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143JUN2022::: THE IDEA that lights the filament of our minds & gives health to our face & general Salvation to our souls, is to "with all our getting, get the understanding" of what it means for Jesus to be preeminent. JESUS BEING PREEMINENT means he originated in God's mind, & became first born of every creature when the contents of God's mind were spoken. That "moment" somewhere between past & future eternity is when the "morning" of creation occurred, though it had no material thing in it except the written logos upon the mind of God. Creation in Hebrew means to cut down a tree, because that is the first thing God did: which was to crucify his son in his mind, calling those things which be not as though they are. These things were kept secret Paul said. ROMANS 16:25, but are now made manifest. 

___ Being “begotten” means that he was first begotten as the word=logos, conceived from the foundation of the world: & that world is the “world without end,” which existed from everlasting as God’s kingdom. But until Jesus died on the cross, only Jesus was in the kingdom, i.e. “the bosom of the Father.” There was no one BUT JESUS in the inner heart of God or with God indwelling their innermost soul until Jesus made this “new & living way.” HEB10:19-20. Only Jesus could call God “his Father,” & we can only be sons of God by adoption, but by being born again Jesus is made into our everlasting Father. But no one is made into a full fledged son of God until at the marriage supper of the Lamb. The gospel is a promise of heaven reserved for us, but not a sacramental presence as the body & blood of Jesus is: who had to be “broken for us, & spilled for us,” or else no one could come to him & expect to be anything but cast out & crushed into powder. But sinners choose to accept Jesus in name only while being dead to him in knowing him: so that all their “seeking of God,” is as Job says, Job 15:26  He runneth upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers. Pro 4:19  The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble. Though they come to God who is light, they must do so in the presumption of arrogance & do not humble themselves under his mighty hand: which moved the prophets to write the word.

_______  Jesus is the only son that could proceed directly from the father without a mediator: being made so much better than the angels, & proceeding from everlasting as the word before it was spoken by the tongue of God which is the pen of a ready writer. All other sons proceed from Jesus, as the angels are called “sons of God,” who is also the word who is God, & therefore God calls himself “beginning & ending” even Jesus calls himself the beginning of the creation of God. The word was created as God’s intellectual property, as an author creates a book, yet the book itself especially if it’s electronic, has no substance in itself except as circuits on a computer mind. So though the word is created & has a beginning, it is God, since God is the sole father & sustainer & author of it. God also calls himself by the word, saying that he is the beginning, though he himself had no beginning: God’s soul is bound up in his son, as Jacob’s soul was all bound up in Benjamin. GEN44:30. Only God knows the son & alone can draw us unto the son, & no man can know the Father JEHOVAH but to whom the son will reveal him.

_____God needed a creature in whom he would take great delight & find all manner of pleasure in, in a manner that satisfies his most exacting holiness & scope of his power & majesty: which he cannot find in himself as he has existed from everlasting. IF IT WERE NOT JESUS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SATAN, AS WICKED HAMAN THOUGHT THAT THE KING TOOK DELIGHT IN HIM, BUT INSTEAD IT WAS MORDECAI. Then God provoked satan to strike at Jesus in his most certain death, because God made satan honor & bow before Jesus as he rode upon the donkey through the streets of Jerusalem, saying “thus shall it be done to the man God delights to honor.” God needed a son fit for a King as great as himself. Paul tells us that God is external to Jesus, 1COR15:27, & in putting all things under Jesus, DID NOT PUT HIMSELF UNDER JESUS, OR ON AN EQUAL FOOTING WITH JESUS, BUT REMAINS GREATER THAN JESUS: even as Jesus said, “my Father is greater than I.” To Jesus that was the greatest of joys to say that, & not a “put down” or feeling like he wanted to challenge God for power of office, as satan did. When God was no longer over Jesus as his light which is his blood for his very soul, that makes his face to shine, that is when “darkness was upon the face of the deep,” & his Father was eclipsed & it made him to cry out, “my God why have you forsaken me?”

______ Making Jesus God turns him into a perpetual sacrifice they call an unbloody sacrifice, as every mass is a separation of Jesus from his Father, as they instead make him the most high God. Then they often give only the bread to the people in the wafer saying that the blood residue is still in it, & it takes but a drop to the job anyways. Then the priests on a lesser scale give the cup of Jesus’s blood to the people, but take it themselves thinking that it justifies themselves separating themselves from the people in they call “clergy & laymen.” But God says that every born again Christian is a priest after the order of Melchisedek: whose office was in the very Lord’s supper. Jesus said it takes only 2 or more believers to officiate his supper. The cup & wafer are separate in the Lord’s supper, because that “shows forth the Lord’s death,” which is separation from his Father who is the blood. But that does not mean that the body of the Father is in the cup, which is the gospel image, but his blood, which is the life of all flesh is in it: whom only Jesus can mediate for us. We know we pass from death to life when we love our primary brother Jesus, & he is the husband & head of the church also. God gave us his son to be our first love, so that we would be handed over to the Father, our final love, as “kings & priests” when Jesus hands over the kingdom to the Father. 1COR15:24.

______  As Pharaoh made Joseph equal except in the very throne itself, GEN41:40, that is how God made his son: & commands that all the angels of God worship him, as Joseph had the dream that his brothers worshipped him. God’s creation is time itself: which is events which God alone is the power of. Time was first created in a virtual manner to represent days, which is the general time of a planet to rotate. However God made all planets to be inhabited, & yet only earth is inhabited because the universe is about to be rolled up like a scroll, when God terminates the old script of it. Then God also withdraws his breath & turns it into space dust in order to recreate a new universe. Psa 104:29  _ Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust. Psa 104:30  Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth. For something that is unlimited to create something limited, it is to God always the same size & requires the same amount of effort, whether it is the size of an atom or universe. God is equally everywhere; =& so if God found it a strain to create the whole universe all at one instant of time, then it would also be a strain to change or effect or create one atom or particle ANYWHERE in the universe, including here!

_______  The WORLDWIDE CHRISTIAN OPINION denies the true nature of Jesus being the son, & makes him the PANTOCRATOR: which name is reserved only for the Father. The LOGOS IS GOD because it means “God speaking:” & the logos does not sustain or consist himself, but ONLY GOD: because the logos itself is inanimate & not sentient. This very same logos before he was made flesh as the son of God, was manifested in DAN10 as the man more precious than fine gold, & whom God called “God,” saying, “your throne oh God is forever & ever,” etc. God would often speak to his mental creations as if they are real, “calling those things which be not as though they are.” The logos in DAN10 had no power of himself, but what God had, & so was equal to God in that regard, & so had to send MICHAEL THE ANGEL to do his bidding, which is simply the normal procedure for God to things according to. Yet one might say, why did that “apparition” seem so helpless to do anything? Because he wasn’t helpless but acting as the “word creation” of God, who speaks as one who has no power in himself, but is now since rising from the dead “declared to be the son of God with power.” He was hungry for our words, & he says “I came for your words,” & calls our preaching “feeding the sheep.” Hos 14:2  Take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.

_____  The Bible makes clear THE LOGOS had a beginning: “IN THE BEGINNING IS THE WORD, THE WORD IS WITH GOD & IS GOD.” There is a beginning of what is purely VIRTUAL CREATION: which consists purely of God because it is the tongue of God writing the book of life: meaning “choosing us in Christ from the foundation of the world.” This original choosing in Christ was ALL PEOPLE & ALL ANGELS: but the difference between elect & non elect took place, because the FALL OF HAYLALE (Lucifer) in ISA14:12 “UNELECTED” a great majority of all peoples & a third of the angels. How could God allow that? Why did God even create Haylale at all, since it was God’s will “all men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth?” It’s an infinitely harder question to ask, how did God exist as all power called Elohim, & be “all in all,” be all he is as being ALMIGHTY, etc? There is something about conceiving new souls that seems unavoidable so that once the process is set in motion, it cannot be reversed, anymore than the laws of the Medes & Persians! One could ask why was satan allowed to set up camp on earth as Babylon in REV17-18, aka the Catholic religion, since Jesus had already conquered him? The same reason that the King in Esther could not reverse the decree of wicked Haman to destroy the Jews, but instead gave us Purim, meaning broken pieces, along with our testimony, which Paul calls “weapons of our warfare which are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds, etc.” Satan is therefore “spiritual wickedness in high places,” along with his devils, & so whenever we would do good, evil is present with us, Paul said. This is the mystery of iniquity, but we see there is a time limit imposed on the devil in the book of Revelation.

______ Jesus spoke of God his Father as being above him & greater than him, & the one who did all the miracles through him. God calls those things which be not as though they are, ROM.4:17: which is how also God creates, & is how God begot his only genetic son. (G3439 (Strong) μονογενής monogenēs, mon-og-en-ace,) God saw the engraving of the 10 commandments AS IF it were his son, (though an extreme summary of what the word is, = #1: placing the Father first, etc.,) which is why God was so jealous of those stone tablets, sometimes killing people just for touching them in even a good intention of steadying them on an oxcart! 2SAM6:6-7. God therefore called his initial begetting of Jesus as actual completion of him, though he was “brought forth” (i.e. made sentient as the word made flesh) in the fulness of time. John refers to God the Father as the one who begot & Jesus as the one begotten of him. 1JOHN5:1. The devil wants to make the begetting of Jesus the identical same manner in which God the Father exists, so that to say Jesus was begotten is semantics only, & if there is any “true beginning, or true begetting” to it, to make it exist solely in his being made flesh in the time which we call “Christmas.” But that if he had previously existed, whether from everlasting or as sentiently aware as a living being from the beginning, to be “made flesh” does not carry with it the true Biblical sense of being also “made soul” as well: since a soul must be included with whatever kind of outward creature form it is. If God creates the form of a human, there must be a human soul included within that body: & it cannot be a preexisting soul who has already had time to grow in wisdom & stature & formulate it’s antidotes to life’s problems. This means also that that human soul must be qualified to be called human, & therefore with a beginning & with the vulnerabilities of being human. God cannot lie, & Jesus cannot be a lie. To be God refers back to his preeminence: as the beginning of the creation of God as the LOGOS of God. This same LOGOS has written in it how Jesus had to first be made a human soul with a fitting body, though made in quality so much better than the angels, which is a tremendous thing, considering that we are only made a little lower than the angels if we are born again, & functioning in that capacity as fellow servants for the holy angels. James suggests that rank sinners are made lower than the devils, because he says “the devils believe & tremble,” yet sinners often are immoveable.

______ However Jesus was only made a little lower than the angels in his appearance: which means he came in the likeness of sinful flesh, in order to suffer death for every man. No one would have spoken anything but honor & fear to Jesus, (& not attempted to crucify him,) if he had come showing his true nature of being without sin: for then he would have been greater than a glorified angel, HEB1:4, [BY A FACTOR WHICH IS INCALCULABLE IN MATHEMATICS] in his outward show of strength & demand for our respect. His lamblike lowly meek gentle nature rather than his lion excelling in strength nature is what people saw, because he was broken for us, which is what allows us to eat & drink him as our nourishment for soul & body. He counted it not robbery to be equal with his Father, as taking upon himself all of his inheritance of power & glory & majesty: meaning that Jesus could have simply left us all & went to heaven, escorted by more than 12 legions of angels. But he was far superior in reasoning than his first son Haylale who became the devil, because instead of questioning & disbelieving God’s word, Jesus took everything God said at face value believing the words of God’s mouth in purest righteousness & even delighted to do God’s will, even unto death. By death it means both spiritual & physical: as Jesus’s blood is God his Father, who is the life of all blood, especially of his son, LEV17:11, & so when Jesus prayed to be delivered from death, he meant SEPARATION FROM HIS FATHER. This death is so terrible it is described as the very LAKE OF FIRE ITSELF: i.e. the 2nd death! How God “forsakes” anyone when he is OMNIPRESENT is a great mystery, but God being also “omniscient,” = all intelligent, understands how to do all these things. God is so exact in everything & cannot forget anything, & so forgives & “forgets” sins by making us members of Jesus’s body, flesh & bones; with our death in sin being swallowed up in the victory of Jesus’s death, who was made to be sin for us, who knew no sin. 2COR5:21. Now all who are in Christ Jesus are new creatures, because their wicked sin has been swallowed up into his sinless & holy sin which knew no sin: even as our sins which are thrown into the sea. MICAH 7:19::: He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

___ In satan’s false Christian theology, (which I find is the case in every church I see,== & yet I know it is not so but only what I see so far,) God the Father is usually not accounted for; but instead JESUS is the one taking that highest position, as the Catholics claim in every mass, that Jesus “alone is holy, & the most high God.” The Catholic mass is really a theological misalignment of the PRAYER OF THE LAMB & MOSES in REV.15:3-4, which states that GOD ONLY IS HOLY. Wouldn’t Jesus rather say, “for you & I only are holy?” Instead Jesus makes no mention of himself in that prayer. Satan simply promotes Jesus to the uppermost position of the Trinity, but does not remove the landmark of God’s name & title as Father, but does this by making the trinity 3 equal persons so that they are all “most high.” But in doing so this is how antichrist denies the father & the son (& our place as temples of the Holy Spirit) all in one simple stroke of the pen of satan’s tongue. Then WHO is the power in the churches if God cannot be because he was eclipsed by the son’s perpetual crucifixion in the catholic’s un-bloody masses, & Jesus cannot be, because he is being falsely worshipped as God rather than the mediator of God? It is satan coming in the form of his replacement mascot, Mary: who must now be the mediator of her son, since her son is God, & no one can come to God without a mediator! The churches are anointing centric rather than “persons of the trinity” centric, because they cannot explain how their creeds of the trinity make sense, & so make up for their impossibility for having understanding, by majoring on the anointing. Jesus kept on warning us, beware of the “leaven” of the scribes & pharisees. By leaven Jesus meant doctrine, or “rule,” meaning in Greek “canon.” This was the real design behind their power, as the software program which ran the hardware of their anointing, which Jesus said was from their father the devil.

________ God said that the glory of the latter house, the new testament, would be greater than the former which is the old testament Paul called the administration of death. Satan was in a superficial sense the first pentecostal, though it was not an inner indwelling but one that merely made satan “excel in strength,” like the ultimate superman. There was no inner change of heart or indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the old testament, & no “power from on high,” but it all came through the devil: who was not put out of office as the “son of the morning” until Jesus (the morning) died at the hands of his son the devil. This is why the prophets were able to do terrible sins with their powers: call down fire from heaven to burn up people all in the spirit of personal amusement & arrogance, & superhuman strength to “go into all the world to preach,” i.e. the gospel of death to every unbeliever by the edge of the sword of steel. David & the other prophets & the Jews in general were commanded by God, (as per the will of the devil to edit God’s laws, as wicked Haman went to the King to destroy the Jews,) to go into all the world and UTTERLY SLAUGHTER WITH FURY & JUDGMENT EVERY MAN, WOMAN & CHILD & TO LEAVE NOTHING ALIVE THAT BREATHES, which is a monumental impossible task for anyone not endued with superhuman powers & with immunity to any revenge taken by their victims.  —-  The very apostles of Jesus wanted to do the same to those who would not follow Jesus, but Jesus said that THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT SPIRIT THEY ARE OF: meaning Jesus was then instituting the SPIRIT OF LOVE NOT HATE. John said God is light & love & in him is no darkness or hatred at all. — Because the spirit of the old testament, while being from God, “because all power is of God who is the ONLY POWER,” ROMANS13:1, it was filtered through the devil, who is called the “ANOINTED ANGEL.”

_____ Jesus later gave us the great commission to preach with words of mercy & not by acts of death: to conquer our sins, rather than to conquer our very hope of salvation. Those who do not accept the Biblical description of Jesus in his being begotten as the word, accept rather an old testament, lesser form of anointing power, which is not from on high but filtered through the devil, who “sifts it like wheat,” to remove all the love, mercy, kindness, the 9 fruits of the spirit, ETC., from it, so that all is left is a highly refined form of God’s spirit which can anoint the worst terrorist or most Christ denying professor of Christianity to look pure as the driven snow, & glowing like a light bulb with great glory & power. Many who are “spirit filled” do not have anything resembling love, not even NATURAL AFFECTION, but live by forms of godliness which deny the true power of God from heaven. Many who claim to be saved do not even show signs of being saved, except an anointing which they claim is proof that they are not backslidden, & yet Jesus will say to them that he “NEVER” knew them. A person with the anointing can also cast out devils, without so much as threatening the devil himself, if they are not convicted by the highest truths of the Bible, such as to be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified. Satan will take delight in seeing us kick around the devils under him, so that he can continue pretending to be the presence of Jesus for us.

_______  God the Father’s image is the one true alien life form of the whole universe in whom all humanity is made in the image of: & from whom will come an innumerable number of human species to fill the new universe. But presently humanity on this planet is the only "real aliens" in the universe. The UFOS we see are angelic technology made by the fallen angels in inter-dimensional factories hidden to us. This is why all the "alien" life seems so detached from true reality & any actual account for the person of Jesus Christ. It is the findings so far that all intelligent life in the universe is the  unqualified type, being the fallen angels masquerading as life originating in this universe. They appear as inter-dimensional & as not knowing God who is love: but when they do make their utmost attempts to be as deceiving as possible,; EVEN APPEARING TO BE LOVING GOD & KNOWING GOD, it will be according to the canon law of the catholic church: which denies the father & son & Holy Spirit by denying the hierarchical rank of the trinity: making each part a 6 rather than a 600, 60 & 6: which is symbolic for the ranking of the 3 persons in it.

_____ What is the mark of the beast in simplest terms? It is officiated by one man, who is called the 2nd beast, & right now to me it looks like the pope of that time. The mark 666 is in the 600 which symbolizes God's image, & it will be successfully given when God gives this world over to their egotistical arrogance in believing that the body of Jesus is the image of God, when Jesus spoke over & over too many times to count, how that he is NOT HIS FATHER, & that we only see the Father in & through him. Joh 5:37  And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.

___  So that when the pope requires we all profess Jesus to be God, & to take his mark, it is not the mark of Jesus but a sacramental mark of God himself: which no one is qualified or authorized by God to take in this life without contracting all the sin of the devil with it. It becomes “full of the abominations & filthiness of her fornication” when we take the Lord’s supper or for those who take the mark of the beast, in association with satan & his whole kingdom. The “fornication” God mentions is a symbolic form only, & which is so called in that it commits adultery against God & his son by instead being married to the church & the devil who assumes to the position of God in the temple. I wonder if the beast is going to come appearing to be the person of Jesus, while claiming to be God’s very image, because that is what chick tracts & others show when depicting God sitting upon his throne.

