>>>>>THE PURPOSE OF THE LORD’S SUPPER by Joseph Edward Bonnette © 2023 --5675 words////

The meaning & purpose of the Lord’s Supper is that it is the sacrament of fellowship with Jesus. To take the Lord’s Supper worthily one must have a proper hunger & thirst for it. Not for one’s own sake but for God’s sake, or else it is not an acceptable partaking of it. Anything we do or pray for must have a sense in mind that it’s for the Lord’s sake, & that our failure or lack of our requests being granted hurts God infinitely more than us. When David prayed PSALM 51:4 he said it is against God only he had sinned: trusting God has taken his sin upon himself & putting it on Jesus. Though David wrote it in the capacity of a prophet & didn’t understand the deeper fulfillment of his PSALM 51 which Jesus say “I now have the key of David,” also called the cross in ISAIAH 22:22, shows we must trust God saves us for his sake & that no prayer is fulfilled because we only desire it, but that it pleases God to honor us with his eternal blessings. Paul says it is God’s nature to desire with an eternal almighty desire that all men be saved, & so many are lost because of one reason: they were entangled with Satan in some way which either prevented their salvation or else Satan bled those who are saved like the foolish virgins wanted to bleed the wise virgins of essential oil needed to be saved. Jesus described Peter’s dilemma in one way: “Satan has desired to have you to shift you like wheat.” The word sift means to take one apart piece by piece, to disassemble. DNA is weakened when it’s unraveled & atoms emit deadly radiation when broken apart, & sinners plunge into hell for lack of self control which is a fruit of the spirit. So Satan wanted to basically blur Peter out of the picture & erase him from history. When Satan cast out a third of the angels with his tail called in Greek oorah, he was basically erasing them from the book of life, which is  the opposite of Jesus writing our names in his book. Satan was like the ultimate titanic which when sinking created a great suction force which those close to the devil could not escape from. Paul describes faith as a ship, which can suffer shipwreck. Many great ministers of faith, if they end up falling into some spiritually fatal error, will begin sinking, but because they don’t lose their anointing, as Satan didn’t lose his anointing after he was eaten by supernatural maggots in ISAIAH 14:11, he could go onto deceive Eve along with the whole world, falsely so testifying that if we sin “we shall not surely die,” because, “after all, am I dead?” Babylon’s Christians judge salvation not by whether they are alive to God, but only by if they still have the anointing! This is why many will come to Jesus, (as they did throughout life) saying Lord we did many wonderful works,” rejoicing in Jesus’s gifts rather than in their eternal marriage with Jesus. If love doesn’t reign supreme in us, Paul says we are nothing. The beast “was & is not & yet is” because he once functioned in love before Satan deleted him from the book of life, so now he is “nothing” because he has not love, but has love because we can have the power but NOT FUNCTION ACCORDING TO IT. Sinners feel the power of love in the devil, but when they see he doesn’t function according to love as described in 1COR13, they think their understanding is wrong so they seek to be corrected by the devil. And by “devil” I mean any minister who is controlled by him as if controlling a puppet with strings attached. Our “silver (umbilical) cord” is supposed to be at the cistern Solomon says: connected to our womb called the “womb of the morning” meaning the “creating power of Jesus.” 

___ All this is said to simply say that Jesus’s Supper is for REVERSING ALL THE EFFORTS & WORKS OF THE DEVIL IN OUR LIVES. Satan focuses all his efforts to make sure that no real qualified Christians gather in Jesus’s name in order to seriously with all their might ECC9:10 take the Lord’s Supper in an often manner or ever if possible. Nothing glorifies Jesus more in this dark world, where every candle power of Christian light, seems like a beacon, than to get that strength & grace that comes from a rightful taking of the Lord’s Supper! If wrongful taking of it weakens us & makes us sick in both body & soul, then taking it RIGHTFULLY DOES THE OPPOSITE: it heals & lengthens our days & makes us radiate life & happiness! The study of Jesus should therefore always be fortified with the study of how to rightly consume him as our food & drink, as though he is still laying even eternally in the feeding trough LUKE2:7 & we as his beasts are able to consume him freely & feast 24/7 because upon each Lord’s Supper it is a great & wonderful daily process to internally digest him in our souls.  

