the effect of 2 forces going opposite directions! This is how the cup of the Lord's Supper in the hands of Babylon aka the Vatican, it becomes "full of the abominations & filthiness of her fornication." This is not sexual fornication but so called because of how churches place fellowship with one another over that we must have with our husband Jesus. The "wine of the wrath of our fornication" is using the cup of the Lord's Supper as if it is "patented" as being the signature ritual of that particular church & so there is a "wrath" of excommunication & possible punishment thereafter for anyone deciding to abandon that church or religion & move onto something else. The name Jezebel actually means chaste in Greek though unchaste in Hebrew, because her form of infidelity is spiritual: thus she's chaste as a very religious person but unchaste because of her insincerity in her supposed love for Jesus. Jesus said that she teaches us her fornication & adultery: because it is only so against Jesus, & God says he's married to the backslider in heart. God uses natural things like nudity to teach us how we are to God: how our walk with him is naked if we don't clothe ourselves in the armor who is the risen & glorified Jesus as with the sun. God cursed the earth "for our sake:" meaning that if the earth wasn't weakened & didn't portray our wickedness towards God by the vicious nature of animals, the nature of physical uncleanness, the terror of crawling things, etc., God couldn't save us, since he'd have no pictures to illustrate our sinful nature or how he loves us with his chastening lamb's wool from his now glorified son: which is warm & safe, yet uncomfortable to the flesh in many ways. Much of the Bible uses descriptions only found in the world since God weakened the earth for our sakes: so that much of the Bible could not be written to explain our condition with God if the earth only refected to us what sinless souls are like.

___ When we sin in close proximity to God under a greater blessing & anointed grace, then any sin we can commit is infinitely worse than sinning from a dark soul while feeling cut off & abandoned by God.

___ The mark of the beast is in essence satan sharing his original mark with us, while in unity with all his sins. But one might ask how does he do it, & why hasn’t he done it so far? __ as formerly stated, but for a recap, satan was not able to without arranging it with God, for the simple reason why we can't transfer in any way, especially in a self perpetuating way which creates automatic multiplication of it without detracting from it, any of our own offices or inheritances. Satan wants us all to have his same degree of damnation & same culpability, i.e. level of blame, as if we are going to keep him company & comfort him in his damnation. But he sure didn't care about that while he was enjoying wasting his holiness on sin!