____ This is my new end time church idea which is an LLC because I don’t think that the Lord gave  churches tax exempt status. So it doesn’t use apps like givelify for donations but ones like gofundme & my UPS STORE ADDRESS which is given on my business card on the home page.  I would like to find PEOPLE OF GOD TO FELLOWSHIP WITH as the one primary goal of advertising this website. 

____ I don’t claim to be that essential as God can send an angel or one drop of his blood would be more than enough to replace me. However God has expressed the desire to save the world. Some might scoff at that, & say “God is love & God is hate.” God isn’t hate. He isn’t wrath. Or darkness. However he exists in such a way that he had the option for those things: & now because of the devil has been in a position of needing to express those kinds of things in retaliation against evil. It is like getting anything & then you notice you have the option for many wrong things, because it has options to use to do all kinds of evil things with it. There are many things we have to wait to find out about, like why did God continue letting satan have the power to sin after he saw the rampage he was carving out? Every planet & place in the universe I believe “became without form & void” because of the devil, & that verse is also parabolic of the crucifixion as well in which Jesus was made to be sin for us, & without form or comeliness & void of his blood, his Father’s life. 

______ There was an original creation of the universe that took place in God's mind, just like we were all created in God's mind saved & perfect. But then the fall of "Hayale" (Lucifer) took place, & because he was designed second only to Jesus, he had such great authority as to force God to create this universe weakened & like a barren wilderness. It wasn't the sin of Adam & Eve which caused Mars, for example to become barren like it is. This earth wasn't weakened by Adam's sin, but whatever extra bounty God had set up there got taken back after sin entered the world. Sin was already everywhere in the universe EXCEPT EDEN. When we get saved we live in a bubble of protection, but not one to be ignorant of but one we must be grateful for, knowing sin can pop it. 

_____  But God’s nature is not like his options, so even to the most difficult moment of making his only son remain holy while crucifying him & letting the devil gape upon him, God was fully able to do it with absolute perfection: & needing to send an angel to strengthen him in LUKE 22:43. How then do we know God had those options if his holiness is ONLY WILLING TO DO GOOD? He knows such avenues of decisions are possible because he creates everything in his image & his first angel under the logos (called son of the morning in ISA14:12) & was the logos only at the time & not yet made flesh & living soul, was designed to have those options. How do we know? Because this angel whom we only know as the devil & Lucifer, took those options. These options were only available to the 3 topmost temples of the trinity: which were Jehovah’s image, Jesus after he was made flesh, & at the time before Jesus died on the cross, satan had that third position, though he was never in the kingdom or indwell by the Holy Spirit. We could not sin had not satan done it first. Just as we could not love Jesus if he had not loved us first. 

_____ How would God know sin is never again possible otherwise? Why couldn’t there be new outbreaks of sin & new judgement days necessary throughout eternity if ANYONE CAN START SIN ONCE IT (the works of the devil) IS DESTROYED? But where then they say is the freedom of choice? It is never freedom of choice to cause yourself terrible injury (although it is) but it is not the kind of freedom anyone would choose if they were not pushed into it by the devil. Satan’s works are so undesirable that unless he forced his angels to sin by putting them under him & not giving them any tolerable condition of existence until they do his bidding, they would never do it! Humans are special in that we have the option of appealing to heaven for our help & tolerable living, but the fallen angels could only get their pleasure or any breath of life through the devil, because they are under him as HIS ANGELS. This shows a manner of how the TRINITY exists, if Jesus inherited 2 thirds of the angels but satan has 1 third of them. One might think this is PREPOSTEROUS to think so, but after reading & weighing the information given in scriptures, what is one supposed to think? Now Michael has the position of the head temple of the Holy Spirit. Now Michael is second to Jesus, though the devil was originally second to Jesus, called the “son of the morning.” Lucifer in Hebrew is Haylale & means 01966 לליה hay–lale’ ::: shining one, morning star, Lucifer ‘Helel’ — the king of Babylon, & Babylon which means “confusion” is Catholicism. 

______ So this means no one knows his real name, because Satan is forever known as “angel” & that’s it, as if we were only known as “human.” As if all we should have to identity us is a number, & in the last days satan will identity himself by the number 666. This is also why satan has taken so much effort to depredate & pollute humanity, in the general chemistry of our bodies, so we will be deceived from knowing the TRUTH ABOUT THIS NUMBER. But satan cannot do as much in our individual identities which owns our own name & possessions & choices. But God promises to even “cleanse our blood which he has not cleansed,” meaning he will take back his image he created in his own image, & make it holy as it deserves to be. Being shaped in sin was satan’s pathetic attempt at hijacking God’s fatherhood over us & making himself our father, even as king of the children of pride. JOB41:34. He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.

______  But this number 666 is only symbolic, & is like divine computer language which only the knowers can read. This number is not “OF ITSELF” an evil number, just as the Lord’s supper is by no means evil but when people take it unworthily & a false image of Jesus is worshipped, even as they will then worship the beast which is a false image of Jehovah, it becomes an evil number because the outcome is evil for us, if we eat & drink unto damnation & also ill health or even death in some cases. It is the number of a man, because “man” is someone that is not a beast. The Bible says “let all men know that they are beasts.” But a man is someone whose mind serves God. So no one will fully serve God until they are in the Holy Jerusalem where it is said that “HIS SERVANTS SHALL SERVE HIM.” Many think they are serving God when they are in fact workers of iniquity. Many think their “gifts & callings of God” which are without revocation are PROOF OF THEIR SALVATION! They live in sin privately & do not seek God or pray or any such thing, but because they have a gift in ministry, & can SPRING TO LIFE AS SOON AS THEY ENTER CHURCH, & START PROVING REAL POWER BY DOING MIRACLES, that they are therefore saved. But Jesus said “is your eye evil because I am good?” Meaning because Jesus is so generous that he gives the water of life “FREELY==DOREAN”== MEANING WITHOUT CAUSE & EVEN IN VAIN FOR EVEN AN INFERIOR THIRST OF IT, 1432 δωρεάν dorean do–reh–an’ without a cause 1, in vain, for nought  freely, as a gift, uselessly. This is because as GAL2:21 says, I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain. Meaning they hate Jesus without a cause but cover their hatred up by doing the works of the law carnally which is WORSE THAN filthy rags because they do not even try to do it earnestly & sincerely, & IN SELF EXAMINATION. 

