★26SEP22☆★☆ THE NEW TESTAMENT EXODUS: REVELATION 18:4__ And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.


In this article (10,459 words) I will explain how that Jesus was first the "logos" & was created as such in the beginning called "begetting" in the form of God speaking the logos & was not existing in any sentient & material manner with a different identity than God his Father until he was "brought forth in the fulness of time & named Jesus at his birth," which name means Jehovah is salvation for he shall save his people from their sins.

____ That he alone originated in the father, being the only soul that was created only by God & not through the son, designed to interface with the whole omnipresence of God without a mediator, being made so much better than all angel & human souls combined though they are innumerable: who alone can access the logos, "the bread of life" for his food & the blood of his father for his blood, so that he must give it to us "broken & spilled out" so that we too can be made partakers of him.

_____ The prophesied Genesis has been fulfilled since the death of Jesus___ in which satan was excluded from any chance of having any kind of office in God's kingdom forever. Jesus fulfilled the Genesis creation by his death on the cross, which is why there will be a new heavens & new earth, & the present universe is about to be rolled up like a scroll, REV6, which is why it is not presently inhabited though God designed all "earths" to be inhabited. ISA45:18.

^____ The Bible uses flesh & soul interchangeably, as God thinks in logical terms that there is no flesh without soul, & no soul that doesn't begin in some kind of "flesh" of either human or angelic form: or the prototype ultimate life form Jesus is as his now glorified self: this means for God to say "the word was made flesh," it also means soul.

■■■■■ This creation or creature Jesus was made to be, as first existing in logos form only, is the only creation (God's only genetic descendant== called mono-genes JOHN3:16) is purely from God, & therefore said to "be made so much better than the angels." HEB1:4. That Jesus did not in PHIL2:7 use his equality with God as an opportunity to seize power & do his own will, (as satan did when he believed that he was the best son God could ever create,) but instead came in a form of stealth to humble himself to being a little lower than the angels: though he is made in an inestimable way far greater & better.



The greek word PANTOCRATOR is used only 10 times in the New Testament, 1 time in 2COR6:18, & 9 times in REVELATION, (translated “Almighty or omnipotent,”) & is therefore always associated with needing to be sanctified which means “separate from sin,” & from association with sinners as our great high priest is in HEB7:26. PSALM 91 says that he will set us on high if we know God’s name which name is JEHOVAH. This name of God is the SPIRIT OF ELIJAH which is why Jesus called John the Baptist Elijah. This is not proof of reincarnation but Jesus associates us with the force we are associated with as our “identity.” Jesus, though he is the “word made flesh” is also simply the “word” which though is always unfolding in his manifestations through Jesus, is his identity as God the son because logos means God speaking his thoughts: which moment of this speaking was when Jesus was begotten before the foundation of the world. The logos is almighty & therefore this makes Jesus equal with God. Satan our greatest & only archenemy however is by nature as an angel “excelling” in all manner of strength; PSALM103:20, as well as any other attribute of his original nature as “Haylale,” translated Lucifer in ISA14:12. And so satan focuses firstly on the theological end of the spectrum, to “if it were possible,” seal off the gates of heaven for anyone who would seek to escape his enclosure & strategies against us, or else make it “scarce” for anyone to be saved. 1PET4:28. Satan is the spirit of those who “creep in unawares,” & which have established his encampment in the world, called Babylon, aka the Vatican. REV17:5.

________ Satan’s mind, is extremely sharp in the information he is able to gather & process, although dead to God. He is therefore without the spirit of prophecy but only with experiential knowledge, & so uses false prophecies which he seeks to “fulfill” through manipulation of us by weakening us with sin if we succumb to him. Satan has a much broader range of sources than we can imagine as to any “intelligence” he has on us: so he can plan his attacks of accusation & catch us off guard with them. Some of satan’s “prophecies” or “Santa type blessings” can seem very positive if we are already deceived & he wants to keep us as his. He comes bearing gifts also consisting of his pure anointing EZ28:14, if our ego is bored with material things, & gives them to us “under the table” so that we can he can wink at us without needing to recognize or admit that he is the devil, but can call him Jesus if we don’t do self examination to check our sincerity in loving Jesus, because Paul says that satan comes as an angel of light & transforms his ministers also into such.

_______ Satan’s mind was first designed to rule & own the universe as the son of the morning, & so was very vast to (originally) cover the entire atomic structure of the entire universe as “semi omnipotent” under God, & the son. Paul describes Jesus as being under God, because he says “it is manifest that God did not put himself under Jesus, but is external, which is the word “excepted.”

____ 1Co 15:27 For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him.

____1Co 15:28 And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

______ So because satan’s job was to rule & evangelize the universe, (though a new kind of evangelism not because of sin but to spread the blessings of God,) this is why when he fell, the whole universe became a barren wilderness & God decided to not inhabit it but first create a new universe. Though the universe contains a certain “shell” of original beauty, it is full of extreme violence & hellish level barren & abominable desolation, & there’s very likely not an atom which is not filled with deadly radiation, because it is all in a slow process of dissolving into nothing. No matter how far we search with telescopes all we can see is an empty void filled with terrifying & inhospitable planets & burning stars. Soon however the fallen angels will be authorized by God to start their great “stage play” many call “disclosure.” We might see contrived “beings” made in the laboratory of the fallen angels, such as are soulless bodies possessed like dolls by the demons, & we see plenty of their “UFOS” already. But satan can never duplicate the beauty of a human made in the image of God, & so all their “alien presentations” are all hideously evil & mean looking, or in some other level & form of sheer creepiness. Or else it’s too easy to know that copying a real human & adding makeup is just too “cheap” & easy to see through.

