© 2010 by Joseph Edward Bonnette


    1: And there appeared a great wonder in heaven: a

woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her

feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. 2: And

she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and

pained to be delivered. 3: And there appeared another

wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having


seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his

heads. 4: And his tail drew the third part of the stars


of heaven, and did cast them to the earth. And the

dragon stood before the woman which was  ready to be

delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was

born. 5: And she brought forth a man child, who was to

rule all nations with a rod of iron, and her child was

caught up unto God, and to his throne. 6: And the woman


fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place

prepared of God, that they should feed her there a

thousand two hundred and sixty days.

    7: And there was war in heaven: Michael and his

angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought


and his angels. 8: And prevailed not, neither was their

place found any more in heaven. 9: And the great dragon

was cast out: that old serpent, called the Devil, and

Satan, which deceives the whole world: he was cast out

into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

10: And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now is

come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our

God, and the power of his Christ; for the accuser of

our brethren is cast down, which accused them before

our God day and night.” 11: And they overcame him by

the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their

testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the

death. 12: Therefore rejoice, you heavens, and you that


dwell in them.

    Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea!


For the devil is come down  unto you, having great

wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time.

13: And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the


earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the

man child. 14: And to the woman were given two wings of


a great eagle,  that she might fly into the wilderness,

into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and

times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

15: And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a

flood  after the woman, that he might cause her to be

carried away of the flood. 16: And the earth helped the


woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up

the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. 17:

And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to

make war with the remnant of her seed: which keep the

commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus



    The greatest mystery of all time is why did not

Jesus preserve the truth better than he did in the

world? He could have written his own books, or chosen

apostles who would have copiously taken notes, and then


compared them against 12 copies from each apostle.

Jesus did many miracles, so many, that John said the

earth could not have contained the pages if they were

all written down, yet not only did Jesus then not at

least make John write down a “few more,” but in all

those miracles, the miracle of Jesus writing something

with his own hand was not included. He fixed broken and


even dead people with his hand, could he not have made

words appear on pages of a book, and then “enforced” to


be made part of the permenant and eternal “canon?” The

church has not always been the most pliable and “hot

bride” for Jesus to make use of, and even, according to


some records, the book of Revelation was debated for a

long time, and put on the “apacraphal list.” But Jesus

could have been a little more “hard nosed” about

getting his truths out there, and even, if needs be, as


a last resort, made “heads roll” if the church did not

“gird up the loins of their minds” and get down to

business with propagating the truths of Jesus.


    If God needs his church to preach to and therefore

save others, according to PSALM 51, “and sinners shall

be converted unto you,” why has God chosen rather to

let countless souls go to an eternal hell, than to make


his church “move” towards preaching to them? Rather,

professors of Christianity have been allowed to turn

the career of ministering to the lost, into a “machene”


to make money flow into their pockets. Do we not

already have enough greed in the world? So why then

does not the very Father of those who profess to be

his, do something about the greed of his own people?

The church is like the wife of a man who is “running

amock,” and just “allowed” to continue on, without so

much as a rebuke or official divorce! The words of

Malachi 3:10, which are the only words of the whole

Bible which put the reputation of the veracity of God’s


word on the line to the judgment and scruteny of rank

sinners, are being abandonned by God, because God

apparently no longer honors his own bride enough to

think giving to her cause is worthy of the reward he

promised. Or when you paid tithes, did you actually get


a blessing beyond mere crumbs? But where is the “not

room enough to receive” part fulfilled, or even close

to it? Or does God think we are all cockroaches, and so


the smallest scraps of glue from an envelope or

something is enough to “fill us up to overflowing?”

    If a man said, “give to my wife, and in me you will


have a friend that no King in history could surpass in

giving rewards, and if you do not believe me, just go

ahead and test me, or prove me now herewith,” and so

you give to his wife, and guess what? Nothing! You go

on day after day, just getting strung along by the same


old bread crumbs, and to be honest, you can see no real

change you can truly recognize as such, you would think

the man is so discontent and in a case of contempt for

his wife, he does not even bother to tell her, or make

an official disclaimer of her to the world! Yet one

would have to think that is what God is doing regarding


the church: whom you can pay tithes to, and yet get

nothing back beyond what you would have had anyways,


and less, because you gave the money! Where are the

promises, especially when they are based on the most

“honor based” mode of dealing with cold, dead, rank

sinners, as to say, “just test me, and see if I will

not pour out the windows of heavens, and for your sake

no less!” Where else but in tithing does God promise

anything “for our sake?” To the contrary, (in every

other place of speaking with us,) he goes through great


lengths to tell us, “not for your sakes do I this; be

ashamed for your own ways.”


    The woman on the moon is mother church, whom Mary

is the symbol of, full of God’s grace, with the Lord

Jesus is her husband. This husband is of a nature so

vast, and of the only truly “man nature,” being the

“man child,” that she manifests Jesus this husband as

if radiating the glistening sun blazing in his

strength. The moon is under her feet because as far

removed and different of a territory the moon is to the


earth, that is how far off and distant a Christian’s

relationship with Jesus is, compared with the world.

But why does the church get the short end of the stick,


and not all corral the non Christians to the moon

instead? Because the church is simply recognizing what

is there, and the finest blessings a sinner enjoys, if

seen for what it is, is nothing but bleakness and

craters; even as a sinner’s finest works are filthy


     And the Holy Spirit is in the church, though her

acknowledgement and judgment says she is on the moon,

makes her gift of loving the word capable to share with


us all. And “even though or so” as if disparaging such

a power, because the “assault” she is capable of

inflicting on the sin in sinners is according to purely


satanic judgment “criminal,” though according to the

law of love “sublimely and exquistely united to the

fullest fullness of God.” And it is her acknowledgement


and knowledge she is, by Biblical symbolism “on the

moon,” that gives the church her power over all the


power of the enemy, because when we know our bleak

environment, we can then prepare and invent the means,

and in this case that of pithy prayer and discourse, to


live in it.

    Blessed is the insistent bride among all the mere

professors of Christianity, who do not sit benumbed in

their sin, while they rust solid as a heart of stone in


the very outpouring of the water of life, but seek the

oil of heaven, even the wax of the heart of Jesus.

Grace preserves holiness, but only perfect lack of

grace preserves a sinful wretch from progressing in his


sin. If we do not use grace as the means to overcome

sin, we will wish we had been preserved in hell, where

we could no longer store up more wrath and many

“stripes” with which God shall punish us! Grace is

life, and life to a disease makes it only to spread and


fester and increase: and that is what sin is! How then

shall we receive grace, unless there is so more sin in

us, without increasing in sin? Sin is by definition

“against God and God only,” and so if a sin is against

another person, it is only because God stands in the

gap and proclaims it to be against him that it is

against that person. This means that no sin could exist


if God decided it was not longer against him, because

he decided not to seek to save anyone anymore. We are

in a program of grace which seeks lost sinners, as to

why the world is existing at all anymore since sin

entered it. Had God decided to just call the whole

thing a loss and scrapped it, satan’s lightning bolt of


falling would have resumed full speed eternally. That

means that Jesus would not have come to die for sin,

and satan would have had perfect immunity to any

punishment due to sin forever. Every person who died

throughout the whole universe, full of countless

infinite, truly super innumerable company of sinful

people, would have all died and gone eternally to a

state of limbo.

    Jesus described sin as that which can be “put in

remission,” or that is, “cast away.” Though the casting


away is more a “remission,” like a disease held in


check, it cannot feed off of grace and become strong,

but is like a “specimine” in a laboratory, and sealed

as a biohazard under the strictest and most extreme

safeguards. This “power to contain and overcome sin” is


the blood of Jesus, as it proceeds from his crucified

body, as he became a sin far more superior to, yet

perfectly without displeasure to God; for it is the

healing and reversal of all our sinfulness. This sin

Jesus was made to be for us, so we can be made his

righteousness, was “made” from before the foundation of


the world, parabolically mentioned in GENESIS 1:2 as

the “earth without form and void” (for he cried “my God


why have you forsaken me?”) and “with darkness on the

face of the deep.” Jesus is the Lamb slain from the

foundation of the world, and born in a stable for the

very reason to signify he is this “Lamb” whose purpose

is to die for our sins. And now that Jesus has died,

did he rise again? But as what? The human Jesus, or of

a being of a whole new kind of existence, and even with


a new name? The human Jesus not only shed his blood but

his whole humanity! He is resurrected and alive

forevermore, “but” and not to discredit that fact,

“but” he is no longer human. That “stage and phaze” of

Jesus died forever! In that one thing Jesus fulfilled

the word “death” which implies “finality!” Even as

Jesus said “it is finished!” What? His death only, or

his humanity? His humanity lives on, but he is not as a


man anymore, though also God, but as he was the “God

man,” now Jesus is the “God angel!”

    Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, but


forever how? He certainly was not always a baby, or

always working as a carpenter, or dying on the cross!

Does it mean he was always made flesh and dwelt among

us? Is he the same that way? Of course not. The way

Jesus is the same has to be of some much higher and

deeper into his roots as God than what “appears” to our


best intellect and perseption. Many will love a

mindless faith which does not challenge our carnal

unity, since we cannot stand too many more fractures

into denominationalism; and so Jesus must be God


without understanding why and how he is God.

Understanding what is true does not ever hurt or harm

or endanger, but to the contrary knowing better what

truth is only helps and increases our unity with God

and one another. It only splits us up when we insist on


coming to conclusions too quickly, and do not rely in

all finality that to understand is an act of love to

God, and not a necessity that it’s conclusion is

understanding, but that the act and effort is made. So

that if we find that the word of God is too ambiguous

for any clear and consise knowledge, which obviously it


must be seeing we all have so many different opinions

as to the finer details of it’s meanings, faith which

is in league with peace which passes all understanding

will carry the day, and preserve us for the day we

shall know even as we are known. Further, to all see

things exactly alike and to all agree on even the most

core issues in how it should all be understood is not

and should not be the focus of any group of Christians,


but to simply preserve that worshipful intregity of God

in every person’s personal soul that raises and

nourishes them up in seeking and knowing and receiving

the Lord Jesus as their true savior. None of us sees a

tree or tastes anything exactly the same, though it be

the same thing, so why should we be surprised if

everyone has a different idea of heaven, or perhaps,

since we are sinful by nature, that we “might” even

have, God forbid, flaws in some of our beliefs? Should

our delusional stage of development, which the Lord

intends to give us a repentance and deliverance from,

be the cause of rejection by the church? How many whom

God has intended to save, have already been rejected by


the church, when we should be “like our Father who is

mercififul?” If a God our master wants to build

something, like a soul, but you already deemed that

lumber, (symbolic of a soul) as worthless, then you

stole that material in the act of not seeking to “aid”

God as his wife in raising and bearing that soul! How

many have the form of satanic “godliness” that says “to


treat them harshly, and if they are elect and know


what’s good for them, they will come back for more?”

For more what? Why would anyone come back to someone

who has their definitions of love and hate, kindness

and anger, patience and wrath, etc. all mixed up? It’s

like we are fishing for some love in our pockets to

give away, but all we got is hate and anger and self

exaltation, and so we say, “it’s all good, because it

was in my pocket!” But possession is nine tenths the

law, and that applies to the law of God too; and so we

should work to identify if what we call love is really

love or not; because if it’s not, it was in our

possession, and so we must get branded as haters or

whatever “we got.”