______  The 666 is satan’s original inheritance as the second in command under Jesus: which is now condemning him to deserve “the wine of the wrath of God without mixture.” It is hard to imagine that this number is really holy, & that it is symbolic of the temples of the HOLY TRINITY! It is descriptive only of the temples of the trinity which is represented by 6 because man was made on the 6th day. God’s image is the 600, & is jasper sardius in color, and the first foundation of the city is jasper but the 6th foundation is sardius, showing that each number represents a different quality or aspect of God & his children. 1 added to 6 is like adding spirit to body, or oxygen to hydrogen, which creates or consists something completely different. So 6 represent a separation, like separating life from the body or making it completely susceptible to the devil & his curses & negative prophecies over us. Jesus’s body is the 60, which is infinitely better than the 6 though it is throughout eternity added to innumerably, yet the 600 is “greater than Jesus” as he said, & so these numbers are symbolic only & used in the same way words are used. You will notice that though the real body of Jesus is given at the Lord’s supper in the catholic mass, because there is no possible way anyone can have a fake Lord’s supper because the LORD JESUS HIMSELF OFFICIATES IT. 

______ They can add the most wrongful doctrines or beliefs to it, but it is still the Lord’s supper & no church or cult can make their own “modified patent” on the Lord’s supper, claiming they have the best or even ONLY ONE or one that isn’t “watered down” as the pope claims. What the pope means by this is that in the mass Jesus is declared the most high God, that is JEHOVAH, & this is what all mainstream churches teach also. This one doctrine make any church no matter how protestant into a CATHOLIC CHURCH. Martin Luther wrote 95 theses, but he thought the doctrine of the coequal trinity was correct & so didn’t include it. I do not think ANYTHING the Vatican promotes is free from willful, calculated corruption designed to let the devil into the world as much as possible. The mass “claiming to” make Jesus’s body into the 600 by making him the most high God, (though it remains the 60) is to get the world ready for when the pope officiates a world wide mass to make some form of mark to be mark of God’s own image, which image was not broken for us, & which cannot be ours without restriction until we (who are such) make it to marriage supper of the Lamb! Before Jesus was glorified, these marks were etched upon Jesus’s soul in ways that if Jesus had even the smallest speck of sin in him, it would have made him because instantly corrupted in such a way that could not be reversed. We become corrupt faster according how much closer we get to God yet refuse to repent & seek him. The more we are given the more we are required. So if we are given the MOST POSSIBLE TO BE GIVEN, THE TREE OF LIFE & THE VERY BLOOD OF GOD’S BODY & HIS VERY DIVINE IMAGE FROM EVERLASTING CALLED THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, 2COR4:4, then we are instantly the most culpable.

______  If we take the Lord’s supper unworthily, we are not held innocent because after all it was something so holy we took into ourselves, so that made up for our unworthiness right? Not so. But only if we repent & take it in what is called a worthy manner. But not only is the body of Jehovah infinitely greater than Jesus’s body but it is not even authorized to give as a sacrament in this life! Paul says we are only “adopted” to God as his children, but to Jesus we are his immediate children. Satan wants the world to suffer the same culpability he himself must suffer on his judgement day! This mark therefore could be in the form of a “BLESSING TOUCH” BY THE HAND OF A MINISTER ONCE THAT MASS IS OFFICIATED. It won’t be until then, however what is in the touch of all the ministers of the world, if they are under that same catholic doctrine? Satan can put objects in our souls that cannot be removed, & if they are in us we cannot enter eternal life either. This 666 could be replicated from satan’s own forehead & then placed within the souls of people, once God allows him to do it! It might seem like just a touch or from standing in a church service “for universal unity” or some such thing. The ash Wednesday service could be a precursor to it, in which when it is under that HIGH MASS OF REV 13:14 where the pope (second beast or false prophet) calls down fire & many signs in the sight of the beast. This beast is the one who founded the catholic church, & is the universal “god” of this world under the devil, who esteems himself as if God himself. There is 7 heads of the beast, which are the 7 main religions of the world. So if we feel a universal spirit in the world that unites all religions as one, that might be the reason. But satan usually doesn’t want that to be so apparent or someone might try seeking the “real Jesus.” 

_______  But then if they worship a false image in their minds of who Jesus is, satan then has some leeway to seep in with his unworthy spirit somehow. This can be done in many stages of willfulness or deception. So the beast will be the false image of God, though the mark will be a real sacramental mark from God’s image. Just as the Lord’s supper is real but their statues & mental images give a false impression. Perhaps the beast will claim to be the real visitation of Jesus, because they claim him already to be the incarnation of the ALMIGHTY: NOT AS THE LOGOS BEING GOD BUT AS ALREADY EXISTING SENTIENTLY FROM EVERLASTING. Jesus is the word made flesh & therefore “GOD” in that way, but he calls himself THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD, BECAUSE THE LOGOS IS THE GOD’S FIRST & BEST CREATION. It is in word form & is called God because logos means “something spoken.” It exists solely on the memory of God which is more permanent than any storage device we can conceive of. God calls himself the SAME “BEGINNING & END” because he is the WORD WHICH WAS IN THE BEGINNING, & END, because Jesus’s humanity had an ending. JESUS SAID THE THINGS CONCERNING ME HAVE AN END. 

_____ THEREFORE Jesus’s death was in some regards eternal because he gave us his humanity. He gave us his blood & never got that blood back. He got a new greater blood, but his body was void of human blood after his resurrection. None of his wounds were healed: he said to Thomas THRUST=THROW IN YOUR HAND!!! There was not any tenderness or hesitation in Jesus, & no residual shedding of blood. His face was as wounded as it was at his death BUT NOW PITIED FOR OUR OWN SAKE THAT WE MIGHT BE SAVED, BUT NO MAN CARED FOR HIS SOUL WHEN THEY THOUGHT THEY DIDN’T NEED HIM!!! His blood was all cleaned up & controlled by his Father so not one cell was like a boat without a paddle as when we stain things with our own blood, but each cell knew where to go, & TO THIS DAY HIS BLOOD IS UPON THIS EARTH IN EACH CELL, EXCEPT AS THE BODY OF MOSES, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE EACH CELL IS. The SHROUD should have been a bloody mess & already decayed long ago, but when it got on the shroud, it was so controlled it did not penetrate more than 1 micron deep & some claim far less than that: & IT WAS AS THE CLOTHING OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WHICH DID NOT WAX OLD OR GET TOO SMALL IF THEY WERE STILL GROWING. Some say, like chick tracts, which I believe is a plant of Rome, say that because the cloth did not have an even contact with the body, that it’s couldn’t be for real, but it was GOD’S FINGER WHICH MADE THE IMAGES & NOT CONTACT WITH JESUS’S BODY! It was not the physical blood that saves us but his spiritual blood HIS FATHER’S BLOOD that saves us. His physical blood was shed for our healing & perfection & cleansing of sin. But being pure of sin means nothing if there is no reconciliation to God. The angels when they were cast down by the devil were holy, but they lost their connection to God. JESUS REMAINED HOLY & SINLESS YET IF GOD DID NOT RAISE HIM FROM THE DEAD BUT LEFT HIM FORSAKEN, HE WOULD ESSENTIALLY NOT BE SAVED. Salvation is not holiness or sinlessness but being in the bosom of the Father who is the TRUE ABRAHAM which Abraham represented. No one can remain holy if they are not reconciled to God if they could be holy to begin with. Jesus was afraid when he had to be separated from God at the cross that he could not remain holy, as he says in REV15:3-4, “FOR YOU FATHER ONLY ARE HOLY.” HEB5:7-8 tells us that he prayed all the days of his humanity before he was baptized & even in the garden of Gethsamene to be saved from “death” meaning the loss of his Father which is the LIFE OF THE BLOOD. LEV17:11. 