____ The Lord’s Supper is for those who therefore want to be close knit in their fellowship called in Greek koininia, (which is the opposite of the unholy fellowship of Satan’s churches called in Revelation pornia,) both terms can lead to a physical form of it but it stems from the spiritual form of intercourse before there is any physical form. The holy form of it makes Jesus our head, while the unholy form simply only has forms of godliness but deny our power meaning Jesus is our power, but they rejoice in the anointing rather than in the eternal unity with Jesus, just as an unholy wife rejoices in the benefits her husband brings rather than her husband. So the Lord’s Supper is for those want to be as close their eternal husband Jesus as possible. It is for true evangelicals who don’t just go out to spread the name of Jesus, but also travail in prayer for people & raise up children unto Jesus, & who actually spend their spiritual strength on a daily basis & so need real heavenly food to get strength for another day of diligently serving God. It’s something that can be taken while fasting, so long as it’s not seen as physical nourishment but a real soul food. The Lord’s Supper is also the mind of Jesus which is part of his body & which includes his soul, so in the bread is the soul of Jesus also which is made so much better than the angels HEBREWS 1:4 says. The Lord’s Supper is a terrible thing to waste therefore, being something more precious than all souls even if they were combined into one super soul: Jesus’s soul is made so much better than that it cannot be calculated or even assumed to be as great & precious to God as he really is, & yet we lightly esteemed this God’s great Supper for those who are inheriting salvation. 

___  Every Lords Supper is exactly the same regardless of whether you get it with holy Christians or hypocrites or regardless of what false doctrines are attached to it in any ritual such as the catholic mass or a simple Pentecostal service. It matters however who you take it with, because we are members of his body flesh & bones, & paul says 1COR10:21 that we cannot take the Lord’s supper and that of devils presumably meaning should not because I’m very sure that through affiliation with the spirits churches can associate with, taking the Lord’s supper can link one to witchcraft, if the leadership is corrupt. Satan encourages sinners to take the Lord’s Supper as much as possible IN ORDER TO EAT & DRINK DAMNATION UNTO THEMSELVES while churches like the Vatican, if they are that city Babylon, are responsible for all death on earth because they house the very devil who alone has the power of death. When the devil is bound a 1000 years all death ceases & it is impossible for any injury to take place. But the Bible tells us that sin will still reign in unconverted sinners as long as Satan is not yet cast into the lake of fire. 

____ No church can make a special patent on the Lords supper by claiming they ALONE have the real Lords supper, & THAT THEY ARE THE ONLY BELOVED OF GOD PEOPLE ON EARTH: but this false claim makes them rather like the Dead Sea & uses the Lord’s supper in a wicked manner to collect sin rather than to be cleansed from it & attract demons which coerce members by weakening them in the sin of taking it unworthily & which is a sin one step away from the sin of taking the mark of the Beast. The sin of the 666 called in Greek χξς chi xi stigma (because it will be claimed by the false prophet to be the ultimate & free blessing of Jesus’s stigmata to all humans & aliens) is the result of Satan using the most holy image of God (the gospel=2COR4:4) against mankind by being empowered by God in a one time worldwide catholic mass in REV13:14 to turn the stigmata of the Lord Jesus into that of the Father::: which we are not authorized to take in this life, & even Jesus while being made sin for us & counted as all sinners by the judgment of God, feared what God could do to him in placing his own marks of his image upon him. This sin factor of wrongful use of God’s things is shown in how the holy cups were used in DAN5:5 & it was very immediate that a hand wrote his inescapable doom on the wall. This wasn’t written in a way he could immediately understand but he could feel the terror of the Lord which radiated from it. Sometimes it is imperative that a special agent of God such as Daniel explain the communication of God to us. Why didn’t God make it clear to Belshazzar this judgment without needing to call Daniel? This could be a whole new topic & my first idea is for the same reason God doesn’t just talk freely to us & spill all his knowledge to us, like what is the winning lottery ticket or whatever we desire to know for our own motivations. The stance of a sinful heart is simply not a proper object for God to associate with, as we have a small scale taste of that when rubbing elbows with people that don’t even try to be reasonable or slightly holy or anything. Our finest righteousness compared to God still makes us infinitely unclean & insufficient to God. God speaks through his WORD before any of us can be made able to have ears generated by faith to hear God directly. 

