Deu 6:4  Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

H259   (Strong)




A numeral from H258; properly united, that is, one; or (as an ordinal) first: - a, alike, alone, altogether, and, any (-thing), apiece, a certain [dai-] ly, each (one), + eleven, every, few, first, + highway, a man, once, one, only, other, some, together.



Jesus said "where 2 or more gather in my name, there I am in their midst." This is for taking the Lord's Supper which is a covenant sacrament which Jesus fulfills, & which is why it is possible to take it unworthily, since it has nothing to do with our own merits or religion. _____ It is therefore highly adviced that when we take the Lord's Supper, that we take it in repentance & in both parts of it which the body & blood.

Even after Jesus did so many signs wonders & miracles, it didn't take much for him to drive people away from him: sometimes hardly more than saying "YOU MUST EAT MY BODY & DRINK MY BLOOD OR YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOU." John 6:66 tells us that they all except the disciples left him after that. Apparently no one even gave Jesus enough respect & dignity for his majestic words to at least ask him "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" Too often when we read scripture or hear God, not only don't we recognize it from either source (the page or God's mouth) as the word of God, or if we do, we quickly agree with ourselves & come up with our own conclusions. They said, "HOW CAN THIS MAN GIVE US HIS FLESH TO EAT & BLOOD TO DRINK?"
___ The body & blood Jesus ate at the last supper was "from heaven" in the form of the logos, in the on-going description of it. Jesus until the last supper was in his "made flesh only" stage of being the logos materialized into what it is. Now he was becoming the SECOND VERSE of the Bible, "becoming broken & spilled out, i.e. void." This was already done from before the foundation of the world in God's mind,,& so Jesus said "this IS my body broken for you & this IS my blood spilled for you." Then as soon as Jesus partook of it, he began to become what it is. It wasn't long after & Jesus was saying things like, "my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death," & in LUKE22:44 he was already being in the process of being forsaken by the father which is his SUPERNATURAL blood coming out in giant clots that heal the wounds our sins have caused & reconcile us unto God. This wasn't his physical blood or it only had underlying physical blood breaking forth because of his great agony caused by needing to taste death for every man. This "death" Jesus prayed his whole life with strong crying and tears to be delivered from, WAS NOT PHYSICAL DEATH, ,(Jesus taught "fear not what man can do to you,") but this death was WHAT GOD COULD DO TO JESUS, i.e. even to forsake him "though it be but for a moment" as ISAIAH says. Jesus knew he could only remain sinless as long as the Father was in him doing the work, & so Jesus's faith had to be strong enough like very superhuman bones of a giant of faith, not to be broken. But this "death" or separation from God is what damnation is, even the very "thion" itself which is Greek meaning brimstone or divine insence. Jesus feared this temporary death to "taste damnation for everyman" could somehow be eternal. Hebrews 5:7 tells us it made him to fear though he were the very son himself, & fear enough to cry to God with "strong crying and tears" apparently until Gethsemane itself!! Jesus wasn't praying to get out of dying physically for us, he was praying for strength to endure the TRUE DEATH of losing his FATHER WHO IS THE BLOOD HE SHED FOR US (EVEN OUR LIFE LEVITICUS 17:11 "FOR THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD." This prayer for strength was answered in LUKE22:43 when God sent a ministering angel to strengthen him to carry the invisible cross, even the KEY OF DAVID, ISAIAH 22:22 WHICH IS PSALM 51. Not one word of that prayer was fulfilled until Jesus took it upon himself in death for our sins. Jesus lived his life in the old testament, & only the END of his physical life could bring an end to the old testament, & to be the last victim of satan while he was still undefeated. Satan was not condemned to lake of fire until he "touched the apple/pupil of God's eye by touching God's anointed one on the cross & doing God's main & only true prophet harm. Most of Jesus's sufferings were from "the strong bull/y of Bashan (Psalm 22) gaping upon him, tearing into Jesus's soul like a lion eating his prey!! The external wounds of the whip & the suffocation of the cross & all the lamb sacrifice type sufferings he endured were all for our healing of our bodies & to heal us morally & restore our humanity. But it Jesus's SOUL ISAIAH 53:10 says is the REAL OFFERING TO GOD that saves us. That is what made Jesus beg God so fervently his whole life to save him from having to suffer that TRUE DEATH of being our sacrifice: which meant "tasting death" i.e. damnation for us. And if it was such a fear to Jesus & made it his MAIN TOPIC OF PRAYER why isn't it for us when we are even by nature bound for hell already, while Jesus never had a moment he was unsaved or something God could bear to lose by any means?
____ The death Jesus suffered was SEPARATION FROM GOD MEANING THE SECOND DEATH. This is why the bread & wine are separate in the Lord's Supper & to take it therefore "proclaims his death." You can only get the physical & spiritual body & blood of Jesus's body & soul in the bread which is for the healing of our bodies & saving from sin, but the blood of the Father is what reconciles us to God is only found in the cup. The Lord's Supper entails the ENTIRE TRINITY IN ALL THE TEMPLES OF THIS WHO IS GOD "ELOHIM." We (if the born again saved invisible church) are the temples for the Holy Spirit & so comprise part of the Lord's Supper being "members of his body flesh & bones," and so Paul mentioned that we can fellowship with devils insofar as we don't know what every member we unite with in the Lord's Supper is guiltyof.☆☆☆☆1COR10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.
___ The Lord's Supper doesn't require right doctrine or right beliefs or even to be right with God or counted worthy by God to take it, or else "taking it unworthily" would be impossible. It would rather say "he who presumes to take it while unworthy." Also, the Lord's Supper is not so until we take it within our flesh. You cannot "consecrate" the elements & turn them into the Lord’s supper and THEN STORE THEM IN A SPECIAL CLOSET TO WORSHIP THEM! Jesus said "as often as you eat & drink" not as often as you bless the elements.
__ Saving from sin doesn't in itself save us from separation from God. God must then take us up into his everlasting arms.
_____ The end time falling away is hidden under the facade of the opposite of it. Satan comes out to be obvious but hides  nowhere but in the appearance of holiness. Those who reject Jesus accept a false form of him which is the body of Jehovah, by calling him the most high God. Satan can't get us to reject the name & allegiance to Jesus but he can get us to accept a false presentation of Jesus. My advice is to carefully examine my description & explanation of Jesus in this website, then pray for the fortitude & honesty needed to see if it be true or not.
We're all made in God's image. God put his image over the crown of thorns on the brain area of Jesus, showing Jesus was thinking about God's image during crucifixion. Jesus said "you have not yet seen his shape."


