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The book evil and danger of apostasy regarding Francis Spira, is a very informative book, which can produce lots of thought. One thought I have is, why did he have this experience and was it really as hopeless as he thought? To me it would be impossible to just accept such a belief regardless of how much reasoning you had to back it up. People usually don't see the precious nature of salvation and so don't struggle daily to improve on it. Francis in this book was a lawyer and found it impossible to see any other conclusion. Mainly because he heard what perhaps really was Jesus speak, telling him he was rejected, but I can't help but to wonder if it wasn't the real Jesus. I don't want to get arrogant as if I would be any different, however Jesus said many would say "Lord Lord we did many wonderful works," yet Jesus will say "I never knew you, & you (therefore) never knew me." It's common for people to believe they know the Lord, yet they never even do "many wonderful works," but Jesus said many who fit that description would be rejected by Jesus as "workers of iniquity who NEVER knew the Lord! Just "what if" Francis Spira also never knew the Lord, and that voice was the spirit of the beast who will come as the "most high God" the catholic church teaches is Jesus rather than Jehovah. According to REV13 the 2nd beast looks like the last pope also called the false prophet, which will ,(in my estimation) turn the stigmata of Jesus into the marks of not the son but most high God whom no man can partake of in life and be imputed as worthy, as we can sometimes scarcely do with the body of Jesus. The 666 in Greek has the word "stigma" in it to indicate it will be made to seem to be the blessed mark of (stigmata) of Jesus so that no one ties it in with technology or anything but a wonderful hope and blessing which will then be a comfort during the most turbulent of all times even the great tribulation. I am figuring they will not enforce the death penalty of beheading until they reach the end of those WILLING TO TAKE IT. Once all the willing people take it, then death will be threatened against those who haven't taken it. Technology will only be the means to keep track of who took the mark, but the actual mark will be eternally indelible as the "ornament of satan::" even as a meek and quiet spirit Peter says is an ornament; i.e. one which is eternal. People don't realize satan can put things in a soul which must be cleansed upon getting saved if it is a real and active Salvation. God says "I will cleanse their blood I have not cleansed because I dwell in Zion." Zion means the dry ground of a sinful soul. God says "I am married to the backslider." Spira's story just doesn't sound like JESUS WOULD SO MERCILESSLY SLAM A SOUL TO HELL, anymore than a "good shepherd" would do that to any of his sheep. God says "I delight in mercy and will that all men be saved and come to knowledge of the truth." Satan wanted to make it look like there was a vast difference between the Catholics and protestants because that would make people not inclined to seek God more deeply if they think "I have already arrived and found the perfect level of true teaching and faith." Paul said "I have not arrived neither are already perfect, but I press forward for the prize of the high calling of Christ."

__ To create a false freedom by creating a terrible possibility of penalty (for violation of it) is satan's way to make us think we are really free when we're not:: THAT MAKES PEOPLE NOT SEEK FREEDOM. I think it's a big possibility that Spira was playing in favor of the devil and did the will of satan and wasn't in agreement with God as he thought he was. It is however possible to be "reprobate silver" and "seek Salvation as ESAU did carefully with tears," because it says so in scripture. But since when was there a real move of God and not merely satan casting water out of his mouth to carry the church away in deception? REV12. I wonder sometimes when was the last time the Holy Spirit of Pentecost actually forced his way through satan's kingdom which is set up to look like Christianity. Jesus said the last days would be like Noah --- i.e. with a flood, but not with physical water but the false water of life which comes from satan's mouth. REV12.

Even as the Catholics take the real body of Jesus but then worship a false presentation of Jesus in images and doctrines, the people will take the real mark of God but will worship a false image of Jesus they will say is the most high God. I wonder if the beast will be the long awaited Messiah many Jews and others believe is yet to come, for they say he is not a real begotten son but having always existed as the "only image of God." That's why in chick tracts and such like cartoons to teach the catholic or false protestant faith, it doesn't show any image judging at the last judgment but JESUS ONLY. But the Bible mentions the "throne of God AND of the Lamb." And we will sit in the throne of Jesus even as he sits in his father's throne. There is 2 main thrones then also many thrones of those who will "judge angels" with Jesus at the final judgment.

__ They say the catholics have the only true Eucharist but every Lord's Supper is the same real body and blood of Jesus: the only difference is one's readiness to take it. If it were not so, no one could take it unworthily because the Lord would not turn it into his body and blood except for those who are made worthy. The masterpiece of evil in "Babylon the great" i.e. the Vatican, is EVERY TIME they say their mass they been repeating without any deviation since shortly after the apostles (Jude says they were already creeping in unawares) Jesus turns the bread and wine into his body and blood. It remains his body (not the body of Jehovah) because it cannot be changed by false doctrine. But Jesus said "where 2 or more gather in my name I am there in their midst." This "thereness" of Jesus (EZEKIEL closes his book with) refers to his fulfilling HIS SUPPER if we so decide to take it. There is no such thing as lesser or greater Lord's Supper depending on anything, but it is always the same real body and blood of Jesus. What the pope means when he says "we don't water it down," is "we declare it not merely the body of God's son but the very body of God!" That is how I see it. I am leaving it up to God to declare if it's HIS BURDEN OR NOT, so God will correct me. But I believe my opinion is important enough to mention.

