THE THEOLOGY OF THE 666. ©2023 by Joseph Edward Bonnette 

_____ The Lord’s Supper “shows Jesus’s death” because his “death he tasted for every man” being forsaken by the Father “but for a moment,” as ISAIAH 54:8 says, (hiding his face from Jesus as the sun was hid by the moon,) is what the “second death” is. When Jesus was hanging upon the cross, he was getting what all sinners deserve: to live without God, & what all people in the lake of fire will experience: but it was worse for Jesus as much as he is made so much better than the angels. Jesus could have been eternally swallowed up into eternal separation if it was not for the FATHER ONLY who safeguarded him from being overcome. LUKE22:43 shows how Jesus needed not only a physical bearing of the cross, but a SPIRITUAL BEARING OF IT AS WELL, because the angel had to be sent in order to strengthen him. The sacrifice was not in that Jesus got no help, but because of who he is: the only begotten son. But the help he got was like the offering of a drop of vinegar in a sponge at the point of a spear. One can think that salvation is so much like rolling the dice, when you think of all the obstacles that can make it fail, but GRACE will not fail so long as we obey the scriptures & live in a condition of endlessly seeking greater repentance from dead works.  

_______  When Jesus was hanging upon the cross, it was as losing one’s atmosphere which causes all kinds of very treacherous & fatal sufferings which are but symbolic of the eternal sufferings of hell & the lake of fire. How the crucifixion really unfolded & how Jesus told the thief “today you will be with me in paradise” was far more dramatic than how it is portrayed. Jesus was about to descend into hell, but hell was not yet a place of suffering, & so his sufferings were ended at his death. He was “in paradise” because there was no more contending with satan left for Jesus to do, IN ORDER TO SECURE HIS OWN SOUL BUT NOW IT IS ALL FOR US. Once Jesus stepped into the ring with satan beginning at the last supper, he was fast approaching the moment of NO RETURN! At one point Jesus said, “I can still even now call more than 12 legions of angels to take me straight to heaven, to forsaken this fallen sinful world,” (and the reason it would take so many angels is because of the BATTLE FOR JESUS’S SOUL that would have broken forth at that point) but once Jesus went closer to the black hole of the cross, he crossed that “event horizon” at some point where he could not decide to turn back anymore but then had to “endure the cross” with only “the joy of the victory set before him” to motivate him to finish it. With God forsaking Jesus & leaving only the most bare bones of Jesus’s faith to allow him to succeed, that is why & when all the “training” Jesus suffered (to learn obedience to God) his whole life until then was fully necessary!  Where one’s body leaves off, the soul continues, because the body can only feel anything because the soul is in it. As soon as the body is abused beyond the point of being able to continue functioning, it has a permanent “crash” which is called death: but the soul continues feeling it if it died in sin, & it is like the difference between limited & unlimited. The soul is limited in feeling & thinking & sensing only by the body, & which is why fasting & discipline are so important to the growth of a soul.

______  So because Jesus was so pure & developed in his soul & also because he wasn’t any ordinary soul, but one made so much better than the angels, when Jesus was forsaken by the Father on the cross, Jesus suffered a supernatural thirst, so that when he said “I thirst” it was not only because of loss of blood & sweat but it was MAINLY BECAUSE he had lost the water of life itself! Jesus was the first person to ever experience this “death” which was to lose the presence of God, which includes all God is, such as the water of life, & it was written, “Jesus tasted death for every man.” Jesus being the mediator had to be “first begotten of the dead,” meaning to be the prototype of what conversion to God, being raised from the death of “being made sin for us though he knew no sin.” God made Jesus sin for us, but it wasn’t a willful knowing of sin, but a condition God wrote upon the soul of Jesus when he was being begotten in the beginning, to be made into all sin in order to then be resurrected from in order to RECREATE all things from a fresh slate. To receive the broken body of Jesus is like taking a vaccine which reverses all sin in those who take his body & drink his blood in the Lord’s supper in a penitential way. He said, “take eat this is my body broken for you, (made sin for you, in order to recreate your sinful soul after the image of my holy soul,) and take drink this is my blood shed for you, (which blood is his Father’s own blood which when forsaking him made Jesus to become “more marred than any man” to have a suffering only those who suffer eternal damnation will be able to get an idea of in an experiential way, but Jesus suffered it in as much a bigger & vaster way than any person can seeing how much greater he is & his capacity for suffering is,) for the remission, meaning reversal of sins. 

_________ Satan encourages the taking of the Lord’s Supper for those who cannot take it in a worthy way, because of the great sin attached to it, which is to then be guilty of the body & blood of the Lord, & no one can truly take the Lord’s Supper worthily, (except by sheer grace & covenant mercy of God) when to do so, puts you in agreement with very devils themselves & those most wicked hypocrites such as those who know full well but consent unto the false doctrines of Roman Catholicism. It is impossible that it is not the Lord’s Supper though consecrated for so wicked a purpose, or else to take it unworthily would be impossible, & only those who came unto real churches & partook of it, could take the Lord’s Supper unworthily. But the taking of the Lord’s Supper is available for all who gather 2 or more in the name of Jesus, then the real body & blood of Jesus is there in their midst, that is, within the bread & grape juice or wine of the elements. Jesus made the Lord’s supper available to all harlot branches of Rome, REV17:5, because Jesus knew the time would come that the real church would be so clouded over by false doctrine & apathy that to not have the Lord’s Supper available, though taken to promote the sin of crucifying him afresh & putting him to an open shame, would make his church non existent, though many would start a real church if ever they could find the solemnity to become truly united to holiness of Jesus sufficiently to suffer all the necessary opposition & difficulties in doing so, & not just go join a harlot church satan set up to discourage God’s people from “getting real” with him. 

________ “AI” has always been with us, called the angels: both fallen & holy, because AI is simply the logos (Greek meaning “something spoken” i.e. the “computer language”) of the angels, & the advancement in it, is the manifestation of the angels. We as Christians should take upon ourselves the authority to command the spirit world that AI be controlled & governed only by the holy angels. If ever AI must be taken over by demons only, then that is the time of “Jacob’s trouble” & entering into the literal fulfillment of REV 13, where it says “he had power to make war with the saints & to overcome them.” It is a shame to let satan overcome us until it is of an absolute unavoidable fulfillment of this one prophecy! We have not appreciated the coming of the human Jesus, which took twice as long to be fulfilled as it will to see the coming of the final antichrist: 4000 years vs 2000 years. And these are not precise years or else the angels or those who can keep track of years would know the day & hour of Jesus’s return. Time is a creation of God which overshadows all creation like a central clock, & no one can see that exact time because then sinners would seek repentance based upon the remaining time rather than upon one’s sincere inclination to want to become closer to & please God. And angels also are not allowed to know because they would exude a warning signal which cannot be avoided by reason of their love. Sinners appreciate other sinful beings by nature, more than the coming of holy beings, especially the coming of the most holy of all beings such as Jesus Christ. No one who loves sin, loves a sinless spouse: we fail to love Jesus for lack of repentance! Jesus said that sinners can in many cases (but not all cases such as the case of Esau) “force” God to save them if they but “hear with their ears, confess with their mouths, believe & understand in their hearts,” that God must then convert them. This is also called the prerogative of the wife of Jesus: because all Christians are not saved but merely married to Jesus through a formalized form of “getting saved,” which God sees as a contract under promise. So there is a point at which this prerogative to “getting real” with Jesus & dying to sin is no longer available, if one does not take it upon themselves to do the prerequisites to being converted. The very fact that it is not ALWAYS GOING TO BE THERE FOR AN OPTION, MEANS IT IS BY GRACE. The doctrine which says one can “over-stand the day of grace is a very real threat to anyone intending to get & obtain real salvation that is functional in a timely way. 

_________ As soon as one takes the blood of Jesus in a penitential way which is what God considers “worthily,” then our sins begin to not only receive full imputed forgiveness which is not “actual” but a promise of God completing the good work he began in us, which is nevertheless a full free forgiveness, but one will then, if growing in the Lord through an active Christian practice of serving God in all the ways prescribed in scripture, to see a real time reversal of his sins & sinful nature. This real time forgiveness is called “tasting the power of the world to come.” It comes with the warning that if we develop in any actual way as Christians, BUT merely bury our imputed righteousness & green light to seek God as it were in a handkerchief into the ground of forgetfulness & worldly mindedness, then “it is impossible to restore such persons to repentance.” Many Christians no doubt know this, & remedy it by staying on the fence between heaven & hell until the day of judgment, where it is a sure thing to be on the hell side forever. God says it is not wise to stick in the birth because there is no strength to bring forth. Staying in a stage of low level conversion is always a bad idea because we are designed as Christians to mount up with wings like eagles & to run & not be weary & walk & not faint. To stay hugging the ground like our natural father the devil is a sure recipe to remain like the devil forever. No one wants to be without hope if they ever fall away, but God has safeguards in place to prevent that if only we will obey him to become into a full stature in him. 