______ But satan can even now in his fallen weakened condition therefore predict what chance any of us have of making it to heaven, because he analyzes his “results,” when he sees souls drop into hell, & then assumes the others made it: who displayed such “qualities” to make him know what to look for as “red flags” in us. So the production of damning sinners, (keeping them unconverted or making us backslide) is like any other kind of factory which has grown through trial & error & has satan for the CEO, but satan is a quick learner & even quicker thinker. —— Those kinds of people who show signs of resisting evil, satan attacks as a roaring lion, (especially before we can grow up spiritually & brace for his attacks as he sees signs that we might present a challenge to him) while the rest of the world satan “saves” with flattery as DAN11:32 says::: “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”

***** Note: the word exploits is not in Hebrew but is an interpretation to a word meaning “to be a worker in the harvest, make products which for saved persons who believe, (MARK16:17) is miracles, provide, perform, gather,” etc., so exploits, “a bold & daring feat” sums up what kind of “doing” it is referring to according to STRONGS H6213. No one fulfilled this better or deserves the ultimate purple heart than Jesus who said in so many words that he will die on the cross to prove that he loves the Father, because after all, that was the main type of obedience Jesus meant in JOHN 14:31:::::: But that the world may know that I love the Father; & as the Father gave me commandment, even so I obey. __ I will cover in greater detail here what it meant more precisely for Jesus to die on the cross, & taste “death,” meaning “damnation” for every man, as the payment for the penalty that we all deserve.

●●●■●●●■ Heb 13:16 But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. _____ This verse is one the many overlooked verses of scripture, as there is usually very little communication in the churches & the little that occurs is usually controlled by the spirit of Babylon which means babble. Paul & the early apostles had the practice of writing Holy Spirit inspired letters, but which practice soon died off & became what is called “encyclicals” & other formalized practices. Though what we write can’t be included as part of the Holy Bible, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek God the best we can in an endeavor to make our preaching & all manner of communications as inspired by God as possible.

●●●■●●●■●●●■ So I would like to testify of where my faith & understanding is at regarding the topics I am seeking God to expound on through me. Jesus asks for our opinion as to "who we say he is" not because he needs it but so we are exercised & cleansed in our awakening as to who he is. In testifying to our personal views, we are both corrected by the prayers of others & cleansed as it serves as both a means for the Holy Spirit to confirm the truth where what we say is true on that level & a confession of sin in us to expose any flaws in us so God can fix them. Testimony means not only about the material blessings but it is (PHM1:6) “THE COMMUNICATION OF FAITH, WHICH IS MADE EFFECTIVE WHEN WE RECOGNIZE & ACKNOWLEDGE EVERY GOOD THING IN US PUT THERE BY JESUS BEING IN US.” Every good thing which is done in us by Christ Jesus, when we pray for Jesus to prune our inner garden & streamline our lives for heaven, is the means our faith becoming "effective": whereby we can grow in the grace & knowledge of Jesus & his mind in us. So churches that discourage faith based testimony are sinning against God. We have standardized testimony to mean mainly material “impressive to our carnal flesh” type events, which excludes anyone from testifying who only has how they are struggling with faith issues & whatever their Christian life really entails.

____ So right now, I would like to try & clarify my views on what it means to "come out of her my people;" REV18:4, so that I can be sharpened in a greater understanding by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, but I hope also to edify others. - REV18:4 means to repent of anything which originates in Roman catholicism: which is also all 6 false religions of the world: as "5 are fallen, one is & the other is not yet come, but when he comes it is for a short space." REV17:8-11, uses words like "was & is not & yet is," because it's referring to 1COR13 where it says he who has not love (does not express & manifest God who is love) is "nothing" or "is not," but he who has love "is:" so to say the beast "was" but is not yet is, means that he was once a holy angel but now is fallen ==is not, but yet is because he is putting up a presentation of what looks like the church which "is" because it's the true one standing religion in the world with God, & has in it sincere well meaning people which adds credibility to it, despite who the denominations were started by: many of which are whom Jesus referred to as those calling themselves “Christ” which are the fallen angels coming as angels of light, or “pastors/angels.” ●●●● 2COR11:

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

■■■■■■ Since God only started pure Christianity not denominations (SCHISMS) catholicism had to be started by the beast, as ordered & empowered by satan’s power in his serpent body. SATAN PUTS ON CATHOLICISM AS A WOLF WEARS SHEEP'S CLOTHING, THOUGH REAL PEOPLE OF GOD ARE IN IT,, OR GOD COULDN'T SAY "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE." Babylon means babble so the main thing satan uses is confusion & makes understanding truth “forbidden,” i.e. by some inference.

______ Satan usually doesn’t come out & make laws to tell us seeking God in depth is forbidden, but it will be like telling us we have freedom of speech for example, but then when & if we try to use it, we find out that it was only for “show & empty bragging,” & not really something we owned. SATAN USES RATHER MAKING US "SPOILED ROTTEN" BY MANY GIFTS, SO THAT HE EXPECTS US TO ONLY MAKE "EMPTY THREATS" THAT WE WILL SEEK GOD, BUT WHEN WE LOOK BACK ON OUR TRACK RECORD NOTHING IS USUALLY EVER DONE. So much celebration for what we have is only like celebrating unopened presents when all we are is told what we have, & we are then “told” who “told” us, & there is nothing proven. But Paul tells us to “prove” all things, & Jesus says to “try those who say they are sent by God.” REV2:2. But who ever heard of a person of God happy to prove & be willing to be tested to see if he is really sent by God? People either think he would not be willing to undergo it, (& which is usually the actual case because he or she is fake,) or else they themselves are not willing to test him, because it would expose themselves in the process, which is usually the reason this verse (REV2:2) is not fulfilled.