By Joseph Alleine but edited by Joseph Bonnette

1 ———: LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH! You are the 3 fold cord that is not easily broken off of our lives: because of your long-suffering mercy which takes no delight in the death of sinners. EZEKIEL 33:11. You are the TRINITY of father, son & temple of the Holy Ghost: your church. MATT28:19. You always was, and is & is to come; REV.4:8, as the power of your Christ, REV12:10, who without you, Jesus can do nothing. JOHN 5:30 - 14:10.  But is now declared the son of God with power, ROM1:4, & sanctified by his own blood, HEB10:29, & all power is given unto Jesus in heaven and in earth. Matt 28:18
Your heart Father, is the kingdom which must come in earth as it is in heaven: whom only Jesus was in until he died to open heaven for us. JOHN 1:18. Jesus declares himself to be the beginning of your creation, REV3:14, as your only begotten son JOHN3:16 & firstborn of all angels & saints. COL1:15.
Where is there any God besides you? ISAIAH 44:8. You are 1 GOD, DEUT 6:4, & only are holy, Rev15:4, & You're glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? EX15:11, You are the blessed and only Potentate, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who Only has immortality; dwelling in that light which no man can approach unto; whom no man has seen Or can see. 1TIM.6:15-16.
_______<<You are a God at hand and a God afar off; none can hide himself in secret places that you cannot see him ; for You fill heaven and earth; JER23:23-24. Your eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the good: PROV15:3. You search the heart, and try the reins; JER.17:10. even the thoughts and intents of the heart HEB4:12, are naked and open before thee. HEB.4:13.

2——— I know, O Lord, that You can do everything; JOB42:2, power belongs to You, PSALM62:11, and with You nothing is impossible: MATT.17:20, what You have promised, You are able also to perform. ROM.4:21. You are good, and do good; PSALM119:68, good to all, and Your tender mercy is over all Your works: PSALM145:9. O that You would cause Your goodness to pass before me, EX.33:19, that I may taste and see that the Lord is good, PSALM34:8, and have his loving-kindness always before mine eyes. PSALM 26:3.

3———-  O my God, I am ashamed, and blush to lift up my face before You, my God; for mine iniquities are increased over my head, and my trespass is grown up unto the heavens; EZRA9:6, behold I am vile, what shall I answer You? I will lay my hand upon my mouth, JOB40:4, and put my mouth in the dust, if so be there may be hope; LAM3:29, crying-out unclean! unclean! LEV13:45. If I justify myself, my own mouth shall condemn me ; if I say I am perfect, that also shall prove me perverse; JOB9:20, for if You contend with me, I am not able to answer You for one in a thousand. JOB9:3. Behold I was shaped in wickedness and in sin did my mother conceive me; PSALM51:5, for who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? JOB14:4. My understanding is dark, being alienated from the life of God, through the ignorance that is in me, because of the blindness of my heart. EPH.4:18.

4————- I have within me a carnal mind, which is enmity against God; ROM8:7, my neck has been as an iron sinew, ISAIAH48:4, and I have made my heart as an adamant; ZEC7:12, I have refused to hearken, have pulled away the shoulder, and stopped my ears ZEC7:11, like the deaf adder. PSALM58:4. O how have I hated instruction, and my heart despised reproof? PROV5:12. I have forgotten God, DEU.32:18, lived as without God in the world; EPH.2:12, my heart has walked after vanity and become vain: JER.2:5, I have set my affections on things beneath, COL.3:2, have followed after lying vanities, JONAH2:8, and forsaken my own mercies; ISA.54:7, have forsaken the fountain of living waters, for cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water; JER2:13. There is in me a bent to backslide from the living God; HOS.11:7. My heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, JER.17:9, it starts aside like a broken bow: PSALM78:57. The whole head is sick, the whole heart faint; from the sole of the foot even to the head there is no soundness in me, but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores. ISA.1:5-6.

5———— Lord, I come to You as the poor publican, and I pray his prayer: JER3:22, God be merciful to me a sinner; LUKE18:13. The God of infinite mercy be merciful to me. PSALM103:17. O wash me thoroughly from my wickedness, and cleanse me from my sin; for I acknowledge my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me. PSA.51:2-3, O purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow; PSA.51:7. Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. PSA.51:9. Let me be justified freely by thy grace, through the redemption that is in Jesus; ROM3:24. Take away all iniquity, and receive me graciously; HOS.14:2, heal my back-sliding and love me freely; and let thy anger be turned away from me; HOS.14:4, for in You the fatherless find mercy. HOS.14:3. I will say unto God do not condemn me, JOB10:2, but deliver me from going down into the pit, for You have found the ransom. JOB33:24. I have sinned, Father, against heaven and before You, and am no more worthy to be called Your son; LUKE15:21, but I have an advocate with You: Jesus Christ the righteous and he is the propitiation for my sins. 1JOHN2:1-2. Lord remember the true David, 2TIM.2:8, and all his troubles; PSA.132:1, remember all his offerings, and accept his burnt sacrifice; PSA.20:3, and turn not away the face of Your anointed, 2CH.6:42, who by his own blood is entered into heaven itself, HEB.9:12, now to appear in the presence of God for man. HEB.9:24. Remember the covenant in his blood, ZEC.9:11, and be merciful to mine unrighteousness, and my sins and my iniquities remember no more. HEB.8:12.

6———— Let me be justified by faith, and have peace with God through Jesus Christ; and through him let me have access into that grace wherein believers stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. ROM.5:1-2. O make me hear of joy and gladness, that the bones which sin hath broken may rejoice. PSA.51:8/ISA.59:2. Let the blood of Christ speak better things than that of Abel: HEB.12:24, let it speak pardon ISA.40:2, and peace to my soul; PSA.55:18, let it purge my conscience from dead works to serve the living God. HEB.9:14. Let thy Spirit witness with my spirit that I am a child of God, an heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ: ROM.8:16-17. Say to my soul that You are my salvation. PSA.35:3.

