__SUN08MAY22:::: WHY IT IS A CONCERN AS TO IF WE ARE “ALMOST CHRISTIANS.” ++++Act 26:28 Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

///// _____ Satan takes the greatest delight in when we reach for something, & it's just out of reach only the SMALLEST DISTANCE! Or sign into work, & you race to make it & you're late 1 second! How much more delight does satan take when we try to laid hold on eternal life, & we're just the tiniest bit short: maybe so close to knowing Jesus his anointing rubs off onto us to the degree we can do many wonderful miracles! But then we also only succeed in stirring up people's demons or convict them, & use the anointing to make them think it equals salvation. What if we take the Lord’s supper only as a symbol of church membership & not to get closer to knowing the Lord Jesus? & even take it for what amounts to superstitious reasons, or hoping it will “only do some good,” or presuming only that the person/s you take it with is worthy also? Won't we be partakers of that person's sins? Shouldn't church fellowship be based on more than a wrath for failure to stay & comply, & of a higher aim & purpose than the sin of fornication: which is to lust after one another in our hearts, rather than God & his image in the first place & as our sole governor & guide? Won't those we lead to the altar to take the name of Jesus on their lips, who found that they mistook their higher moral satisfaction for real salvation, & then were taught to live in it as if it were real salvation, later curse such preachers as having had only the arrogance of satan? When Paul says that we must be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified, won't any sermon that doesn't lead us to the true truth about Jesus be all a big zero, & serve to only convey an anointing hell itself has, (in order to empower devils to torment the lost,) until they are all thrown into the lake of fire, to lose that anointing forever?

■■■●● If we don't love our brother Jesus who sticks closer than any sibling, then we have not had that love for the brethren by which we pass from death to life. Would we love Jesus when he was being made sin for us on the cross, or would we flee as from the ultimate Leper? Do we flee from loving sinners, because their lack of salvation cannot & will not serve our need to be loved, recognized & fully appreciated? Perhaps we love Jesus only for the loaves & fishes, i.e. his Santa like works, but not for his heart. Sinners hate God because God does what he wills. Paul says who are we to ask God why he makes us the way he does? For who has resisted his will? Meaning, who decided to be shaped in iniquity or who else but satan decided to initially sin? All the other third of the angels were blotted out of heaven by the tail of the devil, & apparently only sinned afterwards. We are only granted hope of salvation because we had no sentient awareness as to when we were holy: i.e. when we were chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world. EPH1:4. The second death is so called because we fell once because we were shaped in sin or for the fallen angels because they lost their power to remain holy: but then if we utterly lose Jesus or any coverage from his grace whatsoever, then we are fit only for the lake of fire which is the second death; as salt which has lost it’s savor. But Paul says take heed if we sin, that God might not spare us, because the very angels whom satan cast out of heaven were condemned because they could not remain holy. Satan extorted them into sinning, because satan then owned all the power & benefits they previously had free & full straight from God! Just like after the fall, Adam & Eve & all mankind no longer can have anything free for the taking, but it must be owned by the "great men of the earth." No evil on earth happens but by the devil through Babylon the great, so called because it existed as long as satan has set up camp upon earth: which is why the catholics have pagan like symbols but disguised as different entities. When God crucified Jesus, it was all because of satan the murderer who needed to be defeated by shedding the blood of his only superior: Jesus. GEN9:6. Jesus is our everlasting father, called the “morning” (begotten as the “day star,” = i.e. the sun of righteousness,) whose Father is Jehovah, made “our Father,” by adoption through the son. Jesus was simply called the “morning,” or “day,” before he, the word, was made flesh. ISAIAH 14:12. God refers to the day God begot his son, & that is the eternal day of the first light of creation from God’s own face. Creation is entirely woven together with & connected to God’s image, =WHICH IS THE THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, 2COR4:4, which is why if we spend our life fleeing from God’s face, we can find “no place of repentance.” REV20:11 HEB12:17.