___ The one true religion of the beast is Christianity regardless of the denomination, though it be catholicism, because there is yet God's people in it & the Lord's Supper doesn't rely on our worthiness for it to be genuine or else no one could take it unworthily. It is a covenant the Lord himself fulfills & is the same whether 2 take it together or the whole world at one time: Jesus requires 2 or more for him to be in our midst for his supper though he is with us individually even to the end of the world. So the whole of Christianity regardless of who is saved in any particular professing visible church is not a fallen religion, because Jesus is head over it & is married to the backsliders in heart, God says. But the other 5 main world religions are "fallen" because they are established by fallen angels: with BABYLON AS THEIR PRODUCER::: REV17:5. This is not to say that satan or devils cannot establish false Christian churches, but that the premise that it is a real Christian church is based on a true standing religion in God's eyes: AS ANYTHING WITH GOD’S NAME ON IT MUST BE ASSUMED AT FACE VALUE AS BELONGING TO GOD, THOUGH IT BE OVERGROWN WITH WEEDS. The religion that "is to come for a short space” REV17:10 is that religion that happens when the members of the Christian church take the mark of the beast. This cannot continue long because God will quickly end their strong delusions with his great wrath upon them. REV16:1. Religions are called “Kings” because that is the result of Jesus making us “kings & priests.”

_///__<>< So one might think how could the Christian church take the 666 when it's so obviously evil? But how the devil will achieve this is through the 2nd beast of REV13 which is the pope of that time. The pope, probably during a time of tribulation or great turmoil, perhaps after the plague of the locusts from hell or lion headed fire breathing horses kill a 3rd of the population, in REV9, will hold a worldwide fully ecumenical church service which will be mandatory to participate in or the penalty will be by beheading. The reason it won't raise a red flag will be because of the dire conditions in the world, & the promise of being united to our universal "aliens." But this is called the great deception to make us think we have universal "neighbors" on other planets: as this is the only place God made habitable or in any way inhabited throughout the whole universe, until he makes the new universe in REV21:1.

_______ The creation story to GEN2:4 is entirely virtual as it says "this is before there was any plant growing," etc, then later it turns out God didn't even create Adam yet, though it was stated earlier God created them simultaneously & then filled the universe with hosts. Later it was revealed in ROMANS 4:17 that God "calls those things which be not as though they are." The Hebrew language teaches us that Elohim means all Kings, gods, & all people & works, because before anything exists physically in material actual living form, it exists as a written intellectual creation upon the mind & tongue of God. PSA45:1,”MY TONGUE IS THE PEN OF A READY WRITER.” And so that before God breathes into his word it is not living as far as what it is, but remains only the mind & thoughts of God. Though God is the only living one, called Jehovah, so a soul lives as "Jehovah" before they are breathed into by God & become "a living soul" or a separate awareness that has it's seed in itself, which means also "thoughts" in itself, & everything else. How all this happens we couldn't understand it though it were explained fully.

____ So having explained that the idea the aliens are anything but the fallen angels pretending to be real universal aliens which won’t exist until PSA22 calls them “a people who shall be born who will know God has done this”, the beast, who is the right hand fallen angel of satan, will come down in a space ship claiming to be God. Perhaps pretending to be Jesus "showing himself that he is God" & one of his heads will "be wounded to death." These heads are like symbolic heads that are not really his but represent the 6 main world religions & the 7th which is to come for a short space. But only one of these heads is the mother of the other heads & all their branches, & that is the catholic religion. So the pope of that time will be the "head" that gets wounded to death, but the pope is also synonymous with the beast so it will be said the beast himself got a wound by the sword & lived, because he is powered by the beast, & he will be seen as filled & utterly possessed with the power of the beast which will seem holy & angelic.

___ & so the pope will do great miracles in the sight of the beast & world to get people to take the mark, which might not be presented as specifically "666" but rather a mark of Jesus like ashes on the forehead at ash Wednesday. REV13:18 says if we have wisdom to count the number because we might need rather to evaluate theology & recognize the number 666 in the manner in which the Holy Trinity is presented to us (as making Jesus the only holy one & most high God which is 600 for God’s image, the gospel of Christ,) & how we are compelled to profess the doctrine presented to us. Christ in Greek starts with X & 600 is also presented with an X kind of form, & while this might be coincidental, the word Christ is Jesus’s God identity. Christ means the anointing, as only God has the anointing is the only power Paul says. ROM13:1. No spirit alone can be considered a “person,” but must have a body also, & God the Father is the only person to have a body from everlasting, & is the spirit of the son & the spirit of the 3rd person also. God the word would say things to God, though as consisting of purely God’s intelligence & awareness, “a body have you prepared me.” This body is the one who we know as the word made flesh, Jesus Christ. Though the Holy Spirit had angelic bodies to indwell from the beginning, starting with Haylale in ISA14:12, the Holy Spirit could not indwell anyone in their inner heart & soul but all their power was superficially applied, which made the Jews superhuman to carry out the orders of slaughtering all unbelievers with the sword of steel, which later became “killing with conviction for sin, with the sword of the spirit.” So the “great commission is really the “new & better version” of what Paul calls the ministration of death, which is now the ministration of life. There was no one saved except by promise in the old testament. Hebrews says “they received not the promise,” which is conversion of their souls to God, & all the things which PSALM51 prays for which was all prophetic before Jesus could say, “I have the key of David,” i.e. PSALM 51. This is also symbolized as the cross which Jesus bore on his shoulders in ISAIAH22:22. And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. —- This means that no devil or person can hinder us from coming to the Lord Jesus & praying for him to be our savior, & that only Jesus can shut that door, but he says “ALL WHO THE FATHER GIVES ME WILL COME TO ME; & HE WHO COMES TO ME I WILL IN NO WISE CAST OUT.” JOHN6:37

