-- Jesus taught us a lot about hell. He said it more real than our life on earth, being more painful by many times over. We think of it as if it is a dream that can’t be real, because satan is deceiving the whole world in his delusion. We live in “somewhat” fake perception of reality though it is IN the real reality, because satan is pressing upon every person on the planet, like a blood sucking vampire, making us to think TO WHATEVER DEGREE HE CAN what he wants us to think: satan is “big brother” government, which is Latin meaning “mind control.” He is the one controlling the minds of those who control our minds! He promises them that he is not condemned & he has power to advance them after this life if they serve him, which REV20:10 shows is a lie. Satan is left sided in his mind, meaning he is living in a delusion & his right side of his mind is gone, which is his spontaneous & memory side, (because he is an actor “pharisee hypocrite” Jesus said, who will not remember his past because he is a drunkard,) but his left side is like a gigantic bubble hanging on his head as if it should pull him over to that side entirely. But to make up for the deficit, satan, on his right side, makes use of plagiarizing the accomplishments of Jesus, as if it were his own, (patterning repentance after his own regrets) & takes Jesus’s image upon himself in a false way, funding & powering it by his own anointing to make it look to us as if it is the Lord Jesus. This is what Paul probably means when he says that satan comes as an angel of light & makes all his ministers also appears to be “of the light.” —— 2Co 11:13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.2Co 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

_____ It is a struggle to have true theology, meaning to study God, because with every attempt to see the truth, satan will be affecting our thoughts to try & make us see a false reality. The only thing we can do is, as Esther says, to have what is called Purim, meaning a broken piece: = some form of word from God we can recite & hold to, & make use of as a “covenant,” or “contract” between us & God, for God to work through to ward off the devil. This is called making an everlasting covenant with God, even the sure mercies of David, ISA55:3. Paul says that our weapons of warfare must not be carnal but “broken pieces” (because no one has the fullest possible collection of God’s purest word,) to the pulling down of strong holds, etc. God promises to bless our means as if it were like the jawbone of the ass Samson used to slay a 1000 men. JUDGES15:15. This is symbolic for the word of faith of preaching, because bone represents faith, faith is the word of God, the logos, & preaching is our best use of these “means of grace” which God gives us in order to save sinners by the grace in God’s word.

_____ One soul is worth more than the universe, (world means cosmos,) which means it's easier for God to make a new universe for each person than to deal with a sinner in his soul. The miracle it takes for God to crush & break & create one broken heart of PSALM 51 is greater than all miracles, including if all land & space in the universe became destroyed & needed to be rebuilt in one instance of a mere moment! Jesus in us is called a rock but our flesh is called a vapor: we therefore struggle to manifest him as such compared to our houses of clay, because Jesus is not always foremost in our eyes: because our flesh gives us the illusion that we “are” our bodies & that feeling & awareness originates in our brains & flesh. But when we hurt our body, it is our soul in our body manifesting itself in our flesh: not because we can hurt our soul (since they are indestructible,) but that our souls can feel in limitless ways, even intention itself!

______ Our souls are the most advanced life form there is, translating the effect of their perception to our bodies of how they mete out the balance of communication to reflect the nature of what is our true self living within us. Our souls are LIVING IN our flesh: which is what give us our lust, which is the worm which dies not, & the fire which cannot be quenched, which aside from divine wrath is our lusts burning like an engine with no oil in it, but which can never shut off or wear out!! God is to be first in every area of our lives, even in our lusts: which to God is not a particular “kind” but God sees the light within us, not the color & function of the bulb through which it is shining. What effort it takes for molten lava to melt & burn a mere piece of flesh is the normality of how easily & plentiful miracles would be if we esteemed what Jesus did for us as more amazing than anything else could ever be!! Paul asks, “HOW shall God not with Jesus freely give us all things?” The answer is, if we just simply don’t “get” how great it is for Jesus to have died for us: when the death Jesus feared wasn’t what man could do to him but the spiritual death of what GOD could do unto him. The death Jesus feared wasn’t the cross, though he “despised the shame it would cause,” HEB12:2, but what it meant in his highest thinking: it was symbolic of the crucifixion of his SOUL! Separation from God on the cross meant that Jesus would suffer being cut off from his source of holiness for that time, but if he did not remain holy, he would have been cut off forever. That is what Jesus feared his WHOLE LIFE, it says, which is what it means to say “death:” as only God is the life of all flesh & blood.