__ The beast is a fallen angel & I personally believe he was commissioned by Satan to establish the Catholic Church called mystery Babylon the great. The beast has a huge anointing that unless one can discern spirits will always believe fully that it is God’s presence, because the anointing itself belongs to God. Jesus now has all power in heaven & earth & is “declared to be the son of God with power.” This happened in Jesus’s glorification which is also the day of Pentecost which John said happened as a result of Jesus receiving all power. 

____The  Bible says THE LORD SWORE & WILL NOT REPENT::: YOU (a true believer) ARE A PRIEST FOREVER AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK. This means there is no line in the sand between priest & layman & only God not a church can ordain someone to the ministry. Or else who ordained the first recent one ==who did not hold church membership hostage by requiring agreement with a false confession of faith such as needing to “say” you agree with canon law or some other development of it? And how did the torch of ordination stay lit (after Jesus breathed on his disciples) throughout so many centuries of sin & backsliding & quenching of the Holy Spirit? However the office of pastor can be passed on through prophecy & laying on of hands, but most of the time those who have that anointing & power to ordain won’t do it if you do not first swear to uphold what is called canon law: which I have found to be designed to lead the world to the mark of the beast. The only way the world can get that mark is through a worldwide ecumenical real time mass officiated by the pope of that time called the 2nd beast of false prophet. AI can do nothing but keep track of who got the “blessing” which the last Pope of the great tribulation will give which puts an eternal mark on a soul which mark is numerically symbolized as 666 & is a document to show that this soul had an unworthy & wrongful connection to the most high image of God through a sacramental mark rather than through belief only as we are instructed to “believe & obey the gospel” not “receive his mark.” Preaching the gospel of the kingdom the image of God ie “the gospel of Christ” 2COR4:4 is to prepare us to become naturalized citizens of heaven, not to declare us “already perfect & finished in God’s good work in us.” 

___ Every single mass the pope tries to turn the body of Jesus into the body of Jehovah calling him the most high & only holy one. But the covenant of the Lord’s Supper ONLY TURNS THE BREAD INTO THE BODY OF JESUS NOT OF HIS FATHER. The bread & juice only becomes the body & blood of Jesus upon eating & drinking it. You can’t drop the body of Jesus on the ground or spill his blood, because the covenant states “AS OFTEN AS YOU EAT & DRINK IT” not as often as you consecrate the elements. 

—- REV13:14 describes the false prophet as “had power to do” which word “had” in KJV is word number 6666, & is the reason in REV19 that he & the beast gets CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE 1000 years before the devil or anybody else! 

____ So the reason why it’s possible to take the LORD’S SUPPER unworthily is because ITS A GUARANTEED THING THE LORD FULFILLS IT EACH TIME ANYONE REGARDLESS OF THEIR MOTIVES PRESUME TO TAKE IT, otherwise it wouldn’t be the actual Lord’s Supper if we took it unworthily & so there wouldn’t be a point in saying “you shouldn’t take it unworthily” because as soon as you presumed to do so it would only be regular bread & wine. God doesn’t spare the world from unworthily associating themselves with holiness, & even in hell sinners can still make themselves more sinful by their curses & insults they hurl at God. Job 15:25 says “He runneth upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers!” If sinners could but see the angel standing in the way with a drawn sword, it “might” cause some fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom & knowledge. It concludes that it’s impossible to be wise or have any true knowledge or understanding if one does not first have a true & saving fear of God. One can fear God the same way they fear a cliff, but if there is no sense of realization of WHO & WHAT God is, it is rather fear of the UNKNOWN GOD. 

___  But Jesus said if 2 or more gather in my name I am in their midst. The reason why it’s different than if we are alone with Jesus is because he’s referring to his Supper which is a covenant: this means 2 people can gather in his name & take his Supper, because Jesus didn’t specify if they are really Christians or not or worthy or not, just if they gather in his name. This is how lukewarm churches are born & continue on & yet they have the real Lords Supper: but every time they take the Lord’s Supper they fall lower into unholiness for lack of repentance: this further destroys them for lack of knowledge & vision of God. John says “he who sins has not seen God.” God said no man can see me & live, meaning “in his sins:” causing “death to self repentance!” God says “precious in his sight is the death of his saints;” this “death” is a death before physical death which is a death of the old man, which Paul says is a “daily death.” Nothing is final or conclusive in this life except we can come to an assurance of eternal life, but we have to come to love faith & divine love which is against the nature of a sinner to love & like such things. 

