■■■■■■■ for chapter 13...

-‐-- The time-line for the mark of beast seems to be after a series of plagues in which God still held out the possibility of repentance: which would be impossible had they already had the mark. However it seems to be a foregone conclusion that they will not repent, so the 7 plagues (REV16) are probably after the mark is issued. This time-line however seems vague in the exact order of events: since the plagues of REV. 9 seem to be pre-666 since it is contrasted against those who have the seal of God in their foreheads, who would be either beheaded or hiding in the wilderness had the mark already been issued. & the only timescale as to how long the beast reigns is 42 months, & seems to be the second half of the 7 years which goes directly into Armageddon. The time-line of the events of REVELATION seem to be consecutive in the order presented in the book itself: aside from certain historical & theological events mentioned like the time in which satan cast out a third of the angels which is listed right after the vision of the church (Mary) clothed with Jesus like the sun 🌞. The first event REVELATION mentions is how the book was written, namely by God giving it to Jesus, then giving it to us through Michael, Jesus’s angel, as the actual imprimatur of it: = "let it be printed."

☆○●○□ Rev ¹3 is about a time in which God let's satan wear his clothes & hold his septre (-like a child getting into their parent's things) which is what makes it the most horrible time ⏲️!! And REV13 would have been the status of this old universe forever had not Jesus died on the cross for us. But science fiction space age shows want us to believe it will be eternal & so does the religions of the world.

★☆★☆★☆Jesus is the ultimate hero beyond anything we have yet considered or could ever even fathom, as much as the heavens are above the earth or the east is from the west!! Jesus deserves not only many crowns but many purple hearts for each of his wounds he suffered for us. We have not considered that Jesus prepared his whole life for what he called his "true baptism" which is his crucifixion, & that he feared it because he saw in it the possibility of eternal separation from his Father: which is the "blood" he shed for us, because God is the life in all blood. LEV17:11. Luk 12:50 But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished! Jesus was in suspense his whole life until the moment of HIS DEATH for the successful fulfillment of his mission on earth. He prayed his whole life periodically with strong crying & tears to be saved from death & was heard in that he feared. Though he were a son, yet he learned obedience through the things which he suffered. And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation. === One would think, if compared to canon law that these words were written by a heretic, except they are STRAIGHT FROM THE BOOK OF HEBREWS. It should be clear that if Jesus were God in the flesh, (i.e. not God dwelling in him "coming in his flesh" as what it means to say "God was manifest in the flesh of Jesus,") that Jesus would not have feared, especially when considering that Jesus himself taught us "do not fear what man can do unto him, but rather fear God who can throw both soul & body into hell," & it's been proven that even a man in the movie passion of the Christ could basically go through the outward human aspect of what Jesus suffered without all the drama of fearing it. Couldn't ALMIGHTY GOD RATHER have gone through it without the incessant begging, "DELIVER ME FROM THIS DEATH," & all the "STRONG CRYING & TEARS," if it was a sure & guaranteed success as we are taught that it was? & what if the strengthening by the angel in LUKE22:43 wasn't merely salutary & unnecessary but rather the true bearing of Jesus's cross, which enabled him to overcome the devil at the cross? We have not yet known the true nature of our husband Jesus, & like the sinful "Lucy-fer" satan, we've been lifted up & corrupted by our own God given beauties to not need our savior in any marital way! Eze 28:17 Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.

《《《NASA studies this universe as if the star's light is not about to reach it's end & appear like they're falling, & as if it's not about to be rolled up like a scroll in REV. 6. The light from galaxies & stars were instantaneous before Haylale became satan, & the nature of the first light ending might be what gives it the illusion of the stars simply falling like that. ///Had satan gotten the victory at the cross (if that were possible,) this old universe would have been God's last creation, except for the innumerable number of evermore emerging souls conceived in it, & satan would have been the soverign ruler: because God is omnipotent but can be so without creating. Souls shaped in sin are brought forth through the harvested presence of God by the angelic equipment of satan & his demons: God allows it as part of an angel's duty to assist in souls born into the world, & they also aid in the incense like ascension of prayers. Angels are designed to collect divine power & damm it like a river to use for their own purposes if they are evil: if they are holy the power they get is the light of the whole world not just their own little agenda. We, like the devil, care only about our own backyard, while we pollute the whole world. It wasn't enough we drained the earth of it's black blood, to create earthquakes, but then we had to create too much plastic & add insult to injury. Things that were too sacred to imagine we have filled with deadly & ugly plastic.