___  We are allowed only the Lord's body which is 60 & the church fellowship as we take the Lord's Supper which is 6. No one in this life can go higher than 66, & if Jesus’s body wasn't broken for us & made to be sin for us, then no one could take that either without being guilty in the worst way, (even worse than taking it unworthily now,) of murdering the Lord Jesus, which is what "being guilty of his body & blood" means. The gospel-image which is 600 is only for those called to the marriage supper of the Lamb: who will then be given glorified bodies & made compatible to not only be ACTUALLY WORTHY of Jesus as our husband but of his father, the creator, as our husband also! No one is really even NEAR FULLY FORGIVEN in this life, except IMPUTED to be fully forgiven. Only tasting the power of the world to come is what experiencing ACTUAL REAL TIME FORGIVENESS is! Then HEB6:6 warns ⚠️ us that if we fall away from that, there is no more hope of salvation. Most people only experience the relief of imputation level forgiveness, & take it to mean actual real time forgiveness, which is why they are so arrogant & have such a spirit of entitlement with God, & act like they are too good to pray a penitential prayer or even act like it would be blasphemy or unbelief against the work of the Holy Spirit to do so!

____ But the Bible makes it clear that Salvation is an ongoing process & even Jesus had to grow in wisdom & stature though not having personal sin or the devil having anything in him. Those who are imputed to be forgiven or don't know it’s only imputed, THINK they are more holy than they really are, & so they often backslide & fall into certain very deceitful sins which are very hard to detect or believe can exist like lack of meekness to restore others, GAL6:1, & can even result in one become reprobate silver. The most hardened persons in sin are ones who were preached the false gospel that they have become already fully new & that God has declared them sinless & extremely saved so that losing Salvation almost takes a wickedness like that of a murderous tyrant. When Jesus said few there be that find it, & many would come to him with great anointing believing they are extremely saved & even saved millions. How many big time evangelists will have performed huge miracles & made a great many altar calls on massive scales, only to be told by Jesus he never knew them? It would seem that many fit this description because the "many" that Jesus made examples of were all of a great anointing & of a great surety that they knew the Lord Jesus, (calling him LORD, LORD,) & SO IT'S NO DOUBT THAT THEY REPRESENT MILLIONS OF THEIR OWN DISCIPLES WHO WERE NOT ABOVE THEIR TEACHING ABILITIES & INSIGHT! --- If Jesus is not taught properly, it would be better if the masses of people were as ignorant about the name of Jesus any native people could ever be: rather than for satan to be the evangelist, who knows how to play their sins as gasoline upon a fire, & doll their sinful nature up to be his precious darlings! How many anointed Christians are really nothing more than glorified sinners, who thought the knowledge of good & evil & the embracing of an anointing made them fit candidates for eternal life?

____ When Jesus said our righteousness must exceed the scribes & pharisees, he meant our anointing must be able to cast out & bind their anointing like Aaron's rod eating up the other rods. Jesus said their father is the anointed angel, & they were like the old testament pentecostals, & are the standard of all false pentecostalism which believes that nothing changed from the death of Jesus but just a new style of religion. Satan is the master & genius of fraudulence & is like a polar bear in a snow storm, & will cover his nose to hide the errors in his counterfeit. Satan can make no perfect imitation of God's ways, but it's usually just enough to be way over people's heads to keep them seeing above their own love for their sinful nature, to prevent a successful & ongoing steady repentance from all their perversions. One has to see their sins as arising from a crookedness in the soul before there can be any detestation for one's inherited & ingrained sinful nature & selfish & wasteful indulgence in pleasuring sins. One cannot know they are saved if their whole nature has not successfully been changed from self service to the service of all others with God in the first place. JESUS SAID WE MUST BE SERVANTS OF ALL PEOPLE & SHOW MEEKNESS TO ALL, AS ESTHER 7:4 SAID AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT ENTAIL LOSING OUR SALVATION. This entails a proper understanding & a right acceptance of who Jesus is, which is big enough to require one's whole mind, heart, soul & strength being determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified: because Jesus alone can lead us to the Father. Worship of Jesus under the guise of him being the "most high" & therefore end of the road in hierarchy of God’s kingdom is a fraudulent & idolatrous worship. There is no rightful conviction of our sinful nature & the sins it produced, if there is first no rightful conviction of the need to know Jesus personally & in all accuracy, & then a revelation from God of his son, in the process of God the father drawing us unto Jesus. JOHN6:44::::  No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

___ There is no true SALVATION without a real & palatable sense of REMORSE for sin, which means ANYTHING JESUS COULD NOT DO AS FAR AS "LENIENCY" IN THE FATHER FOR THAT LEVEL OF ALLOWANCE FOR "MODERATION." Sure the Lord Jesus had a different calling & so if he became our pattern for his literal way of life, we could not follow, because mankind would die off from celibacy & no one would be able to be pure in God's eyes enough to follow such a stringent path that allowed him even to walk on water. Our doing of his same miracles would have to be his hand reaching out to grab us from sinking in unbelief & our sense of unworthiness, even as his power is healing others through us. But to think we have a husband we cannot possibly be compatible with & worthy of should make us beat our chests in grief that we are so UTTERLY SHORT of such a holy standard! This would make us turn towards GOD'S LOVING NATURE & seek to make up for our shortage in fulfilling the law by having that love supernaturally & abundantly working in our faith which fulfills the law. The increase of faith cleanses the heart ACTS15:9 & gives God who is love more to work with & write his law & ways upon. The more we grow in faith, the more God can "work our faith by his love working mightily in us.” GAL5:6.

_____ The false conviction & veneer of the devil on things he wishes for us to like & become addicted to, is so great, that in many cases people have been known to express terrible & ungodly hatred to one another, yet they esteem themselves as but loving God & loving their "true" brothers & sisters by hating those they condemn; & this is despite Jesus telling us to love our worst enemies & even do good to them & pray for them! Laodicea means "justice of the people," showing that they weren't so lukewarm in opinion & self righteous works or anointings which survived many terrible persecutions of those who disagreed with them. Jesus was speaking to those who had no clue that they had anything they were lukewarm in! Because what they were lukewarm in was their failure of wanting to be obsessed with knowing their first-love. Jesus is a very easy & convenient thing to sidestep by simply labeling him & like a contract they write, saying, "from henceforth Jesus is to be referred to as God," & that takes away any further need to get to know him, since no man can know God without a mediator. So then when they needed to address the "little issue" of Jesus needing to be our Saviour, that is when they established Mary as conceived special like Jesus, without sin, & made her out to be the mediator of Jesus. The lukewarm church therefore quickly metamorphosed into the catholic church, & that is why they have had "justice" done against anyone disagreeing with them as if they were Jesus himself! Because Mary represents the church, so now if she is mediator of Jesus, then it equates that the church is the mediator of Jesus, but in the capacity of Jesus's office as mediator: because we are then mediating one whom we make out to be GOD! This makes sin not against God only but the church only. The definition of a heretic is not what is against the church, but it means failure to be guided solely by the Lord, & failure to seek & wait upon the Lord, but to instead act upon one's own personal judgment of what to do. [G139   (Strong) αἵρεσις hairesis hah’ee-res-is From G138; properly a choice, that is, (specifically) a party or (abstractly) disunion.] But this makes the whole church heretical in God's eyes, when the church defines heresy as people not following their every order & failure to conform to their every instruction. The wife of Jesus is supposed to raise up children unto God not unto herself. Jesus said blind leaders create blind followers, & they all fall into the same ditch in the same HELLFIRE too! There are other sins of the church which God says we should “lift up our voices like trumpets to show God’s people their sins.” One of these is failure to pay taxes, since Jesus never gave tax exempt status to the church, & tithes are for meat in God’s house, meaning food sufficient for saving souls. This means unless the messages at the pulpits rise to the level of saving souls, all tithes are given in vain, & can’t expect the blessings of Mal 3:9  Ye are cursed with a curse (i.e. satan): for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

Mal 3:10  Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Mal 3:11  And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.

Mal 3:12  And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts.


●●●●■■■■Jesus is denied & his office as mediator canceled when he is placed on equal footing with God the father & with his body the church: who is the third person of the Trinity. IT EXCLUDES ALL POSSIBILITIES OF REDEMPTION WHEN WE ARE NOT AN INTRINSIC & PROPER PART OF THE HOLY TRINITY: BECAUSE THE "TRINITY" IMPLIES EVERYTHING WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE BOSOM, OR THAT IS "INNER HEART" OF GOD. ANYTHING WHICH IS NOT PART OF THE TRINITY IS DESTINED FOR HELLFIRE!! === THEREFORE you cannot make the 3 persons equal: because God the father alone is Elohim which means he's the LIFE-BLOOD of all persons, ESPECIALLY OF HIS SON & is THEREFORE the whole Trinity. -- This however shouldn't make us gloat & be very proud as if it means we're God, but fear as if we have a power switch on our backs which can be turned off at any time & for ALL ETERNITY!!! All God has to do to stop evil is to pull the plug on their power source, which is "God the blood;" meaning all God must do is LEAVE US WALLOW IN OUR OWN SHAMEFUL WAYS, & JESUS ALONE IS "GOD WITH US." Jesus is the only medium through which he can raise & save sinners. = SO, WHEN GOD REMOVES HIS SON, THAT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION! When God says, "you're right! I didn't beget my son," i.e. "for you," that is when we have no more mediation or covering for our sins, but "fall into the hands of the living God::" who is a CONSUMING FIRE to anything sinful! Then every increased distortion we suffer as we burn in the heat of God's judgment is the unlimited excellation of our sinful nature!! ____ There is no life except it is GOD (ELOHIM) IN US: "FOR THE LIFE (GOD) IS IN THE BLOOD. LEV17:11. God is EXTERNAL to Jesus because though Jehovah is "ALL & IN ALL," there is a point at which Jesus does not extend any farther, though the glorified Jesus now already extends beyond many universes in size, & will grow at incalculable rates: a limited thing next to an unlimited thing is ALWAYS THE SAME SIZE. And you cannot make something unlimited which is not already so from all past eternity. The only sense that Jesus qualifies to be God in God's unlimited & special attributes is the fact that he proceeded from God's mind from all past eternity, but his begetting did not occur until God spoke that mind of his which is called the beginning of the logos in John 1:1. This is what Genesis 1:1 refers to the heavens & earth: as God saw the end from the beginning, & begat his son to be the new universe to replace this old one. God needed a creature or creation to be pleased with & as a means to find pleasure in every other life form as well. ONLY begotten means that Jesus alone proceeded from the Father, & the reason we're not qualified to say God begat us, is because every other creature is Begotten by the son, including Lucifer in ISA14:12, calling him "son of the morning." This is the old testament terminology for "the bright morning star," when he was still only the word, & not sentiently aware that he existed, & also kept secret from the devil, as Paul said in ROMANS 16:25. Satan thought he had stolen all the pleasure & free gifts from the kingdom, until the day satan saw the manifestation of the son of God now glorified in REV1:13-16. Then satan gnashed his teeth in rage & torment at the thought of what he had done to his true father. So now to bury our knowledge of Jesus, satan tries to make Jesus into the ultimate father, the PANTOCRATOR! This in turn denies & buries the true revelation of Jehovah as the Almighty.

___ God the Father is one God but his triune nature did not always have temples for the other 2 members. The co-equal aspect of the trinity is in the fact that it all originates in God, but the temples involved, the souls & bodies are not all equal. So there is God the father, God the son & God the Holy Spirit, but the temples are created & the persons of the son & Holy Spirit are created in that the word was begotten, then the temples of the Holy Spirit were chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world. EPH1:4. So that only God the Father is as whom the antichrist says regarding Jesus: that he is without beginning or limit or measure & that all he is he always was, & is & is to come. God calls himself by his son's identity the word, because God's tongue is the "ready writer" which wrote the book of life, which is the very logos himself. So it consists totally of God, & is God because it continues to be sustained solely by God as the identity of his son. Likewise the church as the many membered body has an identity originating in God the father, as "God the Holy Spirit:" & this is the "joy" which we pray to be "restored to" in PSALM 51, though we have never had that joy even from our conception. It is a joy we can only taste of in the new birth which is without sin, because the seed by which we are reborn (of the spirit John3:3) cannot sin & remains in us for it is born of God. The more we develop this Holy seed of the original joy we had with God from before the foundation of the world, the more we are "actually forgiven" (not merely imputed) & taste the power of the word to come. HEB6:6 tells us that if we fall away after coming to this level of enlightenment there is no more hope of salvation & that everything after that only crucifys Jesus "afresh" & puts him to an "open shame." God warns his people to take heed because after the angels fell, though being pushed into it by being cast out by devil's tail, (Greek "oora,") they were not spared, God says. Once a person becomes considered as "born again," they are less & less "conceived in sin" & so they are less able to use PSALM51:5 as a plee deal for why they sinned. That verse is a means to sue God for salvation, because who else conceived us in sin, but God? For he creates the good & evil, although it wasn't his will in the beginning, & so all evil is on account of tye evil one, satan. God is said to do the devil's works insofar as he decides how it all manifests & alone retains the power to keep the devil funded with his original anointing which is without revocation until his judgment day. ISA14:10, when he's made "weak as we."

___  God says that it's not wise to "stick in the birth canal," meaning that it's never a good idea to be slow in our growth process with God in our new birth.

Isa 37:3 And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.

There is a sin put in us by the deep in the "bowels" of our souls which takes a very powerful light from God to know is there. We must pay for rent on this earth & in our bodies with ongoing prayer & reciting of the word: so the faith it took to write those scriptures get planted in us & grows & develops into a tree of faith. After Samson was forgotten in the mill grinding corn, his hair began to grow. He asked a little child to lead him to the pillars of the temple. Sometimes we need to ask the little child in us what is the pillars of satan’s kingdom. I think it is the co-equal Trinity: I think that is satan’s attempt to get us to tear down our house with our own hands, by banishing our very husband Jesus by instead making him out to be his Father. Though Jesus stay with us, forgiving us for we know not we do, how long will he endure being described as his Father as far as the substance of what it means to be PANTOCRATOR?

____  God's temple the 600, always existed & is so called after the number 6, because he made man on the 6th day, & because it's the foundation of the new Jerusalem which is sardius (God's color in REV4:3) - the 6th foundation. 6 is the number for materialism as our bodies are the centers of our whole life in merchandise & material appreciation. 600 is symbolic for unlimited power & area, & is therefore unreachable by us without a mediator. Jesus is the only one designed to be the mediator: being made "so much better than the angels," & is designated as the 60. This illustrates his middleman nature "between God and man," & while all angels, saints & innumerable human species of the whole new universe all amount to ONLY 6 as the many membered body or temple of the Holy Spirit, Jesus singlehandedly is a WHOLE 60: which is so much greater than anyone but God himself could calculate, as far as what the symbolism of the 666 equates into.

___ So now you may ask then where is the damning aspect of it, if it is all holy & good & something so belonging to the redeemed. But no one, not even one so holy as to be sinless like Jesus, (if that were possible but it isn't,) can approach God without the mediator. The 666 is the denial & rejection of the mediator because it is taught from the standpoint of the so called coequal trinity, & even if it wasn't taught except in perfectly true Biblical ways, no one is authorized to take the image of God as a SACRAMENT without contracting the worst possible punishment thereafter. The mark of the beast is a sacramental mark given through the authority of the pope, & given in fullest unity with satan, his devils & under the deception that we have alien brothers and sisters throughout our fallen universe. We are hardly able to take the body of Jesus worthily & when Jesus who is God true & only genetic son took the wrathful marks of God's own image upon his body for our transgressions, he said "if this effect be done in the green tree what will it do in the dry tree?" -- i.e. the church. Jesus had to be "made perfect" & fully equalized with God his Father to be in his presence without limits or measure.

___ The mark of the beast is the putting upon fallen & rank sinners the very same mark satan inherited when he was holy & was able to easily & joyfully bear that mark without any sin or heaviness. Now that same mark is pushing satan away from God like lightning farther & farther every moment forevermore! The mark of God upon sinners is the like ultimate Boulder grinding their souls to powder, making them so super infinitely unholy & sinful in step with satan himself, that it is worthy of a punishment greater than can be calculated.

_____  I still intend to go, but I'm still a little bit in need of overcoming a cough. So I hope my candid thoughts here will be given in the spirit of love though I'm placing "speaking the truth in love" first & foremost as being "in love with the truth itself" rather than the subject to whom it is given. There is also the aspect of love to Jesus foremost as the litmus test of "passing from death to life," because he is the brother whom we must love as the standard of loving all other brothers & sisters. Some thought Jesus was a hard man, & so were afraid to improve on their talents. But Jesus was far from being impressed & wasn't delicate at all in how he took their few Talents & gave it to those who made use of them TO IMPROVE ON GOD'S GIFTS. God wants from us what he cannot get straight from himself which is the PRODUCT that we produce. He also made how well we feed the sheep the measure of how much we love him as our Saviour.

_I think overall EC CHURCH as it is, though  based on scripture, & logic, has aspects of it which are not very solidly built on the FOUNDATION OF THE PROPHETS & APOSTLES & JESUS as the very cornerstone. It says to LABOR IN THE WORD & DOCTRINE, for which cause elders are to be given DOUBLE HONOR. 1TIM5:17.  It is also in my feeling of it, (& the Lord also asks our opinion which is the Greek word glory,) not conducive to a sufficiently productive flow of the Holy Spirit. Jesus kept warning us of the leaven of the pharisees. Then the disciples figured out Jesus meant doctrine which has a yeast like rising effect to it. Jesus then said their father is the anointed angel which is their blindness to sin & covering from conviction & source of false cleansing: THIS IS WHY JESUS CALLED SATAN'S DOCTRINE A "LEAVEN."