__ But it doesn't become the body and blood of Jesus until it is ingested. Jesus said "as often as you eat and drink it" not as often as you consecrate the elements. You cannot turn the bread into Jesus’s body and PUT IT IN A CABINET TO WORSHIP IT.. Jesus then becomes food to furthermore recreate and transform us if we take it while repenting. The blood in the cup which "is" the blood of Jesus IS REALLY THE FATHER JEHOVAH'S BLOOD. It "IS" the blood of Jesus because it "IS" the blood of JEHOVAH who "IS" the Father of Jesus. So in the Lord's Supper is Jehovah BUT NOT THE BODY OF JEHOVAH CALLED "THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST WHICH IS THE IMAGE OF GOD." 2COR4:4. The gospel is called "of the kingdom" because it is "from everlasting." Jesus’s death isn't the gospel but the way truth and life of the gospel whose death opened up the gospel for us.

__;The body of Jehovah didn't hang on the cross but the body of Jesus, but when Jesus shed his SOUL'S BLOOD, which is the blood that saves us, (while his bodily blood heals us and cleanses us from sin) but his soul/spiritual blood which is the BLOOD OF GOD (WHICH IS IN THE CUP,) THAT RECONCILES US TO GOD. The bread and juice are SEPARATE because it shows the Lord's death which happened before his physical death, which was SEPARATION FROM GOD. This "death" he tasted for every man happened before his physical death, and drained his soul of the water of life WHICH IS WHY HE SAID "I THIRST." Many think Jesus meant PHYSICAL WATER THOUGH THAT ALSO. ISAIAH53:10 says WE MUST MAKE JESUS'S SOUL OUR OFFERING FOR SIN NOT JUST HIS BODY AS IF "MAKING MERCHANDISE OF HIM." The temple is represented by 6 but if you add soul too, then it's 7. So satan singles out the "6 aspect" of God's temple the 600, Jesus’s temple the 60 and angels all temples of the Holy Spirit combined as "the many membered body" the 6. We were only allowed the blood of the 600 not the body or "mark" of God's body unless we get accepted at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Then we're no longer "ADOPTED."

__Just as God finally gave into the Jews and gave them quails to eat, God will finally turn what the pope says is of the most high God (rather than God's son) into actually that of Jehovah. Just as no one can take the body of Jesus unworthily without eating and drinking damnation, it will be infinitely more damning to partake of the body of Jehovah in a sacramental way, until the very marriage supper of the Lamb. The reason why the term "lamb" is used so much when referring to heavenly things, (the LAMB'S book of life, marriage supper of the Lamb, and Lamb is mentioned all throughout the description of the new Jerusalem,) is because only those who are lamb like will enter into eternal life. No one unlike Jesus in is his meek and lowly nature will be saved.

The protestant religion Spira adhered to believed Jesus is the most high God Jehovah, and that is in my estimation the reason Jesus said many would not even know the Lord, because when you believe in Jesus without a scriptural understanding, then satan can impersonate the Lord Jesus transforming himself into an angel of light Paul said. There is basically no difference between the Catholics and protestants as long as you agree with an UNSCRIPTURAL teaching of who is Jesus. I believe Spira was basically CATHOLIC even though he thought he wasn't. If so, the reason satan would have produced such a condemnation to make it seem from God is to make it look like there was a difference between the catholic and protestant religion when they were and still are all of the same verse REV17:5 " MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Why would it be so important to the devil? Because otherwise minds would be working overtime trying to discover the real definition of catholicism which is found in the number 666, which number is symbolic of the 3 temples of trinity, Jehovah, Jesus and bride of Jesus the new Eve. The trinity is not coequal but hierarchical. If you look up the word God as creator in GEN1:1 it says ELOHIM. Then if you look up the Hebrew definition, it basically says "everyone."


""""""" Original: אלהים Transliteration: 'ĕlôhı̂ym Phonetic: el-o-heem' BDB Definition: (plural) rulers, judges divine ones angels gods (plural intensive - singular meaning) god, goddess godlike one works or special possessions of God the (true) God. """"""""""""

---- BUT WHY would it say you and me is the creator of the universe? We are not God, but God is the reason we exist or we'd cease to exist, and God empowers us to do all we do, and so it says "is there evil in the city and the Lord has not done it?" God says "I will choose their delusions." The HOLY TRINITY is all inclusive. If we are not considered by God (because we are the temple of the Holy Spirit) to actually BE the Holy Spirit, "the third person," (though the temple only) then we are not part of the kingdom of God. Satan fools the world into worshipping the Trinity as if we are not a part of "it" which is really all summed up in God's title ELOHIM.

___ Jesus said my father is greater than I. Jesus is now glorified as what is called "the son of man" to show that his incarnation continues on to this day but in a glorified capacity "being made so much better than the angels." I don't think Spira really gave hell it's due or fully "rightly divided the word of truth" but he was as if in his own court room slamming down the judge's gavel to his own damnation. Paul laid it down as a rule we all must follow to not judge the self in a conclusive manner but to judge the self in a humbling manner. What he says to "examine and judge the self" doesn't mean to judge in the area only God can judge. We must remember the serenity prayer ""to only change or see what we are able to and leave to God what is beyond our power and to have the wisdom to know the difference."" Would God be extra angry if we sought comfort in the word when it seemed he didn't want us to? I can't assume what I'd do in Spira's shoes, but knowing how vast the deception of the devil is, (but which most people don't realize) I couldn't just give up wondering if I was handing an easy victory to satan!!