__</>Souls which were already set in motion to be made flesh (since the whole host of heaven with innumerable souls was already finished in GEN2:1) cannot EVER be stopped in their production, but were only halted (universally but made on earth) for this time before the last judgment. So if Jesus had not successfully died on the cross, no REVELATION would be written & the "floor" of the universe would have been eternally handed over to the devil. The book in God's right hand which is like a healing but bitter medicine 💊 for this terrible time in which we are transitioning away from the wounds of satan's devastation, (the abomination of desolation,) must have in it many bitter pills to purge away the old suffering. There is a long root of satan's bitterness that must be pulled out so while it's going it seems to linger & get worse, but the face & tail of the dragon must be seen if the dragon is being removed. But satan leaves behind the anointing which nourished him to commit his innumerable sins, which is the honey Samson found in the slain lion & now gives unto us: as the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

■■●●□★☆ After many eons when all growth cycles were exhausted, the universe would be fully prosthetic & manufactured by a central demonic factory 🏭. The terror & agony of existing would be worse than if we just all simply died in sin to be tormented by God in the lake of fire 🔥. And the odious despising we'd feel about simply existing under the devil would make our minds alone feel like they're being put to the use of scooping up satan's own soul waste. Satan would rise to such a dizzying height fed like the ultimate vampire & physchopath off of our own soul's blood & fear & agony, that he would have achieved his goal of rising above God: == at least above God's ability to do anything more to stop him from ruling as the Supreme dictator who to us is like omnipotent.

--- Had Jesus either refused to die for us or failed somehow, there would be no one going to heaven, no kingdom of God that came in heaven or earth, & the universe would eventually after many eons be wall to wall humans of all species deformed with satan's curses, all who cannot die in any way, & any idea of what God's creation looks like would eventually be utterly abolished & enihallated. The torture for every atom of our being & facet of our souls would be exponentially greater each day & no tiny comfort, death or relief coming forever & ever.

★●■● The mark 666 is the basic theology of the Pope: insofar as it represents canon law of the trinity, i.e. not only of the unholy trinity but the Holy trinity also. And not only because of the false doctrines inherit in the canonical teachings, but because it is the time of Jacob's trouble, when satan gets access to the powers & full tapestry of God. - 6 represents the temple aspect of man, though there is all the numbers like a complete rainbow spectrum, with all the vast array of meanings from their combinations. But 6 only is singled out here because Jesus was made a sacrifice like a lamb, which means his body, though it includes his whole soul & person, God is speaking symbolically by singling out the 6 aspect only.

;;;;;;; This is also further expressed in the forensic manner in which God describes his son when the WORD/LOGOS was conceived as the whole living soul, mind & body of Jesus, in that it was simply called "flesh." 😳 The crux of all debate as famously made by Arius, is whether or not there was a befitting soul included in this being made quote "flesh," or if it's definitively ONLY FLESH IN THE LITERAL DEFINITION? This of course begs the question, (which Constantine told Arius to not think on such matters, but Paul tells us to be determined to know nothing BUT Jesus,) when Jesus calls himself beginning of the creation of God to the Laodiceans, does he mean HE is that beginning OR is he the CAUSE of that beginning? My thinking is that he is both. Because being the only begotten Son, he is all God could produce as his nature as God could produce only one son directly from himself. But then the third aspect of existence which is under the Holy Spirit, could only be brought forth through the son. Jesus is described in PSALM 110 as the second & lesser Lord beside God our main Lord, & called the womb of the morning 🌄 alluding to Eve the mother of all living. There are a few similarities in how God begot his son & how Eve was brought forth. John1 describes the word to be in the bosom of the Father who alone could declare his father, as a wife who has all rights to the name of her husband. And like Eve, who came from the rib of Adam, (who seems to be symbolic of the Father of humanity,) Jesus is described as the WORD which is of God's faith, which is described as bones in the Bible. I don't know of a particular verse that states it point blank, but it would seem to be the takeaway that one gets if you look at the possible reasons God uses the word bones so much throughout scriptures. Samson used but the jawbone of an ass to slay a thousand men, as Jesus said our faith can be but like a mustard seed, maybe even a very old dead one, but the Holy Spirit can pick it up and convict a thousand or more people of the truth weilding it like Samson. Paul says though our preaching be foolishness, (as from the jawbone of an ass,) it is nevertheless ordained to save souls!!

■■■■ We know the flesh of Jesus includes a befitting human soul as well, since THAT is what the sacrifices of the children of Israel 🇮🇱 represented: Jesus & various aspects of his many mercies. ISAIAH 53 states "if you make his SOUL an offering for sin." The sin of Esau when summed up, was the sin of getting so wrapped up in the commandments of God, that one can forget that it's not by our power, might or anything else including money, (because sacrifices were expensive,) but it's by God’s spirit & grace. It's a big temptation of our self righteous nature to make seeking God & prayer the WHOLE STORY, & not the finding of God & the hearing of him speaking (praying) back to us as the conclusion of it. What made it so that the gospel is no longer the gospel of death of the old testament, when God commanded the children of Israel to go into all the world (basically) & kill all men, women & children with edge of the sword (not of the WORD but) of steel??? What made it so that we no longer make incessant animal sacrifices & stone & burn disobedient children or so many of the terrible things God commanded? If it wasn't Jesus the "TRUE JACOB" who ended it by supplanting Esau the DEVIL WHO HUNTS FOR SOULS AS ESAU WAS A HUNTER, then maybe we are not authorized to stop it. If we don't accept he who ended such tyranny, then maybe we should at least find out why we stopped our old ways!!