___ So God says COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE! THAT YOU BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS!! —- Whatsoever condition the church is in, that also becomes your own way, unless you are actively reforming the church. Most churches have a very low & shallow tolerance for reformation. 

___ THE LORD’S SUPPER IS HOLY MEANING “SEPARATE FROM SINNERS” as is stated of Jesus in HEBREWS. If you mix sin with what is holy, it is colliding with the pure law in its purest form & all sin then becomes “exceedingly sinful” as Paul warns. Jesus is the law made flesh, which when given to us as a promise of what “YOU SHALL & SHALL NOT DO,” it becomes pure grace. This is shown in the root word for Torah/law it is the word YORAH meaning to flow like water. Jesus alone could fulfill the law, but he said his love in us fulfills the law through us both perfectly & fervently. Jesus said “the works I do shall you do & greater” why? because he is now glorified & his glorified self is greater than his former self so the glory of the latter house of God will be greater than the former house in the days of Moses, when God even showed his image to the children of Israel & “they ate & drank in his presence.” EX24:10. JESUS USES THE SAME WORDS “you shall” do greater works as how the 10 commandments are written:: “you shall.” Jesus is saying you will fulfill the law by my power in you by which you are strengthened to do all things: all things Jesus did & !greater! This means the 10 Commandments cannot be done without miracle working power except in a most basic civil level which is “laid in the balance & found wanting.” This in turns brings an inescapable doom if persisted in “as if it is a sufficient offering.” God will not accept flesh when he looks for soul. ISA53:10 says to make Jesus’s soul our offering for sin but his flesh is for the healing of the nations. Satan weakened the nations, ISA14:12 but Jesus overcame the works of the devil!

////____ In the Lords supper is all Jesus is in all his attributes, wealth & worthiness: except he only gives us that part we are entitled to by his death on the cross; for example he doesn’t give us a full access to the tree of life except in promise & in the Holy Spirit, & taking the body of Jesus doesn’t include the body of his Father Jehovah: but his blood only because God’s Almighty blood is the blood of Jesus which is why it reconciles us to God. So when that Almighty blood was shed, which is the “Christ=anointing” aspect of Jesus, this is what caused his being forsaken by God. But because Jesus never sinned & Satan could not get Jesus to sin even upon the cross during his weakest moments, the GOSPEL HIMSELF HIS FATHER’S IMAGE did not cut off his faith to Jesus. This allowed Jesus to keep his mind on God as ISAIAH says in order to have PERFECT PEACE. The suffering Jesus experienced from the basest physical pain to his most excruciating psychological & spiritual torments could not remove PERFECT PEACE FROM HIM! In our self examination we should focus on how much like Jesus are we? Many if not most of us use the name of God or Jesus in vain over the smallest of things! How likely could we have endured the smallest atomic particle of Jesus’s burden on the cross then, without resorting to some form of sin? Yet we are told to bear (by a holy faith) one another’s burdens! 

___ Isaiah says Jesus is our everlasting Father just as Jehovah is Jesus’s everlasting Father. And so while we may call Jesus our immediate Father, calling Jehovah our Father such as in the Lord’s Prayer is as adopted children calling him Abba Father. We are sponsored immigrants to heaven waiting for our naturalization at the marriage supper of the lamb. The reason why it mentions lamb so much in Revelation when referring to the most holy things, is because it is implying that we must have a lamb like nature & learn of Jesus to be meek & lowly in heart in order to have eternal rest in heaven, & Paul says even now we are seated together with Christ in heavenly places.

—A sacrament is a covenant God set up to equal the thing it represents, for example the bread & juice is the Lord not merely representing the Lord. Hebrew means “beyond” & there were no sacraments in the Old Testament so the Lord’s supper reveals what was hidden in the Old Testament & Paul says in ROM16:25 these things were kept secret. 

___ By that definition many things can be considered sacraments which connect us to the beyond, such as prayer or the word of God, but they are not so by mere covenant which guarantees their fulfillment by the person it belongs to such as it is the LORD’S supper.

—The book of revelation begins in a Hebrew spirit saying this is the revelation of Jesus Christ, much like the words of the Lord’s Supper this is my body & blood. The word Hebrew religion was prophetic of what God WILL DO, & even PSALM 51 waited for Jesus to say “I NOW HAVE THE KEY OF DAVID,” so a sacrament is a continuation of the Hebrew religion BUT IN A NEW & LIVING WAY. Jesus calls his New Testament people Jews, if we have Jesus’s body & blood in us, because Jesus as the ALL-essential Jew is worth more than all angels & saints could ever be. 