    All sin is against God and God only, because God

decides to what degree the person the perpetrator

thinks it is against actually suffers and feels those

wicked intentions. God says murder deserves death to

the perpetrator, because we are made in God’s image,

and therefore “dolls” to signify God, and as it were

“clothes” which cover God’s ultimate image. The casting


away is not instantious anymore than the fall of

Lucifer is, though he falls like a bolt of lightning,

with a mighty “crack” of “slow thunder.” Falling

denotes greater and greater distance, not an immediate

separation, though there is that in the initial stages

of “falling into perdition.” But once we reach the

“shore,” where our ship of faith is sailing unto, all

this “falling,” whether away or into sin, will be over

and done instantiously. The mighty crack of thunder of

satan’s fall like lightning will be heard rolling over

the horizon of paradise once it has struck it’s

destination: even the lake of fire! Then time shall be

no longer a delay or with limit as to what it can

“carry” in it’s canopy. The frail and tender earth of a


sinner will flee from the face of the all knowing God,

and be sealing with the eternal cement and glue of love


to heal all breaches and weaknesses.

     which would be desolate as the moon if it were not


for God’s loving presence, and blessed is the fruit of

your womb: your born again soul, conceived without sin,


by the faith of Jesus planted in your heart. Holy

mother church, brother, sister and mother of the Lord

Jesus, who does his will, MATT. 12:50, intercede for us


sinners, (in the animation of your husband’s heart,) as

the “Holy Spirit” in us teaching us what we ought to

pray, in the “ever now” of faith, HEB. 11:1, and be

with us at the hour of our death, or rapture, when we

shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Amen. 1

COR. 15: 52. 1 THESS. 4:17.



    Here upon this desolate moon, I the voice of the

messenger of the wilderness speak from to God and

mankind. God, you have made me with a heart large

enough to engulf the whole earth below me in the shadow


of your presence; as you did at the time of our Lord’s

crucifixion. LUKE 23:44. ACTS 5:15. Here in the

wilderness of this place of prayer, do I fly unto the

seriousness of truth, to escape all nuances of

deceitful religiosity, (as one might escape smudges on

their lens,) with the eagle like wings of the Holy

Spirit. Here God, (who else? AMOS 3:6,) nourishes me

away from the powers of the devil, but to also nourish

me by the very powers which satan has lost in his

defeat, as “honey taken out of the carcass of the slain


lion.” Yet we do not need to know that in defeating the

devil, (by simply making use of the means Jesus gives

us, such as the Holy Bible and prayer and fasting,

PSALM 19:10,) that the “honey” we then thrive on, was

taken out of satan’s carcass to feed us. JUDGES 14:8-9.


    But in Jesus Christ’s death upon the cross, the

“evil one” (and his devils,) who “touched the Lord’s

anointed,” PSALM 22:12-13, also died, yet were not

raised again, because now Jesus has all power in heaven


and in earth. The devil has become a “mark of the Lord

Jesus,” as surely as any scourging or hitting

instrument has been made so! GAL. 6:17. Now our past

sins, which are marks of the Lord Jesus heal as if they


were ORIGINALLY the marks of the Lord Jesus! Don’t let

any man trouble me (from henceforth, GAL. 6:17,) saying



how I wasted my time, and hurt others, including

myself, and how much better it would have been had I

not done so, for these past sins are all now “marks of

the Lord Jesus!” Where sin abounded, grace did much

more abound, so the scars and losses from my past sins

are paid with added grace, and though I came late to

the harvest, Jesus uses “what is his” to pay me the

same as those who have borne the heat and burden of the


day. And if you are not judging by what has God’s

presence in it, then you are nothing but an

“experiment” of the Lord, who is a “vessel of wrath.”

The world like a swarm of pigs runs down the steep

cliff into hell, following what they judge to have

“value” because it is what they are buying. But I shall


show you that we are not even supposed to be here!

    Jesus said “I saw satan fall like lightning from

heaven.” Does it mean he is no longer falling because

the “lightning bolt” has struck? No! This lightning

bolt’s destiny is the lake of fire: it is still

“discharging” it’s, (what would appear to be) super

slow spark. But why and how was this earth and universe


“weakened?” How did light slow to a relative snail’s

pace as it is today? It was weakened by God taking a

section of eternal time, even a “lightning bolt’s space


of time,” and slowing it down to around what we know of

as “7,000” years! That is the answer to why satan’s

justice did not occur immediately, and why God did not

just throw him away immediately! It’s because God is!

It is just that the “immediate” has been slowed down,

by what we know of as “grace,” and “mediated” by the

only mediator between God and man, the man Christ

Jesus! Why is it, after all, when we lose grace, we

lose time? Why is it that when God lifts his mercy from


off a person, that person plummets into the abyss,

without being able to keep track of time, even long

portions of it? Had God not “pulled apart time” like

stretching the skin of a drum or spreading the paint in


a can, etc., and just let satan burn himself out,

without effecting creation, it would have sealed

creation under the “canopy” of the “cherub who covers.”



    The last judgment, or “judgment day,” is going to

be resounding with the “crack” of this bolt of

lightning: the lightning bolt of satan falling from

heaven! Satan who will look back, as if it all happened


in the space of time for a bolt of lightning, and will

stand sore amazed that God intercepted his fall by the

sufficiency of the cross. And why did not intercede?

Because had not God done, countless and truly infinite

numbers of people throughout endless ages would all

have been victims of the devil. Death would have never

ceased, but both the good and evil would have all gone

to the same place: the place which existed before the

death of Jesus, which David “God is there.” Hell was

not a place of torment until Jesus rose from the dead

and left hell forever. The idea of eternal torment was

something new that did not exist until Jesus fulfilled

the law, and therefore every promise and prophecy of

the holy scriptures. They are so called “scriptures,”

because the Bible is our “script” in how we must act,

and though it is “acting,” it is necessary. God loves

hypocrites who do so in obedience to him, but hates

hypocrites who act like they are obeying God. Either

way we must follow a director of some kind, and so what


would perfect “free thought and being and doing” look

like? The reason only God is worthy of being our

director and chief, is because to follow the advice of

a mere man, is basically like obeying the “spontaneous”


movements of a sinner. That is therefore like rehashing

your sin to save it as “left overs.” If only we did not

think highly of ourselves by unadvisable sources, but

had to hear God tell us personally we are precious and

valuable, because a little would feel so much like

“more,” we would be hooked on God for all eternity.

    But how did God prepare for something that should

have been unforeseen, and which happened in the time it


takes for lightning to strike? Since time is a

spreading of a single instant in a sea of innumerable

instants which make up eternity, time is like holding

the jaws of lion open. Jesus said he saw satan fall

like lightning from heaven, but now Jesus only sees



satan fall like a carnal creature. Before the fall,

time whirred on by at a super-infinite speed, yet like

looking at wagon wheel spokes, it can look like it

stands still at the same time. And when time is an

ocean which is super-infinite, yet cannot be taken from


or added to, it is equal to substance itself. Our

single moment, which was spread out into 7,000 years,

but which is but a moment, if it were not endued with

grace, would have been spent in extermination of

humanity altogether.

    Humans are the only creatures on earth who can lose


their fight and will to live, and it is all in our

ability to reason, which ironically we hate as if we

wish we could be mere animals. Had grace not been with

us from the beginning sin entered the world, Adam and

Eve would not have had the attraction to propagate the

species, and they would have sat down and never ate or

drank again. God complains of those who “are vessels

wherein there is no pleasure,” and so even carnal power


is part of the spectrum of the Holy Spirit. Just as we

would lack the gift of the Holy Spirit without divine

love, and lack natural affection without filial

brotherly love, we would lack carnal lust if God did

not put that power in us.

    And there is no creation which does not run on

God’s power, so to think it has to be from the devil or


not of God just because it is carnal means you just

don’t want to deal with the work of praying for God to

take what is his, and cleanse it. Humans are still made


in the image and likeness of God, and so instead of

victimizing our human image further, by denying

ourselves God’s glory, we should claim what “thus says

the word,” and not let sin have the victory in us. We

must either claim that something is from the devil, or

else we got to pray for more of it, and a perfecting of


it. If we cannot do either, then we are failing to

“discern the body of Jesus, 1 COR. 11:29, and just

spirits in general.” HEB. 5:14. 1 JOHN 4:1. Jesus calls


those who take what God gives without praying for it

thieves, but to pray means you got some “idea or



sense,” at least in some “ball park estimate” it is the

WILL OF GOD to do so. You may tack “according to your

will” to the prayer, but it would be absurd to pray for


something you had absolute knowledge it was not God’s

will, and then add “according to your will.” God

applying any mercy (condescension) to the prayer is

unlikely since the most rank of a sinner’s prayer is to


tempt God and pray with willful sin in the very prayer,

and a sinner has a hard enough time moving God with

cries of abject pity. And this ought to be a shock to

know that God never goes without answering prayer. He

just does not reveal the answer, and many times will

lay a favorable and unfavorable answer side by side and


wait to see which door we will choose. Do we want the

“pandoras box” of all the hours we wasted complaining,

or cursing at God, or perhaps, (so we thought,) not

praying at all? Or do we want the “other door” behind

which is the promises which Jesus bought for us with

his own blood and suffering? Perhaps it would be wise

of me to inform you that God does not think one minute

of any person’s life is spent not praying to him, or

praying to him and yet not hearing us. To say God hears


not the sinner’s prayer, or that some do not pray at

all, are both “operational” statements, and not

“practical” statements. Because while sin separates us

from God, (and lack of prayer or NON prevailing prayer

is also sin,) sin it is said, “cries unto God:” it

prays to God day and night as if it is elect, but elect


to damnation! God hears the prayers of the sinners,

even the worst sinners of Sodom and Gomorra whom God

said “the cry of the city has become great.” GEN.

18:20. What does God hear when you are busy pushing God


completely “out of sight out of mind?” What

“intelligence” is the “all surveying” ears of God

picking up when you are saying NOTHING to him? What

endless conversations will have gone on between you and


God without ever having come out of the stupor of sin?

Until finally you meet a “purely just and righteous”

God, and not the God of sympathy and pity you had to

deal with in your life of your “body of death.” Will



God just say “you didn’t mean it when you insulted and

disobeyed me?” Hardly, when if God judged us by

justice, simply not being his only Son would be reason

enough to punish us eternally! The very Holy Angels

themselves who never sinned are dependent on their

“everlasting father Jesus” to make them acceptable to

God. But God! How can we be to blame for not being your


ONLY SON? Only ONE person can be that! But that is what

we are dealing with: a God who is so Holy, that no one

comes to him but by his only Son! Only the sufferings

of Jesus pleased God, and all our finest works, even

our most painful fasting is nothing but menstruous

rags! The number one work of the devil, which far

outweighs all his other works is to FLATTER SINNERS! If


satan were not allowed to flatter sinners, sinners

would place far less weight on their own works, and see


their good works as merely prerequisites to “keep them

in the race to eternal life,” instead of being proof of


their “arrival” at the finish line. God alone would be

the finish line in a sinner’s mind if satan did not

make sinners so satisfied with themselves, that they

can be content to leave God out of their lives. The

only people satan comes as a roaring lion to, are the

enlightened who are already fighting him, or those who

might be destined for enlightenment and opposition

against the devil. Otherwise satan comes not even as an


angel of light, (unless the person he deals with

insists on seeking God,) but satan comes as the person

he comes to! Satan makes the person think he is so

wonderful and great, and all his powers are his own,

that to seek God is like seeking what you already are.