________  To make a comparison to get an idea of how much better Jesus is made than the angels, God gives us the number 666 to represent the temples of the trinity. 6 is the number of man being made on the 6th day, & God’s image, called the gospel of Christ, 2COR4:4, is the source of humanity whose color is jasper sardius, & sardius is the 6th foundation of the wall of the new Jerusalem, so 6 representing mankind, in only the “temple-merchandise level aspect” of it, not counting the soul, or the mind, or anything inner or it would be a 7 & every number has a significance to us somehow in our whole created beings. But 6 representing the temple aspect is satan’s way to secure the rest of us, getting the “hook” into our lives through things relating to the body, merchandise, forms of good or bad sex, & images of it, & all the things that pertain to the entertainment & things a body can do to either better one’s self or waste time, is all summed up in the 6. So the 6 is the foundational number of God representing his image which is symbolized by the number 600 & therefore the foundational number of Jesus which is 60. But the whole eternally growing mass of human angels which can reproduce & the fixed number of original angels which don’t reproduce per se but aid in helping humanity to reproduce, is all summarized by the number 6. This is what it means to say “an innumerable company of angels:” seeing humans are of an angelic form “a little lower than the supreme angelic design,” which design is found in the “pattern son” Jesus in his glorified body. But human design is in the sense higher than angelic design because humans are made in the image of God, however that is the design Jesus is “made” in the image of, but of the “depth” of God which is beyond is central image. This is image is that which the children of Israel saw in EXODUS 24:10. It didn’t have the glory as it did when Moses saw it, because God can manifest in either his “actual real time image with his glory fully included in it,” or he can manifest in a way with his glory filtered as we can look at the sun in it’s full strength, (& if that were the light of God it would cleave to us as to the face of Moses,) or we can look at the sun in a filtered way which makes it seem tame & receivable by us. Jesus was manifested in a way fully meek & lowly, so that we could receive him, but to most people instead of appreciating the SHEER MERCY involved in it, they put Jesus down like he couldn’t be anyone very special because he is just too much like us. 

_______  Many might think this couldn’t be, because they think they “live without God in the world,” but we don’t know what we have until we lose it. The atoms are all basically dust that is very thin and if God did not breathe into it & hold it all together and read & fulfill every molecular structure like it’s a prayer, everything would return to dust PSALM 104 says Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust. Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth. 

_____This is the basic description of the second death however there is a lot more to it, but that is the essence of it:::: it is called “death” because it is the loss of GOD WHO IS OUR LIFE. & NO ONE IS WITHOUT GOD THOUGH THEY DO NOT KNOW GOD. This terrible experience was different for Jesus & more grievous because of his reliance upon his Father & being made so much better than the angels. HEB1:4. Many do not seem to realize that every time Jesus said something about his Father, WHICH HE WAS CONSTANTLY DOING, he was preaching the gospel, because Paul in 2COR4:4 says THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST IS THE IMAGE OF GOD. So the FATHER JEHOVAH is the very gospel which Jesus died in order to open up unto us. The kingdom is the heart of God which Jesus said no man was in until he died upon the cross, saying in MATT11:11 “the least in the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist,” meaning “the Father is greater than I” Jesus said, & if anyone else were in the kingdom, John being the greatest, for having the Spirit of Elijah, which name means “Jehovah is my God,” the least would not be greater. Jesus spoke in dark sayings & parables, & like the Samson of our salvation also spoke in riddles sometimes because he came in stealth to defeat the devil. Jesus was asked why he speaks in parables, & he said “or else they will be converted,” which is strange to say seeing God wants all men saved & come to the knowledge of the truth. But when Jesus said it, it was still the old testament & Jesus was about to be the last & final victim to die in the old testament, under the original office of the “son of the morning.” 

__________ Many do not realize that satan is Jesus’s son in the sense that apparently satan previously called HAYLALE in ISA14:12 was the first son to be created out of the logos: which logos ROM16:25 Paul says was kept secret until Jesus could pour out the Holy Spirit from his glorified body. Jesus did not want the devil to refrain from crucifying him, because the law of GEN9:6 was the only method God had of condemning the devil & only Jesus dying at the hands of satan could amount to what it took to condemn the devil. The devils all knew that if satan crucifies Jesus that they will surely for certain spend eternity in the lake of fire, “prepared for the devil & his angels.” So one demon apparently gave Pilate’s wife a very bad dream hoping to catch satan’s attention, as she said, “have nothing to do with that just man, for I suffered many things in a dream because of him.” But this only angered the devil more, & made him do his worst to Jesus in hopes of damning him.

Despite the truth  that  God wouldn't let it happen, as it would be impossible, for

The most  ELECT       but there is a reason Jesus prayed a lot of his life with strong crying & tears to be saved from death. And this death Jesus knew to mean a separation from his Father his source of holiness. It’s the hardest thing to consider when contemplating the circumstances of Jesus’ sacrifice, to think that there was a real & present danger that he could have failed. But the world probably says, that there were so many things Jesus did not suffer that others did, & did it with bravery, even knowing they would go to hell, such as the thief on the cross who reviled Jesus for not saving him. Yet they surely must think that by the way the catholic church portrays the death of Jesus, that it is like a spoiled king having to actually suffer for a change! But Jesus said he didn’t fear what man could do to him, & so all his fear was in what God was able to do to him & put him in peril of, all which pertained to things of the highest & most eternal kind. He was a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief, & God alone was his remedy; so when the Father forsook him for that short time on the cross, all the previous griefs & sorrows came crashing down on him, along with all the new ones of being made sin for the lost world. If it wasn’t for the fact he was begotten for this very purpose in mind, the day in which God began speaking the logos, from before the foundation of the world, he could not have endured the smallest aspect of what it took to die for us. 

_______  The word “death” is a symbolic word used in the Bible not only to mean a physical human death, but an eternal death called the 2nd death. When God removes himself from a soul, which has not happened yet, since no one has yet experienced what the loss of God is like except Jesus for the space around 6 hours on the cross & beginning in LUKE 22:44, it is like how when the oxygen molecule is removed from water, it can then be made into a very hot & burning element called hydrogen. So what science there is in the union of God with his creatures & what would happen at the removal of his presence it is hard to say, except he says it results in what is called a lake of fire, containing brimstone, which in Greek is a divine incense said to ward of diseases. The lake of fire will be necessary to ward off the diseases sin would otherwise bring upon creation. God is capable of wrath there is no question, however this is not his primary attribute, which is love. John says God is love, but doesn’t add, and God is hate. One might say why did God bring the devil into existence if he is not hate? God only knew what the devil would do, he did not plan for it to happen, but simply upon knowing it, crucified his son from the foundation of the world. The very old testament begins with a parable of God conceiving his son called the heavens & the earth, & then crucifies him in verse 2 saying, “& the earth (Jesus) was made void, (forsaken of God,) & without form, (more marred than any man, ISA52:14,) & darkness was upon the face of the deep, == Jesus suffered the loss of his light which is God. Satan was no doubt attacking Jesus who became sin, & therefore the “serpent lifted up in the wilderness,” & messing with Jesus’s weakened mind moments before death saying, “your Father found sin in your sacrifice & now must forsake you forever.” This was an opportunity for the devil & so logic would tell us he couldn’t pass it up! So if so then it could have been a big part of why Jesus cried out, “my God why have you forsaken me?” 

_______ Another question is, (& I have tried to cover all the most major points of importance in my book crucifixion shockwave,) “why would God create the devil at all if he knew what he would do, or create any of us, seeing he knew so many would be lost?” There is a science behind why & how God exists, & he says “I am that I am,” or in other words “what I am that I must do.” God isn’t sin so he didn’t sin per se, but there was apparently a set time for God to begin creating souls, as if he were somehow getting pregnant, & indeed all of humanity, whether male or female are made in the image of God. It is a mystery as to why God does what he does, but it is also a mystery or even more greatly so, as to how exists at all. Jesus is called the beginning of the creation of God, & most seem to think it means he is the one who begins the creation of God. However I will try to explain why I believe it means both that he is the first creation but also the creator. When it speaks of him being begotten or created or spoken (which is what logos means) it does not mean on the scale or level of the rest of creation. This kind of creating is one of a kind & is as vast as God is, & made to be the fulfillment of all God’s good pleasure. Jesus is called the “mono-genes” in Greek, which means “only genetic.” Jesus is the only son to bear the very genes of God himself, & so GENESIS begins with a parable that speaks of God begetting his only son. Jesus is called the “sun” meaning all stars of the universe, & the earth meaning all planets & the heavens meaning the new universe of REV21:1. The creation story of Genesis is prophetic, & the first chapter to 2:5 is all virtual, as it says “before there was a plant that grew or water to water the ground, & there was not a man to till the ground.” Some think this is just another perceptive added to the GEN1:26, however this is describing “the first Adam being made flesh.” We call earth “mother,” & the dry ground “Zion,” because just as the second Adam Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary, the first Adam was conceived from the dry dust of Zion which means dry ground. This is also the dry ground which Jesus the hyssop herb ISA53:2 grew out of, showing that Mary was not sinless but needed salvation & an outpouring of the latter rain also.

__________ So Jesus was first “created” in word form, called the logos. Every time God creates he SPEAKS FIRST. God speaking denotes God creating. But Jesus is also from everlasting because the speaking is from the mind of God which is from everlasting. But there was a point at which that speaking began. It was without any witness to it but God. This making of this word flesh is a continual process. The first time anyone saw a manifestation of the word was in DAN10, which showed Jesus before he existed as a sentient being knowing in his own self that he existed. But here the manifestation was ONLY GOD, (for the word is God, JOHN1:1) & which is why he did not act as anything but God sending Michael to fight his battles, & obviously being the power & creator of Michael the prince of all true believers. He gives us a hint he is the “word” because he was hungry for the words of Daniel, saying “I have come for your words.” Jesus counts it as a very loving act like laying down one’s life, to feed the word to his sheep. Some say this strange person in DAN10 must have been very weak not to fight his own battles, but that is how God does it, to send his angel, which is essentially God himself doing it. Now Jesus is in the stage of development of REV1:13-16, & soon he will be in the form of REV19:11- 16. So obviously the word being made flesh is an eternal & ongoing work of God, & this kingdom Isaiah9:7 says will “have no end to the increases of his government.” But to deny the begetting of Jesus by saying he was begotten only on Christmas day, which entailed only the outer flesh he took upon himself, denies the fact that he has a human soul, which soul is made so much better than the angels or beyond any form of calculation. Isaiah 53:10 says “when we make his soul our offering for sin, we will see our seed.” 