___ But Jesus’s body & blood is more than his revelation, though his revelation bear the gifts of his Supper, as Melchizedek bringing forth bread & wine: but his Supper is our PERSONALLY INGESTING THE FOOD JESUS IS FOR ALL SINFUL BEASTS WHO WILL COME FOR LIFE; == this is why Jesus was laid in a feeding trough for farm animals as a baby to show he is food for sinners that we might be healed of our sins. Hippocrates said “let food be your medicine.” So Jesus’s body & blood is the ultimate medicine that heals us & makes us able to do the work of an evangelist & gives us boldness in the day of redemption. 1JOHN 4:17. If we get our day of judgment in this life it is our day of redemption, because Peter says judgment must first come to the house of God before any saving gospel can be preached to the world in order to fulfill the great commission. Satan’s masterpiece we all fell for is to preach the gospel without first preaching conviction of sins. God said “kill=convict & eat=fellowship” not go directly into fellowship or preaching an unconditional forgiveness even before repentance! Paul said “with such an one no not to eat.” Meaning don’t take the Lord’s Supper with anyone claiming to be Christian without trying them to see if they are apostles. REV2:2. 

__ . The first thing one might notice about the Lord’s Supper is that it’s 2 elements are separated. Why is this? Is it because his physical blood was spilled out, or some other reason? It’s because he suffered that death of being separated from his father which is what “tasting death for every man” means. The juice in the cup is actually the blood of the Father, but it is the blood of Jesus because the Father is his own Father. No one else but Jesus has God as his natural Father not even in conversion to God: we are all waiting for the marriage supper of the lamb in order to become naturalized citizens of heaven. Paul says we are adopted as sons of God, but as to Jesus we who are saved are full fledged sons of Jesus because his body was broken meaning made sin for us. ISAIAH 9;6 says he Jesus is our everlasting Father, but we call God Jehovah our Father by adoption, waiting for the redemption of our bodies, meaning a full reconciliation to the image of God in which image our bodies are made. Here our bodies must wear grave clothes because it is our shame that we’re inflicted with the shadow of death but we are told to put on Jesus as our garment & very armor because he is our resurrection & life. Jesus now has all power in heaven and earth & so he owns Satan & evil itself so that now even hell itself must work together for our good if we love God, because just as the whip made the wounds whereby we are healed became a healing instrument unto us, so also Satan who was Jesus’s greatest wound & cause for pain & fear is now our greatest asset: even the very serpent lifted up in the wilderness that whosever looks upon him is healed of the bites of the serpent & must receive 7 fold all Satan stole plus all the substance of his house! The brass serpent which Jesus fulfilled in his crucifixion is the snake symbol to signify a doctor & it is also the dollar symbol which promises wealth & prosperity if we seek first the kingdom & his righteousness. And Jesus promised a 100 fold more lands & mothers & fathers in this lifetime if we preach the gospel & follow Jesus! God promised that wherever our foot touched is then our own land & belongs fully to us, & a people who don’t know us will serve us, & as soon as they hear of us they will obey us. That is of course to serve God only if we are serving God which is why we are given the great & precious promises to begin with! God doesn’t promise us anything just so we please ourselves with it but to serve & submit to one another in the fear of God. This is one of the things we need to ask ourselves in self examination if we are indeed conforming to scriptures & staying in the word as Jesus’s students. 