____ The internal planting of the mark doesn't need to be through technology but satan & his deputized workers can supernaturally plant the mark in anyone allowing it. This is read by any technology however & is eternally enduring even in damnation: it is a sin that nothing can cleanse not even God. There will be a documentation process of course but that is more for formal reasons than being necessary to knowing who took the mark. So the pope will say, "this mark is the mark of Jesus" but because the times are so terrible it must be required all take it. The mark will not be of Jesus however but JEHOVAH THE MOST HIGH GOD which is why God can never remove it. But once “if” any of us in particular become perfect in heaven & fit to receive it, we will get it, but if we got it preemptively then God cannot backtrack & fix it. Why this is so damning is because we are not authorized to take it & we are scarcely worthy to take the Lord's Supper worthily. So when the mark of Jehovah is given through the devil, passing off his own mark to us after all he did to corrupt it, but which remains what it originally was: because the anointing of it cannot be taken away until ISAIAH 14:11 where it says satan is made weak as we. That is referring to the day that all sinners will be divested of all the blessings they undeservedly enjoyed from God, including the power they (who take it) temporarily enjoyed in the mark of the beast.

_______ The 666 is a theological rather than technological number, which I don't know if anyone is expecting it to be. 6 stands for temple or body, (as we’re made on the 6th day in the human body which was before God breathed his breath of life into us to make us living souls,) & so the 666 refers only the “body/temple/image” aspect of God, Jesus, angels & humans, & also represents the self righteous Pharisaical works of man to serve & interpret & to profess the persons or temples of the holy trinity & turn receiving God into a work that the pope, the father of “works righteousness” can make into an “order” for all to take, or “be slain in his presence,” which is a referral to the verse LUKE19:27. The devil has made versions of this mark in the past, requiring all people to either sign an oath of conformity or obey some dictate or offer incense to an idol, etc., & so though to comply would be damning, none of those things could amount to the mark of the beast which is a one time event designed to fulfill the catholic mass, in which each time the priest by doctrine claims that the body of Jesus is the very body of Jehovah: WHICH IS WHY THE POPE SAYS THAT THEIR LORD’S SUPPER IS NOT WATERED DOWN, AS IF THE BODY OF JESUS IS THE HIDDEN MANNA THE SINFUL JEWS CALLED “LIGHT BREAD” WHICH THEIR SOUL LOATHS & ABHORS. NUM21:5. If this could be true, then the “mark” would be the “bread” instead, & God wouldn’t be postponing it to the time of great tribulation called “the time of Jacob’s trouble.” JER30:7.

______ The doctrine of the coequal trinity makes the 666 into each a 6, so that it adds up to 18. But the truth satan knows is the case is that the trinity is not coequal but hierarchical. The 600 represents the image of God the gospel of Christ which the catholic mass claims is Jesus, calling him the only holy one & most high God. The 60 (threescore as if broken for us) represents Jesus & the 6 is all the angels & mankind. The symbolism illustrated in the numerical values also shows the vast difference in levels of greatness inherent the hierarchal nature of the Holy trinity. Jesus being singlehandedly 60 while all angels & innumerable company of human angels being only an eternal grand total of 6 shows just how much greater Jesus is made than us: but his Father is a full 600 which is really an incalculable number. These numbers are only for symbolic & theological guide posts, & only represent the “merchandise” aspect of God because satan wants us all to focus on “Seeking first kingdom of satan” which is MEAT & DRINK, ETC. ROMANS 14:17.

______ The Catholic church REV17:3 says was established by the beast which has been provoked to anger with the devil because of their coming damnation to the lake of fire: AS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT SATAN SHOWS NO SIGN OF “GREAT WRATH” BEYOND THE DIET OF BLOOD HE WAS GIVEN IN SLAUGHTERING ALL THE UNBELIEVERS THROUGH THE JEWS, AS GOD COMMANDED MOSES. The forms of repentance taught in the churches are superficial & cosmetic & designed to be mere formalities & forms of godliness but which deny the power of God's deep conviction & destruction of sin in us. REV 17:5 also tells us that all other religions are created by the devil through the beast in the catholic church, & reigns over the kings of the earth. The word "harlot or fornication" is a parabolic usage of it & not literally physical. It's describing the woman in EZEKIEL 16 who takes what God gives her & turns it away from God to the world & exonerates one & all as does the pope in order to satisfy her great lust for power. God says "kill & eat," meaning "convict of sins then fellowship." But Babylon has but a symbolic or denominational convict or indoctrination & calls that conviction of sins, then has fellowship based on that false premise Jesus called "building on sand." So because the word for fellowship in Greek is koinonia which is the word intercourse, the form of this which Babylon promotes is without the bridegroom Jesus, but all between themselves which is not holy fellowship: THEY AGREE & WALK TOGETHER BUT NOT WITH JESUS. So it is called in symbolic terms "fornication" by God.