7———— Lord, give me a wise and an understanding heart; 1KING3:12, that which I know not teach You to me; HEB.8:11, let the Spirit of truth guide me into all truth, JOHN16:13, and cause me to understand wherein I have erred. JOB6:24. Make Your way plain before my face, because of mine observers, PSA.27:11, and by the teaching of Your Word and Spirit make me wise to salvation. 2TIM.3:15. Unto me, Lord, let it be given to believe, PHI.1:29, for the faith by which I am saved is not of myself, it is the gift of God; EPH.2:8. Lord, increase my faith, LUKE17:5, and perfect what is lacking in it, 1TH.3:10, that I may be strong in faith, giving glory to God. ROM.4:20. Let every word of Yours profit me, being mixed with faith; HEB.4:2, and enable me to look above the things that are seen, which are temporary, to the things that are unseen, which are eternal. 2COR.4:18. Let my heart be purified by faith, ACTS15:9, and enable me, 1TIM.1:12, by faith to overcome the world, 1JOHN5:4, to resist the adversary, 1PET.5:9, and to live continually upon Jesus, 1COR.9:14, drawing out of his fulness grace for grace. JOHN1:16.

8————- Unite my heart to fear Your name, PSA.86:11, that I may keep Your commandments. 1JOHN5:2. O put thy fear into my heart, that I may never depart from thee; PROV.28:14, let me be in the fear of the Lord all the day long; PROV.23:17. Deliver me from all slavish fear that has torment, and give me an affectionate fear, 1JOHN4:18/PSA.19:9; that I may never wilfully offend against You any more. HEB.10:26. Give me grace, I beseech You, EPH.1:6, to love You the Lord my God with all my heart and soul, and mind and strength; DEU.6:5/MATT.22:37, to delight myself always in You, and therein shall I have the desire of my heart. PSA.37:4. - O circumcise my heart to love You, that I may live; DEU.30:6. O may the love of God be shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. ROM.5:5. O that Jesus Christ may be very precious to me, as he is to all that believe; 2PET.1:1, that he may be in my account the chiefest of ten thousand, SONG5:10, and altogether lovely; SONG5:16. And though I have not seen him, yet may I love him, and by believing in him may rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. 1PET.1:8. Let the love of Christ to me, constrain me to live, not to myself, but to Him that died for me and rose again. 2COR.5:14-15. Lord put Upon me that charity which is the bond of perfectness, COL.3:14, that I may keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace, EPH.4:3, and may live in love and peace, that the God of love and peace may be with me. 2COR.13:11. Give me to love my neighbour as myself, LEV.19:18, with that love which is the fulfilling of the law; ROM.13:10, to love him with a pure heart fervently; 1PET.1:22. Give me, O Lord, the love of the brethren, 1THESS4:9/HEB13:1, and enable me to be kindly affectioned towards them in brotherly love, ROM.12:10, that I may know I am passed from death unto life, 1JOHN3:14, and all may know I am passed from death unto life, and all may know that I am Your disciple. JOHN13:35. Lord make me able to love mine enemies, to bless them that curse: me, to pray for them that despitefully use me; MATT.5:44, forbearing them and forgiving them, COL.3:13, as I trust You, 2SAM.22:3, for Christ’s sake has forgiven me. EPH.4:32.

9———— Lord, give me grace to deny myself, to take up my cross daily, and to follow Christ; LUKE9:23, to keep under the body, and to bring it into subjection. 1COR.9:27. Let me learn of Christ to be meek and lowly in heart, that I may find rest to my soul: MATT.11:29. Hide pride from me, JOB33:17, and clothe me with humility, 1PET.5:5, and put upon me the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which in Your sight is of great price; 1PET.3:4. Let anger never rest in my bosom, ECC.7:9, nor the sun go down upon my wrath; EPH.4:26, but enable me to show all meekness towards all men; TIT.3:2/ZEP2:3. Let me have bowels of mercy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, and long-suffering; COL.3:12, that being merciful, as my Father which is in heaven is merciful, LUKE6:36, I may be perfect as he is perfect. MATT.5:48. ——- Deu 4:31  (For the LORD thy God is a merciful God;) he will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget the covenant of thy fathers which he sware unto them.

10———— Lord, teach me in every state to be content; let my conversation be without covetousness; may I be always content with such things as I have, HEB.13:5, still saying, “The will of the Lord be done.” ACTS21:14. Lord, give me super abundant & lifegiving grace to weep & perform as though I wept & performed not, and to rejoice & praise God as though I rejoiced & praised God not, (because it is your own good work in me praising you, keeping me in all my ways as my foundation,)  - and to buy with the power to get wealth as though I possessed not, and to use this world as not abusing it, because the time is short, and the fashion of this world passes away. 1COR.7:29-31. So let all these things be added unto me in selfless benevolence of my maker in heaven. ___11___ May the very God of peace sanctify me wholly: And I pray God my whole Spirit, and soul, and body, may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1THESS.5:23. Let goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life; PSA.23:6, when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, be You with me that I may fear no evil; let Your rod and Your staff comfort me; PSA.23:4. Redeem my soul from the power of the grave, and receive me; PSA.49:15. Guide me by Your counsel, and afterwards receive me to glory, PSA.73:24, through Jesus Christ, ROM.6:11, my blessed Lord and Saviour, 1PET.1:7, to whom, with You and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, thanksgiving and praise, for ever and ever. Amen.  ———


1 AH wretched Man that I am! what a Condition have I brought myself into
by sin? Oh! I see my Heart hath but deceived me all this while, in
flattering me, that my Condition was good. I see I see, I am but a
lost and undone Man, for ever undone, unless the Lord help me out of this condition. My sins! my sins! Lord, what an unclean, polluted
wretch am I! More loathsome and odious to thee, than the most hateful
Venom, or noisome Carcase can be to me. Oh, what a Hell of Sin is in
this heart of mine, which I have flattered myself to be a good Heart!
Lord, how universally am I corrupted, in all my Parts, Powers,
Performances! All the Imaginations of the thoughts of my Heart are only
evil continually. I am under an inability to, averseness from, and
enmity against any thing that is good; and am prone to all that is evil.
My Heart is a very sink of all sin: And Oh the innumerable hosts and
swarms of sinful thoughts, words, and actions, that have flown from
thence? Oh the load of guilt that is on my soul! My Head is full, my
heart full, my Mind, and my Members, they are all full of sin. O my
Sins! How do they stare upon me? How do they witness against me? Wo
is me, my Creditors are upon me, every Commandment taketh hold upon me,
for more than ten thousand Talents, yea, ten thousand times ten
thousand. How endless then is the sum of all my Debts! if this whole
world were filled up from Earth to Heaven with Paper, and all this Paper
written over, within and without, by Arithmeticians; yet when all were
cast up together it would come inconceivably short of what I owe to the
least of God’s Commandments. Wo unto me, for my Debts are infinite, and
my Sins are increased; they are wrongs to an infinite Majesty: And if
he that committeth Treason against a silken mortal, is worthy to be
racked, drawn and quartered; what have I deserved, that have so often
lifted up my Hand against Heaven, and have struck at the crown and
dignity of the Almighty!

