23APR22___12,465words_____ This is some evangelical thoughts I have which I believe are important to all times, especially now, but I would like to know what consensus of agreement there is with any of it, as to whether or not I have any particular function in the church. I have wanted to try & sell a particular ebook for a long time, which I apparently am not good at doing. I would like help in it, if the church thinks I have some important thoughts which are necessary elements in evangelism. The word of God is sharper than any 2 edged sword, so it is not easy to lessen the sharpness of the word, if it centers around the very sword that proceeds from Jesus’s mouth. Jesus said that he must “come quickly,” which means “with speed.” That is different than saying “soon,” like one who only then is beginning to move. “Quickly” implies that he is ready to “suddenly come to his temple,” that is if anyone really wants him to. The reference to Jesus coming to his wise & foolish virgins might not be a reference to the end of the world like we are taught, but could just be what is called “times of refreshing or visitation,” in which those who had no oil in their lamps, meaning no love for Jesus, were rejected as reprobate silver, because their “love” for Jesus was really all hypocrisy, & they were what PROV30:23 calls “odious wives.” Jesus said that “many” would think they knew him, but Jesus will say neither one, they or Jesus, ever knew each other, meaning not even once!

______What do therefore “most Christians,” (since Jesus said “many”) think salvation is? Jesus was asked the question, “Lord, are there few that will be saved?” Jesus didn’t even answer yes or no, but said a worse than yes answer. Not only few, but that “many will seek to enter in but not be able.” It would have been easier to swallow if it was just because no one was seeking to enter in. But here Jesus says that apparently many will come to a conclusion in seeking the Lord that they are hopeless! We could be like the apostles at the last supper, & say, “Lord, is it I?” But again, the Lord didn’t say, “one solitary Judas would seek to enter in but not be able,” but he used the word “many,” which means “plenty.” Then one must ask, what is “entering in?” How do we even know when we’ve entered in? That answer will have to come at a later time, since I really don’t have words for it, but maybe in the process of writing this article it will become more clear.

_______ BUT DOES IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT? There is another side to the equation, in that it says there will be a great multitude no man can number saved. Peter says “the righteous are scarcely saved,” but then Peter also says that there is an “abundant entrance.” So on one hand, few, but also possibly many. On one hand Jesus can hardly find faith on earth, as he asked, “when I return will I find faith on earth?” But also he could find lots of faith, depending on whether or not his helpmeet, his bride, does her job in “feeding the sheep,” & the church of Acts is restored in which “doing church related work” is a full-time endeavor. Our prototype church, the New Jerusalem is never shut, & loves to see God’s image sitting on his throne, along with his son Jesus. The same words “entering in” are used in entering this holy city, but we know it is not necessarily a both spiritual & physical or bodily entering in, (with whatever kind of bodies we will have,) but it can be only a spiritual kind of entering in, since the effects of God’s image & his holy city in which he lives is omnipresent. The first sign probably of entering in, is if it is the most important thing there is to us, to have fellowship one with another in which we love the church members BY WHICH we pass from death to life, & walk in the light of the “city of lights even as he is in the light.” One might think isn’t receiving Jesus the method of God by which we are saved? But isn’t Jesus the main “brother” whom if we love, we pass from death to life? Then Jesus said, if you love me, love my sheep also, meaning “feed them.” Jesus calls us his brothers & sisters, as well as his mothers; meaning Jesus has the same ties to those outside his biological family, & in some ways greater, because he would never call his mother Mary “mother,” but called her “woman” only, but to his church, he calls us (who are such) his mother. He doesn’t use the term father, since he reserves that only for God his father, & himself as our “everlasting father.”

______ So there must be a comparing of ourselves to our husband Jesus to see if we are compatible to his perfect obedience to his father, & to make him the “standard lifted up against the enemy.” John says if we don’t love one another it is proof we don’t love God. If we don’t care about simple things “needful to the body” here on earth, (both for ourselves so we can be useful to one another, & so others can feel loved & cared for,) we certainly don’t care about God’s image which is the gospel of Christ! 2COR4:4. We can’t be seeking God’s face, if we don’t seek one another. Paul said “seek not your own things but those of one another,” meaning “seek” not to get but to give, to make sure they are supplied. 1COR10:24. Jesus said that the job of the shepherd, (which is called by the catholic latin word pastor, to make us forget he is a shepherd,) is to leave the 99 to seek the one lost sheep. The sheep if they are not raised up to do the job of a shepherd, it means that the church can never grow, (anymore than a population can grow if children do not grow up to bear children,) & they too will not be saved, because Paul says that “the woman, i.e. the church, is saved in child bearing.” God says that the nations are a drop in the bucket & not sufficient to burn, yet we think God cannot throw away a church, as if our vote carries it! ISAIAH63:17 asks “why are we hardened from fearing God?” If we but feared God it would be the spring of all knowledge & wisdom, which is all clean & enduring forever! All guilt & pangs of conscience for past sins & mistakes would vanish in the circuit of God’s heat from which nothing is hid. PSALM19:6.

_______The gospel of the kingdom/Christ, (of the anointing/spirit & power of Elijah,) is over the crown of thorns on the burial cloth of Jesus: directly over the brain area of Jesus, which is why he had perfect peace since his mind was stayed on his Father. ISA26:3. This is as if the crown of thorns is cut in half horizontally, & in the upper part it shows God's image with the profile of his head, & directly in front of his head is God's frontal image showing his whole body. This is spoken of in GENESIS 1:26, on the 6th day as the image of God in which image we are made as humans. The color of God's image John says is "jasper sardius," which is the color of human skin: & by this gospel-image our bodies & souls are restored in his image. The 6th layer of stone of the new Jerusalem, which is the star of Bethlehem, is sardius. Some of the Jews were privileged to see a hologram of this image, EX24:10; it had to be such, because it had none of the light & power Moses encountered with it, & “they ate & drank” as if they were watching a TV show.

_____ This image of God is the gospel Jesus said must be preached in all the world, & which Paul said that if any other gospel is preached, let him be accursed. Paul himself calls the gospel the image of God. The words “good news” signifies God, because Jesus said “only God is good,” & “news” signifies his image & the things done in heaven, or which ISAIAH53:1 calls the “report.” When the “FROM EVERLASTING,” (G166 αἰώνιος aiōnios) gospel, is preached by the angel, REV14:6, IT DOESN’T MENTION JESUS BUT GOD ONLY, & TELLS US TO FEAR HIM, & WORSHIP ONLY THE ONE WHO CREATED ALL THINGS. — Jesus himself had to develop into what is absolute holiness, because it says he was “sanctified by his own blood,” HEB10:29, which word means to be made holy. God also uses the word “sanctified” referring to being made holy in the eyes of others by our actions: but that is not the actual blood of God the father in Jesus making one holy. NUM20:12. God also wants to look good in the eyes of the world, because when Moses was interceding for Israel, one of the MAIN ARGUMENTS that made God change his mind, & not choose ANOTHER CHOSEN NATION was, “the world will think you were not able to save the Jews.” NUM14:16. Jesus calls God the Father, in REV15:4 “the only holy one.” Jesus is not the gospel but his death made the WAY for the gospel to be manifested & to be our salvation. Jesus is the “engraver/engraving” (χαρακτήρ charaktēr) of God’s image & even more than us, not only of God’s image but his very omnipresent essence & almighty substance == GOD’S WHOLE “PERSON.” HEB1:3. Jesus is the only genetic son/offspring/person of God, called in Greek “mono-genes.” JOHN3:16.