////》《》《》 The wickedness in impure doctrine is that it's only leavening & satan flatters us into believing we've been saved & making us believe we can have many unrepentant sinful aspects & yet not be in danger of damnation. The acceptance of pharisical or should be called pharmaceutical doctrines of the extra allowances the children of Israel 🇮🇱 were sometimes guilty of, was stemming from the "Samson wine 🍷" they allowed themselves. God curtailed their habits as part of his covenant with them, as God told Samson's parents he must have no wine or to ever cut✂️ his hair. But even when following right commandments, if done in our own sinful righteousness which is like menstrual rags, (full of God’s wasted blood poured through us that intended to sanctify & form Christ in us) it makes us want to go out & buy pizza 🍕 after church ⛪ instead of going home to pray some more. So the children of Israel who were not sincere & blessed as among God's elect, whom Jesus said were of their father the devil, (& would have said it to their faces throughout the old testament, had Jesus been there in person at the time) did many evils, some too wicked to be recorded. EZEKIEL 8:8 Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door.

9 And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.

★☆★☆★☆★ Because that was the very reason that satan, while STILL in his original office as "Haylale son of the morning," required God to twist & corrupt the commandments to be anything but loving to our neighbors!! God However, though satan "requires" of God with his at best presumptuous authority, all throughout history until now, God only "approves" (though only in the sense of finally purging & destroying his works entirely,) of a certain degree of it as keeping satan on a short leash, in a very strict degree & only for the purpose of sanctifying God's own works 💪 over satan's. 😀 Behind the scenes of satan's already wicked righteousness, which only has "forms of godliness that deny God's power" in it, (but Jesus still said if we don't exceed satan's hypocritical forms we will in no wise enter the kingdom,) satan is eating the whole cake as much as he can reach it on his short leash!! He is like the undisciplined child with a box of chocolates 🍫 with them all over his face! He should feel guilty, but even resisting guilt is part of satan's repertoire of evil! Satan doesn't know God has reasons for letting him do what he does, & won the game of chess with the devil even before the foundation of the world! Also God allowed satan to incorporate his edits of God’s laws to murder (as much as possible== i.e. as God allowed) all the so called infidels of the world cosmos ⭐ , as God's way to increase the appetite of satan's bloodlust to such a fever pitch of pure fury to crucify the Lord, despite any fear that it could be his own undoing. Jesus was the last person to die under the regime of the devil, because the death of Jesus was the fulfilling of GEN 9:6, so the man Christ Jesus shed the blood = i.e. anointing of the devil & totally absorbed into his own body as part of all his power in heaven & earth 🌎. The power of Satan & demons is no more evil or dark than the same light poured into a dark & twisted prism is. God is the only power, & so the Spirit returns to the same source. God recycles it just as sewer water after being fully cleaned is as good as new. But when that power is taken from the devil, his suffering will be so great, incalculable greater than if we could remain alive to feel all the pain of it, after being deprived of all oxygen, water, food & even our own life blood!

●●■■●● Why did Jesus need to die? Didn't we already have full access to God, & wasn't everything ALREADY DONE? Some pastors seem to think that Abraham had the Lord's Supper with Melchisedek, & that he was really the actual preexisting Lord Jesus Christ! No one could have the Lord's Supper until Jesus instituted it, & Hebrews tells us that without shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. Furthermore, only the blood of Jesus could take away sin, because his blood is the Almighty PANTOCRATOR himself! God has reconciled himself to the world through Jesus, meaning we are all candidates for eternal life, but we must not over-stand the day of grace as John Bunyan says in his excellent book the water of life. God forgets our sins by setting aside his just wrath for them, & by then transforming us according to the image of his crucified son. Jesus was made to be sin for us, meaning not actual sin but our substitute for sin so that we can withdraw from sin & that God will be patient with us. Jesus is like the natural & healthy form of our evil addictions, & will lead us along softly as flock is able to endure. Jesus is the gentle shepherd, as Paul commands us to be gentle to all men & apt to teach. Jesus replaces our old man with a new man which has and needs a new heart ❤.


●●●●● Hatred is the fulfilling of the law under satan! Religion is a big show for hypocrites: it's like owning the candy 🍬 store so you can eat it 24/7 behind the scenes. David got so carried away in God's allowances of him shedding blood, his hands ✋became so excessively bloody that God wouldn't let him build the temple. But under his office as prophet, he was able to write the most pivotal & renovating repentance prayer of all time "area" PSALM 51. 》