2 O my Sins! my Sins! Behold, a troop cometh! Multitudes,
multitudes! there is no number of their Armies. Innumerable Evils
have compassed me about: Mine Iniquities have taken hold upon me;
they have set themselves in array against me. Oh! it were better to
have all the Regiments of Hell come against me, than to have my Sins
fall upon me, to the spoiling of my Soul. Lord, how am I surrounded?
How many are they that rise up against me? They have beset me behind
and before: They swarm within me, and without me: They have possessed
all my powers, and have fortified mine unhappy Soul as a Garison, which
this brood of Hell does man, and maintain against the God that made me.

3 And they are as mighty, as they are many. The Sands are many, but
then they are not great; The Mountains great, but then they are not
many: But wo is me! My Sins are as many as the sands, and as mighty as
the Mountains; their weight is greater than their Number. It were
better that the Rocks and the Mountains should fall upon me, than the crushing and insupportable load of my own Sins. Lord, I am heavy
loaden; let Mercy help, or I am gone. Unload me of this heavy guilt,
this sinking load, or I am crushed without Hope, and must be pressed
down to Hell. If my grief were thorowly weighed, and my Sins laid in
the Balances together, they would be heavier than the Sand of the Sea;
therefore my words are swallowed up: they would weigh down all the
Rocks, and the Hills, and turn the balance against all the Isles of the
Earth. O Lord, thou knowest my manifold Transgressions, and my mighty Sins.

4 Ah, my Soul! Alas, my Glory! Whither art thou humbled? Once the
Glory of the Creation, and the Image of God: Now a lump of filthiness,
a coffin of rottenness, replenished with stench and loathsomness. Oh,
what work hath Sin made with thee! Thou shalt be termed Forsaken, and
all the rooms of thy Faculties Desolate; and the name that thou shalt be called by it is Ichabod, or Where is the glory? How art thou come down mightily? My beauty is turned into deformity, and my glory into shame: Lord, what a loathsome Leper am I? The ulcerous Bodies of Job or Lazarus were not more offensive to the Eyes and Nostrils of Men, than I must needs be to the most Holy God, whose Eyes cannot behold Iniquity.

5 And what misery have my Sins brought on me? Lord, what a Case am I
in? Sold under Sin, cast out of God’s Favour, accursed from the Lord,
cursed in my Body, cursed in my Soul, cursed in my Name, my Estate, my
Relations, and all that I have. My sins are unpardoned, and my Soul
within a step of Death? Alas! what shall I do? Whither shall I go? Which
way shall I look? God is frowning on me from above; Hell gaping for me
beneath; Conscience smiting me within; Temptations and Dangers
surrounding me without. Oh, whither shall I flee? What place can hide me
from Omnisciency? What power can secure me from Omnipotency?

6 What meanest thou, O my Soul, to go on thus? Art thou in league with
Hell? Hast thou made a covenant with Death? Art thou in love with thy
misery? Is it good for thee to be here? Alas! what shall I do? Shall I
go on in my sinful Ways? Why then certain Damnation will be mine end.
And shall I be so besotted and bemadded, as to go and sell my Soul to
the Flames for a little Ale, and a little ease; for a little pleasure,
or gain, or content to my flesh? Shall I linger any longer in this
wretched Estate? No, if I tarry here, I shall die. What then? Is there
no Help, no Hope? None, except I turn. Why, but is there any Remedy for
such woful Misery? Any Mercy after such provoking Iniquity? Yes, as sure
as God’s Oath is true, I shall have Pardon and Mercy yet, if presently,
unfeignedly and unreservedly I turn by Christ to him.

7 Why then I thank thee upon the bended Knees of my Soul, O most
merciful Jehovah , that thy patience hath waited upon me hitherto: For
hadst thou took me away in this Estate, I had perished for ever. And now
I adore thy Grace, and accept the Offers of thy Mercy: I renounce all my
sins, and resolve by thy Grace, to set myself against them, and to
follow thee, in holiness and righteousness, all the Days of my Life.

8 Who am I, Lord, that I should make any claim unto thee, or have any
part or portion in thee, who am not worthy to lick up the Dust of thy
Feet? Yet since thou holdest forth the golden Scepter, I am bold to come
and touch. To despair, would be to desparage thy Mercy; and to stand off
when thou biddest me come, would be at once to undo myself, and rebel
against thee, under the pretence of humility. Therefore I bow my Soul to
thee, and with all possible thankfulness, accept thee as mine, and give
up myself to thee as thine. Thou shalt be Sovereign over me, my King,
and my God: Thou shalt be in the Throne, and all my Powers shall bow to
thee, they shall come and worship before thy Feet: Thou shalt be my
Portion; O Lord, and I will rest in thee.

9 Thou callest for my Heart: Oh that it were any way fit for thine
Acceptance! I am unworthy, O Lord, everlastingly unworthy to be thine:
But since thou wilt have it so, I freely give up my Heart to thee, take
it, it is thine: Oh that it were better! But, Lord, I put it into thine
Hand, who alone canst mend it: Mould it after thine own Heart; make it
as thou wouldst have it, Holy, Humble, Heavenly Soft, Tender, Flexible;
and write thy Law upon it.

10 Come, Lord Jesus; come quickly; enter in triumphantly: Take me up to
thee for ever. I give up to thee, I come to thee, as the only way to the
Father, as the only Mediator, the Means ordained to bring me to God. I
have destroyed myself, but in thee is my Help: Save, Lord, or else I
perish: I come to thee with the Rope about my Neck; I am worthy to die,
and to be damned. Never was the hire more due to the Servant, never was
the Penny more due to the Labourer, than Death and Hell, my just wages,
is due to me for my sins: But I fly to thy Merits, I trust alone to the
Value and Vertue of thy Sacrifice, and Prevalency of thy Intercession: I
submit to thy Teaching, I make choice of thy Government. Stand open, ye
everlasting Doors, that the King of Glory may come in.

11 O Thou Spirit of the Most High, the Comforter and sanctifier of thy
chosen; come in with all thy glorious train, all thy courtly Attendants,
thy fruits, and graces. Let me be thine Inhabitation: I can give thee
but what is thine own already; but here with the poor Widow, I cast my
two mites, my Soul, & my Body, into thy Treasury: fully resigning them
up to thee, to be sanctified by thee, to be Servants to thee. They shall
be thy Patients, cure thou their Malady; they shall be thy Agents,
govern thou their Motions. Too long have I served the World, too long
have I hearkened to Satan; but now I renounce them all, and will be
ruled by thy Dictates and Directions, and guided by thy Counsel.