Paul says God is the only power that exists, & so one cannot tell where their power is coming from if it does not have a solid foundation in the holy scriptures. It is ALL at some point "power from on high" simply because Paul says GOD IS THE ONLY POWER THAT EXISTS! ROM13:1. So Jesus says in JOHN7:17 that we will know him by his doctrine if we are doing God's will. Though Jesus is the very anointed one, far above the anointed angel, yet Jesus did not say we will know him by his anointing. I've heard pentecostal groups say "they know they're saved because they still have the anointing." If that were true then satan himself is STILL SAVED because he won't lose the anointing until ISAIAH 14:10 when we'll say, "are you become weak as we?"

Jesus said you will know them by their fruits which also entails teaching God's word accurately, not just whether or not there is gross outward sins. Jesus mentioned how many would come to him saying they did many wonderful works which only a real anointing & power from on high could do, & yet Jesus said he never knew them. The gold standard of tithes is in the message at the pulpit, as God calls it "meat in mine house," & says for which CAUSE he will open the windows of heaven & pour out a blessing for which we have no room. God says his house is a house of prayer not of brick & mortar. He says, "is it time for you to dwell in & fix your ceiled houses but my real house of prayer for all people lays waste?" This could mean dwelling on the material aspect of the church & it's place on the map. God is calling his house something that isn't physical real estate at all. It is a spiritual concept & condition & church is supposed to be patterned after the new Jerusalem whose gates are never shut, because the angel calls it "the bride, the Lamb's wife." ●●●●  The whole church standard (of the world in general) in my estimation is patterned rather after Rome which Jesus calls the seat of satan, & I do not think the core doctrine of the coequal trinity is scriptural & it is even the basis of those chick tracts which they pretend are so anti catholic, (which is why they portray God as ONLY JESUS ON 1 THRONE) but are really just a diversion so people will rest content thinking they successfully became protestant when they are as much catholic in God's estimations as if they were full blown Jesuits!

__ That being said I think the church should first & foremost be based on a sincere unbiased seeking of the Lord & the inquiry of one another's opinions in the matter.  ALSO, you should bring it up to church counsel. I don't believe in a simple spreading of the name of Jesus & call it evangelism just because we want it to be sufficient: saying so doesn't make it so. ===  Teaching Jesus to the world must be a scriptural based doctrine stating that he is sent by the Father who is greater than the son, & EXPLAIN "HOW" that Jesus is God: because he is the word who is God speaking that word & which happened in what is the "beginning." The origin of Jesus is from everlasting because the word is God speaking his mind,, which made the word a creation though it remained God because it consists only of God. This is why God says in REV1:8, I am Alpha & omega the beginning & end." This is referring to "the word which is the beginning of the creation of God," & the end of it which is his death on the cross.. John specifically stated that Jesus "WAS NOT YET GLORIFIED" until JOHN14:12 when he would be empowered with almighty unlimited power & "receive gifts for all men." EPH4:8. **Satan's big effort is to deny Jesus by doctrine though not in name, & thereby remove Jesus from his office as mediator. This is the pope's wearing of sheep's clothing.* The bright morning star is a relatively new event that did not take place until beginning at the resurrection when Jesus was already showing signs of being on a new higher level: then it was completed upon "going to his father" to be glorified by his ascension. Jesus shed his whole humanity as the word made flesh on us, along with his blood, which is why it says God is also the "ending," i.e. the sacrifice of his son's life.

__ Church should be a house of prayer for all people & that when Jesus said they made it into a den of thieves it was mainly a parabolic statement saying that whatsoever we don't get through prayer but walk in it as if "taking & owning it" is stealing from the Lord. God calls prayer buying from him in ISAIAH 55:1-3, & it is the only form of money that heaven knows of. __ That being said, the structure of the day of worship in the church is something I don't feel completely edified by. AS TO MY PERSONAL REASONS, I believe It should start with prayer as a group effort, perhaps an hour with personal help if needed to get started, then the Sunday school should be an unbroken segment of the whole church service, perhaps a solid half hour but concentrated & directly to the point, & leave the basement for other uses in the wider ongoing use of the building during times when there's no services. The singing time should be called just that, & though we can worship God in song, when we do it, it shouldn't feel unnatural for anyone as if it's something they're not up to. God says "we must lead the flock as they are able to endure." GEN33:14.

Paul says comfort the feebleminded or faint-hearted & support the weak, not weary them with lots of song & dance.

Showing off one's music skills is not always going to be edifying to all the church members. I think church singers & players should be a little more thoughtful of those who have to hear it & not belt out songs like some rock star just because they are personally entertained by it & think everyone is very impressed by the loudness of it. Some people have mental conditions too like autism which is troubled by loud boisterous music. Church is in the first place a MINISTRY not a rock & roll festival. I also don't feel good about the way we take up offerings like we're trying to psychologically make a connection between the offering table & the ark of the covenant, making it seem extra important. Sorry to I think EC church is too stuck in the past & wants what worked 40 years ago to keep working today though God moved on with it a long time ago already. Pastor Smith said 'that it's hard to tell if the spirit leaves because like when the bird flies away the branch keeps moving.' I think that "branch" which keeps moving is the organization of the church itself. Don Hansen told me they backslid which is why the Lord didn't know them, yet Jesus said he "never" knew them. Paul says you can't lose the anointing once you get it, because "the gifts & calling of God is without repentance/revocation." --- This also makes very lukewarm church members with old anointings they got way back then, but are still feeding on it as if that is all God ever intended. Jesus said "they DIDN'T KNOW that they were wretched, miserable, poor, blind & naked," WHY? Because they all had too much zeal for the forms of godliness but didn't care about WHY Jesus calls himself the beginning of the creation of God, & they lacked no anointing or power to work miracles. Their sermons were filled with all the wisdom of all the finest details of God's word but sidestepped the real issue: WHO & WHAT EXACTLY & EXPLICITLY IS JESUS CHRIST. They were not determined to know nothing save Jesus and him crucified. They sterilized their statements of Jesus with catholic canon law & didn't offer any explanation to verify if any of it was true.

If you read John Bunyan's book the water of life, he says that the spirit of grace must be a "continual gliding stream," & "we shall soon stink if not refilled from vessel to vessel." These were some of his oldest works before his death, but perhaps his last book is the broken & contrite heart. God says he is not even impressed by his own heavens, he says, & must humble himself just to behold what's done in heaven & earth. PSA113:6. But a broken & contrite heart God says impresses him very much. ___ ISAIAH66:::

1  Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?

 2  For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

04JUN2022,prayingcamp.com___ WHAT IS SALVATION? It is “THE LORD OUR SALVATION.” JER3:23. PSALM35:3::: Psa 35:3  Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I AM THY SALVATION. It is a manifestation of the sons of God. ROM8:19. It is a marriage by which we are known of God & we also know God & his son. But because there is not a single human on earth who will say that doesn’t apply to them, I must endeavor by God’s help & blessing to show the finer details of this eternal contract. To do this, I must somehow make my message “quick & powerful & sharper than any two edged sword, piercing asunder the souls of those who read it to manifest the thoughts the intents of their hearts:” meaning of their inner souls. HEB4:12. One could say, that sounds like what the BIBLE ALREADY IS. Yes, but the Bible has authorized the foolishness of preaching to save those who will believe, & the Bible is what is called strong meat, but new born babes need milk. 

_____ Salvation is a coming clean of all sin, which entails confession, & understanding that God forgetting our sins does not mean he has no eternal record of them. Though God forgot Peter’s sins, if God forgot the record of them, then God would have no way to say that what is written in the gospel accounts is true. Also, sin is so vast & cannot be fully done away in this life, but our forgiveness is a “good work begun in us, but which will need to be completed.” PHILIPPIANS 1:6.  If God ever erased the record of our sinfulness or sins out of his mind, we too would be erased with it, yet even the damned themselves cannot be forgotten which is why God will forever torment them. When the redeemed in heaven tell of how they were washed in the blood of the lamb, the Lord gets all the glory for everything he washed them from. It will be known what great sins the Lord has cleansed the redeemed from. Peter, for example is redeemed, yet everyone knows that the Lord washed him from the great sin of denial of Jesus! The redeemed will have minds far greater than anything we can dream of, & their understanding of sin & memory of what the Lord saved them from will be so perfectly sharp, as spur in them such great love for God as would not have ever existed otherwise. LUKE7:47. = TO LOVE GOD MORE FOR HIS GREAT FORGIVENESS REQUIRES MORE REALIZATION OF THE FULL VAST EXTENT OF ALL HIS GREAT MERCY TOWARDS US. God forgets the sorrow of our sins, (if we be in Christ,) for joy that a new soul is born out of them, as a tree which is growing out of the compost: which is a symbolic comparison of how a woman forgets her labor pains. God is not a simpleton, & so his mind is more vast than even the universe if it were all the size of one super computer, & so to deal with God, the first thing is to know that he is not limited in his brain capacity to think with. 

_____ Nothing is hid from the “heat” of God’s knowledge. PSAL.19:6. Our greatest sin has always been the hardness of our hearts & rebellion to God’s will. If our hearts had been pliable from the beginning, to know all the things needful to preach to sinners, would not take a lifetime of being humbled by sin, but just coming into God’s presence to see our own wretched condition in comparison to God’s perfect glory, would be more than enough to break us of all resistance to God. And why was the simple act of coming into God’s presence so difficult? Because it required humbling ourselves before him with prayer & fasting: which sin would not allow. Then sin had to justify itself which prolonged it’s expulsion from us. We loved our sins more than God, though it was but a “little” sin, & we were clean otherwise: that one sin was enough to be a spot on our garments. JUDE-23. But satan has established a pharisaical form of righteousness in the world, which makes identifying sin more difficult, because it is in the “thoughts & intents of the heart.” HEB4:12. Sin is always what is “against God, & God only. PSALM51:4. 

______ The salvation of the old testament was all symbolic only, & no one was redeemed until Jesus descended into hell, & preached to the spirits in prison, as Peter said. Salvation in the new testament is more difficult than it was for the saints of the old testament, because now we must be living sacrifices but in the old testament everything was monetary based, & you could just “buy” your pardon by purchasing an animal then paying the priest to sacrifice it for “X” sins. The great saint David who wrote the greatest penitential Psalm of all time was a “bloody man,” which was a great understatement, & would have probably towered far above the worst tyrants in history as far as sheer numbers of persons he murdered in the most bloody & horrific ways, all under the old testament “administration of death:” which gave him superhuman strength to do it, & have immunity to being killed in any revenge for it. David’s heart was so far from being convicted of any of his sins, the one time that God “convicted” him of murder, God had to trick David into feeling any kind of remorse for it, by having Nathan use a parable on him. Then when David saw he just condemned himself by being drunk with “kingly” power, it embarrassed him & made him to use his prophetic skills to write PSALM51, which was entirely prophetic until Jesus could fulfill it by his death on the cross. What it felt like for David to only receive conviction of his evil heart once full eternal salvation was handed to him on a silver platter as Jesus preached to him in hell, it was an experience of unspeakable gratitude & spurring of love for God in David beyond all imagination. 

______   Hell was not a place of torment until Jesus rose from it. Jesus’s death on the cross was the first time anyone experienced a true death, which “death” means separation from God. Jesus prayed his whole life with strong crying & tears to be delivered from death, HEB5:7, which meant his separation from God. Jesus then concluded that if this cup (of my shed blood = separation from God on the cross,) pass not from him unless he drink (undergo) it, then let God’s will be done. MATTHEW-26:42. The garden of Gethsemane prayer was just the final nail in the coffin of Jesus agreeing with God to put an end to his life as the word made flesh, to then become the bright morning star: which is the next & highest step Jesus can ever be on: which is perfect holiness & absolute equality with God. The Bible tells us that Jesus had to grow in wisdom & stature & was sanctified, (made holy) by his own blood, because his blood is God his father. It is “his blood” because God is “his Father.” This is why the elements of the Lord’s supper are separate: because it shows forth the Lord’s death which was separation from God. 

_____ God forsook Jesus on the cross as the fulfillment of ISAIAH 54:7-8. It is a “little wrath” because Jesus suffering it in perfect sinless holiness & in the capacity of being the son of the living God, is what carried the whole weight of all our sins. To say “little wrath” is not to say it was not difficult beyond all our understanding for Jesus: who prepared for the crucifixion like an athlete preparing for an olympic event his whole life. Jesus knew from the day he was laid in the feeding trough (manger) that he was born to be a sacrifice for the sins of all the “beasts” of the world to be our food supply for heaven. That we would come to him “as we are,” & those who come to him, he would in no wise cast out due to their lowly sinful nature as if mere beasts. 

_____  A person suffering in holiness & well intention towards God, though but a little, is worth more than all the suffering the damned can ever do in eternal hellfire or in any other way on earth; while they curse & wish evil upon God & those who persecute them. God is our righteousness, & we cannot have any of our own that is acceptable to God, though it be with great pains & struggles. Our mountains we must climb must be the moral mountains of conquering the sin in our hearts & the struggle to be willing to find full enlightenment with God. 

_____- The Lord Jesus has been made into our sins in such a way which replaces our sins, & yet is a sin which is without sin. 2Co 5:21  For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

___  When we bear in our body the marks of Jesus, it means that our sins which are offenses to God have been replaced by the sin Jesus was made to be for us. Gal 6:17  From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. This makes us members of Jesus’s body, flesh & bones. Eph 5:30  For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

___  There is many scriptures which especially when linked together give us many clues as to what is TRUE SALVATION. John writes about how if we love the brethren, we’ve successfully passed from (eternal) death unto (eternal) life. But there is a “folding” aspect to scriptures meaning that it is very compacted, & requires us to “unpack” it. What exactly each scripture means, requires there to be a sincerity to know it & a desire also with a seeking of it with fasting & prayer, & waiting upon the Lord. Satan who is spiritual wickedness in high places, seems to be omnipotent when it comes to all our thoughts & studies, (always being with us when we would do good or are actually doing good intending to do more,) making us to gloss over very important areas of scriptures if we are not diligent to quickly take notes on what the Lord is teaching us. Jesus is the brother who sticks closer than any brother, ==Pro 18:24  A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Jesus is a TRUE BROTHER because he called us his brothers & sisters & mothers, & what the Lord says must by the King’s decree exist though if possible, it were a mistake when he said it. Yet Jesus cannot make a mistake & so what he calls us we must be that very thing! If Jesus says that the wounds we gave him were done by his friends then we must be his friends though there doesn’t seem to be any possible way it is so. Zec 13:6  And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

____ == & so when it says “to love the brethren,” it is saying when we primarily love Jesus. Then we need to examine ourselves daily to know how we walked with Jesus that day to see if we truly loved him or not. If we did not love Jesus, 1COR13:2 tells us that all we are & did that day was a BIG ZERO in the estimation of God. Love must be the fulfilling of the law, so in other words it must be that love from on high which wrote the law to begin with, which law is the logos who is the beginning of the creation of God & also the end which means the death of Jesus, which resulted in his becoming the bright morning star. This occurrence John tells us is something that did not exist until his death on the cross took place & until after his resurrection & Ascension. The word was “made flesh” in stages. The term “flesh” is interchangeable with “soul” because God sees them as not existing without the other: & the flesh has no feeling without the soul in it. 

______ To eat & drink Jesus in his supper means to fellowship with him, & though we might feel like a person who has no senses in knowing Jesus, he is really with us by faith though we have not yet been granted access to seeing & hearing him “as he is.” Faith is the very logos himself & is the building blocks of very worlds, HEB11:3, & so to think of faith as a whimsical nothing is a trick of the devil. One particle of true faith Jesus says is enough to move mountains: which is generated by hearing the word of God.  — 1COR13:12 nevertheless tells us that we are known without any obstruction by God, though we cannot see or know him in an unobstructed way BECAUSE SATAN THE COVERING CHERUB HIDES HIM FROM US. Even when we think, (because of the lies of satan,) that God is as dull in hearing us as we are of him, God hears & remembers our smallest thoughts & most forgotten words spoken or merely thought in our deepest secrecy. Nothing is hid from God, & though it says God hears not a sinner’s prayer, what does “not hear or not remember” mean? Not what satan tells us it means, but it means that God will not “regard” it for our own good. EZEKIEL18:22 tells us (IF WE ARE REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS) that our sins will not be “MENTIONED” to us, which means yes God remembers all our shameful moments, but his lovingkindness will cover us & not embarrass us when we see him face to face, if we are covered now by his great grace & saving mercy. Eze 18:22  All his transgressions that he hath committed, they shall not be mentioned unto him: in his righteousness that he hath done he shall live. H2142 (Strong) זָכַר zâkar - zaw-kar’ A primitive root; properly to mark (so as to be recognized), that is, to remember; by implication to mention;




Jehovah is the coming power of his son, (for the power of Christ is God) & is also described as "coming," REV1:8, which IN THAT VERSE is not the words of Jesus, but JEHOVAH, so REV1:8 should NOT be in red letters. Jesus can appear at different times, but his Father also "is to come" which is the revealing of the power & identity of his son being "begotten," meaning "created." Jesus calls himself the beginning of the creation of God, so it's not sacrilegious to say he's created if Jesus himself calls himself created! However this "being made" HEB1:4, is called "first & last" because it is ALL GOD CAN EVER CREATE DIRECTLY FROM HIMSELF, so that all other persons & things is created through the son. One can imagine how much more superior Jesus must be in soul & body & personal inheritance, even inheriting the blood by which he was "sanctified" & entered heaven which blood is the Father himself who forsook him, (was shed) on the cross. === Therefore the power of the son IS the power of his Father, since Jesus said that "I can of mine own self do nothing, it is the Father who does the works in me." Paul says that when God (whom Paul calls "external" 1COR15:27-28) puts all things under his feet, THEN SHALL THE SON BE SUBJECT TO THE FATHER, THAT "GOD" MIGHT BE ALL IN ALL.

---- REV5 states no man was worthy to look upon the book in his right hand, & here (in his image over the crown of thorns) God is hiding his right hand.

•••••• REVELATION 4:3; -- "he that sat was to look upon like a jasper-sardius stone." The actual image of this is located over the crown of thorns on the shroud of Turin _ This is the “GOSPEL OF CHRIST,” — 2COR4:4. & the image in which God made humanity. GENESIS 1:26-28.