《》《》《》The body also signifies & represents the merchandise aspect of man. There would be no need for the goods of this world as "what is needful to the body" as God's expression of love through us to one another as James says, if it wasn't for the body. Without health or at least bearable life with little or no pain, our lives are at best put on hold. So as the mark of the beast, 666, deals with making it so we can't buy or sell without it, it signifies our temple for the Holy Spirit, our bodies, which is to satan & his ministers "merchandise," as Peter says "they make merchandise of you." There couldn't be any profit in the medical industry, (& medicine shouldn't be an industry at all but Hippocratise says food is your medicine,) if our bodies didn't break down & need their implants. So the devil will also present the 666 as a medicine to heal the breakdowns of the world & claim it will unite us to our alien neighbors, & that the reason we couldn't all see & fellowship with them is because we lack their universal mark, but now that it's offered to refuse it is worthy of death! The 666 also represents that aspect of us capable of fornication namely our bodies because Paul says we sin against our own bodies thereby. It represents the jawbone of the ass Samson used, because we aren't afforded the most meager things without it when the 10 horns are enforcing it as if it were God's 10 commandments because it's to all both rich & poor. The mark 666 will be the Popes way as the shepherd of the cosmos to corral & unify & make up for all our differences of agreement. He will install it in us through a world 🌎 wide sacramental fully ecumenical mass that includes all 7 main world religions & all branches, including pure heathen & Satanism as well. It will be satan's way to make us all indistinguishable with robots, & make us all FINALLY have a partaking of the lavish luxury of Vatican 🇻🇦 city! This is by claiming the mark to be the mark of God given only to his people, & this will be our chance to get all a new fresh start over again as if nothing bad ever happened before. It will essentially be touted as a worldwide 🌐 altar call: which promises true eternal salvation for ALL PEOPLE regardless of what they believe! It is the ultimate PURE GRACE LEVEL SALVATION, but in reality is the opposite. The mark will therefore be allegedly not only a very unifying sacrament but an extremely technologically advanced space age level piece of machinery implant. Soon all computers will be quantum which are capable of interfacing with actual spirits such as demons. Hebrew means from beyond, so the definition of that will everyday life. It will be on a whole new level beyond haunted dolls, ouija boards & anything else that we've had so far. This will be the time in which if a Christian has no understanding, all bets are off as to any chance of salvation. A move of God is coming that will look like the most ultimate move of God, yet those professing Jesus will have no desire to know him. There will be no sound theology or any sense of needing to. Satan will bless everyone alike regardless of their religion, also called a "king." A great falling away is coming in which all the churches are full & the pulpits filled with preaching, yet there will be no life in it more than mannequins & no more nutrition than empty calories have. People will be starving spiritually but so pumped full of satan's pharmaceutical grade spirit of being on a "high," that they will be angry if you so much as question the legitimacy of their spiritual state. People will think their phones are picking up calls from aliens but they'll be demons in disguise. They'll have photos of supposed aliens who actually talk to them & who have successfully deceived them beyond any chance of enlightenment or any return from their strong delusion: "for they loved not the truth that wanted to save them," so God sent them lying spirits to prophecy lies unto them!

★¤★ So the false theology here attached to the body of Jesus is claiming he is the Almighty Jehovah, which assertion God calls "speaking great things & blasphemy," so they claim in every mass (& denomination) that Jesus is the most high God, eclipsing the father as if crucifying Jesus all over again! This was a horrible suffering equal to hell itself & worse to Jesus: not any proper glorification of him or praise!

---- So the breakdown of the number 666 is as follows: God’s image is the 600, whom we're told we take as the unleavened bread, though they don't say it's the 600 or probably know it is. But God's son's body (not Jehovah's) was crucified & broken for us as food for meeting God face to face. The 60 represents Jesus who was broken, & it's as if the translators of the Bible knew this & wrote the 60 broken in half as threescore, (as that was the common usage of words then) & the 6 represents all angels & people: as those who take the mark of the beast will also partake of it as receiving satan & all wicked angels & sinners as well making it astronomically sinful & equally unauthorized by God for us to be made worthy of in vale of tears & present evil world! Taking the Lord's Supper is also eating one another (in that particular gathering) in what in Greek is called "koininia." Eating signifies fellowship as in rubbing elbows in actual contact, & drinking signifies receiving the Spirit. The blood is Jehovah's Spirit which Jesus shed in great clots of it falling to the ground, to clot the wounds our sins have caused: the gates of hell.

---- We must enter heaven partaking of the gospel (2COR4:4) BY FAITH ALONE THROUGH THE SON'S ACTUAL LITERAL BODY IN THE SACRAMENT OF THE LORD'S SUPPER, & prepare by endless repentance to at that final day be made perfect in heaven. Sacrament means sacred & which is the mindset we need make any form of sacrifice. 《Saying THIS "IS" THE BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS, NOT QUALIFYING IT BY PREFIXING THE WORDS "BY FAITH OR ACCORDING TO YOUR WORTHINESS," signifies that it took the sacrifice of Jesus dying for us to now have access to GIVE himself to us through the Lord's Supper. It is not like a miracle or like cleaving to a promise which takes faith or some worthiness, but ALL who take the Lord's Supper take the SAME body & blood regardless of how much guilt they contract for taking it unworthily. The shortest pre-word "ceremonial" preparation one undergoes before taking it together ❤ makes it the Lord's Supper as much so as it is in the most blessed & elaborately inspired & enlightened church service or else mass in the Catholic church. The main thing is "2 or more gathering in Jesus's name" always successfully officiate it as genuinely the REAL BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS! You can't patent the Lord's Supper with your doctrines or change it to suit & fit your doctrines, all that will happen if you insist on your false doctrines is, it will make you contract guilt for not conforming to the word of God only.》 The father did not per se die for us, although giving up his son was to him a fate worse than death as what it did to the father's heart which all true Davids are after, we can only vaguely calculate. Jesus calling himself the ROOT & OFFSPRING of David (meaning beloved) shows that Jesus enters us through a faithful praying of & studying of & molding our prayers after the pattern of PSALM 51: the eternal covenant of ISAIAH 55:3.