Heb 5:7 Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared;

Heb 5:8 Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;

______ If we see the sun, to then look down & see our path lighted up is no hard thing to do. But if we didn’t see the sun, to imagine our paths lighted up would be very difficult. So if we don’t see Jesus, we cannot be made like him, or see our path to heaven, or how to do miracles. We have to see Jesus before we can be made like him or do what he does, now that he is glorified, which is greater works than when he was a human. Jesus shed his humanity upon us, & is now the “bright morning star,” or as Paul says “the son of God with power.” The power Jesus used to do his miracles was called a “downpayment,” or the “earnest of the Spirit,” but the power he now has is the full payment, which is why he said, “THE WORKS I DO SHALL YOU DO & GREATER WORKS, BECAUSE I GO TO THE FATHER.” JOHN14:12.

___><>< For God to do any leap of most super infinitely ♾ impossible looking maneuver of any kind, is to God like merely stretching as we do to wake ⏰ up. It concludes that the reason we can't believe to do miracles, is because our perception of what marvelous work it took God to save us, is so small: & to see Jesus as "the head of the corner" should be marvelous in our eyes. When if we but understand what miracle faith is at all, just to merely exist as one solitary mustard seed, we'd easily do miracles without even having any amazement or time in which we'd need to be normalized in doing it. 😀 Thus faith itself, when God is mixing it with our study & use of the word, moves the Mountains ⛰ of our stony heart & cleanses our souls in it's water of life like quality. The stone that God promises the angels will keep us from dashing our "foot" against, is actually the desperate wickedness of our own hearts, to keep the gates of hell lurking in it from swallowing up our souls into the pits of hell itself! Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against us, though that gate lives within us, because Jesus's blood clots it & heals it's sinful sores & Evils.

____ Jesus saw miracles as the crumbs of his table, & that's why he did miracles without any sense of personal amazement or needing to struggle with humility afterwards. Jesus saw the soul as the real treasure in us, & our flesh as hardly window dressing 👗. Jesus said "what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" This meant miracles too. Jesus talked about how many would boast to him of all their miracles they did, but they never found out what it means to get saved. They are also big on "dates & times & days & years" GAL4:10, as Paul said, as to the exact time of their first effort towards prayer to Jesus, but it became immediately like a fetus flushed out after they turned it into their own work, & forgot God's grace which must instead save them.

____ Satan wants to save the world with flattery & puff us up according to his leaven like anointing which his doctrine gives us: which is like the proud stars of this fallen universe, which at best do nothing but glorify & please the star in his own vain glory & hardly does any good for anyone else but to simply see it's vastness which doesn't serve it's maker or have any tenderness for the creatures living under it, but to just brag at it's brilliance & heat.

____ ><X>< ____ Our need for soul cleansing is also to cleanse us from failure to bear the burdens of those around us. God will judge us according to the holiness of Jesus because we have access to the fulness of Jesus & his ability to raise us up as his people. -- Had Jesus failed to perform a miracle God worked in him to do, it would have been a sin & disqualified him from dying for our sins: showing some "impurity or imperfection like oily gunk," which made God's power get stuck in him, presumably (if it were so) because Jesus wanted that power hoarded up inside himself, like a selfish middleman of charity funds, to look more glorious & well fed to others. God says he will pay back to us 7 fold all satan ever stole from us, with all the substance of his universe sized house, because of all the blessings satan in his un-fallen condition was meant to convey to us, as God’s channel, but instead satan uses all God’s light for his own pleasure, then twists & corrupts it like a dirty & broken prism, or misrepresents the nature of the Godhead he was supposed to teach us. Paul says God (who is love) is the ONLY POWER, ROM13:1, however when that power goes through the devil, all the love that was supposed to come to us gets stuck in the devil, & out comes a power that is designed to only puff us up & give us a false rule of the scriptures called “canon law.”