_______ John said “I am not the Christ,” to symbolize how Jesus differentiates himself from his Father. So though Jesus declares himself one with God, & thinks it not robbery to be equal with God as the mediator of God, Jesus did not think that he should therefore exalt himself AS THE SOURCE OF HOLINESS, but instead said “MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN I.” Lest anyone says it meant only his flesh, or the soul in his flesh which had to be also “made,” though “so much better than even the angels,” HEB1:4, (& which had to be really a human soul or his humanity would be a lie,) Paul says in 1COR15:27-28, that God is external to Jesus, though also ALL IN ALL, & that Jesus is subject to (under/lesser than) God EVEN AFTER THE WHOLE PLAN OF REDEMPTION IS COMPLETED WHICH IS STILL IN THE FUTURE! If we were around Jesus, all we’d hear most of the time is all about his Father! Jesus said things like, “it is the Father who does the works in me, JOHN14:10, & I can do nothing but what I see my Father do, & you have not at any time seen his shape or heard his voice.” —— But what has Jesus done in us, that we have not in turn done: since Jesus was always faithful to do what the Father did in him? Paul says “your faith is made effective by ACKNOWLEDGING every good work done in you.” PHILEMON1:6. & how do we acknowledge this? By performing it in signs, wonders & miracles, if that is what Jesus did in us. —— Jesus says “as he has overcome, & sits with his father in his throne, so also if we overcome, we will sit in his throne.” REV3:21. This is the hierarchy of the holy trinity: which if we are not a PART OF, then we are not saved! Satan doesn’t want us to know that the trinity is summed up in “mighty thunderings,” the Pantocrator, “many waters,” the son, & a “great multitude,” (REV19:6) the angels & saints & all saved people throughout eternity are the third person, which is a many membered body/temple of the perfectly sanctified unity of the Holy Spirit, made up of one faith, one Lord, & one baptism. So that if we are not a working part of the TRINITY, then we are outside of it.

________ The only member of the Trinity which was always a person, meaning he always had a body, (since we need a body to be a person or we are but spirits,) is God the Father, Elohim, most high, (עֶלְיוֹן‛elyôn,) with his image the gospel of the kingdom, which is of his anointing, which is the identity of Jesus who is the Christ. 2COR4:4. But the son before he was made flesh had no body, & even talked to God the father, while being the word, saying, “a body have you prepared me.” God spoke to the logos & only creation proceeding/originating directly from him, “calling those things which be not as though they are,” & spoke with God the son who is the logos, as if he already was made flesh & had sentient awareness, calling him “God.” HEB1:8. God spoke also to Adam & Eve before they existed sentiently, saying “be fruitful & multiply.” This is where our ability to think & play comes from, in that we are able to imagine scenarios & objects, & to speak to them in childlike ways sometimes. Jesus knew that the reason the creation was called “good” in GENESIS 1, is because it consisted only virtually on the mind of God, & therefore it was only God at the time: so Jesus said, “only God is good.”

_______ Material creation didn’t start until GEN2:6. Paul said “God called those things which be not as though they are.” ROM4:17. The Holy Spirit was not a person until the day of Pentecost, which was the “Christmas” of the church, in which the Holy Spirit was made flesh: when he was able to indwell “temples” as Paul says, “know you not you are the temple of the Holy Spirit?” The Holy Spirit in the old testament could not indwell anyone, but only moved on special persons like prophets. But their hearts were as wicked & full of deceit as the day they were shaped in sin, & God could not do one thing about it until Jesus died on the cross & made a way for THE KEY OF DAVID, PSALM 51 to be fulfilled. The HOLY SPIRIT is like how the SON is the WORD, so the Holy Spirit is what is “CHOSEN IN CHRIST,” EPH1:4, meaning that we all have a “word self,” lesser than the word himself. We all have a particular order in which we were made, with the first being the more elaborate & greater of beings. The fall of the greatest being under Jesus himself, Haylale in ISAIAH 14:12, made it so that the order in which we are made is mixed up, so Jesus said “the last will be first & the first last.” Jesus being the very first, but last of his kind, was made flesh “when the fulness of time had come,” showing that anyone of us could be higher or lower on God’s rank of when we were created in his mind before the foundation of the world, EPH1:4, but made flesh/sentient in a different order. By flesh is also meant soul, or even the substance of angelic bodies. Haylale & the angels were made sentient the first, & are made in the 4th day called “stars.” It doesn’t say “let us make man in our image” in the original Hebrew text, but it’s more of a prayer of God’s image seeking his deep things, 1COR2:10, saying, make man to resemble my image, in order to have dominion. So it’s because we bear the image of the gospel that the angels treat us with honor & care. GEN9:6 specifically states God will take vengeance on those who shed man’s blood, because “in the image of God made he man.” Jesus being made in not only God’s outer image like that of a human, but his inner, unseen kingdom image which is omnipresent, is so much more great than even the angels. God’s image especially his face is the most holy object in existence, & Jesus said, “take heed to not offend one my little ones, for their angels do always behold the face of my Father in heaven.” Seeking God’s face is why Jesus calls pastors “angels,” because that is what angels do in heaven, is to draw ever closer to a greater & more in depth view of God’s face.

_____ Now Jesus “has the key of David,” which is the cross, ISA22:22, because that what is made his heart become broken & contrite == unleavened like the bread of his supper. ACTS17:30 says all sin God winked at, but now commands all people to repent. God told Peter, “kill & eat,” which is symbolic for “convict of sin, then fellowship:” which was not possible until the new testament by the means of the Lord’s Supper & prayer & preaching, etc. — Jesus said if you see your brother sin you must tell him. EZE3:18 says if we do not warn the wicked, the life-blood of their sins & their eternal suffering is on our souls. This is what PSALM 51 means, “deliver me from blood - guiltiness.” In Hebrew it is only the word “blood,” because it is referring to Ezekiel 3 in which God, who is the life of all blood, LEV17:11, was not able to save them because we did not warn them.

______ Jesus said “give to those who ask,” which seems to be based on Esther7:4, in which Esther says that she would have done anything for wicked Haman, so long as it did not entail “dying” for it, which is symbolic for “losing salvation.” Jesus used the word “death” to mean “separation from God,” which is also the word used to describe damnation, “the second death:” as we are “separated first” by sin, then if don’t repent, there is a SECOND SEPARATED/DEATH which is called “eternal judgment” in Hebrews. Peter says “judgment must first come to the house of God BEFORE IT CAN COME TO THE WORLD.” Meaning that all preaching to the world is useless if judgment has not first come to the church. ISAIAH1:27 says we are redeemed by judgment which is the convincing of sin Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would accomplish upon the whole world. But conviction of sin is contingent on a proper teaching & acceptance of the precise nature of who Jesus is according to the Holy Bible. It is called “scriptures,” because it is the “script” we need to be conformed to, in order for God to perform his good work in us from his gospel finger writing his law upon our hearts by his son who is the engraver of God’s image, who is the “gospel of Christ.” 2COR4:4. This usage of “Christ” here signifies the anointing, or that “spirit & power of Elijah.” But this is that power AFTER it was separated from the darkness, GEN1:4, meaning from the devil: as Jesus implied Elijah was influenced by the devil. Because after the disciples wanted to call down fire from heaven like Elijah, Jesus said, “you don’t know what spirit you are of.” The name Elijah means, “my God is Jehovah,” & that is the simplicity satan wants to corrupt. In the old testament there was no chance for a change of heart: the entire promises of the old testament were prophetic & reserved for the new testament only. The entire PSALM 51 could not be fulfilled in one jot or tittle until Jesus could say, “I HAVE THE KEY OF DAVID,” REV.3:7. This Jesus said to the church of brotherly love, because we need God’s mercy to enable us to be loving according to God WHO “IS” LOVE, & who is described in 1COR13.