12 O Blessed Trinity! O glorious Unity! I deliver up myself to thee,
receive me; write thy Name, O Lord, upon me, and upon all that I have,
as thy proper goods: Set thy Mark upon me, upon every Member of my Body,
and every Faculty of my Soul. I have chosen thy Precepts, thy Law will I
lay before me: This shall be the copy which I will keep in my Eye, and
study to write after. According to this rule do I resolve, by thy grace,
to walk; after this Law shall my whole Man be governed; and tho’ I
cannot perfectly keep one of thy Commandments, yet I will allow myself
in the Breach of none. I know my flesh will hang ~~ back, ~ but I resolve, in the power of thy Grace, to cleave to thee, and thy holy ways, whatever it cost me. I am sure I cannot come off a Loser by thee, therefore I
will be content with reproach, and difficulties, and hardships here: and
will deny myself, and take up my Cross, and follow thee. Lord Jesus, thy
Yoke is easy, and thy Cross is welcome, as it is the way to thee. I lay
aside all hopes of worldly happiness, I will be content to tarry till I
come to thee: Let me be poor and low, little and despised here, so I may
be but admitted to live and reign with thee hereafter. Lord, thou hast
my heart and Hand to this Agreement: Be it as the Laws of the Medes and
Persians , never to be reversed; To this I will stand, in this
Resolution, by Grace, I will live and die. I have sworn, and I will
perform it, that I will keep thy righteous Judgments; I have given my
free consent, I have made my everlasting choice: Lord Jesus confirm the
Contract, Amen.




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This is my artistic rendition of what I believe to be the present appearance of JESUS CHRIST as he appears in REV1:13-16. It shows him as the most alien looking being of all, & with "wings," which MALACHI says has "HEALING" in them.

Mal 4:2  But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, from the neck area of the SHROUD OF TURIN.

My name shall be upon you , and you shall be pillars in the temple of your God , and shall go no more out. My livery shall you wear , and the stamp of my own face shall you carry ---- FROM JOSEPH ALLEINE'S SAINTS POCKET BOOK


This shows how at the end of the serpent shaped haircut of Jesus on the SHROUD OF TURIN, there is this face of satan. This PROVES satan has been defeated & is put under the blood of Jesus; because this image is made "in the blood of the new covenant." This image shows that satan's office as "son of the morning" ISAIAH14:12, ended in the death of Jesus.

IMAGE of satan's face in the lake of fire, but all melted & distorted. (located on the lower back of Jesus on the SHROUD OF TURIN, over the belt line)


This shows that the Goliath of sinners has been slain by the "true David." [true David is a term used by Joseph Alleine in the prayer called "prayer for Christian graces" in the FAMILY PRAYERS SECTION in the book "admonition to unconverted sinners" found on google books. It's evidently referring to Jesus.]

Image with text

This is a painting of the "ascension of Jesus Christ" which my Dad made in college, which I now own.

ISAIAH  2:2 And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD'S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. Micah 4:1  But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.



•••••••••This book is being prepared as “good enough” in haste, EX12:11 in order to get it sold so that I can have the means by which to begin the camp of the saint’s church. It is a commandment of the Lord, “he which preaches the gospel shall live of the gospel,” 1COR9:14 which (to me) means to make money from it, so that “we may have to give to those who need it.” EPH4:28. I wish to make up the shortcomings of this literary work by using my own added unwritten prayers & private fasting, & all the means God has ordained for this end. Let this world  flourish with the church of Jesus, by making use of CHRIST'S VITAL strength through small “solar plasma cell groups;” the idea of this is, that Jesus is the SUN & we are his cells, like those plasma cells found on the sun, as the sun is symbolic of Jesus. The promise is, that “where 2 or more gather in his name, he (the sun of righteousness) is there in our midst.” What could this mean, since Jesus is with us even privately also? He is meaning that he is present to officiate the LORD’S SUPPER, which is the binding element to make any gathering an actual & real church of Jesus Christ. So I would encourage one & all, as many as possible, to learn what it means to take the LORD’S SUPPER WORTHILY, & grow in the strength which this most essential of all food & drink offers us, as you do not know but that at some critical point of your life, you will need to most especially tap into this most precious of all strengths. Every Christian married couple can take the LORD’S SUPPER together on a daily basis if they want & feel the need to have the added strength & spiritual nourishment. Jesus will not ever fail to consecrate the elements to become his ACTUAL BODY &BLOOD ON HIS MOST HIGH STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE. There is no greater or lesser genuine Lord’s supper, or any “brand” of the Lord’s supper because of coming from a specific church or denomination. Even if we cloud the Lord’s supper with all manner of false doctrine, it doesn't make the Lord’s supper less genuine, but only makes us more unworthy to receive it if we subscribe to such false doctrines. JEHOVAH, encourages us in the strongest way, assuring us, if we are true Christians, we are PRIESTS AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEC,  who was known for “bringing forth bread & wine, as the priest of the most high God.” This was the same pattern after which JESUS HAD THE LAST SUPPER, & God assures us in HEBREWS 7:21, saying, “THE LORD SWARE, & WILL NOT REPENT, THOU ART A PRIEST FOREVER AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEC!” = This office belongs to all truly saved followers of JESUS!!! 

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶SO WE NEED TO BE WARNED THAT (regardless of how many nay sayers there are) IT IS THE REAL BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS, & CAN’T VARY IN DEGREES OF GENUINENESS OR REALNESS OR QUALITY OR POTENCY: (as it is made not by our worthy residence over the “words of institution,”) but it is performed PURELY BY THE LORD ACCORDING to his COVENANT which is perfect & cannot miss in any aspect of it. IT ONLY VARIES IN OUR ABILITY TO DIGEST IT ON A SOUL LEVEL & TO MAKE USE OF IT IN DOING THE WORK OF GOD IN THE WORLD. It is the LORD who does his side of the covenant, each time we venture upon taking this MOST HOLY SUPPER. No matter how wrongly & pathetically we pray the prayer or say the words of institution for it, IT IS HIS BODY & BLOOD THE MOMENT IT TOUCHES THE INSIDE OF OUR actual FLESH’S MOUTHS, & CANNOT BECOME THE BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS UNTIL WE “EAT & DRINK IT.” Paul asserts, “as often as you eat & drink it,” not as often as you consecrate the elements. There is no “leftover” bread & wine/grape juice. You can’t put it in a cabinet, & worship it like the Catholics do in their convents & monasteries or by any means spill it accidentally on the ground. Whatsoever bread &juice is left after any church service, is merely PHYSICAL ELEMENTS ONLY, & are NOT Jesus & his blood. 