No one will believe satan is so “all encompassing and

powerful” in his “region” as the “prince of the power

of the air,” but if satan is not doing the evil, God is


doing it without satan. Will God deceive a sinner, and

torment him unjustly, and not use the devil to do it?

If the devil is out of the picture, but there is still

trouble in paradise, it’s time to really start trying

to flatter God, because God is not the all loving

always forgiving God you think he is! If your life does



not make God look like he hates you because the devil

is being “allowed” to mess with you, but because GOD is


making a statement, it’s time to start seeking your

repentance carefully with tears like Esau, hoping that

not all Esaus are hopeless. But seeking God has it’s

own reward, just like running does not need a

destination, but creates it’s own “runner’s high” or

euphoria that makes it worthwhile in itself. And this

“spiritual exercise” of seeking God becomes a trick of

the devil, if we separate the supposed “destination”

from the “glory” of the “operation.” Titles are

glorious, and many have desired books for the title

only, as well as positions in the community, simply

because the “title” of “officer,” or “president” or

“pastor” etc. were glorious. But a book not read is a

worthless book, and a title which is so only in the

“cover” of “human recognition” is “an abomination of

desolation” in the estimation of God. But lack of

wisdom does not reveal how God seeks himself, yet

sinners will not do it. Sinners have exalted themselves


above God: a God who “seeks the deep things of God,”

yet sinners will not seek God.

    We must have our faith by which we are saved rooted


and grounded in a loving stand, because we cannot weed

through all the ways we will be doubting and wavering

which of themselves have no bearings on eternal life.

Jesus speaks of how many were choked with the cares of

the world, of whether to do this or that, or is this

true or is that... are you sure she or he is

trustworthy or not: all of which doubts is not the

doubting which damns us if we do not base our lives on

it. If the word of God is first in everything, all we

need to do is make ourselves worthy of the Son of God,

and so do not doubt if we eat his body and drink his

blood. It is impossible to partake of the lower world

without doubting, but the doubting which damns us is

not knowing if we are lead by God or not in every

little thing we do. Those who live their lives in this

crime scene of satan’s fall from heaven without

doubting whether they will live through the day or not,



or whether everyone will love them or not, are either

often wrong, or else storing up much wrath unto the day


of wrath. We do not know and recognize how vast and

soaking the grace of God is in our lives, without which


we would have nothing separating our souls from the

very hell beneath our feet.

    So now satan is temporarily, until he be “taken out


of the way,” 2 THESS. 2:7, an extension of the Lord,

and forced against his will as one exorcised, to serve

the church, and even as if “absorbed” into Jesus, as

“death itself” which has been “swallowed up into

victory.” 1 COR. 15:54. Our own sinful nature which

came from the devil cannot be fully done away, though

we are “born again without sin,” until the day this

body possessed with death and sin dies. But like satan,


our sinful nature, and the scars of past (but repented

of) acts of sin can and must be forced to serve us, and


are even under contract to be the “wounds of the Lord

Jesus which heals us.” GAL. 6:17. The carcass of satan

is like the greatest material gift Jesus ever gave us

while we are in this “PRESENT EVIL WORLD,” GAL. 1:4,

because all satan once owned is now the children’s

bread, and like the “road kill of the cross,” 1 SAM.

17:51, who did not obey the “railroad signals” of “do

not touch the Lord’s anointed one, and do God’s

prophets no harm.” Jesus was the last person of the all


time ever to die under the authority of the devil,

because now Jesus has all power in heaven and in earth,


and is “the mediator of a better covenant.”  Now all

authority satan gets to hurt and harm is contingent

upon us, and on how much God “lets” him do it. God is

the one who “lets and will let” as Paul says, as to why


there is a “mystery of iniquity,” until satan and his

angels are taken out of the way. 2 THESS. 2:7. And so

the stinger of satan’s authority has been pulled out,

and he can get his power back only if the church does

not claim what is the “children’s bread,” and thus

“bruise satan under their feet.” What a curse satan has


inherited through the death of Jesus, to only get fed,

if those for whom the bread is, do not eat it! But when



we do not feed on the word, satan moves in for the kill

to take advantage of our weakened condition, and

attacks our most “prone to defeat” areas like an unfair


wrestler will keep assaulting a weak knee or elbow.

Therefore all of our appetite should be reserved for

the Lord Jesus and his every word, and count all desire


for any “weight or sin” as “adultery” against the Lord,

whose name is Jealous; EXODUS 34:14, or else satan will

greedily lap up the crumbs which fall from our master’s

table as a most wicked “junk yard dog,” or “strong Bull

of Bashan” as he was against the Lord Jesus upon the

cross. How can satan deceive anyone, unless he has

access to those items and knowledge which he has so

corrupted in how they are presented?

    So I cry in passion unto you Lord Jesus, but also

in pain to be delivered of this precarious stage of my

existence, when my prayers have not yet seen their full


performance by your power in them. It is strange indeed

as to how beautiful the world is, when it has nothing

to offer, but at best bits and pieces of the truth, as

if broken and crushed in an abomination of desolate

disharmony. But indeed nourish me with the glitter of

the world, since it can only be from your own presence,


NUMBERS 14:21, but hide me from the “vessels of wrath”

JOB 33:17, which are “made to be taken and destroyed.”

2 PETER 2:12. Make my ways please you, so that even my

enemies will be at peace with me. PROV. 16:7. And give

me the preliminary logic I need in order to also gain

the leverage to get everything I need and want, not

only for myself, but for the encouragement of the whole


world to come unto you. Make every repentance prayer be

backed and illuminated with so much mercy, that it is

irresistible to both read, ACTS 6:10, and to receive

your intended end in writing the prayer. ROM. 2:4. And

make your merciful cleansing blood animate all our

thoughts and words so perfectly and fluently, our

adversaries cannot gainsay or resist a single word!

LUKE 21:15. And indeed do not let any of your word

return back to you void of the number of “fish bites’

that your net can hold and keep, and make your hook of



“barbed love” be so deeply attached to the mouths of

our souls, that we shall not be able to get away. And

make each church exceed the righteousness of every form


of worldly institution, and even to be the “boot camp”

of freedom from sin. May we all esteem each other

better than ourselves, and the greatest among us, be

the one who serves one another the most, and yet be so

aware that Jesus is our only standard of perfection,

that we may always bewail our shortage of meeting his

most blessed excellence. May our only pride be in the

one who cannot fall or fail, but ever raise us up

higher unto our everlasting Father, even our Lord and

savior Jesus Christ! You have saved us by faith, and

now also give us an understanding of what it is our

faith believes in, though you have entrusted us with

your faith, as if a sinful heart were a fit object to

agree with such perfect and complete holiness. Now add

words to the Spirit of prophecy in us, even your

testimony working together with ours, to clarify what

our eyes of faith sees. Shall our faith go without a

voice to describe the message which God has written in

our faith?

    The image of this old universe has now been rolled

up like a scroll ever since the death of Jesus, but

created a light barrier due to the weakness of which

our very earth is the last remaining vestige of in the

whole universe. Sinners who stand alone in the midst of


all else who have repented only see others as if they

are like themselves, because the new light cannot

penetrate the force field of their own sinful shell.

Once we repent and have new life, we are then

automatically connected to all other new life which is

like it. So when the earth shall have the “way, the

truth and life” return, and reign for a thousand years,


he will bring with his presence our sight of the new

universe, but first cause the “scales” of the old

universe to fall from our eyes, and leave us in

darkness, until the main star: even “the bright and

morning star” appears. We as the bride of Jesus will

not feel our full worth, until we are with our husband



in all fulness, and feel his natural love and

appreciation for us. Because Jesus himself, or else he

would not be a husband, cannot live in perfect joy and

fulfillment without us. But if you withdraw your breath


from us, what will keep us feeling as if we can still

breath? Why when we do not practice at something, do we


get “rusty?” Is the water of life still present, but

only when we are not getting the oil to lubricate our

prayers, it effects us in adverse ways? It is the oil,

not the general benefits of heaven we lack when we turn


away from God, since what is satan but one big engine

that has ground to a halt and rusted away for lack of

oil? As soon as he fell from his original position, he

was eaten by maggots. ISAIAH 14:11.

    Only the heart of Jesus is the “wax” or that is

“oil” we need that can save us, and when he returns,

that is what he will look for. His heart when melted in


his grace for us is “rolled out” like glass or

something to write on, because his heart is our

“welcome mat,” PSALM 145:3, PROV. 25:3, and the

recorder of all of our thoughts and prayers. DAN. 7:10.


What will be shown that we wrote there when judgment

day rolls around? How our lives would change if cameras


recorded our every move, but what about those flaming

eyes of Jesus? If we have things which we are too

ashamed to broadcast on daily news, what will we do

when the heart of Jesus will not only be the “good

news,” but “only news” that the whole creation will

know of? What will we do when the words of Jesus,

“bring them here and slay them in my presence” is

fulfilled? LUKE 19:27. And “slain eternally” with fire

and brimstone in the presence of not only the Lamb but

the holy angels? 2 THESS. 1:9. To be punished where

your “once possible” destiny is in view, and the person


against whom you sinned that made you not end up with

the blessed makes the most exquisite of torments. The

poor on earth suffer more, if the rich are in sight,

and it is a bitterness for a sorrowful person to hear

laughter. PROV. 25:20. Our “isolation” sometimes is a

great comfort, if we will be otherwise “more” miserable



with what life has to offer. Sometimes chains can be a

sign of God’s love, to make us able to seek him.

    The foolish virgins no doubt loved being

“pentecostal,” but did not seek the heart of Jesus

whose “wax” alone could keep the candlestick of their

church burning bright. PSALM 22:14. God is not a stingy


God when we seek him for a thing, and so his granting

our requests often gives us a false sense of security

believing he is pleased with us. It is the “edge” of

our prayers which he will not grant, (when we are not

well oiled, MATT. 25:4,) which is the “lavish” nature

of our requests, EPH. 3:20, because we will consume

them on our lusts. JAMES 4:3. But the “crumbs” of

pentecostal grace, and glow, and speaking in tongues

are well within range for even the devil, who “casts

water, or his imitation holy spirit, out of his mouth,”


to try and carry us away in his deception. Lord! Lift

us up above this “level” satan has deceived us into

thinking is not only good enough, but so common, we

have been made to think it is the “only” level of true

Christianity! But judgment day will not be a respecter

of persons, though “hand joined in hand,” PROV. 11:21,

and we all agreed unanimously that this would be the

only right and acceptable way. We cannot supersede the

wisdom and knowledge of God, who has seen the end of

eternity from the very beginning of it. ISAIAH 46:10.

Sin is by definition “against God and God only,” and so


how do we dare think we can decide for God what he

considers to be against him? There are too many “grey

areas” that are “neither right nor wrong,” but “left up


to each person to decide that thing he allows.” But yet

because we crave righteousness, we tend to want to make

up many rules, and then to enforce them upon others as

if they can be “forced” by a “civil coercion” into

being saved. God searches “the thoughts and intents of

the heart,” because he is not impressed by outward


    And if we do not get our blood from our savior

Jesus, we will be vampires of one another like our

father (of our sin) the devil. His teeth are, after he



was eaten by the supernatural maggots his body produced

immediately upon his fall, shaped like terrible fangs.