_______ The slasher & bloody horror movies were in some degree likely inspired by verses in the Bible which described how God invested his “few proud troops” with superhuman powers, to conquer & utterly destroy all men, women & children along with everything that breathes, which could not be done without superhuman Samson level strength & energy. David was such a bloody man who delighted in slaughtering people so much, (call it murder or whatever you think fits,) that God said his hands were so full of blood, God would not let him build the temple. BUT THAT WAS HIS ONLY PUNISHMENT: HARDLY A SLAP ON THE WRISTS! The only person David was convicted of murdering was Uriah, & only because David was tricked by Nathan into condemning himself, saying, “the man who did this thing will surely die & payback 4 fold.” When David found out, “thou art the man,” it wounded David’s pride so much, he put his prophet talents to work to “fix” his error in writing a prophetic PSALM == THE “AREA 51” OF THE BIBLE, in which God David asks God for things which only a SAVIOR COULD FULFILL. David was only imputed to be saved, & died under promise of redemption. But as to the condition of his soul when he died, he was flat out in sin. None of his great sins, of sawing up whole cities of men, women & children, & chopping them up with axes, & running them through brick kilns, (in what order we don’t know,) were ever mentioned or held against him. As soon as Jesus died, & descended into hell to preach to the spirits in prison, David’s redemption was declared by Jesus & David rose from hell to enter heaven. But satan is a drug addict who’s “fix” is human blood, & so satan misses those days when God gave him such authority as to edit God’s laws, such as “you shall not kill,” to “you shall kill.” Of course it couldn’t be quite that easy, so it all had to have “justifications” & symbolic reasons as to why God would allow it, & to lead satan to the cross to kill his last victim of the old testament: his superior who would in turn shed his blood! GEN9:6. Now God commands us to “go into all the world” & not kill all unbelievers with the edge of the sword of steel, but (kill=convict them) with the edge of the sword of the WORD, WHICH IS THE HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS’S MOUTH.

—— But all it takes is the removal of one word, & it has A WHOLE NEW MEANING. Jesus is the corner stone of the whole church, but if that corner stone gets shifted over one notch to no longer fulfill it’s intended purpose, then the whole building is on sandy ground. This in turn makes the purpose of God which is to save us from our sins, i.e. “convert us,” ==“TURN US UNTO GOD, MAKING US HEAVEN BOUND,” which is the reason for the COVENANT meaning contract of the Holy Bible, completely frustrated & nullified. The commandments all have to be fulfilled “unto God,” so that if that one word is removed, which is the Hebrew word “leka,” (which means “unto yourself,”) then we are fulfilling all the commandments “unto ourselves” instead: making it say, “do not make any graven image.” God wanted us to make all things UNTO HIM, “whether we eat or drink to do all for his glory.” But if we simply “make them,” it’s by default unto ourselves: as if we do not seek God we are by default seeking our own will & self, etc. Making a graven image is what Jesus himself does in saving us, as he is called the “ENGRAVER OF GOD’S IMAGE:” (express image, HEB1:3.) Everything is a graven image: a photograph, a thought, a word printed or spoken, a feeling, & what “engraves” them is our focus on them, as our mind is like a laser, which is why God’s speaking his thoughts, such as the “logos,” is what creates all things. God is saying “focus on me, so you engrave all things upon my heart.” God is a jealous God: meaning all God’s wrath is really love which has been inverted to be the opposite of what it was! It would be better for the damned if God had never loved them, because love is superior to hate, so “love waxed cold” is worse than hate just fulfilling status quo. God at one time love Haylale, which is the word translated “Lucifer” in ISAIAH14:12. God has parables throughout the Bible, which tell a “hidden tale” of God & his son, & many other things. When David lamented Absalom, this was God lamenting Haylale falling from heaven. It wasn’t in God’s plan to die for satan, & also because satan didn’t deserve it, because sinners can even make the sacrifice of Jesus not applicable to them. But God still lamented from before the foundation of the world, ISA46:10, the knowledge that Haylale would become satan. God didn’t die per se on the cross, but in the sense that his death was in his separation from expressing his love to his son, while Jesus was dying for us & being attacked by the devil, that is how God the Father died on the cross.

_________ God’s life is tied up in the life of Jesus now glorified, even as Jacob’s life was tied up in Benjamin. GEN44:30. God experiences greater life now from giving his best pleasures & blessings to Jesus: because Jesus is the “glory” of God. The logos has some imagery of God taking a rib from Adam to make him a wife, as Jesus alone is in the bosom of the Father, & Paul says that the wife is the glory of the man. 1COR11:7. The logos is God’s faith, which “comes by hearing,” which means “speaking the word,” & logos means “God speaking,” which is why the “word is God.” Jesus has references to himself making himself equal to God, because he alone proceeded from God, as his “ORIGIN.” MICAH 5:2. He existed as the “I AM” before Abraham was, (because father Abraham represented our father Jesus, who alone has God for his Father, as no one else was called son, HEB1:5,) because the word is God: because the logos existed as a thought creation etched upon God’s omnipresent mind by his tongue which is the “pen of a ready writer.” PSA.45:1. We are the cross Jesus died on: (the dry tree, LUKE23:31) which tree was cut down from the foundation of the world, GEN1:1. Created in Hebrew means to CUT DOWN A TREE. Together with Jesus’s dead body, ISA26:19, his cross comes to life, & buds with blossoms as Aaron’s rod. NUM17:8. Only Jesus was “chosen in God” while all we are chosen in Christ. EPH1:4. To call Jesus son is probably more of a parable than literal, since the same association we have with Jesus as he has with his Father is called being his bride. The relationship of Jesus with God although having forms of sonship seemed more like the intimacy of marriage with God. God’s image has in some ways the very marks of the Lord Jesus upon him, because he said, “he who touches you, touches the apple/pupil of my eye.” ZEC.2:8. This is another hidden parable or prophecy to describe how when satan was attacking Jesus on the cross, God’s image, the gospel, was himself being attacked with Jesus. Paul says, “God was in Jesus, (on the cross,) reconciling the world unto himself.” It also shows how close we as his people are to God, that when someone touches us, they are touching God.