_____<><> Though it seems beyond all rights or reasons to know the fullest truth behind the “mystery of iniquity,” as to why God had to create the devil, who was first made perfect in all his ways & called Haylale, meaning morning star, or “angel,” & why if it was God’s will all men be saved, why didn’t God refrain from creating the devil, or allowing him to sin? Or why did God give so much power to the devil to delete so many angels & humans from the book of life? This always goes back to the much HARDER QUESTION: how did God exist without a beginning & without any limit or imperfection of any kind? Even having the impossible knowledge to know what Haylale would do, & even crucifying Jesus from before the foundation of the world in anticipation for sin to occur? & why is it that God is so sure sin can never happen again? Why was sin only possible in the devil? Jesus who is so much like his Father, as God’s only son, appreciated fully the fact that God is love, & righteousness & even “delighted to do his will!” The whole life of Jesus was like training for the one time olympic event of the crucifixion. Many think this entailed mainly Jesus being God, bearing the image of man as if wrapped in human flesh, then dying, all while knowing it would all be over soon, but in the meantime being in obvious terrible suffering which even seemed to exceed his carnal level of it. But Jesus had to be human to accomplish his death, which means he could not have previously existed in a sentient manner, or else he would have been incarnated with a previous awareness & higher knowledge than a human would have: yet at the same time he was even then “made so much better than the angels.” This would have meant that he could not have shed his humanity upon us, if he previously existed as either God from everlasting or else as the full fledged logos morning star, then merely returned to his original state of being after he left this world.

______ When Jesus said he comes from above, as the bread of life, JOHN6, then returns to where he came, he means he came as the word but returns glorified. Jesus didn’t eat himself as already existing as such at the last supper, but he ate his word identity: to come to his next stage of development which at the time was his crucifixion which occurred “virtually” in God’s mind from before the foundation of the world. To be glorified in the true divine sense of the word, it means a full transformation of what kind of being you are as well as the shape of your body & level & source of power. While Jesus was on earth, his source of power, though “from on high,” was limited to being “borrowed,” or what is called “the earnest of the spirit.” ZECH4:10 says to not despise the day of small things. Jesus endured the cross, meaning his whole life of training to die on that cross, & despised the shame of being a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief, which he suffered his whole life, in order to obey God on that final day when it was time to go to the cross. “He learned obedience by the things which he suffered.” We also must suffer to learn to obey God, because life is not a party all the time, or even most of the time. Satan the wicked Haman Esther7:4 says must be obeyed in any way which does not restrict or terminate our salvation: “obey every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake.” Jesus also said to “give to him who asks, turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, & give him your cloak as well as your coat.” But it is never for the Lord’s sake when it is a weight or sin on our souls to endanger our eternal life: which is why the wise virgins did not give up the oil which the foolish virgins asked for. There is many things satan imposes on us, including buying & selling & working by the sweat of our brows, & anything we do or wear on earth which will not be in the kingdom of God. Jesus commands us to pray for “God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven,” meaning that anything allowed in heaven can potentially be allowed on earth, if it were not for the complications due to the presence of evil which proceeds from the devil, such as the demons who do his bidding. Paul says that “when I would do good, evil is present with me.” This implies satan is very precise & anticipates our every move, & only praying “DELIVER US FROM EVIL” can terminate the plans of the devil. Angels “excel in strength,” meaning all manner of intelligence & bodily ability, or anything considered to be a strength. Jesus says that they are our fellow-servants, & that when we are finished in our salvation, which I wish everyone would be as God wills all men be saved, 1TIM2:4, we will be made like unto the angels. MATT22:30. Our only person we will be married to in heaven is Jesus, but our union with all the members of heaven will be infinitely closer & sweeter than any union married couples can have on earth. The word for fellowship in Greek is G2842 (Strong) κοινωνία koinōnia koy-nohn-ee’-ah From G2844; partnership, that is, (literally) participation, or (social) intercourse, or (pecuniary) benefaction: - (to) communicate (-ation), communion, (contri-), distribution, fellowship.