_____ Jesus, being the personification of the law, & made meek & lowly as the very summarized manner in which God wrote it, showed the law to be something fabulously wonderful in that in was not enough to merely not kill but one had to raise the dead. It wasn't enough not to steal, but one had to work actual miracles to give people what they needed, including anything they asked so long as it did not infringe on one's Salvation. Esther set the standard at even serving wicked Haman, if it didn't entail death to God!! ESTHER 7:4. It wasn't enough to do anything in it's humanly possible way, but Jesus showed us that as Paul says our faith must be worked by God who is love, or it's all dead works & our faith remains dead, & being saved by grace didn't simply mean the initial part of it, but that all our works must be done by Grace also! But what is there for us to do? Plenty::: fast, pray, seek God, be careful to maintain good works: except these things are only to make ourselves available to God; not to actually accomplish anything acceptable to God. In fact, if God doesn't want to save us, we could "seek repentance carefully with tears" HEBREWS says, yet be nothing but remaining lost & rejected. The real works are the ones God must use us to do through us: God must make us esteem our sins bad because of what they do to God, not because they ruined our own lives. Thus it requires a miraculously selfless spirit to achieve true repentance which is a "change of mind." The word government, meaning in Latin, "mind control," is therefore anti-repentance! The only way that any worldly government could therefore be of God, is if all it's effects were based on freedom, leaving it open for ONLY GOD to be our mind changer! For a government to be like God & make the country great, it must be gentle: as David says, "your gentleness has made me great." The very thing frowned on by the spirit of the world, who is satan’s will, is the thing that God says is the sign of a very powerful heart: to be kind/useful to one another! God says to have a domineering, governmental heart, is the sign of great weakness, as well as great whoredom, though of the symbolic, non sexual kind! EZEKIEL 16:30. Satan hated the miracles of Jesus, because satan will only do a miracle at last resort, if that's what it takes to hook us as his slave. But Jesus freely gave as he freely received from God's Spirit, MATT.10:8, (despite knowing they would all turn against him, JOHN6:66,) & this offended the pharisaical leaven like Spirit of the devil! Later satan expressed his unjust vengeance when he crucified him. No greater love is what Jesus showed us, to call us his friends, even as we crucified him: counting the wounds of his friends faithful, but the kiss of his betrayers deceitful. PROV27:6. Jesus showed the power of his love in his testimony the spirit of prophecy, by saying, "these wounds are from when I was in the house of my friends." ZECH13:6.

<____ . Yet when we fail to work miracles & manifest the same love of Jesus, we do not recognize it as actually sinning against God & failing God! & which could possibly even disqualify us from a final entrance into heaven. The miracles of Jesus were like God testing the equipment of Jesus's soul to see if "all systems are go" for him to die on the cross. God was checking to read in the quality of the miracles if it was the highest most premium grade & quality of miracles with the easiest pathway for his Holy Spirit to do & use through Jesus, & if they were done in the best & highest of holy intentions & love, before God gave his stamp of approval, "indeed this is my lamb without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing." God judges sinners by their works, the same way a blood worker takes blood samples then reads the results. God can tell the condition of our hearts already, but this is like his litmus test so that there will be no doubt, or as David says, "that you may be justified when you speak & clear when you judge." A very wicked hearted criminal may desire & even plan a very wicked crime, but until he actually does it, he's considered as law abiding: but smaller forms of that intended sin is committed, == which God reads anyways, because the world would be destroyed in a day if every terrorist & sinner had their way, BUT THEY CANNOT HIDE TO GOD WHAT THEY WOULD DO. God can also read our intentions in our sins of omission or commission as to what our heart intentions were at the time, & how if any real malice was in it: though satan is quick to jump in & either exonerate or over-blow it with excessive accusations depending on how he sees most fitting. Jesus desired to heal people even before he was empowered to do it by the baptism of the Holy Spirit from John the Baptist, but instead Jesus showed what his intentions were through his carpentry, as God read in it all the love & holy desires Jesus had at that stage of his development into becoming the author of our salvation after he was made perfect. HEB5:9. The cross was the last great work of carpentry Jesus did, which cross was made by God using Jesus’s intentions & commitment to die for our sins: it was made by the LOGOS HIMSELF from the foundation of the world as his first carpentry piece, as “chosen in Christ.” EPH1:4. The cross represents his bride "dead in trespasses & sins," & good for nothing but to be a torment & murder weapon to our Saviour: (the wicked are God’s swords, PSA17:13,) as we were shaped in sin & are the workmanship of his hands. The nails are the equivalent of marital rings, which symbolize an unbreakable bond, which if we ever break, makes us the worst of sinners, more miserably wicked than those sinners of Sodom & Gomorrah! When Jesus died upon us, he transferred his green sap to us, & made us to "live together with his dead body.” He said if we stand before God without a savior, we will suffer infinitely worse than he suffered on the cross, & become infinitely more sinful than the sin he was made to be for us, which is “yet without Jesus knowing sin.” For he said, “if these things be done in the green tree, what will be done in the dry?”