_______ Esther seems to be the book which is symbolic of the basis of our whole struggle to enter eternal life, because it mentions the phrase “for such a time as this,” & why God couldn’t just terminate the law of wicked Haman, who represents the devil, though satan has already been defeated through the sacrifice of Jesus. The plan of Haman to destroy the Jews, is parabolic of satan’s plan to deceive the world through a misleading doctrine concocted from scriptures, & to base the church on it: which doctrine is falsely so called “canon law,” but God’s TRUE canon (rule) of law came from the logos. The 10 commandments are a summary of the “logos” of John1:1, which means “something spoken.” They are written in promise format, meaning that instead of saying “do not,” they say “you shall not.” They are promises to us, but commandments to God, of what he will do in & for us. They are promises of God sending a savior, Jesus, who is the personification of those commandments. We have been trying to “do God, do Jesus & do the Holy Spirit,” instead of seeking God for him to accomplish what only he can do. Esther is about how satan’s plan to deceive sinners couldn’t just be abolished immediately after wicked Haman, who represents the devil, was hanged: as even though satan was defeated, God still had to allow satan & his top brass fallen angel called the “beast” set up camp which is Babylon, aka the Vatican, & establish their doctrine they call “canon,” in order to accustom the world to “making merchandise” of all things, including God & the church; which is all designed for no other reason than to deceive the unenlightened masses into taking the 666 if it were offered to them. Satan knows who among us would likely take his mark, & he tries to own all wealth by concealing the truth so that only those who embrace his deception will be prospered.

______ “Handling the word of God,” 1JOHN1:1, & in taking of the Lord’s Supper is the ESSENTIAL source of “oil in our lamps” (as the heart of his body is like wax =fuel, PSALM22:14,) & we need this “wax/oil” to be counted worthy in the end. MATT.25:4. As it is hard to avoid God’s presence, as he is everywhere, it is at the same time hard to be in his presence acceptably. Our reasoning with God doesn’t mean we have a perfect understanding, ISAIAH1:18, & our fellowship with one another is not supposed to be because we are first worthy of that fellowship. If we treated new born children the way we treat new born Christians, we would all throw our children to the streets as infants to die. Paul says, the woman, (the church) is saved in child bearing, meaning to raise up the souls they save at the altar calls. Paul didn’t care that the world would judge his parabolic statements as literal statements of narrow minded callus thinking towards women. God commanded him to write in parables, which is interesting to know, since Jesus said that the only reason he spoke in parables was to basically leave people in the dark. That was necessary for before Jesus was crucified in order to confound the devil, so he’d crucify the Lord of glory, but now, it should all be expounded on TOTALLY!

—— THE BEGINNING OF THE “BEAST” is the condemnation of satan & his angels by the crucifixion of Jesus: which in the process of buying us all salvation, also condemned satan, & all unrepentant sinners. Though Jesus came not to condemn sinners, JOHN3:17, his opening up salvation, also opened up hell for all sinners. Hell at the time of Jesus’s death was the place of all the departed, not just of the lost, as Jesus “went to preach to the spirits in prison.” When Jesus was resurrected, hell was condemned to be eternally forsaken of God, which included the highest fallen angel under the devil, who invented canon doctrine to prepare the whole world for the eventual receiving of the 666, which is a theological & catholic number which belongs to the pope. This condemnation infuriated the beast, & it has been an unspeakable torment (& jealousy against us who has hope) to the fallen angels to think of where they are headed because satan crucified the Lord of glory. They tried to warn satan to “have nothing to do with that just man,” by giving Pilate’s wife a nightmare, but satan would not take warning. Now satan is infuriated at his coming damnation, & tries his best through his most cunning theology as spiritual wickedness in the “high places” EPH.6:12, of the church, (as Pergamos means “elevation,”) to lead the whole world to the 666 under the disguise of it being a blessed mark from God, hardly more fearful or alarming than ashes upon the forehead on ash Wednesday! & in the meantime to get us all to agree with the doctrine of the 666, (without calling it that of course,) satan has invented what is called the “coequal trinity:” which makes each part of it, (600+60+6) equal in their parts, so that to take one part is to take ANY of the parts of it. Satan can only until the mark is issued in REV13:14, make the mark into a “rule” called “canon,” which he "attempts” in each catholic mass to turn the Lord’s supper into the body of God Jehovah, but God will only make his image, the “GOSPEL OF CHRIST,” 2COR4:4, into a sacrament for sinners in the form of a mark called the 666, ONE TIME ONLY! REV13:18. PROV4:19 says that sinners don’t know what they stumble upon. We will know the difference between God & His Son when God manifests himself directly to us, which is what Jesus means when he says he will turn the kingdom over to the Father, after he has made us Kings & priests. 1COR15:24. But if we do not know the Son, & the Father manifests himself to us, we're taken by surprise & “falling into the hands of the living God.” That is what happens to those who don’t know the Lord Jesus when he meets them. Outer darkness is losing the grace of Jesus: where those unfortunate persons will suffer what they refused to suffer but a taste of in this life, as Peter says, “he that has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin.”

_____ God is indeed a Triune God, but the one & only true God called Elohim, which means he has an uncreated & created side of himself: which is why if you look up the word Elohim for GEN1:1, (expecting to see "the only almighty God Jehovah,") it instead says, H430 Original: אלהים

'ĕlôhı̂ym -- el-o-heem' (plural) rulers, judges divine ones angels gods (plural intensive - singular meaning) god, goddess godlike one works or special possessions of God the (true) God. God.

Origin: Plural of H433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God ; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates ; and sometimes as a superlative: - angels, X exceeding, God (gods) (-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty.

******* JUST A LITTLE BIZZARE DON'T YOU THINK, (if you don't see the TRINITY in it) SINCE NONE OF THOSE PERSONS EXISTED YET, OR HAVE POWER TO CREATE ANYTHING EVEN IF THEY ALREADY EXISTED?! >>>> BUT THIS IS BECAUSE::: God creates "himself" in his other persons in FIRST what is called the logos: which is why ELOHIM means "all gods, & persons." Jesus is the temple for God the son because the word/logos means "God speaking" & is the only creation to proceed directly from God without mediation. -- THINK OF IT: THERE HAD TO BE SOMEONE COME FROM GOD WITHOUT MEDIATION!! == because if Jesus is God, someone had to come out of Jesus first! That someone would be the MEDIATOR!! If Jesus is God, then SATAN, the son of the morning, would be the mediator! ISAIAH14:12. __ The church is the temple for God the Holy Spirit, which means angels & humans, when truly saved, are the 3rd person of the trinity. What satan doesn’t want us to know is that the TRINITY comprises ALL the saved & redeemed & so if all we have is the MARK of the trinity, & WE'RE NOT PART OF THE TRINITY, we're not saved. If we are not the Holy Spirit as his temple, then we only "have" the Holy Spirit. Satan looks more pentecostal than any person on earth because he can come as an "angel of light," yet he is the prince of darkness. What person could sin like the devil, yet be able to look as holy as a pure, pristine angel of God's light? So then, who can sin so badly that even the devil couldn't give him a false appearance of holiness? If having what looks like the Holy Spirit couldn't be faked, then there is no such thing as deception: which takes lots of power to set up all those "smoke & mirrors" satanic trickery in the world. But as soon as satan is thrown into the bottomless pit at the end of REV6, all his "magic equipment" gets torn down & thrown in with the devil!! Then immediately everyone sees clearly Jesus & God sitting on his throne, because satan is the "covering" angel.

__ So which is more strange: that God would do things like this, or that GOD EXISTS AT ALL? God said he is "GOD ALONE:: I KNOW NOT ANY OTHER." He tells Israel, who is now his church, "I am 1 God."