_____  Satan comes in like a flood, & a flood doesn’t need the permission of the people, only for the barriers to be gone. God says do not remove the landmark because that might be important to block the devil. Many ask how can the devil coexist with the Holy Spirit as if there were no adverse difference? Jesus said the wheat & chaff grow together. A person with the gift of the Holy Spirit can also have a demon living together with them as harmoniously (if you can call it that) of a parasite feeding off the body. It’s only when we “stir up the gift of God in us by the laying on of hands” that satan is called out. We have to be like a sleeping giant waking up. Having the Holy Spirit does not always mean satan cannot “fortify” us by a wicked spirit that is what Jesus called a “supposed Christ.” MATT24:5  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. We must shake ourselves & try ourselves daily to see if all things be so that we “assume” to be so. Everything that can be shaken must be shaken so that that which cannot be shaken may remain! 

______  But satan’s fall from holiness was a two-edged sword for him, because he could not deny or escape his immutable nature which is to do all he does with all his might. Even if satan were terrified at how wicked he is & greedy for adding sin to sin, he can do nothing to stop it, because just as it was his nature while holy to do all holiness with all his might (ECC9:10) NOW HE HAD TO SIN WITH ALL HIS MIGHT. His first sin after sinning, was a sin which was not exceeded until the very crucifixion & will not be exceeded again until the mark of the beast is issued through him. What happened in the fall of the angels, is that they were cast out of their position & could not remain holy because they did not have God as their source anymore. Jehovah is salvation, & so to be sure we are saved we must examine if the contact we have with him is a pure & flowing contact. This must be by what is called CONVERSION, WHICH IS A TURNING UNTO GOD. Any anointing or contact with God which does not employ all our effort & attention unto him, is a backsliding spirit which can become willful also if it is not immediately checked & corrected. We would not think it is too tediously unnecessary if we knew tomorrow we would be martyred.  

_____ I allowed myself to be deprived of going back to the church I had left because of the unsettling quagmire of the reasoning I was going through. I felt it difficult to go to the pastor because of certain things he told me years earlier, & I was seeking to discern his reasons. I don't think they would want me to reveal him, or the church being as it is so secretive. Yet I believe it's a real church which started out by God giving a substantial downpayment of the Holy Spirit to the pastor, but not believing they should evangelize. Why they think Jesus instituted the great commission, & yet it's only to be done by others, I don't really know the reasoning behind that. 

___ I had since gone back to find out the pastor died & no one contacted me since. He was very upset with me the last time I saw him & I thought he'd never want to see me again, so I kept on figuring how I could show up when he was so much against me when I left: & if I looked as though I could make it without him, as the baby eagle flying off successfully & not just being permanently fed by the mother eagle, that it would make him think he looks unnecessary to the rest, which is really why it seemed he excommunicated me, that is, because I could think for myself & I had talked about something he said to someone. Whether he was ashamed of what he told me or he just didn’t want me getting to him through the other members I don’t know, but I got somewhat discouraged because of him becoming extremely angry over things I had no intention or idea he would get so angry about, so I guess I basically wimped out. One of my sins I really became aware of over the years is how much I would hide my true opinion just for apprehension of how much of an uncomfortable turmoil it might create. This is in PSALM 51 as “deliver me from blood,” which means “silence” because the blood of sinners on one’s soul is caused by silence of one’s opinions. So though he put me down in front of the church on my last day there & said Joe doesn’t think this is a real church, I just kept silence because I imagined what kind of fury he would have from it. I was good at crawling into my shell & was very content staying in that condition year after year. I didn’t venture to have the Lord’s supper again until 8 years later at an AME church, & I wondered if I would drop it or what because he told me I’d never have the Lord’s supper again. I think he meant to say at his church. I believe the Lord’s supper is not a patent of any church but it is a covenant which the LORD HIMSELF FULFILLS WHEN 2 OR MORE GATHER IN HIS NAME TO TAKE IT. It actually causes damnation of a very deep & powerful kind when taken unworthily so for a church to take it thinking they are the only beloved people in the world & also do not love anyone enough to seek the lost sheep or evangelize anyone, I would think makes them very unworthy.  

___ While I was there, I had many experiences from God mainly having to do with coming to a very deep conviction of my sins & seeking God on how to be assured of eternal life. The pastor also laid hands on me & prophesied while under the anointing & speaking in tongues. One might wonder if something demonic happened, however, because he was preaching very harsh at me, after affecting me just the right way telling me something he probably shouldn’t have, I broke down into tears which I rarely ever do. Suddenly he was taken over by another spirit, & smiled at me & said “you are the Lord’s!” He proceeded to prophesy to me & I don't remember much about what he said because I was too depressed at the time & everything seems so dark in my memory of it except I know it really happened. I think I remember him saying I would help so many people in his prophecy. Then his hand went back while praying in tongues (which no one has ever to my knowledge heard him do) & his hand landed on my head like he was throwing a baseball. It then went back very rhythmically & it was all so elegant & gentle. I then noticed it was like he was coming out of it like he was in a trance, & suddenly he was angry & gruff again, & looked like he suddenly woke up, & said I should go home. I told him about it at one point, I didn’t tell the church in sharing, but when I told him he said he doesn’t remember it. He made people leave his church many times by preaching the law at them so powerfully that they could not take it, & he said it wasn’t his job to preach the gospel, saying that if God ever sees a person who is in the condition to receive the gospel & there is no man there or willing to preach it, then God will send an angel. He said that satan creates the hardest to save sinners by preaching the gospel to them, when they are not fit or ready to hear it. 