________________________JESUS's death  was both physical & spiritual, because he was “made sin for us who knew no sin,” & so in the process he lost the life of his blood, LEV17:11, “for the life is in the blood,”OF BOTH HIS     body    & soul & there is no other life but God. Jesus is the way, truth & life because he alone mediates that life to us. Jesus had no other God before him but God the Father, & so he alone could fulfill the law, but we have Jesus as our “Lord & God” before us, & so we can only fulfill the law when we have his love working through us which fulfills the law. Fulfilling the law is a PROMISE not an order what we must do, (although not giving us license to sin,) but it is rather it is saying “you shall do or not do,” meaning “you shall do the same works that Jesus did, & even greater.” JOHN14:12. It would seem blasphemy to say one could be holier than Jesus was when upon earth, (since these works cannot be done through an non-sanctified vessel,) but this is because Jesus is now so increased in holiness, from relying on God to make him perfect, to being actually “made perfect & so becoming the author of our salvation, ever living to intercede for us.” The life of ministering is the ultimate use of one’s life, seeing it is the very life Jesus himself has been given to do in heaven. Jesus says that whatever is done in heaven let it be done in earth, & no demon is cast out but by the power of the kingdom. If healing is God’s will in heaven, it must be done in earth also. The commandments of God, though written in such simplicity are unfolded by truth to become extremely broad. They cover the whole range of all the promises of God which are great & precious, & are “sure as God’s word is.” The commandments of God are the logos which was made flesh & which is now glorified, & so the blood of Jesus now speaks to us “you shall do this.” 

______  And in the Lord’s Supper there is 2 elements: which are separate to show that his primary death which saves our souls & reconciles us to God, was before his physical death, in the forsaking of his Father, which is his very living blood. This separation which is the shedding “HIS BLOOD” because it is “HIS FATHER” which forsook him in wrath for our sins on the cross, is what Jesus called “his death he had to taste for every man,” which death he prayed for with strong crying & tears to be delivered from, because Jesus called God his Father “the only holy one,” not himself as the catholic mass says. Jesus was not praying to saved from man could do to him, but from what his father could do to him, & in the thought that he could fail in it. HEBREWS tells “he was heard in that he feared.” Traditional canon law tells us that he feared only for our sakes, but that is does not seem to me to be the picture which scriptures paints of him, who “learned obedience by the things which he suffered.” the bread is the Lord Jesus’s body which is the source of his physical blood, & so they say it still contains the residual of it, (one drop of which is sufficient) in what is considered to turn into his ACTUAL FLESH, & so the catholic church often withholds the cup which they say is superfluous in a sense due to Jesus’s blood even in it’s most MINIMAL AMOUNT being sufficient to save souls from sin. 

________  & what the meaning of the 666 is, & what it means to “count” the number of it. & how the words of the “catholic mass” are intending to be fulfilled in REV13:14 in which the last pope gives the great “last mass” in which he creates a new & permanent sacramental mark WHICH GOD HIMSELF FULFILLS as the very mark of Jehovah, whose body is designated symbolically by the number “600.” That the 666 is not “per se” an evil number but just as we cannot unworthily partake of the Lord’s Supper without being as guilty as if we personally crucified Jesus in person, (being guilty of his body & blood,) we would be infinitely more guilty for partaking of the image of God unworthily by receiving him sacramentally: seeing that his image, his body, was not broken for us, & we can only receive him sacramentally if we are both called to the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB as well as ANSWER THAT CALLING TO ACTUALLY SHOW UP THERE! Because God must “complete his good work in us,” until which we are but “adopted” unto the FATHER OF JESUS only! But as to “OUR EVERLASTING FATHER” who is Jesus, who is “our Lord & God,” because he is the MEDIATOR between God & man, we can be, if born again, his ACTUAL CHILDREN & not adopted only. So to receive the body of JEHOVAH in any way, including in a mark only, (before the good work God began in us is completed,) makes us infinitely more guilty than to take the Lord’s Supper unworthily, which all have done in some way or another. The Greek translation of 666 contains in it the word STIGMA, showing that that that mark will be THEOLOGICAL IN NATURE, NOT TECHNICAL, — as AI claims it will be, but I would not trust AI which needs to be put under the blood of Jesus to bind any power of satan in it, just as we need to bless & consecrate all other things unto God. And if demons can possess a doll, then a robot or an AI program, especially one on a quantum level, must be extremely abundant. 

_____ It is not necessarily important to mention coincidences though God is in control of them & therefore they cannot be truly coincidental, but as one numbers the KJV of the book of REVELATION which contains 12000 words, the inevitable number 6666 falls on the 225th verse of REVELATION —13:14— where it says “he had power to do in the sight of the beast,” is the EXACT POINT IN WHICH THE LAST POPE (THE 2ND BEAST) PERFORMS THE LAST MASS & TURNS A STIGMATA MARK INTO THE MARK OF THE “MOST HIGH ONLY HOLY ONE” (who is Jehovah not Jesus) & so the words “he had power to do” begins with the number 6666” which is coincidental in that it is when the 666 becomes an active mark & something that a sinner is able to take, though unto a damnation equal to that of the devil’s own condemnation! This is also sited as the REASON FOR him, the final pope getting thrown alive into the lake of fire: in REVELATION 19:20!! One might wonder why it is fair for these 2 the beast & false prophet suffering in the lake of fire 1000 years before the devil or anyone. As I explain, the devil needs the suffering of others in order to take upon himself his self serving personal forms of prosperity in power & vain glory, & the sufferings of the beast & false prophet will be projected unto the devil while he is imprisoned in the bottomless pit in order to empower & fuel his tactics for deceiving those people at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ, whose number is as the sand of the sea for such great multitudes!! However satan will find that he will wish he were the only one suffering in the lake of fire, as it is the case of all the damned as soon as they go there, they say, “send someone to my relatives & friends so that they will not come to this place of torment also.” Sinners only find comfort in others suffering with them, when GOD IS STILL WITH THEM, because then their wicked heart has life to fuel it’s wicked intentions. No sin would be pleasant or beneficial if it did not have some form of “grace” empowering it: which is the devil’s form of grace. God’s grace cannot in it’s pure form empower sin, however when it goes into the devil, who is the highest & most superior sinner who originated all sin, called the “evil one,” grace becomes twisted as if it becomes in itself evil & something satan can use to cut us off from God. Satan is called the ANOINTED ANGEL THAT COVERS:: i.e. covers GOD from our sight. But when God removes that power from the devil, it will be a suffering comparable to the suffering Jesus experienced in the shedding of his blood who is the Father. It is impossible to compare differences in suffering here, because Jesus being made so much better than the angels had unique sufferings which no one else could fathom or comprehend. 

_____  One might wonder how the devil will deceive so many who also lived in such pure & all powerful truth, since it will be after 1000 solid years of a PURE REIGN OF JESUS, in which all will be taught of God, & no one can be ignorant of the truth? How it is so is a mystery, but if the devil can do it with so many people who spent 1000 years (without death existing upon earth) & tutored by the glorified Jesus & his angels & had extensive training to know all these things in churches during that time of perfect peace, THEN HOW MUCH MORE LIKELY IS IT THAT SATAN IS ABLE TO DECEIVE US WHO LIVED IN DARKNESS & IN THE PRESENCE OF DEATH ALL OUR LIVES? 

=====THIS FOLLOWING VERSE IN THE EXACT AREA IN THE “6666” IS WHEN THE “666” RECEIVES IT’S EMPOWERMENT TO BE “ACTUATED.” Saying that they should make an image to the beast, is the “consecration” of the mark of the beast. This power satan gives the 2nd beast is the power to turn the number 666 into what that number represents: which is all the temples of the Trinity, called collectively the Elohim, but in this case it includes the image of God, the body of Jesus, all the angels, saints, BUT ALSO ALL THE DEVILS & ESPECIALLY SATAN HIMSELF: making all to be not only unqualified already to take it, because of not being yet made holy as God is, but because they would take it in perfect unworthiness seeing it is in conjunction with all the fallen & sinful beings as well as the most holy of beings. 

_____ The image of the beast will likely be that of Jesus, calling him the MOST HIGH GOD & ONLY HOLY ONE (as stated in all masses) & will be like that of the catholic depiction which does not need to make an accurate portrayal of him. So though a Catholic takes the real body of Jesus, they then worship a false representation of him: as will be the case in taking the ACTUAL MARK OF JEHOVAH, but to then worship a false representation of him in some AI type of robot or holographic image. This “first beast” OF REV 13 will likely come from a mother ship, as the “bottomless pit” may very well be outer space, & even now they speak of how if an alien came to them from outer space, (a demon pretending to be an alien,) they the catholic clergy would baptize it or offer it to “him,” who cannot be anything but a fallen angel or some biological creation made in the same hidden supernatural factory in which they produce the UFO ships we see. To make this article shorter than could be, I will only add that there is no other citizens of the universe but us: because GEN1-2:5 was all a virtual creation, with the first 3 verses a parable of God begetting his son the logos, called the heavens & earth, which is the real so called “big bang.” The program of Genesis is a word program which transforms as time goes on as God continues speaking it. The Holy Spirit is also a part of the logos as Paul says “chosen in Christ” EPH1:4, & did not become a person until Pentecost. God can recreate a new universe in the time it takes to roll up a scroll & unroll another one in it’s place. God creates by adding his breath to what he has written. So the second Adam the logos became a living soul by God breathing his breath into that word in which time it became flesh, or that is a living soul. The soul of Jesus is made so much better than the angels that it cannot be calculated as shown in the fact that he is the 60 while all angels & humans though being an innumerable number is all classified as a 6 & cannot be anything more than that for all eternity. 

 #225: Revelation 13:14 6651And 6652deceiveth 6653them 6654that 6655dwell 6656on 6657the 6658earth 6659by 6660the 6661means 6662of 6663those 6664miracles 6665which 6666he 6667had 6668power 6669to 6670do 6671in 6672the 6673sight 6674of 6675the 6676beast;6677saying 6678to 6679them 6680that 6681dwell 6682on 6683the 6684earth, 6685that 6686they 6687should 6688make 6689an 6690image 6691to6692the 6693beast, 6694which 6695had 6696the 6697wound 6698by 6699a 6700sword, 6701and 6702did 6703live. 