____ The gospel is a promise of eternal life, & an imputation of full forgiveness: it is not a FULL IMPARTATION OF IT, which is what a sacrament is. In taking the BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS, WE ARE IMMEDIATE CHILDREN OF JESUS & HE SHARES FULLY ALL HE IS TO US. JOHN15:15. The reason THAT doesn’t make us perfect is because Jesus is able to take us “as we are,” & ON WHATSOEVER LEVEL WE COME TO HIM ON: so we receive the fulness of Jesus & all the kingdom by imputation. That means we must grow from glory to glory & from faith to faith: & we can only taste the power of the world to come. But we are children of Jesus’s Father by adoption, ROM.8:15&23, etc. & we will not be full fledged children of God until the marriage supper of the lamb. Only then will the Father instate us into being on his level of holiness. To receive the image of God, the gospel, not as a promise & downpayment, but actually & in fullness, now as SINNERS, would so deform us in the heat of God’s consuming fire for anything sinful, that we would be guilty as the devil himself! The road to heaven is one of repentance & of a broken & contrite heart, not of a receiving of the final “arriving” into perfection. God says he “began” his good work in us, but will not finish it in this life, which means we are only imputed as new creatures, or as Jesus put it “new bottles,” but that salvation is a covenant or contract based on promises, & we can only “here a little & there a little” make progress as being fit vessels to receive greater glory from God.

_____ The beast of Revelation 13 first began at that time in ISAIAH14:12 when satan had the bright idea to fall from his status of being “Son of the morning,” which “morning” was at the time the pre-incarnate word. The beast is the highest fallen angel under the devil. There were one third of the angels assigned to the devil, as part of his inheritance; two thirds belong to Jesus. The Bible doesn’t give a lot of information as to why there was exactly or approximately one third that satan was able to “cast out,” which seems to imply “cast away from their status as being holy.” Another verse mentions that the fallen angels sinned, but it would seem to have happened after they lost their source of holiness, or else why did satan need to cast them out? The casting away of the angels doesn’t seem to mean a physical casting away but a deletion of their holy status, as if satan had access to some kind of keyboard on a computer & could simply cancel their status with God. The word tail in Greek is aura, ==G3769 (Strong), οὐρά, oura, oo-rah’ & so satan has an aura which he uses like a radio signal, which is why he is called “prince of the power of the air,” & “covering angel.” When satan is cast into the bottomless pit, we will all see heaven clearly & God sitting on his throne as REV6 says. The word tail is used to describe that the casting out of the angels was like an assault equivalent to what an assault by a human using his lower animal like nature would be. Though angels are not designed to reproduce, there is always some equivalent nature, since we are made in God’s image, & so like with the animals which are different to us but the same also, that is how the angels are to us.

____ So God asks satan, who was called Haylale in ISAIAH14:12, (but translated Lucifer,) “HOW” have you fallen from heaven? The answer is in his mark, which is not really the mark of the “beast,” meaning his highest ranking angel, but it is satan’s own mark he inherited, which he gives to the beast, as it says “the dragon gave the beast power.” So you might ask, if the mark is an evil number, & God made Haylale (meaning morning star, -not Jesus, though the same title all angels have,) originally “perfect in all his ways,” WHY WOULD HE HAVE BEEN MADE WITH AN EVIL MARK? The answer is, it isn’t an evil mark, which might be shocking to some to know that. There is no such thing as a curse if there isn’t first a blessing, as it says, “the curse causeless shall not come,” meaning we must turn away from the blessing, or corrupt the blessing, in order to turn something into sin & evil. REV17 talks about how the woman has a golden cup in her hand full of abominations & filthiness of her fornication, but it is really the BLOOD OF THE LORD’S SUPPER. God calls our finest works filthy rags, meaning menstrual cloths, because what causes menstruation is wasted blood which was supposed to create a baby. So when God’s works in us doesn’t produce the Christ child in our hearts, God’s blood instead is wasted, but carries with it all the filth of our hearts which produced the miscarriage of God’s works in us. So God says the land is polluted with blood, though blood in itself is not dirty or evil, but when God doesn’t cleanse our blood, JOEL3:21, it carries with it pollutants from our souls, as blood is a cleansing agent.

_____ So satan somehow used this mark to cut himself off from God with it. Satan didn’t calculate all the ramifications of this, as God deprived the devil of knowing there was one SON higher than himself, who at the time was called the LOGOS, out of which Haylale was created, as “chosen in Christ.” EPH1:4. Haylale is the most superior design any angel can have, who was created through the son. The son alone proceeded from the father, & so is said to be “made so much better than the angels.” HEB1:4. No one else is called son of God, because we are all sons of Jesus, who is our everlasting father, ISA9:6, & who at the time of Haylale’s creation was still only the LOGOS, & not yet made flesh. But God knew what Haylale would do LONG BEFORE HE EVEN BEGOT THE WORD, which is why as soon as God begot the word, GOD ALSO CRUCIFIED THE WORD. How you might ask could even one who has ALMIGHTY INTELLIGENCE know what we will do BEFORE WE DO IT, unless God is the one causing it? But God knows what we will do despite his not causing us to sin: he even commanded us to pray “DELIVER US FROM EVIL!” God made Haylale perfect in all his ways, & told Paul it is his will ALL men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth. God didn’t need to damn anyone to vent a hateful side to him, because God has no hateful side. GOD IS LOVE PERIOD! God has other reasons why “every evil deed must have a just recompense of reward,” than because he is just happy he is now able to vent that side of himself. One judgment day would not be enough to please God, if God was also “ALMIGHTY HATE, NOT JUST ALMIGHTY LOVE.”

_____ One might ask, if Jesus is so important to God, & Paul says “be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified,” & if the HOLY SPIRIT had that phrase already in his mouth long before Paul came along, why isn’t the FIRST VERSES OF THE BIBLE ABOUT JESUS? It just so happens that they are, but in parable format. The Hebrew word “created” in GEN1:1 means to “cut down a tree” in Hebrew, meaning the cross of Jesus was made “virtually” alongside the word being crucified. The heavens & earth are parables of God begetting Jesus, first as the word, but seeing the end from the beginning, when he is glorified. Verse 2 is God crucifying the earth, the body of Jesus, & shedding his blood, the heavens, making the earth formless & void, meaning forsaken of God, & made sin for us. It is said Jesus was seen to have no form or comeliness, which could only mean to our perception of him, since Jesus is the most beautiful human ever to exist. Isaiah says “we hid as it were our faces from him,” meaning Jesus’s face was so full of grace & truth, that it was only “as if we had faces” by comparison. VERSE 3 of Genesis, God raises Jesus from the dead, calling him “light” or that is, “bright morning star.” The existence of the glorified Jesus, though he was even before Abraham as the word which word is God, (because God spoke it,) is a very recent existence. The bright morning star is the transformation of the crucified Jesus. So the reason why Jesus's death was so effective is because it was a really FINAL END TO HIS EXISTENCE AS A HUMAN, symbolized as a "LAMB." As Nathan called Bathsheba a lamb, because she was a human. So when the lamb was slain he ceased to exist as such anymore, but became the lion of Judah. Jesus is now a WHOLE DIFFERENT KIND OF ENTITY WHICH IS ONE OF A KIND: i.e. "first & last" of his kind, which is made so much better than the angels. After John witnessed the manifestation of Jesus in his NEW APPEARANCE & TYPE OF BEING CALLED "BRIGHT MORNING STAR," this inspired him to write, "we don't know what we shall be, but we know we will be like him, if we see him as he is." If we don't have the request always "sir, I would see Jesus," JOHN12:21, then this makes us fall short of becoming like Jesus which is the only form of true salvation.