____ I can’t imagine he didn’t give me the gift of the Holy Spirit (by God’s own intervention) that day but he had told the church many times that Joe will never get the gift of the Holy Spirit because he is too rebellious. It had to be done by God’s own determination, even as now it is a big resistance for any church to ordain me simply because I do not agree with the coequal trinity, & am not a simpleton by making Jesus only a man either, as many claim that he either God or only a man, but I put Jesus where the Bible does as the mediator between God & man & made so much better than the angels, & the only genetic or begotten son, who was first the logos meaning “God Elohim” because logos means God speaking his mind which existed from everlasting; MICAH5:2. I spent basically over 30 years thinking & meditating on this topic so I am not shallow in it, & feel very convinced that the coequal trinity was invented by the unholy trinity, satan, beast & false prophet the pope, from the day in REV17:5 that that hiding place of satan “Catholicism” was invented & established. I believe the Trinity is hierarchal, as Jesus said my Father is greater than I, but Jesus is incalculably greater than all the angels & saints combined though being an innumerable company of angels. Jesus was very careful to not place himself in the position of his Father though “equal” because of who he is as the very son & even wife of God, taken from the rib of God’s faith closest to his heart: who alone is in the bosom of the Father. JOHN1:18. If Jesus had not been the ultimate king under God, as Joseph was made second to Pharoah (parabolic of God) & equal in all regards except in the will of the actual throne of God, then satan would be that person: because satan is the first begotten of the logos. So if Jesus were in fact not by any means a creature, (though he is in fact one who is so great & vast that he IS THE NEW UNIVERSE ITSELF,) then satan would be that instead. Jesus hung naked upon the cross, taking upon himself the very filthiness of sin of how corrupt the devil has made humanity in their sexuality & bodies in general; not only taking our sins, our sickness but the filthiness of our blood upon himself which is the spirit of fornication coming from the devil himself. Joel ends with the promise that God will cleanse our blood WHICH HE HAS NOT YET CLEANSED, because he dwells in Zion. Zion means parched ground, & so God is the one who has to make us holy & able to resist evil, even as Jesus successfully resisted all evil, even unto death. I am asking anyone who is so inclined to buy my ebook, for a fuller explanation of my ideas which I am seeking God for a greater accuracy & anointing for on an ongoing basis. 

____ I never asked him for clarification of “how exactly” I am rebellious, or anything. I do know he wanted me to stay out of the book of revelation, & have notes stating that it is only my “crazy pride” that wants me to read that book & most of the book hasn’t been fulfilled yet, as a reason I guess for staying out of it. Yet “fulfilled how?” All prophecy is by the spirit of it which is always now, & so to have the testimony of Jesus is not a futuristic thing but for the very now. He stated understanding the book as the only justification for reading it, as if we are supposed to understand it first without studying it. I always got the feeling there were contradicting forces at play in that church. He told me once on the phone that if you ever see your pastor fall, run. I am very regretful that I have been & still am such a mealy mouth & always mince words & am afraid to really ruffle feathers or rock the boat, when God says that if the truth is not told, THE BLOOD OF THE WORLD IS ON MY SOUL! I must communicate to my best opinion, though after Jesus asks me what I see, & I say I see men as trees walking, it’s my job to say men are trees walking, until I get a better understanding & not spare for the ridicules & rejection, or else I am dropping the ball in my marriage (Greek word gamos) to Jesus! The Greeks were philosophical in nature & for us to get the word game out of the Greek word for marriage maybe said something of how they saw marriage. The Greek word glory means opinion, & we as the USA do not see anyone as having any kind of glory if they have no opinion or right of freely stating & sharing it. 

  —- I don't want to really divulge a lot because I have been basically alone my whole life despite having people physically around me, & so I never really know how to rightly connect with anyone. I have felt like the experiments made on monkeys by some phycologists when they kept them in a cage & starved them of interaction. I wonder what I really went through, because it all seems so hard to remember & so dark in my past, like I just erased most of it & just remember small excerpts.   Why I came to this point of wanting to start this church is after over 40 years of wandering in the wilderness since I got involved in pentecostalism starting around age 18, but I earnestly prayed & sought God at least since around 14. I don’t have an exact moment I “got saved” which makes me discredited to a lot of people, but I have seen it as immaterial to know it if I could know it because it’s an ongoing process through the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY FORESEEING THE GROWTH OF A TREE, though a lot of people don’t like that idea. God doesn’t do things immediately though we want everything very fast & very easy to examine & digest. How many times God could take us away & as a result damn us to hell if not for His determination to further work on us & make sure we are ready when it’s time to go, we could not know it anymore than how many sands there are. I'm 61 years old now, I came to a realization that satan has made me believe I was far more limited than I really am, though I dreamed up many things I wanted to do even as a kid, but I became convinced I couldn’t do it & someone even told me in a scornful way that I still have my childish dreams. So as I began more recently to feel I was tricked by satan to give up believing, I wanted to test out the ultimate perimeters of what is the most ideal thing I'd like to do if I were able to do it which is this church idea, & which I hope becomes CAMP OF THE SAINTS in REV20:9. I am ready to be molded in the direction God wants to take it & all he wants to do with it: & I'm choosing to assume I have the anointing for it & I'm ready to test it out to see if it's really the case.

___ The main thing I want to accomplish is to fully & accurately explain who Jesus is & all his life meant. Though I formulated many opinions so far I'm also trying to open myself up more to God in order to proclaim his death more fully & pertinently knowing my words must be choice. I must be precise in order to slay the great Goliath satan as far as God has ordained for it in this time before his great fall & final judgment. How this must be is by speaking the truth in the love of 1COR13. What effect this might have on the people of the world either positively or negatively we only have a small idea of by looking into scriptures. Either way, Jesus said the strongman must first be bound which is satan put under the blood as under the iron bars he has done to us.