_____ As Abraham waited for what seemed like forever to him, so Jehovah who was "played" by Abraham in his scriptural play, waited what seemed like his whole past & future eternity to conceive his son first with the seed of what is called the logos, meaning God speaking. This speaking was not always heard because Paul says ROM16:25-26, God kept it secret & it also surely proceeded from the father even from everlasting as the father's innermost bowels yearned for his son, & waited for the point in existance in which was beginning of the dawn of creation. This is the eternal day in which God begot his only son. What prompted God to decide upon a particular point of his existence to conceive his son, or what experience that was for God, we cannot imagine or have it while here on earth enter our hearts or minds. It is the definition of that heaven God has prepared for them that love him.

●●■■ Souls are all brought forth in order in God's mind, so there is a hierarchy of souls, & for example Abraham is very high up on the list while Jesus is before him, though we are all brought forth in different times not according to the order of our actual rank. Those chosen in Christ happened before satan sinned, making them elect, but those souls created in God's mind after satan sinned are not all elect. We were all elect until the devil cast a third of the angels out of heaven. This is like a third of the universe getting turned off. While being son of the morning, Haylale had great angelic super powers, & his sins committed which defined his hopelessly lost condition are the sins which define all sin in all humans as we are shaped in iniquity after the manner of satan's iniquity God had found in him & according to the actions Satan then committed as a result. We tend to go down the same steep path into hell, unless we're convinced that the Lord takes no delight in the death of a sinner & place all our cares in Jesus.

●●■■ 🥎🌏 What could be the reason that God didn't give out the Holy Spirit until Jesus was glorified if Jesus was ALWAYS GLORIFIED FROM EVERLASTING AS CO-EQUAL TO GOD? But apparently the angels & prophets only had the Holy Spirit externally & the kingdom of God could not enter or change any heart until Jesus paid the price for a full conversion to God on the cross: as no one was in the kingdom, not even John the Baptist until the least (& only) one in it Jesus, (being lesser than the father) MATT11:11, died on the cross. How was Jesus glorified if he's already God the source & giver of all glory? Does the son surpass God the father in glory? God gives more comliness to the part which lacks to make an equality of value between him. If it's normal to be both God & man as it is for Jesus, though having the wrong understanding of it, then it would be true for God to have a human version of himself (not just his image) also & the Holy Spirit to have a human version of himself. But for God to have a human version means that that human is really human & not somehow only appearing to be so. It is clear that Jesus has a soul which is infinitely superior to all other souls combined except for God. Jesus couldn't be OF HIMSELF God in the flesh, since his own words are, "I of my own self can do nothing." It would be a funny thing for God to say, since he says also, "there is no God besides me, I know not any." So if he were like Jesus, he would be relying on another God to give him his powers, then that would make him a liar or very stupid. Jesus never used those words that there is no God besides him: it is the opposite rather, speaking endlessly of his father giving him power & words.