●●■■■●●○ This is a COMPOSITE IMAGE which God made of himself, over the crown of thorns, or brain area of Jesus. ISAIAH 26:3 says "you (Jehovah) will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you." Jesus had his mind stayed on his Father during his entire crucifixion, & his face on the burial cloth shows PERFECT PEACE! - This image over the crown of thorns is 2 images of God: 1st of his HEAD'S PROFILE, THEN OF HIS ENTIRE BODY STANDING IN FRONT OF IT, WHICH THEREFORE SHOWS FAR LESS DETAIL BECAUSE OF IT USING MUCH FEWER THREADS. The image is made of Jesus's AB blood of only a depth of 1 micron. For reference, a human hair is 75 microns thick.

Exo 20:3  Thou shalt have no other gods before me. ==JEHOVAH IS THE MOST HIGH GOD. Rev 15:4 Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy:
■■■■ ■■■■There are 10 times in the new testament mentioning the Almighty, 1 in 2COR6:17-18, telling us "come out of her," & 9 times in REVELATION, (translated omnipotent in REV19:6,) which tells us "come out of her," REV18:4.
■■■■ ■■■■ -The New Testament mentions the ALMIGHTY everywhere it mentions God, "Theos," but PANTOCRATORE (Strong's # G3841) is used only 10 times, & in those contexts, & is a special term referring to God’s ALL-MIGHTY, ALL KNOWING, ALL REMEMBERING, ETC. NATURE.

■■■■ ■■■■To not trust in this ONLY TRUE GOD is the "disjointing" sin, (for which all the bones of Jesus were out of joint,) & which makes us to seek outside of God what God already wants to give to us. When satan wanted to be like the most high, (& unknowingly like his Father Jesus, “the dawn,” who was the LOGOS ONLY at the time, ISA14:12, & not yet revealed ROM.16:25, but “kept secret,”) he apparently didn’t know God’s plan is that ALL GOD’S CHILDREN BECOME “LIKE HIM.” The name Michael the archangel means to be “like God.”
■■■■ ■■■■ JEHOVAH is the God of the Spirit of “Elijah:” which name means “MY GOD IS JEHOVAH.” However, the old testament, which Paul calls the ministration of death, 2COR3:7, WAS SO CALLED BECAUSE IT WAS NOT “PURELY” OF THE SPIRIT OF JEHOVAH ONLY, but of satan, as the light, referring to Jesus, GEN1:4, was not divided from the darkness, satan, until the resurrection. Because in LUKE9:54-55, when the apostles wanted to be like ELIJAH & call down fire from heaven to consume those people who didn’t follow Jesus, Jesus REBUKED THEM & said that THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT SPIRIT THEY WERE OF.

■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ The NEW TESTAMENT as about 1COR13, in showing the LOVE of God, & Jesus goes so far as to tell us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES, & DO GOOD TO THOSE WHO HATE US, & PRAY FOR THOSE WHO DESPITEFULLY USE US. It goes without saying that we should therefore love anyone professing Jesus, as it’s by the LOVE OF THE BROTHERS & SISTERS OF THE CHURCH that we are passed from death to life. 1JOHN3:14. How we define this “love” is therefore the centerpiece from which God judges us. 

■■■■ ■■■■ THE FULFILLING OF THIS LOVE CANNOT BE ANY SMALL OR LIGHT THING, IF GOD'S STANDARD SET BY JESUS IS THE MEASURING ROD BY WHICH GOD ACCEPTS US! 1Jn 3:16  Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

■■■■ ■■■■JEHOVAH is the God of separation from the devil & his false religion "Babylon the great." REV17:5. You can tell the spirit of any church by the depth of it’s message: if it is shallow & full of holes, you can know it's "divine nature" will lack also, & need PERFECTED FAITH. EPH4:12 - 1THESS3:10. Satan hates the WORD, because it is THAT SWORD, HEB4:12, which is SHARPER THAN EVEN THE BEST SAMARI SWORD, & reveals the thoughts & intents of the heart. Just as God separated Lot & his wife & daughters from Sodom, GEN19, so Jesus said he would send a SWORD OF SEPARATION into the world, not the false peace of satan’s false deities which is really “peace in sin.” MATT10:34.

 He will fight against those who overcome people, rather than overcome sin, with the sword of his mouth. REV2:15-16.

■■■■ ■■■■ The Lord's plan requires true holiness from us. -- THE HOLY BIBLE presents Jesus as begotten in "the beginning" as what is described as the "LOGOS" which means God speaking, JOHN1:1, then made flesh "when the fulness of time had come." Jesus said, "it is the Father in me that does the works, & without him I can do nothing." JOHN 5:19 & 30, 8:28, 14:10. To "know" Jesus requires some precision & care in how he is presented, & a people interested to know it. Or, though we used his anointing to do many wonderful works, Jesus will say, "depart I NEVER knew you." Meaning not even once. There are many professors of Jesus who THOUGH ARE GREAT WONDER WORKERS, never even had true conversion to God begun in them at all, who never had a true fear of or reverence for God. MATT-7:23. YOU WOULD THINK IT SHEER BLASPHEMY TO THINK SO, IF IT WASN'T IN THE BIBLE! God wants us to know the source of our power not merely delight in it, like when the apostles delighted in how they could cast out devils & were given power to heal, etc., but Jesus said, “do not rejoice in this, but that your names are written in heaven.” LUKE10:20. Then we need to ask, “what do those in heaven REJOICE in?” They REJOICE in KNOWING THE SON OF GOD WHO IS THEIR ETERNAL HUSBAND. For lack of our LOVING & LIKING Jesus, is the reason Jesus cannot know those who are such. If we do not make ourselves LOVABLE & KNOWABLE, (receiving Jesus’s love & knowing of us,) to do his will which is the will of his Father, then how can he say he EVER KNEW US?


---- This is a drawing, because I do not own the copyright to any shroud photo. The one actual full shroud photo (shown below,) is said to be public domain. It doesn't do justice to the true image, so it wouldn't be true to say this is a thorough likeness, -- as it is an extremely complexed image. These images are made of a layer of Jesus's AB blood, 1 micron deep, & made by the same finger that wrote the ten commandments. This drawing is for testimonial purposes only, though I plan to improve on it, the actual image is highly complicated & I do not have a perfect image of it. But I would like one day to have my own set of shroud photos, in perfect resolution, & not keep them secret either, but share them for free to the world. Only God owns Jesus's burial cloth & the anointing on it. It is the ULTIMATE PRAYER CLOTH, taken from the body of Jesus, as there were handkerchiefs & aprons that were anointed by touching Paul. ACTS 19:11.

These drawings have a degree of my own artistic rendering but are also based on the actual appearance of them. - The reason that God does not show them in perfect detail is because he wants us to seek him to see him as he is now at his throne in heaven, & to "prove all things."




This is my artistic rendition of what I believe to be the present appearance of JESUS CHRIST as he appears in REV1:13-16. It shows him as the most alien looking being of all, & with "wings," which MALACHI says has "HEALING" in them.

Mal 4:2  But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL::: from the neck area of the SHROUD OF TURIN.

This is the 2nd drawing I made, which I intend to improve upon, but to post it "as is" for now. I'm still not really good at making digital drawings on my laptop.


This shows how at the end of the serpent shaped haircut of Jesus on the SHROUD OF TURIN, there is this face of satan. This PROVES satan has been defeated & is put under the blood of Jesus; because this image is made "in the blood of the new covenant." This image shows that satan's office as "son of the morning" ISAIAH14:12, ended in the death of Jesus.

IMAGE of satan's face in the lake of fire, but all melted & distorted. (located on the lower back of Jesus on the SHROUD OF TURIN, over the belt line)


This shows that the Goliath of sinners has been slain by the "true David." [true David is a term used by Joseph Alleine in the prayer called "prayer for Christian graces" in the FAMILY PRAYERS SECTION in the book "admonition to unconverted sinners" found on google books. It's evidently referring to Jesus.]

+++++This, "CAMP OF THE SAINTS EBOOKS & LORD'S SUPPER" is basically for all intents & purposes already a church, however it needs to be developed by members entering it. It will be a tax paying church as an “LLC,"Jesus said, GIVE TO CEASAR WHAT IS CEASAR’S, for purposes as described in scriptures, "to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” -- Please see my gofundme page on the facebook tab at the bottom of this page, thanks.

------- Please share this website with others.  © 2021 Joseph Edward Bonnette

-- I specialize in the examination of what is the true manner of the relationship God has with his Son. This is also the most essential of all topics in my opinion.


---- This website & ebook is THE END-TIME EXODUS: which is "COMING OUT OF EGYPT==BABYLON," REV.18:4. Jehovah is all about holiness, becoming separated from the world of sin, & coming upon his holy ground the true church based on the rock of divine revelation from the Father. Jesus thought God was very sufficient in his ability to reveal to the true identity of himself to us, as it was the case for Peter. MATT.16:18.

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

The long prayer on this home page is in 3 PARTS, which describes my concept of TRINITY-DOCTRINE, which also seems to agree with the manner in which the SHROUD OF TURIN presents the TRINITY: with God’s image over the crown of thorns, & the super angelical type Jesus on the chest with the drumstick like engine over the heart area, (see the image I drew of it, --CHECK BACK WHEN I HAVE IT DRAWN) & the gigantic archangel MICHAEL over the neck with his feet like long pillars. This is also the priest collar, as Michael has a square face which is why there is a square in the priest collar.  —- The drawings are rather crudely done; - but I want them to MAINLY serve as a testimony TO THEIR EXISTENCE & not to be aesthetically perfect. I am mostly word based, though I want to also perfect my other talents as much as possible also; but after I give the explanation of truth, to the best of my ability, it’s full priority.

________ God knew that the primary debate the churches would have is regarding the nature of the TRINITY. It was our own fault we did not make the most ongoing use of Jesus’s book which reveals in the FIRST VERSE that it was printed first in God’s mind in heaven, (REV.1:1) & given to his son to send to us through his angel. Simple logic can be a great teacher, if we apply it with the seeking of God’s light: so that while walking in him who is the true light, we can also see his light. The spirit of prophecy is the foundational testimony of every true Christian, & so it should NOT have been an alien concept to us that this book, & all the entire scriptures but in different ways, was written in that very spirit. It is for the anointing & means of coming closer to God which is the real reason for any use of scripture. This is granted us through the Bible because it is a CONTRACT: that if we take up & read, then God will work through his word to supply us our every need with an abundant life, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

¶¶¶¶¶¶ This image of God shows the profile of his head looking to his left, (our right,) & his whole frontal body standing in front of his face’s profile. God’s nose of his profile is covering his right arm.  

Pro 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. = Isa 27:11  When the boughs thereof are withered, they shall be broken off: the women come, and set them on fire: for it is a people of no understanding: therefore he that made them will not have mercy on them, and he that formed them will shew them no favour.




+++++■■■■ ■■■■ I wish I had tried harder to do a better drawing, but just trying to reveal a picture of my Dad: who through Jesus Christ, is the Almighty Jehovah, can be hard to do. This is but the beginnings of this company, so it can be compared to how a child draws an early impression of a person of interest, such as a parent, or like the early beginnings of a company, when the main advertising figure is less than ideally constructed. But, I'm committed now to perfecting this endeavor of mine, to make artistic renderings of the entire burial cloth & it's most important images. These contain however some of my own changes, such as God doesn't have a cross on his neck, & it doesn't show the emerald rainbow. But I make these to bring awareness of how it would be nice to have access to a complete set of thoroughly resolute images.

■■■■ 2COR11:3. This "simplicity" this verse speaks of is indeed the cutting edge salvation of all Christians: which is referring to a "go to" attitude in Jesus, which makes him our head, even over all creation under him. PHIL1:18 seems to allow us a pretense in our knowing & preaching Jesus, but it is obvious Paul is referring to those who come pretending to be born again, so that, seeming to be one of the technicians of truth, they may rewrite our software & make an amendment to Holy scriptures called “canon." The idea of “Sola-Scriptura” is hard for the devil to get around, or he will show what big teeth he has, etc. But they wiggle their way through it until they find a passage they think is saying that the SCRIPTURES ARE MAKING THE CHURCH PILLAR & GROUND OF TRUTH: 1TIM3:15, i.e. & therefore creator & dictator of it. But which verse is only true because of submission to the word of God & being indwelled by Jesus: not because the word is produced by the whims of the church needing to entertain herself with new ways of making mankind to sin in more subtle ways, like the new pollution of micro plastics getting into everything. Paul says that Jesus could have thrown around his authority & taught what he pleased, “thinking it not robbery to be equal with God,” but then he could not have been accepted as our sacrifice, so finding himself in the form of a servant he submitted to his design: which is also all our duties to be whoever God designed us to be. & Jesus had to have a discipline none of us EVER ONCE HOLD OURSELVES TO, YET WE THINK IT EASY TO PLEASE OUR HUSBAND WITH OUR ODIUS LIFESTYLE IN HIS NOSTRILS, that once one tiniest debatable infraction to Jesus’s strict orders from above was done, (as it would be unbecoming to a suffering & saving Christ,) it could never be wiped clean. Jesus would have simply said “game over” & called his legions of angels. 

_________ Why Jesus didn’t say, “I of my own power can at any time leave you all in the dust,” but referred to not even one or many but legions of angels needing to do the work, is also an admission that he is not same as God, but needed to later be “declared to be the son of God with power.” Perhaps the legions of angels were needed if Jesus chose to go ETERNALLY ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE, (& just let some angel with a harp ease any guilt or remorse in his feelings, as David played his harp for Saul,) because of the great mission it would be to steal Jesus away from the devil, & his vast army of demons, who was then salivating already over the idea of tormenting Jesus on the cross. Even now Paul says that Jesus is subject to the Father, 1COR15:27-28, though he is now glorified, as all his power even now comes from the Father: the only difference is that it is absolute, (though still according to the Father’s will) & it can never be taken away again, as in LUKE22:44. 

_______ Jesus is now like the outer skin of God, through which we all must pass to enter the throne room of God, unless it is to receive eternal damnation. JOB15:25-27, says that sinners do not know what they do, just as Jesus said, but, their sins strengthen them against God. ALL THE MORE IF THEY DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE SINS BECAUSE THEY SEEM SO SPIRITUAL FOR JESUS! When sinners pray, they run upon God, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers! They know not at what they stumble, & do it mainly because the vast masses are doing the same. Because he “covers his face with his fatness, and makes collops of fat on his flanks,” meaning they cannot discern God’s presence, because they are too enamored with the many toys this world has to offer, which they cover their attention (away from God) as with grease, & make themselves over burdened with worldly riches. 

________ Paul is not in favor, PHIL1:18 of those who preach a deceitful message, but he is saying that those who love the Lord can be glad that Jesus can make use of the word preached in any condition of it. If there were no pretentious message being preached to make people give up seeking true salvation, because they are made to think by the message that they already have it, then it could only mean that the devil has been bound somehow. Even after satan is bound a thousand years, & the knowledge of God covers the world like a flood for all that time, it didn’t take satan but hardly a moment to deceive all over again a multitude of people like that of the sands of the sea! One could be thrown into despair wondering how to escape such an intelligent enemy, who knows the ins & outs of salvation better than we could believe though God warn us of it. It didn’t take satan but a day after he was defeated in the resurrection to set up Babylon the great, aka the Vatican, as the headquarters for all other religions of the world, which makes one wonder how satan could have been compliant in crucifying the Lord of glory, if it was to his own damnation? This only shows that satan is a malicious spirit who would rather risk damnation than step back in some fear of God. 

________  It should be obvious that there is no "simplicity" in how we preach Jesus, if our pretense is corrupt, & we do not present him according to the BIBLE! Jesus said he needs new bottles to carry the new wine, or else the bottles burst under the power of it & our sin is made worse for having taken upon us the Holy profession of Jesus Christ. But where is that "bursting" Jesus speaks of? Or haven't any of us had access to that new wine from above, that is, power from on high? MARK 2:22. LUKE 5:37. The "bursting" hasn't happened as in a dramatic fashion, because the visitation from on high, which is the new wine, hasn't been poured forth, & given to us sparingly by God. That’s because God knows we won’t weed out the devil because we are too gullible for any supposition it is God’s true presence from on high, & so God’s power would just get intercepted by the devil. The anointing the devil inherited is not a power that got cut off from God, because God can’t be cut up like flesh, but it is an ongoing allotment of power that waxes & wanes, ebbs & flows from time to time, whether satan has good or bad harvests of souls & human suffering & is able to get the masses to believe the highest level pentecostal like deceptions, by which he is able to produce great fake moves of God. These great “special” moves of God then go on to produce many sub denominations, all of which fall away immediately from seeking how that power came be given to begin with, & of what nature it is: in fact all they want is the opportunity to make use of MALACHI 3:10 to make the top leadership


_________  God rebukes the devil through our prayers & can only preserve our OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE THE REINS OF HIS CHURCH. God doesn't do the work of the wife of Jesus, because doesn't create, save & sanctify us for no reason. Whatever way God sends his blessing to us, but there is no official priest who adheres to only scriptures, then satan is empowered by it, which is why God is very sparing in how he helps us. It's true also in how we send aid to other countries: if the corrupt leadership will just get fatter & more powerful & do nothing for the people, then it's better to give nothing until the problem can be worked out. But there is another scenario that is worse: if that government takes the food & supplies BUT CORRUPTS, CHANGES IT'S DNA & CONTAMINATES & CURSES IT, then gives it to a terribly needy people, then it's better they got nothing. So also when satan creates a false move of God, casting water out of his mouth, flooding the world as in the days of Noah & preaches a gospel that seals us all in sin, so we can't be convicted anymore of our lost condition, that is worse. Jesus said that the strongman, satan, must be bound, before we can "plunder" souls of their carnal security & false, sandy foundation, in order to cry out to God. Without a vision we perish, & God establishes no one in salvation if we have no vision of needing God with a right urgency to truly know him & his son he sent, & to understand him as well. If we are a people of no understanding, God will have no mercy or favour on us! ISAIAH 27:11.