__ The extent of satan’s reign would not readily be believed or wanted to be. The accomplishment of Jesus has opened the kingdom of God which before that was shut & only satan's false kingdom was known. But because satan was still functioning uncondemned in his original capacity of a holy angel though having become so exceedingly wicked as mandate while authorized to be the true Haman, the slaughter of all unbelievers, this kingdom of satan seemed to be of God, with God the king himself giving orders on behalf of satan to slaughter all nations on earth except the Jews, not even giving them the chance for repentance. Now that mandate Paul called the ministration of death, has become of life through the death of Jesus Christ. The sword of steel has become the sword of the spirit & the death we must die is conviction for our sins. God summed up our ministry as "kill & eat," which is parabolic for "convict of sin then fellowship." The sacrament of the Lord's Supper is in the form of food rather than of a mark, because eating represents fellowship which in Greek is koinonia. Just as this is not the sexual kind of it, in the same way, when it mentions “pornia” or fornication, it is usually not the sexual kind of it either though it also includes it, just as koinonia includes the sexual kind when it is done in a union of holy matrimony. The difference between koinonia & pornia is, (though both forms of fellowship) is that one places Jesus as the primary focus & being determined to know nothing but him as Paul says, while the other has cast Jesus aside (sometimes even in name) & makes loving one another, though without that true love which fulfills the law, the whole object of it. This produces what is called THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF HER FORNICATION, meaning that sometimes when others do not join, there is a persecution & usually always when someone leaves there is even a greater wrath involved as a vengeance for those who have been duly true members but later chose to defect from it. This is only a small part of what you might encounter as you read my book. I started it way back around 1990 & first titled it explanation of Revelation, as if it were the greatest title that could ever exist. As time went on I copyrighted a hand written copy, much of which is typed out unchanged in some areas, as I admit it is a little rough around the edges in some places. But my views have never seemed to stop developing ever since I started seriously reciting Revelation in the KJV as a means to deal with my loneliness & personal depression. My dad who died in 1988 of emphysema told me it was rare for anyone to get anything out of that book. But I had wished I did this all the way through school even from grade 1 to get strength to handle inabilities to deal with bullies & many other problems such as failures to believe some female classmate would be my girlfriend. Then at home I’d be just as lonely not being able to stand listening to my parents argue. I seem to have been attracted to narcissistic people my whole life. It wasn’t until recently I began enquiring on google if I have that kind of personality that attracts narcissists. It wasn’t hardly a week when I entered that cultish church that the pastor with the huge anointing that even seemed scary, (who also was the one who laid hands on me as mentioned) looked at my book I carried around & said “you’ll never get it published.” If I had any pride as a man I would have left immediately & told him to do something, but I have always been such a good little sheep & just took all the rebukes anyone could dish out. 

____-   merely having a mark represents partaking of the wealth as by his wounds we are healed, but it doesn’t offer in itself intimacy with the giver of it. The blood is in the form of drinking rather than merely Baptism, because like the mark, baptism is coming into the kingdom & partaking of the splendor & magnificence of it, but until we can drink in the presence of God & breath his divine Heavenly air of the very lungs of God's own image, we are not born again or becoming transformed by the renewal & changing of our minds: by the mind of Christ & all the facets of his body & nature coming to eternally indwell those who have had this good work begun in them. God says he gives the water of life freely, which is the Greek word dorean, which means not only freely but without a cause & in vain. People tend to think that if they have an anointing that they are therefore saved, not reasoning that satan himself still has his anointing despite all his sins. And that Paul says "the gifts & callings of God are without revocation." And Jesus said that many great wonder workers, which most believers don't even come to the level of, will come to Jesus boasting of having done great works, of taking the Lord's Supper with him, & doing preaching about him & doing all manner of mighty works by the Messianic anointing that they FREELY (DOREAN) GOT! Jesus will not be impressed but send them off with "depart you cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil & his angels: I NEVER KNEW YOU." This is very alarming when you begin to extrapolate why this statement was made by Jesus. Jesus was asked "Lord are there few that be saved?" Jesus didn't answer by explaining how the little guys who follow a pastor or church aren't going to make it in, but Jesus singled out the LEADERS! So if the blind leaders who perish for lack of vision aren't going to make it in, it doesn't seem likely that their followers will either. Yet there is another side to this coin of salvation of an abundant entrance that Peter mentions, & so thankfully the story doesn't end at that sad note of even the anointed leaders getting thrown into everlasting perdition.

___ No one's heart could be made new until Jesus died for us. The fulfillment of PSALM 51 was entirely prophetic as much as Jesus’s very death! No one was converted or forgiven in real-time & actuality until Jesus could say I have the key of David. Jesus was made so much better than the angels. What this means we can only calculate because it is beyond what can enter into our hearts & minds. 

__ Though this church is also for all times according to the words of ISAIAH & JESUS, "my father's house shall be called a house of prayer for all people," it is special during this hardest time before the great tribulation & indeed also into it. Satan needed but a short time or little season to deceive a number as sand of the sea after a thousand years of being bound & of the whole world undergoing the greatest move of God the world ever saw. How much can he do it in this time of his greatest desperation to damn the world & also having never yet been bound & during which time also the world has suffered of the word of God? All under the guise of holiness & plenty of preaching & church attendance. Satan will never come saying I am the devil & honestly show us his festering sores from all his sins.

____ It is also an LLC because despite it being the usual way for churches to be tax exempt, I do not see in scripture where Jesus said "GIVE UNTO CEASAR THE THINGS WHICH ARE CEASAR’S EXCEPT MY CHURCH." Jesus wasn't telling it to the world only or else the second half of his statement "& GIVE UNTO GOD THE THE THINGS WHICH ARE GOD'S COULDN'T BE FULFILLED BY THEM." There is many complications inherent in not fulfilling the first half by not paying taxes but then expecting you are fulfilling the second part? What? By disobeying the first part? Since when was our service to God made better by picking & choosing what to obey, as if holiness & power to obey wasn't by God's grace alone!

___ I don't want to complicate this simple letter by putting too forethought into it. The church idea speaks for itself in the title. The organization itself cannot be known how precisely it will take shape until God brings the founding people together to bring form to it. I am expecting the mightiest move of God the world has ever seen. Haggia 2:9 says THE GLORY OF THE LATTER HOUSE WILL BE GREATER THAN THE FORMER. It has been the butt of many accusations against the claims of Christians as to why there has never been JOHN14:12 done & why God allowed & even seemed to promote so much evil. But God knew what we would all say about it from before the time he even spoke the logos, the soul of Jesus, into existence! The first chapter of GENESIS until GENESIS 2:5 is all parabolic & virtual. One might say this is speculation, however the very following words GEN2:5 “before there was any plant or man to till the ground” speak for themselves. Traditionally this was only considered to be Moses backing up on what he already wrote & giving us another view of it, however God is superior enough to be able to have the concept of SOFTWARE BEFORE HARDWARE especially if we are. The first verse has in it the Hebrew word H853 את 'êth ::: which means the accusative, which suggests God knew how the scientists of the world would judge it has ridiculous. This seems to suggest God knew many would accuse God for these verses being very unscientific & highly inaccurate, because it is written in ways that seem to be illogical & very indescriptive. Some say he made light before he made the stars, not realizing that “light” in verse 3 is used as a symbolic word for BRIGHT MORNING STAR, just as death is symbolic for “SECOND DEATH OR LAKE OF FIRE.” 