One is for piercing and the other for drilling, and his


eyes are those of the ultimate hypocrite: all for

looking at others, but nothing to look inward upon

himself. Self examination is the only exercise one can

practice in order to be transformed to need the blood

of Jesus as our life, and his body as our new material

for our souls. God says the violent must take the

kingdom, but did he mean that we can “confront God”

with the violence of our judgments and criticism

against the most high, and not back it up with

“determined resolution to do his will?” Most judgments

against God are those for his failure to give our

sexual nature the spouse it needs, but an aggressive

and even assaulting action upon a “love rival” only

impresses a potential mate, if it is succeeded by a

show of greater strength. But what strength of

character are we willing to show God, when we come to

him wrestling for him to back up his promises with his

own actions? Usually we moan and complain, and have a

tantrum like a child, (though perhaps in a

sophisticated manner,) and then slink off sucking a

form of the thumb by practicing some addiction of one

sinful level or another. Would God call us “”murmurers

and complainers,” if we did not then also “walk after

our own sinful lusts?” God would see us as “sirs and

madams,” instead of thugs and would be tyrants. God

would be glad to be the holy God he is to us, and pay

what he owes by his own word which binds him to it! But


God is to each of us according to the kind of people

are by our words and actions. To the merciful he will

show himself merciful, but to the froward, God will

show himself unsavory, etc. Formalities are not by any

means a worthless gesture, even when they are not

backed by any kind of good faith or intent. And to

those who are courteous and agreeable from the heart, a


simple “good morning” can be a prayer of “the God man

Jesus Christ,” as “good” means “God” and “morning”

means “Jesus who is the bright and morning star,” or



called “the morning” for short. But should we be

discouraged because we know by simple “street smarts”

that most people say it as if to replace the words

“leave me alone?” Too many people use the name of God

to express their rage and discontentments, and that is

like using an olive leaf as a sword. God will not curse


others just because we take his most holy name into our

vile lips, and we would have a better chance to live

our wicked urges to torment and inflict others, if we

got honest and realistic and used the name of satan and


his angels to express our animosities, and wished we

were more like the devil to harm others.

    Sinful nature will never be abolished as long as we


are under the curse of sin, and so to think “God does

not like hypocrites” does not fly. God only does not

like hypocrites who forget the real and true nature,

and either do not resist their sinful propensities, or

else think they are then holy and pure when they have

resisted committing known and obvious sins. Most sin

will remain “grey” only, and therefore in need of

sanctification, and an inner dwelling and control by

the Lord Jesus. Paul says “I know and am persuaded by

the Lord Jesus that there is nothing good or evil of

itself, but to him that counts anything unclean, to him


it is unclean. Happy is the man who condemns not

himself in that thing he allows. To the pure, all

things are pure, but to him that is defiled is nothing

pure. Every creature of God is good, and nothing to be

refused, for it is sanctified by the word of God and

prayer.” God in many ways and areas of our lives places


us as our own judges, and lets us decide whether we

will give ourselves the thumbs up or thumbs down! Faith


could save the vilest sinner, though he never repented

of his sins, if God were willing to so do, but the word


which requires our repentance to gain eternal life

makes getting and growing in faith contingent on our

doing the will of God. Sure grace saves us initially,

but grace is a mother who requires after a time, if for


no reason but for the sake of the child, that the child

learns to no longer make dirty diapers, or need to wear


them. Jesus says he “gave Jezebel space to repent of

her fornication,” the whole time of which no doubt she

was saved by grace alone. But when she did not feel

gratitude for such a merciful and patient savior, and

reform her ways, Jesus threw her into a permanent bed

full of the sin she was really partaking of in her

pleasure seeking. Jesus warns us “if you do not know I

am the Messiah (your anointing,) you will die in your

sins.” And knowing him after a time of “grace” requires


that we begin to “act” like we are holy. Without

holiness we will not see God, and since our being holy

in this life is impossible in our very souls, since we

cannot be purged from our iniquity until we die, as God


sounded in the ears of Isaiah, holiness must be an act,

though an act which keeps in mind it is an act, and not

be like an insane actor who begins blurring the line

between his screen shots and real life. Marriage itself


is an act of “Christ and the church,” but as soon as

either the man or woman begins thinking it is literal,

is when there is “trouble in paradise.”

    (but the slow speed of the light not yet fallen

like figs upon the earth,) and the present creator of

the new universe, rolled out likewise like a scroll,

and your breath breathing into it, (but yet hidden to

our sin tainted eyes; for we are not worthy, while the

smallest spot of sin is in us, to behold the sight of

that eternal heaven reserved for all of your eternally

blessed:) We seek to match up all of our bodily parts

with those of your image, the gospel of “Christ,” that

is, of the anointing of your only Son, 2 COR. 4: 4, so

you may lay your whole body upon us, as Elisha did upon


the dead boy, and Jesus did upon the cross, ISAIAH 26:

19, to raise him from the dead, while we are behind the


closed doors of our prayer closets, so we may open our

eyes “anew” and see you more clearly until it is no

longer through a glass darkly. 2 KINGS 4: 33 - 35. And

we trust that now that Jesus has opened up your inmost

heart, and satan is defeated and utterly removed from

his satanic power, he is forced under your blood to be

used by you for our good, until he is thrown into the



lake of fire. REV. 20: 10. So multiply payment of all

satan has stolen from us sevenfold with all the

substance of his “house” PROV. 6: 30 - 31, making him

utterly forfeit his position as the “anointed angel.”

EZ. 28: 14. You, Lord God, seem to go far in your

“absolute statements,” of restoring the years the

locusts have eaten:” even that great army of devils who


like locusts have devoured all that you have allowed

them to. But will you also restore all past generations


satan has murdered and comfort all those he has

tormented? We may say “in heaven,” but is it really

“restoring,” if it does not truly “restore?” If they

had been plucked out of heaven, then restoring would

mean returning them to heaven. But they were stolen

from planet earth, and from our own midst. Is

persecution and trials acceptable if they do not line

up with what you have promised, which is “tribulation

ten days?” REV. 2: 10. How and why then have so many

had tribulation for whole life times? But as we seek

your face, we shall keep our ears of faith and pens

ready to come to the right understanding, or you say in


Isaiah 27: 11, “When the boughs thereof are withered,

they shall be broken off:  the women come, and set them


on fire: for it is a people of no understanding:

therefore he that made them will not have mercy on

them, and he that formed  them will show them no


    We as “prisms of your light,” or that is, “hue men”


who “magnify the Lord,” are such because we are those

WHO are made in your image, and so like a machine, we

cannot but do what we are designed to do. But if we put


our shoulders of prayer into the burden of seeking you,

this light shall become purified, and no longer

darkened in the clouds of our sins, but we shall repent


of them all. So pour all of your corresponding energies

and healing health into our bodies and souls and minds

and every awareness, to make us able to have life

support upon this “barren moon” of Satan's world, since


you have already called us out of the world, by

removing the “air” by which he can speak to us through,



as the “prince of the power of the air,” for we are the

sheep of your only Son, and “will not hear the voice of

another.” JOHN 10: 5. But in removing the stale air of

Satan's heart of sin, and “depths as he speaks,” REV.

2: 24, you have replaced it with the “mighty rushing

wind” which “windfall” is our “divine settlement” for

having been shaped in sin, which we have “sued” you for


in praying PSALM 51, and which “settlement” began fifty

days after the last supper before the crucifixion, or

in other words called “pentecost.” And this outpouring

did not end, but our seeking and treasuring of it did!

And why have we cast away a settlement the very angels,


who have everything compared to us, “desire to look

into?” Because we have failed to till the soil of our

hearts, but left them barren as moon dust, by failing

to stay in the word, and with the “design” of it being

used as the means of our continual and ongoing

“conversion unto you” as it’s “theme.”

    Make us, as one universal body in heaven and in

earth, both militant and triumphant, have one “life

support” from your armor, with the shield of faith to

reflect the fiery meteorites of the devil. EPH. 6: 16.

And as to we who are militant upon one universal

“earth,” without air, satan is better at revealing his

true colors as the vicious and wicked one, but uses his


“air” as his “phone line” to deceive and misguide. But

because we are as one vessel of your merciful pleasure

and all manner of intercourse which you can possibly

desire to have with us, satan cannot deceive us for

long, if he can at all, and so we are also a vessel

wherein there is all manner of your own pleasure that

dwells in your image, the gospel. JER. 22: 28, & 48:

38, & EZ. 18: 32, HOSEA 8: 8. So shed your grace of

truth into our hearts “abroad,” enlarging our hearts to


facilitate your infinite gifts, so we may “pay” that

which we pray unto you as “our yes is yes and no is

no,” and therefore is all “vows.” ECC. 5: 4 - 5.

    Give us the need and full desire for your fullest

image to be put into us, and radiate through us, seeing


what a “tragedy” it is, if the ministry of your only



Son, has no “succession” in his bride, using our whole

soul “as one” and body “as one” for all manner of

prayer through us, as Jesus “knowing us,” and all

“pictures” of prayer that you as the “master artist”

have made us to manifest from your dwelling in us. If

our foundation as your “bride” is not solid, then we

will be as “old bottles” attempting to contain “new

wine,” and so give us wisdom to pray for those things

that will make us eternally sound vessels, who will

never need to be ashamed, but pass from that last and

eternal judgment, HEB. 6: 2, the second death, unto

life. JOHN 5: 24. May Jesus as our “lawyer,” make the

powers of the fallen world unable to mess with us,

showing your gospel will, that all men be saved and

come to the knowledge of the truth, and that you

therefore desire it infinitely more than any of us ever


could even if we were perfectly holy. But the fact it

will not be done in all men, shows that it is the will

of the gospel, and not of the soul of the gospel, who

knows all, and plans all; just as our bodies have wills


that our souls may not have, being infinitely wiser in

our souls than our bodies. But even so, your body the

gospel, is far more wiser and intelligent and

affectionate than any of us could begin to imagine, and


as we are made in your image, you as the “spirit” also

“seek the deep things of God:” namely of your

omnipotent soul, for what other conclusion can one come


to regarding these verses? 1 COR. 2: 10. And as you

pray unto “your depths” saying “let there be,” may we

have your same desires for “newness of life,” as you

“make all things new,” even making the Holy Bible “one

new and better testament.” HEB. 7: 22. And as you have

made room for “creation,” make us to make room for new

children to be born unto you, as we “travail in birth”

upon this “desolate” and “abominable” world, where

nothing could grow, if your light were not shining into


us. And as the “woman shall be saved in child bearing,”

1 TIM. 2: 15, make us as your “woman upon the moon,”

REV. 12: 1 - 2, create an environment of your Holy

Spirit in which new born babes can grow up strong and



healthy unto you, and who we as “apt to teach,” 1 TIM.

3: 2, may be as the woman in Song of Solomon, (1: 6, &

8: 10,) whom the “Sun of righteousness with healing in

his wings has looked upon,” to also “be a wall against

the evil one, and whose breasts of faith, containing

the pure milk of the word may be like towers of refuge

for those who desire the sincere milk of the word.”

Then when we “feed your sheep,” we shall “find favor in


your eyes,” as one who loves Jesus. Make us therefore

“clean beasts” who “chew the cud,” (meditate in the

word day and night,) and whose hoofs are “cloven,”

DEUT. 14: 6, as Michael the angel setting one foot on

the earth, and one on the sea, REV. 10, so as we are in


the church, we may also go into all the world “fishing”

for men, and preaching the gospel of peace to every

creature. Let us not be as the “dead sea” where nothing


enters or exits, or we might as well dwell in moon

dust, and be as isolated as the moon is from it’s

husband the earth. But let us, in our communion,

include one another in a pure way; who, as the temple

of the Holy Spirit, convinces the world of sin, JOHN

16: 8, TITUS 1: 9, and so then fellowships with them

after they also receive the truth and repent of their

sins. ACTS 10: 13.