----- The manner in which this wine is usually taken into old bottles is at the Lord's Supper, & mainly by the Catholic priests who generally don't give the cup to their church members. This increases their sin, or "bursting," each time they have their so called "mass." All churches which agree with their core statement of corrupting the prayer of REV15:4 which states ONLY GOD JEHOVAH IS HOLY, but instead call Jesus the ONLY HOLY ONE & MOST HIGH, are all CATHOLIC. It doesn't matter if they are labeled Pentecostal or WHATEVER!! Martin Luther counted that doctrine of the TRINITY the only thing about the Catholic church that was correct, even though it is in direct violation to the Holy scriptures: this means Martin Luther never left Catholicism,  but merely stripped it down to it's core. Satan knew we would base our faith on peer pressure & on our carnal nature which tends to overly exalt rather than "risk" underexalting Mary or Jesus, but leaving no room to over exalt God, since Jesus will then fully take that position, so that satan can move up a notch higher too & disguise himself as Mary, or else come as the angel of God's presence, even Jesus himself! Our faith must be an exact faith, not one that is overcompensated in order to be on the safe side. After all we wouldn't want to make Jesus out to be LESSER than he is & deserves to be! So satan comes to "corrupt our simplicity," & even uses psychology on us, & gets us hooked on food & all manner remedies, so we can't lift our minds up to where God is in charge above the clouds of satan's control.

■■■■ Becoming born again through asking Jesus into your heart & perfecting this same prayer as time goes on, is the chief thing we're after if we are sanely seeking God. It is comparable to a natural or first birth, in that it needs some documentation, i.e. a testimony, & a crib/church to grow in & parents/pastors to raise us. It requires chastening/spanking from our heavenly Father, God, to teach us to breath heavenly air, & makes us desire the pure milk of every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. MATT4:4. Crying after God produces an interfacing with God's mouth through which his air is pressed into us. As with our flesh, if there is no activity or signs of life, it usually means we're dead. So comparing it to the spiritual level, if there is no sense of an emergency ACTS-9:11 type praying unto God present in our soul's life, either we haven't been born again or we are very back-sliden in nature or didn't even yet start growing since we first prayed to receive Jesus. Sometimes being born again can start on a very lowly level of what seems to be a faithless or meaningless prayer, but it may show on judgment day, if we don't work to improve it, that the fetus of the new man was conceived that day, but it eventually got aborted, as satan is seeking to devour us.

_______ A Christian needs to stay close to mother church especially when they just get saved, & not just pray one's own prayers, but supplement prayer with written Covenant prayers which God accepts as our own when he adds his faith in with our reciting & pours his Spirit into us in doses. Once the anointing is gotten it can't be lost because it is irrevocable: so a little gotten everyday adds up. To save our souls from the blood of sinner's souls, we need to warn them or God will condemn us also. This requires great love to reign in us which can be difficult to grow into being like that. Receiving Jesus either directly by faith into the heart to dwell in us or by the Lord's Supper is always the real Jesus. However we can contract sin in doing so if we do not love Jesus in sincerity & accept the presence of satan coming as an angel of light. There is also a doctrinal structure on how we receive Jesus: to either receive him according to scriptures, or according to the Catholic canon which makes him essentially Jehovah. To receive Jesus according to canon doctrine is by definition of it being the body of Jehovah not only that of the Lord Jesus, & therefore (though not itself that mark,) but the description of the mark of the beast. This is because 666 is the bodily aspect of the trinity, & even though it represents the unholy trinity, the devil & his angels contract all their sin in their violations against the image of God & the other persons of the trinity. So the original 666 is the body aspect of the image of God, 600, the body aspect of Jesus, 60, & the body aspect of mankind, 6. There is all the other numbers representing God, etc., but this number represents the body only aspect of God, Jesus & church. It is what was left to satan after he rejected God's othrr aspects, as a pornofraphee only depicts us as merchandise. So if we can hardly take the Lord's Supper worthily, how will we take the body of God worthily? But we think God was broken & died on the cross, not knowing his son did. Satan is always encouraging unrepentant sinners to take the Lord's supper as a replacement for a real change of heart, as if we took food instead of exercising & USING it for our life’s work.

_________ This is so we will contract the same guilt satan got, for crucifying the Lord. The body of God, the gospel, was never instituted as a sacrament, only God's blood in the cup not his body. But the mark of the beast, which in doctrine is the Catholic Lord's Supper is also the body of Jehovah by definition of their mass saying Jesus is the most high God. But then they usually leave out the blood to deprive us of being cleansed in our wrongful taking of that Holy Supper. They say that the blood is already still in the body, supposing us to get the residual blood in the wafer that remained after Jesus died. But what they don't tell us is that the bread & wine is separate because it represents Jesus being forsaken of his Father on the cross & the Father IS THE BLOOD Jesus shed for us along with his physical blood. But the image of God (as full & freely given as the tree of life & his vast storehouse of blood which is omnipotent & not yet in Jesus at the time of his death,) is not in the Lord's Supper: BECAUSE THE IMAGE OF GOD DIDN’T DIE FOR US BUT THE BODY OF JESUS. RATHER, WE PARTAKE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD THROUGH THE LORD’S SUPPER BY FAITH IN THE GOSPEL & CONNECTION TO HIS SPIRIT, ETC. Only God's blood, which Jesus shed as HIS OWN BLOOD BECAUSE IT WAS HIS OWN FATHER FORSAKING HIM, is in the Lord’s supper. It’s true as the Catholic priests say, that the blood is in the bread also, because it was still in Jesus as a small residual, as shown when they speared him on the cross, but it is not the same blood as is in the cup: which “IS” literally the blood of the ALMIGHTY PANTOCRATORE HIMSELF!

________ But this is all in connection to, & because of the sacrifice of Jesus; God Himself does not feed himself to us apart from the what Jesus instituted in the last supper, or else as Jesus said, “if these things be done in the green tree, what will be done in the dry tree,” i.e. his cross, the church, which the carpenter birthed through his crucifixion. Jesus who came in the likeness of sinful flesh, (though not sinful,) was hardly worthy of his own father, & needed to be sanctified by “his own blood,” HEB10:29, his Father, REV1:5-6, starting in LUKE22:44. Jesus was almost broken & made sorrowful EVEN UNTO DEATH, meaning “without remedy.” The holiness embodied in God’s image, though we would need a computer generated enhancement of it’s full detail, as it is presented over the crown of thorns, is beyond what we who are “dull” —- i.e. dull not only of hearing but in every which way, can hardly begin to appreciate. But if what is contained in that image, the everlasting (STRONGS G166) things of heaven, were to be consumed by us as if we were but eating a meal, we would be utterly found totally contemptible beyond any contrast of any qualities.

______ Because only through the death of Jesus can we be counted worthy of the gospel which is from everlasting, called the everlasting gospel. So why does satan want us to take the mark of 666? To make us contract a punishment infinitely greater than the most unworthy taking of the Lord's Supper, & the mark of the beast will be issued by the pope as a world wide sacramental service, supposing to unite us with all our aliens brothers and sisters throughout the universe. However the Bible tells us that the creation of the universe's inhabitants is still future: as even the creation of Adam & Eve will first holographic, being but a word creation, GEN1:26, need yet to be fulfilled, seeing Adam didn't yet exist, & Eve was made even after him. The universe has remained barren of intelligent life, as a punishment to satan & even the fallen angels do not migrate far beyond earth. This earth was set up on purpose to entrap the devil by crucifying the Lord of glory: who under God is his only superior. God told satan to do what he had to do quickly, (as fulfilled by God's power, not satan who doesn't obey God, & God said it long before satan heard Jesus say it,) in order to do a "quick work in the earth," & make all things "shortly come to pass.”

---- Although devils believe the word of God & tremble, that doesn't make believing the word lackluster or unprofitable, because only truly born again persons believe unto having a profit in the word through faith mixed in with our believing. If the word is a food source & not an object of terror or boredom, then that means you're born again as much as a body desiring & digesting food is proof it's alive. If you see food as terrible or boring it's a sign you're very ill indeed: so also if the Bible is not precious to us beyond all worldly wealth, & God's loving kindness better than life itself, then there is no holy presence of God in us whose seed remains in us. 1JOHN3:9.

----- The Bible is called the children's bread so it should be that main daily bread of the Lord's prayer which replaces at times our desire for physical food but always supersedes it. The Bible can be potentially available to everyone, but it doesn't or won't save everyone, but to the majority of the world it hardens them to hear the word, & to devils it infuriates them. We are told by the angel that when we do not seal the word of God but preach it, it preserves everyone in whatever condition it finds them whether good or evil. REV22:10-11. It is up to us to "lay hold on eternal life" Paul says.

--- To need to know God & his son precisely & not as in an indistinguishable power source coming at us, as in an unidentified holy Spirit like outpouring, is also a blessed sign of being born again. A born again person needs to make the best use of the mind of Jesus Christ God gave him as his best talent, & sees the sword of the Spirit as his main tool to save sinners by first convicting them, which God calls "killing" them, then fellowshiping with them which God calls "eating" them. ACTS10:13. God told Peter "kill & eat," but we must also drink which is receiving the Holy Spirit as the water of life freely. The fall of Halal who is satan, necessitated that we all be tried as a sacrifice & so being born again delights in making our sacrifice to God in Covenant with him, PSALM50:5, which is being a "living sacrifice," through fasting & prayer & praise to God. HEB13:15. If our souls aren't running on the hydrogen from the water of life, we're wasting our soul's oil through committing deceitful sins. We need preservation from sin as well as ongoing deliverance from it & performance of the right way to go to heaven. Our faith needs to be "worked by God who is love," as the only prevailing type of offering to God, who desires mercy not sacrifice. All "sacrifice" to God must delight in mercy which no devil or damned person can ever enjoy.

---To love the Lord Jesus in sincerity as new born babes, & therefore feeling & following an urgent need to properly understand the Holy scriptures in it's description of all things pertaining to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit & not leaning necessarily to popular opinion or mainstream theology, is also a major sign of being born again. Being born again causes one to have an insatiable hunger & thirst for righteousness, & therefore an obsession with bathing & showering in the washing of water by the word & coming closer by all means to God is a main sign of being born again. The reason for this, is, because John tells us that the seed of God in us which made us born of God, which is Jesus knowing us as a husband to his wife, is without sin, & cannot sin for it is born of God. 1JOHN3:9. - There is a battle in each Christian Paul tells us, of the old & new man warring in our members, which is why the glorified Jesus tells us we must overcome. These evil powers tries to make ourselves to kill off & overpower the holy seed of the new birth in us. Or if we're not yet born again, those same forces try to make us think we're ALREADY BORN AGAIN, to keep us from seeking it. Paul tells us to try ourselves to see if we be in the faith or not. Satan will try to tell us that such trying of the self is doubting the Holy Spirit: which is why we must cleave to the WORD as new born babes, & receive the ANOINTING from reciting the word as OVERWHELMING us in it. Our next stage of our birth is meeting God face to face outside of the womb like enclosure of this fallen world.

_______ —  This is drawn or reported "as is" over the crown of thorns. I didn't decide God's image, (the gospel of Christ ="of God's anointing,") would have no visible clothing on. This is how God painted his own picture. God's image is the quintessential human & therefore hated by satan as the REASON for all crimes done against humanity. As shown here, Jesus is not "black" but his father is, which is why satan has a special hatred for African & dark skin, because satan wants to send a special message to God's image as to how much he hates him; so satan uses certain compliant persons who consent to such evil to do it through, for one example certain police who shoot black persons, do so because they are, through their own most grievous fault, & careless maintenance of their own sinful hearts, being used by the devil. The heart always gets it’s way: & the only way to make sure our hearts are having good intentions is by daily praying for us to become loving people.  The best way is by praying covenant prayers like “PRAYER FOR CHRISTIAN GRACES BY JOSEPH ALLEINE,” IN ADMONITION TO UNCONVERTED SINNERS. 

______ The heart will ALWAYS MAKE THE HEAD FORGET WHAT IT IS DOING, so whether our hearts are good or bad, we always end up doing things we did as a surprise to us. When we sin, if that sin is something bad for us, it’s because we DIDN’T KEEP MAKING SURE WE “ACTED” OUR WAY. No one can keep acting all the time, because the heart knows how to turn off the mind & do what it wants to do. If it turns out to be something we wish we wouldn’t have done, it’s because we chose to live a life of being a sinner, & risk doing something very bad. If we make sure our hearts are under the blood & we pray for God to change us fully, which is a lifetime process, we will find ourselves doing wonderful things we are surprised we had it in us to do. 



----  There are many other concerns too, of great weight & momentum, such as the massive seas of oil we take from the ground to drain the earth of it's blood, which when used up, do we finish hollowing out the earth if we find more oil? Then like when an engine gets to it's critical low amount of oil it ruins itself, so maybe that's when the earth reels to & fro like a drunkard ISAIAH 24:20 says. I wouldn’t call these prophecies on my part, just something that seems to be logical.

----- Oil is the earth's blood which probably has more reasons than merely as lubrication for the earth's interior mechanisms, & why Jesus said there will be so many earthquakes in DIFFERENT PLACES, is because of taking so much oil. Yes God knew all this beforehand: GOD KNEW WHAT WE WOULD DO BEFORE WE DID IT, EVEN THOUGH HE DID NOT MAKE US DO IT. It's a madness we're all swept up in like a hurricane of insanity, that plastics made from oil, (as if taking the oil wasn't enough damage,) are now getting turned into micro particles, & this is but the tip of the iceberg, & harbinger of more catastrophes becoming unglued.