_______ The "wrath" of her fornication is when anyone tries to leave it, there is a terrible price to pay, because one has to turn against the very jealousy of satan & devils to do so! BUT GOD’S JEALOUSY OF US IS GREATER. But so it’s easier for sinners to be a part of the elite religions, because more & more the boundaries between religions & sects are being torn down & satan is replacing strictness of adhering to every letter of it's law to a simple denial of the true nature of the son of God & the father which will be the only requirement or cause to receive the mark of the beast: which denies them both by misrepresenting them by assigning wrongful titles to them, making them both one & the same. This short-circuits the power & glory of God in the world as when 2 wires are crossed, because it is the greatest root cause of sin & also sin in itself to falsely represent & teach theology regarding the trinity, & ISAIAH59:2 says our sins separate us from God. This therefore allows the devil to reign because satan inhabits our sins as God inhabits our praises. So though one can but submit to taking the mark of the beast by agreeing to the pope's “blessing," aside from agreeing with the reasons & mechanics behind it, it will be the result of a path which has agreed with & lived by the doctrines of the mass, if for no other reason than to not find it out & take a stand on either side of the issue of “yes or no.” The reason it will be a one time event God will only do once to fulfill the laws of satan called "of the Medes and Persians,” & not all the time, is because Jesus is here as “God with us” & so cannot allow it until Jesus is taken out of the way. 2THESS2:7 is interesting, but who is “he” that is being taken out of the way? How exactly will Jesus be taken out of the way since he’s with us to the end of the world, & people will get saved in the tribulation also? In his many special merciful graces & protections of us, which is why as soon as the rapture happens in REV14:14-16, the great plagues begins, & the world becomes like the rest of the planets of the solar system, because Jesus is also called the “earth” not only the sun. But in case I’m wrong on that, as my discernment is still fuzzy, as seeing men as trees walking, MARK8:24, no one should take that as actual truth, but be ready for it at any time.


____ The basic terminology of co-equal, & God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit is basically right, however my understanding or belief on how exactly the Son is God & from everlasting with & as God is different: & the church also doesn’t like those who can make use of their doctrines but have a different understanding of them than they want to “force” us to profess in the creeds. Some of this I already explained & want to make this short. I believe it's the “soul” (HIS LIVING & WHOLE BEING) of Jesus that's our offering for sin, ISA53:10, & that to have a human body it needs a human soul, & that all souls need to have been first existing as chosen in the logos: WHICH IS A TYPE OF LOGOS, but as branches of the true vine. Only Jesus, who first existed as only the logos, (& now exists as both) of course exists as our source of our being begotten in the beginning with “Christ” which word means the almighty anointing of God. EPH1:4. Only Jesus is “pure logos” as he alone is the only genetic (Greek “mono-genes” JOHN3:16) son of God, while all else including what satan originally was when holy, was begotten in the “womb of the morning.” ISA14:12 & PSALM110:3. Our existence as human is God’s interpretation of his own image, the gospel of Christ 2COR4:4. However it does not illustrate how we are sons & daughters of God & Jesus & yet the bride also of Jesus, while he also refers to himself as a mother hen, MATT23:37, & other such symbolic phrases. But this is all because of the unfathomable nature of this “God with whom we have to do.” HEB4:13. In the kingdom things that seem impossible here will be normal there.

________ So only Jesus proceeded from God. If he had not, then the next up in line in the hierarchy & order of creation is the one we know as the devil, & so he’d be the only genetic son, (if Jesus were the same in all regards to being God) which if that were the case we'd be in very serious trouble now because God would have no way of stopping satan or even curtailing him. So if Jesus were in fact actual Pantocrator, then satan would be the son of God not merely son of the morning as ISA14:12 says. To say that son of God means simply put “God,” has to have an understanding attached to it like an addendum because the reason the Bible gives for calling Jesus God is because he is “God speaking.” So one could say, okay so Jesus is the “speaking one” in the trinity, but then Paul says to “rightly divide the word of truth,” so it is like putting together a puzzle, & the Holy Spirit must help us forensically piece together the story of the very first creation, or what that one priest George Lemaitre called the big bang: which if I were going to add credibility to it, it represents the very first thing that God created & what was the procedure after that.

______ The problem with saying that Jesus is the speaking one, which is why logos means God speaking, is that he had to be begotten. If being begotten as a man only at what we call Christmas was it, then where is Jesus now? Is he like an old suit hung up in heaven, as he resumed his purely glorified state of being? -because the body of Jesus was “begotten” (at least physically speaking) & if that were true that it did not begin with a soul also in it, except for what Jesus existed as previously, then it would be more like a museum piece in heaven, then a living person, because the “real Jesus” who preexisted would no longer need that body, but like a knight wanting to shed his armor, much rather prefers his normal clothes & appearance. But John said that Jesus was not yet glorified, presumably meaning before he came to earth also. However Jesus prays to the Father in JOHN17 saying that he wanted to restored to the glory he had with the Father before the world existed. At first appearance this would seem to be proof that he had existed previously as the second person of the trinity with a full glorified & sentient awareness, etc. However Paul also says that in EPH1:4 we were “chosen in Christ” as if already existing, & PSALM51 says to “restore me to the joy of your salvation,” which would be very strange for a sinner coming to God for the first time, who never had salvation of any kind or joy with the Father. You could say it’s a backslider’s prayer, however do we want to only be limited to what level of joy we got upon first getting saved?

______ PSALM110:1 presents 2 LORDS, “the Lord said unto my Lord.” Many theologians want that to be the same Lord, because it is obvious it is referring to God the Father & God the son. However the first Lord is יְהֹוָה yehôvâh, & the other Lord is אָדֹן אָדוֹן — ‘âdôn ‘âdôn. — PSALM 110:3 also speaks of the logos calling him the womb of the morning, which suggests God sees him more as Adam saw Eve, as the mother of all living in whom are all things made. The logos indeed always existed from everlasting as God's mindset of thoughts. But when this logos mind of God, was expressed in words by God's mouth, this speaking by God’s image’s mouth is called the “begetting” of his son on “this day.” What is “this day?” God in most simple terms uses words to describe him like “love, light, faith,” etc., so is this day simply saying, “in me the day have I begotten my son?” It would make sense except it doesn’t fit the concise wording of the New Testament. It could be referring to the day of creation, which is an eternal day, so no matter when God says it, “this day” is always “today.” It would be wrong of course to presume to know more than what scripture has commanded us to “Study & learn” by the help & blessings of God, so I cannot go beyond a simple explanation of what I believe it means.