______ Every time we take the Lord’s supper we are also eating & drinking those we partake of it with, because we are “members of his body, flesh & bones.” The book of Revelation of Jesus Christ is so called, despite it also having the devil in it, the description of much evil in it, etc: BUT it is still entirely the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST because now Jesus has ALL POWER IN HEAVEN & EARTH & so owns the devil, the earth & the fullness of it, & which was previously owned by the devil, as satan rightly stated when he was tempting Jesus in the desert. The seven sealed book upon hearing of it’s contents doesn’t seem so wonderful, as that “no man was so much as allowed to look upon it, or touch it,” & which made John “weep much” because of it, until Jesus while appearing a crucified lamb walked up to God’s throne to take that book from God’s right hand. But if we look at the descriptions of the contents of the book: conquering by the word of God, God taking control of the arsenals & great daggers (atoms) of the world, such as nuclear power, God being present during famine, when barley & wheat just to take the Lord’s supper is so expensive, & saying “hurt not the oil & wine,” meaning do not neglect the Lord’s supper or the anointing oil: as the blood of Jesus, his shed Father, alone can redeem us unto God, even if we were perfect already from the healing in the bread! Death & hell & the aftereffects of war is all in the hands of God because Jesus died on the cross as seen in the pale green horse, where “green glass” was from nuclear testing which shed radiation, but which has been mercifully limited so far by God. The souls slain for the word of God were all held under the altar of God awaiting their avenging of their blood & a full reunion with all the members of heaven. The 6th seal is something NASA has probably wondered about from time to time, which is the rolling up of the whole universe. This is to make room as by demolition for the NEW UNIVERSE. It takes God the same time to create or destroy a universe as it does to create one atom, because God’s hands are everywhere. Something limited next to something unlimited is always the SAME SIZE. God can treat an atom with the same care he can treat the universe & vise versa. Paul says that “God is external who put all things under Jesus’s feet.” 1COR15:27.

______ The universe is empty of other God-like life, which is what human means: as God’s image is human, & like a sardis or carnelian stone, which flesh colored, & his image is the quintessential human image of both male & female all rolled into one image. It is an image which never had a beginning, which REV14 says is THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL which is “from everlasting:”G166 (Strong) αἰώνιος aiōnios ahee-o’-nee-os From G165; perpetual (also used of past time, or past and future as well): - eternal, for ever, everlasting, world (began). This is the image that we as humans are made in as “male & female,” but our male & female aspects are separate in different persons, so that is what creates the driving lust which makes us want to mate: as if we need to be “reunited” into being “one flesh” again. The universe did not exist sentiently or materially until GEN2:6, as before that it was a parabolic creation written on the mind of God, & it says after God filled the universe with “hosts/alien - humans,” (calling those things which be not as though they are, ROM4:17,) IT SAYS THERE WASN’T EVEN A MAN ON EARTH!! So how can there be alien life, i.e. “humans” of different species made in God’s image, the quintessential “alien,” when after God finished creating Adam & Eve & filling the universe with hosts, that even ADAM DIDN’T EXIST?! Later it says that God will roll up the universe, which means that if it is all inhabited, as God said that all planets were made to be inhabited, rolling it all up would KILL OFF ALL THAT LIFE, when God doesn’t even want us to destroy our own bodies because they are the temple of the third person of the Holy Trinity! You’ll notice that after God rolls up the universe in REV6 that the earth survived along with it’s people, since it says that “the earth lasts forever.” TO FLEE FROM GOD’S FACE OR BE BURNED UP is metaphorical since God will not destroy this actual planet but it will remain forever as a memorial of the place of Jesus’s death, which is not a repeatable event as some act like it is.

______ The first verses of the Bible describe the begetting of his son, as the “earth” & his blood line to the father as “the heavens.” The Hebrew language itself is a deepening to our understanding of God’s word itself, as the Hebrew word “created” means to cut down a tree, as if to say it is the cross Jesus died on “from the foundation of the world,” as we as his church is his cross, the dry tree, which he died upon & transferred his green life to as the green tree. The reason why it says “the earth BECAME without form & void, & darkness was upon the face of it’s depths,” is because this when God crucified his son, the earth, who was made to be sin for us, though he knew no sin. The heavens, his Father, was then cut off from him, plunging his soul into darkness. Satan attacked Jesus on the cross at his weakest moment, as when he stood before him at birth to devour him, but now at his eternal rebirth as the bright morning star, & said, “you sinned & now God has left you forever!” This made the mind of Jesus very troubled & made him cry out, “my God WHY have you forsaken me?” It turns out God had to forsake Jesus “but for a moment,” in order to not forsake us forever! Verse 3 of the Bible, God raises his son from the dead, after “moving upon of face of his waters” yet still fresh in his body as the residual blood & water residue remaining, as Jesus’s body never saw corruption. Then he said “LET THERE BE LIGHT,” i.e. THE BRIGHT MORNING STAR!