☆☆☆☆ Hell is a picnic compared to where they're headed, i.e. the lake of fire. No wonder Paul says our worst sufferings are a light affliction! Satan worked very hard to spoil us, to make us complain about anything, so we'll be fat for his slaughter of us in hell! Souls in hell sense a terrible fear far worse than what they experience there: though they are even burning.🔥 There is a wrath coming that will soon be inflicted by JEHOVAH THE PANTOCRATOR himself. So far only devils inflict souls in order to earn a better "pay" from the devil. If God didn't deny satan the very third of the angels, or so many human souls, it only makes sense that animals are all doomed to hell. They too are shaped in sin, but without a plan of redemption to save them! Animals feel real fear when they must die, & our wicked first father the devil gets enjoyment tormenting them in hell. Even fly souls get wings pulled off by satan & his devils in hell. No soul is spared satan's special wrath no matter how unimportant. Animals on earth 🌎 all must suffer while "groaning in travail," wanting to be eased from their enemy the devil! It's all the more true in hell. Jesus was a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief, because he knew the dire situation it is on earth & hereafter. If we knew how unfair & wicked our enemy is, we would do all in our power🔋to put him under the blood! In the meantime satan is casting his flood out of his mouth, like the end time type Noah's flood, consisting of pharmaceutical grade senses of joy, pleasure, purpose, but most of all belief that we don't need Jesus, & that it's more comely to even reject Jesus! We're all living in a delusional virtual world concocted by the devil's smoke screen by which he deceives the whole world! There is a very low glass ceiling over our heads which disrupts our reasoning & makes it tiring to try! Then satan flatters & sooths us in our apathy saying "peace peace where there is no peace." -- He can even follow souls to hell & present a misleading picture 📷 of what they are seeing. Satan has a green cgi screen on which he can put up any scene! He can make it 3d also & even make it interacting with us like the image of the beast! But as soon as he sees it's over for them, he is pleased to let them scream in abject horror at what they are seeing & where they're going! Satan loves taking unborn babies, & it's the common doctrine that all babies & fetuses go to heaven & I also don't like to decide for sure. Only God knows, & he has power to save anyone or even animals if he chooses. But what is the reality? At the very least we should protect the unborn from the murder of abortion just like we protect the born. There is no reincarnation. A soul that is conceived comes no more. It's infinitely sad that the time of their coming was so short & all because we do not value souls which Jesus said that one soul exceeds the value of the whole world, which is the word cosmos. Matt16:26 suggests that though you could give God the whole universe, it would be a drop in the bucket🪣 at best compared to a soul. One could reason (if they believe all fetuses & babies go to heaven,) that it's more merciful to abort them, than cause them to more than likely reject Jesus & go to hell. This is not much different than the reasoning of a terrorist who thinks that since those who live will just continue sinning, it's better to stop the increase of their coming judgment. The last judgment for most people will be their first one. Had they gotten judged in this life, their last judgment would have come in this life also! God redeems his church (zion) with judgment. ISA1:27. When God foresees his son is enough for us to cover our sins, we are like that which was said of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, in that there was found no iniquity in them; because God saves us by the spirit of prophecy.


●●○○●□Jesus is called "only" because he alone came forth from the father, & the logos comprises all that God can ever create directly through his own self forever. This makes Jesus "first & also the last." It makes it seem so much like it's describing the father to say it, "the beginning," or "beginning of the creation of God," or "firstborn," except there is many reasons to know there are 2 different reasons that God says he's the beginning & the son says he's the beginning. You can't beget a son whose soul did not start before the foundation of the world, & if our souls had to be chosen in Christ the logos, we can know that the soul of Jesus began at the time God began speaking the logos who is Christ. To be the firstborn means he was the first begotten & first of everything. But seeing he didn't exist sentiently until he was conceived in Mary, this means that his being begotten was before God made even one material item, & that all material including souls had to be created through the LOGOS who is the firstborn son. Otherwise he couldn't be firstborn but perhaps billionth born or more.

---- ★★ It would be a fraudulent thing for a being to appear human but the soul of him was anything but human or else not befitting a human: & the reason flesh lives, feels, thinks is all according to level of advancement the soul of that body has. The mind is not the brain or confined to the brain & the soul can develop just as flesh can. So if Jesus was really God wearing human flesh, where would be the soul of that human? And furthermore, HOW did Jesus "grow in wisdom & stature" if he's the SAME YESTERDAY TODAY & FOREVER as preachers like to use as the bumper sticker "all that can be said" of their sermons? Surely Jesus must be same in other ways like reliability, love, & his myriads of virtues. If Jesus’s body didn't have a human soul but there were ONLY God from everlasting in it, we wouldn't see Jesus say he doesn't know everything & needs his father to work in him. So the question is since there is truth to him being both God & man, does that make 2 Jesuses? Perhaps the God Jesus is more like an android who didn't know he existed until he was conceived, just as it is for us. Who was the entity in DAN 10 who just like God himself rather sent Michael to fight his battles & with his own power, than to do it himself? Jesus didn't have have angelic excelling strength until he was resurrected, & so it would make sense he would farm out his own endeavors to his fellow servants.

☆☆☆☆ ●●●● There's also that simple but unseemly & inconvenient question of who was really then the first creation of God, if Jesus wasn't it? Doesn't it seem more indecent, even obscene & profane to think that satan could be it? What if God knowing all things held off bringing forth his son, but manifesting him only to the prophets & elect angels as a key strategy to confound & defeat the devil & to destroy all his works? What is the purpose of the old testament anyways then? If satan saw Jesus in heaven, then come to earth in the womb of Mary, what would be the purpose of belaboring the death of Jesus with a whole drawn out & bloody old testament? Why this other face of God which apparently takes pleasure in telling the children of Israel to go into all the world & preach the gospel of death not with the sword of the word but of very samari quality steel? Why was there needed to be an administration of death anyways if all God needed to do was slay his son on a cross? Then why was there ever a separation Jesus suffered on the cross if he was very God from everlasting? Or a fear so great of dying that he had to learn obedience by great suffering & prayed with strong crying & tears to be delivered from death? & why did Jesus cry out "WHY" HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME, if Jesus didn't fear being swallowed up in our sins & the rage & infliction of the devil gaping upon him? It seems a little silly for an Almighty co-equal second member of the triune God-head to fear what man shall do to him when he has told us to only fear what God can do to us: especially considering that he didn't need to fear anything if he is beyond any chance of any failure!