________ This “day of creation” must be referring to the word being also called the “morning” in ISA14:12, as Peter calls the morning star the “day star.” So creation has to also mean God begetting his son, as the “only begotten,” or “only created” son, while all other sons came from Jesus the logos & so we call him our everlasting father. Only Jesus can call God his Father, & we are all adopted to the Father, but real living full fledged sons to Jesus, who is the mother hen, who “is the only way to the Father.” No one can be a full fledged son of the Father alongside Jesus in true perfection, unless they are “called unto the marriage supper of the lamb,” which are “the true sayings of God.” REV19:9. No one is allowed by God in this life to receive his image, the gospel of Christ, 2COR4:4, as a sacrament, (BUT ONLY BY BELIEVING) except for the blood of God’s image, which is the blood of the Lord’s supper along with the blood of the physical blood of Jesus which was shed to heal us of our diseases & prosper & perfect us for heaven. But even if we were without sin, & perfect in all regards, without the blood of the Father in the Lord’s supper we could not be “reconciled to God,” because as God is Jesus’s Father, the blood of the Father is the blood of Jesus. Jesus cannot own God & not then own all God owns & all God is. Just as “how shall not God also with Jesus freely give us all things?” ROM8:32.

________ The logos is called "God" because it consists purely of God & is spoken by God as his language which only his "deepest self" understands. We in a far lesser way than the almighty intelligence of God, can produce “thought creations” in our heads, & because they do not exist in any kind of format, they are called “us.” But when God speaks that is how God creates, so to say the logos is God speaking, that means it is God creating. One could translate JOHN1:1 to say “in the beginning, (as to opposed to from everlasting, =so this is also like GEN1:1) was God speaking, & God’s speaking was with God, (praying to God etc saying “let there be,”) & God’s speaking was God, (because it was as ROM4:17 says “calling those things which be not as though they are) & this same speaking was in the beginning with God,” == because it is the creation of the beginning & in fully beloved & made one with God. Then it says “all things were made by him, & without him was not anything made that was made.” The word “by” is the Greek word dia which means “via” or “through or by the means of,” as if God were using a womb to create all things. The word “made” is repeated twice because we can create or plot or intend things in our hearts good or evil, however they are not “made in actuality” without God finding the pattern & allowance for it in Jesus. This creates a very strange problem with why then did God allow sin, since surely Jesus was not sinful, so why would God crucify his only son from the foundation of the world, & make him as Paul says, “sin for us, though yet without sin,” when had he not, satan could not have done evil, since the pattern or form for it would not have been able to exist? God knew that before he even beget his only son the logos, that the first son of the logos would evolve in his heart into having wicked intentions. God could have simply said, “I will just let him fester for all eternity in his wicked intentions,” however we don’t know all the original laws of physics, & especially not how all the mechanics of the laws of the spiritual realm functions, & so perhaps because of satan’s great rank in the order of creation, his heart would have nevertheless bled out to pollute the whole of existence itself eventually, & subverted all the holiest of angels, not just one third.

_____- So God had to hold off on making the logos “flesh” or that is “living soul” or whatever Jesus would have first been if there had been no sin, i.e. no fall of Haylale/Lucifer in ISA14:12, & then as Paul says “God brought forth his son in the fulness of time in the likeness of sinful flesh, to condemn the sin in our flesh,” etc. Paul says “these things were kept secret,” ROM16:25, as the first punishment of sin is it’s forbidding us to pray for wisdom & darkening or staining our conscience to not perceive & properly interpret truth, or to believe God at his word that proceeds from his mouth. Satan is the opposite of Abraham who “disbelieved God & so it was counted to him as purest unrighteousness.” 1COR13 says that “love believes all things,” & so to not believe “LOVE ITSELF,” is the greatest of sins. Agape is the love which is God himself which Peter says we must be partakers of this divine nature. So satan didn’t fully realize but saw it only as blurs & dark images that Jesus is the real son of God, (because satan thought he was that which is why he had such boldness to sin yet not fear punishment,) while the devils who Jesus said were not as wicked as satan could tell this was the son of God, & were so terrified of what satan was about to do, which they knew would condemn them all to the lake of fire, that they desperately tried to give Pilate’s wife nightmares, to try & convince satan to “have nothing to do with that just man.” God needed satan to shed the blood of Jesus at the cross & to be made sin for us, 2COR5:21, & to suffer the penalty of sin which is “death,” meaning to lose the life in our blood, which is the forsaking of the Father, in order for God to in turn shed the blood, i.e. the anointing of the devil. GEN9:6. So when satan saw that he was condemned, by first going to the tomb & seeing his face on the lower back of Jesus’s BURIAL CLOTH (SHROUD OF TURIN) burning in the lake of fire, & then later hearing REV20:10 said on PATMOS, this is the reason why satan is “come down to us having great wrath.” There was no persecution as such in the old testament, but God allowed satan to have his “treats” by sending the Jews into all the world to slay all the unbelievers, & this increased satan’s bloodlust to the degree he could not resist crucifying the Lord of glory.