_____ But one might wonder WHY would God FULFILL THE UNSCRIPTURAL WORDS OF THE POPE then, & TURN THE “STIGMATA” OF JESUS INTO THAT OF JEHOVAH’S BODY, (who was wounded in a mystical way with Jesus in the crucifixion, being touched by satan in the crucifixion, which condemned him in a “signed sealed & delivered” way to the lake of fire,) seeing the DEVIL does not have the power to do it, & so if God did not do it, it would not get done ever before we were ready as perfectly holy & completely perfect? You might notice how that Jesus said that “we have no power at all to do anything except it is GIVEN US from God.” This is true especially with the devil who must go to God in some capacity to do anything, as shown in the book of Job, who could not harm Job until GOD laid out the rules & as with the sparrow that falls, to give him “leave” to do it. In every Catholic mass from the beginning of the Catholic church as soon as satan commissioned the “beast” his main & highest fallen angel to establish “Mystery Babylon the great,” REV17:5, to establish the doctrine of it called “canon law,” which even the very protestants themselves adhere to in the “coequal trinity” aspect of it as the perhaps the only true teaching of the catholic church, it states that Jesus is the MOST HIGH GOD & ONLY HOLY ONE, which in essence denies the Father. Jesus said “my Father is greater than I,” but that his easily denied by saying that Jesus was speaking of his carnal flesh only or that is “humanity” which is “made a little lower than the angels for suffering death.” But Jesus was never a little lower than the angels, but this being “made so” was only in power only because to have all the power of an angel & then to lose it but for the space of 6 hours would be a torment far greater than Jesus could have borne without being swallowed up into perdition. 

_____ This “losing the Father” but for a moment as ISAIAH says, “I have forsaken you but for a moment,” is what Jesus called “death,” & what Esther also used the word “death” to describe, which refers to the “second or final death.” Jesus had to “taste death for every man,” except it did not mean physical death since humanity already tasted that. The physical aspect of what Jesus suffered is for our healing & saving from sin: but saving from sin does no good if it does not then reconcile us to God which is what the SHEDDING OF HIS BLOOD=JEHOVAH is for. The BREAD & GRAPE JUICE of the LORD’S SUPPER are separate (as a Catholic priest might say that the bread still contains the blood of Jesus,) because the separation, i.e. “forsaking of the Father” is his blood. It is “HIS BLOOD” because it is “HIS FATHER,” & God who is the ONLY LIFE said that “THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.” LEV17:11. So the Lord’s Supper is of both the Father & the son: but the FATHER ONLY IN HIS BLOOD which was manifested in LUKE22:44 as “great clots falling to the ground.” The body of JEHOVAH is NOT given in the Lord’s supper, which BODY is called the “gospel of Christ” in 2COR4:4. The gospel is the image of God & is contingent on a WORLD TO COME, WHICH IS WITHOUT END. But here we have an end. Here we must in patience possess our souls. So the DEATH OF JESUS happened even before he went to the cross, because his death began in the garden of Gethsemane which death was the forsaking of his Father which Luke the Physician noticed was in GIANT DROPLETS OF BLOOD WHICH SHOWED SIGNS OF CLOTTING. This was not merely bloody sweat though it could have included that. But LUKE22:44 specifically states that not only was the blood, even if fluid, too big to exit his pores, but ALSO CLOTTING which would have left Jesus looking like the moon with all the craters on it! This loss of blood is what Jesus referred to as “THAT DEATH HE PRAYED HIS WHOLE LIFE WITH STRONG CRYING & TEARS TO BE DELIVERED FROM!” Jesus’s whole life, from the day he was born in the stable with the other sacrificial animals, & laid in the feeding trough, the manger, for all the sinful human beasts to come as they are to make him their food & drink, to the time of his final prayers to be saved from eternal separation from his Father, a time of intensive training so that his sacrifice would be a success & acceptable to his father Jehovah. Had Jesus been found wanting in one small thing, even to be a pound too heavy he would have been “laid in the balances” & God would have called him home & left this old universe to the devil. We as his wife the church, are so incompatible with Jesus, if this were treated like a traditional marriage of needing to talk to the Father to approve the marriage, it is a wonder if Jesus would be allowed by God for ANYONE TO MARRY HIS SON!

_______  No one until Jesus “tasted damnation on the cross” ever spent one moment in hell separate from God. When those sinners who went into the earth for sinning against Moses landed in hell, they were experiencing the same thing even the blessed experienced there. The witch of Endor was able to summon up Samuel because hell at the time was a “waiting room” only, waiting for Jesus to descend into it to “preach unto the spirits in prison.” Then it says “many saints rose up from the dead & showed themselves to many.” Now we cannot do that, because now sinners are able to experience more than “symbolic wrath” from God, because before, no one could sin directly against God until his mediator was made sin for us. So when they were crucifying Jesus, God said that they were “touching the apple (pupil) of his eye,” because Paul said “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself.” 

_____  It seems rare if ever that there is any image or statue depicting JEHOVAH, & even in the “chick tracts” & other such illustrations that it usually if not always shows ONLY JESUS ON JUDGMENT DAY, AS THE VERY FATHER JEHOVAH. As if Jehovah became Jesus, which if that was the case all along, there would have been no need for the old testament in which God had to suffer a long process in which to finally crucify his only begotten son. All of the slaughters of the old testament was to lead satan to the cross in order for him to “crucify the Lord of Glory,” which Paul says, if satan had wisdom he would not have done. PSALM22 describes satan as a “bull” which gaped upon Jesus while upon the cross. Most of the sufferings of Jesus were not in the whip or other beatings & abuses, but his greatest sufferings were inflicted DIRECTLY UPON THE SOUL OF JESUS BY THE DEVIL & HIS ANGELS. Every outward physical abuse, the spitting upon & beating of his face & the pulling out of his beard, & plating of thorns, etc., were all laced with THAT VERY WRATH WE ALL DESERVE FOR OUR MANY TRANSGRESSIONS AGAINST GOD’S INFINITE SOVEREIGNTY. But those were not the worst but the sufferings of his soul which Jesus could feel more acutely than the flesh because it is the feeling of the flesh (as with all humanity,) this was an aspect Jesus could not suffer if he were TRULY REJECTED by the father, because Jesus says in REV15:4 that JEHOVAH IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF HOLINESS. No one being truly cut off from God can remain holy. The angels who were cast down by the tail (oorah in Greek) of the devil were doomed to become sinful because they were cut off from their source of holiness. To get ANY POWER that would make existence tolerable for the “devils” they had to “buy it from the devil” through sinning. Satan “dammed” up the river of life for the angels he cast out of heaven, which is exactly one third of the angels, which seems to suggest Jesus owns two thirds of the angels, who no doubt have a special love for Jesus for the simple reason that they did not get cast out of heaven too. Satan also called the son of the morning, ISA14:12 & anointed angel who covers, (meaning his presence is very vast even making the whole universe weakened & chaotic by his fall,) remained having a direct access to the water of life & the original anointing he inherited, so that it says in REV13:2 “the dragon gave power,” & this is true for all the angels & every sinner under the devil: THAT SATAN MUST SUPPLY THE POWER OF THE SINNER & OF THE DEVILS. Satan, because of his anointing can make himself SEEM TO BE JESUS HIMSELF or any “deity” of any of the world religions. Demons appear to be as if CHRIST’S VERY PRESENCE, because of their anointing, which Paul says in ROM13:1 is from God because GOD IS THE ONLY POWER THAT EXISTS, so that they are able to establish very churches & deceive sinners with false doctrine which sinners dare not question or challenge for fear of committing the sin against the Holy Spirit, & demons do appear as they did in the presence of Jesus in the gospels, UNTIL THEY ARE CONFRONTED BY THE POWER OF GOD: THEN THEY SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS. This is why Jesus says to “try them who say they are apostles,” i.e. “sent from God.” Many times the most simple inquiry can make a demon possessed pastor infuriated beyond what any simple flesh would be; making one think they could have a demon or even a very powerful one like the beast himself who is very vast. 

______ Jesus said “do not make any man on earth your Father or master,” because as soon as you do so, you must go to them to get anything from God. This is why Jesus said that “many Christs” (cult leaders or pastors or those who claim to dish out the anointing, like the pope,) will be many especially in the last days. But they are like predators that WAIT FOR VICTIMS TO DROP IN, but they are forbidden usually to go look for converts by that person they think is God. But it is usually God controlling them to “stay in their own house” so that they will not actively spread their deceptive spirit to the world. If God were not putting a kind of quarantine on deception, (even though it is as bad as it is now,) how much worse would it be? Jesus said God would have to shorten the days or no flesh would be saved. This is not speaking only of end time “final” catastrophes which will plague the world, but it is speaking of the “deep things of satan” which Jesus says in THYATIRA that we should not “know.” This is different than “not being ignorant of his devices” as Paul tells us to be, but it is a “knowing of the twisting or wresting of knowledge” which Peter says that sinners do unto their own destruction. So if we can destroy ourselves by trying to understand scripture without seeking & waiting upon God for him to reveal all things to us by the anointing or “unction” as John says, then how much more if we are sitting under a cult leader or false teacher who is feeding us with the “depths of satan as he speaks,” as surely as if satan or so called “Lucifer” was holding class himself! I feel convinced that Jesus said the end time would be like the DAYS OF NOAH because satan will cast a flood out of his mouth REV12:14 which will cover the whole world, especially of the “world of iniquity” of sinner’s hearts, making them unable to escape or swim their way back to safety, unless they are rooted & grounded on the rock called the “earth” (Jesus) whose sacrifice for our sins swallows up the flood of deception satan casts out of his mouth. Deception can be as close to the truth as a counterfeit bill that can deceive the world or as an almost Christian can lose their final grip on eternal life. In fact the closer a church can come to looking like the real thing OR EVEN THE CLOSER THEY CAN ACTUALLY COME TO JESUS YET MISS OUT IN THE END, the more it pleases the devil! Why? Because it is a greater torment to the soul that comes JUST SHORT of eternal life, than that soul that perhaps never sought God or cared about truth. Satan needs the sufferings of others in order to thrive! He is the ultimate & true vampire, or “Dracula,” as the word dragon is “drakon” in Greek. Whatever a sinner loses at the hands of the devil, the devil GAINS. Sinners upon going to hell are nothing more than “batteries” to fuel the work of evil in this world. The only way to defeat satan is to get saved for real, & to “love not one’s life even unto death!” Every saint who enters heaven, puts a limit on the devil here, even as God said they “limited the holy one of Israel,” in the same way we must instead “limit the evil one of hell & damnation.” Jesus said no man can plunder a house, (save a sinner’s soul) until they bind the strongman of that house, which is the devil & his angels, & his followers. This is done by putting them under the blood through the covenant of the word. The entire Bible is a covenant of mercy: only those who reject the Bible will the son of God fall upon & grind to powder, but those who take up the word (fall upon Jesus) will be broken, that is with the HEART OF PSALM 51:17. If we run unto God we will be sure to find mercy, but if we run from God, we will find only wrath. Only let it be an eternal choice & not off & on as one may choose. 