●●●●● When Jesus was risen, he no longer had human blood in his veins, except in residual traces, & none of his wounds were closed up:: BECAUSE HE HAD TRULY BESTOWED HIS HUMANITY ON US! HE WAS NO LONGER HUMAN BUT THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM GOD COULD EVER PRODUCE. Jesus can hide himself in plain sight, so that no one asks why he has open wounds all over his body yet no bleeding with it: ALL THE MORE CAN JESUS BE OVERLOOKED NOW, IF WE ARE NOT SEEKING HIM! He revealed himself in the breaking of bread, upon which he vanished: to say, "all you wanted was my gifts not me." 2COR12:14 says we are burdensome to Jesus when we seek what we can get from him rather than to simply know him first; so all things can be added. ROM8:32. MATT6:33. Joseph of Egypt represents Jesus which name means "God shall add," & whom the Pharoah, who represents the Father Jehovah said, that all must worship Joseph, & only in the Throne will he be greater than Joseph. This is a parable though true story also, how as Paul says "God put all under Jesus’s feet" except himself who is "external" to Jesus & ALL IN ALL because he is "Elohim." 2COR15:27-28.

+++Luk 24:30 And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. Luk 24:31 And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight..

■■■■■ Jesus told Thomas to THRUST/THROW in his hand into Jesus’s side, not being delicate at all for such fresh wounds, yet after Thomas put his fingers into Jesus’s side, & hands, there was no blood & no pain. Jesus had shed his humanity for us along with his blood, so that it became our inheritance to be “meek & lowly as Jesus,” so we can find rest for our souls, Jesus said. We now can experience all the same divine health & prosperity Jesus had, but with greater freedom to use it. Jesus was not allowed by God to create wealth on earth for himself, or to explain in detail the truth but to “speak in dark sayings & parables” for the most part. Now because Jesus had to suffer poverty of wealth & speech as well, we can be made rich in speaking & make money from it too. 1COR9:14. Jesus also had special blessings such as his flesh never saw corruption, his clothes never wore out or smelled bad: it’s possible his childhood clothes became his adult clothes, because God promised the Jews that their clothes would never wear out OR BECOME TOO SMALL. DEUT.8:4. Jesus had perfect faith & discipline, & learned by what he suffered & which prepared him for the cross: which is based on his very identity as the word of faith called the logos. God delivered him from true evil his whole life, though Jesus had to suffer evil as a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief. It is better to suffer with sin than to actually sin.

______ So when satan did all his worst evil to the ONLY MEDIATOR OF GOD, PSALM22:12, that was essentially the first time satan ever sinned directly against God. God (in a covert manner) says to satan in PSALM50, “you thought I was altogether such an one as yourself, but I will reprove you & set all your sins in order before your eyes.” So the history of satan’s life flashed before satan’s eyes at the crucifixion, though satan was still not convinced it meant he was defeated, so it only enraged him to attack Jesus even more intensely. Another crucial piece to explaining the puzzle of salvation, is why did it take satan touching Jesus on the cross in order to suffer condemnation, when satan attacked & pressed on Jesus his whole life? God had to remove the hedge of protection which Jesus had, which provided a protective film around Jesus, so that satan was not actually touching Jesus, until God removed it. Jesus, in the garden of Gethsemane began to feel the imminent fullness of satan coming upon him, & God in the process of fully forsaking him for our sins: making God the Father in Jesus appearing to come out in great clots of blood falling to the ground. LUKE22:44. As soon as Jesus submitted to being taken, & said, “I am he,” his force field flung away from him, & that is why they all fell over backwards.

_____ So all this being said, the mark of the beast is the original mark satan inherited, which he corrupted with sin, but it is a mark no one can have if they are sinful unless it is given to them through the devil in a one time event in REV13:14. The 666 represents the temple-bodily aspect of the holy Trinity, so it is like a skeletal or summarized representation of it. The image of God is the 600, the body of Jesus is the 60 & all angels & humans which can ever exist though innumerable & ever increasing is the 6. This also shows (by the symbolism in it,) how MUCH BETTER JESUS IS MADE, HEB1:4, to be single handedly a whole 60, while all angels & humans can only reach 6 for all eternity. But as Jesus said, my Father is greater than I, the 600 is so much greater than the 60 by symbolic suppositions, that Paul calls the Father “external” to Jesus, 1COR15:27, though obviously “ALL IN ALL” also. So the 600 represents pure omnipresence which is limitless, the 6 represents the smallness of creation compared to God, but the 60 shows that Jesus is mediator, in-between God & man/angels. So satan’s mark is like a perpetual sacrament, which “is” what it represents, just as the bread & wine “is” the body & blood of Jesus though also representing it. So satan after he sinned, never ceased to fall like lightning from the face of God in his perpetual increase of his sinning, & lusting for human blood. HEBREWS SAYS God is a consuming fire, so the final stage of a sinner’s life must be burning in eternal fire, & brimstone, which in Greek means “divine incense. G2303 (Strong) θεῖον theion, “because burning brimstone was regarded as having power to purify.” Before then, every encounter we have with God which is not prayed for to make us better persons, will automatically CURSE us with the same curse in DEUT.28! So since there is no curse without first a blessing, this mark is really the blessing for the PERFECT SOULS OF HEAVEN AFTER GOD COMPLETES HIS GOOD WORK IN US, but not while we’re yet sinners!

______ Satan wanted to place this mark on Adam & Eve as soon as they sinned, by adding the tree of life as soon as they were no longer worthy of it. While we can get “tastes of the power of the world to come,” we cannot have it in anything but a taste, & we are warned not to fall away from it afterwards or HEBREWS 6:6 says there is no more hope of repentance, or that is, sacrifice for sins. It is EXTREMELY SERIOUS to be in the presence of holiness if we have even the smallest stain of sin on our garments of righteousness, let alone utterly contaminated with sin! So once satan sinned after getting that mark, (which he was created with, EZ28:13 shows how God placed these things in him,) it began to be the fuel for all his wicked intents, which once he was locked into his course of rebellion against God, sin just kept on accelerating & satan has been increasing in sin exponentially ever since! No one can sin except they abuse the means of grace God gives them, which is why God says “I create the good & evil,” though in reality God only supplies the means for evil. Paul also thought it was a mystery why God doesn’t just cut off the power source to satan & all sinners, but that is why satan so confidently told Eve, “YOU WILL NOT SURELY DIE,” == AFTER ALL, AM I DEAD? - The only thing which held satan back the entire old testament from placing his mark on humanity, (& fallen angels too if it isn’t done yet,) is God’s promise that he would send Jesus to die for us & defeat this “wicked Haman” the devil. Anyone who is less than perfectly holy & gets the 666, (which in it’s complete & holy form includes ALL THE NUMBERS WHICH IS INCORPORATED IN JEHOVAH’S NAME,) especially since it is through the final pope, (the 2nd beast) & in perfect unity with all the fallen angels & sinners in existence, (& is not the pure meaning of the 666 but corrupted by sin,) will receive the ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT which is God’s wrath poured out without mixture, meaning WITHOUT MERCY. Jesus said that all people in hell have some degree of mercy, as “some are beaten with more or less stripes,” but to be damned without mixture of mercy is the same & identical damnation of the devil.