It's like stan Meyers had a way to avoid draining the earth dry of its oil, & yet on we go using up the oil. So Christians have a way to always run on the pure water of life for their soul's engine, yet on we go draining our souls dry of the oil we need in our lamps when the Lord comes. Probably not the second coming but a visitation which we rarely ever think possible or desired. Visitations can occur numerous times or at least once & are probably more common than not, because Jesus said Jerusalem didn't know the day of her visitation. That also suggests it's with a group of people in mind, not merely one individual. It's also possible to miss them, & if so, it's an EXCEEDINGLY & TERRIBLY TRAGIC OCCURRENCE by the way Jesus wept over Jerusalem.
_________ How many things, even unmentionablely great things, will be found to be our fault, because when the Lord called, our heads were in our belly listening to our own lusts, so we thought we are clean of the sin of not disobeying God? How many sins do we do simply for the fact we don't stay in prayer, "asking our husband Jesus at home?" How much baby fat oil we inherited in our hearts, have we lost in the usual course of not knowing how to get converted to God, & going down the beaten path of life? Children, especially younger ones look so hopeful & full of major blessing, yet usually by the time they are a little older it's like they already lost that inheritance of a promising tomorrow & probably didn't even know they had it. We never appreciate what we have till we either lose it or successfully REALIZE we can't appreciate everything as it deserves right now. How are we shaped in iniquity PSALM 51:5, but then often not raised much better or raised in self righteousness! We must exceed all righteousness even that evil so called righteousness which is according to the service of satan: that as satan kills we must by the opposite scale & balance give life. We must weed out satan, (in all his forms,) as the middleman of our prayers, & hire (with the gold we buy from his golden girdle,) Jesus alone as our prayer speeder.
--- The very opposite of the sin against the Holy Spirit, (which is possibly unforgivable depending on the degree of it, just like that of a severe wound,) is a very powerful blessing, being the love of the brethren by which we are delivered from hell/death to heaven/life. When Jesus inferred that the people who were attacking him claiming he had a devil, were potentially committing an unforgivable sin, it was because of their loveless, satanic spirit; not so much the content of their sin, but the spirit of being cold, calculating & loveless. Because the church is the temple & therefore essentially person of the Holy Spirit, the sin against the Holy Spirit is somewhere in the arena of sinning against the church. What this means however is not against the church per se, but within the arena of it: i.e. in reference to what violates the mandate of the Holy Spirit whose temple is the church. The mandate of the Holy Spirit is anything to do with testifying of the truth regarding who the TRINITY exactly is & each of the 3 persons. Because the Holy Spirit is HOLY SCRIPTURE CENTRIC, the Holy Spirit gravitates towards first believing in us the descriptions of Jesus, the Father & Holy Spirit contained within it's pages. God calls such believing "righteousness." If there is any bleeding into truth beyond the scope & confines of scriptures, such as the assumption that Jesus is of equal power & duration as the Father, it is the job of the Holy Spirit to "convince" us of it. However, the truth must always be spoken in love, & it has been the track record of the catholic church, & it's "offspring religions," engaging in such debates, to do it in anything but love; at least not love to God. What truth is not contained in scriptures which God desires to reveal, could not however go contrary to what has already been revealed in scriptures. As to whether or not that would define it as truth would require a contrasted & enhanced explanation of the points of truth & "therefore verses" which are linked in a hidden manner throughout the Holy Bible. This also presupposes that the "fruits" are entailed which qualify such expounding of scriptures as genuinely approved of by God, such as general obedience to the holy image of God, 2COR4:4, & a careful & tender loving affection to the visible & invisible church. It should be duly noted that though all genuinely "profess" Christianity, (meaning to be annointed, which even the devil has a residual anointing he inherited,) not all are so in a sincere & pure manner in God's eyes. To remedy this, we should seek God's confirmation of us as a divinely ordained church: & not take the slightest delight in having a vanity ordination or installation as God's ministers. We might as well instead of God's voice simply speak to ourselves what God might otherwise say to us. Ordination by churches can amount to hardly more than prayers for us: which is but a luxury comfort & which apart from our own seeking of God means absolutely nothing as far as saving us. We must accept ordination from churches if they do not require us to profess false doctrines, just as we cannot refuse church fellowship without essentially excommunicating ourselves by the rejection of even one brother or sister. Jesus warns us that he is the life of each of us in him, or who is in the world, & whatsoever we do to each other we are doing to Jesus. We cannot reject a big toe of Jesus, (the least of the brethren,) without rejecting the WHOLE of Jesus!
---- The sin against the Holy Spirit is somewhere in the manner in which we deal with our church relations. How exactly it is entangled is a web of danger one does not want to get entangled in, & risk getting IRREVOCABLY checkmated by the devil. The more non affiliated one is, the more mercy they can expect in their "ignorant & unbelieving" persecution or loveless dealings with Christians, & if there is never any outward proofs or irrefutable manifestations which seem to unenlightened sinners to be from God. If it turns out that the "move" of God & angels the church manifested & the miracles that they showed were all, (as perhaps unbeknown to them even,) from the devil coming as an angel of light, then the sinners who rage against it can, if they do not succumb to the devil's false convictions, be delivered from their great errors. But if the light that warns a sinner is the clearest from God's face, God warns us that if he spared not the angels who sinned, to take heed lest he spare not us either.
--☆ There is also a "maturity factor," in being the one to endure the  maliciously intended & envenomed attacks of sinners, & this means that the sin against the Holy Spirit is never declared as such by the church but by the Holy Spirit only. If we all cry out in condemnation for those who oppose us, then when does THE LORD ever get a chance to live through us? John tells us to not pray for those who sin unto death, but to know exactly when that occurs,  might not be possible but suspected only. Also we can pray in non sinful ways for people which will be like adding coals of fire, either extra eternal wrath for wasting great blessings or coals of conviction making them seek repentance. If Jesus is not generally known except in some brief & unexplained canon type doctrine, & one like Francis Spira is severely scolded by an unearthly voice declaring them hopeless, knowing Jesus said "many" would "NEVER" KNOW OR BE KNOWN BY JESUS THOUGH PROFESSING TO KNOW JESUS & PREACHING HIM TO THE WORLD AS IF SUPPOSEDLY SAVING MANY, it might be wise not to  immediately believe & accept such a condemning voice!! Perhaps it would be wise before throwing in the towel, to inquire if you are not among the many who only thought they knew the Lord or thought they sinned a terrible sin against an angel or saint, etc. We must verify first that we really sinned according to how we're accused, knowing there's also an "accuser of the brethren" who never gets tired of it!! The more subtle our condemnation is in looking like it's from God, the more likely we are to believe it's really true! Can satan appear as even an angel of light on a massive global scale that has even invented all 7 major branches of religion (reinventing Christianity,) by creating a mother of all harlot "universal" church  that claims Jesus for it's head? But does so by making Jesus Jehovah, so he can fill the position of son of God, sitting in the temple showing himself to be God, in the audience of the world that is.
☆☆ Satan gets great thrills in pretending to be the Holy Spirit & confounding us in a terror which is not from the holy one at all! Jesus said to try the spirits, & that is a talent we all need to improve on. Jesus spells out the character of a true Christian & this is no mistake as to that Jesus requires it & by himself installed these mandates. We cannot all in one accord cave into the sin of malicious attacks or appear to be strong under the allusion of a false virtue or discipline. The Holy Spirit needs a worthy vessel who has the same divine attributes as GOD::: as described in 1COR13. This should be our core prayer request: to be so exactly like this love as described, so that the genuine article namely God who IS this agape, can always live through us. The greater satan hates us, the more odious will be our failures to always Express this holy divine love. It will even become odious like flies which make the apocathery to stink, to fail to show love in failing to heal the sick, raise the dead & cast out devils: while the world rolls in the worst stench without even having it come upon them in the least! PSALM 90 tells us that our secret sins are in the light of God's face, & that we are the only ones God knows in all the earth & therefore he will punish us. The reason for this is obvious: that if all God does for us is immediate, we should know his judgment & reaction to our dealings with him is also. While the world will not know or be known of God except on terms of being eternal strangers one to another: while at the moment they are being "counted as," as with a spiritual credit, by purest most undeserved grace, as being worthy as if a holy child of God. Sinners prefer this "credit," to which they will pay for in the lake of fire, & will not look at the "books" because their self hatred but love for ease is so great. It must be a hatred for which they cannot love anyone with a saving love, while we who love ourselves enough to covet eternal life, are enabled to "love our neighbors as ourselves." Most sinners don't want it, which we then decide after the first rejection of our attempts to save them, that the whole wide world is the same, & feel a loathing to even try anymore. But little do we know it is God taking our blood sample & found that our blood is beyond sinful, it is rotten to it's core & unfit for God to dwell in who is the life of all blood.
______ People, when their life is over, will have one resounding exclamation:: "I WASTED MY LIFE!!" When they are about to lose their "grace credit," & become eternal paupers in the lake of fire, they will reassess their life's actions & realize all they did was by being most subtlety manipulated by the devil: that they did nothing without satan deftly passing before their soul's subconscious recognition sin contracts & getting their "signatures" without knowing when or how or that satan even did it at all. That a sinner's grief will be in knowing how greatly everything they thought, did & felt was all influenced & orchestrated by their father the devil. That satan got our most tiny consent, & because it felt so tiny we thought it would not pass as our approval of him, but that it made us contract every sin we ever did or were left without change & repentance for, whether it was big or small. It was always the same most tiny & almost imperceivable acceptance of having our future punishment being "stored up" for us. We thought that professing Jesus openly on a hat or clothing or tract made us stupid, & not "worldly wise," & this made us treat Jesus like he was but a child & we were his rude, abusive parents who dragged him by the ear, & rebuked him for his often praying to his Father in strong crying & tears to be delivered from eternal separation from his Father, which he labeled "death itself." Jesus was the first to experience the second death, immediately after being strengthened by the angel in Luke 22:43. If satan had rung one most minutely tiny "actual sin" out of Jesus from LUKE 22:44 to the time of his physical death on the cross, it would have cost him his Father forever. We haven't realized the great fear Jesus suffered his whole life in anticipation for death, which Jesus called a baptism. HEBREWS says Jesus was "heard in that he feared." Sounds like a lot of needless to-do for one who is equal & same in all regards as God & beyond all possibility of failure or worse. What would God be sacrificing if all his death consisted of was an outer human looking shell, & a time scale of 6 hours of undergoing what could not effect him inwardly in the least. The suffering God had in sacrificing his son was in the risk of losing him forever & the great difficulty of not letting him get swallowed up into the devil's gaping mouth which dying for us on the cross. The redemption of our souls is because God was in Jesus on the cross reconciling the world unto himself, even while he was forsaking him. How all this is possible is, how a person in hell is forsaken yet God is there also inflicting him. God cannot be void in even a space of an atom. Satan sinned in an actual manner directly against God for the first time when attacking Jesus on the cross: as until then Jesus did not enter into his office as mediator until he took the "bread which came down from heaven," John6, of the last Supper. And until the office of mediator was activated in Jesus, no one could sin directly against God, but only have their sins tallied up for a future time of judgment. This meant God was receiving the sins of the whole world personally during the crucifixion, to either expiate & atone for them or else to mete out & reserve wrath for them. The bread of life in the Lord's Supper is that bread who is the earth of GEN1:2 slain from the foundation of the world. The crucifixion which was approximately 6 hours was to God in Jesus, while suffering the true crucifixion in & as his son, actually like 250 years to God. The penalty satan will suffer for this in the lake of fire will make each microsecond seem like too many lifetimes to count. The crucifixion could never end or be in any way changed once it took place. This doesn't mean Jesus is still suffering, (which ended at his physical death,) but it means upon resurrection Jesus got no blood back, or wounds healed. Jesus rose from the dead essentially glorified but not in a completed way until after his ascension. He could do things on a much grander scale after his resurrection. His blood, God, was no longer intermingled with a functional need of his human blood to power his flesh. His body ran on a higher power source than before, which could mesh with atoms & see far beyond what a human mind & sight can do. As a result non of his wounds were closed up but neither were they dripping or oozing residual blood. He could tell Thomas to "thrust" in his hands directly into his side & put his fingers directly into his nail wounds. There was no blood spilled in doing so, or any mess for that matter. We are "CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST," meaning with his anointing, because the effects of his crucifixion upon his body can NEVER CHANGE! Jesus's death was so horrifying to his human nature because he was about to become a whole new type of being called "bright morning star," & to do so through the most impossible trials to test the strength of his own holiness. Upon the cross Jesus bequeathed to us his humanity by telling us to be of all one family, in that he turned Mary to John saying, "behold your son," & John to Mary saying, "behold your mother." We are adopted through the blood of Jesus into the church as one many membered person: called the temple of the Holy Spirit.
-- Jesus is the ultimate & quintessential "clean Spirit!" To wash in any other kind of blood would make you ANYTHING BUT CLEAN! But to wash in the blood of Jesus is like stepping into a refiners fire & fuller's soap! The glorified feet of Jesus stamps out ALL our sins as in an almighty wine press. There is no sin Jesus cannot cleanse us of, but that we must not equate free salvation with cheap salvation! God doesn't see anything cheap about his son, & neither should we. As a result of Jesus's resurrection being the glorification of his crucifixion, Jesus's crucifixion is eternal in that the effects of it is called the first & last resurrection. There is no other resurrection which the blessed partake of: Jesus being the fullness of our life. But the damned partake in the resurrection of satan which is the second resurrection, whose punishment is the second death. There will be no third death since satan is the "evil one," & God has contained all sin within the one & only great white throne judgment.
_ _____ How many great inventions have been snatched up by military & either used as future possible weaponry because it would make the world permanently uninhabitable, or simply shelved for good, because it wouldn't make the right people rich in the right way? Tesla & others have a tiny percentage of their inventions in operation, but then hardly even at 10% of it's probable potential. Electric cars for example could use the electrical power to make use of the surplus movement of the motion of the car in order to run extra turbines & in turn help store energy while driving. But nope, you can only drive it a fraction of the distance a gas car can go & it takes much much longer to fuel it also. Inventions could get us back on the gold standard & pay back our national debt, being a nation of among the most ingenious peoples of all the earth, but because it's politically wrong to be financially self sufficient as a nation we must hobble along like we are lame or something.

----- The new nicotine is probably caffeine IN MY ESTIMATION. Just as they used to say nicotine was good for everything, they say that about caffeine today, though as in the days of doctor recommended smoking, there was also the opposition, so we have those who disagree that caffeine is good for even anything. REV18:23 ends as if telling us a punchline of a truth, saying that the magnates, the secret multi trillionaires who secretly rule the world, only do so because our better judgment is impaired by pharmaceutical drugs! “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” Sorcery is the Greek word pharmakeia. I won’t pretend to know the answer to this question, but just to ask the question as only God knows, how many diseases would we have a nation or world in general, if we had better nutrition & exercise, & weren’t always getting entangled in the demons of the world through the “evangelism” of media? How many courses of life were changed, because we heard a satanically cursed song, anointed by the devil like the siren songs at sea, to turn the course of our ship of faith in a wrong direction? & yet if one song can do it, what about the endless stream of media always coming at us? Where is the place of rest for the soles of our feet, where we can get off this endless treadmill of provoking us to sin, so that the devil, (who is the last one qualified to accuse anyone,) can throw it in our faces & say to God, see? I made him sin! He’s not worthy of you God anymore! 

______  THE QUESTION IS, DOES CAFFEINE, or candy or pop or any such processed, or GMO food, etc., MAKE OUR BETTER JUDGMENT JUST DULL ENOUGH TO MAR OUR ABILITY to look up to the real stars of heaven TO SEE WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING? If our sword of discernment must be at it’s sharpest, how does satan damn people, but by letting us be so utterly religious & spiritual & exact on truth UP TO THE TIPPING POINT, when we are about to reveal his real self to the world, & GET SAVED FOR REAL, & NOT “ALMOST A CHRISTIAN?” Tithes God says are for MEAT IN HIS HOUSE, so if the churches are not preaching real meat from the HOLY BIBLE, then WHAT GOOD DO TITHES DO?? Is it God’s fault if he cannot fulfill MALACHI 3:10-11 when he said it’s for meat in his house of prayer, when there is only feel good warm fuzzy or else controlling cult like messages being preached? We need to eat the butter & honey of the NEW JERUSALEM by praying in the spirit, the land that flows with milk & honey, in order to know to choose the good & refuse the evil. Our consciences even from conception, PSALM 51:5, are deceived, called “evil consciences” which we need sprinkling by the hyssop-like blood of Jesus in order to be delivered from, HEB10:22, or some high level cult leader, with a satan level anointing can hijack our souls & use our consciences as barbed wire fences to keep us in his deceptions. God must send his ministering angels to minister to us with ongoing therapy, to exercise our atrophied conscience, to make us know in true discernment the difference between the real Jesus, & satan coming as an angel of light. And to know the difference between a real outpouring of “power from on high,” or satan casting his water out of his mouth to carry the church & world away in it. And to know the difference between a demon pretending to be a holy angel, or a real holy angel coming “unawares.” And when we should “entertain a stranger,” or shun him as a potential threat. There are many such examples of subtle differences which seem subtle to us but are of huge weight & untold momentum. & furthermore we need holy boldness to not always live by “supposing” this to be the right way, & the truth of our situation, but to outright KNOW IT, AS “THUS SAYS THE LORD.” When we are sure we are right & all the more sure because we can pray in tongues so good & are so filled with the Holy Spirit, & maybe even can work miracles, but there seems to be certain glitches in our matrix of truth, & beliefs, that crop up once in a while that makes us “wonder what does that mean?”, maybe we are living in a satanic simulation, not the real kingdom of God, “coming in earth as it is in heaven.” Satan even now, by which he “DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD,” produces a worldwide illusion that can even follow people to the afterlife, when he knows it will be but a near death experience only. It takes tremendous power to deceive sinners, which power ROM13:1 says is only from God since God is the ONLY POWER. That’s how satan can make people think that the power that comes from him, is straight from God. 

_______  When Jesus was offered a tiny tiny bit of weak pain killer that couldn't even be felt any difference from, on a sponge on the end of a stick, he wouldn't take it. Maybe because it was just beneath his dignity, but what message is he really telling us? That God doesn't like mood altering substances no matter how moderate or kosher it is to the churches. That we have abused pain killers, anesthesia & feel good remedies. That we don't even pray for God's mercy when we drink coffee or eat candy, etc, because our churches have told us it's not a sin & cannot, like the morsel of Esau's meat, forfeit our eternal salvation. We have trusted our pastors more than God! We have not prayed in Covenant prayers everyday, that when our level of love runs low & thin, that we won't defile many by our roots of bitterness, yet hidden from our level of enlightenment. We have not gotten ready for when the lion of sin roars upon us to take us by surprise, & fail to sanctify the LORD JEHOVAH in the presence of the people, by speaking to Jesus, the rock, instead of striking him. God warns us, we will come to a time when we will mourn & be in bitterness for the one we pierced: who said, "I was wounded in the house of my friends." There is something about that verse, beyond the obvious awesomeness of it, that is just spellbinding beyond any comprehension. It wouldn't even do justice to it, to comment on it. That while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Paul adds that if God's mercy is so great in Jesus's death, all the more is it true when we're SAVED by his now resurrected eternal life. ROM5:10.

______ In this image shown at the top of this website, closest to the heart area, in the faith of God's tender mercies, called the logos, is found the origin of God's only genetic son. What genes does God have, who is that Spirit called the "existing one?" Only Jesus possesses a direct copy of that divine information: while we were all chosen in Christ from the foundation of the world. Jesus's identity is in the immutable existence of Jehovah: & it was by this source which is "from everlasting," that the LOGOS was begotten before all time. Jesus is the "eternal day," & therefore the "new time" by which Michael the archangel in REV10 ended the old time. This new time, though existing from the beginning, had it's applicable beginning through the glorification of the word made flesh.

----- Jesus who existed first as the WORD, & represented as the 10 commandants written on stone & now written in a heart of flesh in images upon the burial cloth, alone originated in Jehovah: whom John says is in the bosom of the Father. Jesus being the law made flesh, could have chewed us all up & spit us out, even as the law makes us all “exceedingly sinful:” Jesus instead of bearing our sins could have done the opposite: but he took delight in obeying the Father, who had already crucified him from the foundation of the world to save us from our sins.  All other children originate in the LOGOS, which in ISAIAH 14:12 is called the "morning," meaning dawn. Satan, whose real name we don't know, but in Hebrew is called Halal, & which KJV calls Lucifer, is said to be "the son of the morning:" as the highest & most advanced design for a son possible, which can be taken out of the logos. Satan therefore, like any corrupt politician, who wants to make the most of his original office, though it was supplanted by Michael the archangel through the death of Jesus, now wants to make the logos to be something so blended in as the same in all regards as Jehovah, that he can "seize" the power of the son of God in the world: as "son of the morning" would then mean SON OF GOD!! If a governor could make us all think that the president was of a higher rank than he is, then by default, that governor would be president. Not rightly so, but in the eyes of the people,  he would be esteemed as president: & because the rank of hierarchy would be disrupted, the office of the true president would be null & void, neither would he have that supposed higher office, because he is not suitable & able to do it. Satan can only come as an angel of light when we do not discern the body of Jesus, to know that Jesus is the “beginning of the creation of God.” 

_______Though indeed this “creation” is not like any other, but titled “first & last,” & only genetic son, & made so much better than the angels, & even existing in essence in the Father from everlasting, Jesus is content describing it as the TRUE BEGINNING OF CREATION. It is the referring to of GEN1:1 when God parabolically describes the LOGOS as the earth & his blood line connection to the omnipresence of God, the heavens. Then crucifying him in GEN1:2, then moving upon the face of the waters yet in his corpse, which did not suffer any decay, & then saying, “let there be light,” & it was the moment of God painting the images on the burial cloth & raising Jesus as the BRIGHT MORNING STAR, but still yet to be glorified 40 days later which would then start PENTECOST 50 days from his resurrection. But if we think he is really JEHOVAH & all the same as God in all regards, then satan has moved up a rank in the audience of the world, though the audience of heaven rejects & condemns him for it: & satan puts on the clothing of our great great grandmother Mary to hide his true presence in the churches calling himself the co-redeemer, & gatekeeper of heaven. & with the “appearance of power,” comes real power, because God relies on the consent of people to “decree a thing,” & to “bind this or loose that.” God didn’t make people to be helpless robots, though satan makes us think we are in areas that really count the most. 

----- God makes all coming out of Babylon the act of putting Jehovah upon his rightful position of "the only holy one," REV15:4, (& the source of divine love who ordered Jesus to die for us, & suffered a kind of crucifixion with his son reconciling the world unto himself, ) & therefore in the places in the new testament using PANTOCRATORE, it is for the purpose of sanctification, or that is, setting us who love God & serve him in Spirit & truth, apart from the world. The crux of Revelation is "come out of her my people, in REV18:4. God still asks the age old question, "who is on the Lord's side?” EX32:26. Then let them identify & distinguish themselves as a peculiar people, who agree with & accept the truth about who this Holy Lord God is, & who his son is: as Jesus said, "this is life eternal, to know you the one true God, & Jesus Christ whom he has sent.” IF WE DO NOT YET KNOW OR DISCERN TRUTH, LET US BE HONEST ABOUT IT & PUT AWAY OUR FALSE “CONFESSIONS” WHICH ARE REALLY MERELY “PROFESSIONS.” Jesus asks us in scriptures, “what do you see & who do you say I am?” He wants to know what we think, THOUGH WE THINK JESUS IS A TREE WALKING, WE NEED TO CONFESS IT OR JESUS WILL STOP HEALING US, & SAVING US!! Does anyone get to heaven without confession of sin, though it be inherited sins, & we are basically suing God, saying, “hey God I was shaped in sin! — uh, who did that?” (PSA51:5). The more intelligent & good one is, the less effort it takes to effectively sue them at anything. Why did it happen, let us wait on God for the answer, but that’s the birthright satan tries to steal from us, because he or any fallen angel cannot say they were shaped in sin, or they could be saved too. And Jesus warned many wonder workers who thought they knew Jesus would be sent into damnation with Jesus saying he NEVER knew them! Never meaning that they didn't even backslide, but simply were never converted AT ALL! And if this be true for the wonder workers, what shall it be for those who are the followers of the blind leaders of the blind who all fall into the same ditch, Jesus said? Most of us don't even come to the level of working wonders, yet if Jesus said "many" wonder workers would be sent packing their bags to hellfire, what about the “great multitudes" who followed them & made them pastors?  Who these preachers & miracle workers are specifically, one can only speculate, but if it's "many," you can pretty much guess who they are.