______ So in Holy Scriptures God is EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL WITH WORDS, & one has to get a feel for the style in which God wrote, to be the bare bones of what must then become the foolishness of preaching. That is the authority upon which I find justification to do all my writing, or else one could say “let the Bible speak for itself.” But Peter says it must be TURNED INTO MILK IN ORDER TO FEED THE SHEEP. And Jesus said, “IF YOU LOVE ME, FEED MY SHEEP.” One must also be aware of our motives for feeding the sheep, to make sure it is for the LORD’S SAKE. Jesus made sure to turn all his disciples over the FATHER & said “all mine are thine.” The words “let there be light” are the words God used when he entered the TOMB OF JESUS. His “moving upon the face of the waters” was when the Holy Spirit was with the corpse of Jesus as he lay in the tomb. The face of the waters describe “the glory of God in the face of Jesus” as Paul says, & “waters” signify that Jesus never underwent decay, but only minor forms of it such as rigor mortis like stiffness that never went beyond into putrification of any kind. So that there were always “waters” within the corpse until the resurrection. Jesus is parabolically called he “SUN & EARTH & ALSO THE VERY HEAVENS THEMSELVES” & this was all created as the only creation of God, & we are all “accessories” to Jesus, & God says we ourselves are not sufficient to burn, but only Jesus was sufficient to God as a burnt sacrifice.

______ His “burning” was in his time of forsaking by God, which is basically what causes the lake of fire. His heart was melted within him by the thermal wrath of God for our sins, which is the Greek word thoomos. 2372 θυμός thumos thoo–mos’–wrath, fierceness, indignation. This is due to his being broken for us, as the splitting of an atom from which comes such great “thermal power.” If sin had not entered the world (Greek word cosmos) there would be no harmful radiation. You could cause any manner or form of radiation, & the more you bathed in it the healthier & more wonderful would be the health benefits. But because this fallen universe was “shaped in sin” PSALM 51:5 along with our very soul & fetal selves upon conception, or enterance into the world through the portal of conception, this means it is “full of deadly poison” as James says. James also states “there is 1 God” which sounds more like he’s going back to the early days of Israel, before believing he is 3 Gods, where God says “hear O Israel the Lord your God is one God.” This could be one reason Martin Luther didn’t like James, among Hebrews, Jude & Revelation (as a I read he did) because the one doctrine Luther agreed with on the Catholic church was their doctrine of the coequal trinity, which I will show how it is the beast’s plan to finally be granted the power by God in REV13:14 to officiate the great “mass” of creating a sacramental mark claiming it to be of Jesus when it is the very unbridled link to being given the status satan had when he was holy of inheriting that union & form of equality with God in which he was then able to cast out a third of the angels by simply deleting them from eternal life as if upon the simple tap on a keyboard! I don’t know the exact specifications of Arius’s belief Jesus was created, as I also but not in the simplistic manner most think such people do, but Constantine told him to not think so much about exactly who Jesus is. This is always the advice of the devil, that whatever we do, just don’t dote too much on Jesus though he is our very husband, & to not do so is to turn all fellowship which is in Greek koinonia into fornication which is in Greek pornia. Jesus alone can make us ALL GLORIOUS WITHIN, & WITHOUT SPOT, WRINKLE OR ANY SUCH THING! 

_____ God needed a creature to be his ALL IN ALL for his own eternal happiness. He could not have this by anybody he was from all past eternity because to God this is identical to saying “HIMSELF.” He needed someone who wasn’t himself, just as we need a partner in marriage who isn’t OURSELVES, but ourselves in the sense that we become one flesh. Jesus was really, I believe, God’s “son” in a parabolic manner but he is closer to being GOD’S WIFE in a LITERAL MANNER. He was the only one in the bosom of the Father, JOHN1:18, meaning he is taken from the rib of God, that part closest to God’s very inner heart, which is his kingdom, & logos is basically what faith is, “THE WORD OF FAITH WHICH WE PREACH” & bones usually represent faith in the scriptures. To me the manner in which God beget Jesus is how God chose a wife for Adam, because God works in parables & dark sayings he says. This is also why Jesus spoke in parables & dark sayings, because he was being like his father. And if Jesus had not been the first SOMEONE would need to be. How all that would play out is needless to even think about, because it is off the beaten path of the scriptures. Adam means “to show blood in the face,” & the blood of the Father is his light, which is also now why Jesus’s face shines like the sun (of righteousness) in his strength, that is freely & without measure. God gives his water to us to so freely to anyone thirsting for it, that the Greek word for “freely” ==DOREAN means to give it without a cause, & even to give it IN VAIN! Only those who thirst for Jesus with the same thirst he thirsted with are counted worthy of God’s water to keep it for all eternity. Only when we are crucified with Christ, as a split atom releasing the blessed & life giving thermal (thoomos) heat of God’s love, (for there is nothing hid from the heat thereof) are we granted eternal life to BE POSITIVELY ETERNAL & in all forms of it, namely his 9 fruits of his Spirit, & all the facets of agape in 1COR13. The beast in REV17 is said to be “was, but is not but yet is,” because he once as a HOLY ANGEL had this agape working in him, (as Paul said we are NOTHING =“not”= without it,) because now he has lost it since satan cast him out of heaven. But is “yet is” because he is pretending to have it in the capacity of the Catholic religion which gets it’s legitimacy from people thinking it is really the church which Jesus & the apostles established. You can imagine the anger which the fallen angels have towards us, in that they were cast out of heaven & SINNED BECAUSE THEY WERE CUT OFF FROM GOD THEIR SOURCE OF HOLINESS, & had to buy their power to tolerate existing, from the devil through committing of sin! Satan is the master of “dams” & “purchasing” what was once all free & exchanged freely as in the church of ACTS where everything was considered “common.” He creates the doctrines as spiritual wickedness in high places, because he was primarily designed by God to be a theologian, but now one of deception! These are all designed to place us under satan thinking him to be God, as Paul says he will show himself as an angel of light sitting in the temple showing himself to be (as if) God. He still has his anointing as the ANOINTED CHERUB WHICH COVERS, so he covers the whole world with a blanket of an indiscernible universal (catholic anointing) which is why it is the mother of harlots & abominations of the earth. Satan hides in the places that look MOST HOLY because he knows no one will dare SAY SO for fear of committing blasphemy! Satan always uses “blasphemy” as his great deterrent for those who might think they smell a rat but just fear to be wrong about it or where it is coming from, knowing we are all somewhat narcissistic (self centered) & can confuse by some degree of mental illness exactly how we are perceiving things or ourselves for that matter. 