    Make us more effected by your senses than our own,

which causes an internal flow of new life exiting

continually from the same place which was used to glory


in our own lusts, even our bellies. So that now they

instead flow with the living water from the throne of

grace, to also be the voice of Jesus in us, whose voice


of many waters is the latter rain, and which is falling

into the “troughs and roofs and ducts” of our ears of

faith listening in obedience to it. REV. 22: 1. JOHN 7:


38. PHIL. 3: 19. May those clouds “black with rain,” 1

KINGS 18; 45 - 46, follow us, PSALM 23, as we lift up

from our feet the “garments of our own righteousness”

laying aside every weight and sin, to run the faster to


your throne of grace. And so soon prepare us for you to

pour forth as a mighty storm of Holy Ghost revival,

your true “thoughts of peace” to us, reviving the rib



of Jesus by a power as much greater than we can imagine

as the heavens is above the earth, and not any one

person’s “perception” of what this “rib” is, but the

very mind of our head and husband, Jesus Christ; for he


alone is master of his body the church. May Jesus be

the heart which we, as his ribs, protect, (to do his

bidding in the earth as his will,) and may he “safely

trust in us,” that we may diagnose all his thoughts and


desires as one made and designed to be his “helper,”

and doctor of love to the great physician. But knowing

he has placed all his judgment of “how we love him,”

upon “how we feed the sheep,” JOHN 21: 15 - 17, let us

be saved therefore in bearing his children, and not

spare to “travail in birth,” even if we must be “pained


to be delivered.” REV. 12: 2, & GAL. 4: 19. Even as we

shall beat our own swords into “plowshares” and “spears


into pruning hooks.” And the Lion which once ate to

please it’s belly, though it may even have murdered a

man in his lack of love, 1 JOHN 3: 15, to do it, now

“eats straw like an Ox.” Make us even now upon this

“Holy mountain” where nothing shall hurt or destroy,

and where “no weapon that is formed against us shall

prosper,” find all of your word to be “life unto life

and grace unto grace and faith unto faith” unto us,

adding greater blessings the more we already have

blessings. MARK. 4: 25.

    Make the cause of this ministry of yours through

us, be the very deepest will of the absolute

omnipotence of God, which though I pray to you as “our

Father,” I cannot pray to the absolute depths itself,

except by “address” only, since my faith fails me when

I speak about it. Song of Songs 5: 6. If my faith did

not fail, though it does not fail entirely or I could

not so much as stand in the Lord at all, one smallest

portion of faith would be enough to cast any mountain,

no matter how large, into the depths of the sea of the

whole universe. And this mountain of debris which I am

casting into the sea of God’s grace is soon to

“surface” as the “island of Patmos,” upon which Jesus

in his glorified body shall eternally visit, and dwell



within as his temple. Making us of one faith, one Lord

and one baptism, to be a mighty tree in which all the

birds of the air may find lodging, as Paul says, “that

which comes upon me daily, the care of all the

churches.” For what is carnal life but a temporary

detour from God? Though God does not forsake us, since

he took the presence of himself in Jesus out of him on

the cross, to instead give it unto us. And this “Jesus

Christ crucified” must be the only thing we are

“determined” to know, as our only hope, which we must

be ready to given a “reason” for why and how he is “in

us” to every man. And if we are ready, we will not wait


for them to ask, since they never will, so we must

volunteer to tell them anyways. Since that which is

invisible to our carnal sense, is really the only

reality, and this world is but a “vapor” which appears

but a very little while! Soon the long-suffering love

of God, 1 COR. 13, will become love which only takes

pleasure in what it loves, and so now is the time to

extend the love of God, so that those whom God must

suffer to love, will one day be loved by God’s “good

pleasure.” If God did not suffer with sinners, why does


God want to transform them into new creatures, since it

is all for God anyways, and the sinner is happy just

the way he is?

... by which all things are created, but in that way

which reunites us to our original souls before they

were shaped in sin. You, father God, tell us that in

making us to begin with, Jesus is our “father,” and

through his death we inherit his life. But make this an


“ongoing intercourse,” so it may be the source of those

new stem cells which recreate tissue where those who

are brutal and satanic have cut out and destroyed. So

make us defeat satan by reversing what he has done, and


make him to repay what he has stolen seven fold. Also

force him to give up the whole substance of all those

blessings he inherited as a “previous”



holy angel, while making himself to suffer as he has

caused us to suffer. PROVERBS 6; 30 - 31.

      Make your bodily image in us be fully able to

function through us separately and on your own despite

our own failures of goodness to apply the full power of


your inter-coursing love to us. We wish to be

“possessed” with all that “burning desire” which

“smokes” against our enemies, to manifest all your most


reproductive jealousy that creates new children born

again of the spirit. And if we do not give you

that right that you have as owning all privilege over

all your creation, to

use all flesh as that which is designed to connect

directly into your

very existence, then put us under your feet with satan,


so that you may call those who are worthy. And seeing

that our bodies will be resurrected and remade into our


heavenly mansions, which includes all we ever did and

thought and

experienced, but transformed in the body of the risen

Jesus, make us live the rest of our time on this earth

as “redeeming the time,” and learn to retain a true

vision of what is holy and acceptable unto your most

loving presence. Since what we own, including our very

awareness, and general existence, along with the sub

conscious, are all extensions of our flesh, and whose

sorrow will be turned into joy, make us to rejoice in

that joy we had with you from before the foundation of

the world. And along with the resurrection of our

rotting and/or destroyed corpse, include every skin

cell or body part we ever shed, so that not one “dust

particle,” down to each molecule, with all it’s parts

will be lost, but all turned into perfect prosperity in


the highest and most extensive definition of it. But

make all to be restored, and considered to be, (since

we are the bride of Christ,) to be as important and

valuable as Jesus Christ’s own flesh, for we are

members of his body, flesh and bones. While the wicked

will rather be lost in oblivion, than to have such a

thorough resurrection, only to be held up as examples



of shame and contempt eternally. And so make all we do,

after being cleansed in the blood of Jesus, to become

as honorable as his very wounds, though at first the

very sins which we most shamefully committed.

                 And supply my soul and body with all

manner of substance which you can use to minister to

yourself with, and your creation, and especially the

miracle working power that carries on the work Jesus

started in the days of his flesh. Make your “sweetest

life” be the life of all my flesh, and come forth from

the very “other side” of my soul where you are coming

forth into me more and more always. And with every

prayer I make, make my heart and soul bigger and more

desirable for you to house in, no longer making me a

manger in which Jesus must eat what he could not stand

to, but real food he may fellowship with as a ministry

to his own soul. Use me for the “object” of all your

powers, especially those qualities of yours, for which

you specially designed me in all my functions to have.

So in the order that your house, (i.e. the TEMPLE I am)


serves and interacts with you, set your specific

inclinations you may have, towards a creature such as

myself, to be of a very atmospheric nature. And though

I am sinful, and so do not deserve release from my

house of bondage, bypass all of my sinfulness, while

also healing and smoothing it all over, in your disease


eradicating divine health, so that I may be a good

steward made to live in your house of prayer forever,

with your love to me as my prime example. Cover all

despair in the world with grace, and Look upon me as

you would as if I were holy, and see my sinfulness as

an illness which you most graciously and pitifully seek


to cure in continual progressions. Make me a “plant” of

yours whose fruit you continually harvest and consume,

and therefore making it all more and more pleasing to

you in every way has the utmost and urgent of all

priorities. And make the

effects of your harvesting the souls you make your

workers to find, in all their many areas of the world,

be so overwhelmed by your holy spirit and so intensely



beloved by your most powerful and sweet holy spirit

comfort, that it is greater than any person can ever

ask for in your loving kindness, and multitude of

tender mercies. Then kindle all your bountiful

calculations to make us partakers with all the holy

angels there are in existence, to receive their full

and whole ministry. And make it easy for you father God


to harvest and consume all forms of our prayers, in

their essence and illustrations, that we as your church


may be like a “fountain” whose water never stops or

ceases to increase in splendor and might. And so make

your church so perfectly beautiful and glorious to you,


and without spot or wrinkle, that we may produce every

manner of fruit you have delighted in as the products

your holy spirit delivers to you. Make this our joyful

sacrifice eternally, and ever more and without ceasing!


                  Prosper your church materially and

spiritually therefore, to that

“acceptable degree” before our soul prospers

accordingly, so we may have the means for you to

“prosper us as our soul prospers.” Since we cannot

prosper in our souls at all, until you do for us what

we do not deserve, prosper us to the degree that we

“need” you to in order to have our souls prosper, for

which cause you may then add unto us all the

corresponding riches suitable for us. All of which is

the work and duty of your undeserved favor, and whose

love “believes all things” including all our promises

of better performances to do your will, and to fulfill

all our vows. So that we may have that opportunity to

“increase” in being a greater and better beauty and

pleasure to you, (though it may yet all be in “word”

only,) as fulfilling the will of your motherly image

the gospel of Christ, and holy Jerusalem, as the very

reason of why you made us to begin with from the

foundation of the world. Exercise not the vast and

ultimate will of your omnipotence against us, that

causes many to perish in everlasting pains of a molten

rock which cannot destroy those in it, unless we are

included in that “motherly will” of yours which not



only desires, but causes many to be saved and come to

the knowledge of the truth. Thereby making us to

“function” in all our faculties, to magnify your whole

being all “proper divisions” as a prism divides the

light which is poured into it. Make our very “bones,”

both physically and spiritually which is our “faith,”

to contain the fulness of all your sweetness and health


and beauties for which we are designed by you in your

mind, from before the foundation of the world in

Christ. Making us to contain your word of faith like

“fire” shut up in our own creature faith, for the

purpose of discharging it’s power frequently and

massively unto you always in the first place. And as it


is an eternally radiating prayer, make it, on it’s way

to you, pass through all persons on earth, to heal and

sanctify them in a way that is all encompassing and as

potent as your omnipotence.

              Both our spiritual and physical

attributes are made as one in the beginning, and so

make our outer image correspond according to our inner

heart, to reveal all our deepest and most genuine

intentions. And in the way you made our flesh to be  a

picture of the higher “soul” attributes, make our souls


prosper even as this human image, made in your image is

by definition therefore the “ultimate prosperity.” And

make the fulfilling of this prayer be so quick and

powerful and supremely overwhelming, despite how little


or slackly we pray and seek your face, (though with a

sincere effort that we do not pray little or seek you

slackly,) that it will be the very perfect

personification of being “fearfully and wonderfully

made.” But if you do thus with the little we do and

despite our great and most “gross” unworthiness, may

this be but to make us fully encouraged and “provoked

unto the ultimate love and good works” of praying

without ceasing with all our might, and to seek you

diligently with a most anointed and determined

“wrestling,” as Jacob did with the angel. Make just the


mere existence of the prayers of Jesus, even if it were

not for us directly, be as something so powerful, that



if we but pray once in a while, no matter how

infrequently and insufficiently, (but all the more if

we do it often and diligently,) that it will be “more”

than enough reason to fulfill all your promises in us

with unrelenting and limitless long-suffering and

crucified love. But make our love and gratitude for

your great patience and grace greater and more

increasing every moment, as if your “greed” and

obsession and force on your part to save us, is

something more important to you than it could ever be

to the holiest saint! So come in these last days to

exercise your greatest skill and “subtle wisdom” to

outwit the serpent in all his guile, and in a way which


is more elaborate and complete than anything the mind

of your image, which seeks your deep things can

imagine. Since the need to crucify your only son was

only imagined by your most intelligent mind, not the

mind our mind was made in the image of. And since your

image seeks the deep things of your whole being, and

will throughout eternity, as his quest to seek to

continually further learn the “deep things of your

omnipotent soul,” make seeking you, and learning to

hear your voice, be our “one thing needful” that makes

us not only be made in God’s image, but function

according to his image. Whatever you have done from

everlasting until now and ever shall, do in each of us,


and with all your loving power, since we are but

“vessels,” and so crave to be vessels for the best

there is, and that all possible divine activity should

be performed in us at all times. Since our minds are

made in the image of that most intelligent mind of any

“vessel,” even that of God’s image, make our minds

study what he studies, making all our theology to be

truly “the study of God” while making us to also

receive the same benefits of seeking God, as the very

image of God, the gospel himself does!