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ AS TO THE BLESSING OF OTHER ITEMS TO THEN BE CONSIDERED HOLY, there is many forms of turning common items into supposedly sacred objects, or even relics, or to become one. But anointing upon other forms of elements in order to store them as “changed into holy objects,” need to be preordained as only designated by scriptures. Otherwise their anointing is simply a blessing, not ordination of them now to be ‘revered.’ A real or lasting holiness on an item is by it’s actual use not in it’s keeping, except for possibly a prayer cloth. We cannot just make a whole list of blessed & holy objects by simply praying it & decreeing it, though for the fallen angels, they can curse & cling to many objects, such as dolls. But God is not like that: as he wants our lives uncluttered & with our houses in order; as he says we must take the Lord’s supper in haste, & with our staff in our hands. EX.12:11. The passover was the time in which the last supper was instituted, which was thereafter the LORD’S SUPPER. After he was crucified it was no longer his “crucified only” body “spilled only” blood, but it became his “new in the kingdom now glorified body & blood.” The form of it which Jesus & the apostles took, was a very specialised form which did not contain the glorification of it which we enjoy today, & so made them all very weighted down & filled with sorrow. It was the “forerunner” of the Lord’s supper, which ever-after would be his now resurrected body & blood, which blood is his Father, who is now glorifying us. 

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ We must pray for our food, water, & all manner of merchandise, but it’s the prayer’s effects that remain, to minister to our eternal souls, but the merchandise itself is expended & used up. There’s a small allowance for “prayer cloths” according to ACTS19:11, to be used as a means for the Lord to heal us & keep full active contact with our bodies, (to be worn with our most essential of items with physical contact,) & which when so blessed with the full potency of the Holy Spirit, never wears out, or becomes vile & can never lose it’s power. But the act of blessing water as if it’s then equal/same as the water of life, & able to cast out devils, & bless us in all manner of ways, is not done using water, but done through the word only in the words of revelation & other parts of the divine word of God. The earth is the Lord’s & the fulness thereof, not only the contents of a medicine cabinet or some small collection of highly elite articles of exorcism: since they cannot replace our faith. Jesus needs our ministry in the world as the completion of his own person which is designed to be a husband & therefore needs us to be the wife aspect of himself which by nature is a helper= helpmeet. The only way we can discern the true presence of the devil in the world is by utilising the WORDS OF SCRIPTURES; as Jesus said that if we continue in his word, then we are his disciples. That is the only tool God has given mankind to separate himself from the devil & his works, which Jesus destroyed. Only the word is “quick & powerful & sharper than any two-edged sword.” Only unless we direct the WORD upon our own hearts, to “pierce asunder joints & marrow to be a discerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart,” HEB4:12, can the WORD do it’s job to make us holy ground, ==which means separated unto the gospel of God. ROMANS 1:1. 

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ How do people NOT perceive the Lord’s supper as the most  valuable thing in all the world?Comparable to something infinitely more than precious;=ultimate gold=ISA13:12: that’s the actual substance by which Jesus himself consists!!! -Do we use feigned humility as an excuse for not admitting our sheer laziness;=failing to decipher deception &endure affliction?2Cor4:17 The natural form of hypocrisy is to worth-ship some image of supposed deity & who is reputed to be of a great virtue & power; but what usually happens in our self conceit is that devils come & fulfil our wrongful & halfhearted acting upon our conviction. If we have exaltation for any saint, we should show it by emulation, not by putting them on a pedestal. Jesus also told us we must, to the degree it is possible, emulate him & his works, even doing the works he is able to do now that he is glorified by him doing those works in & through us. =JOHN14:12. The body & blood aspects of Jesus, of the consecrated elements of the Lord’s supper are absorbed into the soul the very moment it touches the inside of your body & it can’t ever be discharged by any means.Rom11:29 Only contracting DAMNATION can waste it. 1COR11:29. The only way to lose/waste it once taken, is to take it unworthily: i.e. without intention to be made cleansed & transformed by it. If we discern the body of Jesus, we will see him as our gateway to becoming like him, & that is why we must take his body & blood. How small amount of bread & grape juice can it be, & still administer a full dose? It is all in the guidelines of the covenant, & so we just need to be as close to scripturally acceptable “bread of God’s face” & “purest God’s blood of the grape” as possible, & there is some leeway in that. One might want to do it by the strictest of regulations in REV6:6 & make the unleavened bread 1 part wheat 3 parts barley. Then “not hurt the oil & wine,” meaning that after you take the bread & juice, anoint each other with olive oil as well, with prayers added with it. We all must take upon ourselves names according to their own meanings, such “Joseph” means “God will add;” like you're designed to be like a computer or appliance that can be constantly “upgraded.” That means your root “core self” must be very powerfully strong & solid &able to take on much “added” weight that the Lord “adds” onto you. Abraham, Father of multitudes must have an extreme “Joseph nature” to be able to have added onto him so many children, God said that they are as the stars of the sky for multitude! GEN17:4 &26:4. We must rightly assume that the Lord should have control over our bodies to the point of not allowing vile sickness & disease to invade our “most holy things;” EZ44:13 by taking this supper worthily as our health. 

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ The world is being covered as in the RED SEA, with sin & viruses & plagues & dangers, which the LORD ALONE CAN “PART” FOR US. But the biggest reason the Lord parts the red sea is for our Exodus from Babylon the great, REV18:4, as he commands us to “come out of her my people.”  This is the greatest of all opportunities: to have the LORD JESUS’ BODY & BLOOD as our soul’s only vital force of prayer & fasting & doing good in the world. Jesus said that if we DON’T eat his body & drink his blood, we have NO LIFE IN US. JOHN6:53. THEY ALL LEFT HIM IN JOHN6:66 because they (in heart) loved the BEAST’S 666. The Lord knows our hearts already, & knows what we would do in any given circumstance or opportunity. We should therefore “fear lest a promise being left us, any of us should seem to come short of it.” What sins lurk in our hearts, waiting for the right time when it’s worth it to the evil devil to make it come out;= to ruin some great thing the Lord wants to do with & through us? We need to cover ourselves in PSALM 91, SO NO PLAGUE, NO MISTAKE, NO TEMPTATION, NO VIRUS, NO ACCIDENT OR MISSILE ATTACK OR ANY SUCH THING CAN COME NIGH US; especially the worst of all plagues ==sin itself. We need to be on guard after each Lord’s supper, so that it is not wasted & “bursts our bottles” with it’s new wine & makes the rent of our sin worse,” MATT.9:17, but that we plead the promise that “Jesus was sent for to save us from our sins.”MATT.1:21=To make us fit vessels for his body & blood. 

¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶  It would stand to reason that we can become depleted of this soul life force just as we can become depleted of physical food & drink, & there can be a famine in the land of the BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, just as with any other kind of famine; such as for “hearing the truth.” AMOS 8:11. It is a famine under the guise of plenty: plenty of counsellors, pastors & all manner of ministers, & a smorgasbord of every kind of faith for every kind of person! The great falling away won’t happen for lack of churches & people to fill them, but it is a falling away at a heart level. The WORST of all physical famines tho it’s not always as fatal as total lack of all forms of physical food & drink, is the famine for NUTRITION!! Like the famine for lack of HEARING THE WORD OF GOD, (which without our pastors both “chewing the cud & dividing the hoof,” is but choking sinners with bones) it’s a famine which while it makes us seem very well fed, happy & surviving quite well, it makes us become overweight & out of shape, & have the APPEARANCE ONLY of not starving. The Bible with-out a man to stand in the breach & like Daniel, being able to properly explain & interpret the HOLY BIBLE to sinners, so that it is reduced to “sincere milk for new born babes,” so that they can “grow thereby,” is nothing short of the AMOS 8:11 FAMINE!!! the whole world, (with satan deceiving it REV12:9,) can be filled with preaching, but if it is all GMO, conforming to pharisaical false doctrine, it does nothing but have the appearance of ‘plenty-cost:’ plenty of pentecost! But it’s the devil casting out “water”=his vast anointing, out of his mouth to carry the church away with it. We too, in a similar tragedy, can take the LORD’S SUPPER in such a way called being ‘unworthy,’ which causes us to become depleted of Jesus’ nutrition in us, even more so than if we didn't take THE LORD’S SUPPER AT ALL! Yet just as taking of food, the quandary of which is worse: not taking it at all, or taking unworthily is impossible to ever figure out or properly weigh, because it is a commandment to take the Lord’s supper, yet a great soul injury if we do so carelessly & without a proper, sober contemplation of the importance of it. The wicked & unprofitable servant who thought it safer to do nothing with the talents of his Holy Spirit filled baptism & so just passively buried it in the ground, (& didn’t so much as risk soiling it with his thoughts,) was in the most harsh & brutal way condemned by Jesus afterwards, saying, “you wicked & unprofitable servant,” this one vital talent should have been duly improved by prayer, fasting, seeking my father, & used for practicing the lord’s supper & all the things I have given you in the word!!

¶¶¶¶Paul warns us that because of taking the LORD’S SUPPER UNWORTHILY, many are weak & sickly & many sleep, meaning BOTH that they have become so lazy & tired from being drained of all virtue & can’t get out of bed, or have died altogether in a physical way. This shows there is a FLIP SIDE also to the Lord’s supper, that can give us great health & vigour to our flesh. Let us not turn coming before God in seeking him & doing his work, become the cause of his cursing us instead. 2SAM6:6-7. We can use the HOLY MEANS OF GOD like a man can fly a plane into the ground, or use a deadly weapon in the most terroristic kinds of ways, BUT IT ALL HAPPENS ON A SOUL DECEITFUL LEVEL, OF SIMPLY NOT TAKING PRAYER, FASTING, & STUDYING THE WORD SERIOUSLY. Too often our “motivation” for prayer is to not look dead in the eyes of fellow Christians; but if we can’t endure being castaways now, without dying from shame & the horror of rejection, what will we do when all the watchers & holy ones know it’s true, & not just esteemed as such by those who themselves are what they're judging others to be? God looks at the heart (while man sees the outward appearance) & sees all of our every intention, & knows the reasons for our lack of zealous discernment &lack of diligent study & understanding as to whether it be our own fault or not. We must become so sober minded enough towards God, that we give God PROPER DUE for having “created the heavens & the earth.” =& armed with that “heads up” knowledge alone, that all God does is eternal &cannot be added to or taken from. Ecc3:14         We should consider ourselves duly warned: God is the “lone star” who’s not to be “messed with:” who ALONE is the source & origin of holiness. REV15:3-4.    

_____________________________________________________________________________________________A PRAYER BEFORE THE RECEIVING OF THE SACRAMENT OF THE LORD’S SUPPER: 

Modified from the family prayers section in Joseph Alleine’s “admonition to unconverted sinners.” 

Most holy, blessed and gracious Lord God, with all humility and reverence I here present myself before you; to seek your face and entreat your favor. And as an evidence of your good will towards me, to beg that I may experience your goodwill work in me.

I acknowledge myself unworthy, utterly unworthy the honor, unfit, utterly unfit for the service to which I am called. It is an inestimable privilege that I am admitted so often to hear from you in your word, and to speak to you in prayer. And yet, as if this had been a small matter, I am now invited into communion with you at your holy table: there to celebrate the memorial of my savior’s death and to partake by faith of the precious benefits which flow from it. I, who deserve not the crumbs, am called to eat of the children’s bread. Oh, you who have called me to the marriage supper of the Lamb, give me the wedding garment. Work in me a disposition of soul, and all those pious and devout affections which are suited to the solemnity of this ordinance and necessary to qualify me for an acceptable and advantageous participation of it. The preparation of the heart and the answer of the tongue are both from you: Lord, prepare my unprepared accepts of my heart for communion with you. 

Lord, I confess I have sinned against you in a way that should disqualify me from eternal life, and my whole life has been spent being chased and manipulated by the devil. I have done foolishly, in eternally losing most all the rewards I would have had, and foolishness is so bound in my heart, I fear it shall never cease! I have sinned and come short of the glory of God; I have come short of glorifying you, and deserve to come short of being glorified with you. The imagination of my heart is evil continually and the bias of my corrupt nature is very strong towards the world and the flesh, and the gratifications of sense, but towards God and Christ and heaven I move very slowly. There is in my carnal mind a wretched aversion to divine and spiritual things. I have misspent my time, and trifled away my opportunities: I have followed after lying vanities, and forsaken my own mercies! God be merciful to me a sinner; for how little have I done, since I came into the world, of the great work that I was sent into the world about?