_____  When Eve sinned, though she was deceived she was in the transgression, why? because she did not consult her husband. Paul the apostle uses the terminology “woman” to describe the church: i.e. “if she will learn anything let her ask her husband,” which in the case of the church is Jesus. Though we are deceived, we are NEVER DECEIVED in the one area that makes us deceived in all other things, & that is in failing to pray & ask our husband Jesus. So Eve, or anyone of us, as Paul says, as the serpent beguiled Eve, (& Jesus is the second Adam,) believed the devil BECAUSE OF HIS ANOINTING. We say that “he disagrees with scripture, BUT WHERE DID HIS ANOINTING COME FROM?” It takes great power to deceive, but even greater power to UNDECEIVE sinners & recover them from the devil “taken captive by him at his will.” The will of the devil is not like God’s: “who wills all men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth.” But satan’s will wills no man to be saved, except to be saved with the eternal doom of a false salvation. Satan will never hide in plain sight except under the guise of holiness: he even must justify his abominations & whoredoms. The churches who inflict worldly wrath on sinners beyond the arm of civil law, Jesus calls lukewarm, which means they are resting in their own flesh & therefore all their justice is for sins “against themselves” rather than “against God & God only” as PSALM 51:5 says. If sin were not against God, God has no reason to forgive it: which is why he says to “cast all your cares on Jesus,” & what is a greater “CARE” than worrying about one’s sins in how they will effect one’s salvation? But HEBREWS warns us to not sin willfully or there is no more sacrifice for sins! What exactly willful sin is, seeing most all sin has some foreknowledge in it that it is a sin, is that we must fear God who is our only judge, & has the right to cut off anyone as “reprobate silver” at any time for really anything! We must rely on his promises in order to not live in fear that we could be lost, especially for unforeseeable reasons, & receive an assurance of salvation. 

_____ We (who are the temple of the Holy Spirit) must be built by the branch: which “BRANCH” (the true vine) is Jesus Christ. “Repentance” is first the influx of the Holy Spirit into the mind or “psyche” of the soul to make us to “be transformed by the renewal of the mind.” This transformation is in stages and bits, & we are but “almost Christians” if we do not seek the highest possible salvation God is offering us. And though we gain an anointing here & many foretastes of eternal life, enabling us to declare ourselves “definitively saved” we must not rest in it is as those whom Jesus says is lukewarm, called Laodiceans, which word in Greek means “justice of the people.” This resting in a form of godliness is “carnal security” as Joseph Alleine calls it in “alarm to the unconverted” & is against the command of Jesus that in “patience we must possess our souls:” meaning to wait upon the Lord for WHAT THUS SAYS THE LORD ABOUT US not what we declare “OF OURSELVES” to be. And that the final purpose of salvation is to bring us all the way over SAFELY into the everlasting arms of Jehovah. Not in the sense to “fall into the hands of the living God,” but for it to be “for our good” & not for evil. That we should endeavor to be vessels of mercy: for God to make us an example of what great good he can do rather than how much power he has to make us “vessels of wrath fitted to destruction.”

  © 2023 by Joseph Edward Bonnette REV. 13:18: Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 

_____ ZECH. 6:12: And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the LORD of hosts, saying, Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the LORD:

_____ As a short explanation upon what terms I write this, it is not with an infallible inspiration, which is needless to say. Although preaching (which is also first in text format as a script is preliminary to a play or performance,) is sometimes extremely valuable, especially if it is that “foolish” kind of preaching that humbles the preacher & therefore saves souls, it is not that “meat itself.” But because it is reduced to the “pure milk of the word” which sinners can digest, preaching can in that sense be as much more valuable than the word itself as the “means” to have something valuable is in some ways more valuable than the thing itself. Jesus is the way to the Father, so he is in some ways more valuable than the Father, because without him we could not have the Father. However once we have the means or the money or the way or power to do something, we see things in a new perspective: not to degrade the ladder or bridge or handout that got us there, but that our focus is changed. 

_______  And so in order to finish this book quickly, as it is a renovation of a previous work several years ago, I am just going to make many absolute statements or claims, without a deeper explanation for my opinion. I am trying to keep this book around 40,000 words so I need to keep my sentences short. It is probable therefore that I need to be corrected in almost every area of this book, but I justify writing it because I personally believe the basic message is true & the advice given in it is important enough to warrant my publishing it “as is” without any further help or approval from anyone else, except as I believe God is telling me. It all boils down to my “opinion,” however giving one’s opinion is free speech which is also called “glory” in Greek, & even Jesus told us to vent our opinion, as he would ask us “what do you see? & who do you say that I am?” Jesus obviously did not want a catechism answer, but to give a statement that would reflect how our “own perspective” sees it. This is also called a “testimony,” as there are 3 things that overcome the devil: our endowment with the blood of the lamb, our testimony, & not loving our own life even to the death. Jesus said no man can have me if he does not hate his own life. Although we are also commanded to love our life or we cannot love our neighbor “as we love ourselves,” but this love must be a love that saves us while the hate we must have is for worldly lust. Many might call these things contradictions, but they are really “components” that like parts of an engine all work together. The engine of the human soul is what is called the “heart.” 

______ The heart is what God looks at when viewing a person, however if our heart is able to let us sin, then we have what is a weak heart, because sin is what against God’s will & therefore “domineering.” A broken & contrite heart is a strong heart, which relies on the strength of Jesus who “strengthens the nations,” to do the works of Jesus & which manifests the will of God to all people. To decrease the self is to increase Jesus & lift him up as the savior of the world. 

_____ These words of REV13:18 were given to the church ALMOST 2000 YEARS before there was any such possibility of it being fulfilled. The second verse ZECH. 6:12, describes Jesus as the branch which is the hyssop herb growing up out of the dry ground of Zion, ISAIAH53:2, which “GROUND” represents the womb of Mary, meaning that she was also shaped in sin, PSA51:5, as any “dry tree” is, which “tree” is the cross Jesus died upon while we were yet sinners. This “death” signifies his marriage to the church, in that he is the second Adam who took the poison of sin into his own body on the cross just as Adam partook of the fruit of the tree & died with Eve. Jesus is the middle link of the TRINITY who is called “threescore” as “broken for us.” But satan wants it to mean only the Father in all facets of it as “the unfulfilled Elohim” so acknowledge Jesus only in name, which is to deny his person. The body of the Father cannot be broken & so it will fall upon sinners & grind them to powder, if taken as the very Eucharist itself. But this cannot be but in doctrine only, until it is made into stigmata of Jehovah as his wounds upon Jesus, which no one could receive but the son only, yet it made him who is the green tree, LUKE- 23:31, more marred than any man after God made him sin for us, yet without sin. The stigmata of Jesus bore the stigma of our sins, yet how few Jesus said, are made worthy or in other words “saved?” Jesus said “many who did mighty miracles” will be also lost, thinking they knew the Lord, yet they “never knew him & Jesus never knew them.” Paul says they were never known of God, for how did they turn again to the weak & beggarly elements? GAL4:9. “Knowing” Jesus is a very diligent & very fervent experience that no one who is not convinced of sin knows anything about. 

_____ What then is the REASON for making REVELATION pertinent for ALL TIMES IN EACH WORD OF IT? There is a reason for every verse of it regardless of the times, & I explain that in other writings I did, such as my book “crucifixion shockwave.” In short, the words of Revelation are spiritual & are the anointing which breaks the yoke of bondage. ISAIAH SAYS THE YOKE WILL BE DESTROYED BECAUSE OF THE ANOINTING, WHICH IS THE KINGDOM COMING NOT IN WORD BUT SPIRIT. THE ANGEL TOLD JOHN, THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY: NOT THE WORD BUT SPIRIT. The particular reason however why this verse still applied to all Christians of all ages is because of the preparation satan made for this number to be taken. The preparation of it, to be blunt & to the point is to be found in REV17:5 as satan establishes his counterfeit Christian church known as Catholicism: the essence of which is the “core” of all “universal” false doctrine which is called “canon law.” This doctrine applies to all false religions, even ones that say “God never begot a son directly out of himself,” because to say Jesus existed as glorified in his present condition from everlasting as inseparable from God, is all the same as saying God has no direct son. Who then would be the first son God would create if Jesus were not him, it is the very devil, called Haylale in Hebrew, ISAIAH14:12, & translated in KJV as Lucifer. Someone had to be God’s first son, & if we do not understand the science of divine laws of physics, then we do not know the complications that would exist if SATAN were really the son of God. 