_____ The Catholic church was founded by the beast, which is stated in REV17. His followers ride upon his back, as the woman on the beast. This is what God calls the laws of the Medes & Persians: that God had to let satan fulfill his wicked plans, as the king had to let Haman, though already hanged, fulfill his wicked plans, but give us what is called “PURIM,” WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE as Paul calls them, which word “Purim” means “broken piece.” God is giving us the broken piece to fight satan with in these last days. God has promised we will succeed if we do not give up, & by “us” I mean anyone who is sincerely seeking & serving God in spirit & truth, & not “of” this world though “in” this world. Satan & his beast already perceived God the Father as something humanity was not worthy of, & could scarcely associate with him through the son, because our unworthiness of Jesus’s body & blood has to be “imputed” to us by promise of God completing his good work. But that the image of God, the gospel of Christ, 2COR4:4, was not made into a sacramental meal or mark, except that we take the blood of the Father in the Lord’s supper, but through taking of the body of Jesus. So that if satan could apply his mark to us, which included the whole Trinity, including the angels & church, (which is the temples of the Holy Spirit,) this would require a “conditioning” first through what Jesus calls the “leaven of the pharisees,” which word leaven means “doctrine.” MATT.16:12. This doctrine, rule, or teaching, is called “canon law,” & is enforced by satan the spirit of this world, & so requires all churches to base their doctrines on it. The very “Catholic mass” is based on the premise that Jesus “only or alone is holy, & the most high God Jehovah.” This is not true, since only THE PANTOCRATOR HIMSELF fits that description, such as stated in REV15:4 by Jesus. But this is so that when God’s image is finally in REV13:18 presented as a sacrament by the pope, we won’t think twice about taking it, for those who see it as normal to agree with the mass’s doctrine.

______ Satan doesn't know what he looks like in the eyes of God anymore than we know what we look like in the eyes of God who sees all, all at once. We need to be judged in this life in order to escape eternal judgment FOR WHEN WE MEET GOD FACE TO FACE. God says he forgets sins, & doesn’t hear a wrongful prayer, but what can this mean but that he doesn’t hear with favor or remember our sins as being “ours,” but what Jesus was made to be for us on the cross. 2COR5:21. God’s part in the crucifixion of his son is that he was “in Christ reconciling the world unto himself,” & his “death” entailed the loss of his son for that time Jesus was on the cross, meaning he had to forsake him. How all this works, because God cannot evacuate anywhere being omnipresent, is that God’s communication to Jesus’s mind as being loving & all his merciful attributes were taken from Jesus, while Jesus was being fitted with the logos in a new way which would then glorify him as what is called the bright morning star. These were essentially the marks of God being put upon Jesus throughout his whole being, while tasting “death” meaning “damnation” for every man. HEB.2:9.

_____ The pope says he doesn't water down the Lord's Supper. What he means is he tries to turn it into the image of God. That would make the bread into the mark of the beast if it were IN FACT THE UNBROKEN BODY OF GOD, & not "watered-down" to be the body of Jesus "broken"= watered-down & spilled out for us. It is called “of the beast” because satan doesn’t use sin per se to damn us with, but uses HOLY THINGS to damn us with, as Belshazzar used the holy cups etc which later became his sure & immediate end. DAN5:2. Satan knows all our rubbing elbows with him can do, is make us sin against God more, but aside from that, we are already as sinners, children of the devil, & cannot become anymore wicked if it is not “against God & God only.” PSALM51:4. In the meantime satan encourages Christians to take the body & blood of Jesus unworthily, & Paul says that NOT DISCERNING THE LORD’S BODY is the primary cause of taking the Lord’s supper unworthily: WHICH MEANS NOT CARING TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOD & JESUS. This is also the reason Jesus was against the church of Laodicea, for not caring to understand what it means to call himself, “the beginning of the creation of God.” REV3:14. Laodicea means “justice of the people,” so people who are lukewarm, cover it by being very strict in their enforcements of doctrine, which is also the leaven of the pharisees. It has a “leavening” effect, which is why church services never seem get beyond the point of an merely “uplifting feeling,” rather than an outright “outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” But that too can be merely an extra amount of “leaven,” because satan is very stingy & only gives us what we need in order to be his captives. But satan’s spirit, if FULLY outpoured, (as water from his mouth, REV12:15) would exceed all known “revivals” in recent history, which were not actual “power from on high:” which “power from on high” quite possibly has not really happened since the days of the apostles, because satan & the beast set up camp shortly after pentecost, & replaced the church of Acts, with the so called, “catholic,” universal church. The outpouring of satan’s deceptive spirit of false pentecost is what Jesus meant when he said “it would be like the days of Noah,” meaning that there would be a “water” of false anointing covering the earth, from which Jesus questioned if ANY WOULD BE SAVED. Jesus asked the question: “will I find faith on earth when I return?”

_____ We cannot endure strong meat Hebrews says, but the word must become milk for us. Jesus who humbled himself from being the lion of the tribe of Judah, instead became the lamb slain for us, is who we must "know," which is a marital term as between husband & wife. But satan forbids this relationship & must instead fit us with a fake representation of Jesus making him out to be identical in all regards as the father, which would make it to mean "no son did God beget," because if Jesus is his father he is no son. So if we accept Jesus as God, we have no mediator & are going directly to the consuming fire, who consumes all sin. If we have no mediator to handle our sin problem, we get consumed in the fire of God's wrath for sin even as we walk this earth.

_____ Satan's presence in the world is the classic fear faith of a global cult leader. The power satan has Paul says is of God, since God Elohim is the only power. ROM13:1. This fits perfectly with REV13:1-18, & it means that Satan's presence seems to those who's minds & hearts are not discerning, to be the very presence of God! Jesus said "BEWARE OF THE LEAVEN (DOCTRINE) OF THE PHARISEES." Satan is the great PHARISEE, since he is the FATHER of all hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a spirit, so human hypocrites cannot discern they are but actors, though puppets in the hands of demon actors, because we think hypocrisy or acting MUST STEM FROM OUR OWN ACTIONS & DELIBERATE WILL. We must “examine ourselves” Paul says to know these things.