_____  If you look at the word ELOHIM it pretty much means everyone: me, you including Jesus, & satan. This means God is the one who keeps us all existing & uses us all to have some part in the creation in the universe. The HOLY TRINITY is hierarchal in nature with God as center nucleus, as incalculably bigger, so much so that God can create a universe inestimably times bigger so much that no one including angels which excel in intelligence could not calculate or estimate it, BUT TO GOD IT IS THE SAME SIZE!! Anything limited compared to something unlimited as always the same. Furthermore in order to be considered a PERSON, one must have a body. God’s body is the EVERLASTING GOSPEL (REV14) which is existed from everlasting, & is the from where our human design comes from. But it is interpreted by God’s almighty intelligence & highly ultimate in form, & so God can produce an innumerable number of human species from it. The 600 denotes only body or temple (as our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit) & so it is in a sense a skeletal number, & therefore dealing with merchandise & material status, etc. But it is the number of man because man was created on the 6th day in God’s mind, during the virtual & symbolic creation of GEN1-2:5. God’s image is jasper sardius in color & jasper perhaps represents his inner life since it is the first foundation of his city, & sardius perhaps is his humanity as we are all basically the same color inside which the 6th foundation of the crystal city. No one can directly partake of God in his unmediated form without the tiniest of sins becoming the ultimate of all sins. So the 600 is like the undiluted Lord’s supper which we are not authorized to take because we are STILL ADOPTED SONS OF GOD, however if we are born again we are immediate sons of Jesus, & therefore authorized to take his body as a sacrament, meaning it is ACTUALLY what it also represents. When the MARK OF THE BEAST is not only in doctrine but actuality, then it will be ACTUALLY RUBBING ELBOWS WITH GOD’S IMAGE AS IF WE ARE ALREADY MADE PERFECT IN HEAVEN. This will aggravate our sins & sinfulness to an infinite extent, as JOB SAYS: Job 15:26 “He runneth upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers:” as HEBREWS 12:18-24 warns us: we are not come upon an external display of God’s power, as unto the mountain upon which God descended, but we are come upon the inner manifestation of it, namely upon his very most holy things with the obligation to purify ourselves before our God even as he is pure. 

______ Jesus being the second person of the TRIUNE GODHEAD is a “person” because he has a body, & so wasn’t a person until he was conceived in Mary’s womb. While he was only the logos & therefore only God because he is the voice of God, he said to God, “a body have you prepared me.” This is both his own body & we as members of his body flesh & bones: WE CERTAINLY COULDN’T HAVE A BODY OR SOUL IN HE DID NOT HAVE ONE OF THOSE FIRST. The Holy Spirit was chosen in Christ the logos, EPH1:4, as the bride of the logos, & wasn’t a person until the day of PENTECOST in which he was able to come & indwell us as his temples: as John said the HOLY SPIRIT WASN’T YET GIVEN UNTIL JESUS WAS GLORIFIED. The Holy Spirit of the old testament didn’t change or save anyone but mainly gave superhuman Samson like strength to go into all the world to slay the unbelievers as was the will of the devil. David died flat out in his sins & wasn’t saved until Jesus descended into hell to preach salvation to him. Hebrews 11:13 says “these all died in faith not having (yet) received the promises.” Hell wasn’t forsaken by God until Jesus rose out of it “from the dead,” meaning he was in the place of the dead. This also shows how instantly God can save those whom he wishes to save. Jesus is the SECOND PERSON because he is made so much greater & better than any other possible creation that can exist, HEB1:4, even if it were all multiplied indefinitely. Jesus is therefore represented ALL BY HIMSELF as the number 60. In KJV terminology it is “broken” as “threescore,” though it was the manner of speaking then, however it is fitting since Jesus was broken for us. The number 6 is all angels, & humans & the whole rest of creation in which God will own & dwell in forever as filled with his glory. You can see that if 6 represents so much, & 600 represents something UNLIMITED, & 60 is “the mediator between God & man,” HOW GREAT IS THIS 60? He is so great HEB1 says “let all the angels of God worship him.” Jesus was also shown in the parabolic story (though also a real event- as God is the great play scripture writer,) of Joseph & his 12 brethren. The 12 tribes of Israel being the 144000 chosen is only symbolic & ARE REALLY THE CHRISTIANS AS JESUS CALLS THEM “JEWS” & you will notice there is also 144000 furlongs in the New Jerusalem & the 12 disciples also are patterned after many things 12 in the New Jerusalem. The great multitude which no man can number follow directly after the description of the 144000 = which each have corresponding meanings like JUDAH MEANS HE SHALL BE PRAISED OR GIVE PRAISE, for example. 

______So these 144000 are really a number no man can number but are 144000 because they are all rooted & grounded as planted beside the river of the water of life in the New Jerusalem. There is indeed 12 tribes of Israel still existing on earth, but I do not think that the only people saved out of them is 12000 each & exactly so! One might also say that they are VIRGINS, yes but as Paul says “I have presented you as chaste virgins to Christ.” But then it says “they were not defiled with women.” That would go both ways then if it meant literal human carnal women, so women would have to say too they have not been defiled with men. But this “defiling” is though we live in the world we are not of the world or therefore defiled by the world, but are as the 3 holy children thrown into the burning furnace who were accompanied by the SON OF GOD WHOSE BLOOD IS LIKE CONSUMING FIRE & FULLERS SOAP! WHO ALSO CLEANSES US AS BY HIS FEET STOMPING ON OUR SINS IN A WINE PRESS! HE TREADS THE WINEPRESS OF THE WRATH OF GOD SEPARATING US FROM SIN & ALL EVIL COMPANY & THE DEFILEMENTS THAT CAN BE CONTRACTED THROUGH A PORNIA FELLOWSHIP! We will discern between the righteous & wicked, between him that serves God & those that serve him not. By the same token we will know when something in the Bible is symbolic & representative & actually IS THE PRECISE THING IT IS DESCRIBING. God has chosen parables & dark sayings as a means to confound the devil before the crucifixion, but now that Jesus is crucified, Paul says, “though these things were kept secret, (while satan was howling in ISA14:12,) they are now revealed by the commandment of God the Father.” ROM16:25. There is no more reason to hide what is necessary for salvation & speak in parables so, as Jesus said, “lest they hear & see & understand & be converted & God must heal them.” Now the will of God that all men may be saved is in effect! God needed satan to condemn himself to the lake of fire by crucifying the Lord of glory. Satan is very ashamed for his own honor’s sake, that he could not take the advice of his fallen angels, in giving Pilate’s wife a terrible nightmare, saying to her husband, “HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT JUST MAN.” The devils knew scripture & could recognize Jesus better because they were not so addicted to shedding of blood, & so blinded by sin. They feared their WICKED LEADER would condemn them all to the lake of fire. Sin has it’s own punishment in that it blinds & dulls us from seeing ourselves as we are, & we are not so able to discern where we are at. 