●●●■■☆ But creates all he does first in his mind, knowing the end from the beginning. And since God needs no trial & error to practice doing his inventions as we do, he simply creates his greatest first. This would mean that satan's design has no successor if he is in fact the first son God begot in his mind. That would be a terrible waste. Also, God creates through us, calling us all part of the creation "Eloheem," & in Haylale the whole universe was produced in a secondary way through him after it all having been created through the LOGOS: who was not to be sentient until the fulness of time had come. So this old universe which was produced through the devil will all be rolled up like a scroll at the end of the coming tribulation.

●●■■●●☆☆ Sinning directly against God's own inner kingdom self was not possible until Jesus died on the cross & mediates everything. So satan could not get condemned to the lake of fire or any devil or sinner until he touched the anointed one on the cross & did this ultimate prophet harm. God could only speak to satan in ways that satan refused to listen or didn't know God was talking to him, saying in PSALM 50 "you thought i was altogether such an one as yourself but I will reprove you & lay your sins in order before you."

,●●□ So when a person claims at the Lord's Supper, "this is the body of God: the most high God," they deny the son but keep the name Jesus to have a name to live but are dead like Sardis "the red ones." Why red? Red with the stains of their own carnal flesh powers. Could also be why she wears a scarlet & purple garment: blue being also a blood related color. They deny the son not only in logic claiming anything regarding his conception by the father, that he was only begotten on Christmas or begotten "from everlasting," & seeming to agree with the spirit of the Muslims which claim it would have been unclean for God to "conceive" a son. Satan's big stick in his butt is that GOD HIMSELF designed us sexual because he lost that angelic equivalent aspect of himself as soon as he turned away from God, & is driven by a jealousy against us as cruel as the grave of hell itself! Satan also knows he will get far more than the OPPOSITE of all the pleasures he WOULD HAVE HAD, had he stayed with God & that scares him.

●●■■ According to the theology which satan invented to make ISAIAH 14:12 "SON OF THE MORNING" mean son of GOD, he invented a false theology which doesn't teach the necessity of a broken contrite heart: which is a necessity to receive the God ordained sacrament of the Lord's Supper worthily. The Catholics say "Lord I'm not worthy to receive you but only say the word & I shall be healed." However that doesn't fix a proud & puffed up heart & do all the work of our repentance. Jesus was laid in a manger, to be the initial food for us sinful beasts in the farm of satan's world, but the Lord's Supper is a very formal & cultivated meal which is fit only for souls who are in great hunger & thirst for sustenance on their way to eternal life. Jesus said that by his miracles we can know that the kingdom of God has come unto us. They are not the inferior low level miracles of devils which do nothing but gather us like to Armageddon: like it is the greatest end of our pilgrimage on earth. Doing miracles by Jesus's power in us is a sure sign of the kingdom of God coming in earth as it is in heaven. But the devil wants to imitate it only insofar as he can entrap souls into his kingdom.

---- God is saying no leavened bread in all your houses!! Only the unleavened heart of PSALM 51:17!!!! The reason it's unleavened bread is because all who partake of it must have or at least pray for a broken & contrite heart.

___<><>< But why I believe is the reason the Pope says they don't "water down" the Lord's Supper, is because they by reason of their doctrine (which doesn't change the Lord's Supper in it's substance as the body & blood of Jesus,) claim that it's the body of the MOST HIGH GOD, not that of one who Paul says is subordinate to the most high God, 1COR15:27-28, although they nevertheless say it's the body of Jesus. But no one can be counted i.e. imputed worthy to receive God's image as a sacrament in this lifetime. If the truth be told, no one is technically worthy to receive Jesus’s body & blood not even the greatest saints by many times over! Jesus is made infinitely better than the angels & we are made a little lower than the angels in our second birth only! Then we are far inferior to the least holy angel in any kind of holiness & do not deserve the office we are given as fellow servants to the angels. So to presume upon taking the body of Jehovah as a sacrament especially when it is supplemented with the devil, beast, false prophet & all the conglomerate of beings who are now officially eternally separated from God, is a sin so vile & blasphemous that it could not be explained even by God himself for all eternity! The pope will be given power by God to institute the 666 as the so called "Lord's Supper" of the false Lord & Saviour which is the one the hopeless citizens & jews are still waiting for. The Catholic church was even claiming they would baptize aliens if ever they could, & this shows they have either no discernment of spirits or are maliciously in bed with the devil to do his most wicked intent! Aliens per se do not exist except as devils, since God isn't going to create the host of heaven until he creates the new universe at the end of the coming great tribulation. Having the Lord's Supper when partaking of the sins of the devil through the Catholic church is one notch away from contracting the same guilt as those who take the mark of the beast! & Revelation 17 tells us that the Catholic church is the MOTHER OF ALL OTHER BRANCHES OF RELIGION IN THE WORLD. Anyone subscribing to canon law which disjoints our souls away from God (fleeing his face) is missing the mark of the Holy scriptures which teaches the true nature of the son & father.