------ The title Almighty, which in Greek is PANTOCRATORE, (G3841 in Strong's numbers,) appears 10 times in the New Testament, & is translated as OMNIPOTENT in REV chapter 19:6.  Jehovah as taught in scriptures is the one stone in the gears of satan's kingdom which satan cannot manipulate by false so called "canon," if there is any effort & care taken in seeking to present him accurately. This makes false religions using Jehovah as if GOD is a mascot & willing accomplice to their spiritual crime, among the worst kinds of sinners, who play on the brink of the unpardonable sin. I might be the only one to go so far as to draw a picture of Jehovah (as I feel convinced he must look like,) not on my supposed authority or imagination but on the supposition that the SHROUD OF TURIN is genuine, & that the humanoid image on the brain area of the back of the head is indeed that of the Father. As if to say "Jesus stayed his mind on God & his shape, & this kept him in perfect peace.” ISA26:3. No other face that ever existed in photographs, EVER exudes greater serenity & perfect peace than that found on the face of Jesus on his burial cloth!! 

________ Here is a man whose beard was pulled out, his face covered in spit, his face mangled, & that wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg!! HIS SOUL WAS THE REAL OFFERING FOR SIN, WHILE HIS BODY WAS TO HEAL US & MAKE US WORTHY OF THE FATHER, BUT HIS SOUL IS WHAT WAS SO ATTACKED BY SATAN & MADE “SIN FOR US YET WITHOUT SIN.” 2COR5:21. Jesus didn’t just pray in the garden of Gethsemane to be delivered from this death of being SEPARATED FROM HIS FATHER ON THE CROSS, WHICH WAS THE SHEDDING OF HIS BLOOD, WHICH BLOOD IS “GOD & HIS FATHER, REV1:5-6, but HEB-5:7 tells us Jesus prayed this request in the days of his flesh, before the time of his baptism in the Holy Spirit, with strong crying & tears! WHAT DID HIS PARENTS THINK, & SATAN WHO SAW HIM? Later when Jesus came into power, to prepare for his death, they ridiculed him as the “carpenter” that lived with his parents his whole life until then. What a statement that is, like you could think of a million questions, like what kind of sin is holy? Why is it called sin at all? 2COR5:21. The image throughout the cloth scientists say, (who did a tremendous number of tests on it,) that the image no where on the cloth exceeds 1 micron, (a human hair is 75 microns thick) & it even suggests it was boiled in oil, as it is covered in a bioplastic coating. What could preserve this cloth against the SHEER RAGE OF SATAN, if God did not produce the image & is also the one protecting it?

------  If you find yourself angry about this, maybe thank God for the "heads up" as to what Spirit you are of. God redeems his daughter the church with judgment ISAIAH 1:27 says. REV15 says the world will worship God because his judgments are made manifest. I for one would like to know my status with God in this before I meet him face to face. The grace we come to God with now, will no longer buffer our abrasive sinful nature, when we are no longer covered in this present evil world's form of peace, which is the anointing of the covering cherub. The only reason we can’t see God face to face now, is because satan, the covering cherub is blocking our view; but when satan is being bound at the end of the great tribulation just upon us, & the old universe we cherish so much with all our great telescopes is rolled up like a scroll, they will cry for the mountains & rocks to cover them from the sight of God the father & his son in heaven. The universe before Halal became satan, was never hid from heaven or heaven hid from us, & angels would have been our neighbors. John says we can & MUST know we have eternal life: BE ASSURED OF IT BY GOD. Never did we need a renewed heart more than now: through which comes the issues of the life of heaven: because nothing else will counteract against the sheer insanity the world is run according to.

—  ■■■□■ But what if these issues of heaven come through a hardened, sin callused & seared heart & conscience? Can we say that because we "didn't get the memo" that therefore it should be null & void? If God wasn't able to use anyone of us properly as with a useable saint, was it God's job to come to us with glaring flashing lights & blaring siren saying, "warning! Warning! Don't bother trying to seek me, it will all be for nothing," as if God wants to spare us the trouble? Didn't Jesus say that many would seek to enter & not be able? Did Jesus mean "only in a short span of time," or what if that seeking was a whole lifetime? Is Jesus duty bound to make his judgment clear to every self serving radical fanatic that what they are doing is going to get thrown into the lake of fire, 1COR3:15, along with their souls? But isn’t working in vain also a sin, (spending precious blood bought time on things that will all be forgotten by mankind,) that will make us being “saved so as by fire” all the more unlikely? Isn’t storing up treasures in heaven something that makes us find favor in the eyes of our husband Jesus: when we are a wall against the enemy & we have storehouses of milk for the new babes in Christ? SONG8:10.

_______ What if our religious preferences is sometimes our mansions, & our fame is all in our own eyes only, & all our manner of worldly wealth is our carnal security & our natural conversion to self? Can't satan make us delusional enough to make the "hay, wood & stubble" of our hoarded beliefs seem like the most sublime wealth & impressively precise of Holy doctrines? Is it the Lord's job to set us down, & make sure we all take the best & smartly self loving course to hell, if that is where we're bound to go? God didn't need to warn the devil in that manner, though God knew all the souls he would take with him on his long rampage to the lake of fire! But like death, judgment day comes for everyone at various times, but if it comes in this life, we need to know what manner it is; to condemn or redeem us. Some people don’t know the day of their visitation, & that is always a bad sign, whether their visitation is to redeem or damn them, it would be better had it been to damn them, than to have Jesus knocking on their door, but unheard because we are glorying too much in our shame & in love with our own bellies.

_______  What if we are like Moses, EX4:24-26, & God’s image is the judge standing at the door? JAMES5:9. God is waiting for us to make a sacrifice, PSA50:5, but one that he has ordained like fasting & prayer, ISA58:3-7, not one God does not approve of; FOR GOD WOULD HAVE MERCY NOT (self exalting) SACRIFICE. MATT9:13. In this world over whom, in the lower case sense of it is the devil, we ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION need to make a sacrifice. It comes periodically for everyone, politician, celebrity, or Christian, but most at least allegedly choose some form of easy submission to Babylon, from whom flows the (REV18:3) abundance= dunamis of her delicacies: but this takes making prayer requests, having a priest pray for us, or perhaps even make a sacrifice, even on a highly criminal level! Some take the easy way out & fast in a self righteous & selfish spirit, with the leavening doctrines of the pharisees, which makes doing great self denying works easier when we are really denying the self outwardly, but inwardly we are enjoying our great show of “holiness.” Others take what must be an easier way (or they wouldn’t do it,) of some great sin in honor of the devil, which we can only imagine what that might be. But we, if "we" are such as the saints, must make a hard sacrifice & fast & pray not in our own righteousness but in that of the Almighty presence of God. We must deny ourselves inwardly, as well as outwardly, not merely cleaning the outside of the cup but focus even mainly in the inside, from which the filth comes to dirty the outside of the cup!

______  God says “gather my saints together: those who have (already) made a Covenant with me by sacrifice.” PSALM50:5. There is no remission of sins without a sacrifice. Though we can do nothing without grace paving the way to heaven through our faith, EPH2:8, it is made clear that God does not give us grace for us to sin in order for grace to abound, ROM6:1, but to set off grace all the more like a foil of God’s reflection off the rocks of our hearts, when he is turned to us not just from his backsides, (our sinning) but with his face towards us, through our holy keeping of his commandments! EX33:20-23. No man can see God & live, meaning “in his sins,” for John says that “he who sins has not seen God.” Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints, PSA116:15, WHEN WE COME TO THE END OF OUR ROPES OF SIN & DECEPTION, & suddenly realize that we can do nothing to save or preserve ourselves, & because we have already been ruined by sin. Satan controls many people by making them think they have something spiritual  to lose, & so instead of turning to the Lord & HIM ONLY TO SERVE, they think it wiser to trust in the control freak preacher, who uses MAL3:10 to get our money, or stay with his church because we were told it is the only possible place to get & stay saved.  

_______ Though Jesus made the only acceptable sacrifice, & all we can do is offer what is essentially "filthy rags,” ISA64:6, (stained in the wasted blood Jesus pours into us in vain,) once we have witness in ourselves that we have been saved by grace, we must improve upon this talent of salvation, & perfect it through diligently seeking God's face. If God's face is to you of no real interest or paramount importance, you are certainly not saved. Jesus says that the little ones are so protected because their angels “do always behold the Father’s face in heaven,” that if we but sin against them we are worthy of a millstone hung about our necks & cast into the lake of fire! Most people are waiting to flee from God’s at the great white throne judgment, into the lake of fire, which is the fervent heat Peter mentions. This earth which will melt in fervent heat is our carnal nature which our souls of sin have pampered & lived deliciously with all our lives: the heavens are our perception of them. The universe will simply be rolled up, (in the blueprint of it,) & God will withdraw his breath, which will immediately turn it into dust: which dust is perhaps the remnants of the original creation which cannot be destroyed. God can create a new universe as quickly as he can create one molecule, because God has as many omnipresent hands as atoms in a trillion universes, though he also has a limited image called the gospel of Christ. 2COR4:4. If God were not both consisting of limited with unlimited, he would have no venue through which he could beget his only son, which is the extent of all he can do directly through himself, & then create us to the full extent of all he can do through his son. 

_______  Before a soul is thrown into the lake of fire, it is given a body made of a soul like material which cannot be burned up, & that is the body with which the dead are raised to stand before God with. The blessed are given a body in the resurrection also, but one that is glorified to be like the angel’s bodies. This fallen earth is basically spirit, but a kind of spirit cut off from the strength of God, which is his joy. This world, consequently, is a vale of tears, because it must be on a limited time, with few direct answers & no heavenly attendants to guide us directly face to face, but in visions, parables & as in a dream only. NUM12:8. If there are any true counselors, they are usually for hire only, & hardly nothing better than Alexa or Google. This does nothing to prepare us for an actual meeting with of God, to hear him either tell us how he applied his mercy, (just as it seemed he did, but we needed the most ironclad confirmation,) or how we did nothing but embarrass him, & that we only had the status of a fallen angel without hope, even from some sin by which we've been plunged into perpetual soul darkness & veered off course from our real mission ever since. 

_______ If we would ask why did you not tell us that our misguided emotions were actually grieving for the actual loss of our eternal soul, (& the persecution we endured as being bullied were prophecies & warning us that God will throw away our life's work as all done in vain,) perhaps God will say that his infinite dignity & honor didn't need to tell us anything of the sort: as he is not our servant or under any necessity to save or otherwise warn or pamper us in the least. ROM9:20. That he warned us in scriptures & it wasn't his fault that we were not holy & sensible enough to turn that sword of the Spirit upon our own hearts until it let out the lifeblood of our sins, & imparted enlightenment to us: making one of the true (not satanic) illuminati. HEB10:32. That his commitment to punish the shepherds who didn't then follow, warn & pray for us, is sufficient to cover God not bowing the heavens & coming down to personally follow each of us to do what a loving shepherd, who must leave the saved to seek the one lost one, is supposed to do. LUKE15:4. 

_______ That it wasn't God's job to slay the lions & wolves that come to carry the sheep away, but that if those shepherds God calls & gives his downpayment (earnest) of the Holy Spirit to do it, don't do it, then it simply won't get done. JOHN10:12. Since when, by the way, did God ever make anything, just so GOD HIMSELF could instead be or do what that item is or is supposed to do? If the shepherds God duly calls, ordains & empowers choose to get instead bought out by the devil, for an easy static anointing which never needs maintenance seeking God in prayer, then what can God do about that? It would seem nothing if God never does anything about it, since who are we to know what God can do or simply chooses not to do? With God all things are possible, but God certainly chose to let the devil thrive & flourish rather than to intercept & swat him down! What God cannot do is go against his own word, as it says, “God cannot lie.” TITUS1:2. It would seem God has had immutable laws in place protecting satan for a duration or dispensation to accomplish his evil in. How else can you explain it, since only God being previously self bound by his own vow could bind him, since only in his truth is he not able to do otherwise, as Pharaoh over Joseph. GEN41:40. Halal’s office was like getting a car with all the bells & whistles: the cigarette lighter, the loud speakers, the blaring horn, etc., but instead of Halal showing God’s glorious shekinah light, & sanctifying the Lord in the eyes of all the angels, Halal decided to imagine God is a liar, & it would be more glorious for himself to make use of all those bells & whistles, rather than to leave them as a testimony to his choice to remain holy. God has exalted his truth as not merely on equal footing as his name, KJV says “over his name,” since God’s name is often only symbolic & we do not know God’s real name. PSALM138:2. God deputizes our renditions of his name as being his actual name, so that it can have power over ALL plagues. & WHAT IS A PLAGUE? Anything that was not originally a part of God’s plan for a perfectly holy & completely enjoyable world! God’s name like a two-edged sword on the flip side is also the loosing of all blessings upon us! DEUT28. 

______  Did God ever do the work an angel was created to do? Couldn't God have fought with the Prince of Persia in DAN10? But instead God sent Michael to do it, while his WORD SON was speaking in the full capacity of being God. But it is always God's power in us that does the work: that duly executes our office as ministers. When we lay down at night as on a bed, if we have no bed, does GOD appear so he can transform himself into a bed? There is an infinite number of such examples: GOD DOES NOTHING IN VAIN, & SO WILL NOT THEN ASSUME THE ROLE OF HIS CREATION. & so if God gave the job to preach & warn the wicked to the help-meet of Jesus, (& write such things as this,) if we don't accept getting drafted into the army of the Lord & assume the office of a bishop, WHO ELSE WILL GO FOR THE LORD? ISA6:8. A positive scriptural prophecy, such as camp of the saints, takes a voluntary, "here I am, send me." If we all wait for God to do some thing desperate AS BY HIMSELF ONLY WITHOUT HIS SERVANTS, which is outside of his regular order, then we're tempting God to just throw everybody away, & to let satan have a longer leash or no leash at all if the world would survive even a day of that purest evil insanity. 

_______ God no doubt thought through endless ages even before he begot his son, calculated in his omniscient computer like mind, if there was another way, if perhaps Halal would choose not to become sinful, & if he still did, if God could instead of preserving a remnant to save, to just spare his son immediately & the remaining 2 thirds of the holy angels, & just chuck us all in the trash to go straight to the lake of fire. But that would have meant Jesus dying anyways, (since it needed a real blood sacrifice from none other than Jesus,) or else, the universe would have remained to die on it’s own perhaps trillions of light years into the future & with satan using his anointing & demon army to inflict an infinite eternal amount of unjust punishment upon an endless number of constantly conceived souls: to keep a prosthetic universe existing forever in it’s place. God had a BIG LOOSE END to tend to, & it wasn’t so much that we were all worth it to God sending Jesus to the cross, but for satan to be allowed an endless free rampage would have been worse than to just seal up the devil in his hypocrite heart to fester in unseen sin for all of eternity. God apparently, by nature of his mysterious existence as the “existing one,” couldn’t avoid creating Halal, though it was to avoid creating a lake of fire, & a terrible number of souls to suffer eternally in it, & all because of the “evil one.” No evil would have existed had not Halal become Satan, & that is how God is so confident that now that all the devil’s works are destroyed, they can’t ever happen again. 

---- How will we know we are among the clean & sanctified of heaven, if it's subject to our own admission of recognizing it, & we need to do be moved to pray for it? How does God GET INTO US, to let us know we are on the wrong path, as all have sinned & come short of God’s glory? Who will ever shower if they are under the impression that they are permanently & automatically cleansed? Who will "wash in the water by the word," if they have no perception or any functional discernment of the urgent necessity of it? If our own deceived conscience (which needs to be sprinkled from it's wickedness, ) & wasteful righteousness feeds us better than God's word, then where is that hungering & thirsting after the true riches of God's righteousness? Can we rightly thirst for the water of life if we're not crucified with Christ & therefore say in the same vein of urgency, "I thirst?" Can any have a broken, collapsed, contrite, crushed, unleavened heart, PSA51, if it is not made out of the wax which Jesus’s heart became melted as, PSALM-22, in the heat of the wrath our sins deserve? And how can we receive these sacred materials but through the faithful & often receiving of the LORD’S SUPPER? 

____ ■■■ Our sign of life is we cry after God. God saw Paul for the first time as his child when God heard him pray: WHICH IS 911 EMERGENCY CALL TO HEAVEN. ACTS9:11. God responded by sending a minister, as Paul's ambulance, for God said, “BEHOLD HE PRAYS!!!” & when God can't send a man, sometimes he sends BETTER: A MINISTERING ANGEL. God spanks us when we become born again, so that our souls learn to breathe his air. No one is anything in God unless their faith is worked by the muscles of God's love in GAL5:6 & 1COR13, by putting flesh on our dry bones of dead faith, whose works are dead, & therefore only the wind of the spirit of prophecy can revive us. EZ37:9. God enters us like wind pressing up against our lungs. 