    And so glorify our humanity to be a picture of your


image, and if we could know all things your omniscience

desires us to know, we would desire to worship your

whole being which covers an infinitely unlimited



territory. And as you make us to realize that all the

universe in it’s whole vastness and eternally so, no

matter how large it expands, is less than a pick prick

in size by comparison to your limitless size, make us

to seek your deep things all the more fervently and

with a more insatiable thirst for that latter rain of

the voice of Jesus. For how could we who must be

limited be created, if you did not have a purpose also

for us? And if your image were all knowing as his soul,


your absolute “depths” are, how could we exist, seeing

we “had to” be made in that image also? And so make us

those who are designed to seek God as a car is designed


to drive or a heart is designed to beat. Do this

because your desire to have it done is so great, the

smallest possible “excuse” is more than sufficient to

accomplish it with such force, it will place us all in

eternal “shock” at the power of your love and most

selfish need for the fulness of all my being, to most

thoroughly receive the fulness of your life and

substance. And though it may be “presumptuous” for me

to speak for you, and in behalf of “us all” on such

bold terms, make the fulfillment of this prayer so

decisive by you, and so obvious, and burn in us so

explosively and powerfully, and in a manner which

effects the whole cosmos in a way so obvious and life

changing to all around the whole universe, that all may


know what pleases you the most, and what is the

function for which you made us all. But let us pray it

may be for you to make us to be for your own sake, your


own most treasured fulfillments of all your desires.

    Do not let us be deceived by the evil one, who

would make us to think we must fulfill the functions

and offices of that which you have not made us to

fulfill, but make us to be what you most desire us to

be, by having a vision of our highest selves you chose

in Christ in the very beginning. Make us those who are

called to the specific duties for which we are designed


and talented to engage in, making us to perform and

fulfill those specific duties and functions for which

you made us. All engage true praise for you in our



hearts, whose “heat” is super-infinite, and with the

most holy desire that we may show you the ultimate

kindness, and therefore to be most useful and reliable

for you to own and operate as you please. And make us

so accentuated in this “classification” of being “your

bride,” that we may attract the most intimate and

passionate love of your heart, and experience all the

intercourse of our husband Jesus Christ. Send all of

the holy angels, to be our ministering therapists who

exercise our atrophied conscience, so we may gain the

strength we need to discern good and evil on the

highest level, whereby we may put satan firmly under

our feet and powerful bruise him in every possible way.


But especially may the blood of Jesus constantly

sprinkle us with all the cleansing and inspiration we

need to overcome our enemy, and to fully overcome our

own evil nature. And so make Jesus himself be Lord over


our whole lives, and to stay in his word to become his

students, and to obey him in all he has ever commanded

us. So make our nature and ability and powers conducive


to receive such intercourse as to be so advanced and

increased with all manner of most burning desire and

supernatural strength, that we may be too overwhelmed

by the holy spirit for anyone of us to ever again be

able to imagine the unbelief we have been cursed with

before you built up faith in us. And no matter how

intelligent we become in anything, if we do not have

your love in our hearts, nothing can avail us eternal

life, including Jehovah himself, that is, if we but

look upon his “outward appearance.” So make us to be

men and women after your own heart, even that heart

Jesus died to open up for us by the key of David, which


is PSALM 51. And may your own voice of the gospel speak

in peace to us, saying, “let this be because I am a

gift from the deepest depths of omnipotence itself,

unto each member of God’s kingdom.”

    So make the fulfilling of this prayer, because your


love for your church is so great, that it has nothing

to do with my own degree of holiness, or for my sake,

but the sake of the whole kingdom as being “one” in the



perfect unity of the true trinity. Which is to make us

all of perfect use as the “bride” of Christ, and

therefore fully compatible with Jesus as our one and

only husband. Use this prayer as among the many

channels and means by which you may keep us growing in

these qualities and

powers and conditions for which I pray, and to never

become ever again “drained” of these qualities and

attributes, or to slack or lack in receiving them, but

to have ever greater wisdom and knowledge in how to

pray for them. Rebuke satan from the manifestation of

your image to our knowledge and vision, as that which

saves us, and supplies us the proper and genuine belief


of all things which are holy. And as the “facets” your

image in us needs to shine forth unto all, give us the

knowledge of how you intend to design us and what our

behavior and functions ought to be. So in our

interaction with you and one another, teach us how to

have a heart as big as your heart’s desire is to give

to us all these things in their fullest glory. For

without a destination of your gifts, all the desire to

give in the universe will do you no good; since though

you pour out your gifts as freely as the sun pours

forth light, if there is no one who can or will receive


your gifts, they are not simultaneously giving the

“gift of

receiving.” So since giving to be a happy and blessed

thing needs also a receiver, we are required to have as


much love and mercy as God, (to be perfect and merciful

as God is,) since he must put his love in us, to also

make us the givers even in our receiving. And though

this be all for the sake of the “ultimate giver,” who

is God, may your love also “seek not her own,” though

it be to make us your own.

    And make the effects of the prayers of Jesus be

without limit, so that it will be performed by you

without consideration to the relation of our limited


and abilities, in comparison to your unlimited size and


abilities. And so make no



number, no matter how great, describe the degree of

intensity and forms of

energy which you cause to “burn” within us as being

“actual divine love.” But I must deserved my trials and


misfortunes, and then I drag every body else down with

me. But rather than my praise being faint, make my

pride in my own ego faith, so I will boast of nothing

but the cross of Jesus, that is, his saving work he did


on his church. Make us all to GRACEFULLY MOVE towards

you, and in every way we exist, and in all we do. Save

us from the deep sea “bends” which can occur if we

change too quickly without the proper spiritual

“safeguards” in place, from the deep “sea” world of the


world we live in, which is the collective sum of all

the “parts” of each sinner’s heart. But rather make us

not be “collective” but in our gathering together

bodily, so that we may be of one heart, soul and mind.

And in this unity, make each of us feel as important

and as indispensable as the whole, though we know due

to impenitence, you must also cut off the dead “boughs”


of this ultimate “Christmas tree,” which is your cross,

after it has “budded with almonds” and manner other

signs of life, being laid bare in the noon day sun of

your face. So make all exhilaration to be the

electrical stimulation of all your divine personalities


of your kingdom,  through all the “media” of your

heavenly throne room. Make all which we do, whether it

be reading or praying in all manner of intercession, or


serving one another, regardless of how little our minds

serve the truth, (but all the more if our minds are

renewed more fully,) as we are directed to those duties


to which we are called, nevertheless increase the

effects and manifestations and communications of the

Holy Bible unto us, as the very “book of life” itself.

    So make us and all our prayers unto you and for one


another, be truly sanctified and glorified in your

gracious love, who “gives honor to us as the weaker

vessel, and dwells with us according to the justifying

knowledge of Jesus,” who is our head and therefore

mind, and eyes and ears and mouth. And thereby also



sanctify, multiply and prosper and develop all our

possessions in the redeeming blood of Jesus, which

sanctifies our very meat and drink, and therefore all

of our possessions also. Make all our duties as

channels to your working these benefits in and through

us, no matter how mundane and thankless our tasks may

seem to us, or utterly lacking of all spirituality, or

safety to remain ready in them to pass from this life

of death to the eternal life of glory. And for all

which we pray for, do it for your sake, so that

regardless of whether we want them or not, as long they


are what you want, you will see to it that they are

done in a manner that could even make us puffed up with


pride in the eyes of others, for the rapid and sure

manner they are accomplished, and with such excessive

generosity, even on an “omnipotent and almighty scale.”


So make it clear what exactly each of us, in our

individual offices and functions, are made and being

made for, so we may not only be of use to you, but have


the peace and tranquility and ultimate satisfaction of

knowing and understanding exactly what our use is. And

so that your desire to show love for our own comfort

may also be fulfilled, make us to fully know in all

clarity and fundamental accuracy, what positively

constitutes true eternal salvation, and a most full and


satisfying service unto all of your purposes and

causes. And at any point in your working your will in

us all, do not let any one of us become discouraged or

weakened in faith, or complaining due to lacking

personal fulfillments, but to stand strong, and

continue all the more fulfilling your will. Make our

mind towards truth and the receiving of it’s love be so


strong, that in the most raging storms of passion, or

pangs of withdrawal from any sin, or pressure from any

“collector” of any kind, or the sinful and damning

“kindness” of satan to deceive us to make us believe

“whatever we want,” none of this can move us from

constant and steadfast and immoveable praise and

worship and all manner of prayer and services to you.

And reveal your will also as we go along throughout the



experiences you give us, as “words of faith and

knowledge,” so we may know what your thoughts are, and

so satan or any other being cannot intercept your mind

towards us. Make us to hear the heavenly language of

our heaven born souls in our very minds, and teach us

to repeat after it in perfect and most holy “tongues of


fire and praise,” even with all the skill yet

spontaneity of a master artist or musician, so we may

gain the best and highest gifts you have for us, and

come together in our bodies to meet and worship as one

flesh even now in this world. And so that we may most

perfectly beg and cry unto you for the success of your

will in

us, make the prayers of our most humble and quiet

hearts and minds be heard by you as if they are the

prayers of your very son himself. And in being fully

married to our husband, though not in the completion of


full cleansing as we will have in heaven, nevertheless,

make our unity with him on earth manifest his perfect

holiness and strength which is made perfect in the very


weakness of our sinful nature.