____ Satan knows we are anointing-centric, meaning that we gravitate towards the anointing, rather than the "person" from which it proceeds, which is why so few anointed people know Jesus or the day of his visitation. Jesus said in fact MANY would have a huge anointing who thought it meant they knew Jesus, but Jesus will say, "I NEVER KNEW YOU.... NOT EVEN ONCE!!" ---So to keep the way of satan's fake tree of life, he must employ his demons with the flaming sword of fear to strike terrifying fear to the heart & soul of anyone who wants to discover the SOURCE of their anointing to forbid them from being "determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified" as Paul says, which exaltation of Jesus is worshipping him as God commands to all angels/pastors - (HEB1:6):: as to whether our anointing & Holy Spirit power is filtered through Satan & demon pastors coming as angels of light, or it's the genuine spirit of Pentecost which is "from on high.” __ Devils, (fallen angels) do not ALWAYS come in obvious ways like in classic exorcism cases, but USUALLY TRY TO appear as angels OF LIGHT or even Jesus THE CHRIST. MATT.24:5. By "Christs" Jesus means demons picked by the devil to buy out those called by God to serve the true universal church. Satan knows exactly what kind of fake holy spirit persona he will need to buy us with, according to what demon would be best to seem most like a holy angel or actual power from on high, to give us the vain glory or man's applause we are after. Jesus said beware of the leaven==doctrine of the pharisees: as Jesus said we'll know them by their fruits. The first fruits of any Christian is his faith, & this is called the WORD OF FAITH, or RULE of faith. So there is a true canon law from scriptures & fake canon law invented by the beast for the catholic church. Satan is against the truth & cannot abide where the unadulterated truth is preached but must be bound or cast out. Paul says, "examine yourselves to see if you be in the faith:" which is the Greek word "pistos," like pistons in a car engine, because faith is the primary element that keep the engine of the soul working, which is the heart.

_____ But if we live by the guidance of Jesus which is the spirit of discernment, the power OF JESUS "from on high" swallows up the anointing of the devil, REV12:16, as the rod of Aaron swallowed up the other rods of the Egyptian magicians. This is what it means to say, "death is swallowed up in victory," meaning into the crucifixion. Just as God is very exact in keeping the earth together & the moon in perfect orbit, he is very precise in keeping us in his mercy: especially if we, like God, "delight ALSO in mercy."

●●■■■●● MICAH 7::: 18 Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage? he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy.

1::: _______ There is a lot of numbers related symbolism in REVELATION: which are related directly to the city of Jesus, the new & true Jerusalem. Whenever it speaks of a number or aspect of the new Jerusalem, such as it's four corners, but ascribes it to the earth, it means that our earth gets it's peace & it's stability from the new Jerusalem. When it mentions 12 foundations for 12 apostles, it means that we get our power to be "sent," (the Greek word apostolos,) from this city of God, & their “foundation,” EPH2:20, originates here: it is the “gold standard” God uses as wealth for the church. When it speaks of 144000 saved, it means a great multitude no man can number, because it stems from the 144000 furlongs of the new Jerusalem. Heaven is not nothing but the new Jerusalem, but it's the headquarters of heaven, as Jesus said in God's house, (which is an area far beyond the confines of the new Jerusalem) is many mansions. The "144000 virgins" are symbolic so only, who have been reserved by God's power to Jesus for their husband. Paul called every believer in Jesus a "chaste virgin." 2COR11:2. Jesus said "there's no marriage in heaven," but he meant "like that of sinful earth." In fact the members of heaven are more married to each other in perfect unity than any mortal marriage on earth can be, & who ALL have one husband: Jesus Christ. The true trinity is represented as their bodily aspects by the number 6, but with greater & lesser hierarchy values in the numbers. Jesus said my father is greater than I, so God's image is 600, while Jesus is 60, (threescore in KJV REV13:18,) & a 6 only for all angels & humans though they be an innumerable company. This "number scale" is symbolic of the varying levels of greatness the temple (bodily) members of the trinity have, showing it is not coequal. Satan knows no one can receive God's image as a sacrament in this world, while still needing God's good work finished in us, so satan rushes upon the thick bosses of God's bucklers to get this full mark on mankind & present it as the marks of Jesus so no one will suspect anything. Satan is in Rome drawing all the world unto an unholy presentation of the Lord's Supper, as if "full of abominations & filthiness" in the very cup of the blood of Jesus, & adding the element of the body of Jesus's Father to the bread by calling Jesus the most high & only holy one. It isn't being presented honestly, by simply stating how Jesus is connected as one to the Father, (so God's image is also in the bread,) but by stating that Jesus IS ALL IN ALL. This is because satan needs to get sinners to agree to take the mark, but knows that they won't take it if they perceive that they are partaking of something that they cannot take without contracting the ultimate punishment. Satan could never go back to holiness once he fell from it. It is unfixable for any angel to fall from holiness: but to continue associating with God after falling is unavoidable because God cannot withdraw his powers until the day of judgment comes. But this only increases the debt of sin: so that one sin ends up being an infinite number of sins! There is no way to stop sin without a trye repentance in Jesus. The more direct power from God an unrepentant person has, the greater the sin. So this mark which is the pope's "blessing," REV13:14, brings down great power as if "from on high," in the form of a great pentecostal like outpouring. This it says will convince many that the mark the pope is offering is NOT the 666. There might not be any numerical admittance of what the "mark" is the pope will offer the world. Satan will be as subtle as possible like how a pope talks.


______ GEN1-2:5 is all a virtual creation, as GEN2:5 says this was all before a plant grew or a man existed. Paul says, “God calls those things which be not as though they are.” The real Genesis began at the resurrection, as God was creating a NEW HEAVENS & EARTH called HIS SON, as the new universe will have Jesus as it’s core substance. This is all because God had to confound the devil, in order to get him to crucify the Lord of glory. Paul says, if satan, (the prince of this world) had wisdom, he never would have crucified the Lord of glory. Why didn’t satan ask for wisdom then? Because to ask for wisdom you must put down your weapons against God called sin. It’s something you can’t do at the same time your heart is set on sinning. God had to get satan to crucify Jesus as part of his law, that “whoso sheds man’s blood, by man must his blood be shed.” GEN9:6. This was a prophecy of satan shedding the blood of Jesus, & so became defeated by the “man Christ Jesus” in turn shedding satan’s blood, meaning his anointing, by getting “all power in heaven & earth.”

_____ One might think there has to be holes in the theology I believe in, but at least ones I don’t see, or I would’nt be sharing it like it were important truth. For example, why if all satan had to do was shed the blood of a human, why wasn’t satan defeated a long time ago? It’s because of the hierarchy of God’s existence & manner of creating. In politics for example, why isn’t a leader of a country who commits genocide against another country, though rightly hated, not treated the same as if a common citizen did it? Their status gives them “coverage” from the harshness they deserve & in some cases total immunity. This is also why many leaders fight so hard not to be put out of power, where they can be tried for their crimes. Satan while undefeated, as “son of the morning,” meant he was over every other angel & person, & so could, as God allowed, freely kill them or cast them out of heaven, without being prosecuted, or put out of power by God. But as soon as he “touched God’s anointed & did God’s ultimate prophet harm,” God said it was like satan was “touching the apple/pupil of his eye.” In other words, satan thought he was the son of God, meaning that he thought he had proceeded directly from the Father, & there was no other son greater than himself. Jesus too could have, had he not delighted to do God’s will, decided instead to use his status as “truly” equal with God to throw his weight around & just chime in with satan. Satan even wanted Jesus to worship him, when he was tempting Jesus in the desert. To be tempted means it is possible to do or try to do what you are tempted to do, so it was possible Jesus could have been distracted with the idea to worship the devil, as horrible as that sounds, but not likely beyond that since Jesus’s intelligence is so superior. Otherwise where was the temptation factor of it? Temptation also means “pushing someone into it,” though we don’t want to at first. Satan pushed a third of the angels into becoming terrible sinners, & satan wanted to use that same power against Jesus: as he surely does to us, even our whole lives!