<____ Jesus wept for Lazarus but it was also contingent psychologically on the fact he was about to die & needing to be raised from the dead. Satan failed to see all the symbolism like Egyptian hieroglyphics written in parables & dark sayings that God writes the Bible in, even in the new testament. Satan is still being confounded by the dark shroud of his sinfulness, even as sinners do, sometimes in the broad daylight of purest truth staring him in the face: because sin is filth, which like soot on a windshield makes everything seem dark. The darkness of GEN1:4 wasn’t as if darkness existed by default, but that it existed as a foreseen event, which existed only in the sacrifice of Jesus at the time, in the very first beginning, being made sin for us, because God knew what the son of his son, called “Haylale,” [H1966(Strong) הֵילֵל hêylêl hay-lale’ From H1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning star: - lucifer] would do. The entire old testament was written as a counterattack on the devil to destroy his works: as God knew every step it would take to outwit the devil in his cunning craftiness. Every person killed in the old testament was for the purpose of increasing satan’s blood lust like the ultimate drug addict, & politician high on power, so that when Jesus was presented to him, the devils, who were not so blinded in sin as the devil, would not succeed in convincing him not to crucify the Lord of glory. But satan thought his PUREST RAGE & DETERMINATION TO UTTERLY DESTROY JESUS, “GAPING UPON HIM,” PSA22: WOULD MAKE IT SO JESUS COULD NOT RISE AGAIN. The disciples when they saw the effects of Jesus being crucified, so corruptly disfigured & appearing to decay & changing faster than a high speed movie shifting through frames, were so horrified at it that they thought surely he cannot rise again, (which is what “marred” means in Hebrew, ISA52:14,) which is why they all thought the women told them “IDLE TALES” that he had risen. LUKE24:11. Jesus’s soul is the real sacrifice for sin, while his bodily death is for our healing & prosperity. The Catholic sin of making Jesus’s death look like nothing more than a scared animal being slaughtered for us, is a very great sin which God calls “great whoredom,” which makes merchandise of us as Peter says, & which is why the number 666 is a catholic number: which focuses on the temple aspect of Jesus, i.e. his body, & the temple aspect of God, his image, & the temple aspect of us, which turns our service to God into a mere act of sinful flesh, called “Dead works or filthy rags.” Our desire for grace must exceed all our works because none of our works is worth anything to God unless his grace is able to overshadow them with his predominant presence & ability to perform his works through them.

--- A sin is still a sin if it's an incalculable small deviation from perfect unity with the face of God, PSA90:8, though it be not our fault. Without proper propitiation from our Saviour, the perfect majesty of God would still need to punish it as per being against a limitless & almighty God. This builds in a soul though they are not yet under God's wrath in hell, as body filth or any other biological hazard builds & grows. Sin is like the ULTIMATE virus which is so dangerous & difficult to destroy it must be eternally quarantined in a lake of fire 🔥 & brimstone & forsaken there forever! 😳

---- The covenant of repentance made a way to destroy sin by making Jesus to BE all sin & then to die on the cross as being the scapegoat & then being transformed from the death of sin in what is called the "power of his resurrection:" which is the first & only resurrection, in which all other resurrections are chosen. Paul mentions how some would say “the resurrection is past,” & this would overthrow the faith of some.” However, to act as though there is ANOTHER RESURRECTION is also denying the resurrection of Jesus, which is the ONLY & FIRST RESURRECTION, & what God calls “day.”