    Seeing that my lusts and personal needs make it

extremely difficult to walk in the spirit, and maintain


a detailed journal of all the precise ways your move in

our midst, let me “buy of you that gold tried in the

fires of affliction,” even that heavenly cash, which

makes me to prosper with earthly wealth and money as my


soul is with the heavenly money. And ordain for me to

buy this gold tried in the fires of my resistance to

sin and praise of God, with the employment of being a

laborer in your harvest fields of souls, by giving me a


mind to serve and work for you, even the mind of my

inner mind of the heart. And in this mind disperse all

the knowledge and grace you have longed to operate and

move your people, so having done all, I may put on the

whole armor of God, and stand in this most heavy

apparel as if it is but the weight of a feather of one

of your wings. And seeing that the desires of your

church are not compatible with your limitless grace and


personal needs and desires for our salvation to only



glorify you, (but only due to sin; since you made us,

before we were

conceived in sin towards you as a wife is to her

husband,) make us obedient to you in praying for those

things specified in your word; that is, “to have that

glory we had with you from before the foundation of the


world.” And as you are the restorer of all of our

original joy which we have never yet known in this

life,” as being the very means by which you may do and

fulfill them all in us, therefore do not let us be

subject to the “fluttery whims” of our own sinful and

limited nature as a “creature,” no matter how good they


are “of themselves.” So may we “sanctify our whole

creature self by the word of God and prayers,” and so

be made “good” as we were in the very beginning. But

since we have fallen due to sin entering the world,

rewrite our most holy identity to be made like unto the


very angels, since we cannot after having gone through

all we have in this life, merely be what we would have

been had sin never entered our world and defiled all


    I feel sorry Lord I am not a very loving person,

and so filled with spite and hypocrisy, but do not let

this hinder my prayers, or those of my fellow sinners

as something you can more freely use, than Samson used

the jawbone of an ass to slay a thousand men. And if

you can and will do that, you might as well for “good

measure,” use all the images of humanity I have

witnessed and imagined, no matter how diseased with sin


and unrighteousness, through which you may fully

minister unto us all the cleansing virtue of your blood


which Jesus shed upon the cross. Make us all like as if

“channels” whereby we “tune into” every member of your

kingdom, but make the only channel we keep on

continually and perpetually forever, in the television

of faith, be that of the image of God sitting on his

throne, and every word proceeding out of his mouth. Do

not let the gospel “roar” against us from mount Zion,

but speak according to your thoughts, which are

thoughts of a peace as different from the peace of this



world, which Jesus gives and leaves with us, as the

heavens are higher than the earth.  And make every word


of your holy scriptures be that through which you do in

all matter of fact reveal your image to us as “the good

news,” while using your whole word, though the best

scholars can know but little, to cause in us all an

increase in “life quality” that radiates as the

“healing and convicting radiation” to the whole world.

And do this in us all, regardless of our own intentions


for practicing the popular and sinful deeds of our

modern comrades, but make the result of it to be that

through all humanity, because we are made as creatures

compatible to your image, (having been made in your own


image,) to be cleansed of our own propensity to sin,

which is to walk by carnal sight.

    Bring us all the way to the sight and recognition

of a sinner’s most hidden chambers of lofty deception,

and desperate wickedness, whose blindness to the light

of God’s face is in a darkness so great they would feel


it if they also had spiritual sense, so that by

examining our most inner sins of secret shame and

guilt, we may confess them unto you with the fulfilling


of your promise to “forgive us our sins and cleanse us

from all unrighteousness.” Bless us all with a

cleansing and forgiveness greater than can ever be

described or explained even to the mind of your own

image, so that we will be not only compelled, but even

craving to forgive our worst enemies, and pray for our

most despicable of all abusers and persecutors with the


fervency that we would pray for ourselves if we loved

all with the same love God loves us and himself. And as


your image is the ultimate and most ideal prism of all

your “blood” which is your unlimited holy spirit, use

each image of humanity real or imagined, by you, or by

any creature, as though it is both worthy of your love

and really existing, as being “called by you as things

which be not as though they are.” And so make all my

mind’s images be mirrors of your thoughts which “framed


the worlds,” as you made all things by your word, and

with the soul of Jesus living in me, as the magnifying



lens and lover of my soul, to magnify, exalt and

glorify your own thoughts, as more substantial easily

than the whole universe combined many times over. Make

Jesus who is my head, to be fully connected by “joints

and bands” to my whole being, so that I will be fully

athletic in a most spiritual, and soul prospering way,

and thereby to prosper athletically also as my soul

does. And do this as “to your beloved,” seeing many

prosper, who are poor spiritually, so you may add unto

them the “greater condemnation.” But as I am rich in

faith, make me to be also rich with the wealth of this

world. And since I cannot resort to witchcraft or any

magic arts to supply me with the comforts of this life,


such as much money and friendship, seeing I am their

enemy, make them to give me all I would ask for, as my

own rightful goods they have stolen from me. And make

the seven fold return, be also in behalf of all the

children of God throughout all ages, so that I will

also gain their seven fold return also. And what I love


myself in prayer with, make me to also love my neighbor

as I love myself; and so be blessed as a real and

powerful intercessor.

    And therefore as you restore the years the locusts

have eaten, and heal all our backsliding, seeing you

are married to us, restore unto us also that mind of

Christ, which though we already have, or we are

reprobates, it does not function so well in our

naturally rebellious hearts and minds. And so that we

as trees may grow where there is desolations and waters


may flow in the deserts, make us to be that “valley and

river bed” where the water of life flows, and to be

that channel through which Jesus in his glorified form

may do those “greater works” through us. And how can

any do greater works than he did in his earthly

ministry? By manifesting his now heavenly ministry,

wherein he is now the full glorification of his very

crucifixion! And does Jesus indeed still have all his

wounds and death he was made to be for us upon the

cross? Then how is he now living and glorified? Because


he is the first begotten of the dead, and made to be so


much better than all the angels combined, he alone is

the “SUN” while all other angels are but “twinkling

stars.” And so therefore cause my affections to be

fully felt by you, and yours by me also through the

condescending grace of the image of Jesus Christ’s

crucified body, broken for us as the “earth without

form and void,” to make me reach out and down to the

most carnal human, regardless of how contaminated with

sin they are, or disobedient and deviant they are to

you. And so make the brokenness of Jesus be that “only

acceptable kind of sin MADE SO FOR US WITHOUT SIN,” in

order to replace our own sinfulness as that “SORROW

WHICH NEEDS NOT BE REPENTED OF.” And from this proper

level of humiliation for our diseased condition as

sinners, which only the

crucified Jesus forsaken of his father who is his blood


shed for us can supply to us as his “riches in glory,”

we may have that bedrock of faith from which we can be

raised from and sink no more into a deeper hell of sin,


and upon which the gates of hell cannot prevail

against. And so send your resurrecting power into us

all, fully putting all of our sinfulness into

“remission,” as a disease which gradually heals, no

longer backsliding into further corruption, and is no

longer in need of quarantine from fellowship and

communion with your holy people.

    And while you are planting your holy seeds

of faith in us, out of which grows our new man from the


compost pile of sin, but the sin Jesus was made to be

for us, replacing my own sinfulness, to make us as a

tree of faith, whose largeness of heart, makes full

accommodation and room for all the birds of the sky to

come and lodge in our branches: even those who are

drawn to Jesus being lifted up in us. And make full use


of all of our “expressions” designing them to be all

fulfilled in a way which you consider to be most

adorable and appealing to you, and in all manner of

frequency and intensity. So make us all worthy to be

called “your jewels,” whose food and drink which is to

be the substance of our whole soul and body, is that



most precious body and blood of Jesus, and so make the

power you pour into me have an effect greater and more

abundant than what we could possibly know and expect.

And because your omnipotence, Lord God, is all

powerful, whose limitless abilities has no bounds nor

hindrances, make whatsoever you desire your image to

have in us, to be something more real than life itself,


even that very love you have found searching your deep

things from everlasting. And that which you have not

found in yourself, annihilate in us, if it be something


which is any way contrary to your holiness, so that we

may not only see your face, but be counted worthy of

beholding it to all eternity. But so that we may not be


“superfluous and redundant” to have been created, make

us all the “female counterpart” of yourself, though of

a fully ultimate character, unlike the parabolic

picture you have made human males and females to be.

And so make the parable of calling the church “the

bride of Christ” be fulfilled in us and all your church


in earth as it is in heaven, by making us all your most

loving interpretations of your holy image, the gospel,

and the glorified body of your son. For we do not know

what we shall be, but we know that when we see Jesus,

we will be made like unto him. So make us even now to

see Jesus, and as we fall at his feet as dead, for the

sheer beauty of his radiance, fill us more and more

with his light and love, so we may be strong enough to

stand along side him at your right hand in heaven. And

in all the ways nature teaches us the facts regarding

the love a man and woman have with each-other, so make

us to have a “certain kind of beauty” that is most

appealing to Jesus, whose beauty comes from the depths

of omnipotence, even as the spirit who searches for it,


therefore finds and bestows it upon us.

    So make us your church, something you find

“overwhelming,” even as she is the voice of Jesus made

flesh, taken from his very faith, in order to protect

and declare his “broken heart” whose substance, like

wax, is the very fuel whereby our candlestick may not

only remain in it’s place, but be kept burning bright



as a torch of liberty where ever the spirit of the Lord

is. And indeed make your holy spirit so inseparable

from us, it is the very sea in which we as fish swim,

and which is the only place we can live. So Jesus, love


us all, with all your mercy, as we know we have many

more sins than we can ever successfully uncover and

confess, or even be fully and fearfully ashamed of in

this life. And love us as if we were beautiful in ways

that you could never find in yourself, though our

comeliness is “put upon us,” EZEKIEL 16; 14, and fully

and only coming from yourself who is the source of all

things saving and blessing to us. And not because we

are worthy or are this of ourselves, but because of the


“law of Paul,” that “unto that part which lacks do we

bestow the more abundant comeliness.” And who can lack

more than we who were shaped according to the sinful

corruption of our DNA by our original father the devil,


who “spoke his deep things to us” since his influence

entered the world? And so do not let me forsake and

sell my birthright to this ultimate and unspeakable

glory, by my failure to confess Psalm 51 that I was

shaped by you in sin, so that you may in your supreme

justice sue your own self in our behalf for making us

so. For there is no evil in the city but you did it,

Amos 3; 6, even the “city” of our hearts, and so for

our simple confession of the truth, the whole truth and


nothing but the truth, you have awarded us this

“Pentecostal mighty rushing windfall” of making us the

“windows” of such a great and heavenly salvation. And

so make those whose limbs of faith have been exercised

by the ministry of angels, be only and exclusively

subject to your “advances” you continually make upon

us, (making all others find my spiritual muscles too

steel like to move,) and with this leading by your

spirit, make my body as subject to your will as my soul



    And lift all spirits of heaviness and all degrees

of it in all your people, by the only “song” that will

not be a greater burden and grief to it, “the songs of

your spirit of praise.” And so give us that spirit,




HEAVINESS,” seeing our own spirit will only produce

songs that are like taking clothes away from one in

cold weather, and like vinegar on potassium nitrate.

PROVERBS 25; 20. ISAIAH 61; 3. Since your spirit alone

is like a garment, which is your righteousness, while

all our finest works, make even our greatest sorrows

seem joyful by comparison, in that they are all mere

“pieces of worn out rags.” And though soaked in the

blood of Jesus, it is like menstruation, since when we

do not receive your grace and mercy worthily, we count

it an “unholy thing,” and trod the source of this

blood, the body of Jesus under feet where satan and all


sinners roam and operate. And so though your blood

fills our very chalices in the Lord’s supper, it is

also filled with the abominations and filthiness of all


the “high level fornication” of attending upon

ourselves, in an “orgy of fellowship.” PROV. 7; 18, And


so do not let us make our “performances” the entire

purpose of our profession, and getting money the main

object of our setting up churches, as if we were but a

prostitute selling what God has bought with the only

price large enough. Since we might as well “give away

free” all you have bought with the precious blood of

Jesus, seeing worldly money cannot buy true brotherly

love and continuing fellowship anyways! And when we

cannot give our love away, let us not “hire and pay

them” with worldly gifts, like a desperate whore

determined to remain so, even the worldly gift of

blessing them with our “consent,” and “healing them

slightly” saying, “peace, peace when there is no

peace.” But rather empower us to stand on the

foundations and principles of all truth, and your love

for it, making our only payment, the fulfilling of our

vows to live and move and have our being in God as

regenerate souls. So though all the world forsake us,

yet God will not forsake us, and God will have the

“last word” on our true condition. EZEKIEL 16; 33.