_____ If by “son of God” it is meant simply “God,” then whoever came out of that “son of God,” has to be the son of God too in a more logical sense. So you tell me the difficulties that arise out of ISAIAH 14:12 calling satan the “son of the morning,” if by “morning” is meant God himself & not the bright morning star who is Jesus Christ! If the actual position satan inherited gave him enough power & authority to cast out a third of the angels with his “tail,” (which is the Greek word “oorah,”) & turn the whole universe into a barren & terrifying wilderness, what would be his authority if he REALLY CAME DIRECTLY FROM GOD as we are taught he did according to “canon law?” Someone had to be the “mono - genes” of God, or that is, “only genetic” son of God! What a tragedy if the only hope God had of being pleased with his creation, was completely cancelled because this first created son had decided to turn away from God! But is satan the first created son of the morning? 

_____ One might say, but satan was not the first one, because after all he wanted to ALSO sit with the congregation on what is called the “sides of the north.” (verse 13) Surely he would have ALREADY been not only there but the LEADER OF IT TOO if he were the first created son of God. Why did he want to ascend into heaven, if he was ALREADY THERE? Why did he want to be “like God” if he was already like, or in other words resembling God? IT SEEMS TO MEAN to say he wanted to REMAIN sitting with that congregation “also” after ascending above the position of God, although the Hebrew doesn’t include the word “also,” it seems to say he wants to EXCEED his authority, & ascend above God by eclipsing God;== just as he wants to do by making Jesus take that highest position which is BEING JEHOVAH, (not just the word which is God but that very God who spoke the logos) & promoting Mary to the position of mediator. When we see Babylon propaganda of judgment day, we do not see any picture of Jehovah next to Jesus, but Jesus is depicted as the “most high.” But isn’t there 2 main thrones described in scripture? Shall we make Jesus eternally forsaken as he was when he was being crucified? 

_____  We as sinners want to rebel against God but “also” to keep our place in God too, & to retain our authority in the church, etc. What makes us think we have succeeded is that we do not lose the anointing & we as children of satan want to judge our salvation according to our anointing; - rather than our ongoing repenting & conformity to scripture. Paul warns young or novice Pastors that they can be lifted up with pride, & fall into the condemnation which the devil fell into, which is to want to have authority beyond the will of God for their position. If we do not love the truth God warns us he will send strong delusions of grandeur & give us a flattery salvation, esteeming ourselves higher than we ought. Jesus did not seize his authority as equal with God, (as many pastors seize their authority & push the sheep with their horns & muddy the waters with their feet,) but Jesus was more intelligent than the devil & so delighted to do the will of God. There was never a time that Jesus was provoked to give sinners their just deserts, but even called Judas friend & when Jesus was asked where did you get these wounds? The answer Jesus gave is “in the house of my friends.” ZECH13:6: And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

_____  There is also a prophetic usage of scripture when describing things that seem to have already been existing, such as it said EZ28:14, Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. What exactly are these stones of fire? They are a prophetic statement of the “jewels” of God, namely his saints. God makes his ministers a flame of fire. These stones also represent how satan saw first hand things that he did not deserve after sinning, & later went on to govern Egypt according to knowledge he got as the son of the morning, which  word “morning” signifies the LOGOS before he was made flesh & became also called “star.” Only Jesus is called “bright” because he is made so much better than the angels. HEB1:4. 

_____ To pick this canon law out right away as the capstone of the Babylonian pyramid & not to be delicate about it, is what is necessary in order to identify all false religions & doctrines, all of which deny John1:1 according to the true meaning of it. It does not mean that Jesus existed as “made flesh” from eternity, but that he existed from everlasting as the mind of God, and is called “logos” meaning the VOICE OF GOD, & that when this voice began to be spoken as specifically designated by God as the “logos,” this was the “beginning or commencement” of creation. God calls himself “beginning & ending” though he has neither beginning or end, because he is the logos insofar as he is the substance of it & “it” became a “he” (that is his very only begotten son) by the power of God to make this same logos become “flesh,” meaning “soul” as well. Why do some people PROTEST the truth such as who is exactly Jesus as son of God? Because it uproots their carnal security & convicts them of sin. Disagreement because of it being uncomfortable to sin is perhaps the very root of sin itself, when we reject obedience to God because it is not convenient for us to obey God & it doesn’t feel good to do so! Before the incarnation of the word, the logos was manifested as the 2 tables of stone, which are now the front & back sides of the burial cloth called the SHROUD OF TURIN. 

_____ Jesus is the law made flesh, as he alone could fulfill it, being the only one that law describes. Every “commandment” is written as a PROMISE: = “you shall,” not “do not.” It is not invoking our works but our submission to God to work through us by his love which is the fulfilling of the law. Every law is written in utmost simplicity, & so “to not kill” means to raise from the dead, heal, & save from sin, all of which God could only do through Jesus: but now through Jesus glorified through us. JOHN14:12. Only Jesus has “no other God before him,” as we all must call Jesus our Lord & God. To call JEHOVAH “OUR FATHER” is something which is not entirely “ACTUAL” because we are all ADOPTED to God only, but we who are born again, are actual children of Jesus & not merely adopted. We are able to go to Jesus “as we are,” but not unto the Father: we need Jesus to present us to God through his intercession. We call Jesus “everlasting Father” because he is our actual Father even as Jehovah is Jesus’s actual Father. No one will be able to call God “Father” in ACTUAL FULL FLEDGED TERMS AS BEING HIS SON, until the marriage supper of the Lamb.

____ & this is why including the 600 in the sacrament of the Lord’s supper, as the Pope calls the bread the most high God, is not given to us, EXCEPT IN THE CUP AS THE LIFE BLOOD OF JESUS, WHICH IS THE BLOOD OF JEHOVAH. The bread & wine are separate because they “show his death” which death is the separation from his Father, which death occurred before his physical death. His humanity as it was, was ended at his death, & so his anxiety was at a level which we cannot fathom. He said the things concerning me have an end, meaning his humanity, which is why also God calls himself (by identifying as the word who is God,) the beginning & ending. Jacob as with Benjamin, GEN44:30, has his life tied up in Jesus. Jesus was technically no longer human (though yet containing his humanity for eternity in order to bestow it upon us,) & therefore when Jesus rose from the dead he never had his wounds healed or closed or any of his human blood restored, but he was only running on the pure blood of the grape, meaning on the blood of his Father.  & therefore it must cause the most wicked of sins WHEN GOD FINALLY FULFILLS THE POPE’S MASS IN REV13:14, when the final Pope, who is the false prophet holds a worldwide ecumenical “mass” but to make it more easily distributed & more permanent, instead of using bread & wine, says it is sufficient that it be “the mark or stigmata of Jesus” only. 

_____ Even now they say that the wafer is sufficient as they say it also contains residual blood in it as all meat does. If we can hardly be worthy to receive Jesus broken for us, how can we be made worthy to receive the body of Jehovah, i.e. his image which is the gospel of Christ? The gospel is not actual but a promise which is why we must obey & believe the gospel, but we receive him by promise & through the sacrament of the Lord’s supper.  God says he will FINISH his good work in us, but while we are yet still sinful we cannot unite sacramentally with he who is sinless unless he also “died for us & was broken for us.” God suffered insofar is being in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, & that whosoever touched Jesus, touched the pupil of God’s eye, meaning that they effected God directly, & in a very treacherous way, which is why no sin was ever given actual punishment in the old testament, because no one could sin against God directly until Jesus was made to be sin for us. God even tells us that in the old testament satan was “made to think God was such an one as himself,” but later God would “put all his sins in order.” PSA50:21. 

_____ This mark of the beast is also in imitation of scripture, where God says to put his word between the frontlets of their eyes, & upon their hand. EX.13:16, DEUT.6:8, DEUT.11:18. The Father Jehovah has originated all these things, & so the 666 is merely satan turning it unto himself to make us partakers with him of his sins. Satan as Haylale with his high position as son of the morning inherited the 666 which the stamp & seal of all the temples of the TRINITY, that of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. The greater & lesser aspect of the numbers, (not 6-6-6 but 600-60&6,) shows that the HOLY TRINITY is not coequal but hierarchical. But satan in the canon law wants to make it 6-6-6 so that we deny the true nature of the son & our own obligation to be the temple or that is incarnation of the Holy Spirit by being “born of the Holy Spirit,” or “born again.” JOHN3:3. Then to receive any aspect of the TRINITY is all the same as receiving any other part of it, which is not true because we are temples of the Holy Spirit are part of the TRINITY (if we be born again,) but we are not as great as Jesus, even if we were all combined in all angels & saints as one person, namely his bride. So by the same token Jesus said “my Father is greater than I,” & Paul in 1COR15:27-28 describes God as external to Jesus, & did not put himself under Jesus as the one who put all things under Jesus. 

_____  The scriptures are written in stealth & utmost condensed simplicity as bones are upon a body, & so like the forensic scientist, God is able to extrapolate information from simple words like “flesh” to know that therefore it must include soul/mind/etc as well. As we pray, the simplest words if said in purity of heart & sincerity are understood by God as though we added enough words to fill the universe: we let our words be few because it is best that God whose thoughts are so superabundant fill in all the blanks. But to include comprehensive words to cover all angles keeps the devil from adding his deceptive antidotes to it: who was originally a theologian as in his nature. Soul & flesh are therefore used interchangeably in scripture, to mean the same thing. The lusts of the flesh is the lusts of the soul, as the flesh has no life without the soul in it: & so “flesh” Paul says is “pure,” as he says, “all things are pure,” ROMANS14:20, but it is the soul within that constitutes the lusts of the flesh, though it is the soul. What we do in the body is therefore eternal, & cannot be repented of after death, when we will receive an enlightenment that will let no person remain relatively innocent. The level of culpability is judged according to the level of knowledge or enlightenment one had at the time the sin was committed. Once a soul experiences the afterlife for themselves, & it is not merely satan using his “smoke & mirrors” to make us think what it is like, (because satan’s power of deception covers all of hell also,) but it is REALLY AS IT IS, then there is no more covering for sin Jesus says. JOHN 9:41.