●●●● ☆This doesn't mean that the Lord's Supper turns into the image & body of the Father along with the son, but incites the sin (under such false pretenses as canon law is) of presuming to worship God in any way shape or form, seeing you cannot worship God WHATSOEVER if you're (with willful intent) denying the true nature of the son, & you cannot then in turn also, worship the son as the scriptures command us as the only genetic son. The ark of the covenant, which represented the pre-incarnate Jesus, must be with us in actual doctrinal admittance in order to also have the glory of God with us: seeing the ark is the presence of Jesus with us from which flow all manner of miracles. Torah (law) is taken out of the root word Yorah, (water,) just as Moses the bringer of the law was drawn out of the water inside of an ark also. Furthermore ,Moses is a type of Jesus signifying that when HEBREWS 1:3-4 tells us Jesus is the engravement (express image) of God, it aludes to the 2 tables of stone & now the burial cloth. So just as Moses was in the ark drawn from the river, the LOGOS which is the complete version of the law, was drawn from the omnipotence of God. This container for the contents of sign of the new testament, which was the 2 tables of stone is now the burial cloth, is God's sign that his power is with us. We lack God's power because it doesn't consume us night & day to seek & pant after it.

■■■ This making Jesus out to be his father makes those who subscribe to this so called canon law miss the mark of heaven altogether, which is why Peter prophesied that the righteous would scarcely be saved, & few would find heaven or be known by the Lord. While at the same time there is the other scenario that we can have an ABUNDANT ENTRANCE into heaven & great multitude no man can number will be saved. What can make such a huge difference? Jesus was very wary of those who would make him not only king of this world but the highest king of heaven as well. Paul made it clear that though all things are put under Jesus's feet, making him king of kings, that it's clear that he's not king over his father: i.e. "he is excepted (ektos-external) who put all things under his feet." 1COR15:27-28. This means God will always be too big to fit entirely inside Jesus; in fact the very Holy Spirit is seeking the deep things of God. If you could reach the end of the universe, even the new universe about to be created, you would also reach the end of Jesus, but that is impossible of course BUT IF YOU COULD, you would find only purely God the PANTOCRATOR & you would sense things which are not lawful to know & surely not to speak about.

--- Pentecostal & all people in general think they're saved if they have an anointing or some feeling of confidence to make it into heaven. If that would do it, all who thought they knew Jesus really do! If having an anointing saves us then the devil is still saved. It takes great power to deceive the world & un-deceive the world. No one would believe any lie if there wasn't real power in it, & God is the only power. ROM13:1. Apparently satan still had an anointing after his time in the bottomless pit, because he had power after the greatest move of God the world has ever known which lasted a 1000 years, to deceive a number of people so great they were said to be as the sand of the sea. All satan needs is access to our sinful nature & he can simply mold & shape us like putty in his hands! == Just think of the myriads of sins satan has in us! Though they're forgiven, if God but lets us go, lifting his Almighty hand of his blood from us, all the sins which were forgiven come rushing back as with a vengeance 7 times greater! Our want of heaven which we tended to when we had hope with so little diligence is then as an armed man keeping the tree of life from us as with a fiery sword!

--- Only Jesus could say satan is coming but has nothing in me. Even if we were holy otherwise except for being shaped in sin, living like a perfect saint ever since conception, it would be more than enough for satan to use against us if God but let him & to control us by it just as he turns our sin potential usually into a great harvest of wicked deeds for him to enjoy. Forgiving others is so that satan cannot use us. Forgiving other by not holding sins against them is so satan will be denied access to us at our most fragile moments & at death.

----- ●♤¤ All our sins must be under the blood as under bars of a prison, while being transformed into the wounds of Jesus & the holy sin he was made to be for us: which is so called "sin" because it is the sin shaped portals through which we as sinners are accepted as chickens under the wings of a mother hen, & by which we are then engrafted into him as part of his eternally glorified body. Jesus had to come in the likeness of sinful flesh in order to save us from our sins. The word or logos had to be "ready to forgive" i.e. ready to be crucified. He couldn't come all radiant like a holy flesh would be. We bear his marks by conforming to the image of his crucified body which is now glorified with the Almighty blood he shed for us, namely his very father. His stigma of being our Saviour is the reproach we must bear outside of, being separate from, having come out of Egypt 🇪🇬 which is babylon. His cross is all the churches which is the care which must come upon us. The Lord's burial cloth is the Lord's ACTS 19:11-12 by which we're empowered to do greater works & are clothed with the true righteousness of healing people of their diseases & being a priest who is able to submit prayers to God in their behalf to get answers of peace. The Lord's prayer is a purely miracle prayer but like a hard unpolished jewel needing our faith & understanding to unlock 🔑 it. To pray for his kingdom to come is to pray for MIRACLES, since Jesus said that by his miracles we could now know that the kingdom of God has come unto us. To taste the power of the world to come is to live by the spirit of prophecy & drink in that same spirit that lives & reigns there.