_____ Christian means anointed & so there is also false Christians anointed by the anointed cherub coming as a false Jesus. The seal on their foreheads could be a form of the seal Paul mentions, “THE LORD’S PEOPLE HAVE THIS SEAL THAT THE LORD KNOWS THEM= BUT WE MUST DEPART FROM INIQUITY.” This is why Jesus said “I never knew you” to so many great wonder workers because they did not have this seal; & the LOCUSTS FROM HELL IN REV 9 are deterred from attacking them. SO IF THE LORD KNOWS US THEN WE ARE SPARED FROM ALL FORMS OF EVIL IF WE ALSO TRUST IN GOD & STAY OUR MINDS ON HIM. So they pray “salvation to our God,” meaning all our help & affiliation is from this city, & it is even called the bride of Jesus, though it has existed along with God’s image from everlasting. So if this 60 is really turned into what the Catholic church claims in every mass, to be the most high & only holy one, then that would be by this understanding of it I have if it is right, to be the mark or food of the beast! Not because it is unholy but because we are not fit to partake of it, & would be killed faster then when the ark was merely steadied with good intentions so it wouldn’t fall. Satan is always trying to get us to run headlong into places of holiness where angels fear to tread, so that God will have no choice but to apply his worst of all penalties upon us. Even as when they entered the court of the king in Esther, if they were not authorized to go there & the golden scepter was not held out, there was one penalty only: death. This represents the “second death” as there is but one penalty for running upon God’s neck & the thick bosses of his bucklers without proper humbling & knowing of his son as begotten by him & that is the second death or lake of fire. If any man who went to king Ahasuerus’s court and was falsely told to do so by someone, (namely a representative of satan) he was nevertheless killed for it, though the king said whoever told him to do this, his blood is on his head. This scenario might only be a scene in a movie but this is how satan tries to be the voice of God in our lives so we think it is God, but we are really running into the worst kind of danger! If satan can pretend to be the voice of Jesus, he can even convince some people that they are hopeless reprobates, & breathe his fiery & unclean spirited dragon breath upon them to make them think they are hopelessly already sinking into hell fire! Or he can exalt them to make them think they are already in heaven & can never leave it though being the worst of tyrants! No one should rashly decide their status with God, if they are already doing all they are able by God to do, & decide they have lost & over stood the day of grace, or whatever. Paul says “it is a light small thing for people to judge me, & I do not even judge my own self.” The game has not yet showed on what note it will end, & so only what Jesus thinks of us matters.  

_____  To just pray a prayer for the universe is in God’s estimation a role in it’s actual creation & ongoing evolution. 1TIM3:1 says THE OFFICE OF A BISHOP IS A GOOD WORK. Notice the word work, meaning that even his or her prayers are considered works by God though God fulfills them. This is how it is said that ELOHIM meaning all of God’s angels & humans created the universe, though they did not exist at the time except as a creation created in the logos. All of us were in the beginning elect & destined for uncontested salvation. But because the WICKED ONE decided to challenge God & his creatures, this made our entrance into sentient life one of sin: which is why PSALM 51 says “restore me to the joy of your salvation,” meaning “before the foundation of the world.” Jesus also prays this prayer, saying, “that I may experience the glory I had with you from before the foundation of the world.” But until then, John says, “Jesus was not yet glorified.” Paul says “God calls those things which be not as though they are,” ROM4:17, not realizing the full extent of such a powerful truth. If God says something is done before it is done in reality, it is for God NOT A LIE, because God has all power & control. But John says, “be careful not to make God into a liar,” because through our failure to fulfill the conditions to God’s promises we can make God look as though he is a liar. 

____ But God said "I will speak in parables & dark sayings," & these are among those sayings. GEN1:1-3 coincides with JOHN1:1, so this heaven & earth is the very only genetic son of God. GENESIS means genetics or genealogy, as in Matt 1:1. So the first genetics God created were of his only son, who at the time was called the "morning" in ISAIAH 14:12. The one we now know of as satan was the very next son, called the son of the morning. His name is only described as Haylale translated Lucifer which simply means morning star, & so interestingly enough, Jesus would by the translators of KJV be also called Lucifer & all the morning stars are all Lucifer too. So Lucifer is not the name of the devil, as God withheld it as part of his punishment. Haylale is part of the word Haylale-u-Jah, as "Haylale" means to show God's light & Jah is a short name for God. Satan still to this day possesses a large amount of his original light & anointing as the ANOINTED CHERUB WHICH COVERS, & so he is able to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD because it takes great power to deceive but also great power to convince the world of truth starting with their sinful nature.

____ There is a day coming as Solomon says that the anointing satan has will return to the Lord. This is when he thrown into the lake of fire, in it's called the second death because it is after the first death which is of the body, & it's devoid of who is our life & who is the life, that is, blood of his only son Jesus. This means that Jesus tasted the second death even while still alive in his body hanging upon the cross. The sacrifice of Jesus as much as his physical suffering were all in integral part of it, was primarily in his soul in being forsaken by God as shown beginning at the last supper when he drank the cup which is his blood shed for us, & this blood meaning his life is God "his father," & therefore "his blood." This is why the Lord's Supper is in 2 parts, though one might think his blood residue is still in his flesh as shown after he died & was pierced, there immediately came out blood & water. So as I was told once by a catholic priest as to why we usually only get the bread, that his blood is still in it, it is not the blood which God his very father who is JEHOVAH the most high God.

___ This introduction is not intended to cover all the objections & questions that could arise with these few words, & so I cover these things throughout my book & other articles on my website. It's my intention the church is going to be humanitarian in nature as the words "FOR ALL PEOPLE" imply. It's a camp with the design of seeking God. "FOR ALL PEOPLE" also implies freedom of religion & opinion & so is not a place where you must agree with the founders of it, but enough so there is some degree of acceptable Harmony in living together as the early church of ACTS did. Because it's not listed as non profit, I cannot use apps like givlify which is only intended for churches which are committed to the canon law of Catholicism: which I am not because I am what is called "solo scriptural." I only conform to scripture & not what I believe is the beast's doctrines designed to get the world more ready for the 666, though the great majority of history could only be ready to take the mark of the beast if it could have been available, as the pope of that time officiates the world-wide "mass" to make it into a sacramental mark under the claim it is the ultimate blessing. Satan is not going to present it as something we would dare to say is evil for fear of committing blasphemy against the holy spirit.