_______ The begetting of the logos therefore had a beginning "before the foundation of the world," & is the only direct creation of God, because it consists only of God in logos form, God calls him God, as "your throne oh God is forever." A soul is not considered living in Biblical terms until God breaths into it, & so Jesus as the second Adam, (as the 1st Adam) wasn't a living soul until God breathed into him upon his conception in Mary. That was the first time Jesus Christ had a personal awareness that he existed. Because he was made so much better than the angels Jesus grew fast as a hyssop plant growing out of dry ground, as Isa53 says. Jesus's true appearance was exchanged upon his death on the cross for his present morning star appearance, & he bestowed his whole humanity on us. Jesus didn't know what he would be after he was transferred by death to his Heavenly home. He wasn't disguised but he wasn't yet what he'd be forever as John says "we know not yet what we will be." When satan saw Jesus in his glorified body on Patmos, he was all the more determined to hide this most important knowledge under a bushel basket, & not incorporate it as a common doctrine in the churches but make it seem to be a vision or mere symbol not the actual real description of Jesus & his bodily anatomy. Satan had known at that time that he had killed his own husband, as Jesus is the bridegroom of the whole of the Heavenly hosts. In another analogy satan is the son of Jesus & for Jesus to know that his own son is the reason for his death, it must have been exceedingly sorrowful for Jesus. All the old testament people murdered under what Paul called the administration of death was to ensure that satan’s bloodlust would rise to that level of not being able to resist crucifying the Lord of glory though the devils tried to warn him through Pilate’s wife, "have nothing to do with that just man." Then as soon as Jesus’s death took place, all death was swallowed up into his victorious resurrection & now we're commanded to love one another of all nations.

___<<>>This means Zion since Zion means dry or barren ground, which is the land of the dry tree which is his church the cross. Jesus lacked no water because he was already in the kingdom of God upon conception, & no one else was in the kingdom until he died on the cross. Jesus called himself the least in the kingdom of heaven in MATT11:11 which is a riddle he made because it was before his death & he said my father is greater than I. Jesus suffered true death on the cross which is the symbolic word for damnation the 2nd death. Jesus knew he would be without his source of holiness for around 6 hours & that none of the angels who got cast out of heaven by satan's tail managed to stay holy for any length of time. Jesus only feared the one who was able to cast soul & body into hell, & feared that his death on the cross could cause him to lose his father forever. Why else did Jesus fear so greatly that he prayed not only in Gethsemane but during the days of his flesh HEBREWS says, with strong crying & tears for God to save him from death? It seems strange God himself would pray that & fear something that would be a sure success despite the suffering involved: & pray against something he himself is orchestrating. If Jesus’s body is really without a human soul, because to be human you need to have a soul also befitting such a body, not a preexisting omnipresence, then he is without feeling in his flesh as well, & God would have no reason to feel any sense of sacrifice or pain or any reason to fear.

●●● Also if by "death" Jesus meant the physical death of the cross, then he is far worse than Peter whom Jesus called "satan" just for wishing him a deliverance from needing to die for us. Had Peter meant by death separation from God the father & all possibility of it being forever, then Jesus would have agreed with Peter & had blessed him calling him an angel. But Peter had no understanding at the time of the nature of Jesus's sufferings.

____●■ Flesh cannot feel anything without the right kind of soul inside & God does not honor lip service or works, so if all Jesus was was a body as "begotten," how could there be real feeling or awareness in it beyond what already existed in God?

____ Jesus said even he doesn't fully know & understand the mind of God the same way that a man also carries his DNA with him before he imparts it to create a child, so also was Jesus who existed first as the logos always in the father, & so was created by his pre-begotten self, & which was a begetting so super infinitely complexed there can never be a greater son than Jesus: who is designed to interface with God & be sanctified by his own blood, which blood is God, which is why God forsaking Jesus was Jesus shedding his soul's blood Luke 22:44, & which blood reconciles us to God while his physical blood heals our bodies & gives prosperity in this world & is clotting blood called "thrombos" because it clots our soul's wounds caused by sin Jesus called the gates of hell.

____ So this Jesus came in the likeness of sinful flesh though he was made so much better than the angels that it is beyond all calculation or supposition. He appeared to be a little lower than the angels in order to die the Holy death on the cross, but in reality he was & is made so far greater than any angel even if they could all be put together as one super angel, it's incalculable. Angels are vast & glorious beings as shown in REV10&18, & for Jesus to outshine this as much as the brightness of the sun outshines the stars is a thing greater than all comprehension. Yet Jesus is despite all this God's creation: so that when God looks at Jesus he is looking at & taking pleasure in the very best creation he can ever make, & is also completely happy with how Jesus did nothing but please him. Satan hates the fact that Jesus is over him in rank, & so to remedy this, satan makes Jesus promoted to JEHOVAH, & this puts satan once again on the status of son of God, rather than son of the son. If Jesus were not the beginning of God's creation, satan would be, & God would never find pleasure in his creation & every soul he made would be subject to being the devil's toy & eternity would be the devil's playgrounds of tormenting souls in any way that pleases him! God cannot be his own mediator & therefore he needed a mediator in order for us to touch him in any way including by sin. None of ours or satan's or the devil's sins could be held against them until Jesus died on the cross. God said to those of the old testament especially satan, in PSALM 50:21, you've thought I'm altogether such an one as yourself but I'll reprove you & lay all your sins in order before you. This "reprimand" for sin happened at the cross: where for the first time sinners, especially satan were condemned to the lake of fire & the Holy Spirit was able to convict sinners by first convicting them of their primary sin of not knowing Jesus rightly. Satan is extremely angry that his crucifying the Lord of glory resulted in his being sentenced to the lake of fire, & his influence over us as part of the results of his great persecutions of the church is the reason that the old & new testament seem so disjointed. In the old testament satan thought like wicked Haman that the King (God) was "such an one as himself," but when he saw God hang him like wicked Haman, i.e. condemn him to the lake of fire, this made satan use all his means possible to counteract God's victory over him. Esther calls this Purim meaning broken pieces which Paul says are "anointed weapons of our warfare mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds & every imagination that exalts itself over the knowledge of Christ." God uses preaching like Samson used the jawbone of the donkey to slay (convict) a thousand (even more) men: which Paul calls foolishness because it's only our best & most honest soul searching opinion of the word according to our best anointing we have at the time: which means preaching cannot be considered infallible except in it's references to the Bible topics & God using preaching to open up a better understanding & deeper enlightenment, -- even using it to save sinners if the messages in it are on that level. Jesus must lead us to the Father, so Paul says Jesus must be the foremost topic in every sermon, & that it's not too much to be even be determined to nothing but Jesus & his crucifixion. Yet how little is Jesus described & doted upon & delved into during any sermon? Satan can live & thrive very well just below the threshold of letting in the light of Jesus's face, & even supply us power to work miracles as REV16 says, & allow & even give us the words that are full of actual real virtue whereby he's defeated== "if" our husband Jesus could officiate their true meaning! Because we can only function according to our anointing, though our knowledge is very great in what a true Christian is. But this rather then only makes us almost Christians, & set for the greatest disappointment of missing heaven, if Jesus is not revealed through the preaching in an explicit way only his true bride the church could desire! --- & this failure to be determined to know & preach nothing but Jesus, is all designed to lead us to the final day of Supreme victory for satan when his mark is issued.