___ When Jesus ate his body & blood & said he will not eat &  drink it again until he does so new (meaning after his death) in the kingdom, he was not per se eating & drinking himself but he was consuming his identity as the logos who was slain from before the foundation of the world which means cosmos. The first verses of the Bible i personally believe are parables explaining how God crucified Jesus from before the foundation of the world. The Bible from GEN1-2:5 are I believe a virtual creation consisting of logos & that which is chosen in the logos. After it says in GEN2:1 that God filled the universe with hosts that not even Adam existed neither any plant etc. as it says in GEN2:5 this is before any plant or man existed. The first 3 verses cover the begetting of the logos called the heavens and earth, & then in verse 2 he was crucified, & made without form & void, forsaken of his father who is his blood, & so the separation of the bread & juice show forth his death: as his death took place before his physical death. This death was what is called the second death: which caused Jesus a terrible suffering no person has before or since experienced & can never experience the same way Jesus did, because Jesus alone is the only genetic son of God, made so much better than the angels. What makes separation from God so terrible is a mystery but if we separate the 2 elements of H2O it can then become a lake of fire if the Hydrogen of it is then lit on fire. No man in this world is separate from God, & in hell there is a limit to being separated from God. Jesus’s Separation from God in his sacrifice is what reconciled us to God. This was seen in the pieces of flesh that became separated & a burning lamp passed between them in GEN15:17. What does this mean? The burning furnace & torch that passed between the parts of the sacrifice represent how a true sacrifice includes a separation, & the greater the sacrifice the greater the separation, & the fire represented that Jesus took the judgment we deserve. The separation Jesus suffered was both impossible without a divine strengthening & preparation & was treacherous because Jesus was laid vulnerable to the devil as he hung upon the cross. As soon as Satan touched Jesus as the Father was forsaking him, Satan’s fate in the lake of fire was signed sealed & delivered! What does it mean that the Father forsook Jesus on the cross? It is a mystery how the Father can seem missing in any way when he is everywhere all at once, even in hell or in the lake of fire, but our ability to experience God can be disabled. Paul says God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, meaning while Jesus was being crucified, God the Father was in him, but in a way which became undetectable to Jesus: but God said “he who touches you touches the apple of his eye.” Apple means pupil, so when Satan was gaping upon Jesus, Satan also chewed into the very body of Jehovah: & God bears in his image the marks of his son since the crucifixion. We are not given the body of Jehovah in the Lord’s supper, but his blood only, as if it is were a small thing to say “only” but the blood of Jehovah is what gave life to his son & made him the very life of all mankind. We cannot have the body of the most high God as a sacrament but we are scarcely counted worthy to partake of the body of Jesus! 

—— This separation from God is the same experience those people in hell experience, except worse for Jesus because he had so much more to lose. It wasn’t his physical death that was the thing that Jesus feared, because as soon as he died “it was finished” & his suffering was over. But his spiritual suffering is what he had to prepare his whole life for, because FEARED Jesus what his father not man would do unto him, & he prayed his whole life with strong crying and tears to be saved from death, meaning not his physical death or Jesus wouldn’t have rebuked Peter, but a spiritual death & Jesus “was heard in that he feared” because Jesus feared he could be swallowed up in death & if there was the slightest chance Satan could win & overcome Jesus on the cross, as it is always Satan’s  aim, this made Jesus fear. 

___ Some might think Jesus didn’t by himself accomplish his whole sacrifice because he was helped by an angel in LUKE 22:43, & then was helped carry his cross, but accepting help is never a sin & the only thing that can neutralize our service to God & man is sin not that we accepted help from someone. It is our own self that makes our service what it is. Being strengthened by the angel or helped in anyway only exalted Jesus’s meekness & humility & didn’t detract but even added to his virtue as the only son of God. Satan probably tempted Jesus to say “no I’ll carry my own cross!” But Jesus knew it was no sin to accept help. It was who Jesus is & that he was without spot or blemish when he made his sacrifice which made it successful.

___ As Jesus ate his body & blood, that part of his logos identity which was slain from the foundation of the world. When we take the Lord’s supper we are very slow to become what the body & blood are, but for Jesus he was & is so perfect a vessel for God he immediately began to be broken & spilled out as soon as he partook of the bread & wine. Many think it was his physical suffering that constituted his whole sacrifice as though Jesus was nothing more than an Old Testament animal sacrifice, but ISAIAH 53:10 tells us “if we make his SOUL our offering for sin” we will see our seed. What “see our seed” means is God will see us as his seed that is, of his son, & we will see our seed meaning those saved by our preaching. The suffering Jesus underwent in his soul is what saves us, and WAS HIS TRUE & INVISIBLE CRUCIFIXION WHICH ONLY GOD COULD SEE, while his physical suffering is for our perfecting & healing & prosperity & cleansing from sin. But we can be sinless & unsaved if we’re not reconciled to God. A mistake one can make is to think cleansing from sin equals salvation to God, but the one spot on our wedding garment can be so subtle as to not realize we are enjoying our healing & power from on high & gifts of power over the enemy that we have that spot of failing to rejoice that our names are written in the book of life. We should hate our garment of salvation if we love it more than the one to which God’s righteousness qualifies us to be married unto who is none other than Jesus Christ our Lord & savior.