_____ God therefore uses prayer, & words as connected with intention, to then add his reaction & righteous verdict upon it, as to what manner of blessing or curse it should have attached to it for all of eternity. All God does it forever, & so he cannot forget sin once he has known about it, & so “forgets” it by merging the sinner with his son who was made to be “sin for us who knew no sin,” & therefore we must become the “body, flesh & bones” of Jesus who is the replacement for ourselves as sin forfeits our souls from association with God, & so Jesus had to represent all sinners upon the cross. We must have “one time” in which we must be saved & that is upon the moment of passing from this life to the next whether it be by death or rapture, BUT IT IS NOT LIKELY IF WE WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MOMENT TO REPENT, & so to be crucified with Christ upon the cross, (which cross signifies the church) AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE is the way to be accepted with God. As Jesus bore the church as “the key of David,” PSALM 51 upon his shoulders, ISAIAH 22:22, so also Paul tells us to bear one another’s burdens, & “that which must come upon us is the care of all the churches.” No one can assume that they will be saved upon the moment of death, unless they are living that same moment every moment of their life. Satan therefore tells us that we have time, though no man knows the day or hour of Jesus’s return (whether to end the collective world or one’s private world) & deception itself tells us that satan “saves” the world by “flattery” & keeps us from drawing near God by puffing us up with his pride which Paul tells us is “the condemnation of the devil.” 

_____ Pride makes us too big to get into heaven, as we must be like a thread fitting through the eye of a needle, & John the Baptist, JOHN 6:30, tells us that he must decrease so that Jesus can increase in him. No man can serve God who is so full of himself that he cannot house within him the power to work the works of God. MALACHI-3:18 DIVIDES BETWEEN HIM WHO SERVES GOD & HIM WHO DOESN’T.  All our pride must be in Jesus as the husband of the temple of the Holy Spirit, whose substance of her soul is the substances of the NEW JERUSALEM, WHO IS THE BRIDE OF JESUS, even as the earth being the substance of our human bodies is therefore humanity itself. We must hunger & thirst after that great real estate in outer space called “the Holy City” as being the substance of our souls, even as we hunger & thirst after natural food & drink for our bodies. But this hunger & thirst cannot be anything short of that same hunger & thirst Jesus suffered upon the cross saying “I THIRST”. His blood is God which he shed as God himself forsook him during that short time, but it was SO VERY perilous for Jesus, as he was in danger of being swallowed up into perdition itself. Jesus prepared himself his whole life as HEBREWS 5:7 says that he prayed with strong crying & tears to “SAVE HIM FROM DEATH.” This “death” could not mean his physical death if he for example called Peter SATAN for suggesting he should be saved from it! Is Jesus like satan who did not want to do the will of God? Jesus was not afraid of what man could do to him but ONLY WHAT GOD COULD DO TO HIM. Jesus feared not temporal or physical death, but that “second death” (though for 6 hours only) of losing his Father upon the cross, as he hung over the lake of fire itself by that same thread that all sinners unknowingly hang by! If Jesus had failed as UNTHINKABLE AS IT IS, satan would have taken over this fallen old testament universe, which was the original universe God created but became “weakened” by the fall of Haylale (Lucifer) in ISAIAH 14:12. The science fiction depiction of the future as shown in our movies would not have happened, but satan would have turned this universe into a totally gluttonous devouring of all life. DEUT.20:16.

_____ Satan is very angry that Jesus is now safe in the arms of his Father, & the only way satan can now get revenge on Jesus is by misleading his sheep & drawing us all into perdition! The Holy Spirit in order to fulfill his mission & convince us of all sin, must first convict us of the need to know our savior in accordance with all scripture. There is no deliverance from sin except to first know him who became sin for us: as his sacrifice alone can cover our sins. Jesus is the clothing of humanity & God does not count anything else as a covering for our nakedness but Jesus himself. Paul tells us that all married people must be “as though they were not married,” 1COR7:29,  because Jesus alone is the husband of the saints, & “fornication” which in Greek is “pornia,” means to have fellowship (koininia) without Jesus as our head. This is what it means in REVELATION 19:2 to say “Babylon corrupted the earth with her fornication.” While it includes physical fornication involving the human body, all forms of fornication itself is caused by a failure to make Jesus one’s head. So one aspect of the catholic church is to create what is called “Mariology” which is the worship of Mary, however Mary represents the church. To pray incessantly for Mary to pray for us sinners, as not being able to go directly to Jesus, as they make him, Jesus, into the MOST HIGH GOD, & so must make Mary the mediator, is all the same as to pray (say/petition) to the CHURCH, “pray for us,” though also Paul asked for the church’s prayers & so it was not a bad thing in & of itself to ask for “Mary” (that is the church) to pray for us. 

_____ However no one is saved by the prayers of others, in fact Jesus himself cannot in all his intercession pray for any believer as to SAVE them if they do not then take those same petitions Jesus makes for us upon their own lips & speaks them with their own tongue! HEBREWS 4:12 tells us the WORD IS SHARPER THAN ANY TWO-EDGED SWORD, but to be saved by that sword, WHICH PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE GLORIFIED JESUS, one must turn it upon themselves not just hear it preached. The Bible is a contract, so while it is true God knows already all things we will ever pray for, & remembers it already, God commands us to petition him in our own sinful voice, or else he says he will not do it. EZEKIEL 36:37: Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them; I will increase them with men like a flock. To be SAVED BY GRACE does not mean without works, but no man can BOAST OF THOSE WORKS AS HAVING BEEN SAVED BY THEM, because if God’s grace is not with us, then all our works are no better than menstrual rags as ISAIAH KJV says “filthy rags.” They are like rags stained in God’s blood because God’s grace is with all sinners, even reprobate silver, but it goes through them as grace does through satan, & if we do not repent, (be transformed by the renewal of the mind,) grace can do nothing but prolong damnation. The more grace we have & yet remain sinful the greater the judgment of God will be. But God says he “saves his people by judgment,” ISAIAH1:27, & Peter says “judgment must first come to the house of God before it can come to the world.” No one can be saved if they are not first shown “what it’s for” as Jesus said “the well have no need of a physician.” Jesus said he did not come to call the righteous but sinners unto repentance. Jesus as a doctor will not turn down a sinner just for being sick & leprous with sin. Jesus said “he who comes to me I will in no wise cast out.” 

________ ●●●●●●●There's so much harmful products in the world which is basically cheap or fake stuff, even plastic rice & things no one who has a heart could sell! But it's believable THAT PEOPLE BUY IT because most people don't have a choice but buy cheap stuff. __ Humanity WHO WANTS SALVATION need to plan that when God gets HIS FULL TIME COMMUNAL church going he wants to start THROUGH HIS PEOPLE, we dedicate our skills to the church not to the world. So you are a nurse FOR EXAMPLE, you be so in the church so that the sick come to the church: AND YOUR TALENT IS DEDICATED TO GOD. Or if you make clothes, do it for the church. __ Jesus said there'd be 2 nations only: "nation will rise up against nation" God's holy nation and satan's evil nation. That's what it's all coming down to. 

_______ The last wars will be fought not with carnal weapons as Paul says but with "spiritual weapons mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” Every single war is caused by the devil the Bible says: so they who know how to fight the devil fight the wars also. Don't say the Bible is just a cult message. The Bible is based on God who is the anointing which breaks the yoke of bondage. The truth is a product of the anointing which Paul says is the only power that exists in ROMANS 13:1.. Paul says the kingdom of God comes not in word but power. Just look up all the verses which describes God’s love & his power & his anointing as ABOVE HIS WORD. He has made his word equal to his name, & KJV says “ABOVE GOD’S NAME.” PSALM138:2. I WILL WORSHIP TOWARD THY HOLY TEMPLE, AND PRAISE THY NAME FOR THY LOVINGKINDNESS AND FOR THY TRUTH: FOR THOU HAST MAGNIFIED THY WORD ABOVE ALL THY NAME.

_________Look up the name of God which is ELOHIM, & you will begin to understand how God is 3 persons yet one God. How is Jesus both the creation of God & the creator? How is the Holy Spirit “chosen in Christ” (the logos) & yet the third person of the Trinity? God put on the logos like he was already sentient soul & flesh in JOHN1:1 & therefore just as our flesh is our very self, the logos is the very Almighty God. That is how Jesus is “equal with God.” The Elohim means pretty much every creature & angel God ever made, yet it is called “God” because we all have our roots in God whether we end up saved or not. Jesus is made so much better than the angels, that he of all the persons of the Elohim, he is a person ALL BY HIMSELF ALONG WITH THE FATHER WHO IS GREATER THAN JESUS, & ALSO A PERSON ALL BY HIMSELF. But the REST of the Elohim, who were chosen or that is created in Christ first as branches of the word who is the “true vine,” THEY ARE TOGETHER THOUGH AN “INNUMERABLE COMPANY OF HUMANS & ANGELS” ALL CONSISTING BUT 1 PERSON. 