____ This mark of the beast is the original mark satan inherited but became a mark of evil & ultimate condemnation because it is not for anyone but those who are perfectly pure (& as satan was when he was first created) but to those who are with sin it creates in them the ultimate damnation. Satan wanted to give this mark out through the tree of life after Adam & Eve had fallen into sin, but God prevented it so that he could instead redeem some of us. Whatever blessings we get which we are not fit & ready to receive, it creates in us instead the greater damnation, as also the Lord's Supper itself if received unworthily. So if sinners are absolved too quickly without proper conviction it can create a much harder problem for God in order to save them afterwards as Jesus said that harlots & sinners go into heaven before the scribes & pharisees. It can be that if evangelism is done wrongfully it can create an even greater level of "being without God in the world," if Jesus is made to eclipse God as at the cross, which is why they call mass an unbloody sacrifice. Then satan is free to present himself as an angel of light, even Jesus himself, if he is promoted to the position of son of God by promoting Jesus to the position of God the Father. This is why so many Christians are more interested in the anointing than in knowing Jesus: which is also why Jesus will tell them "I never knew you."

___ >< However after all is said & done there will be 2 sides to our interpretation: God's or satan's, & 2 sides to who thinks they are on the right side: each side uses the Bible to make it fulfill their agenda, but the one who presents it in a more convincing manner as to what it REALLY LOOKS LIKE the Bible is saying, that will be the winner. The devil cannot be banished until the appointed time, which is how after Esther found out just because Haman (satan) was defeated, the king couldn't reverse the laws of the Medes & Persians, so God must give us the weapons whereby we can defeat the devil in the form of the anointed word. We must fight the battle of Purim everyday Paul calls the "good fight of faith."

_^_Jesus ate his word identity at the last supper, & if he were God the Pantocrator he wouldn't have first supped then gave to us but he would have simply fed us, & it wouldn't have only been at the last supper but from the days Melchisedek. Then as soon as he said this is my body broken & ate he began to be broken & sorrowful & soon as he drank the cup his soul began to shed his father because the blood is that of God the father not just his of his flesh. God said he that touches you touches the pupil of my eye: so God suffered actual crucifixion in Jesus! This is why satan was condemned to the lake of fire as soon as he touched God's anointed when Jehovah had taken down the hedge of protection from Jesus. Since we're chosen in Christ, upon taking the Lord's Supper we're also eating ourselves which was chosen in Christ which likewise needs to be fulfilled as Jesus’s further logos self needed to be actuated & fulfilled. What God saw us to be in the beginning within the logos, & the order in which he created us all needs to somehow be begun to be fulfilled which Paul calls "God's good work begun in us." The only thing that makes us unworthy of the Lord's Supper is lack of desire for it, not hungering & thirsting after God's righteousness in it. Jesus says with desire I desire to eat & drink this Supper with you new in the kingdom. That "new time" in the kingdom happened upon his death, as he said "this day you will be with me in paradise." He was already becoming glorified the moment he died on the cross & shed his humanity for us. He descended into hell, but not to suffer but to "preach to the spirits in prison such as David & the old testament saints. Immediately upon his death many of these saints rose up & showed themselves unto many. Hell wasn't a place of suffering until Jesus rose up out of it. There was no lake of fire awaiting anyone, (except being "prepared by God for the devil & his angels" in anticipation of Jesus fulfilling all prophecies,) until Jesus died on the cross. When Jesus rose from the dead, he was no longer human like us but did not need blood or any food or anything, though he could eat as a fellowship with us, but he didn't need food or water. None of his veins had blood as we know it flowing through them, & not one cell of his wounds were healed or closed, yet he could show himself in broad daylight with no one asking him (if they didn't know him) WHY HE IS SO WOUNDED OR WHY IS ABLE TO LIVE? Mary herself didn't recognize Jesus after he rose from the dead, until Jesus called her name.


●●●□And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

15 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou? She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.

16 Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.

17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

LATER, Jesus allowed his disciples to touch him because of the different nature of the touching wasn't with any form of carnal intimacy. But now that Jesus is glorified & has sent the Holy Spirit, we can "touch him" with the full intimacy of our full human nature & he is able to receive it.

●●●● The mind of God is of course all powerful & precise, & so his thoughts & imagination is beyond anything we can duplicate in any computers or science fiction theory, & so for God to beget his son he did it in the beginning. As you know God has no beginning, yet because the word is God which has a beginning, God also has a beginning because he is the word & the word is God. So Micah 5:2 stating from everlasting it really means origin, that Jesus’s origin is in God & he is equal to God because he is the mediator & engraved image of God in his Omnipotency not just in his image the gospel..