——— AGAPE IN 1COR13 tells us that if we don't fit that description we are nothing. REV17 describes the beast as being "not," but at one time (before he was fallen, for he's a fallen angel) "was." But it is as if we are all "yet is," because if we were not imputed by God & the world as having agape=love, we would not be fit for God to give us life, imputing forgiveness to us, neither for the world to count us worthy of any real freedom. Those who act loveless & border on the worst criminality are highly curtailed in the world unless they have a dictatorship: then the international community must curtail them. And if we don't, we can know our prayers are hindered & soon our hope itself along with any blessings. If we don’t stop evil neither will the Lord stop evil from coming at us. Doing good works is like proving we intend an answer for our intercession which only God can perform, by fulfilling that intercession we can perform. Any exercise we can do to focus less on ourselves, as to coddling our sinful nature, but to expose it more (not to declare it as Sodom, i.e. in pride,) but to nail it more firmly to the cross, makes us more anti-satan: who judged that the only loss was to his own bodily pleasure. EZ28:17. But even our bodies weren't designed to take only, but we are "possession shifters," which can only receive once we give. Like a stomach or balloon which can only change the places of it’s air: so that if we want a new substance to fill us, we need to become broken & contrite. - & God promises not to leave us in that condition, but says, “to him will I look: who has a contrite spirit & trembles at my word.” ISA66:2. Our greatest need, Jesus himself, requires the greatest amount of room made for him, & the church is required to prepare the way before him, before he suddenly comes to his temple. MATT25 tells us that those who were supposed to be ready, cannot expect Jesus to come with free oil, but that God is only pleased by faith, & that his grace must be sufficient for us, & we must love salvation by grace through faith. 

-- ■■■ ■■■ Who has ever, besides Jesus, had a broken & contrite heart God would not despise, & whose passion for the bread & water of life was worthy of also receiving it? Only in Jesus can we be made new creatures: with our old nature buried with him in his death. Our old man & our sins are all one & the same, & while we cannot be finished as new creatures until God completes his good work he begun, we are covered under God's promise that he makes to himself: that we are on the assembly line to heaven & ready to be found on heaven's shore in a moment's time, regardless of how far out at sea we were. JOHN6:21 === Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went.

—— ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ This shows God's image 2COR4:4, REV4:3, & other places Jesus mentions the "form" of God & his face the angels behold. James says the judge stands at the door, alluding to how this image of God stood at the door of the inn where Moses & Zipporah fled from God for a brief time. EX4:24-26 are among the most interesting verses, which carry great mental imagery almost holographic in nature: picturing God coming in his image standing at the door of the Inn "seeking to kill Moses." Moses must have done something which was rebellious, like how at the first Moses angered God by flat out telling God about his personality disorder & he should find some other prophet. It's interesting to note GOD SOUGHT TO KILL MOSES. God must have been very angry at him to have desired that. But did God need to "SEEK" to kill anyone? GOD CAN JUST DO WHAT HE WANTS:::: GOD DOESN'T NEED TO ""SEEK"" TO KILL OR DO WHAT HE DOES, UNLESS IT'S SOMETHING UNUSUAL & WAY OFF THE BEATEN PATH. It's like God's mind was trying to FIND THE RIGHT ACCESS LAUNCH CODE? Moses prays in PSALM 90, "who knows the power of your anger?" This seeking to kill Moses was a wrestling match between God's wrath ,& his love. The conclusion? God will have mercy not sacrifice.

■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ This seeking to kill Moses was God being fed up with the sin which satan spawned in the hearts of the people against God, & God knowing IN ADVANCE, that his only genetic son Jesus would pray his WHOLE LIFE WITH STRONG CRYING & TEARS FOR THERE TO BE ANOTHER WAY. Now God was “seeking to kill Moses,” meaning “SEEKING TO FIND ANOTHER WAY,” which God knew could only occur by his scrapping the plan for salvation.  Death on the cross meant separation from God, as a body in space without a space suit, & this is what made the angels sin all the more, to lose the presence of God. Jesus was strengthened BY THE ANGEL, the moment before the Father began shedding himself out of Jesus in LUKE22:43-44, & THAT WAS THE ANSWER TO JESUS’S PRAYS TO “SAVE HIM FROM DEATH,” meaning eternal death, as losing the Father is not survivable unless there is an external effort by God in place. The external beating & carnal sufferings of Jesus, as terrible as it was, was only the tip of the iceberg of what Jesus was undergoing in his inner soul, being gaped upon by the devil. PSA22:13. The crucifixion was something only Jesus could achieve & be qualified to succeed in & actually fulfill all it’s mandates of being without spot, or blemish or any such thing. God needed a perfect sacrifice from none other than his only genetic son, in order to destroy the devil & his works! Those who trample the son of God under foot & count his blood as an unholy thing, are worthy of a worse punishment than those who died without mercy for breaking Moses’s law. HEB10:29. Why? Because it says Jesus was SANCTIFIED, MEANING MADE HOLY BY THE BLOOD HE SHED, BECAUSE THE BLOOD HE SHED WAS HIS FATHER, WHO “ONLY IS HOLY.” REV15:4. 

________ Moses was only symbolic of the WHOLE PICTURE, as representing the whole grand scheme, & so if God could kill Moses, God would have been able to relieve his son from needing to die for us. When Moses interceded for Israel, Moses did not know the great BURDEN it was for God to fulfill it: when we say “Jesus would die just for me,” they do not understand what it took for Jesus to do that. That Jesus didn’t die for anyone but the Father ordering him to the cross. Jesus rather prayed & sought God his whole life for another way. It was GOD ONLY that did not let Jesus off the hook! The redemption of our souls is precious, but it has ceased for ever, for the vast majority of people. PSALM49:8. We do not realize just what feat of engineering skill it took for God to succeed at crucifying his son, his only son whom he loved, GEN22:2, & which son by himself constitutes the whole vast sum of all creation that could ever be brought forth out of God’s omnipotent power & love. If we knew how valuable & precious Jesus was & all the more is to God, & what it meant for Jesus to die for us, we would wonder how Jesus ever could have obeyed the Father, & all the more, how God could have avoided killing Moses in that verse, & not just choosing to let this universe rot in sin forever, though it would produce through eternity an innumerable amount of indestructible eternal souls for the devil to torture & all as “gifts” for the devil’s own most self serving delight! Yet even that compared to value God has in his son could be a doable thing, if it wasn’t for the fact God is a holy God & cannot “behold, (accept) iniquity.” God is omnipresent, & hears & knows all, & so must cleanse all in eternal incense, (brimstone,) when our consciences did not bend to serve God in this life. Our consciences are made out of what our souls are, & so once sin is done pulling on them, because death puts an end to our sinning, they must spring back to their original perfect position, & mourn for all they did without repentance! But what we did cannot be forgotten because God’s memory cannot be erased, & so all sin in it’s consequences will be as freshly punished a trillions eons from today, as they will be the moment a soul hits the lake of fire! If we did not in a timely manner hide ourselves in Jesus, to find refuge for our sins to be changed into the righteousness of Jesus, we will always carry our sins as indelible marks written upon our souls. 

---■■■ ■■■ Perhaps Moses highly provoked God telling God where to shove it for making him take care of the Israelites as if he personally gave birth to them. NUMBERS11:11-12. This seeking to kill Moses represented more than Moses: EX4:24… it was the whole plan of redemption. So God found a way through the blood; as God the life is in the blood: FOR GOD SAYS, “I KNOW NOT ANY BESIDES ME.” ISA44:8. It was Moses’s own stand to hold God's nose to the grindstone & not let God back out of what "good work" he started. Moses told God the world will say Jehovah wasn't able to save Israel, so rather than keep trying, he preferred to destroy them in the wilderness. But Moses didn’t know the ramifications for his imposing the enforcing of asking God to continue saving Israel. And Moses didn’t know that he himself didn’t yet have a changed heart, & that his appearances of holiness were all superficially wrought upon him by God. 

----  But Moses was for reasons only God knows, very important to God: for God knows the order in which he created each of us as “chosen in Christ.” God offered at least once to let God annihilate Israel & let Moses choose another nationality for the humanity of Jesus. So when Zipporah took the sharp stone & fulfilled the command at that time to circumcise their son, God made a connection in his mind with the blood of his only genetic son, & his wrath was pacified, so "God let him go." That's another interesting statement, as if Moses was under some kind of arrest. God didn’t want sin to be “let go,” as not under arrest. God cannot let one remnant of satan’s reign of terror go unpunished or without confrontation: because the pollution of satan’s sin is so great. 


Our lusts are the worm that cannot die, & the fire that cannot be quenched. They need to be rooted & grounded in love who is God, in order for us not to walk after them & for them to be rewarded in the next world to come, with a higher lifeform & angelic body: whose husband is Jesus. One cannot pray down lust, as if it were not actually part of the soul itself, but all one can do is "flee" it meaning to always serve God beyond the fervency of lust. Lust isn't measured by it's effect upon our sex organs or in our power to get wealth, but lust is really the definition of the soul itself, just as the definition of fire is in the nature of it's heat, fuel source & power. The greater we know God the more intrinsic inner lust we have, because the force of lust is measured according to what it owns or thinks it owns. Lust can be fed by a delusion, or it can be fed by a reality. The greater the reality or delusion, the greater is the lust. There is no reality greater than God or delusions of grandeur greater than from the mind of satan, but you're never lusting after or desiring nothing, but there is real power from satan backing that lie to give it a sense of reality. Satan's cruelty is so great, he makes sinners joyful over their own damnation but they don't know their joy is planted in them by demons having that same joy in seeing their great disappointment coming. Leviathan, unconverted sinners, makes sorrow turned into joy before him, & makes a path to shine after him, but doesn't know it's joy that is stolen from God by the devil, making him an accomplice to the fall of Halal from heaven!

----- Lust whether justified or not if once disappointed or cut off, carries with it the torture of the flesh itself being destroyed but lingering in consciousness. Because lust always needs an object of it's affection, so if it's not God then it's some temporal item which will increase the torment of hellfire. Lust is not inherently or intrinsically sexual, BUT if there is a sexual outlet by making use of the body or intention, it becomes sexual in nature.

■■■■ People think deceptions are nothing but fluff but it takes tremendous power of ROM13:1 to "fund" a deception, whose only money is unworldly. But all deceptions are begun & invented in satan: who is the anointed  ("anointed" means Christ-ian) angel who "covers:" meaning whose presence is of great semi-omnipresence. There is 2 kinds of Christians: one without Jesus which has only the anointing, (as there is no power but God who is the anointing,) & one which is more rare, which is WITH CHILD, i.e. WITH JESUS === with pearl of great price. Only raising children, Jesus in us or his offspring, saves us. We are saved in childbearing Paul says. Pastors who don't raise up their flock are shooting themselves in the foot & cutting of their own nose to spite the work of raising the young ones not knowing it is their own flesh of Jesus in them. Failure to pastor is as violent as abortion is! Our souls are bound up in the souls of others as Jacob was with Benjamin. If you don't consider Jesus's own flesh & blood greater than your own, then you're not saved. If we provide not for our own, we've denied the faith & are worse than unbelievers! But who is "our own?" Is it only they who come from our genetic material? But if Jesus is in us through the Lord's supper, we can travail in prayer for Christ to be formed in those who take him as their savior.


The whole world is deluded, REV12:9, but to say this has no real tangible power is also a delusion. Does it take no power to create an elaborate holographic image? Or to make a human like robot? By the same token it takes equally tremendous intelligence to invent a deception. Satan's most ingenious deception is that of the Catholic canon TRINITY, which makes Jesus preexisting & merely housing a soulless body, since then there would be 2 Jesus, if he also needed a soul for that body made in Mary's womb. Where is that Jesus who is man, if there is also a Jesus who is God? Notice how satan covers his impossible feat of making this to make logical sense? -- "we can never understand it but must accept it?" As in "accepting Jesus?" Then could this be why satan comes as the "angel of light himself," & why Jesus tells so many "I NEVER knew you?" ■■■

#$$●● Jesus would have been around the block more than a few times if he were not only from the beginning as stated in John 1:1 (as this describes the LOGOS,) but having sentient awareness from eternity itself AS A FULL EQUAL TO GOD! Then what kind of example is God making for families teaching us that children can exist from the time parents do, & then should be equal to the parents, since it was true for Jesus according to canon doctrines! Then the whole world would have no time people were not yet born, since the God who sets our example didn't technically beget his son if he already existed, but is just basically a clone of the Father or the Father is a clone of son, the Holy Spirit is also a clone of them both, or who can tell since we're told to not bother trying to understand it. This would have been true for people too, since we're made in God's image, if God's image declares to have a son who never had a beginning; so to create Adam would have immediately existed with him all possible offspring to ever exist: which they only did in logos form, "chosen in Christ," but not yet sentient, i.e. knowing they exist. Indeed GEN2:1 tells us that "all the host thereof" was COMPLETELY EXISTING, yet it was only "declaring those things which be not as though they are."

------ The bible describes Jesus as learning & suffering real soul experiences, but if he had already existed, how is it that he is just learning?? Could a small flesh vapor (as James calls us,) make the Almighty soul of Jesus as being God so short sighted, & unable to see outside of his wet paper bag skin deep layer of flesh? Or was there a real created soul in that body BEFITTING SUCH A CREATURE, but a vastly superior one to the angels? HEB1:4. Otherwise Jesus would have been a hypocrite by acting like a human! Didn't God say I am one , meaning the numeral 1 , not referring to unity or symbolic oneness as how Jesus prays John 17? If deity of Jesus being the word meant he existed from everlasting as fully existing as God the Father , why is he called something spoken & in the beginning, & then needing to be made flesh? He must be GOD because he is spoken/begotten into existence by God; he has a foundational existence in which he consisted of only God. While the foundational existence of all others is in the logos. We are by the same token essentially Jesus the same way Jesus is Jehovah: as Jesus said we will sit with him in his throne AS he overcame then sat down with God in his throne. That is the essence of the TRINITY: which is all inclusive, & if you're NOT basically part of the TRINITY, then you're with satan. Satan tricks us into worshipping the TRINITY as if we're not a part of it, being the third person, then guess what? We end up NOT being a part of it. False humility is as damning as true humility is blessing.

The same lust that fuels our sexuality is the same lust that fuels any other endeavor, but must do so in a specialized way: because like any other commodity such as thought, energy, talent, money, it can only be dedicated to a certain arena of subjects. In order to be saved eternally, one's lust must become sanctified, cleansed, focused & solely attached upon God in the highest of heavens. Our lust must receive power from on high & be used solely for the most Holy purposes laid out for us in scriptures: lust, which is really simply desire, &  the breathing of the soul, must be purified & rerouted from sin, the world & satan,  to God & be reformed, cleansed & made separate to God which is holiness. When it is therefore then applied for sexual issues, it must always be with God in it's main purpose & object of all forms of passion: as the only source for sexual arousal, though we are not routed as directly to God for this as we should if we were truly sanctified. God remains the source of all our benefits, pleasures, good desires towards anyone, & any inclination to do anything holy whether we do it or not or are even ABLE or not. Any use of sexual power on a human level must be on a monogamous marital union, (as changed from the old testament to now be a picture of Jesus & church, which church is ONE MANY MEMBERED BODY, == NOT MANY INDIVIDUALS AS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT BEFORE UNITY IN THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS POSSIBLE,) but God alone must hold the key to our hearts & all it's parts, powers & performances. Our prayers must not insult God's intelligence, as we often over-pray for something thinking that if we exaggerate the needed outcome, God will get the memo & at least do something, but our prayers must be all very sedate in sobriety of mind, (NOT MOTIVATED BY SELFISH URGENCY BUT PRAYED OUT OF DUTY AS IT’S BACKBONE,) & not pray beyond the actual purpose of the prayer & the justifying reasons for it. If we are suffering a loss of physical ability, we must not confuse it with God cursing us, but as a needed form of God chastening us, & forcing us to come to terms with our mortality & limitations which often disappoint us. Old age, if maintained well, like a nice old car, can get us ready to meet God, & be seen as a blessing, not merely a limitation or annoyance.

______<><>< All our desires must be upon God so that only God has the authority to reign in our thoughts & make the lusts do only that which pleases him: in any access to any area of our bodies which our lusts have. Lust is the pure white light of the soul: it defines who & what we are: & is that primary & first thing transformed & rerouted to God by the blood of Jesus once we are truly saved which makes us cry out to God saying, “Abba Father.” If all our attractions are not being swallowed up in the victorious death of Jesus, (as was made to be a maggot upon the cross eating up all deadness of our souls,) then it’s a sign we are not running to God for prayer &successfully receiving transformation in an ongoing process of becoming a new creature. Lust is not inherently anything carnal in any form, but it is the life of the soul itself. But though lust is not (inherently so) converted to God in this life, once the deception of satan & the pull of sin is removed from it, it will, like branches on a tree which were weighted down, spring up to God's face. There in that way to suffer most acutely forever in perfect knowledge of all it is then missing out on & exactly all it is being punished for by God's perfect righteous justice which is pure wrath. A soul cannot be destroyed or be numbed in anyway & so the distortions sin now inflicts upon us, will no longer be so in the life to come. If one is not then saved, that soul will suffer most precisely for all it's past sins & have no recourse for any pharmaceutical remedy. All remorse for God in the damned, will not be in any service to God or remorse for his sake: but because they will have lost all enjoyment of God, as all their condition will we be without ability to know or love God or his creation or to have good intentions to do anything we didn't repent for in this life.

----__When a saint dies, if the sexual lust was wholly dedicated to God & focused on God, ,& all our sexuality was shared with God in prayer & discipline & righteousness, then upon death we receive new angelic bodies with a sexual equivalent, (which we cannot know or understand now,) though not with the same function or description, but which is the most advanced & intercessory form of all which makes up our full human nature. If we will be like Jesus if we see, hear, feel & obey him as he is, our nature will "ever live to make intercession" also. If our heart is purified by Jesus's faith in us, enabling us to love one another fervently through that same heart, then God will use us to create through as in a womb, which has been enlarged as much as the universe. God sees us mostly heart, while we see but the tip of that iceberg. God needs to look at something massive & weighty & of great enough momentum to justify his attention, even eternally so.

■■■● This fallen universe is the crime scene of satan's fall in ISAIAH 14:12. It is sanctified by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. But most people seem to think that the crucifixion is unscientific, & so loathe to consider it as an intrinsic & inescapable part of the puzzle pieces of the universe: even the cornerstone (capstone) itself: PSALM 118:22, i.e. "HEAD" of the corner. It's as if we don't understand why we need police, since Jesus is the police presence in a universe collapsed & corrupted by the fall of "Halal" from his holy status. There is even a badge on the forehead of Jesus on his burial cloth!