    And so make the only price we require for our

blessings to the world, be that they repent and seek to



receive the full body and blood of Jesus in all

worthiness. And only then can we be worth enough in

true divine estimation, to be counted worthy to stand

before that same “son of man” whose body and blood our

souls are being remade out of as our whole substance.

ISAIAH 1; 15, MATT. 6; 7, REV. 17; 4. And because you

nevertheless pour your blood into us, instead of

creating new works of righteousness in us, it instead

merely “soils” all our own righteousness, which

compared to God’s vast and mighty hand of justice and

mercy, are all like merely torn and discarded fabric.

And because it is called “menstruation,” (though it

says “filthy” in the King James version, ISAIAH 64; 6,)


this shows our righteousness must be a thing of divine

reproduction, which can only grow from the “seeds of

faith” Jesus implants in the “tilled soil” of our

“broken and contrite,” crushed and collapsed hearts. So


stir up and hoe this “soil” of our hearts, so we may

not be like stony or encumbered ground, and guard them

from the devilish “birds of prey” who would even

through great patience and determination, take away the


seeds of faith in us. PSALM 35; 23. MATTHEW 13; 4.

Therefore also prune and grow our gardens of praise and


thanks unto you, so you may get all the glory for any

laying on of hands, in any form or for any reason, by

being the only “current” you allow to ever “flow” into

us from any source. 1 TIM. 4; 14. So make us to repent

with a sorrow that needs not be repented of, 2 COR. 7;

10, so we may also lose the weight of our sins and

besetting weights, as a “pruned vineyard,” and so be

able to “fit into” the garments which you have “tailor

made” for us in these treacherous times of sin. And so

make your garments of praise and righteousness our

“armor” also, even as your very joy which is our

strength. NEHEMIAH 8; 10. And your holy spirit who is

our comforter bigger than all the discomfort satan can

imagine against us.

    Because when we see sin rightly it is the most

heavy burden to us that can ever exist, making all

other problems seem like fluttery and fleeting shadows,



which are not worthy so much as worthy to unloose the

latch of our sinful feet. So in recreating me into a

new creature, since it is “the remission of sins,” all

my sinfulness becomes the “marks of the Lord Jesus,”

with their “stigma” being replaced by his “stigmata,”

and therefore as weighty as your very glory. And in

your relentless calling of my heart and therefore my

whole man to attend unto your face and fullest glory,

to become ever more exactly what most greatly pleases

you, and to receive all the jewelry you deck me with as


symbols of your grace and love, as well as of the

beauty you have placed “upon” me, EZEKIEL 16; 14, make

your will for me is that I be saved and come to the

knowledge of the truth, be truly and fully and

eternally fulfilled now and in this life. So I may be

used by you to teach others, and so the prayer of Jesus


that “the Lord of the harvest sends laborers into the

harvest” may begun to be fulfilled in a way that

presents the truths of your holy word “precisely,” and

so that Jesus may also pray for them as he does “his

own which you have given him.” Therefore make the

viewing of your face by all your saints, i.e. your

sacred ones, be with the pleasure of an endless and

ever more intensifying and elaborating “kiss,” pouring

all of your sweetest love and pleasures into us as one

soul eternally; exchanging our weak and corrupt powers,


for all of the characteristics and attributes of your

image and whole spirit. And so make us as one body to

“kiss the son,” so he may with all his grace, establish


our hearts as loving God, and as being known as letters

read and known by all those souls in the harvest

fields, who also hear the words of our souls in the

form of preaching. And also through full contact with

all of your bodily shapes and facilities, may we

manifest Jesus with all confidence, that we are “in him


that is true,” because we are in Jesus, the son of him

that is true.

    And so make us to also perform and function in a

manner worthy and compatible with your limitless

dignity and sovereign royalty, and so do not “spare”



your chastening and rebuking of us, to perfect us in

real and genuine suffering. But make it that kind of

“suffering in the flesh that makes us cease from sin,”

which surely includes fasting, to heal us from the

indignity of so much as the least abuse of our

consumption of substance, whether taken through our

mouths, or through our souls. And as Jesus was holy in

all his ways, make all our ways holy and strict, and in


perfect alignment with the specifications in the Holy

Bible for how we ought to live in this world assaulted

by satan, and the forces of hell itself. For we are but


a few miles above hell, and our bodies are made of that

which the earth is, and if ever you let go of us, we

would fall like a stone into hell, even while we walk

this earth! And it should be startling to think that

some of my reactions and struggles I yet see in me, in

how I say negative things, or respond in anger, or

false judgment, may be the result of hell itself

effecting me, though not owning or controlling me. But

because I ought to be grateful for your loving favor

which has not cast away my prayers, make me to only

behave and operate as one fully consistent with your

most sublime beauties and manifestations of all of your


omnipotent excellencies. And to make me worthy and able

to pray in behalf of others, adorn my human image with

the fulness of your “manifested image,” And make my

physical clothing to absorb the powers that occur as a

result of such a supremely divine “clothing,” which

makes me to feel the power which makes all the clothing


of your armor part of my very new creature’s anatomy.

And by virtue of the supremely overwhelming nature

of the light and image which consist your gospel image,


prepare me more and more to need such unspeakably vast

treasures, as the sick needs a physician, so that I

will never lack appreciation for it, in being so “full”


of your grace. But you need but open up my heart to let

me see even the smallest extent of what sin has shaped

me into, and I am fully insatiable and that eternally

so! And seeing that if it is all through your love for

me that you do these things, and are received by me as



one whom you have made to love you, the overwhelming

nature of these blessings, cannot be anything but

pleasures and enjoyments and limitless satisfactions to


all those in heaven and in earth.

    As you controllable the “filling” of all things,

also intermingle the substance of all my affections

with the substance of all of your body’s and your

kingdom’s most affectionate prayers: with all the

“images” of those prayers along with their “messages”

you illustrate throughout your creation. And do all

this decisively and quickly, as nothing lukewarm, so

that this prayer may be as the water which you licked

up at the prayer of Elijah: 1 KINGS 18; 38, making it

clear what your will is regarding all these things. So

that we may have a “direct channel” to receive these

things, unhindered by any lack of faith or sinfulness,

or any other things which would result in the fullest

answers to this prayer being postponed to any degree.

Even if it is all in your end of the spectrum, in how

you are now arranging for the full victory of your

“militant” church in the earth, as it is “triumphant”

in heaven. And so though you have for whatever reason

delayed the promotion of your kingdom in this earth,

heal the breach thereof, and receive your people into a


most close and mutual fellowship with you. But since

you can at anytime refuse to bow down to the failures

of those you have put in charge over your kingdom in

the earth, replace them with those who are worthy and

good stewards, and who will give an account in this

life, rather than to be merely “forced” to do so in the


next. So make me now become fully militant with your

armor, Jesus Christ, who is my head and full helmet of

salvation, while being incorporated to your bride,

through the “corpus” of Jesus Christ. And teach us all

how to wage war against satan and his kingdom perfectly


and most devastatingly to him; causing me to finally be

able to fully control without failure of any kind, all

that I consume and do, so that my body and all my

possessions may be perfectly maintained by you, and



successfully turned into all that most greatly pleases


    Make my power to get wealth made from the very

image of faith itself, which is your voice proceeding

from the mouth of your image the gospel, the “only good


news,” since you alone are good, and Jesus alone is the

cash in whose image on the cross all cash (as the

dollar sign, $) is made. And so being in perfect

contact with my Godhead, (though yet calling those

things which be not as though they are,) may the

fellowship of the holy spirit unite us all to the voice


of Jesus Christ, as the many waters of the latter rain,

and which is to be poured out on all flesh. And by

which spirit I am both born again and developed from

spiritual infancy into that limitless well of the water


of life, so that out of my belly shall flow rivers of

living water: even water which is my identity “drawn

out of the water of life.” EXODUS 2; 10. And therefore

make our collective prayers a living example to the

whole cosmos of humans who shall yet be born, PSALM 22;


31, as to what kind of vessel they ought to be for your

service, and upon what “lines” is best to pray, and

what things that they pray for are guaranteed by God’s

will, as containing the name of Jesus, even his new

name, to be done. So sanctify and arrange and develop

all events in our lives, to be a prayer in itself, as a


fit tool and instrument to be used by your holiest and

most beloved people who can ever exist. So we all may

also may more perfectly elaborate on your innumerable

gifts to us eternally by your own wisdom and that

inspiration without which, we are guilty of “taking

away or adding” onto your most holy word. And give us

that light which is the “light in which we may see all

your light while reigning with you forever.”  For

without you, who is both light and love no man has nor

can see you neither love you, no, nor love his brother

whom he can see; not even by carnal means. But if we

are blind to one another, we are also blind to God.

    So by your ultimate will for your elect, make all

things work together for our good, by making us to love



you as you love yourself, and for you to love us as you

love your only son which ever proceeded directly from

you. Unto whom alone you can say, “this is my BELOVED

son, and this (eternal) day (from before the foundation


of the world) I have begotten you.” Who is the “day”

star, or that is, morning star, and “sun” of

righteousness, whose wings of prayer manifest healing

virtue through us, unto all who so much as touch the

hem of our souls by faith, though we be thronged by the


whole world’s pressures and tribulations. For of his

works, we are all his sons, and he our everlasting

father. And if Lucifer himself was called “the son of

the morning star,” (though Lucifer means morning star,)


when the word was not yet “Jesus,” or that is, “made

flesh as a human being,” how much more are his own holy


angels, beginning with Michael, the “arch,” or

“beginning” of his angels his sons now that Jesus is

“made flesh” in his most ultimate stage of development?


And since all truly eternal Christians are among the

“fleet” of Michael’s angels, Michael is the “neck

piece” who connects us by “joints and bands,” unto our

head, Jesus, onto we the body of Jesus Christ;

COLOSSIANS 2; 19, “bone (faith) of his bone and flesh

(love) of his flesh,” EZEKIEL 37; 8, and who is

therefore called “his bride.” GENESIS 2; 23. But Father


JEHOVAH, do not let us be only “new bottles” that

empty, but also fill us with new wine, even your very

self which Jesus shed on the cross! MATT. 9; 17. & 27;

46. And if he did not signify (make significant “to

us”) all the revelations God gives Jesus to give to us,


REV. 1; 1, & CHAPTER 10, we would all be paralyzed, as

a body detached from it’s head, REV. 20; 4, in our

blind, sinful enmity and willful ignorance. ROMANS 2;

19. 2 COR. 3; 14. & 4; 4. EPH. 2; 1, & 4; 18.  2 PETER

1; 9. 1 JOHN 2; 11. REV. 3; 17. So may Michael find in

him the final strength as Samson found in him, to push

down the pillars of BABYLON THE GREAT, even if like

Samson, he must “in some sense” die in the act, but

only to be raised again as MORE than the glorious

conquerer, over all the confounding rebellion, 1 SAM.



15; 23, which sinful man most naturally is and

strengthens in as they take the name of God upon their

lips. ISAIAH 58; 2. MATTHEW 15; 8. And if Michael does

not find in him the determination and fierceness

necessary to accomplish this, is he therefore worthy to


be called a “warring angel?” REV. 12; 7. So I end this

particular writing project, JOHN 21; 25, hoping my