You have taken me into covenant with you. I have been set apart for you and sealed to be yours. You have laid me upon this rock of divine revelation, and I have laid myself under all possible obligations to love you and serve you, and live to you. But I have started aside like a broken bow. I have not made good my covenant with you, now has the temper of my mind nor the tenor of my conversation been agreeable to that holy religion which I make profession of. I am bent to backslide from the living God, and if I were under the law, I would be undone by you. But I am under grace, which leaves room for repentance by a covenant of grace, which invites even backsliding children to return and promises that their backsliding shall be healed. Lord I sign this contract with the force of my own desperate need to be right with you, so seal this covenant to me at your table. There let me find my heart truly humbled for sin and sorrowing for it after a godly manner. Oh, that I may there look on him whom I have pierced, and mourn and be in bitterness for him. That there I may sow in tears, and receive a broken Christ into a broken heart; and there let the blood of Christ, which speaks better things than that of Abel be sprinkled upon my conscience, to purify and pacify that. There let me be assured that you are reconciled unto me, that my iniquities are pardoned, and that I shall not come into condemnation. 

And I may not come unworthily to this most blessed ordinance, I beseech you, lead me into a more intimate and experimental acquaintance with Jesus Christ and him crucified; with Jesus Christ and him glorified. That knowing him, and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, and being by his grace planted in the likeness of both, I may both discern the Lord’s body and show forth the Lord’s death. 

Lord, I desire by a true and lively faith to close with Jesus Christ, and consent to him as my Lord and access to God’s fulness. I here give up myself to him as my prophet, priest and King: to be ruled and taught and saved by him. This is my beloved and this is my friend: “none but Christ, none but Christ.” Lord, increase this faith in me, perfect what is lacking in it, and enable me in receiving the bread and wine at your table by a lively faith, to receive Christ Jesus the Lord. Oh, let the great gospel doctrine of Christ’s dying to save sinners, which is represented in this ordinance, be meat and drink to my soul. Meat indeed and drink indeed; let it be both nourishing and refreshing to me and let it be both my strength and my song, and the spring both of my holiness and of my comfort. And let such deep impressions be made upon my soul as may abide always upon me, and have a powerful influence upon my whole conversation, that the life I now live in the flesh, I may live by the faith of the son of God: who loved me, and gave himself for me. 

Lord, I beseech you: fix my thoughts. Let my heart be enlarged to be engaged to approach unto you, that I may attend upon you without distraction. Draw out my desires after you. Make me to hunger and thirst after righteousness that I may be filled, and to draw near to you with a true heart, and with full assurance of faith. And since I am not made to despair by you, let me not cause myself to despair either. Draw me Lord, and I will run after you. Send out your light and your truth: let them lead and guide me. Pour out your Spirit upon me and put your Spirit WITHIN me: to work in me both to will and to do that which is good, which you alone, God can empower me to do, and leave me not to my own pathetic powers. Awake Oh north wind, and come you south wind, to mix as a most powerful whirlwind, to blow upon the turbines of my soul’s garden, and enflame the truth and love you are in my heart. Come oh blessed Spirit of grace and enlighten my mind with the knowledge of Christ. Bow my will to the will of Christ. Fill my heart with the love of Christ, and confirm my resolutions to live and die with him.

Work in me a principle of Holy love and charity towards all men, that I may forgive my enemies, and may keep up a spiritual communion in faith, hope and holy love with all that in everyplace call on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Lord, bless them all and particularly that congregation with which I am to join in this solemn ordinance. Good Lord, pardon everyone that engages his heart to seek God: the Lord God of his fathers, though not cleansed according to the purification of the sanctuary. Oh hear my prayers, and heal your people. Lord meet me at your table with all blessing, and give me your Fatherly miraculous blessings, to administer your son’s supper wherever two or more are so inclined to set up your table in this worldly wilderness. Grace the building up of your institution the church by every member, by dwelling among and in us with your whole presence. Fulfill in me all the good pleasure of your goodness and the working of faith with the power of your love. May the grace of doing all for the sake of Jesus never be worn out or tired of such delight to be our savior in all things. May all the blessings of Jesus be shared with me, and make me his very self yet on earth: to be Jesus with us and he is “God with us.” Make Jesus to redeem me from all sin in true holiness and cleansing from all non fulfillment of forgiveness. And show me the way how to praise our Father and his eternal Spirit with praise that will continue forever. 


Oh Lord my God and my Father in Jesus Christ: I can never sufficiently admire the condescension of your grace to me. What is man that you do thus magnify him, and the son of man that you visit him? Who am I, and what is my house that you have brought me to your banqueting house, bidding me to seek your face, with the promise of “seek and you shall find?” All this while your banner over me has been your own love: which I have only proven to be utterly unworthy of! I have reason to say that a day in your courts, an hour at your table is better, far better than a 1,000 days, than 10,000 hours elsewhere. It is good for me to draw near to God: who alone is good and holy. I wish all blessedness to God because the privileges of his omnipotent house are unlimited, and all your innumerable comforts have made your people unspeakably joyful and full of glory, eternally employed at your house of prayer. But I have only reason to blush with absolute absolute shame of myself that I have been all of my life so unaffected with any of your things though they are so great. Much less have I been effected by the now glorified crucified Jesus now set before me: which having now eaten his own broken flesh and drunk his own human physical blood and also with it the Spirit of God he also shed as his blood, is now offered to be the table of my heart, where I am continually nourished and strengthened in faith. But what a vain, foolish and trifling heart I have; when I would do good, even then evil is present with me, as flies telling me of my rotten vileness. Good Lord, be merciful to me, and pardon the iniquity I shed upon your holy things, and upon your image to the sight of the world. Let not my manifold defects, which are apparent when I attend upon you, be laid to my charge, or hinder my profiting by your ordinance. 

I have now been commemorating the death of Jesus the Christ: Lord, grant that by the power thereof, sin may be made into the holy sin Jesus was made for me and crucified with him though he is now glorified. Make the world covered in the blood of the cross, as having been also crucified with Jesus, but that my place may be of eternal glorification as one of the holy angels. Enable me to so bear in my body the marks of what made Jesus to die, as my Lord and savior, that his now glorified living power may manifest through my mortal body as potently as if I were himself on earth. 

I have now been receiving the precious benefits which flow from Christ’s death. Lord grant that I may never lose, may never forfeit those benefits, but as I have received Christ Jesus the Lord, give me grace so to walk in him, and to live, not as my own, but as bought with the price of Jesus separated from his Father upon the cross. As the bread and wine are separate, so the glorification of God may animate and shine through me as his property. Let me continually renew my contract with you Jesus, and so give me all grace to renew and perform all my vows. Contain them in the imagination of my heart always, so my ways are established before you. Lord, preserve me by your grace, that I may never return again to folly. After God has spoken peace,


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