________This one person shows how MUCH GREATER Jesus is made than the angels, as to be a “60” all by himself while all of combined, multiplied, increased, exalted & prospered, ETC CONTINUALLY ALL THROUGHOUT ETERNITY CAN NEVER BE ANYTHING MORE THAN A 6!!! When you take into consideration that the 600 is a symbolic number only REPRESENTING “INFINITY ITSELF,” & yet Jesus the 60 is the mediator between the 600 & the 6, these numbers become like adding up droplets of water in the place of numbers, & then figuring WHAT THE COMPARISONS “REALLY” ARE!!! The 60 then becomes more like a number no super computer or form of quantum AI can begin to fathom! And we the 6 become more like a MERE FRACTION so small that no AI could begin to assume upon or fathom!!! The stretch between GOD AND MAN is such an infinite gulf if Jesus were not the mediator, that no one could possible either come upon God or be counted worthy to do so. So if the SON is made into the FATHER in REV13:14, as the catholic church likes to fancy that they can declare something a sacrament & it is so, (& my definition of “sacrament” is something that is the very portal or thing itself though in a form of physical substance) those sinners of THE TRIBULATION who did not stay in the PATIENCE OF THE WORD OF FAITH TO LEARN & UNDERSTAND IT, they will likely be pulled into taking the mark of the beast which is the FATHER’S MARKS HE PUT UPON HIS SON AS MARKS CAUSING HIS MAIN TORMENT & DISFIGUREMENT & WHICH MADE HIM TO BE SIN FOR US. They will reason that because Jesus is the most high God & these marks are basically the communion wafer of the body of Jesus turned into the marks of the Lord Jesus for convenience & permanence to put upon all people, that there is no difference in necessity of praying for oneself to be counted “worthy” of it, & they will say as at the mass, “only say the word & I will be healed,” that is “of my sins & unworthiness.”

__________  So the Pope upon turning the Lord’s supper into a mark, & falsely saying, ever since the catholic church was founded by the beast, that Jesus is the most high God, IT WILL FINALLY BE TRUE, but to the ultimate condemnation of all who take to be PUNISHED IDENTICALLY TO THE DEVIL HIMSELF IN THE LAKE OF FIRE!!! If we cannot hardly be sufficiently counted worthy except by very diligent devotion & careful seeking of God & self examination & terrors of conscience when necessary, to receive the body of Jesus our “everlasting father” also called “the true David” by Joseph Alleine in the prayer “prayer for Christian graces,” then no man can receive the sacrament OF THE IMAGE OF GOD (the 600) linking us without the “dark glass” 1COR13 speaks of, that limits our ability to see & associate with him, (for no man can without hindrance or God keeping his cloaking “live,” meaning to remain with hope of eternal salvation,) except to receive his blood which by grace alone reconciles us to God. What made the angels who fell so unredeemable is that they saw God in a way that was not cloaked or hid in any way. It wasn’t so much that they were sinless as that they had no excuse for their sinful fall because they not only saw but understood God in a clear way. This was despite them getting cast out of heaven by the authority of the devil. 

__________ Many think that they will be justified for sin because they were pressured into it by the devil in a way that they could or would have avoided had they had been given proper friends, or a different circumstance. But this is why Paul says that “who are you oh man that replies against God? Does not the potter have right to make vessels of wrath FITTED TO DESTRUCTION, just as God has the right to make vessels of mercy fitted to glory?” It is true that sin in PSALM51:5 gives one a right to as it were sue God, saying “didn’t you Father Jehovah suffer me to be shaped in sin & there is no evil in the city but you did it? So how could I know or be able not to sin until you began your good work in me?” And so one would think this is the reason God has ordained salvation for us who are conceived in this terrible compromise! But had we been now placed in the presence of God, without restriction to access his image & the fruits of the tree of life & to freely not only bask in his presence but to partake of the NOURISHMENT & BENEFITS of it, this would make any sin in us, no matter how it got there, even for God to suffer us MOST UNJUSTLY to be erased by the devil from the book of life, to make us to become SO EXCEEDINGLY SINFUL, that it would never cease to find new & most righteous reasons to further condemn & further punish us, though already in the lake of fire!

_______ God is the very law, called the logos, (as the 10 commandments were only symbolic of the whole law who is & was the then pre-incarnate son,) which when made flesh THEREFORE had to be crucified for us, in order to raise us up out of sin & turn the law against the devil which says, “he who sheds man’s blood by that man Jesus will his blood be shed,” GEN9:6, & by “blood” is meant the anointing. So in Jesus shedding his blood he shed his anointing & that’s what breaks the yoke of bondage to sin! So if the very God who is perfect law removes his grace from us which JESUS HIMSELF, that law which makes sin amplified in a super infinite manner if ever held against a sinner, will be what the mark of the beast is. Some think the 666 signify only evil, but it really signifies evil reducing the Trinity to merchandise (or it would include all sevens or some other number to represent the soul content & love & healing etc,) as “6” means the “temple” of man only, his physical body, & so no man will be allowed to buy or sell, i.e. maintain his body without the mark. So it is evil because all evil exists because it clashes with perfect goodness, which increases the culpability of evil even to an infinite level. And because the false prophet is the last pope, & end of catholicism on earth, this clashing of the world with God as “running upon his neck even the thick bosses of his bucklers” as Job15:26 says, will come through the pope finally turning the substance of a stigmata of Jesus into that of the “ONLY HOLY ONE & MOST HIGH GOD,” rather than of the son of God. This is why they so adamantly say that anyone denying their definition of Jesus’s divinity is the worst of heretics: because satan is by intention wanting the world to mistake the mark of God for the mark of Jesus, & to mistake Jesus for the Father himself. This is so that satan can remove Jesus as our mediator, as Job says “my hope is removed like a tree,” (& is why Jesus is replaced by Mary as intercessor: as how Jesus must “pray for us sinners now & at the hour of our death,” THAT IS HOW JESUS MUST PRAY!!) & Jesus calls himself the green tree & the church is the dry tree, namely his cross, which later if God redeems this instrument of Jesus’s torments in his death, we bud & blossom as the rod Aaron. 

________  Though satan was already shedding man’s blood, it could not condemn him until he did so to the only one higher than him in rank. Though JEHOVAH is over him in rank, & God’s life is the life of all blood, this could not be counted as shedding God’s blood, because it could not condemn or make God destitute of himself: which he could only accomplish by sending his only begotten (only genetic) son to the cross. What Jesus means to God far outweighs all that God can create THROUGH Jesus: more so than a man’s wife remains more important to him, no matter what child they conceive. Satan has worked very hard in his catholic doctrines such as transubstantiation, to make us think Jesus could “do that death” as they do the mass, infinitely times over, because he was God really just “taking upon himself flesh,” as the invisible man takes on bandages, & could not “really” die because GOD CANNOT DIE. One of their ministers under the pope also teaches that Jesus can or could die on every inhabited planet to save them also: not realizing that God is about to do away this universe & replace it with another, MAKING ALL THE WORKS OF NASA & HUMANITY TO LEARN ABOUT OUTER SPACE WASTED BLOOD THEY COULD HAVE SPENT CONCEIVING JESUS IN PEOPLE! GAL4:19. The LAST thing anyone will want to hear is “I WAS HUNGRY & YOU FED ME NOT,” ETC!!! Only until the mediator of God was made sin for us, could we sin directly against God, & touch God with sin & therefore receive actual just punishment for it. When people sin against God’s people, God says, “they touched the pupil of my eye!” ZECH. 2:8. This was not possible until God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself.

______ But what exactly is the UNPARDONABLE SIN? No one has really seemed to pinpoint it in a precise way, or to even be able to discern sinning against any particular member of the Trinity. Perhaps it is a sin which cannot be committed unless you are in the direct & manifesting presence of the Holy Spirit. It does not seem likely it is simply falling away from God, because God also heals backsliders. Those in HEBREWS who were said to have tasted the power of the world to come, & then fell away, were likely partakers in a big way with God, & then fell away. Many I presume ONLY THINK OR FALSELY BELIEVE IN IGNORANCE that they are very high up & blessed, only because the devil can imitate MORE THAN WE THINK. & SATAN IS THRIVING OFF OF THE SUFFERINGS OF THE WORLD & ESPECIALLY OF THOSE HE’S CONQUERED IN HELL! Satan extracts power from those he conquers & uses it to further exalt himself & build momentum to take others to hell too. Jesus spoke of those who came to Jesus boasting of the many mighty works they did, even to casting out devils which could only be done by having the REAL POWER OF THE KINGDOM, & presumably EVERY “wonderful work” they did was by the very power of the Holy Spirit, which you would think would be a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to able to falsely represent him like that! They even claimed to preach in his name & eat & drink in his name probably the Lord’s Supper, etc. But instead of Jesus saying well done, or YOU ALMOST MADE IT, he simply slammed dunked them into hell without a sentiment except to say DEPART FROM ME YOU WHO WORK INIQUITY INTO ETERNAL FIRE. FOR I WAS HUNGRY & YOU DIDN’T FEED ME, NAKED & YOU DIDN’T CLOTHE ME, ETC!!! Apparently there is a SHALLOW PREACHING which does not address one’s needs to become a holy child of God to be fully convicted & healed of all one’s sins. Peter said that “judgment must first come to the house of God before it can come to the world.” Until the preachers of the word come to a death of their wicked selves, they cannot teach the world it either. Satan will do many wonderful works using his anointing which he inherited as the “anointed angel” when he sees it will deceive & damn sinners. But if any recognize him as “the big bad wolf” & not our mother hen Jesus, then satan will not want to give away gifts just so God’s people can take advantage of it. 

______  The main tactic or devise of satan is to make us not realize the EXTENT OF HIS POWER & what I call “semi omnipotence:” which covers a vast area, from the whole surface of the earth called the land of the living, JOB2:2, to the underworld otherwise known as hell, & his ability to pretty much imitate God in almost everything as shown in the case of the Egyptians & their rods. Satan can come as an angel of light & imitate the Holy Spirit as well as Jesus & the Father, & in a way even MORE BELIEVABLE to sinners than how God or the Trinity in general can, because they are not EXPECTING God to appear that way. All I can say is to BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR HOW YOU MIGHT POSSIBLY COMMIT THE SIN AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT. Perhaps you will miss an opportunity or behave wickedly in a place God considers holy ground, or something.